In for a Shock Traffic Cops

In for a Shock

Documentary series. Featuring a new weapon in the police's arsenal, the Taser. The 50,000-volt stun gun is now standard issue for all traffic cops in Bedfordshire.

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In Luton, a man on a bike is wielding a heavy chain. In Bedford,


a gang member has armed himself with an iron bar. Taser, drop it.


And on an estate, a woman has got an axe. So but it has thrown an axe


through her window, she has picked it up and run down the street with


it. A every day, police get called to potentially volatile situations.


Now they are arming themselves with a new weapon which will help put an


end to any dangerous confrontations. Put the knife down! 50,000 volt


Taser stun guns. What does he look like, the boy with the metal bar?


They are being shown the Taser and they are stopping. Normally they


would fight. They would strike police officers, damage, do


anything. Now they are thinking Bedford, it is said, is where


Christian set off from in John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, on his


arduous journey to heaven. Nowadays, the traffic cops are there to aid


and abet anyone hearing from the straight and narrow. And temptation


is never far away. This is the lovely Midland Road area of Bedford.


Drug deals go one on the actual street corner. PC Chris Leah is


heading for the towns and there. All the sudden, he has noticed a


white van darting out of a side street. He's not even looking at


the road ahead. He's just constantly looking in his rear-view


mirror. Chris is going to see what his hurry is. As I'm about to make


the turn, Mark Casey, from our unit, in another vehicle, comes out of


the same street with his blue lights on behind the white van. We


turn around and start to follow him. The driver is not stopping for


Chris's colleague for some reason. As we have come around the corner,


by the time we have made the turn, the van has stopped. As we have


approached, we can see Mark approaching him. He resists


straight away. You are going to get the Taser! Get on the floor! Relax!


Put your hands where they need today! Listen to me! Listen Timmy!


You have a red dot on your back. The red dot is not just for aiming,


it's also a handy warning that the Taser is activated and ready to


fire. Do you understand?! As I looked to my left, on the front of


the van I saw quite a large screwdriver. Even a screwdriver can


give police grounds to suspect a person is carrying an offensive


weapon. Its Commercial Road. We are with him, he has kicked off as soon


as he got out of the vehicle. kicked off?! There's a screwdriver.


Who has got a screwdriver? He got the red dot from the Taser to calm


him down. What the (BLEEP) are you going on about? Look away from me,


now! We are up close and personal, trying to search them. There is the


fear that they could spit at you. Not deployed, just red dot.


back on the floor, sir. Why are you hurting me? He was still struggling


with the officers. We need to make sure he's not concealing anything.


We still do not know why he didn't stop. What is wrong with you, man?


Stay down, get on your front. are you hurting me so much? We are


not. You are, I haven't done anything wrong. If you had


stopped... I'm not insured, I've got tax and everything. That is my


job. The man is insisting he's just a shopkeeper and has done nothing


wrong. I'm going to sit you up. Just steady yourself. I didn't


swear at you, I didn't raise my fists. The first one that pushed me


to the ground, I am doing you for assault. Physical assault. Yeah, OK.


The van is 10 seconds away. sergeant in charge? Do you think,


yeah, I'm the owner of that shop, I'd gone round the block once, I've


got out my car. I haven't raised my fists, I've not sworn at them. I


asked the man what he is doing, he jumped straight on top of me. Yeah?


It's not failure to stop, I'd stopped. You are in a lot of


trouble. He's not in a lot of trouble, it's something that needs


to get sorted out back at the police station. The police computer


showing that he is not insured for the ban and is is not even his. So,


he's being arrested for TWOC, taking about owners' consent, as


well as failing to stop. I've been threatened with... What do you call


it? With a Taser. With a firearm. It's not a firearm. White, Stuart...


Are you going to calm down? calm, I'm a working person. Are you


going to calm down in the back of the car? You are in trouble, maker.


You get everyone down the police station, everybody that you can


find that knows I'm a good person. It wasn't his van. He said he


borrowed it from my friend. He wasn't on the insurance policy. He


was arrested for TWOC. I'm going to seize this, I'm the only one that


has seen it. The vehicle is going back to Grey Friars for a thorough


search. Having withdrawn to Taser and seeing the effects of just the


presence of a Taser, people coming down to being completely compliant


without even pulling a trigger. It was amazing. It's the first time


Chris has ever drawn up the Taser on the job. He qualified to carry


it only the day before. Where previously only firearms officers


were authorised to have them, now in Bedfordshire all of the traffic


cops are being trained to use them. The view was that traffic officers,


by the very nature of what they deal with, are more experienced.


Let's put the knife down and look after you first. Their offices that


are used to providing a fast response across the county in


Put the knife down! The battery operated gun fires two needle tip


tarts. When they strike the target they release a five second, 50,000


volt electric charge, which temporarily paralyses the subject.


Second shot, he started to advance and you came out brilliantly.


basics they are taught is that any level of threat you off the back to


somebody has to be proportionate. We do have to be able to justify


the use. Officer with a Taser, put the knife down! Taser! Turn


yourself over, now! It's a judgment call for that particular officer.


Whether they go initially for their Taser or if they consider CS gas.


It's all dependent on circumstances. It's how that officer reacts at the


time. The driver of the white bat arrested at Taser point has been


brought to the main police station in Bedford. He's in a waiting room,


waiting to see the custody sergeant, although he thinks he should be


seeing a doctor. I needed to be beaten up because I was so violent


I was so violent that I needed all of these cuts. But it's not


excessive force, because I wasn't You were controlled. This is called


being under control, look how bruised that is. Lookouts Guinea my


wrists are. Look how bruised that is. -- look how skinny my risks are.


He didn't stop. Anybody else, if you were not a police officer, you


would be done for assault. In a second you are going to find out it


is my friend's car, I'm insured to drive it, everything I've told you


has been the truth. You lot ain't got nothing. No assault, nothing


will stop you have to check the way that you deal with people, the way


that you restrain people, practise it a bit more, practice people


skills. You lot obviously haven't got any. I may be cheeky, but I'm


not a criminal. I tried to explain once or twice why we did what we


did. But, of course, he had his feelings on the matter and what


ever. He didn't want to listen. In the end, I switched off and let him


rant. In the end I think he got tired of his own voice and calmed


down. Everybody is searched when they are brought into custody. Now


the man has even more to feel aggrieved about. The cops have


found his week. He didn't declare it. He waited until we found it,


when the custody sergeant searched him. He wanted him strip-searched


to see if there was any more. the screwdriver, you are on


suspicion of possession -- possession of an offensive weapon,


as well. He fails to stop for the police, he's got no insurance,


possession of cannabis. But he's Sorted. A after the red dot, the


red tape. However much the cops like having the Taser, they don't


care for the paperwork that goes with it. Whenever anything happens


with the Taser, whether it is the red dot, or if you do what they


call arcane the Taser, if you take the cartridge off, or if you have


deployed it fully, there is a Taser form and they use of force form


that needs to be filled in. shopkeeper, he said he didn't do


anything wrong, pleaded guilty to failing to stop the police and not


being insured. He was fined �100 and given six points on his licence.


He was not charged with possession of an offensive weapon or cannabis.


20 miles from Bedford in Luton there has been some trouble on an


estate. Somebody has had an axe thrown through their front window.


Fortunately, the whole area is under CCTV surveillance and the man


who did it has been caught with a large chain, making his getaway on


It's not the normal kind of thing the traffic cops get involved with.


But now they are Taser trained and the man has got a possible weapon,


they are in demand. PC Shona Gillen and Sam Sparkes are only getting


sketchy information about what has gone on as they race to the scene.


We've got a report of a bail that has smashed the window. We are not


sure if he is still in the property. We have been given Taser authority.


We are going, in the first instance, and as Taser officers. Offensive


weapons, bade weapons of firearms, we are just a back-up system. An


extra bit of help. -- bladed weapons. He's gone back to the


address. This isn't at all like a routine traffic stop. It's a whole


new ball game for Shona and Sam. The anxiety is tightened. We are


going into a situation that we already know is potentially


dangerous. RADIO: A man with combat style clothing, with a peaked cap.


There is a man with a peaked cap up ahead. Is that him? We were


informed by two PCSOs that they had stopped a male fitting the


description of the offender. Could you left your top up for me? The


one thing he didn't have was the chain. But it gave us enough


grounds, the description. He could have dumped it. Do you mind if we


need your bike up against here for a moment? Anything on you that will


hurt me, my colleagues or anybody else? Any idea why I might speak to


you? Please don't drop your trousers, I can't be doing with


this sort of stuff. And not allowed such to touch you, because I am


female and you are male. The man is not happy about it, he thinks he's


been racially profiled. We don't know who you are. He was a bit


annoyed. He did try to give us the impression that we stopped him


because he was black. We explained that he matched a description.


Description of what? A man involved in an incident. What kind of


incident? I can't disclose that. I've got it, you're going to have


to fill that out. His been confirmed over the radio that they


haven't got the right man. The one they are searching for has just


They have got him. Well, almost. Go, Go! Taser! He is house tupping!


He will be going round the back of the property! It was frustrating.


We were so close and yet he sprung like spring chicken over the fence


and we were never going to catch him. This chap still has the chain


and he is will built. Because she had the Taser, I went to where he


was last seen and then drove round to the other side of whether houses


could have come around. We need a unit here. We need another one...


71, he was garden hopping 10 gardens down from Montrose Avenue,


which will lead him... He has gone over the fence. Hello? Can I get


into your back garden? One of the households came out and saw what


was happening and they were very kind and let me go into their back


garden. Stand by. He has jumped over a fence. He is on foot, garden


hopping. Unfortunately, Sam has been led right up the garden path.


There is a little courtyard he could have got into. Sam did a


thorough search of the gardens either side to see if he was hidden.


More news has come in about the initial incident. We were told that


an axe had been used to we are looking at a man who has already


smashed a window, had made off from officers, was desperate to do


whatever he could to get away by jumping over fences and definitely


had quite a large chunky chain around his body and that if he


needed to, he could have used that against an officer to get away.


RADIO: He has run off... INDISTINCT. While the man hunt goes on in


Newton, back in Bedford it has been reported that there is another man


carrying a potentially very dangerous weapon on the high street.


Traffic cops with Tasers have been called in again. PC Carl climb


the's service experience makes him just the man for the job. I was in


the arm forces, I went to the Gulf war in 91, or where I got an injury,


I was sent back with a broken arm and dry when straight from the army


into the police. The man they are looking for have got a chainsaw. He


is not doing anything threatening with it but the cops cannot afford


to take it lightly. There is restaurants, cafes, banks, a


pedestrian area and he has the chainsaw and a bottle of rum.


He is obviously a threat to himself. The firearms team... We will see if


Pre-emptive Taser, OK? No questioning. In the back if


possible. If there is anybody carrying a chainsaw, they will get


tasered. We discussed possible tactics. We can't let him use the


device. It is the lethal weapon. With alcohol, what we know already


and the town centre? No. We came up with a plan. We were Taser in front


of the vehicle just to incapacitate him. It is a full-scale alert. Lots


of cops are heading for the scene. I don't think we will make it there.


The fire engine sounds pretty close. The firearms officers have reached


the scene first. He is in cuffs on the floor. All right. If you just


Listen, I work as a landscape gardener! The man his only an


honest woodcutter, he is claiming, and is just going about his


business. I just went last night for a drink with one of my clients!


This is shameful! There is nothing illegal on me! It must be something


to do with someone at what don't like me because I am a good


gardener. I want an apology, please. In front of all these people, you a


shaming me. Turn around, I will put you down. Do that all you like, I


have done nothing wrong. I got a bit drunk with our last night and I


left my chainsaw at home, which I used for purposes and I can give


you phone numbers and even tell you where I was last night. Despite his


insistence that it is only gardening tools, the man's chainsaw


is being seized at gunpoint. are taking a man's living away! You


are taking my living away from me!! We are not. I have done nothing


wrong! Jolly good. I am a tree surgeon? Are you going to nick me


for being a good, honest, living Pete macro citizen! -- BEEP


citizen! Come on then, Sunni then, get some BEEP evidence! -- Sue me


then. This is wrong! No, you...! Sit down. I am a hard-working


citizen! You have nothing to worry about them. He was intoxicated, a


very verbal, very anti-police. now very high rate. I pay my taxes!


Look at them! I do everything! This is called anger! I am not allowed


to be a citizen! It is a police state! It is a police state, not


allowed to be a citizen! I am not going to kick off... You can't do


this to me. Put your arms behind your back. You can't do this to me!


How the hell can you do this to me?! I'd done nothing wrong! Leave


me alone, Mr police -- this is police brutality! BEEP off! What


are you going to do, hold my hand? No, we are waiting for the van to


take you back to the mix. Why? Because you are not being very


civil. And you are not either! Why? Because I haven't got a black


uniform? My grandad fought to stop idiots like this. This is a Nazi


state. This is a Nazi state. Nazis! Nazis! My great grandad died for


you! Look at this! The Nazis are here again! We are there to protect


him and the public and ourselves and I am not a nap three. I am


carrying my chainsaw, I worked with it yesterday, which I can prove.


Somebody flipping help me! The only help that is coming is the police


vans. He will be taken to the need to calm down and sober up. I am a


law-abiding citizen! That hurts! What hurts? What are you doing with


my hands? This isn't wrong! I am a law-abiding citizen and I have not


broken any law! I have broken no law! Listen!! Get in. Get this


flipping Thing Off me! Tell me what law I have broken! Tell me what law


on have broken! How many times do you need to be told? Tummy Wardlaw


I have broken! Nazi state! -- tell me what laws I have broken! Tell me


what laws I have broken! The it is not right to carry a chainsaw,


which could be used as a weapon, in a public place. I think 999 would


have gone ballistic, the number of calls we would have got. Walking


around with a chainsaw? Not really... A good mix Jeff.


There was never any real danger of a chainsaw Massacre. The good


people of Bedford can breathe freely again.


In Luton, the man suspected of putting in his neighbour's front


window still haven't been found but a girl who knows him has and she


has just been on the phone to him. Hello! Is he coming back? I just


spoke to him, he is a bit frightened. He caused criminal


damage but... If you can speak to him and tell him to calm down.


I thought I would be cheeky and ask to speak to him. Babe? What is his


name? John. John? It is the police. Listen, calm down, all right? You


do need to speak to us, you know that, sweet. You need to come and


speak to us but listen. Come to us and we can sort it out, all right?


She is with me and she wants you to get it sorted as well. She is fine,


she has given me the phone to speak to you so she is fine. Sam calmed


him down and made him see sense and he had given himself up. Local


bobbies have found and a vested John and in the meantime, it is


becoming clear that this is a dispute between warring neighbours


that had started the previous day. Because of what happened yesterday,


he retaliated because I had to take my daughter to school... Having


been chased by a woman with an axe, it appears John then returned it,


with interest, through her window. Further information is coming to


light from CCTV footage. While Sam and Shona were trying to catch John


on his bike, back down the road, control room operators have seen


that a woman was brandishing the axe and is then making sure she


It was her window that was smashed and she tried to take the law into


her own hands by chasing after John. Sam and Shona need to get there


She has thrown it into a garden which we have now recovered...


Report of an axe and an offensive weapon being used. We were issued


with a Taser authority and because other officers had come to join the


search for this other chap, we have a fair few officers with Taser


authority. There. Yeah. When we turned up there were two PCSOs


already and a lot of commotion from inside the property. She is in the


window and she is agitated. If he knows her, that would make more


sense. The woman's name is Angela and the cops know her well but they


are taking no chances with her. turned up and he has had dealings


with Angela in the past. Angela? Tim has a Taser as well so we both


went into the property to speak to her while we stayed outside. I want


to know why he put an axe in here! Just to let you know, 850 and 380


got are inside the property. All divisional units have taken a step


back and we are letting them deal with it to calm it down. For you


could fill the house with offices and all it would do would


antagonise the situation at whereas sometimes it is better to go in low


key and try to sort it out. You are arrested me because I am swinging


an axe! The young lady whose property it is, somebody threw an


axe through her window, she picked it up and ran down the street with


it. Instead of dealing with her as an injured person, we then had to


deal with her as an offender because she had then been seen in a


public place with an offensive weapon. Whatever the reason for it,


the feud has got out of hand. need to get to the bottom of it


because she is a potential witness to something so we could be looking


at witness intimidation, which is quite a serious offence of stock we


need somebody to board up my window. We will sort that out. Listen, I


need my bits and pieces. You have had your methadone. Even though it


was her window the axe was thrown through, it is Angela who is being


arrested for possessing the offensive weapon. It CCTV can make


a copy for us, we will arrange for it to be collected. She has calmed


down a lot now. The only problem is keeping Angela Quinn it. She has


broken my window with an axe. keeping Angela quiet. Angela...


Angela... You are shouting, you on the phone. Come and get the axe you


BEEP and this, that and the others. Take a seat, my friend. Why did he


put an axe in my house?! OK. I have got a big hole in my window! I have


got somebody waiting to get something repaired, I don't know


what is BEEP going on but they are making me because I had an axe but


I am trying to tell these people that a big user had an axe, blah


All day scene is the way began axe. The guy is telling me to come


around the corner. But the man smashed my flipping window on


camera. She was on her phone to her a key worker. I had no issues for


safety otherwise she would have been handcuffed. We were trying to


keep her onside. She can be a handful, when she kicks off. She


may be female, but when she wants to fight she can be fairly strong.


I'm going off the phone, OK? All right, sweetheart. Your methadone,


you've had what you need for how long? Half-an-hour... Only joking!


Don't keep me in all night. would I want to keep you win all


night? It's not good, the sergeant will hate you. When was the last


time you were in? I muck up on a charge, Crown Court next week. Its


total bullocks, you know what I mean? That ginger Scot. I hate that


Ginger nut. He tried arresting me and knocked the methadone out of my


mouth. When he jumped me, I flicked it by accident. He went over the


city, he was getting his mace spray, like, crying, get your hands up! I


was, like, idiot. You know what I mean? Angela is well known to


Bedfordshire police, more so than a lot of officers. She's probably


been in the police station more times than the officers of Bedford


to police. Angela is going to be processed in custody and


interviewed both as a victim and offender. She was physically


searched, booked in. That is where our involvement ended with her.


well as the Taser, Bedfordshire's traffic cops have the use of


another recently introduced bit of advance the electronic kit, the


automatic numberplate reader, the ANPR. It detects... Something is


wrong! And it warns of any superstitious -- since --


suspicious vehicle. In a quick glance eyesore that the vehicle and


occupants were responsible for the supply of drugs. The ANPR instantly


cross references of the registration plate with details


held on the police national computer database. I've got a drugs


vehicle on Harrowden Road, towards the Tim Pyke roundabout. The car


has to be poor though band checked to see if there is any substance to


the information. I can't see how many is in it. It may be worth


If you are on your own, the adrenalin goes at it. The governor


what is in the car. You are always worried about have anything is


going to be discarded as you drive along. Martin has got behind the


car, a silver Aldi. OK, buddy. The vehicle stood out. The windows


are darkened. Without stereotyping, that sort of vehicle is


predominantly used by people that like to be in possession of or


It's pulling over, just be mindful of us, please. Without stereotyping,


the man is not like the usual drugs dealer. He was quite a muscular lad.


What is your name? Mervyn Dixon. The have I met you before?


normally pretty good with phases. I'm not sure about yours. Have you


got a licence? Whose car is it? It's my car. I very much aware of


people's sighs, the body language. I recognised the face. But I just


couldn't pin it down. Have you got any identification? If no, I


haven't. I'll have a look. Is there anything in a vehicle that


shouldn't be in the vehicle? Martin has got a bad feeling about


this man. He's going to search him. Everybody that get into my car,


I've had it before when somebody produced a knife. So I'm going to


party down. Martin's mate has turned up just in time. Taser! On


If he doesn't come down, he'll be in for a bit of a shop. Put your


Up you get, come on. What was that for? I was being fair with you.


What was that about? Be honest, before I start digging. Its fine.


Why did you run off? Who is car is After having two Tasers pointed at


Don't pull away from me, it's not What is your problem?! It's a case


of once bitten, twice shy. I've got something on me. Where? Well, it's


drugs, isn't it? Get off him. trying to fight. He's not going to


fight anybody, he's got cuffs on. An off-duty policeman is lending a


hand. What have you got on you? Something in this pocket.


reason for the desperate attempt to get away is now abundantly clear.


You are under arrest on suspicion of being in possession of a


controlled substance with intent to supply. You don't have to say


anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when


questioned something you later rely on in court. Anything you say will


be given in evidence. Do you understand? I'd never been more


relieved to see Tim than on that particular day. I think he did am


absolutely fantastic job in stopping him. The guy -- run-off is


a big bloke. Kim didn't have used that much force. The only tap his


leg. Then it was a case of the bigger they are, the harder they


Tim was the saviour on that day. Without him, the chase would have


gone further. You are killing me, mate. I can't feel my hands. Burden


has been left licking his multiple We'll get the ambulance when you


get into custody. We need another unit here to drive. That can go and


Get yourself down on their side. Martin has an idea where he might


have got his muscles from. A lot of drug dealers aren't necessarily


drug users. They genuinely look after themselves. However, if they


are caught, and they do spend time at Her Majesty's pleasure, they


have even more time to be able to work on their health, being able to


build themselves up. It's not only sprinting and body-building, Mirfin,


it seems, goes in for ball games as Martin is a good sport and doesn't


bear grudges. You were going all right, and then you did that.


I'm going to try and get rid of it. If I Dobbin to you again, every


time, irrespective, you are having handcuffs. No problem. -- If I bump


With the amount of cash he had in his pockets, two mobile phones, it


all goes towards the bigger picture, dealing with drugs. At the police


station, its apparent just how big the drugs haul is. The size of half


a blob of butter. It's crack cocaine, worth several thousand


pounds. I just said, about your licence, he said, I know I'm doing


bird. He's putting on the injuries a lot. I think he'll try to get out


to hospital. You know, handcuffs and all three of us. After the


inquest, there is time to relive the finer points of the rest will


stop the bloke is running towards Tim. But this is the passenger seat.


Stay there! OK! One in custody. Right, that was stupid, wasn't it?


Come back to the car. He's quite a big bloke. He's trying to pull him.


We go down the bank. He was a very cool character. Albeit, he ran off.


We used what we would say is reasonable and appropriate force at


the time to restrain him. He never once offered violence towards us.


However, that isn't to say that he would not. It's no wonder he was so


desperate to get away. He had been in prison recently and was only out


on licence. Being caught with a big lump of crack cocaine means he will


certainly be going straight back Despite inflation rate soaring, the


street price of cocaine and crack cocaine has fallen by half over the


last 10 years. It contributed to a alarming rise in class A drug abuse.


You know the reason why you are here? On suspicion of possession


and intent to supply, because of the quantity and the amount of


money you had in cash. We have to have a chat about that, once we'd


got the injury sorted out. He had to go to hospital to get his knee


and shoulder checked out. He had a few superficial cuts on his hands


from rolling on the ground when he initially fell over. But I think it


all turned out to be OK. It was just tender around his knee and


shoulder. Quite a large quantity of cash, two mobile phones. He's been


arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply. Those facts


are being relayed to the duty inspector, who has authorised what


they call a section 18 search. That gives us the power to go around to


the House he lives that and carry I'll grab you a couple of blankets


and a cup of tea. When darkness falls, trouble involving bored


teenagers often erupts in many towns and cities across the country.


There's MAL, chasing a group of youths with a metal bar.


Surprisingly, Bedford, a small market town, sees more than its


Traffic cops Tanveer Hussain and Carl Klein are on their way to an


incident on an estate. There was a report of a male with an iron bar,


chasing a group of young males and females around the estate. About


three minutes away. Just ask about The Informant, see if there is back


up. It's a very dense housing estate. You are living on people's


doorsteps. It's mostly terraced houses, backing onto houses. They


have a communal play areas. The kids have nothing to do. It's just


the recipe for antisocial behaviour. It was raining. Why they are not


inside, I don't know. They are causing issues with the other


residents. But these youngsters say it is not then, that adults that


have stirred up the trouble. came out with a metal pole. He


can't catch the boys, we girls, we don't see why we should be running.


He says, if we can't get your boys, we will get some of you girls.


Where is the house? I can take you up there. What does he look like,


the old boy with a metal bar? about 44 stop wearing what? Pyjama


There are always two sides to the story. Carl is going to find out


what the story is. Has there been an incident? They have been


shouting, yes. Anything to do with this house? No. Anyone else in your


house? My kids. No other adults? There was began arguing around


there. The kids were saying they were going to get the adult. Keep


the noise down. Dies, keep it schtum, yes? Shut it. -- guys.


man they are looking for lives further up the alley. The estate is


like a rabbit warren with a maze of paths and passageways. Everybody


Hello, it is the police, sorry to bother you. We have heard a report


of disorder, some sort of incident? You are going to hurt my children,


or you? So stay where you are. He is only a kid. This intimate, you


come here... Inside, we will talk to you. The young lads appeared and


it upped the ante. They walked past and there was a few choice words


said between the two of them. has just come up with the


allegation that one of you said you were going to rape his kids. No, no,


no. That is what he said! This is after he chased us. They are


outside his house making a lot of noise and his children are in bed


silky politely ask them to move on and he got a torrent of abuse.


Tensions are still running high between the youths and the two


fathers. You keep pushing me on the estate, especially youth. You tried


to kill me! You are getting into people's faces. He got into


everyone else's face. Have you seen the reaction on that? But made it...


Shut up, I am not talking to you. A have had altercations with you.


threatened me. Me? You threaten my children again, you are BEEP dead.


One of the guys was ex army, he was quite irate and I think if we had


just walked away, the kids would have gone back and somebody would


have got hurt. Why do you create the problems...? Tanveer and Carl


need help before the situation gets out of hand. Hello guv. BEEP. I


think it is a tinderbox. Residents, two angry men, fed up with youths,


he has gone out with something and had to go off the tie gives. I


think he has been spat at by a youth, threats had been made -- he


has had a go at the youths. They are quite a rate. We need some high


visibility to keep their children away. You try to speak to one party


and you get other people coming in. There were five of them initially


and now there are 10 or 11. Go, all right? Or we will start making some


arrests. Get out! You are pushing me! Of am asking you to leave.


Where are you going like this? have no idea. We have had a couple


of problems beforehand. We have asked them obviously politely to go


and they always get a bit, because they are in a group, they tend to


end up together and they give you a lot of abuse, and they gave me a


lot of abuse tonight, and obviously I saw red because they said a


couple of certain things what they shouldn't have said about my


children. They said I am going to rape your children. I went, what?


And obviously lost it and chased after them and they all ran off


because they are only young kids and that was it relief. I come back


and obviously we had all this hassle and the police came out and


hopefully it has been sort of, like, sorted out. We will get some more


units down here and see if we can appease everybody. The they want to


be noisy, fair enough but do it at your house, I don't care, don't do


it around us. As a road traffic officer, this is not my cup of tea


but we are here to help potential violence but if we can get rid of


the young kids, hopefully the problem is solved and the safer


neighbourhood teams can intervene but there is not much we can do.


Something like tonight when the children on really, there should be


something when we can put hands on bodies, take them home and get the


parents to be responsible for the kids, no matter what age. If they


are living at home, they should be responsible but as Tanveer says...


Too far gone. You see this in every town and its East Street, you get


kids just over 10 with nothing better to do -- every town and


every street. Prime example, this chap sitting with his family, goes


and asks them politely to move on, they are making too much noise, and


this is the result of it. It is boredom if anything. We managed to


disperse the children, my colleague spoke to the aggressor off their


two men and told them in no uncertain terms that what he was


doing was wrong and could be arrested but to arrest them in


front of the kids, their Christmases would have all come at


once, it is not the done thing. Trouble on an estate is one thing


but trouble between a States is quite another. While Tanveer holds


the fort, Carl has got more problems to deal with. This time


postcode gangs are involved. A gang issue raised its head last year,


the red and black bandana gains, MK42 and MK4, divided by the river,


sporadic issues between them and between the police. A group of


youths has congregated on the bridge between two Estates. Local


officers with dogs have had a bit of success dispersing some of them


but others are reluctant to go. my arrival, there were 20 on the


RAP MUSIC. When they are on their own, most of them are quite nice,


normal human beings. As soon as they get into a group, there is


this bravado of playing up to the police. Unless they get the


dispersal order from a court, a lengthy procedure, there is little


the cops can do about yobs congregating apart from requesting


they move on, which takes manpower. We have a dedicated van at weekends,


with special constables patrolling, to bolster numbers because we do


need that. We are thin on the ground anyway and with these sorts


of incidents, we will attend them and disperse and record any details


all offences. No one has been arrested for any offences but with


several police dogs on hand, one of the youths is claiming he has been


bitten. Has the? I have got three bite marks! One there! That is


where you fell off your bike. Yeah? One there! I got BEEP bitten!


Get off me! Hold on, what are your resting before? Grab him. Wait


there. ATOC was let his beforehand on some troublemakers -- a dog.


Unfortunately for him, he has now been arrested because he was


possibly one of them. If they are committing public order offences we


will deal with them but if they are not, it is purely dispersal. Gangs


have spread here from London and are of such concern that the police


have has signed an officer especially to deal with them.


think they are imitating Los Angeles Galaxy, the American


presence whether trousers are warned halfway down your backside,


it is a status symbol where your bank and is on your body depending


on your rank. It is a major issue but it could will spiral out of


control -- where your bandana is on your body. It is 3:30am and after


having kept the peace in MK42, Carl has been called north of the river,


to an incident in MK4. That is black bandana area, where most of


those reside. The rate is from the south of the town. Somebody has


called in reporting two young men smashing a bus shelter.


description was really good, and mixed-race male with a knife and a


white male with an iron bar. It is a matter of leapfrogging the roads


and searching. Stand by. Carl has spotted


something. I thought two men matching that description standing


under an archway to a block of flats. Being in an unmarked police


car, Carl has managed to creep right up on the men. As I got out


and I saw one of the Mail's holding an iron bar with a bandana.


A whatever you have got, drop it. Carl is ready for anything. I have


got a Taser, drop it. Put your arms out to the side.


One male has made off, with a yellow top. I have one others with


a red dot and a metal bar. Sorry? Whatever, the man that has gone has


got a yellow top. Turn around and put your hands on the wall. Hands


up. Spread your legs. I am going to set you. Have you got a knife?


Do not move. Seeing a red dot and been told that


it is a police have also with the Taser, nine times out of 10 people


will drop their weapon, stop what they are doing. If they don't burn


the device will be activated and they will be incapacitated.


What is your mate's name? Give him a shout for star I don't know him.


Is that your bandana? I put it on the floor, brother. You have got


your cuffs round my ankles. I will release it in a minute. Were you


involved in criminal damage at the bus-stop?


I got the blow with the iron bar so I assume the mixed race mail had


the knife. It is a mixed-race man with a


yellow top who went off where I am now through the flats.


Do you want to put your trousers up a bit so you can walk properly?


Yeah? I said pull them up. Come on into the car. Bring my bandana.


will bring it back. We show the Taser with the red dot


and they stop, or whatever they do. Normally they will fight. To evade


police capture, Babel fight. But now they are thinking twice. --


they will fight. It is eight months bath. And his


bandana, which he is so worried about. -- weights bar. The gangster


is going to be taken in for questioning while Carl resumes the


search for his friend with a knife. He didn't even know it was old bill


at first. He was in possession of death. He put it down. Thank you.


OK. Carl has called for if sniffer dog. I am waiting around the back


for the sniffer dog. If he has gone passed this way, there will be a


fresh track and I do not want to contaminated. There is a man out


there with a knife. He knows the old Bill are looking for him now.


Two great big holes in the Perspex bus shelter. I should think that


the glass got smashed so many times, they put it back with Perspex. It


would have taken a big whack to smash it. Probably from the metal


bar we have recovered. In the end, Lama was insufficient evidence to


link the man with the bandanna who happened to be carrying an iron bar


with a damaged under the bus shelter so he was released without


charge or stop -- with the damage done to the Bath jotter so he was


released without charge. The man who claimed the police were all


Nazis was released without charge after sobering up. His chainsaw was


returned to him. Mervyn Dixon had tried to escape the Taser cops and


was sent back to prison, serving four years and eight months. No


further action was taken against Angela for running around with an


axe that was used to smash a front window. Nor were any charges


In the dead of night, cops disarm a gang member by 'red dotting' him with the laser light from a new weapon in the police's arsenal, the Taser.

Introduced to combat potentially dangerous offenders, the Taser is no longer just in the hands of specialist firearms officers; in Bedfordshire, the 50,000-volt stun gun is now standard issue for all the force's traffic cops.

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