One Thing Leads to Another Traffic Cops

One Thing Leads to Another

Documentary. After one of the most reckless pursuits ever seen on the streets of Luton, a car thief tries to escape by climbing through somebody's window.

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Tonight, Bedfordshire traffic cops are cracking down on bad drivers.


I'm going to stop it. Wrong side of the road. How many years have you


been driving? Not long. With all due respect, it shows. Someone


didn't make it. On the motorway, down country lanes, and even in car


parks. Because when bad drivers get behind the wheel. All too often bad


things happen. We respond to crashes, they take


uninsured cars off the road, we watch speeders. They see us as


persecuting motorist, what we are Being traffic cop isn't just a job


for the boys. Even though for PC Sam Sparkes, it does sometimes feel


that way. It is a very much male orientated world. Even now, there


is only three of us, there is only three females on traffic. Sam was


once a professional dancer, more used to carrying out pirouettes


than pursuits. These days she dances to a different beat.


trained in ballet, jazz, modern, tap, it is not a natural


progression, it couldn't have been a bad decision, because I'm still


doing it 16 years later. She swapped her dancing shoes for


driving shoes. And is now on her way to a serious road traffic


accident. All we know is it is one vehicle, four person, possibly


trapped, and fire on rig. Your automatic thought is first,


how many people are injured, and second, how many people have we got


going. It took me about five to seven


minutes to get there, it is in a country road, it is quite bendy.


It looks like complete carnage when you turn up, you have to get right


to the front to see what you actually have got. On screen


already to help her get a bigger picture, is another of the trio of


traffic women, Shona's best mate, Shona Gillan. It is nice to have


somebody else at the scene to help you, especially when there is so


much going on. It did look pretty bad, everyone was pushing around,


that is a seen they need to get him out pretty quick. The paramedic


says we have possibly life changing injuries to this male. Four young


friends were in the car when it scratched spectacularly. A local


nurse was the first to come across the wreckage. I am IRA a community


nurse coming home from - I'm a community nurse coming home from


dinner, there was a bystander who has disappeared. The lady was


shocked, but she the forethought to make the call to the emergency


services. It had gone into a concrete post and a tree and spun


across both lanes. One of the survivor, incredibly, is completely


unhurt. How old is he? 18. Does he have a license? Yes. You were a


front passenger? Yeah. We were just going 60, maybe, and as we came


round the corner up there felt the back go, he tried to correct it, as


he tried to correct it just went to the other side and tried to go back


again and it spun straight out at that point I was already trying to


shield myself from the crash. race against time to free the


trapped driver. Serious head injuries, and he is deteriorating


quickly because of internal bleeding. Good call. The accident


is serious enough to call in the Air Ambulance and specialist crash


scene investigators. The passengers appeared to have cuts and bruises,


until they are taken out and assessed, they could be serious.


are told the driver has life- changing injuries, they are


querying an internal bleed because he has deteriorated quickly. He was


trapped by his leg. When a paramedic says it is going to be


life threatening and life-change, you think the worst, and you think


he has a relative I will have to break the news to. New drivers


between the ages of 17-24, are by far the most at risk of being


killed on Britain's roads. Fortunately, now that the trapped


driver has been freed, it has become apparent that his life is no


longer in danger. I believe he had some sort of head


injury, he had lost consciousness, it could have been the angle of how


he was in the car. That was our main concern. Once they got him out


and assessed him, it was clear the injuries weren't as bad as they


first thought. That means no special helicopter treatment. He


will be taking the ambulance. The emergency services can be stood


down. Now that the driver is not as badly injured as first thought,


he's got some explaining do. Have you got a provisional? No, nothing


at all. I went into the back of the ambulance and explained who I was,


and asked if he would like me to notify somebody. At that point he


told me had no driving license or insurance.


It is a bombshell. No insurance, no license. I have run him through the


Police National Computer, it has transpired he hasn't got MOT or tax,


he has nothing. What sympathy Sam might have had for the driver has


flown swiftly away. Breaking the news to his parents is


going to be even more tricky now. Initially it was quite serious, the


reason I'm ringing you is it isn't believed to be serious now, I


wouldn't tell you over the phone. I just warranted to make you aware,


if you were expecting him, I would hate for you to panic if he didn't


turn up. I spoke to his mum on the phone, she sounded satisfied he


should be behind the wheel of car. That concerned me. I can remember


saying at the time saying to Tony it didn't fit right that she didn't


seemed surprised she was driving. It wasn't until I got to the


hospital I realised why. He has committed very serious offence,


potentially he could have killed all his passengers, including


himself. The task now is to find out exactly why the uninsured and


unlicensed driver lost control of his car. It was a Vauxhall Omeaga,


2.5, petrol, it is a powerful one. Rear wheel drive, so not the best


sort of car to drive as an inexperienced driver. There is not


a lot there to lose control of, is there.


Apart from inexperience, another factor could be a space saver spare


tyre on the back of the Omeaga. I have recovery for what is left of


this car. It is now a convertible and doorless. Manufacturers give


specifications for that tyre to be used on the road, that is not more


than 50 mile an hour. To be changed at the nearest opportunity, not to


be used all the time. So driving at speed, on a country road, with a


space save tyre is just asking for trouble. Luck, that is the only


reason why no-one was killed in this case. You have seen the


wreckage of the car. We have seen a lot less where people have died.


It is time for Sam to get hard facts from the illegal driver and


his passengers at the hospital. as parent would expect the police


to do as much as they could to prosecute that person. I personally


feel as I parent I would want to kill him! Whilst they account for


only 12% of all drivers, young drivers make up 27% of all the road


fatalities. And of these, three quarters are male.


The driver, it turns out, has got a bad back injury. Your mum is aware,


I have given her a call, she's on her way down. Oh no, that means I


have to see her. I need to get some details off you, I think you and I


both know we need to have a chat. You needing to away. She doesn't


know, does she?, she's going to have to find out.


I will tell her. You may not have that option, I'm going to need to


speak to her as well. I need to speak to all of them. I was very


unsympathetic because I was angry. That could be my children in a few


years time, going out unwittingly with a friend. I don't think he


realised at the time what he could have done. They are going to find


out the situation, because they have to, and they have a right to


know. You have got to be ware that the parents are going to go meantal.


They have a right to know that he wasn't the driver he thought he was.


I don't know if you are aware, he hasn't got a driving license or


insurance. The driver not having a license has come as a complete


shock to his friends. He doesn't have a driving license. Does he not


have a license. Nope. He hasn't passed or he has? Did you know that.


No, because we got stopped. He's saying he hasn't. The same four


people and the vehicle were tropd stopped with him driving. They have


been stopped and dealt with and sent on their way accordingly, they


would have no indication that there was something untoward. I wish he


had told me, I'm quite disappointed in him, to be honest. The biggest


shock of all is he took his mum for a ride. I spoke to his mum and she


didn't sound surprised, it transpires six to eight months ago


he has left the house, after telling his mum he has taken his


driving test. Two hours later, has come home full of the Joyce of


spring saying he has passed. He has never taken his test or had a


driving lesson. She realised he has just been living a lie and driving


her and her sister and friends around for the last eight months.


In the control room news of another accident is coming in, in Bedford


town centre, involving a motorist and cyclist. Paramedics are already


there, they need help from their traffic cop colleagues. Shona is on


her way. The ambulance have called to us say


the car that hit the pushbike is still at the skeernings and maybe


possibly blocking the road. - the scene, and may be possibly blocking


the road. You hear they have head injuries, you hear of a cyclist hit


by car with a head injure, if he hasn't a helmet on we could have a


serious injurey. When I got there I saw a pushbike looking sorry for


itself. There is no sign of the cyclist. This lady was cycling


along and he has hit her bonnet, and he has a cut on the side of his


face or back of the head. And left his bike there. The lady that had


hit the bike was in a severe state of shock. Talk me through what


happened, my love? I have just gone past this van, and then he just


came out on me, on my bonnet, landed on the floor. I wasn't going


fast, I couldn't even find a brake. She never had an accident in her


life, the only time she realised something had happened is as soon


as she hit the lad on the bike. Because you have been involved in a


road traffic collision, we ask everyone to provide a sample of


breath. She was asked to supply a sample of breath, even though she


hadn't had any alcohol. That came back negative. A neighbour seems to


know what is going on. I spoke to him, I have said to them the police


will be here, they were going to try to get here while you are there.


While Shona is waiting for the cyclist, something else has caught


her eye, or rather her ear. I heard somebody riding their clutch, and


it sounded awful. A passerby is blowing the whistle on the car and


the occupants. Can I report something. The people who have gone


up there in the Redcar, they are all businessed. They might kill


someone. They have just gone up there.


Can you have a wander down and see the index number. As the community


support officer checks up on the road as it goes past. A young man


turns up looking for his pushbike. He came back with a lovely white T-


shirt and he looked fine, didn't look like he was hit by the car.


Apart from a graze on the side of his fashion he's in better shape


than the car driver. It's all right now, I'm fine. I will get your


details, I have to record it as an injury accident, that will be how


it will be dealt with. It was my fault. You can sign the paperwork


to see that. Do you want the ambulance. The PCSO has found the


car with the dodgy clutch. Can you wait here for two minutes. I have


to go and check something. She's in need of urgent help outside the sal


racial army. Just as the PCSO had gone to the top of the road the car


had parked up, I heard her say I need more units.


The registration is coming back as stolen. Oh for heaven's sake, can


you get it there. Shona has a reputation for being a woman who


loves to get stuck in. Even she knows when some situations can be a


little risky. I felt it had potential to escalate into


something that could have become intimidating, which is why I asked


for more unit, there is no, as me being single crewed, I could have


dealt with four very drunk people. Let me just have chat i need your


name, my lovely. Yeah, yeah, yeah, just come over


here. Shona is also known for her composure. You can't grab hold of


all four of them and say you are all under arrest. I have played it


down, and sort of come across as being really friendly, got the


driver over, spoke to him. What is your name? I wasn't driving the car.


Any way. I can't drive. Not a problem. I still need to know what


your name is. Simon Ellerington. tried to distance himself from


anything to do with the car. car has come back as stolen, and


Shona is pretty sure the driver is over the limit as well. It is


crucial no-one disappears. Has one of you got any tube, one of


high tueings are up in the traffic car. You have seen him driving the


motor vehicle. I saw him get out of the driver's side. I saw him as he


went outside. Can you hold on to that for me. As


long as they believed it was just him in trouble and they were all OK.


They seemed quite happy to hang around. All four are coming in.


we getting nicked, for sitting at the back of a scene, that is stupid.


I'm not even drunk. Simon can I have a word with you over here for


a minute. It is his car, not our car.


Simon, listen to me, when you went past the traffic car, and the


accident that was down the road, I saw you driving that motor vehicle,


and the reason that draw my attention to you, to know you were


in had the driver's seat of the vehicle, is because you were riding


the clutch. Blowing under will be his only hope of salvation? Right,


OK. Over? My road side device has shown you have blown me 102 which


is a lot of alcohol. That is your's. It is nearly three times the legal


limit, the man is going to be arrested. I don't do handcuffing


like. That you are under arrest for suspicion of driving a motor


vehicle over the subscribed limit, on top of that on suspicion of left


of a motor vehicle. What do you mean of theft? You do not have to


say anything, it may harm your defence. Drinking and theft of a


motor vehicle. Come over here, does anybody else


want an arrest. How can you say I was driving. You are under


suspicion of being carried in a stolen vehicle. How could you say


that was stolen. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.


is that a stolen motor vehicle. is 102 as well.


Any more spare cuffs on them, please? All four were arrested.


Check my boobs if you want. She was very drunk, very loud, rude. She's


in a stolen car, the person who is driving it is her boyfriend, he's


three-times over the limit. If he hit a car and she died, the closest


place would be the mortuary. Back down the road at the scene of the


cycle accident, Shona's colleague, PC Baroness Bakewell is picking up


the pieces. Look at the dent. blue van came down the road, and I


understated it. With Shona, guarantee it will happen to her,


she goes out of the station and then stolen car and drink drivers


and an accident. It is just a case here of making sure everybody's


details are exchanged. It is not down to me, and it is down to the


insurance. I underestimated it, I was coming down there, I chanced it,


I chance my whole life. I just remember him hitting the car, and


then she went over the bonnet. the end of the day metal gets fixed,


people don't always. Both people came out of it fine.


Watch your language. Listen to me, using language like that is a


public order offence, you are already in enough trouble. Why I


haven't done nothing wrong. Don't start digging yourself a whole.


They are all arrested because they are in car reported as being stolen.


Because we didn't know when the vehicle was stolen, we certainly


didn't know if they were involved in the theft sem selves any way.


Theft themselves any way. # I got locked up


# They won't let me out Can you just sit back, please.


Thank you. I am. I was in the back of a car, and yes,


I'm getting this for what. Where are we going? We are going to


Bedford Police Station where you will be transported for Dunstable.


How do I get back from there? you have shoes on? Then you can


walk. When one thing leads to another, it


is not always by accident, it is sometimes by design.


When the traffic cops break down on motorists breaking the Highway Code,


it is not always just about road safety. A lot of the time smaller


things do lead to bigger things. A lot of the time people haven't got


respect. The worst possible place to show disrespect for the law, is


when there is a cop car right on your tail. No seatbelt. Beautiful,


first one of the evening. driver didn't have a seatbelt, we


followed her into a parade of shops and pulled up in the car park.


Hello there. Any reason why we have followed you into the car park.


Seatbelt? Where was it? I didn't have it on. No you didn't. Why not?


I don't know, sorry. A lot of people what's a seatbelt, it is not


a problem. If that person wants to die without a seatbelt that is not


a problem. That is not the case. Not having a seatbelt can kill a


lot of people. There is a lot of implications from not wearing it, I


take it very seriously. Sit in the car for a few minutes and we will


sort it out for you. The reason we pulled you over with


regards to the seatbelt a lot of people are dying, injured because


they are not wearing suit belts. Seemed an ordinary, average lady,


going to collect a curry. Some people choose not to wear it, some


people genuinely forget. I always put my seatbelt on. The one time


you don't. I don't think she knew knew why she didn't wear it. Have


you any points on your license? got done for drink-driving.


have had no alcohol today have you? I don't think she knew about the


traffic car behind her, she was more concerned with pick up the


curry. That doesn't provide an exemption from wearing a seatbelt,


the woman will get a fixed penalty ticket for �60. I'm going to


breathalise you, then we will let you get on your way. If you wish to


protest you can. I have had half a lager today, I must say that.


Please be honest with me. How much have you had to drink today? I just


had a half a lager. Straight away it sets alarm bells ringing, whilst


she was in the car the car started to smell like a brewery. Lips round


the tube, long continual breath, blow, blow, no, you're sucking in,


keep blowing, keep blowing, stop there, that is good. Her reading


came back as 60. The drink-drive limit is 356789 Vivien you have not


been honest with me, I don't like people not honest. You have had


more than half a lager. You failed the breath test, I'm arresting you


for being over the prescribed limit. I think she knew what was coming.


had half a lager ages ago. I won't argue, but half a lager doesn't


give that result. Grab a seat. had more than half a lager and she


knew it. All of us will stop a car for one thing, we will end up


leaving the scene with something completely different. It could have


been any other evening, and she would have just had a seatbelt


ticket. No point crying Vivien t will all


get sorted out. Vivien, although I appreciate you are upset, I am


slightly disappointed because you have done it before. You should


know better. I didn't think I was over. You shouldn't have sat behind


the wheel of a car. I wouldn't have got in the car if I thought that. I


have had my license for 25 years before getting done before, not one


point, not for speeding, not anything. Unfortunately my sympathy


doesn't extend, you shouldn't have got in the car at all, even if it


comes back under, you should learn your lesson. I thought I was all


right. Thinking doesn't do it. don't know that, do I. The easy


answer is don't get in car, if you have drunk alcohol. I'm not drunk,


do I sound drunk. If you have drunk, drunk alcohol, simple way is don't


get in the car. They are crocodile tears. They are tears for her own


situation, she was sorry she had been caught.


At the Police Station in Bedford, the other suspected drink driver is


not showing a lot of remorse. are normally a cool person are you,


are you normally a cool person, other than today? I don't get in


trouble, usually, really. I have got a lovely girlfriend. Your


girlfriend is the young lady that I have arrested? Yes. I suppose


lovely is one way toe describe her. How long have you been with her -


one way to describe her. How long have you been with her? She was


mouthy was she? Yes. Good. Shona is handing her prisoner over to be


tested on an intoxilyser machine. What will I find? A bottle of


methadone is mine. You could tell how drunk he was, he was slurring


his words and his face was bright red. He didn't feel he was drunk,


he didn't feel in any way he had committed any offences. Leave your


top on. I just said you would want my T-shirt. Shona first came up on


the air saying she was at a crash, the next minute I heard that she


was off chasing a vehicle. I couldn't quite work it out. Then


she had four in custody, and, em, it was a Shona job!


Simon, this way, mate. Bit of the Jack the lad, knew it


all. Simon thinks he knows of a way he can beat the machine. Have you


got 2p on you. I can't believe he said he was going to put a 2p coin


in his mouth, it is an old wives tale and it doesn't work. Nice


steady blow. After blowing 102 at the road side, the lower of the two


readings recorded by this machine will be the one used in court. He


has gone down twice a bit, to 71, even without a coin in his mouth,


but he's still well over. The woman taken into custody on the same


charge, drinking and driving, is at Luton Police Station. There you go


Vivien. Just down this way. Have you been to this custody suite


before? I don't know. Got back to custody with her, then Sam took


over the station procedure. You're not going to lock me up are


you? The procedure will show if she's still over, all she needs is


a couple of deep breaths. Come and take a stand up here. What happens


if I refuse? You will be charged. What happens if you are under.


doesn't look like I am. I have only had a pint of lager. You won't go


home until the custody seargeant is happy, don't think by not blowing


you will be walking out the doors. The best bet to get out, is if you


get a reading that is under, you will walk out. I won't do it. Last


time I blew into that machine I was locked in the cell, I was thrown in


the cell, should I say. You have three minutes to do this. If you


want to walk out the doors now, its best bet is blow on it now. Initial


low she said nothing to drink, half a lager then, as the evening


progressed more lager. The more she tried to cover up the bigger hole


she dug for herself. We will run out of time. It is finished now,


because you didn't provide two specimens in the alloted time, you


will be charged with failing to provide a specimen of breath.


Vivien hasn't learned from being drinking and driving before.


could have blown under, and could have walked out. But she played the


system, she tried to stall for time, and she tried to cheat the device


and blow across it. Despite a fall in drink-related deaths in recent


years, the number of drink drives being caught that are repeat


offenders, is, worryingly on the rise.


When they can, Bedfordshire's traffic cops like to take out the


brand new unmarked Vauxhall Vectra VSR. It is strange but true, they


like to imagine it is their own, even down to making sure it is all


nice and clean and shiny. Whenever we have the opportunity I quite


like going out in the plain car. You see a lot more. I'm not saying


we like to speak up on people all the time. But people see a marked


police car from a distance, whatever they are doing they will


put their belt on or mobile phone down, in this you can do a bit of


hiding. It makes our job a little easier. When you pick up the keys


from the locker room you go and go out and see the car, it is nice to


give it a quick wash. One of the things the traffic cops


love to use the car for, is speed enforcement.


Catching speeders when virtually invisible is like shooting fish in


barrel. Today an old hand, PC Keith


Nicholson has got the keys to the investigate tra and is going


fishing. I joined the police - investigate tra, and is going fish


- Vectra, and is going fishing. I joined in 1974. Keith is the oldest


serving frontline serving police officer I have come in contact with,


nothing phases him. He joins traffic a month before I was born.


I take delight in telling him that whenever I can. One of their


favourite places to snare speeding motorists is the Barton Cutting. It


is the one mile stretch of the Luton to Carlyle A6, where some


people really like to put their foot down. We have used unmarked


cars for checking speed for years, ever since I have been on there


they have had unmarked cars. Speed guns have been around just as well.


This one use as built-in laser. just throws out laser beam from the


front, hits a shiny surface like a number plate and bounces back.


88, we can do better than that. are not out to catch those five,


maybe, ten, 15 miles an hour over the speed limit. It is the ones


going to cause accidents and seriously exceeding the speed limit


we are after. After a slow start, and a few tiddleers, they have a


big one. A seriously last Audi TT came aware of the vehicle when I


could hear it, it was going so quickly, I couldn't get a lock on


him with the speed gun. What are you playing at. As he went past us,


I turned to face the direction that he had driven towards, and was able


to get a lock on the rear of his vehicle. And that showed that he


was doing a speed of 116mph. 116. You won't see it again. Rather than


sending a speeding summons in the post, like fixed cameras, when they


use the laser the cops prefer to hand them over personally. That


means some expert rapid catching up is required. Some say his name is


Keith, some say it is really something else! A very, very fast,


very smooth, very safe driver. One of the most respected drivers on


the division, and hence has earned himself the nickname, The Stig.


Andy has caught side of the speeder in the distance. There was a set of


brake lights just past this junction. They are reasonably


distinctive brake lights on an Audi TT. I was confident that was the


same vehicle. Top of the vehicle, can you see it. The Bedfordshire


Stig is in his element. Someone didn't make it!


We were probably quarter of a mile to half a mile behind him. It is


only because of Keith's expert driving, his local knowledge, and


perhaps he didn't have the same motivation that we have got, that


we were able to make up that distance. He's doing 60 in a 30.


The speeder has finally twiged he's been Stiged. It will be the


surprise of his life. I think he was very surprised to see us. Good


evening. Out you get. When he saw us loom up behind him in a plain


car. And suddenly flick the blue lights on, he was more than


surprised to see us. Jump in and we shall explain all.


Hello. Hello. Why do you think we have stopped you? I was going too


fast. You certainly were. Before I talk to you about that, I have to


caution you. He didn't seem too bothered at first. What's the speed


limit on the dual carriageway? 70mph. What sort of speed do you


think you were doing? Quite fast. Give us a guess. About 100. As you


passed us, you were doing well in excess of 100, I measured your


speed. If I turn up the display at 116mph, that is as you were driving


away from us, at a distance of 259ms. It is then taking us a good


ten minutes to catch you, you have had your foot to the floor all the


way from that Barton cutting, you were doing 60 through a 30. Is it


your motor? No, I work for Dunstable BEEP, it is a customer's


car, I'm dropping it back home. sure he will be overjoyed you have


been driving it like such an idiot. The customer's car has been in for


a quick service and a quicker return. You are so far above the


threshold I can't deal with you by means of fixed penalty. Normally I


would write you a ticket and you get three points and a �60 fine. I


can't do that because of the speed you were going at. You are going to


be reported to court. I just need to take a few more details. Any


particular reason you were going that fast? Like I say I just


finished work, it was my own fault, I just wanted to get home. It is no


excuse, I know. Getting home is no reason for going flat out, through


country roads. You were certainly well within the realms of a


disqualification. Lose my job then I suppose. It was your foot to the


floor, wasn't it. I know, it wasn't you guy's fault. Thank you. Keep it


down. If he didn't have his foot to the floor, he wouldn't have got in


that situation. He might be looking at a disqualification, I wasn't


forcing him, he has no-one to blame but himself. It will probably need


another service now. Most customers wouldn't be too impressed to know


their car was flying back to them. Speed kills, we're always told. But


the truth is, accidents are far more likely to be the result of


poor driving standards. PC Tanveer Hussein, is, as always, on the look


out for drivers that are a menace on the road. Like the car coming up


to the roundabout in front of the blue car ahead. He's driving with


no lights on, as he went round the roundabout, I think he has managed


to put them on, it looks like he has just started up, let's have a


chat with the driver and see where he has come from and where he's


going. Do all the checks and make sure his


documents are in order. Parking like that begs the question, what


on earth? To be honest I was thinking drink driver, the vehicle


and the driver decided to stop in the middle of the road. The driver,


is, in fact a woman. Can you park up on the left somewhere more


suitable, this is not OK at all. There were cars behind me and


vehicles on coming. I asked her to move forward and park her vehicle


in a more suitable case, only to see her park it right on the mouth


of the junction, technically blocking it so no vehicles could


turn out or come in. To make matters worse she's now on the


phone. Get off the phone, reverse and park your car there, this is


not ideal. Keep coming, that will do.


Look how she has left it now, she has just not got a clue.


It was a nightmare, it was at an angle. I was thinking is it the


first time she's driving the car, is it her car. How many years have


you been driving? Not long. long, no, with all due respect it


shows, unfortunately. Do me a favour, bring your driving license


with you. And come and take a seat in my car, please. A quick chat.


I'm not sure I brought my license. Any identification, something with


your name on it. Is anything the matter. I wish to speak to you


about the fact you were driving with no lights on. I made a mistake,


when I was turning around the roundabout, I went into the traffic


and I made a mistake and I realised I put the lights off, it was just a


second, if you could remember. I made a mistake and just turned it


and I thought, oh my God, and then it was mistake, actually. Have you


got anything with your name on it, can you bring it with us. Alarm


bells were bringing thinking there is a bit more.


For bet getting to put your lights on can - forgetting to put your


lights on can happen to anyone, and more than a gentle reminder is


rarely needed. For Tanveer he thinks there is something else.


What kind of license have you got? I have a provisional license, we


have visitors at home, my husband usually drives.


I have to caution you and say you, you need to understand anything you


say...She said she was a care worker and was on her way to work.


You should be supervised and should have "L" plates. I have bad news


for you, your vehicle will be seized and you will be reported for


that offence. They had family friends around who they were


entertaining, that is why her husband couldn't take her to work,


I didn't buy that for a minute. woman does have insurance cover,


but is laifg her car seized under - is having her car seized under


section 165 of the Road Traffic Act for not having a valid license.


didn't grasp the idea she should not be driving because she only has


a provisional license. That is why people have to take tests.


She stated initially that she had no identification on her. She then


went had a little look in the car, whilst taking the stuff out of the


car, she found her provisional license. You did had something in


there. I thought you were trying to hide this from me, if I'm honest. I


knew I would find out in the end, it would have been nice just to.


couldn't hide it. All right, what do you want from the boot. I just


want to check something. I don't like being lied to, I'm a fair guy


when it comes to dealing with people, you will get your respect


if you give me my respect. She knew she was in trouble, and it was a


matter of let's hide this from him. As the recovery truck arrives, so


has the women's husband. And it's his car. Has she explained to you


what happens. I want to take my car, you don't need to take it away.


Because she's on her own, she has a provisional license, No Full


license, no "L" plates, the reason the vehicle is being seized, that


is why it is being taken. I expected a disagreement about why I


have seized the car, it happens all the time. I have come to collect


the car. I know the policy. Do you know it better than me. I don't


know it better than you. She's at home because I'm at home with a few


friends, I'm not in any way arguing. The moment I speak to control and


say I need the vehicle recovered, that is it, there is normally no


turning back, for me, that is job done. The man will have to visit


the pound now to get his car back. There is never a dull moment for


Andy and Keith in their unmarked Vauxhall Vectra, a van being stolen


is being chased and heading in their direction.


An armed response vehicle called up on the radio saying that they were


behind a vehicle, that vehicle was failing to stop for them. I have a


feeling he will come out here, keep going. The Stig has taken a back


seat now. It is daunting knowing that someone of that experience is


sat next to you, you just want to impress him, and him to think you


are a good driver. The plan is to take out the stolen car's tyres


with a stinger. We were able to park up and Keith ran to the boot


to get the stinger out. But they are a fraction of a second too late.


He has literally got it in his hands as we watched the stolen car


flash past u closely followed by the armed response guys. Sorry mate.


They have had a stroke of luck, the car has gone down to a roundabout


and come back their way. I have stopped, turned round and got


behind the stolen car. 150, he's coming back, if you are at the


roundabout. 150 is the call sign for Craig and


Sam, they are up ahead and about to join the fray. Only pursuit-trained


traffic cops are allowed to tackle high-speed pursuit, they need to


overtake the armed response officers. Ask LRV to let us through.


They have quickly caught up with the train of vehicles. Ask them to


let us through. 850 the foxtrot unit, can you let


us past. The car thief thinks he can escape on the mortarway. We had


the sense it could turn into something. Because the potential


for danger is so much more on the motorway because of the speed of


the vehicles. The helicopter is called, the crew specialises in


helping traffic cops. It can get to most places within minutes of lift-


off. It is gone midnight and fortunately


traffic is light on the motorway, that is not much consolation for


Sam. It is not much fun being the passenger, you can see what is


going on, you have the helicopter that takes over the commentary, you


are completely out of control, there is nothing you can do.


have the visual. The helicopter crew have had no


trouble picking up the pursuit. Chiefly because of their thermal-


images camera. I have two traffic unites in pursuit at the moment.


Coming up to junction 11 at this time. Things are hotting up. Keith


and Andy in the unmarked car are still right on the car thief's tail


and he's trying desperately to shake them off. He's weaving across


all three lanes, no regard for other people's safety. The longer


it drags on the more risk of something gone wrong at the end of


it. Ask Keith if they want to let us through. There is an exit coming


up, he's gone for it. It was tight enough to make Keith


cringe. That's got to be pretty tight, not a lot phases Keith. You


knew it was very tight. I think there was probably a fag paper


between my front bumper and the cones that were leading up to the


offslip, and I think there was probably slightly less room between


me and the white van. If white van man is watching, sorry.


From above the car thief's last- minute manoeuvre and Andy and


Keith's close shave can be seen as they take the exit. You knew at the


time I made the wrong choice, Keith can say 1,000 words with one raised


eyebrow. The stolen vehicle is heading into Luton, and potential


danger. It is already, Sam. drive is so desperate to get away


he's speeding up a oneway street, the wrong way. The vehicle is wrong


way, wrong way, he's still on Dunstable Road.


Very busy high street, forcing other cars out of its way, it is


then go gone pretty much flat out over some speed bumps, we could see


the sparks as it hit the floor. driver is putting lives at risk,


and the wrong way up a dual carriageway.


At these speeds and with the driver so recognise le, the chances of an


accident are e- reckless, the chances of an accident are enormous.


They are seriously considering calling off the pursuit. I'm not


going down a dual carriageway the wrong way for anybody. You have to


be careful not to go into an area of red mist. If that guy gets away,


he gets away. You could see as we were going on the other side of the


dual carriageway, I was sweating, coming towards him was two lines of


traffic, he had nowhere to go, it was lucky he turned off before


having a head-on with one of the vehicles. Losing the traffic cars


is one thing, getting rid of the eye in the sky quite another.


Exchange Road. Target vehicle is stop, stop, stop. The man is out


and running for his life. To succeed he will have to out run the


cops and hide from the chopper's camera.


Exchange Road. Andy and Keith have lost ground, because of the dual


carriageway they have had to go the long way round. I saw his car close


up against symbol lards in an alleyway a his - some bolards in an


alley way and he's gone. Keith had seen him going up and over the wall,


and all credit to him, Keith was up and over it. No-one gets away from


The Stig. Craig and Sam are close behind.


There was confusion, because one minute he was running in front of


us, the next minute he has vanished. But he hasn't lost the choppers.


He's on the other side of the wall you are running across, he's on the


left, running parallel to you know. Once it is focused on you, you have


to be very lucky to get away from it. Very lucky.


All of a sudden there is a problem. Andy's realise the missing man


could be heading straight back to the car he stole. I went back to


secure the car, and make sure no- one nicked our one.


The cavalry has arrived, it really will take something extraordinary


for the car thief to escape now. But it looks like he is trying


something extraordinary. He's breaking into a house, standby.


Just getting told into it on the radio, we don't know is he breaking


into the house, or does he live there. On the ground there is


confusion over which house he's in. Has anyone come in the front of


your house. Do you know what, to be honest I just thought I heard the


front door slam. Can we come in. The helicopter catches him going


into a house, but doesn't see him come out the back. Are you still in


the premises, you have to do a fuller search of the house. Is it


this one. He hasn't coming, he hasn't come out. It is getting on


1.00am, and the whole neighbourhood is woken up. It is not for nothing,


the car thief has been caught at last, not in the house but in the


garden nearby. While the helicopter may have lost sight of the fugutive


a wide awake neighbour hasn't, she found him hiding in her shed.


The time he went into the house, he has gone straight through and out.


Which the helicopter initially missed. The man's been caught and


cuffed. Even so, he still wants to fight the law. Shut up. Collapse


then and we will drag you. Police assault.


Just take me like normal, it's normal isn't it. There is some


height distance between me and Craig, it was probably a little


uncomfortable for him. Get in and shut up.


Just get in there, fella. You can see that, it is just


ridiculous, his driving there, you can't follow him, I'm not going


down a dual carriageway, public safety is paramount. Talk to us now.


Get the BEEP off me. Is that your first or last name? BEEP you, you


wanted to drag me like a dog, when I spoke to you. How did he get in


there. I dropped down 20 foot of wall following him. Proving he's


still nimble, Keith had his own little adventure in the lady's back


garden. I ran round to the back where he was, the helicopter said


he had gone over the wall. I looked over the wall, and there is about a


12-foot drop, I lowered myself slowly over the wall and dropped


down. When I was in the premises, whatever it was, I then couldn't


get out the fence, it was mostly like sharp rotating blades on the


top of it, and eventually I had to take my jacket off, put it over the


top of one of the fences and climb out that way. He caught his arm on


the top of the wall, shrugged it off and took it all in his stride.


A check in the stolen car has uncovered something interesting.


There was some silver foil, and there was a bread knife in there as


well. He hasn't got that to carve his bread up, has he. Tin foil is


generally a sign of someone who lives on drugs. Unless it was the


remains of his packed lunch. Can I get my jacket please now. Can you


walk to the custody area. I just want my jacket. The aggressive car


thief has been taken to the Police Station in Luton. Can I have my


jacket now. No. Why. Because I said so. I'm in the custody suite now.


He was disappointed and angry because he was caught. Stop


touching my arms.Am I going to have a fightor do my BEEP nuts off.


Don't start. When they were going through the booking in procedure


and he gave his name. Something rang alarm bells with me. Cooke is


someone Sam suspects might have given the police a slip after an


altercation. I had to make a couple of frantic phone calls. Just by


pure chance, because I had been at that job and the job that evening,


that I remembered his name, and he got arrested for those offences as


well. Listen carefully. Ant nigh there is an outstanding incident


happened in Bedford a couple of days ago, where I'm arresting you


on causing ABH times two. It was pure chance that nobody was hurt


after his crazing driving. We have to stop him. He carries on driving,


at some stage his odds will end and he will hit something.


It was more a long goodbye than the awe revoir for Anthony Cooke, when


he was sent to prison for 18 months baned for driving for three years,


after he pleat - banned for driving for three years, after he pleaded


guilty to failing to stop and speeding. The woman who found


parking problematic was fined a total of �85 and given three points


for driving otherwise than in accordance with a license.


The woman who had only popped out for kaury but got caught drinking


and driving - curry, but got caught drinking and driving was banned for


three years for failing to provide a specimen, and fined �60 for not


wearing her seatbelt. The we are drunk driver, only caught because


he was riding his clutch, got a 20 month ban and a �100 fine. He


wasn't charged with taking the stolen car, but he did have it


forfeited. His girlfriend and other passengers were released without


being charged. The driver who worked for a local car dealer,


caught speeding in a customer's car, was fined �315, and disqualified


from driving for 14 days. The young driver who crashed and injured his


After one of the most reckless pursuits ever seen on the streets of Luton, a car thief tries to escape by climbing through somebody's window in the middle of the night.

Not far from Luton, Sam and Shona are called to a bad crash along a country lane. Once the teenaged driver is freed from the wreckage of his car, he soon realises his troubles are not over, as his injured friends have discovered some unpleasant secrets he has been hiding from them.

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