Risky Business Traffic Cops

Risky Business

Documentary series following the traffic police as they enforce the law on Britain's roads. A teenager leaps into a canal in a desperate bid to evade the police.

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In recent years in Hull, crime has been falling at a record rate.


don't hear it with your eyes, do you? Thanks, in part, to a crack


crime squad that's slamming the brakes on car thieves. Get out!


Turn it off! And reigning in dangerous drug dealers. This is


quite a big haul of ecstasy tablets will stop It's a risky business.


think he's deliberately tried to knock us over. But the traffic cops


are determined to get through to youngsters. Why don't you play


football? Before the wheels fall off. Inevitably, some people will


just want to fight with you Apart from the iconic Humber Bridge,


Kingston Upon Hull's prominent landmark is its sea port. It's one


of Britain's busiest. It handles freight to and from the continent


and more than a million passengers pass through it a year. The docks


are on the east side of Hull. An area that's like home to traffic


cop PC Claire Large. Having worked in Hull for the last six years and


been predominantly on the eastern side of the city, I still linger


around the east side of the city because I know it better, and you


get to know where the hot spots are, where you're most likely to find


people committing offences. This afternoon, eastern promise is not


going unfulfilled. A red transit flatbed passed us as we were sat at


traffic lights. The driver looked too young for the vehicle he was


sitting in. We decided to find out what Licensee had for it. As we


went around, to go after him, he turned off the road we were on,


down a dead-end street. Having worked in the area long enough, we


know it leads on to a travellers' site. And that might be bad news


for the cops. We would have a third of to have stopped it before it


reached the travel site, mainly because what usually happens once


the police car is seen within the site, everybody likes to come out


and have a look. You certainly know that you're going to be confronted.


Nine times out of 10. Not only by the person you're dealing with, but,


potentially, dozens more. So far so good. The young van driver has come


quietly and has even admitted he shouldn't be driving. I am


He offered information to was there was no insurance on the van, he


didn't have a licence to drive it. He knew he was going to be


prosecuted for it. It was like he'd been through it all before, dare I


say. Have you got the keys? Curiously, despite just parking up,


the keys have gone astray. about small kid over there to get


the keys. Which one? The little Can you go and get the keys to the


ban for me? Because the driver's not insured, the police are going


to have the vehicle seized. Whose van is it? My dad. Where is your


dad? He doesn't know you have got it? All right? Does your dad had


insurance on it? Yes. The vehicle came back saying it had recently


been bought and they haven't fulfilled the logbook, yet. Or it


is in trade at some point. His dad doesn't know he has got it. Do you


want me to get the keys for you? that point, I let my colleague no


that he had said his Dad didn't know he had the vehicle. That means,


he can also be charged with TWOC. Taking the vehicle without the


owner's consent. What have you got him for? I'm his mam. Basically,


he's driving a vehicle with no insurance. We are trying to


establish whose vehicle it is. dad is on his way back now.


owns the vehicle? His dad. mother has dobbed him right in it.


Right, I'm locking you up for theft. It's my lorry. You're getting


arrested now for theft! You are getting be arrested for theft! Is


it my lorry? Tell them it's mine! Just tell them it's my lorry!


Thanks a lot, Sharon. Thanks a lot. It is his lorry. He's taking


lessons. Things started to get heated and I called on the radio.


It's always nice to have two or three people standing by, just in


Get off him! Get off him! Can we I was scared. We were two officers


on a site that I had been on previously and I know people are


not a skid to get involved or assault police officers. -- not


skid to get involved. They were intent on getting us and getting


him a free. -- scared. Six years in the 4th, and that the first time I


used my back on. -- in the force. I realise we don't either have a good


kicking, and they were intent on hitting us. Or they were going to


get him a free. Get off him! rid of that camera. Tipping off her


colleagues has paid off for PC Large. Just 30 seconds after


pressing the panic button on her radio, help's arrived. Fortunately,


as they pulled down the street, When an assistant call goes out,


everybody drops everything and goes. It's the one time everybody does


that. PC Caroll has bitten off more than he can chew. I think it is my


tooth. He was a strong kid. He I never saw how he managed to head


but her mother. He had blood on the side of his mouth. That's when I


found out he was losing his teeth. I have got a loose tooth. I leave


you alone for two minutes, don't I? It can be daunting going on to a


travellers' site. It is a daunting place. We are not animals, you know.


They kicked my daughter. Members of his family continued to throw abuse.


It's a hierarchical situation. They want to show they are not afraid of


us. And they will have their say, come what may. It's time for the


young man to go west. The quickest solution for us was to get that


vehicle off site and for us to leave them to it.


Hull's maritime links make it an ideal gateway for shipping cars in


and out of the country. Legal and illegal ones. PC Andy Stainton is


part of a crack team, the road crime squad, that's helped reduce


vehicle crime by 20%. They are constantly on the look out for


organised criminals stealing high value cars to export abroad. Can I


have a moving vehicle check, please? That means checking up on


any exotic cars they might come across. It is a very nice motor. A


Lamborghini. A lot of high powered vehicles get stolen to order and


end up in shipping containers to other destinations in the world.


PNC facility, so we'll give it a pull. With no computer to check on


the Lamborghini's details, it will have to be stopped instead. If he


decides to go for the open road. He We followed him for three-quarters


of a mile through the city streets and he failed to stop for as which


makes us wary of what he has got to hide. With a top speed of over 200


miles per hour, the Lamborghini Murcielago's built for speed.


Luckily, the driver's not letting it off its leash. But then he's not


He's not going to stop for us, is It was a giant dead end surrounded


by 30 ft brick walls. Why didn't he stop? Has he got weapons in here,


other people who will come out and jump on us? You are lucky I did not


stick this inside the car. Give me your keys. Get out. We have been


trying to stop you since English did. Get out, please. Get out. Is


there no interior mirror? You don't here with your eyes, don't you?


Our blue lights are very, very visible and you can hear the siren


even above the roar of the engine. You can see the blue lights. You


should have stopped. Listen to me... Do you understand that? We make the


rules on the road. Not you. Do you understand that? Yes, I do. He was


shouted at and I told him what I wanted from him in no uncertain


terms. The car isn't stolen but it has got an illegal number plate.


The absence of a manufacturer's mark gives it away. For whatever


reason, he's got the wrong number plate on it. So it's a little bit


strange at the minute. But it's a nice car. We don't see many of


these around. There's something very funny about the number plate.


It says it's not a Lamborghini Murcielago at all. It's a Peugeot


406. It has got the Lamborghini bodyshell on Nov. -- now. He says


he is just driven it back from the show. He said whoever was at the


show, put the number plates on. No, no, he's had it a while.


Stainton believes the car hasn't been stolen to order but he's less


than convinced about the owner's reason for using false plates. And


has got his own theory about them. I think he's done it to evade speed


cameras probably. But I'll have a chat with him. He seems to have


calmed down. Most of the time it's done to evade prosecution, I have


no doubt. He is trying to avoid prosecution. However, every dog has


its day. We will stop those vehicles and we will find out the


truth. And then, whatever prosecution comes their way, comes


their way. What's coming the Murcielago owner's way is a ticket.


For his incorrect plate. established the identity of the car.


He invited me in and we had a cup of tea. It worked out well in the


end. Sadly, the man's hospitality doesn't include a spin in his nice


motor. I would like to have a go in his vehicle but looking at the size


of me, I probably wouldn't have With no sign of hospitality at the


travellers' site, the tricky task of extricating the uninsured van is


being hampered. It belongs to my dad. I am pregnant. Without the


keys, the cops are going to have to wait for a tow truck. Regardless of


what was happening, we were taking that vehicle. Throughout the whole


time we were there, it remained quite volatile. Shouting, swearing,


spitting, throwing eggs. Caroll's teeth are still on edge.


He lost three teeth in all. Up to 15 police officers were on the site.


We are not there for other calls. If we can get out of that situation


as quickly as possible, the majority of those officers are


released to go to the general members of public who are crying


out for our help. After midnight, there's a different sort of


pressure for the cops. It's a time when crime increases as


opportunists take advantage of the dark, quiet streets. Fortunately,


for PCs Dave Stevenson and Alex Weekes, the night's been


uncharacteristically quiet, so far. Getting into the wee small hours.


It has been quite a strange night. Not a lot has been happening. We


are at a low ebb. Then a call came in. The caller has been burgled,


and not only have his car keys been stolen, but he's been relieved of


his car as well. The vehicle had been stolen as part of what we call


a hanoi burglary. It is a two in one burglary where someone goes


into the house and takes the car keys and start the car. It's been


taken from very nearby, by someone the owner knows. We were looking


for a blue Peugeot which had been taken by a kid. He was


predominantly known for working in and around the east of the city.


Can you see if there are any dog handlers available? Because of the


nature of the job be put in some requests for pursuit management


authority to see if there were a dog handlers in the air and sea


about the helicopter should we get At the moment on the South Bank.


have somebody ring in almost instantly after the offence has


happened, you know you have to beat on a winner. What is that? And the


cops have suddenly got that winning feeling. We are there. We are on


the front foot. He is not expecting us to be coming down the road


towards him like we were. He has failed to stop. 352. We have got to


DIS camp. Alex jumped out of the car. We were not aware of another


person until a second person got out of the passenger side. You feel


like it is almost slow-motion. You know what is coming. I thought the


driver was going to get himself run over because he left himself


rolling. The passenger has not quickly gone out of the cart and


gone, he delays a couple of seconds. The car rolls further before it


comes to a stop. I am in a position to stop it, get out and go after


him. The driver hurdles a 4.5 foot fence. He is a way, like a whippet


down the drain bank. I have a foot chase was somebody who is hurdling


fences. I hobble over the fence and go after him. He darts to the


right.. But there's only the drain to the right, and it's the size of


a small river. And he's jumped right into it. I lost the passenger


because I stopped to see what was going on. He cannot get out.


kid tried to turn and run back in the opposite direction. He went


straight into the water. Stay with him. I am talking to the Mail. We


are returning to our vehicle to get a lifeline. He cannot get up. The


banks are too high. I tried to get a sighting of him. Are you all


right? Keep talking to me. He goes completely silent. Left, directly


down in front of you. I will talk to him. The male in the water is


Myself and Mark Green, we pulled I will update them that we got him


out. The lad's been rescued from drowning in the drain but what he


was doing in there in the first place is a complete mystery. He's


denying he had anything to do with the stolen Peugeot. It was quite


funny. You have seen him run from the car, go into the water, the


ticket out of the water and he is still saying it is not him. With


the driver safely detained, the crew of the police helicopter


overhead are setting about finding his passenger. We have a mail


coming out of the avenue. Things played into our hands. There were


no buildings in the way. We had a clear shot of where he came out.


Most car thieves know they can't outrun the eye in the sky,


certainly not on foot, but this one's giving it a try anyway.


he heard the engines, that is when he tried to hide from us. The


camera locked on to him. He is in a bush. With thermal imaging you


could see he was hiding in the bushes. There was a taster officer


as well. He ran past the top of the avenue. Because we had offloaded


the drive up into the van, we were in a position to conveying the


passenger. -- driver. There's less risk being a passenger in a stolen


car. They will usually get off more lightly than a driver. They are


still a catch well worth suffering a bit of nettle rash for, though.


Both my legs were stinging. The bottom part of my forearm were


covered in an red rash for the next 24 hours. We heard about those


nettle stings for the rest of the night. I have heard about them


since that time! Unlike his pal, the passenger's singing. This young


lad just wanted to talk. He kept saying things like, I was in bed. I


did not know it was stolen. I was sleeping. Primate said he had the


car for 300 quid. -- my mate. someone had said that to me, I


would have slammed the door in his face. He failed to stop after


running from the vehicle. driver was someone who had just


been released from prison. In his mind he has come out. He has


nothing to lose. He does not have a licence or a job. These young lads


will continue to come until they grow up or do something so serious


they injure somebody else or kill somebody and end up getting sent to


The biggest risk for car thieves is being spotted by the cops, so, to


deflect attention away from themselves, they will often put


false plates on and try and look like a normal driver in a normal


vehicle. But it doesn't always work. Papa 479. Young lad in it. Two


females. And we just didn't like the look of it. Picking out the


suspicious looking from the normal is second nature to PC Stainton.


We've done various checks. It has come back as a vehicle which did


not corroborate with the vehicle we were following so that suggested it


may be false plates. There are three occupants. We are monitoring


his progress along the A 18. There is a lay-by just up here. As it has


turned right into a country road, we beckoned for it to stop. It's


moved to the centre of the road. The driver's had enough of being


It reversed some 25 metres, 30 metres. Simon is in reverse,


reversing away from it. It is like Keystone cops. The BMW has remained


where it is. He has engaged first The A18 runs right past


Humberside's international airport, which, as it just so happens, is


The chopper coppers will be above We are positioning the aircraft to


the front of the vehicle. The speed is now 70. Seeing the helicopter


overhead has only made the driver Oscar 99, the vehicle's gone off


The vehicle as low down. We suspect it may have damaged itself on the


kerb. We are struggling with communication her. The car thief's


having a crack at driving continental style. He's coming into


Brigg town centre on the wrong side of the road. On the roundabout.


precariously, taking the roundabout the wrong way as well. Taking the


ring road. Plans for stinger, replies. The driver's got it all


wrong. He's heading straight for the police station. And the cops


are waiting for him. We popped all the tyres. Even with burst tyres,


this driver still has no intention of pulling over. We're still


failing to stop but we do have marked cars around it. And he


thinks he's found an escape route round the back of an antiques


dealers. Stop, stop, stop. Minor I think the driver deliberately


went to knock the dog over. He clearly hit the Dog and pushed it


towards the wall of the antique dealer. You can see his claws on


the bonnet and he pushes it and its skids across the floor next to the


wall. We are trying to get the driver at this point. As he does


that, he squashes the officer between the parked vehicle and


another vehicle. You can see him at rolling along the vehicle.


squashed officer is the dog handler and he's had a narrower escape than


his dog. Had it not been for the black vehicle being hit and moved,


he would certainly have been crushed between the two cars.


was determined to get away and was going to do anything. He reverses,


collides with another vehicle and eventually, then, we managed to


stop the vehicle, subdue the drive and get him out. The two girls in


the back of the vehicle, teenagers, both terrified. Afterwards, they


had been screaming at him the, it became apparent, for him to stop.


The dog got hold of the driver and I know he got a bite to the leg.


Justice, some might say. As luck would have it, the better research


and comes across and says, I want to have a good your dog, please.


Bring him in. No charge, nothing at all. He saw what happened. The dog


had a 10 minute check-up with the bat as well. -- vet.


Apart from the best police cars in the business, like their


turbocharged Mitsubishi Evolution Xs, the Humberside Road Crime Squad


always have dogs travelling around with them, in a BMW as well. PC Daz


Martin is one of the force's dog men who take it in turns to be on


the team. It's how the shift patterns work, on a five week rota.


They tell me I will go with the road crime section for five weeks.


And then I come off and one of my Good boy, good boy.


I find it very worthwhile and it makes a change to be dealing with


the more serious end of criminality. Other than chasing car thieves,


that normally means the team targets drug dealers and today is


no exception. Every time we are deployed to the street, we are


surprised -- supplied with an intelligent pack of local people to


This gentleman was on our daily briefing pack. He was a


disqualified driver and he was linked to possible drug dealing in


his local street. The street is in Grimsby and the distinctive-looking


man being sought has already been spotted, driving illegally.


wears quite thick glasses. I think they were damaged, as well, a bit


like Jack Duckworth's glasses. We decided to spin on the vehicle to


catch him driving disqualified but unfortunately, we didn't get around


in time it would be tight street we were in, and he managed to evade


initially being stopped, so we decided to go to his home address


and as we drove down the street, he was on foot. It's probably too late


to find any drugs on the suspect and proving he was actually driving


may not be that easy either. He's not going to have anything on him


now, is he? You don't understand, I've just walked from my house to


the shops. He's not a happy chap. He makes his feelings very plain to


us. This is surging you for controlled substances. Sir Jimmy?


Calm down. -- searching me? Do you understand why a You are being


detained? Why are you hand cupping We will be searching your vehicle,


as well. We had just seen you driving it, you see. There's


nothing on me at all. The man's been arrested for disqualified


driving and is being searched under the Misuse of Drugs Act. I haven't


been driving! Don't swear. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.


I've just come out of my mum's house and gone to the shop. Walking


to the shop. You need to calm down. It would have changed my mind, no


matter what he argued about. I was very confident.


Calm down. Oh listen to me. By ranting and raving you're achieving


absolutely nothing. This will be sorted out in the fullness of time,


won't it? There is no point arguing. Sometimes people take us for fools


sometimes. I'd just come from the shop. I don't think so, mate. I


don't think so. Let's not be arguing in the street, shall we


now? Dave hasn't got any drugs on him and he's still adamant he


wasn't even in his car. I just walked from my house to the shop.


No, but you don't understand, right. Yeah, I've just walked from my


house to the shop. Daz is going to check out Dave's story. I was just


curious. If it be in a supermarket, is quite distinctive jab, they


would have remembered him. I spoke to the security guard, described


him, and, not what I can remember, he says. I went to the front of the


queue, spoke to the cashier, asked her the same question. No, not that


I can remember. OK, fine. I think, rightly, I suspected he hadn't been


in to the supermarket. While Dave cools off in the back of the Evo,


the cops are going to see if anyone is in round his house. His mum was


there and she more or less doubled him, really. Once again, mum knows


best. She said, well, yeah, he's doing it all the time. It confirmed


the fact he had been driving. There's another problem, Dave's


escaped! The driver's rear door. Suddenly he was ranting and raving


and charging down the corridor. Get out! Get out! Come out here.


out of my mother's house! You are under arrest and you will do as you


are told. Stand-up. You need to calm down. Get off me! Will you


come down or will I have to get a than down here and put you in the


A short oversight by as was that the child locks were not on and he


went from the passenger side will be placed him, through the vehicle,


and got out the driver's rear door. Dave has only run into a lot more


trouble. Your mum said you came back from work in the car. Your dad


is away at your sisters. Yeah. Shouting and screaming will only


make it worse. I'm annoyed that he went into a mother's house.


only person who kicked off was you. There's no need to go into my


mother's house. We need to Secure the vehicle. My dad has got them.


Why would your father have but keys? It is his car. It is my


father's car. He will tell you that. No, he won't. Dave, or his dad's


car, is going to be seized unless Dad, who is back in another car,


can convince the cops they shouldn't take it. It proves beyond


reasonable doubt his father was not driving the car. He was driving the


car. I know where you're coming from. That is my car. I don't see


why you should take my car. Just because he has been driving it. I'm


not having you take it. It's �150, we are taking it. It is going to be


recovered. I'm a pensioner, mate, I can't afford to. I understand that.


The man's pleading isn't washing with Daz. He doesn't want to see


his son in trouble and is not going to say that he has stolen his car.


He doesn't want to be stung for �150. So, I can understand why he


was angry. But, equally, he shouldn't have allowed his son to


drive his car. But there's softness about Daz. I feel sorry for Dad,


really. Can we cancel recovery or shall we carry on with it? He's on


to his boss to see if the pensioner OK, that sounds good. I'm sure he


will be pleased with that. I shall get on with that, thank you. At the


end of the day, we are a public service and sometimes it does us no


harm to yield, a little bit, sometimes, I think. Apply a bit of


discretion, I think. Rather than having his dad paying 150p. If it


Back in Hull, PC Clare Large is patrolling with PC Nick Beale. He's


seen something out of the corner of his eye - trespassers. They look


pretty young. The building is quite high, at least two stories. They


shouldn't have been there. So we turned around and went in and on


top of one of the factories, we found two or three kids on it to


separate levels, on the top and on a smaller roof about 15 ft in the


air. A couple of their friends have been caught at ground level. Tell


them all to come down. Some of them tried to hide. Is he going to come


down, then? Come here. Don't just wander off. PC Large is determined


to bring the young climbers back down to earth. They just seemed to


take it as a big joke. What are you doing up there, then? What have you


just put down there? How old are Something else is up. Adam, come


down now, please. Yd think it is clever to get up on to a roof? Do I


get an answer from you? You think because you are on somebody's Ruth,


chucking things off, which you can tried to deny, if you start getting


to us at this age, it will continue. Adam is still continuing to defy


the cops. You have five seconds to show yourself and come down. We you


not be taking any exams this year? What will happen is, I will contact


your parents, tell them what you're doing and to you are on a roof


instead of studying for exams which will determine your future. We have


to get a helicopter to make sure he is not on that Ruth. If he is, he


has to come down. We cannot leave him there. We asked the helicopter


to come but unfortunately they were engaged elsewhere. We had to get


the Brigade to come and help us with their long ladders. We should


not drive off thinking we had got everyone off the roof and then two


hours later be called back to somebody being found having fallen


off when you're trying to get down. The firemen have quickly managed to


erect their ladder but, unfortunately, there's a slight


complication. They are not going to climb up it! With neither the power


of arrest nor the training to deal with offenders, they're handing the


job back to the police. I found it bizarre. They are the experts with


ladders and going on routes. -- roofs. It was deep. Fortunately it


was not me that was going up, it was Nick. It was a solid roof.


Nobody was there. I think they went down the other side - down a


drainpipe. I know you are young and you do not know -- you do not know


what you want to do with your life but trust me, this is not what you


want to do. There are plenty of bad people out there for me to catch


during bad stuff. They were just kids that should not be on there.


They needed educating. I think Clare educated them. Go and do


something that normal kids do like play football. Go and do it then!


I do not know whether they learnt their lesson but hopefully they


will think twice before they get onto a roof again. They never think


the worst will happen but unfortunately sometimes it does. We


have a fire service that refused to go up a ladder. We cannot possibly


Catching sight of the unexpected and knowing when something isn't


quite right is what makes a good traffic cop. In east Hull, PCs Dave


Stevenson and Lee Robinson have been stopped in their tracks by


something unusual. There was a wheel, tyre, and a load of debris.


A bit of detective work is required. Lee being Lee, he likes his


technical side of vehicles shall we say. He knows they should have


wheels! That felt warm. Before it goes cold there's a trail to follow.


I noticed some groups in the floor which were obviously from that car.


I cannot see that anyone will have stopped and changed it. There's


every chance the car that's lost the wheel is very nearby. It was


easy really. Then it was a case of wait until we come across something.


And they have. But they've just missed whoever was in it. As the


headlights shine into the distance on to the car, some bodies


disappeared. We have just disturbed four lads. It does have TWOC damage.


TWOC damage to the ignition means it's probably been stolen. No doubt


had we not come round they would have been back out in the car again.


They were long gone. Unfortunately the cops weren't quite quick enough


to catch the thieves when they first saw them. No doubt someone's


been on the lookout. They have had a good head start. Lee had his new


boots on. He had his trainers would wear a specially designed for


running. Her I would like to say that Dave has good eyesight. We


said he had extended souls on them to make him higher. He said they


were trainer boots to make him run faster. He had about 10 yards of


Chase and then gave up. The road was badly damaged from where the


car had driven down it. The tyre was completely gone. The car was


quite badly damaged on the front nearside. There were some tools and


gnats. They had been trying to change the wheel so they could


carry on driving. If we leave it, they will come back for it. People


will take the car and drive out somewhere, dump one, make another


one, drive around, Nick another one, drive around the town, dump it and


then walk the last half a mile home so it is nowhere near their house.


Free transport. A recovery truck has arrived to take away what's


left of the thieves' free transport. And, as luck would have it, the


driver's got a hot tip about where the car may have been stolen from.


Coming here, he's driven past another recovery agent's yard and


noticed that the gates had been smashed and, incriminatingly, some


Hot tips are invaluable to the cops. Back in 2007, they had an anonymous


caller to thank for a major drugs bust. He phoned in with details of


a consignment being brought into Hull on the A63. An unmarked


vehicle saw the subject vehicle. It monitored its progress into the


He called us. We have arrived as a marked team, managed to get behind


the vehicle and stopped it, near to Two men are in the car, one of them,


the passenger, has got something to hide. As I'm looking through, he's


fiddling. Put your hands where I The informant was right on the


money. A huge amount of drugs, far too much to hide. Careful, it is


open. Do you want to wrap it up again? I would say probably about


3000, 5000 Ecstasy tablets. It is illegal to possess them. I am


following the stock check. They will be arrested for the 10th to


supply. With 5000, you are looking at �10,000. There is no way they


can say that his personal use. This stuff kills you. Many parents have


had young ones who have been lost because of this stuff being taken.


It is too dangerous. It is chemically made. You don't know if


one will do damage, two will do damage. People who peddle their


staff deserve to be behind bars. The more we can take off the


streets, the better. The two men are going to be read their rights


at the police station. Meanwhile, for the rest of the team, there are


more inquiries to be done and speed is of the essence. Our main concern


is the address of the driver and the address of the passenger.


in east Hull, the cops are finding out if there was any truth in the


recovery truck driver's story. They are looking for clues at


Willingham's recovery yard. This yard is probably half a mile from


where the car was dumped. There was damage to the back of the Rover.


Possibly it tried to force the gates a bit further. Bits of the


car were still on the floor. yard is going to be re-secured.


Mostly full of scrap, it's the last place the cops would ever have


expected car thieves to strike. unfortunately they win that one.


They will come. They always do. cops may not win them all but


they've won big with the ecstasy dealers, and it could get better.


As the officer says, we're going to go to your house. The driver is a


father to a 15-year-old. His accomplice, Paul Cahalin, lives


with his girlfriend and has been in trouble with the law before.


knew he was perhaps the one we should be more concerned about and


I do not take smack and crack. are not necessarily considered as


being top of the drug dealing trade. They are fairly high up because


they have large amounts of drugs and, to me, it is a business.


Coffee or tea? OK. Thank you, young man. Lovely! Bad news for you. Your


dad is in custody with us at the police station. What for? At this


time I cannot tell you. We are coming in to have a look around the


house. He is a 15-year-old alone in the house. I have the driver


telling me, be careful when you search the house. Do not frighten


him. Hang on a minute, you are his father! We have managed to secured


the young lad, who is 15, with his grand parents. We have disturbed


them. They are not happy with the situation but there it goes. Only a


few cannabis plants were found growing at the driver's house. The


team are hoping for rather better, round his mate Cahalin's house.


section 18 Search is authorised by the duty inspector for the


Divisional -- divisional policing area so we can find evidence


relating to offences that have been committed. With the sniffer dog's


help, the cops have found what they've been looking for. And it is


not only beer in the fridge! found a kilo. Also present were


numerous bulking agents - packs of glucose - which is the cutting edge


and a mix with amphetamine and paste. They do not have jobs. They


centre their activities around making a profit from buying drugs,


mixing them, getting a bigger profit, by more drugs and getting a


bigger profit and moving up that adder in that own business world.


That is drug dealing. -- ladder. rather disturbing tool of the drug


dealing trade has been found as well. It was like something out of


Lord Of The Rings. It was like a baseball bat with a scalpel blade


at the end. It was a weapon and In February 2008, Paul Cahalin was


found guilty of possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply and


sentenced to a total of two and a half years in prison. His associate


was found not guilty but received a conditional discharge for


possession of an offensive weapon. In July 2011, Cahalin was jailed


again, this time for 11 years for his part in a plot to import �13


million worth of heroin. Leon Armstrong, the car thief who tried


to swim to freedom in a drain, was found guilty of aggravated vehicle


theft and burglary and was sent to prison for three years and banned


from driving for 18 months. His passenger, who said he had no idea


the car was stolen, was released without charge. The maniac in the


stolen car, who tried to get away by reversing into the cops and


trying to kill one of their dogs, was jailed for 16 months for


dangerous driving, disqualified driving and common assault. The


young lad, who fought tooth and nail to stop his truck being taken


away, was jailed for two months for Section 47 assault on a police


officer. He was also given 12 points on his licence for taking a


vehicle without consent and driving without insurance or a licence. And


Dave, the escapee, who had only been out to the corner-shop, was


In the dead of night, a teenage burglar has run away from a stolen car. With the Traffic Cops hot on his tail he has leapt into a canal in a desperate bid to swim to freedom. And, on a Travellers' site in Hull, a policewoman has to activate her panic alarm as another youngster resorts to fighting to escape arrest.

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