Our Dancing Town

Our Dancing Town

The residents of three Yorkshire towns celebrate their history and heritage in a series of uplifting, one-off dance spectaculars that take place through each town's streets.

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Episodes List


1. Our Dancing Town: Barnsley

West End performer and choreographer Steve Elias is on a mission to get Barnsley dancing.


2. Our Dancing Town: Skipton

Steve Elias heads to Skipton, to find out what makes this picturesque market town tick.


3. Our Dancing Town: Huddersfield

Steve visits Huddersfield, where he finds a diverse mix of cultures and dance traditions.

Grand Finale Part 1

4. Our Dancing Town: Grand Finale Part 1

Steve brings the three towns together in one last breathtaking dance finale in York.

Grand Finale Part II

5. Our Dancing Town: Grand Finale Part II

Can Steve Elias pull off the biggest performance of his career?