Episode 2 Skin Deep: The Business of Beauty

Episode 2

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My name is Jessica-Jane Clement. When I'm not working as a model or


trying to protect you from being scammed on the Real Hustle, you


will find me trying out the beauty treatments. I have learned from my


experience it can be like the Wild West. In most parts of the country,


you, me or anyone can open up a saloon. You don't need experience,


but there are some shockers out there. Each week with are


investigating various beauty disaster stories and trying to


discover what went wrong. Tonight, the semi-permanent that cause long-


term damage. It has just knocked me. Completely knocked me. She got a


pair of tweezers and was just ripping my eye lids apart. I'm on


the case of the salons responsible. What sort of glue did you uses that


caused this client of yous to end up in A&E Department? Us girls


spend on average 300 days of our lives applying make-up. It costs us


�9,000, but you can say goodbye to all of this lot with semi-permanent.


Then again, if it goes wrong, it will take more than a wet wipe to


get it off as 34-year-old mum of three, Michelle Musselwhite were


Liverpool, found out to her cost. did overpluck my eyebrows, that is


probably why they were lighter and there was not much hair there.


thought that the answer to the make-up nightmares was the semi-


permanent eyebrow tat use. I said to my husband, it would be great if


I could have them tattooed. Snai. said it would be a nice treat to


have them down. But her eyebrow tat use turned out to be a cosmetic


tragedy. I researched the net, and they turned out to cost �300, this


is what I'm left with. This one here is longer. It is also thinner


here than this one. This one has a dip. They just don't look the same.


It has just knocked me. Completely knocked me. I hate going out.


sorry. Today, in stead of fuss-free brows, Michelle will need an art


degree to pint them in properly. have to colour in the light bit


there first. Then on this side I start here as this is the part that


is a bit lighter than the rest. I give it a colour in. To do all of


this every day, it probably takes about half an hour, 45 minutes.


is no longer relaxed about her appearance. I won't go out unless


I've coloured them in. It's affecting me. If I had known, I


would never have gotten them done. More of us than ever are opting for


semi-permanent, but it is not cheap. Eyebrows can set you back up to


�500. The procedure involve as needle that imprants ink below the


skin's stays, but not as deep as a normal tattoo, but if the make-up


goes wrong, you can be stuck with it for months. Michelle is coming


to London to meet me. She has donned a cunning disguise. I would


not go out without these. I wouldn't know what else to do. They


hide my eyebrows enough. I'm hoping to find out what went wrong. I am


pretty worried about what she will think of me when she sees me.


know it will be a little difficult for you, but do you mind if I see


your eyebrows? OK, so I can see straight away, is that one going up


higher than the other one? A little more like that? Is it square? Is it


round? I don't know what? How has this affected your confidence? I


can't believe someone has done this to you. I won't go out without my


make-up on, I get paranoid. I think that people can see it. Tell me


about this lady, how did you come across her? I went on to the


internet to search for the best place. She had her conservatory


made into a beauty room. She had the uniform on. It looked to me


professional. At what point when she was doing your eyebrows did you


think something was not right? After the first procedure they


scabbed over. You had to wait for it to fall off before seeing the


end result. This eyebrow was a lot lighter. Like it is now, really. I


went to see her and explained that they don't look the same. She said


not to worry, that they would be alright after a top-up. No


different at all. Have you told her now you are not happy with it, and


has she said she will re-do it? She said there is correction that


needs doing, to come and see me, but I have thought you have no


chance. You are not touching me. Michelle, I think that the world


has to find out how the world of semi-permanent is regulated and


secondly, I think we need to find out how we can help you? Fix them?


How does that sound? That would be fantastic. Thank you very much.


really, really feel for Michelle. The eyebrows are so badly done. The


eyebrows are so important to framing your face. I can't imagine


what she is going through. Jessica- Jane Clement suggested to see if he


is can get hem to correcting them. I am over the moon about it. I


cannot stress enough how happy I am about it I am beaming! If there is


one event that will prompt anybody to trying out a new beauty


treatment, it is getting married, but one bride-to-be, had a makeover


that could ruin her big day. After a seven-year engagement, 24-year-


old hairdresser, Louise from Kent is getting hitched to Jacko in a


few weeks' time. He blew up balloons and put a statement in the


paper. Saying if he told me he loved me, would I marry him. He got


down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Properly. We have a


chart for every part of the wedding so far. Haven't we? Yes. Just so it


runs smoothly. Hopefully! That's the plan, isn't it?! But one thing


they did not plan for was the bride-to-be having a beauty


disaster. I first thought, oh, my God, it's my wedding and I'm


missing half of my lashes. problem started when sister, Katie,


arranged a pre-wedding treat, �20 eyebrow extensions at this salon,


Bollywood Brows. I went in. Sat down. She put the pads under my


eyes. Then started to put the larbs on. About 20 -- lashes on. About 20


minutes after she started to do it, I said that I think that my ie lids


are stuck tote. She said that -- eye lids are stuck together. She


said, no, that they were stuck to the pads, and when she takes them


off I would be able to take them off. She took off the pads, asked


me to open up my eyes, but I could not open my eyes. Shocking lie,


Louise's ie lids had been stuck together. She got tweezers and was


ripping my eye lids apart. I was telling her it was hurting. She


said that this was a bit that people can find uncomfortable.


lashes were left patchy. manager said if I was not happy I


did not have to pay for it. I said I was not paying for them to rip my


eyelashes out. Of course not. Overnight, the beauty blunder


turned into a medical emergency. Her ie eye lids swelled. I went to


A&E Department, the nurse said it looked like they had used superglue.


Nothing was coming off. As glue this strong can cause permanent eye


damage, Louise wonders if her flutter was worth it? I am missing


loads. There is a great big gap here. My wedding is in six weeks'


time. The biggest mistake of my life. We are in the biggest beauty


boom since the 60s. We are expected to pay for eyelashes from �45 to


�200. Single lashes can last up to two months, but beware, the over


use of this treatment leads to bald patches. I went to speak to


Bollywood Brows in Gloucester about this case. First, I needed to work


out what went wrong. So I'm taking the girls to one of the UK's


leading eyelash salons in Knightsbridge, London. Sue Marsh


has agreed to cast her eye over Louise's lids. Louise has had a


painful experience. I would obviously like to see how I can


help. That depends on how Louise's eye lids are growing back. This is


our Louise. Nice to meet you. We have pictures here of the


original eyelashes, I was hoping that they could shed light on what


has happened. You have the extensions here. The glue looks


dreadful. There is a awful lot of glue. I can see that the eye lids


have swolen and the lower lids are swollen and irritated. This


adhesive is the strong adhesive, you can tell by the reaction that


you have had here. It should not come into contact with your eye lid


or skin. It is designed to work on the hair of the lash. Sue things


not only was the glue applied badly, but the technician used the wrong


lashes for the job. This is a commonly known flare lash. It would


be used with an adhesive that lasts overnight. I did not know that they


were just dailies or night lis? I did not know that? It certainly not


something that you would be seen to wear on a day-to-day basis. This


can't do that. The weight is too heavy. Why would they do that?


my opinion, the person applying the product, I don't think, has been


trained correctly. So, you girls went to have semi-permanent


eyelashes, they used semi-permanent glue, but used daily eyelashes.


With the wedding so close, Louise is desperate to find out if her


eyelashes have grown back enough to support falsies. What are you


looking for? I am looking to see the recovery on the lower eyelashes.


So, what is the verdict? They look to be relatively normal. So I think,


going on that, it means that I could do something to help you for


your wedding day! Yeah! That would be lovely. Thank you. That will be


lovely. Thank you. I've also been investigating Michelle


Musselwhite's bad eye -- eyebrow job to find out if you are


protected by this type of salon procedure. When we contacted the


Liverpool county council, in this area, we got a surprise. They told


us that anyone who wanted to open up a semi-permanent make-up salon,


would have to comply with Health and Safety Regulations, but don't


don't have to be registered. So basically, they don't have to be


trained. All of the equipment you need to set up a semi-permanent


make-up salon is available online. So here is a machine for �2,500. I


can pop that into my shopping cart without requirements to prove I am


trained and I would make my money back after a few months. So, I want


the women of Liverpool to know it is up to them to ensure that they


put their brows in the hands of the professionals. This may not look


like much, but it is about to become a brand new pop-up semi-


permanent make-up stand in the heart of Liverpool. Yes. Brilliant.


One, two, three! We are telling the punters we are offering eyebrow


tattoos at �35 a pair as part of a promotion for the new salon. I want


to find out how many ask the vital question, have you have training?


If anyone asks me that I will be honest and say that I have had no


training, that I don't know how to apply the tat use and I don't know


how to use the machine. How many will allow me to sit there in the


chair, turn on the machine and start to tattoo them without even


asking about my qualifications? Welcome to Eyebrows-R-Us. What is


your name? The first clients take a seat. Will they ask about my


qualifications? Can I get you to sign? This is a waiver form. I need


you to read through this for me. Put your name, date of birth and


have a read and sign at the bottom. There is no mention of


qualifications on the form. Even so, all of the punters signs it. So, it


is on with the consultation. The shape that you have now is that


what you like? You have had them done already? I have. When? Three


years ago. I will measure you. You move the hair out of the way. We


have two types of ink, a medium ink and dark ink? Questions? No? Are


you sure we are ready to go, OK? Yes. Right, Amanda. I'm actually,


I'm really sorry, I'm not tattooing your eyes today. It is nothing to


do with your eyebrows, but I'm not really a semi-permanent make-up


artist. These cameras are not here today to film the promotional


video... We are filming a consumer series about... Am I on TV? This is


about beauty Alisons. -- salon. Five people sat in the chair, what


made them happy about me putting a needle to their face? The offer.


it was because of the price? Yes. have never done this before? What


were you thinking? Why didn't you think about asking me about


insurance, certificate of training? I don't know. You must ask to see


certificate of training. Insurance, and you must have a patch test as


well. It was my fault. I did not ask to sequel fictions, or


certificates. It has opened my eyes. I will check on things the next


time. I hope that I have proven that if it often looks too good to


be true, it often is. Hopefully, the girls of Liverpool will think


twice about having their semi- permanent eyebrows down. -- done.


When we contacted the Liverpool City Council, they said that they


are now considering a registration scheme for the salons. Earlier, I


met Michelle Musselwhite. I wanted to free her from the shades of the


semi-permanent tattoo she had done that went badly wrong. We went to


see the make-up maestro, Kevin Fortune. I will bring out her


natural beauty. Kevin Fortune wants to work out why the eyebrows are


wrong for her face. When I look at the picture, I can understand why


Michelle is upset with the eyebrows. One is darker than the other. It is


giving the illusion of sitting back and distorting the shape. The other


thing I noticed is that the eyebrows are high up. On Michelle's


face it gives an unflattering look of a puffy eye lid which she


probably does not have. Something else, the eyebrows are too close


together. That gives the illusion of frowning or looking upset or


angry, but when we cover the eyebrows, Michelle has this soft,


gentle look in the lives. So the whole look together gives us a


different kind of communication. Let's have a look at the virtual


make-back. OK. Let's start again to see if we can do a slightly better


improve 789. Whether I have done here is chosen a shape and style


which I think works for Michelle. Giving her a soft, gentle arch and


dropping them down so it gives a gentler, softer, kinder expression


to her face. I have lengthened the brow as Michelle has a full face.


The overall look gives Michelle a gentler, softer, kinder and more


approachable look to her face. I think it really works. Kevin is


clearly showing me why Michelle's brows had been something to frown


at. I am more determined that -- than ever to sort them out. The


experts confirmed that both our clients had poor treatment at the


salons. I wanted to put these allegationss to the salons to see


what they had to say. Let's see if they will meet up with me. Louise


is finally about to get a fab flutter from eyelash guru, Sue


Marsh. Hello. Alright? How are you? Good to see you. Are you nervous?


Slightly. It is teledays to go before the wedding. I will do a


proper consultation for you if you can follow me in. The eyelashes are


looking better. When I finish you today, you will look like you were


born with beautiful eyelashes. If anything feels uncomfortable, tell


me. Sue is tinting Louise's natural lashes. I will just catch the tips


of those. I am using a mixture of brown and black. Sue is using long-


lasting glue to apply the lashes, but it will not go anywhere near


Louise's eye lids. The extense itself should rest on the hair


shaft itself. In order so that you don't get a reaction from the


adhesive itself. This is no beauty quick-fix. Sue is applying lashes


of different colours and lengths one at time. Because it is your


wedding, I think that you deserve beautiful eyelashes, as all brides


cry. This will be the one where you don't have mascara running down


your cheeks. I am really pleased. If I'm happy, I think you will be


delighted. It is my work, I am excited. I think that she looks


stunning. And after four hours of fiddly work, Louise finally has a


fab flutter of eyelashes. Oh, my, God. I can't believe it! They look


absolutely beautiful. I love them. I feel very confident on the


wedding day, now, I we canon. I really am very happy with the


result. I'm back in Liverpool with a surprise in store for Michelle. I


have set up an appointment with semi-permanent artist, Hazel


Furlong. She's tattooed hundreds of new brows and trained people in the


art. I know that Michelle was disappointed in the treatment she


has had. I will not know if I can fix it until I see her for myself.


Hello! Lovely to see you again. How are you doing? Alright. I'm scared.


You don't know why you are here yet? I know. I'm all excited.


have brought you here to meet a professional semi-permanent make-up


artist. She is going to assess what has happened to your eyebrows and


assess if she can fix them. Now? Yes. Are you excited? Yes. Let's go


and find out what she can do. Come on, Michelle. To work out if she


can help Michelle, Hazell needs to analyse the brows. You can see


where the pigment has come out of the skin. It is a little thicker


here. Can you explain to me what went wrong in the first place, what


this lady did? It is simply a wrong colour choice. Poor technique and


obviously overworking the skin. Hazell, the big question, can you


correct them without removing them? I think there is a good balance


with the shape here. It is up to you. I'm happy to go ahead if you


are? Definitely. After five months of wonky eyebrows, that is great


news for Michelle. This will scratch... It's a bit easier this


time? Oh, yes, much better. Would you like to take a look at your new


brows? Oh, my God! They are gorgeous! I love them. Are you


happy? You like them, really? I can't believe it! E -- I don't have


to draw them on anymore. Over two weeks, Michelle's new brows will


peel and heal, then we will know if they are finally even. In the


meantime, eye come to Gloucester to get answers about Louise's lashes,


but speaking to the salon, Bollywood Brows is proving tricky.


They have shut down. Will talk to some of the shops next door to the


salon to find out when the salon closed down and if they know where


the owner has gone. The salon was not open. I have discovered it has


not traded since August of this year. I don't want to give up, so


I'm going to find out where the other than has gone. It will take


digging, but as the saggon could reopen, I'm determined to track


down the owner of Bollywood Brows. I have done some research, I found


out that the owner and the business is registered at a different


address. It is a residential address. So the best bet is to get


there early to ensure that I catch the other than. I want to show her


this picture of Louise and find out how sneels knowing the painful


predicament that -- how she feels knowing the painful predicament


that Louise went through. I'm waiting for the lady now. She is


here now. Pulling up in the car. I'm going for it. Yvette? I'm


Jessica-Jane Clement from the BBC. I want to ask a few questions


regarding a client of yours who ended up in A&E Department. Are you


filming? I want to know if your beauticians are trained? What are


you doing? What sort of glue are you using that caused this client


of yours to end up in A&E Department. No comment. Why did


your client end up in A&E? Did you use a patch test? Yes. Then why did


she end up in A&E? This is ridiculous. Were your beauticians


actually trained? Well, she was not happy about that. She said that the


beauticians were trained, but there is no explanation as to why that


has happened. If there is one thing I have learned, always ask what


training your beautician has had. A patch test is simple. If the Bute


sigs professional, they should know how to use the right materials in


the correct way. Don't be afraid to ask. Don't assume that if a shop


looks pretty, you are going to get what you paid for. Back in


Liverpool. It's been two weeks since Michelle got her replacement


eyebrows. Have we finally turned that frown upside down?


absolutely love my eyebrows. They are fabulous. I just love being


able to get up every day and not have to pen them in and things. To


just be able to go out. It really is life-changing. I finally have my


old Michelle back. It is so nice to see her with the re-newed


confidence and the bubblyness about her again. My eyebrows make me feel


confident. I'm able to now walk into a room and not feel


embarrassed and sep back or hide behind. I'm the one -- and step


back or hide behind. I'm the one now who goes in first. Mish 7/11


happy, I think that's a cause for celebration. Oh, I love a good


wedding. It looks like Louise's lashes well and truly saw her up


the aisle. When we contacted Michelle original semi-permanent


make-up artist, they said that they have appropriate training and have


been practising -- practising for two years. Saw red raw skin. It


burnt. I want to find out if this stuff is legal. Can I talk to you


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