Series 3

Series 3

Documentary series following the work of the traffic police as they enforce the law on some of Britain's busiest and most dangerous roads.

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Episodes List

Cheats and Chancers

1. Motorway Cops: Series 3, Cheats and Chancers

The Motorway Cops catch up with the drivers who try to cheat the system.

Life in the Fast Lane

2. Motorway Cops: Series 3, Life in the Fast Lane

The Motorway Cops call on the assistance of the police helicopter, Alpha Oscar One.

Burden of Proof

3. Motorway Cops: Series 3, Burden of Proof

The motorway cops have to gather evidence against suspected lawbreakers.

Hide and Seek

4. Motorway Cops: Series 3, Hide and Seek

PCs Elliott and Bullard try to stop a gang carrying drugs across the country.