Cheats and Chancers Motorway Cops

Cheats and Chancers

The Motorway Cops catch up with the drivers who try to cheat the system, taking chances even though that may mean putting other people's lives at risk.

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Tonight. Nothing. Smell like vodka. A van full of vodka. Are is it.


bottles look cloudy. As the Motorway Cops mount an operation


against the cheats. Who are you. Who do you think I am? And the


chancers. I know it is stupid. I shouldn't do it. They caught you


last year. What is your name. name you have given me has no


driving licence. You take the risk and at those times you never know


where we are and we could be in the weirdest place at the weirdest time


that. Would be the right time for us and the wrong time for you.


drivers stick to the rules. But there are other s who chance their


arm committing offences and hoping they will never get caught. It is


up to to Motorway Cops to look out for those who take risks. When


you're on patrol, you're always looking for things, to generate


your own workload. And that is how we operate. We will go for what we


think will get us the best result and take a dangerous driver off the


road. Motorway copse rich and Angus are following a -- Motorway Cops


Richard and Angus are following week. If we hadn't seen it, we


would haven't believed I. The chase was on. But it wasn't difficult.


They have seen some ropey means of transport, but this takes the


biscuit. It is a barrel. With the side. Supported by a gallon drum.


And more astonishing is what is inside. The trailer is a mobile


kennel. We thought this is a guy having a laugh. But they're


concerns this could be a death trap. There noise mud guards. I don't


know if there is indicators. We shall find out. See if he has any


brake lights. Not much of anything. No indicators. Now it has been


stopped the police have another concern. Oh it's a bloody


Rottweiler. Over to you! When it comes to unspeblgting - inspecting


vehicles, PC Nairn is a Rottweiler himself. We don't know whether it


is amusing or seriously dangerous. Did you make that yourself? Yes.


Where is the brake light? suspect working too well. Where is


the indicators? You can can see them. I can see themment but


they're no' flashing. The flashing thing has stopped work. The flashy


thing? You don't have any red reflective material. Where is the


mud guards? I didn't have any. has to have mud guards. You can't


have the wheels exposed. We don't have any electrics apart from that.


Usually, but not today. Do these work? This broke the other night.


Everything seemed to be just happening today and he was going to


get them fixed. Or it has just broken. Does that one work? That


shorted out when it stopped. It is crazy to go on to the motorway with


a thing like that, which to anybody wouldn't seem safe to ride in a


playing field, let alone on a highway. Some of it is in order.


Where does the cigarette lighter go to. GPS. Is was the only thing that


was modern and work. Have a seat in the car now. What does the dog have,


if it wants to lie down? There is plenty of room.Less Not wearing a


crash helmet. There was no protection around the whole for --


hole for dog, in case is fell. If the barrel was to overturn, if he


was to avoid some traffic, the dog could have been seriously injured.


It is no' the dog's fault. He didn't ask to be there. I felt


sorry for him being stuck in a an oil drum. Is he friendly? Yes, ve


very. You should have goggles. Apart from sending off to America


for something there is nothing available. He decides to escort


them to the nearest services. But it is to become clear how


vulnerable they are. As he started to move, because of the fact he had


no mirrors or indicators, he was pulling on to the inside lane then


a truck come back and we looked at him and thought, there will be


something happen. This guy will get wiped out in front of us. There is


no way we can turn a blind eye to this. He is taking too many chances.


It would be wrong to let him continue any further. For his


safety and the dog's. The dog's more than anything else. At the


services the biker will find out what punishment PC Nairn will dish


out. It looks like Wallace and Gromit. You could put that in a


In the early hours the motorways are less busy. But while others


sleep, there are plenty of chancers about keeping the cops on the go.


PC Jess Rojek and Alan Colman are approaching the end of their shift.


You're looking forward to getting to your bed. It is 7 and you have


to be aware something could happen and you have to deal with that.


car in front is putting paid to their thoughts of bed. It was the


ends of the night shift and I saw this week and it was literally text


book, this is a drink driver. to have a chat with him. There are


people on the road who commit offences to try look to commit


offences, or risk it, when they think the police are probably at


their busiest or won't be about and probably 6am they think that we're


all tied up with paperwork, or going home. Hello mate. Stopped you


because you were wandering. tired. Have you had a drink?


twopbt a friend's party. You have had a drink. -- went to a friend's


party. Have a seat in the car for a second. He has had a drink this


bloke. I could see he is stragering and it is obvious that she has had


a drink. The question is how much has he mad? Morning. How are you?


How much have you had to drink stkph? A couple? Right. I now how


someone acts when they have, when they're over the drink drive limit


and how it smells on their breath and how their eyes are glazed and


you just know. I require you to provide me with a spokesman of


breath into the breath test device. Are you willing to provide that?


Yes. Long blow. Keep going. Keep going. You did it. You have failed,


it is 56 and the legal limit is 35. That is a fair way above. This man


in particular should know better. What do you do? I'm a staff nurse.


The job he does, he's I'm sure he has dealt with a number of patients


and victims of serious road collisions, which could have been


caused by drink drivers. So he's seen the other end of it. One of


the consequences this time is a trip to the police station for a


further breath test and until he gets there, he won't be allowed to


use his phone. Switch that phone off for us? No, switch your phone


off. I need to let my girlfriend know. You can't have contact with


anyone. You haven't arrested me. Yes we have. Give me the phone.


You're not contacting anyone. You're under arrest. Listen...


can co-that -- do that from the police station. We will take him to


station and put him on a more accurate machine that will tell us


what he has got. He can hardly stand up. He nearly tripped up over


there. A danger on the road. People like that shouldn't be on the road.


And what is more shocking than anything, he is a nurse. You take


the risk and you have a Rhys thank we won't find you. On this occasion,


we did. So at those times you never know where we're. We could be in


the weirdest place at the weirdest time, which will be the right time


for us and the wrong time for you. While the drink driver is taken to


the police station, 15 miles south the biker who risked life and lum


by taking his mobile kennel is being dealt with. I need to give


you a ticket for this. And then I have done my bit. Can you get on


the phone and start jacking up recovery. I would prefer to do it


inside. And then an oil leak and the rider's spur of the moment


repair. That sprung up before you stopped me. That is stopping it


spurting on your leg. To keep it off me skin. Less trying to protect


his leg from getting burnt and wraps a towel around the cylinder


led. If you're riding that, it is not worth taking its on the road.


But the dangerous state of the bike has not hit home yet. Just a few


teething problems. With the engine. And the lights. Yes. And the oil


leak and stuff. Oh well. Braver man than me. But this knight of the


road is going no further. What is lapping if you hand your licence in,


-- happening is if you hand the licence in you will get points. It


has not got a great deal going for it. You're caught over a barrel!


Please don't think about going back on the roads. We have cameras and


it makes our job easier, but also busier. PC Nairn isn't known for


his leniency. We could have thrown the book at Lumb. He could have


gone to court and been given a huge fine. But you have got to cut him


some slack. We have disChris. His - - discretion. How old is she?


She is a lovely dog. How often has she travelled in it. Once or twice


a week. In Wales. Where they don't see you. Tonight somebody's phoned


it n we can't turn a blind eye. It is still an offence. OK mate.


care. The biker knows he has been give an break. I was getting often


good. I wasn't really aware it was dangerous. I knew the lights could


have been better. Rather than actually dangerous. There are


people who take chances. They take chances with the condition of the


vehicle or the driving or their no insurance or bald tyres and think


they have got away with it today. But we're always out there looking


for them. As one man and his dog park up to wait for the recovery


truck, 20 miles away in Birmingham the medic in trouble for drinking


and driving is in custody. But because of his row fegs, an


unpleasant surprise is in surprise. What do you do? A manager. Because


you informed me that you a registered nurse, I have to it will


you that this is a notifiable occupation and the police may have


to float if I your employer of your detention. -- notify your aemployer


of the detention. A ban is looming and his job may be on the line.


is somebody in a position of trust as a member of the napers you're


one of those people and therefore what would -- NHS, you're one of


those people and if you're arrested we will inform your employer that


you have been arrested and what the offence it. Sorry it doesn't make


good entertainment. I'm not as A I couldn't live with myself if I


took someone's life because I couldn't be bothered to get a taxi


home or make alternative arrangements. Will legal limit is


there to five. Anything over that you're in trouble. Although he blew


56 on the roadside, the result of the more accurate breath-test is


the one that is used in court. He is still more than 40% over the


limit. He has the option of one more test. Because you have caught


between 40 and 50, you have an option, if you wish to do so, to


have it replaced by a specimen of blood. It is another chance to get


off, but a slim one. You want to give a specimen of blood? OK.


blood alcohol level and the body goes down by seven points an hour,


but this extra test usually comes up positive as well. My experience


of the last few drink-drivers, they have all come back were the limit


anyway. So maybe it is a bit of a waste of time, doing it. It is a


second chance that is wasted when you could just charge them and send


them to court anyway. Each blood test costs around �80 and is paid


for by the police. The option to go to blood was introduced when


breathalysers were not as accurate as they are today. A recent


government report has proposed that these blood tests are abolished. It


will be at least three hours before he is sober and free to go, and up


to six weeks before he knows there is also of his blood test. If you


can pop your shoes off, and leave them outside. It has been an extra


long stretch of duty, and PC Jess Rojek is ready for some sleep. But


has been the best part of two hours, on the Endeavour 12 were shut, saw


14 hour shift. The day shift cops have already turned out. At their


base in Perry Barr, in Birmingham, they are on a special operation


targeting white vans. How are you? At issue unlucky day today. We're


doing an operation looking at all types of transit vans, making sure


they are roadworthy and not running on a legal duel, making sure


drivers are all legitimate. Con for it a popular belief we do not have


it in for white vans. People seem to believe we do, but what we have


found is that a lot of things come to light from these fans simply


because of the volume of them and what they do. The cops have joined


forces with Customs and Excise and VOSA. We just want to make sure


that because roadworthy. It is estimated them up over 2.5 million


white bands in Britain. The Motorway Cops find that many of


them should not be on the road, were still there are drivers taking


the chance of not getting caught. was a disqualified driver for years


ago but I have not applied back on my licence yet. I was sure you more


respect than that. No you what! A thanks for your time. So UN bans


are fine, but not everyone has been allowed to go. -- some bans are


fine. -- vans. The Czech point is right next to the M6, very handy


for the cops to shepherd likely- looking vase. PCs stayed gaunt and


Kevin Whitehouse have spotted one. Not only has the van seen better


days, they think it is overloaded. We can see from the way that the


vehicle was lying on the road. We will have a look at the Springs.


the driver and a van get a going over, back at the site. Although


their initial concern was the wake of the load, the customs officer


has found another problem. You've got no people work for this?


Nothing? No receipt from when you bought it? Have you just bought it?


The problem is in sight. 600 bottles of lager hall. To palace of


vodka. -- of alcohol. Two palettes of Booker. -- vodka. We're just


making sure that he can produce receipts, and that duty has been


paid. If he has bought the vodka from a genuine supplier, he should


have some documents with him. have got no paperwork? We have to


prove to us. For every 1.5 bottle of -- 1.5 litre of vodka sold the


government takes one per and 65 of duty. But other vodka is produced


which has passed off as genuine without any duty being paid, and it


is estimated the garment loses �1 billion per year as a result. --


the Government. The had no people work for it. And you're talking


potentially thousands of pounds of stock that he could not account for.


When we spoke to him, he said he had bought it from a chap off the


back of a lorry in a field. label suggests it is a legitimate


brand, but an inspection increases the suspicion that it is fake what


can make to look genuine. The vodka is cloudy. It is not a sterile


So and that by looking at that, it looked cloudy. Normal walker is not


cloudy, not any blocker that I have had in the past, not that I drink


much of it. But it is not clear, it is not bought the, what else is it?


-- not vodka. While they try to establish whether the board catch


his stake, the white van is rounded. Three miles away, two other PCs are


looking for other drivers a chance their arm. Because they no these


people are the ones who often have more to hide. We are pig believers


in that if you stop someone for alighting defect, somebody not


wearing their belt, it will lead to a much bigger things. Even the


slightest offences catch their eye. Has he not got insurance?


driver in the green card has failed to put his seatbelt on. -- the


green car. What a plonker. Hello, sir, we are speaking to you about


why you are not wearing your seatbelt. Whilst the car the Stuart


Broad effects, information on it is The owner is a woman. Is it your


own car? It is my sisters, or my brother and more. Do you have any


exemption for not wearing a seatbelt? No, sir. So, OK, today,


you going to receive a fixed penalty for the offence. You say


that it is not your car. Have you got a car, yourself? He yes, I do.


What sort of insurance to you have? Fully comprehensive. Within a


minute of a person giving you details you know if they have been


genuine or not. As a policeman, you get a feeling for it. Do you have


your driving licence with you? I don't. And this man, straight


away, sending out all the wrong signals. Do you have any other


identification? A bank card or anything? Nothing. Most people have


Documentation, a wallet or something similar. If you have not


got one, that arouses my suspicions. What is your name? Shazan. My


licence is fully comprehensive. Motorway Cops are pretty sure that


he is lying. The have got cheques that we can make in a car that he


could not do years ago. You start building up a history of somebody


and quite often walked they are telling you does not match that.


Whose car is it? It is his brothers. It is the family cars. That is


either my sister is register of, or it is going to be BLEEP. What is


the registration number of your car? M14 HMS. I always see it as


quite a challenge. I enjoy these type of stocks because you know


there is something now. In a -- any points on your licence? I have got


nothing. Are you sure about that? How old is that? You must remember


getting points on your licence. Honestly, I could not. On my


insurance I have no points. You are telling us the truth? Yes, man.


This issue opportunity to tell us the correct details. If we take you


to the station and you have given us the wrong details you are in


trouble. I am being 100% genuine. You must have some idea. I don't


have nothing on me, I don't even have any cash on me. Normally, when


people sit in the car, with and a couple of minutes we can confirm


who they are without any doubt. You have started to put some doubt in


our minds about your identity. Whilst they try to find out if he


is who he says he is, at the Motorway Cops base, the operation


targeting dodgy white vans is still going on. The officers are


continuing to examine the vodka they suspect his fate. Can we crack


open the bottles and smell it? something they normally do on duty.


In smells salty. We thought there was something not quite right.


does not smell of anything, does it? It smells more like Bacardi.


What can does not smell. The label says that duty has been paid, but


the customs man is not convinced and is getting specialist help from


headquarters. They are saying that, with this sticker, it is not a


sticker on top of it. It looks as if it is part of the label, to make


it look legitimate. They cannot be 100% sure if the vodka is


legitimate without a proper test, but the label seems forged, meaning


that duty has never been paid. It It is bad news for white van man.


Are they OK? No I'm going to detain the van and the alcohol. Is Is it


real. You don't know They maybe doubts about the vodka. But the


cops have found something about the drive. He has got a previous in


2002 for offering goods under-the- counter fit act. The customs office


is on the phone Tothing - totting up the amount of duty payable if it


was legitimate. It is �8,000 in duty. �8,02. He has paid �1,300 for


lot. How much for a bottle. Tener. How many was there? Frpbgs 600. You


would have made a four grand profit. It would have been a good Christmas.


You would kill someone with that. He didn't bat an eye lid that we


had seized the product off him. He must have plenty of other things on


the go as well. You don't seem that fussed. Well you know, things come


and go. You have to take it easy. He is philosophical and it seeps


you win some and you lose -- seems you win some and lose some.


minute he was thinking about the amount he would make and then he is


in our yard we're caling over the van and kus -- crawling over the


van and customs decide that is ours now. Four miles away the driver who


has been stopped is still being questioned about his identity. They


don't believe he is who he say he is. The information I have had over


the air, from what I know about your driving licence you're not


telling me the truth. To be honest. Who are you. Shazan plea ya.


say you have no points. -- Mia. You would know about the points.


couldn't. Unless they're old. They're not old. Within how many


years? They're this year. reason they give you false details


is because they have done something they want to hide. Your don't know


what you will get. But you know that the person's given you the


wrong details. I couldn't even remember. Well your last one shows


you have points for speeding in August. If I had got points for


speeding. Was that on the motorway. It doesn't malter where, you would


remember. It is only a few months ago. Three points, oh man. He is


running out of answer and will have more trouble explaining what PC


Nijjar has found in the car. found a letter from the courts. And


he had come from the the courts and received a �60 fine and three


points. And that was in a different name. That is my brother's details.


There is other papers. Why are you carrying your brother's details.


is my sister's car. Has your brother been arrested before?


couldn't speak for him. How are you. I'm the person on the Scripps,


Shazan Mee ya. How many times do I have to say. -- person on the


script, Shazan Mia. How many times do I have to say. You say you're


that person. Who do you think I am. I don't know tell us. How old is


your brother. Which one. This one? 22, 236789 How old are you? I'm 26.


When. Just gone basically. Just gone. He wasn't going to play ball


with us, the only option was to be to take him to the station. I got


out to bring him out in case he had anything that could do us harm.


in there my friend. Right. attempt to pass himself off as his


brother has backfired big time. You're lying to us. You're under


arrest for obstructing a police officer. I'm angry with him for


really... Getting himself into trouble that he didn't need to get


into. It seems pointless. It seemed pointless, because yes, he is


committing offences, no insurance, it is a motoring offence. It is not


a criminal offence. See how good you look for lying. I asked you


several times. I don't know. have got people like that you know


are lying, that think they can pull the wool over your eye and they


know better than yourselves. I hope we will deal with him and he will


get the punishment he deserves. reason for his pretence is simple.


Is what why you have given us false detail, because you have no


insurance. Yes. But it has got him into more serious trouble. You're


getting yourself a criminal record just for muck us about. I thought


it was worth the risk, I would be banned. There will always be people


who will give it a run and some no doubt have got away with minor


offences, and as a result, the word gets around, give it a go. But


we're a bit clifrer than that. These -- cleverer than that. There


is a 99% hit rated with people now. One key piece of technology is


automatic number plate recognition. The motorway cops have incar


cameras to read number plates. Giving them an immediate alert if a


car needs to be checked out. insurance. Get him to stop. They


have finished with the white van operation. And they're now on the


Aston express way in Birmingham. According to their data, the car


that has passed them isn't insured. Hello there. Morning. Is it your


car? Yes. On the express way we have act vaipted a camera which


flags up it has no insurance. We have got bemind you and checked it


out with our control room staff and they have very if I there is no


insurance. Can you pop out? late. Well you are. You want to pop


United. We will keep you as little time as possible. Grab a seat.


Though he is late for work he still has questions to answer before he


can be on his way. Who are you insured with. It is the co-


operative. How much do you pay a year for inshuens? On this one it


is suppose to be 200 something. you pay Monty. Yes. How much?


�25. Do you know if the payments are coming out? Yes supposed to


come out of my debit. Suppose to, do you know if they are coming out?


They should be coming out. Do you check iting arely? No, I have got


no -- Do you check it regularly? I have too time. We have all got


thing we would rather been doing. But some of these things have to be


done. It is PC Gaunt here. Hello we have got a vehicle stop showing no


insurance. Can you give me a check on it. PC Gaunt is checking the


detailers with the motor insurers bureau. It is 929. He is says the


Korp. - ecoop. Can you tell me how many letter they have sent out. It


is usually three. There is a problem. We will give him the good


news. Thank you. Bye. The insurance bureau have made inquiries with the


Co-Op and the policy was cancelled on 19th August for non-payment.


is it cancelled? You haven't been paying. I have money on my bank


account and they should take it. Well all can I go by is what they


have told me. When they dance alpolicy, for non-payment -- cancel


a policy for non-payment, they sends letters. Don't just send one


letter out. They send three to say you're in danger. The thirds one


says it has been cancelled. It is not a one offer. I think it was x


Kuzes. The driver will pay a harsh penalty. The vehicle does haven't


insurance as far as can I verify at this stage. So what we're going to


do is seize the vehicle. It will go into a police compounds. And we


will explain how you can get it back. How will I reach the home?


The work? Bus, taxi, walk. We are going to take you to a garage and


that is where it will stay until you pay a recovery fee and a


release fee. You have said to me you don't check. No I don't check.


Noiv time to check. Sorry. I know I have got money in on bank account.


I don't have time to do a lot of things. It has cost him six points


a fine and �150 to get his car back.Less Too business to sort this


out now. You can phone the garage and take the car. I'm not taking


this. I have no time to co-that -- do that. You will have to find time


to buy a new car how. -- now. busy he is signing his car away.


You realise that they will just do whatever they want with it.


thing is, I have got no time to come and go to the garage and do


these forms. Just scrap it. threw his dummy out of pram.


Gaunt also has no time for his excuses. It is always somebody


else's fault. It astounds me. It is not our fault you're not insured.


It is your fault. You didn't sort it out. It is a simple answer, go


to courts and tell them you don't have time to get insluerd. They


would love it. We understand, you're a busy man. I know it's


expensive, but that is life. Get the bus if you can't afford


insurance. 9.30pm and some time before the pubs and clubs kick out.


But some have a few after leaving work and gamble on not being


stopped. PC Kevin Whitehouse is on pral and they have had a call about


a break down. -- patrol. For some reason the member of the public has


rarted -- reported they think the driver has been drinking. The cops


don't usually deal with break downs, but a report of drink driving calls


for an immediate response. We're looking for a black car. There is a


female. There it is there. On the left. A tyre there. Ore dear, it


has lost it. This incidents is more serious than they first thought.


There was debris in the roads and people milling around. It was a


dangerous place to be. The priority is to make sure everyone's safe and


then to locate the driver. There were other people around and all


indicated to the lady as being the driver of the car and it was


apparent she had been drinking. Come and have a seat sit in the car.


Hello there. It is a situation that needs careful handling. She is not


only drink but upset. What happened? Sorry? Yeah. Yes what?


is not right what happened. What did lap? -- happen. I think the


wheel is down on there, do you wants to sort it out. Sorry what


happened? Yeah. You tell me what happened. I can't hear. Yes. Gosh.


I should have never come to England. Never. Don't worry about coming to


England, tell me what happened tonight. Tonight it wasn't right


what I did. What did you do? You have drunk? Yes. Were you driving?


Yes. They're checking the damage. Got a deflated tyre. If you look,


the front near side tyre is detached. I think it was back down


there as we came. So I don't know what has gone on. Whether she has


come around the corner and struck the barrier. There is damage to the


body work there and so we need to get this recovered. We will speak


to the driver and see what has What happened here? A I think I


could not manage... You could not manage to get round the corner.


Despite losing a wheel, she has carried on a few hundred metres


before stopping. It is fairly unusual for the Wales to come off,


pointing to the fact that she was travelling too quickly, and the


amount of the impact she has had has brought it to come off.


long ago did you have your last drink? A about one our goal.


have said that you have had a drink. And they can smell the I'll call on


you drink -- or your breath. That is fine. A but, what may not be


fine is her future employment. The you know what? I work for the NHS.


I am a manager. Yep to another driver who should know better,


taking a chance, drinking and driving. What is your name? I am so


silly, I am so silly. Is it a party you have been to? Just out with


nobody. What we are going to do, we're going to do this breath test


on you. What you need to do is take a deep breath, breed in. And keep


going, keep going. Thank you. White, as you thought, you have had


something to drink. You have provided me with a positive breath


test, showing that you are over the drink-driving limit. You are under


arrest on suspicion of drink- driving. You do not have to say


anything. Sue has blown 80, that is twice the legal limit of 35.


you put your seat belt on for me? Yes. We have one female adult in


custody. She has clearly had a lot to drink. You do not have a barrier


and lose a wheel, and drive down the road unless you have had quite


a lot to drink, to be honest. It is a bit sad. It is wrong, it kills


people, drink-driving, you just don't do it. Oh my God. It has


happened. We just have to deal with what has happened now. I know that


it is stupid and that I shouldn't do it. It is all now a finally


sinking in. And I should know better, I should know better. I am


a nurse, patient their purpose. And I am now at a police station. That


is all right. Why not? Some offenders think they can get away


with it time and time again, until, one day, or one night, their luck


ones out. Before she became a motor report, PC won't -- PC Jess Rojek


was on the beach in Small Heath, an area of Birmingham. We were going


round mile patch where I used to work. Before the motorway. -- my


old patch. I saw a car where I could see that the driver was not


wearing a seatbelt. That is the The driver is not just failing to


wear his seat belt. It has been discovered from the police database


that he has also failed to get insurance. The car was 12 years old,


another reason that PC, and is keen to take a punt -- another look.


find that people driving older cars tend to commit offences. Because it


is a �100 car they do not insure it, because the insurance out ways the


value of the car. Why pay �1,000 insurance for a car that is worth


�200? But, PC, and is not prepared for the man who gets out. -- PC


Coleman. Her though, jump in. It is the white van man! What is your


name? Do you have ID? No, I haven't. Immediately, it was obvious these


two knew each other. But not according to the man. A are you


sure your name is not Munir Hussain? 100%. What is your name?


Shakira Nadia. Water records often come across persistent offenders


but this is especially memorable for PC common. We were with the BBC


at the time we stopped this man. And that programme was on for weeks


ago. You don't remember me? 100%? Take your glasses off. Have a look


of it there. Look that way. You don't remember me at all? What is


your real name? Munir Hussain? has made a schoolboy error with his


idea. You have got now driving licence. He is using someone else's


name, and he has got no licence. If you are going to use somebody's


details you want them to be clean. Do you remember re-arrested you


with a white van and we went to court with you? Yes or no? If you


carry on flying, I am going to arrest you for attempting to


pervert the course of justice. Don't be silly. You are on national


television. I went to court with your last year. What is your name?


Shaqeel Nazir. It is Munir Hussein. I wanted him to have some honesty,


but he would not tell me. We do not believe who you are, so you are


under arrest. PC Coleman has some idea why the man is refusing to


come clean. Are you busy? I knew he was disqualified because he had


previous dealings with me, and I knew that he was disqualified. You


come up to me in court and said, no hard feelings! For whatever reason


he was never going to tell Alan what his name and date of birth


were. So he knows who you are, you know you are, why don't you just


say who you are? And your date of birth? So, first name is Munir


Hussain, birth date 290478. must have recognised me? How could


you forget? Why is this the jackpot for me? With the camera crew again,


come on. I am telling you now, you have been in front of us... The it


was just a spooky coincidence. about being in the wrong place, at


the wrong time. But that is what happened. He was not having a good


ear. At Aston police station in Birmingham, it is not looking good


for the drink-driver who crashed on the motorway. She is being brought


Black coat. The its, a black pad. He every prisoner is subjected to


the same routine, including a detailed description of their


clothing. But some make more of it than other. Black boots. Do you


want to know my knickers, or my What is that? I am a woman.


Exasperation is what I think it is. I have been married for a loan time,


I am used to women sign. But then the playful manager changes. I want


to see my solicitor straight away. The breath test procedure cannot be


delayed in order for you to speak to your solicitor. A I want to see


my solicitor, now. I think she is used to being in the driving seat,


telling people what to do. But she's in the custody block and had


to do what she is told. What are you doing? Oi! It is quite bad,


that is a word that I have learned in England. You look at these


people who have high profile jobs, and you think, you should know


better. And you want to tell them that sometimes. Keep going, keep


going, keep going, keep going. Well done. OK. Deep breath in. Keep


going, keep going, keep going, keep going. Well done. Do you want to


sit down? It can make you feel like he did doing that. Your lowest


reading a 73, so you are double the drink-driving limit, basically. It


is not that funny. For I am a big criminal! I think it is very


serious. She has been lucky to escape without injuring herself and


others, and for PC Hadley, she has been flirting with disaster. There


will always be people who want to take the risk. It is not worth


taking the chance. People get killed by drink-drivers. The


consequences of that are horrible. Everybody knows that you are not


supposed to do it. Everybody knows the dangers. Campaigns have been


made for years telling people not to do it, and the results are self


evident. I have got no sympathy for people who do it. The drunk Dutch


woman was fined �460, paid �105 costs, and was banned from driving


for 17 months. The medic who was drunk at the wheel was fined �200,


had to pay �95 in costs and was disqualified for driving from 12


months. The man who had no time to check his monthly insurance


payments to seat six points on his licence and was paid �100 -- fine


�100 for driving without insurance. He was too busy to pick of his car,


which was scrapped. No further action was taken against the driver


with the other said vodka, but the van and the Booker were seized and


destroyed by customs officers. The man who gave false details because


he didn't not have insurance was fined �100, plus 65 praise for


obstructing police, and received six points on his licence. Munir


Hussain, the driver to refuse to give his real name, was fined for


driving while disqualified, having no insurance, and no MoT. He did


not collect his car, so it was scrapped. And the motor cyclist


The Motorway Cops catch up with the drivers who try to cheat the system, taking chances even though that may mean putting other people's lives at risk - and they find that the drivers who do this are often those they come across time and time again.

On the M6 the Motorway Cops are cracking down on 'white van man' in a joint operation with VOSA (the Vehicle Standards Agency). More than two million white vans are on the roads but many are untaxed, untested and not roadworthy. But it's what they find inside the van that interests the cops including six hundred bottles of vodka. The van driver has bought them on the cheap, intent on reselling them and making a quick buck, but his hopes are dashed as the cops find out that the vodka may well be illicit and they have to decide what to do with it all.

In the city PC's Alan Colman and Jess Rojek come across a familiar face; someone PC Colman caught behind the wheel of a stolen van in the last series of Motorway Cops. This time he's caught red handed, driving whilst disqualified, but even though PC Colman knows exactly who he is, the man refuses to admit anything.

PCs Kevin Whitehouse and Jerry Hadley attend a crash where a woman has had a lucky escape cornering too fast and ripping a wheel from her car. As they arrive they find out that drink may be the cause, and discover that the woman is a qualified nurse, someone who should be acutely aware of the dangers of drink driving.

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