The Next Tech Billionaires What If?

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next take billionaires. We enter Silicon Valley where the smart


money and the start-up can shape lives for decades to come.


Silicon Valley, for the Greek gods of the future, this is the amount


Olympics. Few places boast bigger names or more billionaires to the


Square Mile. We are those crazed people who think that every idea


can happen. Why is this ordinary place in San Francisco at the


cutting edge? I think the Court of Silicon Valley is this creative


energy, a desire to create technology used throughout the


world. It could be the next iteration of computers smaller than


a human hand. Or machines that think like human beings. An idea


can become a billion dollar business. Companies do not focus on


just proffered. The figures on the value of their users and the world.


There is room for everyone to fail. The persistence and a try. Anything


he's really possible in Silicon Valley. A few of the young, bright


and ambitious will be the next tech So you want to make a billion


dollars? You want to change the world? It is Silicon Valley. If you


want to become a billionaire, this is the place to do it. You need a


good idea and someone with a vast amount of money and ready to make a


bet on you. There are a lot of rich people on Silicon Valley. They are


looking for ideas and people with the right balance of brain power,


drive and entrepreneurial spirit. This remarkable volley is there


that night making happens. It may lock look much, there is a real


energy and a lot to learn if you know the right person to ask.


are in downtown. This is really the heart of modern Silicon Valley.


This is the street on which Google started. This is and effectively of


palm drive which goes right into Stanford University. So this is the


place where so many. Comms got started. The centre of the internet


in many ways. This person is an entrepreneur and mentor to those


trying to suck up companies and was recently voted the guy in Silicon


Valley people would most likely to have a be with. What is it about


Silicon Valley that creates his energy? It is about having a


critical mass of people who love doing. They can't help but build


and be useful. They would have to go forward and help mentor other


wood to create something that is useful. If I were to be a


billionaire, move year? No question about it. It could be a good move


to come here. In a quiet suburb in a leafy lane in Silicon Valley, a


group of extraordinary people are trying to do just that. This is the


black box mansion. Where those with big ideas come war all over the


world to make connections. A house full of hope was searching for the


angel investor who might just make them a billionaire. My name is


Kevin. I'm from Uruguay. I'm from Germany. And Betjeman from Austria.


I'm from Poland. And from Germany. For as you like to keep the ideas


secret for now. It is known as stuff mode. It looks like working


from bed. I'm Carlos from the Czech Republic. Ivan Silva killer. I am


on entrepreneur. -- Sabatier. They have developed a mobile phone Apple.


They held businesses on the move. They stumbled across black box on


their way to Silicon Valley. came here with no connections. We


needed money. We ran out of money from the previous projects. We met


this -- the founder of black box. He made some it ructions. It is


about not be you know but who news for you. -- introductions. He


already -- he always says he knows broke of all but Obama does not


know him. How does it make a difference to where you are now?


were able to meet with other people from the field of expertise. And


they were able to provide us with help and feedback and advice. We


were not able to get this feedback in Europe. People are surprisingly


open about their ideas. There is a secret source which makes this


place even more special. Silicon Valley gives people to permission


to payer -- defile. Most investors are willing to invest in


entrepreneurs who failed it took risks and a comfortable in that


process. It is like a big brother house for geeks. Yes. It was once


described as the Playboy Mansion for geeks. People are happy when


they are here because they meet other entrepreneurs from different


parts of the world. The corporation is very enriching to this


entrepreneurs can act of Silicon Valley. There have been enriched.


Straight after the meeting, there had an interview. They went well.


This will complete company for $20 million. There is a lot of money to


be made around here. -- they sold the company.


The Facebook story is the story of Silicon Valley success. Now it is


betting on the next big thing. Inside the vast compass, there art


adorns the hallways. There is a little corner reserved for a little


company called Instagram. You might have used their photo application.


A head full of people with a great idea. Facebook bought them for $0.5


billion. Kevin helped profile and Instagram. He ran a billion dollar


business in a few short years. are the calls to things about value


right now is do can be in college and also a few years later have an


application and a company that affects millions of people. It is


humbling in many ways to realise that anyone in the valley can do


that. That one of the most powerful things about living out here.


Anyone with an idea has a chance to make it big by affecting many


millions of people around the world. The cafes of Silicon Valley are


where the hopefuls pitch and you reach listen. Where both sometimes


strike gold. -- the rich. People recognise that bill in popular


technology is difficult. Most people will fail. When you do


succeed, you can quickly change the war. You can get hundreds of


millions of users. 10 million users is the new one million users. That


is true. The benchmark for success in a consumer software company is


that 10 million people have used your product. If you think about


that, the scale of what that means in terms of species level change


and acted by a handful of people is pretty astonishing. Scale, spacious


level change. A private start-up company based here at NASA's


Silicon Valley Research lab is Bob Richards want to mine guru.


focus of the engineering effort of the Express is that of course the


lender itself. This is the prototype vehicle, but would result


in collaboration with Nasser. It allows us to rapidly test and


develop the software algorithms used to lend on the moon safely.


The first step, winning $20 million in challenge money. To be the first


to land on the surface, deployed a robot and a son back pictures by


2015. This is very high-tech. Most of the topology is actually the


stuff you cannot see. The algorithms and software. He


intelligence in the vehicle. This is though the proportion system is


tested. The vehicle has to learn how to land on the moon itself.


There is too much to -- too much delay control and it from Earth.


This is the corporate plan to mind the Moon. The Moon is has a things


we have not discovered get. There could be more platter metals on the


surface of the moon and all the reserves on earth. There is water


on the moon. It is again George Hill for the Solar System. What is


rocket fuel. -- gang changer. It can support life and agriculture.


It is the first step to making the bin part of our world. What


Sunday in the future, we want to have a more to planetary Society.


This person is the million backing the moon Express. He once advised -


- he has advice for those who want to be billionaires. The way you


make billionaire companies is really easy. Use of 100 billion


dollar problem. You can't create a billion-dollar company Bussleton a


million dollar problem. Education and healthcare and clean energy and


clean water. These are his hundred billion dollar problems. As a vital


part of Silicon Valley, the engine driving all this energy and ideas,


Stanford University. Were the idealism of youth has his space to


think that big, to really ask what They call this university the farm.


It is a great big name, given the close Russia could have with your


money and the technological innovation of Silicon Valley. The


brains of grow here. Quantum physicists are making huge steps to


what is a mystery Science. Technology is that in aid. Such is


the importance of carbon manager does. An amazing material, not just


the drugs sold since we have ever discovered but a key component of


computers of the future. -- carbon tubes. You have to be dressed bride


How is that? It looks good. looks perfect. What is it yellow in


here? This is where we do all of our photo. All of this in this room


is light sensitive. He got his degree last year. He is developing


not only a microcomputer but anatomic size computer, made of


carbon manic tubes. Silicon chips cannot be made any smaller. That is


when Nano chip technology will step in. Computers can continue to


strike in size but also expand in power. What it and any cheap? In is


basically a straw or cheap. It is made of carbon atom so. They are


extremely small. 150 thousandths of a diet of a human ear. There are


lots of them on this disc. They are too tiny to see through a powerful


microscope. He using the materials that were work on, we should be


able to use a very highly energy efficient and fast and a chronic


system. Hopefully, your computer will be able to run a lot faster.


Walton rated less heat and energy. -- using less energy. Stanford


University has a one -- remarkable Entrepreneurs have taken ideas from


the company and turn them into companies like Phillip Parker,


Google, Yahoo. -- Hewlett-Packard. It is an ongoing relationship.


person is the President of Stamford. He is on the board of directors for


Google. He's University raised $1 billion of funding in one ear. The


first time that has ever been done. There is a healthy embracing of


entrepreneurial tradition. And make a difference in the world. There is


a good dose of realism about it. Students understand that great


companies are built around a great discoveries and inventions. Not


just around, I want to be an entrepreneur, therefore I am


successful. That does not do it. Unique that fundamental discovery


or invention that sets you apart. But appreciation for that is


something we try and instil in the student to they have a good


understanding of what it takes to There is a creativity and problem


solving here that he is in everyone. This is the design school at


Stanford. Today is a product that day. Will the students from


different parts of the university were given a challenge to come up


with an idea based on a theme. This is where they are showing of those


ideas today. It is all about innovation, getting people thinking


in a different way, to come up with ideas thought of a walk of life


they going to. The task was to design a concert for a big


department store, is in social networking, technology, anything,


treating different be. This is a photo-booth in the sitting room. Do


you want to be a user? Go ahead and try it. Thank you.This is a camera,


there will be a time. It would take a picture of you, you can see it


and then you can choose similar photo, Senator Facebook, some good


to Twitter, or through text. Sometimes be positive family,


friends, sometimes they wanted on Facebook. I know this looks


ridiculous. I would say you should take it. Thank you. The design


school is designed to teach people who were smarter their own areas of


study to think creatively, to work together, and to broaden their


education for the future. The pace of change right now is tremendous.


With globalisation and the kinds of economic change we are seeing,


things are happening more quickly and with more complexity than they


ever have before. We once it has to be equipped with a set of skills


about solving problems, problems that are not even apparent yet.


have to be smart in many ways. Her a great idea or invention is not


enough. The core of Silicon Valley is a creative energy, a desire to


go and create technologies that I used throughout the world. We have


such a nexus of people already here who were setting examples,


mentoring, advised -- investing in the next generation. It becomes a


cycle. Amid the flickering of lights and the hum of one million


hydrides, one of the biggest library some earth. This is a cloud,


a place were the internet resides, where any question can be answered.


We pour billions of bytes of data into the cloud every day. Working


out how to mind that and interpreted will change the future.


His is one way of visualising what a huge set of data looks like.


These are some of the people making money out of mathematics and hoping


to change the world. 30 years ago we said we would collect this data


and stories in a nice format. What we find ourselves with today is


that there is so much data we do not know what the right questions


to ask are. What the software does it that it finds answers to the


questions that you are not her had to ask. This maths professor co-


founded a company which emerged from a decade of research. He has


raised more than $10 million and has made some amazing discoveries.


Among them, or breast cancer. contains all the people who ended


up surviving breast cancer. dots describe 200 patients. The


bottom five groups are those who died. It is old data, but the


patterns found by the software it minutes have sparked new research


to help diagnose and treat breast cancer. Even as of healthcare,


these works for many areas, will -- including oil exploitation.


Machines are getting so fast they are beginning to think for


themselves. Stanford's artificial intelligence lab is at the


forefront of making smart machines. It is not just about making robots,


it is about making software that recreate a human brain, through


what is called a new role that work. Imagine we had to wake up not


knowing anything and watched YouTube for a week. We were then


asked ourselves what we learn. We had our hypothesis that we would


begin to recognise, like a recurring themes. What it has often


in YouTube? Cats. We looked and found the one of the neurons in the


network had learned to recognise cat faces. After watching YouTube


for a week, the computer created an image based on what had learned.


The remarkable thing was that we had never told that what the cat


was. It had discovered this concept of cats just by watching YouTube.


Not quite taking over the world, but amazing progress. From the


light changed into the -- the life changing, Silicon Valley is has the


ring a tour. The idea is that we wanted to build that price it is a


pair of glasses, they are stylish and have a computer inside. They


can stream video to a mobile device. From there we can have applications


in augmented reality and other interesting spaces. We designed the


product in 3D and then we go into This is a prototype of the glasses.


You can see the lenses are here and the camera is here. It fits inside.


And everything is recorded that to see? Exactly. Video is the


beginning. The new computer we are building also has TPS. It has


biometrics senses in it. Information will appear in front of


your eyes, whether it be that some or advertising. I have heard of


something like this from Google. Is this the same thing? Know. We think


of ourselves as better than what Google is giving. The computer will


have a function of that we believe the consumer will be interested in.


Google may beg to differ. This whole project was to do that here


appears poised quartet shop. It is like a huge workshop. It has a lot


of difference machinery in here. You can make pretty much anything.


Over here, banks of computer screens. People can programme


software, buildings in 3D, and print them out, or use laser


cutters. The reason that people use this is because they want to build


prototypes to start businesses. They have an idea, they build it


here, it is cheap and easy, they concede it works. If it does, they


can then make them on a bigger scale and turn it into a proper


business. It is called the makers revolution. Hobbyists can afford to


build many factoring businesses themselves on the back of good


ideas. It could change the way the whole industry works. A more people


can participate. These manufacturing tools that used to be


hard and expensive, we now has dust of manufacturing, personal many


factoring. All those things that were hard and now easy. Anybody can


participate. We have democratised manufacturing. It is not about


Labour any more, it is about ideas. He has the best ideas and designs?


That can happen anywhere. We excite audiences by making television


engaging. Will come to a real-life version of the apprentice. Fiji


billionaire's practice so than themselves to potential investors.


Our vision is to help people have any faith find the best for for


them. Our friend was worded mentors rating some of them. The founder


institute is a school to start-up entrepreneurs. There is an issue


with a lot of entrepreneurs, they stand around thinking and talking


about his, but not actually building their companies. They want


to be an entrepreneur, but they're not actually doing it. I love the


point of the programme like this is to get them off that, to push them


of that. We can force them to make forward progress. With your help,


we plan to demolish the transportation barrier for seniors.


Jay was to provide a taxi service for the people, with a paramedic


tried in. He had a hard time of it. You're in the programme, you need


to get a grant, this is not bad. comes across as harsh, but it is


very constructive. Why are you doing this? I want to change the


world with my company. This is the way to see the charge that. It will


make sure they are not falling for the common pitfalls that I might


otherwise hit. They are chasing big dreams. Those who have already made


it and doing what they can to give something back. What are the other


lessons from Silicon Valley? It is not all about the money, it is


about changing the world. It is OK to fail here, sometimes it is even


encouraged. The next big idea does not have to be a big secret, you


need to be open to succeed. With that in mind, what will the future


hold? We had to ask people, what if they could predict the future?


we look out far enough, to Rex bring connection of some sort.


We're in the transformation of the shin and species. The future will


be a global economy. Digital countries, not divided by borders.


The next big thing is already here, it is mobile. Robotics will be the


tipping point that will bring robots into a lives. I am convinced


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