2005-06 Shorts

2005-06 Shorts

A series of short films exploring the places where extraordinary wildlife can be found.

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Episodes List

West Coast Otters

1. Wild: 2005-06 Shorts, West Coast Otters

Documentary about a mother and daughter otter living on the west coast of Scotland.

The Rabbits of Skomer

3. Wild: 2005-06 Shorts, The Rabbits of Skomer

Documentary about the wild rabbits which live on sea cliffs on the Pembrokeshire coast.

Deer in the City

4. Wild: 2005-06 Shorts, Deer in the City

Short documentary about a pair of roe deer who have made a Scottish cemetery their home.

New Forest Adders

5. Wild: 2005-06 Shorts, New Forest Adders

Documentary following the life of the adder through a typical season in the New Forest.

The Owls and the Orchard

7. Wild: 2005-06 Shorts, The Owls and the Orchard

A year in the life of a owls who set up home in an old orchard in rural Herefordshire.

Water Voles

10. Wild: 2005-06 Shorts, Water Voles

Documentary presenting an intimate portrait of one of Britain's most charming wild animals

Red Stag Rut

11. Wild: 2005-06 Shorts, Red Stag Rut

Documentary about the annual autumn red deer rut in the New Forest.

Storm Geese

12. Wild: 2005-06 Shorts, Storm Geese

Documentary about geese that fly out of stormy Atlantic skies to the island of Islay.

Eider Duck Island

13. Wild: 2005-06 Shorts, Eider Duck Island

How the eider ducklings of Inner Farne undertake a great trek across the island each year.