Series 2

Series 2

Second series of the drama set in near-future in Australia about ancient species the Hairypeople, who find themselves persecuted and exploited by humans.

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Episodes List


1. Cleverman: Series 2, Revival

Koen is reborn and, stronger than ever, begins a mission of resistance and revenge.


2. Cleverman: Series 2, Bindawu

Unbeknownst to Waruu, Slade is perfecting work on a substance that could destroy Koen.

Dark Clouds

3. Cleverman: Series 2, Dark Clouds

Waruu begins accepting volunteers for his procedure to reintegrate Hairies into society.


4. Cleverman: Series 2, Muya

Koen confronts Linda about the dark secret from their past.


5. Cleverman: Series 2, Skin

Koen is ready to destroy Waruu's facility and the cultural genocide it stands for.

Borrowed Time

6. Cleverman: Series 2, Borrowed Time

Tired of waiting, Jarli decides it's time for action.