Series 3

Series 3

Drama following the lives and loves of four girls away from home, doing their bit for Britain in the Women's Land Army.

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Episodes List

Home to Roost

1. Land Girls: Series 3, Home to Roost

Hoxley Manor is transformed into a military hospital.

The War in the Fields

2. Land Girls: Series 3, The War in the Fields

A visiting local dignitary makes Ellen a tempting offer.

The Enemy Within

3. Land Girls: Series 3, The Enemy Within

Esther faces up to her pregnancy and starts to explore her options.

Farewell My Lovely

4. Land Girls: Series 3, Farewell My Lovely

Danny threatens to hurt Henry if Connie doesn't submit to his will.

Last Days Of Summer

5. Land Girls: Series 3, Last Days Of Summer

Events spiral out of control for Connie when her shady past catches up with her.