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Me and you, we're going to have to be apart for a wee while.


You had the suspects in mind and when those prints came back


and they weren't Iain's, they HAD to be mine.


This is the worst thing you've ever done.


Robbie, you're making a mistake. My only mistake...


What am I supposed to do without him?


He said he was brilliant with kids and...


And you are going to be a brilliant mum, I promise you.


I don't know. I haven't been here all evening.


I came home to find Grace on her own.


Has she done this before? Walked out on the baby?


I'm sorry, I just have to establish the facts.


Have you called round all her friends?


Of course. There's not many to call.


Most of them haven't seen her since she had the baby.


She's tried so hard with Grace but with Gareth dying...


What if it's all just got too much for her?


so, if she's out there, they'll spot her.


In the meantime, we need to work out what she's got with her.


She's going to be all right, isn't she?


I don't mind taking her. No, it's fine.


You and Zinnie have been great but I need to prove that I can do this.


you don't have to prove anything. Please.


It's OK, it's OK. I'm here, I'm here.


What, you're leaving just cos she's greeting?


Well, she's stopped now, hasn't she?


Believe me, she's just pausing for breath.


Right, well, I'll put your coffee in a takeaway cup, then.


Liz, right, 2:30 sharp. We want to catch the afternoon shoppers.


Yes, yes, we'll be there. I've been practising some descants.


I always think they add a touch of class.


No, honestly, Liz. That won't be needed.


It'll be like the carols from King's College, Cambridge.


Gracious! What is that on her poor little head?


I thought it'd be nice for Christmas.


Looks a bit tight to me. It's not hurting her, is it?


I need to go. Where are you off to? Somewhere nice?


I'm just grabbing a couple of sausage rolls.


and you can join me and Malcolm at ours for lunch?


I don't think so. I need to go. I'll see you later.


Please...stop crying, Grace. I'm going as fast as I can.


What? What is it? What do you want, Grace?


Listen, I bet a lot of new parents feel exactly the same way.


No. She'll just think I'm a terrible mum. Look...


I know you're trying to prove a point.


But maybe you should let Leyla go back to doing more with Grace.


Last time I checked, you actually had a life.


Anyway, Grace isn't your problem, she's mine.


I just didn't think it would be like this.


You all out there, getting on with your lives and...


I'm stuck here, doing feeds and nappies and...


It's never-ending, it just goes on and on!


NICOLE SCOFFS Are you trying to be funny?


Just you and me, a couple of cheeky glasses of wine


Slate, after my shift. You've never even been there.


What about Grace? We'll get Leyla to babysit. Simples.


I don't know. I don't even have anything to wear.


Just as long as you wash all that baby puke out of your hair.


THEY LAUGH See, that's better.


Let's do "Hark! The Herald Angels" next.


Oh, honestly, Liz, just keep it simple.


Well, they seem to be enjoying themselves, anyway.


And they don't sound TOO bad. So far.


Just wait till Sonny and Cher do one of the big harmonies, though.


Support your local drug rehabilitation programme!


LIZ WARBLES: # God and SI-I-I-INERS reconciled... #


Sorry, I was miles away. Merry Christmas.


I just wanted to let you know, I'll be out of the flat by tomorrow.


Is that the forensics finished in there, then?


Robbie, you've got to believe me when I say I'm sorry.


I don't know what I was thinking. I WASN'T thinking.


Aye, you've got that right. Now, excuse me, I've got clients waiting.


I'm not that fussed, so if you can't, it's fine.


No, no. It's fine. An evening out will do you good.


Especially now she's sleeping through the night.


To be honest, I'd rather just get an early night, catch up on sleep.


Yeah, well, sometimes a change is as good as a rest.


Oh, go on. Get out there and enjoy yourself for once.


OK, so I'll tell Zinnie I can make it.


LIZ WARBLES: # ..man with man to dwell


LIZ WARBLES: # "Glory to the newborn KI-I-I-I-ING!" #


Oh, there's one of them in every family. Oh, I know!


Folk like that make things stressful, don't they?


Just you go ahead and get yourself bladdered.


And, wi' a bit of luck, you'll pass oot and wake up on Boxing Day.


Oh, the driver will give you two rings when he's outside.


Do you know, I don't know if I'm going to finish this


if that phone disnae stop ringing.


I don't pay you to sit there doing your knitting.


Do you want Callum to have a Christmas present or not?


No, but unless we find a Snuggle Pup, it'll have to do.


I've forgotten to do the antlers! What is all this, anyway?


Oh, come on, there's nothing wrong with a bit of Christmas cheer, Lenny.


It puts the customers into the festive mood.


What customers? Naebody comes in here.


Hiya. Just looking to book a taxi for tonight, please.


I don't want to be disturbed. I've got a lot on my mind.


Oh, you might look a bit more excited about it!


I am. I'm... I've just never left Grace before.


Oh, listen, it'll do you the world of good. Trust me.


Don't go sacrificing yourself on the altar of your weans.


I don't know what I should be doing for you.


I had a bad day, I'm over it. You are something else, you know that?


and then, one week later, expect to reset back to zero.


I can't get it out of my head, you lying there.


What if you have another bad day and do it again?


And how am I supposed to leave you for even five minutes?


I'll always be worrying that you're planning on doing something.


You did it once. You could do it again.


Stop worrying and go back to your life.


Your little suicide routine put paid to that as well.


But you've spoken to him? Apologised?


In Robbie's mind, I virtually accused him of murder.


So, oddly enough, he's not taking my calls.


Talk to him again. Don't fall out over this.


Oh, come on, you should be celebrating -


..the one comfort I had was that you'd have Robbie


to help you through, after I'd gone.


Right, thank you, everyone. But I think that's us.


Oh! But we're just getting warmed up!


Oi! Speak for yourself! I'm frozen through.


but I'm going to the Ship for a winter warmer.


Anyone want to join me? Now you're talking!


Malcolm and I will be along later, when we've had our tea.


Are you coming inside? It would be nice to have a catch up.


Oh, I would have loved to but I need to get back for Nic.


Of course. You'll be looking forward to Christmas.


A baby's first Christmas is always special.


Yeah, what about you? Are you all set for Christina coming home?


She's decided to spend her Christmas with...


No, no, Tatiana, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.


I feel such an idiot! Oh, no. No, look...


We've got some time. Come on. Let's go and grab that coffee, yeah?


There's not much time to sit and think


when there's a teenager in the house. I know!


Seeing her out there, living her life...


I'm happy for her but it makes me wonder whether this is it.


Whether all my opportunities have passed me by.


You know you can do anything if you put your mind to it.


Oh, it's supposed to be a happy time but...


Tattie, I didn't realise things were so bad between the both of you.


I don't want to burden you with all this.


No, it's fine. You've seen me through some pretty bad times.


I'm only too happy to repay the favour.


Well, maybe we can take the buckets round.


Is it all right if we do a collection


for the drug rehabilitation? One minute. What?


Yeah. Aye, aye, all right. Hey, here. Here.


We need some guarantees of the quality...


before I ship it all the way up here.


MUSIC: "Sweet Nothing" by Calvin Harris


She's in a bit of a state. Some problems between her and Bob.


I think it's quite serious. 'OK.'


I know you weren't that fussed about going out with Zinnie tonight,


so I wondered if you wouldn't mind rearranging?


'Great. Well, there's some cash in the jar in the kitchen.


'Maybe when Zinnie gets home, you could order a pizza or something,


'have a girls' night in instead. What do you think?'


Aye, it's nice. But it's no' a Snuggle Pup.


That's why I asked you to get me one days ago.


No, what's happened is I asked a muppet.


He was supposed to get Cal's Christmas present and he didnae.


Now the shop's completely sold oot. Who? Big Bob.


It's the one thing Callum really wants.


I could chuck the rest of his Christmas presents


in the bin tomorrow and he wouldnae care.


This is a Snuggle Pup we're talking aboot.


Do you know, all I asked him to do was take half an hour


oot of his busy schedule of sitting on the couch to do me a favour.


Argh! See, Christmas, by the way is...


Are you sure we cannae get it from somewhere else?


There won't be a shop in Glasgow that's got any left.


What about online or one of these auction sites?


If the seller's nearby, we've still got time to go pick it up.


Aye, but they'll probably charge three times as much.


And all it is is a bit of fur that lights up!


Ah! You never said it lights up. I get it now(!)


Oh, you've got a missed message. Will's dad. What?


Are you going to listen to it or no'?


I've made a mistake. I need to go home.


Will you just stop thinking about that baby for two minutes?


I got us two seats at the bar. White wine, yeah?




I may be daft but I'm no' stupid. SHE LAUGHS


Oh, this has been going for more than half an hour.


Maybe, but she looked so weary this afternoon.


I think I'm going to check the door as we go past.


Come on, Liz, just leave them alone, eh? Come on.


Crikey! You put that away fast enough.


Grace is going to be fine without you.


She slept right through the past few nights.


Well, there you go, everything's fine.


And don't tell me you don't feel better for getting out of the house.


It's not surprising you were going nuts.


Just being stuck at home all the time.


Aren't there things you could be going to,


like baby groups or something? I did try one, but...


Well, the other mums are not really my kind of people.


Can't believe he's my boss. So lucked out.


Jamie, do you remember my lovely cousin, Nicole?


Yeah, we bumped into each other earlier.


Actually, Nicole, can you give us a minute?


Please, she just really needs a treat. I'll look after her.


So what's the plan? A couple of drinks, then on to a club?


It might be but I don't want to crash a girls' night out.


You won't be. I'm not staying long. Will you stop saying that?


I'm going to make her have a good time tonight if it kills me.


Will that help things along? Seeing as it's Christmas.


So, Nicole, what are you up to at the moment?


only it was so unusual for wee Grace to cry so long.


I mean, she's usually asleep by this time.


Thanks, Liz. I'll give Nic a call, make sure things are OK.


Thanks, Liz. I've got this. Oh, right.


Well, I'll just be over there with Malcolm, should you need me.


Anyone would think she was the doting granny, not you!


Er, less of the granny, thanks very much.


I'm still getting my head around that one.


SHE DIALS NUMBER Give me a sec, yeah?


Erm, Liz was saying that you weren't answering the door.


You might well have just been avoiding her,


but I wanted to check everything was OK.


Would you give me a text when you get this?


Maybe she's just catching up on some sleep.


But it's not like Nic not to answer her phone.


You want to go home and check on her?


OK, you have got really drunk, really quickly.


No, we just got here! And now, we're leaving.


I thought you said she could handle it.


Never mind, I'm going to take her home.


You couldn't call us a contract cab, could you?


We're never going to get one on the street.


Yeah, well, I don't know what else to do.


You don't have to go with her, do you?


Hey, I got your message. What's the emergency?


A wee job I need doing, early tomorrow. Oh, aye?


A run down south. Just a pick-up. Here's the address.


I said I'd give Scarlett a hand in the house.


We've got a big family lunch on Christmas Day.


My invite got lost in the post, did it?


Look, set off early. You'll be back by lunchtime.


Can you not get someone else to do it? No!


Half of them have already knocked off for the holidays.


to soften the blow, there's a wee thing for Christmas.


GRACE GURGLES What are you doing down here, eh?


All right, that is enough. Get off her.


Go and pull someone who's sober. Leave him alone.


Trust me, you'll thank me in the morning


when you have your baby daughter to look after.


I don't know what she's talking about. I...


Er, cos you are one. So start acting like it.


What time is it? Don't know. About 11.


Though, it would be easier if we knew for sure what she was wearing.


I've been so busy getting everything ready for Christmas...


She told me she was struggling weeks ago.


Zinnie, you've not been answering your phone. Nic's missing.


SHE LAUGHS No, she's not.


You're safe, that's the most important thing.


You knew we were going out. You were baby-sitting.


No, I cancelled. I had to stay with Tattie.


So, who was looking after Grace when we were at the bar?


You left your own child because you fancied a night out?


Have you any idea what I've been going through here?


jumped off a bridge or walked under a train or something.


And all the while, you were out partying,


without a thought for anyone, not even your own child!


Look, thank you for all your help tonight. I really appreciate it.


You know, Nic leaving Grace like that, it was a complete one-off.


We had half the force out looking for Nicole tonight.


I can't pretend that didn't happen, and even if I could,


that makes it a child protection issue.


You know what Nic's been through these past few months.


So I will have to refer it to social services.


Child protection's a priority any time of the year.


I'll be back to talk to Nicole once she's sobered up.


Look, Will, there's really nothing more you can do?


I could have Grace taken out of this house tonight


I still could, if you don't take this seriously.


I am, I am taking it seriously. And you'll stay with Grace tonight,


because Nicole's too drunk to be left alone with her.


It's just a little something for Grace.


I mean, I saw the police car last night.


It wasn't anything to do with Nicole, was it? Or Grace?


Everything's fine. It was just a misunderstanding. Oh, well.


That's fine. Right, I'll just get back to Malcolm.


Oh, and if I don't see you before tomorrow, have a lovely Christmas.


Well, it says on your website you've got some in stock,


so if you hold one for me, I'll come and pick it up in half an hour.


What is the point of advertising it on your website if you're sold out?


Do you know, I could have you done for trading standards.


Aye, well, merry Christmas to you and all!


This place is going to be heaving, and you've got work to do.


In case you hadn't noticed, it's Christmas Eve,


and if I don't have a Snuggle Pup under the tree for my son, then...


Then, what? I hate to break it to you,


but Callum is not getting a wee furry dog that lights up.


It's pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of global tragedies.


The world won't stop, bombs won't go off, people won't die.


He'll still have a really lovely Christmas.


I'm sorry, I'm not leaving my salon on the busiest day of the year


to make some selfish old man feel better.


Your client over there has got half an hour left on her colour


and you don't have anyone else coming in for a bit.


MUSIC: "Christmas Wrapping" by The Waitresses


I've got five minutes, tops, and then I need to be back to the salon.


Yes, yes, of course. You must be very busy.


I understand that you and Will have had a falling out,


and I also understand that it's my fault.


but it's not you that needs to be apologising. It's Will.


But with all due respect, Mr Cooper, for once,


I mean, Will and I have had our issues,


but for him to believe that I was actually capable


He didn't. He phoned the police on me.


And if you hadn't come round in that hospital and told everybody


the truth, then I could be facing a murder charge right now.


Yes, he was wrong to accuse you, but what's the alternative?


Him accepting the fact that his own father was a...


who couldn't face death on its own terms.


Or that I didn't care enough for my own son


to want to spend what little time I had left with him.


If your mother or father did what I did,


tried to leave you like I tried to leave Will...


Stop it! None of us want to think our parents are fallible.


that leads a person to do what I did.


Why he was looking for another explanation.


You've never wanted Will and I to be together,


..I've learned the meaning of true loneliness,


Just because I don't like something, doesn't mean it...


and I had arranged for my stepmum, Leyla...


What if she says something that makes it worse?


I should have seen that she was struggling.


I didn't notice anything until yesterday.


Not Grace, but I suppose Grace was in it, and...


SHE SIGHS Why didn't you tell me this?


Look, I know, OK. It was a big mistake,


she was tired, and that's why I asked her out.


If she's telling the social worker that she's shaken the baby,


Once you're on those peoples' files, you never get off them.


He's only doing his job. He just wants Grace to be safe, that's all.


To be honest, I'm more worried about you, Nic.


I feel so stupid for not keeping a closer eye on you. OK.


The important thing is that you know we're here for you, aren't we?


So if you ever, ever feel like that again, like walking away,


promise me you'll come and speak to me.


I don't feel great. I'm going to lie down for a bit.


Please, Nic, we need to talk about this. Later, yeah?


This is my fault. If I hadn't asked her out last night...


Then, something would have happened further down the line.


DOOR OPENS Yo-ho-ho-ho!


SHE SIGHS Gabriel.


Look who's driven home for Christmas!


See sometimes when you ask for something special for Christmas?


Well, it's not just you that's asking.


It's all the other wee boys and girls all over the country as well.


And no matter how hard Santa's little helpers work,


sometimes they can't make enough Snuggle Pups to go round.


the Santa's little helpers put your name on a waiting list.


when things have quietened down a bit and they've made more Snuggle Pups,


they send them out to all the other boys and girls


No, he sends it with the Easter Bunny!


Cos Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, well, they're big pals.


JIMMY SIGHS The last time.


Lenny, I'm a cab driver. Not a courier.


The stuff you're dealing with these days, I don't want to touch.


Did you find the guy all right? Aye, in the middle of a scheme.


I was lucky to leave with four wheels on the car.


LENNY LAUGHS Smart, innit?


How did you know that Cal wanted that?


How do you think? Molly the Motormouth. No secret's safe.


You going over there the now, aye? Aye, I'm late as it is.


Scarlett, she wants me to put the wee one to bed


Just slip it under the tree. If anybody asks, you take the credit.


Is there any chance you could try and make up? It's Christmas.


JIMMY SIGHS Not sure I do.


Well, I've heard their version of events,


I'm going to be the last one to judge you.


I didn't even want to go out in the first place.


The more I thought about it, the more excited I got, and...


..and then Leyla phoned, and she said she couldn't baby-sit any more,


but the taxi was here and I had my coat on,


and I just couldn't bear to be in these four walls any longer.


I know I need to be there 24-7, but...


What if we're not meant to be together?


I'm stressed all the time. Every single day.


The next time I want a break and I can't have one, and...


Don't worry, Mum. Santa won't let me down.


I won't keep you. Just wanted to give you these.


Thanks for letting us use the place. I really appreciate it.


Wow, so you'll talk to him and not me? Things really must be bad.


He said some things - nothing that changes


how mad I am at you for what you did...


Well, if that was my dad, then...I don't even want to think about how


I might react, but I might make some pretty stupid assumptions myself.


So, what are you saying? I hate what you did, I hate it...


So, what are you doing for Christmas?


..give me a phone after Christmas? We'll catch up.




TV: But who cares? Today's not about what's out there.


# It's comin' on Christmas, they're cuttin' down trees


# They're puttin' up reindeer and singing songs of joy and peace


# But it don't snow here, it stays pretty green


# Then I'm going to quit this crazy scene


# I wish I had a river so long, I would


Have a good night, but keep your eyes off the bar staff.


If you're not careful, they're going to ask me


to take parental responsibility. You know it came up already.


See if it means that much to you, Leyla? Go on, have her.


Happy New Year, boss! Happy New Year, Zinnie.


their homes in Tonbridge and Kent as the River Medway reaches their front


doors. Across the country, 100,000 properties are without power. Many


will still be blacked out in the morning. Christmas is off for us, I


was having my sister around, and I have had to put heart and my son


off. In Devon, another victim of the


weather as a man dies trying to rescue


I suppose you told me because you needed to.


I'm pregnant. Judith's pregnant. Is it yours?


Yes! She's not slept with anyone else.


She's moving in with him, apparently. Right.


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