Norfolk 28 Bargain Hunt

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Norfolk 28

Bargain Hunt comes from Norfolk's Antiques and Collectors Fair. Tim Wonnacott visits the Usher Gallery in Lincolnshire to see their impressive grandfather clock collection.

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It is terrifically simple. You have got to find three items. We have


got two teams and one hour to do it Today, we are at the the collectors


fair in the heart of East Anglia and somewhere out there in all


these hundreds of thousands of objects on all these stalls are


some smashing bargains, but the big question is will our teams be able


to sniff them out? Oh, yes! Demr on today's -- on today's show,


it is a battle of the sexes. The boys want to be boys.


Will the girls flirt their way to victory?


That's great. All will be revealed at the auction.


But first, let's meet the teams. Now Reds, how do you know each


other? Well, we both work for the same newspaper group and we got on


really well and we have a reputation for being practical


jokersment you could come back to your desk with someone else's


drawer with someone else's stuff in this.


And were you egging each other in this? Yes. Steve, I understand you


are a cat lover. One evening there was a knack on the doo and one of


the neighbours said you better come quick, I think your cat has been


run over. I dashed out with a blanket and pick the cat up and


rang the vet to get a quick appointment to see him and he had a


look at the cat and said, "No, we are going to have to put it to


sleep and it cost me over �100. "I went home to the waive and to the


wife and as we were having a cup of tea and the cat came in and I don't


know whose cat I killed. You must have been relieved? Not really, it


cost me over �100. You work for the same company?


a commercial web developer. A different department now, but you


remember the days when you worked with Steve with fondness? Yes,


plenty of memories. What do you know about antiques?


Nothing. We didn't even apply. Did you not? So why are you here?


lady we worked with decided to put our names forward and here we are.


Well, I shall think you will do well on Bargain Hunt, admit to go


having no knowledge -- admitting to having no knowledge knowledge will


be interesting. Welcome. You are old muckers too,


aren't you? We have been best friends since school and we used to


spend at least every other day with each other, but then since I've


moved to London, it has been every other weekend or so.


She joined me with regular theatre trips and cocktails and we're


hoping to make enough money today to buy us at least one Cosmopolitan


each. At London prices that will be a


massive fortune in Bargain Hunt terms. I love that. So you running


scared, you Reds then? Oh terrified. You are also drawn to the bright


and shining objects? I am, mike like a magpie. That has probably


filtered through to my choice of wedding presents for Kelly.


What did you get her? Bonbon dishes and they were heart heart shaped.


Sweet. Kelly, what do you get up to? I work as a sales


representative for a big company. Does this involve a lot of trifg


around, -- driving around, your job? I do. I am not known for my


great driving skills. I crashed my car seven times in my first two


years of passing my driving test. The first crash - my dad was most


disappointed because he was once a driving instructor. He does get


really distressed every time I have an accident.


Have you been clear of accidents for a bit now? My husband stopped


taking a crash helmet everywhere we go now!


Who is going to be in charge today? Saffron will probably find more of


the items and I will be harder on the bargaining.


Is that what it is? You are going to run the money, Kelly? Yes.


Here comes your �300. You know the rules, your experts


await and off you go. Good luck. await and off you go. Good luck.


Well, what fun. With the puppy dog eyes and alert


stance, David Harper is just raring to sniff out a bargain and digging


deep to unearth the profit is David Barby. Oh yes yes, so what are we


waiting for? Are we feeling nervous then, guys? Not at all.


What are you going to look for? Something shiny, sparkly and fun.


A heritage toy, that would be good. Some furniture, hopefully.


I think I will have my work cut out. Come on.


I love the clock. Right, come on. Oh what's this, David? That's


interesting. Oh it is a little money ture mangle.


It is -- it is a little miniature mangle and the box as well. Is it


the original box? There is the bog owe. "made to take to pieces and


fit together again." Precision-made models.


I think it is the kind of thing that you just hold on to forever


really. The fact that that it can be dismantled and you have the


original aluminium - I suppose that would catch the water, wouldn't it?


It is meticulous in its detail. That's quite nice. Yes. And in good


condition. I note the price is �45. It is a


lot to pay, actually. You girls have such lovely smiles.


LAUGHTER �35 and not a penny less.


What about �32? Go on �32. �3. �3 and a kiss on the cheek from


us two. �34 and two kisses.


�32 and three kisses. �32 and three kisses then!


Thank you, that's great. A deal is a deal, Barby. So using


their feminine skills, the girls and Barby have wracked up their


first buy. What a nice guy. What a nice guy.


Do you fans fancy him? Time to see how good David Harper's powers of


persuasion are. Do you like that? Personally, no.


The thing behind I would like to grab at this moment. Because it is


made of wood. What kind of wood? Bamboo.


Bang on. It is a brush pot. It is for an artist. It is �185, but a


good one. What's your gut feeling? I think we could make a spectacular


loss. I think you could be right. It could be a record.


If that makes a fiver. Yeah, rock on Harper.


Get on with the programme, Barby because the girls have a plan


unlike the boys. What do you like on here, Steve? Nothing.


It is not easy, is it? Honest, but what do the girls,


really, really, really want. Bling-bling, silver.


Is it grabbing you? No, something else that grabbed my eye. I can


imagine William Shakespeare having a puff on this. Can we have a look


at it? Do you mind? You will like it because it is heavy.


Why do you like that? Just the age and... Is it really 17th century?


have no idea. I love that face. There is a lovely


face there. That's the head of the pipe. So what do you think, Olly?


It sounds reasonable. It is a bit manly as well, isn't


it? We are competing against those girls. You do need to butch up your


image, don't you. Yeah, that's the spirit.


What's the trade price on that? �30. You got got �30 on it.


I will do it for �22 for you. I think it is a fantastic thing. I


think people will say, "Is the pipe really 17th century?" because this


business is full of doubters. At �22 it is fantastic and if you


don't buy it, I will buy it. The first purchase, thank you very much


indeed. Thank you. That's lovely.


So a bloky item for our blokes! And both teams have a target in their


sights, something macho for the lads and for the Blues... Bling-


bling. How does it feel? Is it great.


First purchase. We have had 20 minutes. You are not fast shoppers.


By the standards of my wife that is lightening!


Really?. Can we have a look at the charm


bracelet, please? I like all the charms.


Actually, I think it is quite a unique item.


What's the best you can do on that? How much... I can probably do �90


for you, I think. I'm going to say something to you,


�60. I'm going to ask my boss. What's


the best you can do on the charm bracelet, �70. I suggested 60.


That's a definite maybe. Well, keep the bracelet up your sleeve for now


girls because I want to talk tea leaves. What do you suppose the


connection between drinking tea is and this little table? OK, fine,


you could have a few teacups on it. You could have a teapot on it, but


actually this Victorian piece of mahogany has a secret and hidden


purpose. If I take the top like that, look at that, I can rise it


up, it comes up, twiddle a a knob underneath and reveal a hidden


series of compartments. Originally each of those compartments would


have held a tea caddy. I suppose could put them out on the top here


and mix the green tea with the black tea, the Earl Grey and the


Jasmine and take yourself a complete tea cocktail. Craze ci,


isn't it -- crazy, isn't it? This is called the tea boy and I have


never seen one with a circular rising top containing eight caddies


so it is a rare object. What's it worth? According to the dealer, it


could be yours for �280. Do you like yours with milk?


Another oriental piece. We are missing the male. You need a pair.


We couldn't have our boys buying a As the heavens open, the Blues make


a dash inside. Quickly, just look across the


stalls. You know what you're looking for. Go for it. But don't


pick up everything. You look that way, I'll look that


way. Well, it is time to pick up the pace.


Hello. Could we have a look at the little purse, please, sir?


Is it silver? Yes, I believe it is. 1930s. Do you like it? I do. I do.


Let me have a quick look at the mark. That's it.


Yes, it is made in Birmingham. Birmingham 1919. It says Birmingham


down Birmingham, Downton Abbey. That's quite nice, but it is �100.


Sir, could you just tell me, you have got �100 on that. Is there any


concession? It is going to be �70. �70.


The best on it. Chine the -- between the charm


brace neth and what would you go for? This over the charm bracelet.


I prefer this to the charm bracelet. It is a toess-up between a charm


bracelet and this. I'll do it for for �62.


Our girls are all blinged up. are you thinking boys, you have


well over had half an hour spent already. I don't normally worry,


but you two are worrying me. Come on, this way.


Right Olly, talk to me. I am a crick man. I -- cricket man.


I haven't played for a couple of seasons. I'm not sure if I will be


giving that a nothing. Hi, I brought them back again.


This is fantastic. There is only one thing we can do,


don't you? There is only one thing, Olly. I think that goes with my


outfit a bit better! The green and red.


I'm colour-blind. It doesn't make any difference. What do you reckon?


Do we look like professional cricket players?


OK. We have three caps, a lovely bat and what have we got in there?


Shoes, the the pads. Yes, we know what that is for.


What would be the best trade price? �45.


Definitely. We'll run with that. I think it is cracking. We have got


a pipe, a cricket set. How butch are we? Marvellous.


Thanks a lot. So another boys own buy for the


chaps. We are firing on all four cylinders.


This is more like it. So one more item. 15 minutes. Come on. It seems


the appeal of cricket knows no boundaries today. Right, girls,


look... Does your husband wear wear cuff


links Yes. They have got the novelty factor.


Well, yes, these are ideal for the males in your life because these


are cricket. I don't know anybody male that doesn't like cricket.


they modern? These are late 20th century. They are probably 20 or 30


years old. I think they would do quite well.


Yeah, do I. A popular sport. Lots of interest in cricket.


These are priced at 38. What's the very best you can do on those


will just check. I will do them for �28.


They are fun. What do you honestly think, it is


our last item? The last few minutes looking.


You have got a cabinet over there full of silver which belongs to


this lady. Do you want to look around there and look at the things


in that cabinet. Can you put though on hold? Thank you very much. Thank


you very much. It won't be long because there are


only five minutes. Steve set out looking for an oriental item.


that Chinese or Japanese? I say Chinese.


The decoration, what would you call that? That's your satsuma.


Katsumi. It is a lovely thing. It is �45. It


is not expensive. I will just ask the chap or lady,


sorry. Hello. What would be the death on that for us? The trade


price. Be kind. Be lovely. Look at these two.


I can do �35 on that. �35.


Go or it. There you go, we went out looking


for oriental, and we have got oriental. Thank you, marvellous.


Good. Well done, and you have got five minutes left.


We need a nice, strong cup of tea. Yeah.


You enjoy your butch brew, lads. Come on girls, don't let the side


down. It is make or break time, ladies. Can you tell me the price


of your bonbon dishes? �65. Is that for the pair?


What do you think would do better at auction between these and the


cuff links? What's the best you can do on those, please? I will do them


for 55. The cuff links will be more appealing. Go with the cuff links.


Thank you very much, I think we're going for the cuff links.


You are on your last minute, Blues. Does it always take so long for


ladies to make up their mind? We have decided on the cuff links.


Certain? Yes. Let's do it. . With ten seconds to spare. Thank


you very much indeed. That was well done.


Right, that's it, time's up. The deals are done. Let's check out


what the Reds have got up to. The first purchase was a masculine


cased pipe for �22. Olly as bowled over by the vinnage


cricket set for �45. Finally for Steve a Chinese teapot


was bought for �35. Five minutes and we got the


oriental piece. That made my day. I love oriental.


Has it made your day though Olly? Mot mine personally. I'm happy for


Steve. He wanted oriental and he got it.


Well, you spent a pathetic amount. Your total is �10. That is -- �102.


That is really tiny. I don't know why I bothered giving


you �300. David Harper is going to spend the lot? It is said that men


love spending money on themselves. We have proved today that we are as


tight as anyone else. I don't know, Tim.


Why don't you go and get yourselves a treat. Something that will make a


profit. That's all we care about. Have a nice cup of tea. We are


going to check out what the Blue Team bought.


For the price of �32 and three kisses, the Blues rung out a deal


on the mangle. They made a snap decision on the silver compact case,


paying �62 and the cuff links, the boys would have approved to these


because they became their last purchase for �28. Another kiss.


David, you look like the man who has had the cream today, which you


have... It has been embarrassing today. I have been wandering around


and everybody has been staring at us. They haven't been staring at


you. Two glamorous birds by my side.


They have been saying, "Lucky old, David.". Has it been fun. Do you


rate him still as your number one expert? Definitely.


You spend how much? �1 22. And could I have �178 of left over


lolly? Look at that. �178. There you go David. That's a lot of cash,


isn't it? It is, yes. I'm going to enjoy this shop


because I will have no distractions. You mean they won't all be staring


at you again! Good luck. Have a nice cup of tea.


Situated close to Lincoln Cathedral and the city centre, the Usher


Gallery was gift to the city by local businessman, James Usher.


When he died in 1921, he left a substantial amount of money to


construct the gallery itself and to display his extensive collection of


This is a piece that would have been particularly dear to James


Usher's heart, not because it has his name on the top necessarily,


because the J Usher, Lincoln inspired on the silver dial is his


dad and his father had a jewellers and clock-makers shop in Lincoln


and this is the clock that his father had installed in his shop in


1853. It is an unusual long cased clock because it is a regulator and


regulators are designed with a more complicated movement to keep more


accurate time. The dial arrangement is unusual because instead of


having the hours and minutes around the outside, what you have got


going around the outside are just the minutes. Typical for a good


quality regulator and the hours are recorded on their own dial inside


that outer minutes chaptering along with the seconds. The pendulum is


filled with mercury which doesn't expand at the same rate that other


metals would, therefore allowing the pendulum to swing and maintain


its accuracy irrespective of the outside temperature. Very


interesting. But, it is not the only long cased clock in this


Without doubt, the most important long cased clock in the collection


is this fella. It is certainly tall. It is beautifully veneered in


walnut and of course, either side of the dial we have got on the hood


these curlyQ barley twist columns. They are a signature from late 17th


century English cabinet making, but if I open the door itself and you


look carefully at the bottom of the square dial, it says, "Tho-


Tompion." This is a clock made by Britain's most famous clockmaker.


The quality of those hands for example, in polished steel with


their plates and then we have got very high quality cast spandrels,


they represent the points of the compass.


Of course, the big question for our teams over at the auction, are they


about to be a bit windy? At the sales room is the venue for


our auction today. Now, first up for the Reds are these completely


bogus pipes. Completely. They are not 17th century. They are a modern


reproduction. Made probably in Taiwan in 1983. Yes.


It is amazing the trouble that people will go. Anyway, how much do


you think the bogus group is worth? �10 to �15. That's all.


You must just get there, you never know. Next up is the village


cricket set. It has a sort of odour about it, I have to say.


Well worn caps, well used bts bats. It is only going to be �25 to �35.


If you are lucky. If you are lucky.


They paid �45. Lastly is the can'ton, Chinese -- -


- Canton Chinese teapot. Very colourful, Tim and only worth


�20 or �30. �35 paid. All in all, I'm getting a


gloomy feeling about this trio. They are going to need the bonus


buy. Let's look at it. Steve and Olly, left over lolly, you gave


David Harper �198, a small fortune by anybody's standards. What did


you spend it on? Where did this item have to come from come come?


China. What do you think it is? Solid gold.


If only! It is a Japanese piece. It is


bronze. It is a beautiful golden colour and it is an incense burner.


You just take the lid off and you can see it has been burnt many,


many times. It is probably 100 years old. What do you think,


Steve? I think it is rather attract ive. I would like to know how much


you paid for it. �90.


I will say �1 to. -- �110. I paid �30.


It would be difficult not to make a profit.


Let's see hat auctioneer -- what the auctioneer thinks.


With all the shrimps and the fish and archaic looking.


Do you think it is 1920s? Exactly. What do you think it is worth?


is not going to be worth more than �40 to �60.


That's all right, David Harper won't minute. He only paid �30.


Now for the Blues, their first item is this toy mangle. It is a good


looking lot, isn't it? You can tighten up the rollers and squeeze


the water out of your doll's clothes. Unfortunately it hasn't


got the box. Hasn't it. When they went shopping


they had the box and the instructions. We unpacked it


without instructions or box. That's got lost in transit.


We will have to value it without the box and instructions. What do


you think that's worth, John as is? It is most probably going to be �20


to �30. What would it have been worth had


it got its box and instructions? Double that. �40 to �60.


We are going to have to pay them an insurance sum. Do you think if we


give them �20 to make up the difference for it not having a box,


do you think that would be fair? That would be. We better do that


then. What about the lady's compact in silver? It is pretty and nicely


engine turn and nicely initialled. There is a little bit of damage on


the hoop, but �50 to �500. �40 to �50.


They will be doing all right. What about the cuff links? They are good.


An interesting little little subject matter, but only �0 to �30.


-- �20 to �30. They are a modern set.


That's not so far off the beaten track. This team will do all right.


Just in case, I'm wrong, let's look at the bonus buy.


We have to come miss rate with with -- come miss rate with David Barby


who had a fall. It wasn't the cat. I fell over a


paving slab and hit a bench. Are you in great pain? Just a dull


headache. I am really sorry, but thank you


for coming to do the left over lolly with us. You took �178 from


the girls. What did you buy? Something blingy. It is one


bracelet where I lost count of so many charpse. I know how you like


these -- charms. I know how you like these.


I do like that. I really like that.


Would you buy it yourselves? Yes. You were interested in the other


one. This one knocks spots off that one.


How much did you pay? �110. Let's say you would pay how much for each


charm. How many are on that? More than 50 charms. Let's Hear what


auctioneer thinks. Some of the charms are silver, but


some ant. So that will affect the value. We have only got �30 to �50


on that. Really? Barby will be disappointed


with that. We won't tell him or the team. We will see what happens in


the auction. How are you feeling kids?


Confident? Yeah. I would cross everything if I was


you, Olly. The first up is the fake pipe set.


It is the repro duction gentleman's pipe in a case. It is 17th century.


There is not much more you can say about that. Who would like to start


the bidding at �10? At �10. It is here to sell, �5 to bid. Any


interest? �5 in the centre. Thank you very much. I will take �6.


Anywhere else in the room? No. It is here. At �5 only, �6, come on.


It is here. At �5 only, �6, come on. �7. At �6, it is here. At �6 only.


That is minus minus �16. Not a bad start.


Steve. Here is your bat and ball set.


And it is the vintage cricket set. �30 to start, surely. Any interest


at �30. �20 even to start if you wish. 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 25, 28,


28 there in the centre of the room. At �28. �30, sir? Are you sure? �28


then. On the table there and I'll sell.


�28 is two short of �30, so you're minus 16, now you're minus 17.


Let's hope you're not minus 18 for this one and here it comes.


A Canton Chinese teapot. Who would like to start the bidding at �20?


Any interest at �20. �10 sir, if you want to bid. Any advance at


�10? I will take �12. �10 only, 12, yes? 15, at �15, at 15, 18 sir, if


you want to bid. No. �15. All durnings are we going to to, all


done, are we going to sell? This has not been your morning. Are we


going with the bonus buy? Who would like to start the bidding at �20?


At 20. 20 is bid. Thank you, started there at 20. At �20, any


advance on 20? I'm looking for 22. Do you want to bid? At �20, still


there at �0 and I'm going -- �20 and I'm going to sell.


Minus �10, you never know it might might be a winning score.


Don't Say a word to the Blues. Bad Hi girls, how are you doing? I have


got bad news to report about the first item which is your model


mangle because the box and instructions have got lost. I said


to the auction auctioneer what is it worth �20 to �30 and with the


instructions �40 to �60. Mangled by not having its box and instructions.


Here it comes. We have the precision-made toy or


doll's model mangle. It is shown with Amy. We can start the bidding


at �30. At �30. Any advance, I will take �3, take 32, 50, any advance


at �50? 55 anywhere now? Look out, girls.


I'm going to sell at �50. Plus your �20 credit which makes it


25 is bid. It is on commission. At �25. �28. �30. �32. At �32, the


commission is out. �32. �32 in the centre.


�32 is minus �30. You are only plus �8. Now your cuff links. Here we go.


Where shall we start? �20. �20. �10 only then. Anyone to start? At �10.


�10 is bid. At �10. Any further interest? 12, thank you. 15, sir?


15. �18. At �18. A lady's bid. �20 the bid in the doorway. No. At �18


and I'll sell. That's minus �10. You were plus �8


and you are minus �2. I can't believe this. How


ridiculous is this? I can't believe that.


What are you going to do with the charm bracelet then? Everybody


likes a charm bracelet? We might as well go go with it.


. The silver charmed bracelet shown with Amy. It is a good little charm


bracelet with the charms. �30 is bid, �20, yes. �20 there. 22, 25,


28, 30, 32, 35, 38, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 65 on the counter now. At


65, are we all done? At �65, �70 if you want. No, he shakes his head.


At �65. I'm going to sell at �65. That is minus �45. That is minus


�47. The only thing is, don't say a word to the Reds because minus �47


could be a winning score. It could Well, well, well, well, well. Out


of our eight lots seven of them have a minus score in front of them.


So it hasn't been just the greatest auction for either of our teams


today and the team that is running up by a substantial margin today


are the Reds. ? All in all, we are not going to


dwell on it, are we? Did we have a nice time? Yes.


Did you say no? You didn't say no? Confused or not.


We loved having you on the show. Thank you.


Girls are the victors today so congratulations girls, you won by


only losing �47 which is what is marvellous about this programme.


The bargain hunters take their chances at Norfolk's Antiques and Collectors Fair. And it is a battle of the sexes with David Barby teaming up with two ladies in blue who love all that glitters and haggle over kisses while David Harper finds he has two chaps in red who want to keep it butch. Tim Wonnacott takes time out to visit the Usher Gallery in Lincolnshire to look at their impressive grandfather clock collection.