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Children in Need in Northern Ireland

John Daly presents highlights from this year's fundraising extravaganza, featuring performances from The Celtic Tenors and the Children in Need choir.

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Hello! Yes, it is that time of the year again. The nights are drawing


in, the winter woolies are on and your thoughts have been turning to


how to raise money for Children in Need. You really are the stars of


This year we are going on tour with The children have gone together and


have donated �1 each to donate pyjamas to different schools and


all of the donations are made in Boys and girls have been bringing


end of money and we are so excited about collecting money with Postman


We thought that if we brought Pudsey in it would make it more


exciting for the children. All of the children have brought in


changed today in support of Children in Need.


We have about �6 in coins at the moment. We have to transport it. We


are not looking forward to it Here is the story.


We set choir master John Anderson a giant Children in Need feet - feat,


putting together a huge choir, introduce them to a new song,


attend rehearsals and the singers were not even in the same part of


Hello, it is John Anderson. We are doing a link up with different


choirs all over the United Kingdom. A few schools have signed up but I


thought it would be great if we could get a Community Youth Choir


from Belfast. Do you think it is a It was lovely but we got a bit


We have been asked to be involved in a children -- Children in Need


event. This DVD will explain more. I want you to sing along with all


of the choirs in Children in Need. By I think this is a brilliant


It was an emotional song which is I think it is a good idea to


encourage people to sing and get everyone together.


I am a little worried, to be honest. I am just calling to see how it is


going before next week, which is the last rehearsal before the show


itself. SINGING Bhatt is looking great.


If you sound like -- that is looking great. If you sound like


that next week people will be really impressed.


I am just coming up the hill. We have about another four minutes. Is


SINGING # Keep holding on. # It is a lot stronger and more


Quare graft if you imagine you are pulling something down.


This is a part in the song that we are not sure what we are supposed


to be doing. So what those consonants hard. We want to hear


everything. -- split up those Absolutely. That is going to work a


real treat. I am very encouraged. It is good


work. I just want to make sure that all


of your chins are up. We have about four hours to go and it is looking


good. We are going to have a great time and I am very excited about it.


We are going to sink our hearts out. You might have caught a glimpse of


them performing last night as part of the largest choir in the world.


3,000 young people had just a few weeks to perfect that amazing sound.


We believe that that was just not enough, not nearly enough to


justify all of this talent and all of that toil, so today, just for


you, they are performing in its entirety, holding on. It is the


Children in Need choir. # You're not alone


Together we stand # I'll be by your side


# You know I'll take your hand # We will make it a threat # -- we


# I Wish You were Here Before it is all too late and we all disappear.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


# Napping is it going to change # - When it comes to the truth, keep


A # You know we will make it Belfast Community Circus School is


helping children to develop new skills and make new friends. The


outreach project at Seagoe Youth Club not only provides


You have got the glitz and glamour of the circus. You have the


opportunity of learning the skills. It is one of the first out bridge


programs like this I have done and I have been doing it for 10 years.


-- out of reach. It is really fun to learn unusual


things and have a load of fun. You will see that the kids will be


more aware of themselves physically. They need to look into


concentration levels and they have improved. They have more self-


esteem. I feel confident here because when I try something the


teachers tell me to try again if I We have a very strong community


ethos. A lot of these children had never met each other until they


It is good meeting new friends because they do not know you and


you get to know people and sometimes they are really nice to


you. The teachers are really nice and


It is not just the trainer's teaching the young people, it is


the young people teaching each I like riding the unicycle because


it is a fun thing to do and I found They have the opportunity to do


performances and show their friends and family that we are not just our


own little body but we make sure that the neighbourhood around us


knows what we are doing and why we are doing it. I like riding the


Belfast unit is circus with the assistant of Children In Need,


building for the future. Please help. Text the word DONATE to 70710,


messages will cost �10 plus your standard network charge and �10


goes to Children in Need. For full Et ever it there was born to dance,


it is our Pudsey. He is a dab paw at everything from boogie-woogie to


waltz to the quickstep. But first love take dancers have promised to


give them a run for his money. Three months ago, our seven


celebrity couples took their first steps on the dancefloor, determined


to learn a routine that would impress the judges. Tonight we will


see them being put through their paces before the big dance off. But


first, let's meet our celebrity show off BASSA back soft shoe


shufflers. Cool DJ Kirstie is clearly hot to


trot. Well former Miss Northern Ireland Fiona is bound to be a hit.


Property guru Michael aims to bring the house down. And Jackie is


pitting his best that forward. Hockey star Shane is facing a


Giants challenge. But model boss Tracey reckons it is a wok, are


should be catwalk in the park. Meanwhile, Tina is keen to present


her best samba side. A You are not just in one line. We will have two


groups of four. Because I have been involved with children need for so


many years, I thought it would be nice. I like dancing. I am not the


best answer but I am enthusiastic. I have done events over the years.


I dance with Jackie Fullerton many moons ago. It is so important.


is on ice to take part in something and help raise so -- some money. To


be involved is fantastic. It has been great. Lots of great people


and a chance to get out and support a great cost. To learn the team


dance and to learn the individual dance, it is a lot. It is going


around in my head later night. We have been rehearsing late at night


as well. There are lots of dark horses in the competition. Peer and


it -- Fiona is graceful. It is all about taking part. My sister is in


the competition. Family rivalry, we will go for it. The standard is


very good. I would love to be Gavin. Everybody is very good. They


learned their steps very quickly. Jackie Fulton, definitely. Can you


believe he said that. We are one of the most competitive people. I am


worried more about the outfit. It should be good. Far as it is a lot


of work. We are only doing that because that is such an important


charity. I am maybe not the best answer, but I am doing it for this


great cost. -- Dancer. It is for Children In Need. The people have


been great. I think on the night, every one of them will be trying.


Find out how our or twinkle-toed his sums get on. We will be back in


a while. -- to sums. Now, I am a doctor. A lot of people asked me


how I looked so cool. Actually not a lot of people. If they had asked


me, I would have answered with a one-word - might close. Especially


the bow-tied. I am excited. Today, for Children In Need, I am giving


the close off my back. My jacket! Unique in the universe, made of


infinity Tweed. If his jacket is set by a bullet are a laser beam,


it would be completely ruined. So please be careful with it. My bow-


tie. They are and always will be cool. My shirt - looks like an


ordinary shirt, feels like an ordinary shirt. It is an ordinary


shirt. My trousers - not just any old trousers. I put trousers.


Similar to normal trousers. My boots - 1, two. 3. All time Lords,


we are full of surprises. If any of you would like to bed for these


unique items of clothing, the addresses appearing on the screen


now. These are holograms close. Please do not touch the red button


or they might disappear. Stop at! OK, I am going to need our


diversion. Run the trailer. Run the trailer! Hugh Hugh England, 1941


and there is a war on. Who are you it? Usually called the


doctor. The man is quite ridiculous. You must be away from him. Will I


find a telephone box in your room? It is not a telephone box. It is a


wardrobe. Where are we? In a forest in a box in the sitting room.


is something very wrong in this forest. Your brother is right in


the middle of it. Best Christmas A # New our sins -- You are


insecure # Being the way that you are is enough # Everyone else in


the room can see it # Everyone else but you # 8, you light up my world


like nobody else # The way that you have let your hair gets me


overwhelmed # The way that you smile at the ground, is not


anything hard to tell # You don't know # You do not know you are


beautiful # Everleigh you could see what I can see # You will


understand why I want is the -- user desperately # Right now I am


looking at you # And I cannot believe, you do not know you are


beautiful # That is what we should this of all # # So come on # You


got it wrong numbers they to prove I am right back at it and a song #


I do not know why # You are being Shaikh number cent turn away when I


look in your eyes # Everyone else in the room can see yet # Everyone


else but you be, you light up my world like nobody else # The way


that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed # The way that you


smile you light up my world's number signed the only you could


see what I can say # You will understand why I want is a


desperately numbers and right now I am looking at you and I'd happily #


You don't know you're beautiful # # Baby, you might my words like


nobody else numbers signed you don't know you appear to have all #


The way that you have let their hair makes me over whelmed # The


way that you smile at the world like nobody else # You don't know


your views of all # You don't know you're view to a fault # You don't


know your views of all that's what makes you bit of all # -- makes you


Hello Pudsey it. It is the year. Looking well. -- good to see you.


It is fantastic to be here and to be hosting the awards. It will be a


good night. A lot of the proceeds are going towards Children In Need.


It is to get -- good to get everyone in Northern Ireland


together. Get your hands in your pockets and give to Children In


Need. Children In Need, it is an institution. We have had our own


child and it hits form then how important it is for kids who are


disadvantaged and do not have the same opportunities are little girl


might have. Wheeler correct. Please give generously to Children In Need.


Hello and welcome. We are hoping to raise as much money as possible for


Children In Need, so dig deep. Abed here at �400. A round of applause.


That is the way to get money. the final amount says... �12,960.


Thank you everyone. Everyone nods Pudsey and everyone wants to dig


deeper and give something. Every Not everybody is lucky enough to


get off a good start in life but some young people are given a


second chance. The Newstart project with the help of Children In Need


is helping them re-engage with education at to face the future


with a renewed confidence. I was doing things I should have


been doing. I feel more confident and I am able to go out with my


friends more. I do not feel shy. What sort of facts are you looking


for? You're looking for a flat ground and if there is water near.


Newstart is not just a holiday camp, it is good for you. The teachers


are really important to me. If I do not understand something or I am


stuck in the class, everybody is trying to help me. One of the


probability of getting it I hit? Young people come to the education


centre because they had been out of mainstream education. That could be


for a few weeks or sometimes up to two years. The present with a range


of issues. Some are family problems, some are street crime. Some have


been fought involved in drug and alcohol abuse. And for others they


did not fit into the mainstream education system. Before I came


here I had low self-esteem, I did not know what to do with myself. In


here I am good at my work and good with people. So my confidence has


built up. I was not able to stand in front of people and top. I was


not happy at the school I was that before. I am not good at reading.


It is good to learn more and you do not have to read in front of people


like you do at an ordinary school. You get extra help here. About a


year or two ago I would not be worrying about my GCSEs. Any year


What we have tried to do through the programme is engage them in a


process where they challenge themselves in the outdoors and that


is coupled with the work in the classroom.


I would have thought there was no way I could have done best a few


years ago but now I can just go because I know I have someone I can


trust. -- could have done this. I have an opportunity to learn and


be somebody. I love the thrill of the outdoor


stuff. Never give up. I always tell


yourself that you can do it. I was told I was a nobody but I am


Your money has made a real difference to the lives of these


people and Children in Need need your support.


Please text the word DONATE to 70710. Messages will cost �10 plus


your standard network charge and �10 goes to Children in Need. For


full terms and conditions visit the website.


It is time now for another musical treat. These three guys have done


for Irish singing what Riverdance did for Irish dancing. They are


usually travelling the world on sold out concert tours but tonight


they are in Belfast. To perform especially for Children in Need,


# Something in your eyes # Makes me want to lose myself


# Makes me want lose myself # In your heart


# Something in your voice # Makes my heart beat fast


# Hope this feeling will last # The rest of my life


# If you knew # How lonely my life has been


# And how low I've felt for so long if you knew


# I wanted someone to some along and change my world


# It feels like home # Feels like home to me


# Feels like I'm on my way back # Where I come from


# Feels like home # Feels like home to me


# Feels like I'm on my way back # With your embrace


# Down a long dark street # And a sigh of wind in the night


# It's all right # Because I have you here with me


# And I can almost see # The dark feels light


# If you knew # How much this moment means to me


# And how long I've waited for your touch


# If you knew # I wanted someone to come along


# I never thought I'd love anyone # So much


# Feels like home # Feels like home to me


# Feels like I'm on my way to where I come from


# Feels like home to me # Feels like I'm on my way back to


where I belong # Feels like I'm on my way back to


We will have some more from them later on.


I am sure that you are itching to find out how our celebrity to


tappers are doing. Is Michael done what the drama of


it all. Has Peter been able to nail down does -- of those dance moves.


And will Jackie ever get the hang of the drive or will he keep


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


# And then working so hard # I have got a feeling # And times are


holding me down # I will tear up the town # I have got to cut loose


# Foot loose # Kick off my Sunday issues # Pull me up by my knee is


another sign Jack, get back. # -- The first time we have got it right


after a three month! We did it We started facing that way. It is


Hopefully it will go better on the night. We are better when we just


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


It is not easy dancing with skates Lots of tricks there, did you know


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


We have a 24 I were bowling marathon and the staff will have


The majority of them are down by the end of the night. They are


buried willing to do it. -- they are the very willing to do it. They


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


# Walking away from me # What is it going to take # Do you know when


# Make up your mind before you shut the door # If there is a ray of


Numbers and this is where our heart takes over -- # This is where our


# Look me in the eye, a promise I # If there is a ray of light in


# You should note this is where my # If there is a small piece left of


# But this is where my heart takes # This is where my heart takes over,


Numbers and this is where my heart takes over, -- # This is where my


# It that there is a chance in in # You should know this is where our


# It there is a small piece left of Numbers and this is where my heart


takes over, -- and # This is where APPLAUSE for the last three years,


Todd has been living with a brain tumour.


He likes football and playing outside with his friends. But most


of that is not possible any more. Mrs the scar. It goes up near my


heart. He used to do lots of other things. He would love to skateboard.


To get that taken away from him was very hard. Why else he undergoes


chemotherapy, he is often unable to leave the house because he cannot


risk infection. What age you mind? 2. The hardest thing about this


disease is the isolation. The playground is just 100 yards away.


The worst part of staying at home is seeing his school friends.


not allowed to go outside and play with them. Someone might have a


cold and if they gave me yet, I could get an infection and have to


going to hospital. For the family, coping with his illness in the home


is a 247 job, leaving little time for every day things we take for


granted. But there is help at hand. The Northern Ireland Cancer Fund


for children provide a weekly visit from a family support worker funded


by Children In Need. My role is to come in and do activities with the


children. The families are very isolated and the children love to


see another phase coming in. What does the dinosaur do? I am here for


two hours every Friday. She has been a tremendous help. And it is


not just supporter at home. They are there for or the children at


every stage of their treatment. When the children are in Hospital


we will stay with them. If there was more funding available, I would


love to stay more. Another hour would be tremendous. It is going to


be an impact for the rest of our lives. Even if they chemotherapy


does work, it's will not be removed so it will always be there. That is


something that we have to live with. But he is a fighter. He is not


going anywhere, I can tell you. journey as far from over, but the


support provided by the Northern Ireland Cancer Trust for children


Text the word DONATE to 70710, messages will cost �10 plus your


standard network charge and �10 goes to Children in Need. For full


At last, the big moment has a right. Our dancers have learned their


routines and are ready to go head- to-head. Let us go to La Mon Hotel


in the Castlereagh Hills to join You are very welcome. I know you


are in such -- for such a treat and we are going to raise so much money


for Children In Need. You can vote for each of the double acts. �1 per


boat. You can vote is many times as you want. But that is joined with


the judges' score and that will give us an overall winner this


evening. First up, fresh from his stint on the apprentice, up it is


Gemmy Eastwood. -- James Eastwood. Taking a third State is a lady who


knows what she as talking about - she has trained all the dancers


Ryan Constable is our final judge. But time now to bring out her first


couple. Welcome onto the dancefloor. # My mother said, you cannot hurry


# You cannot hurry Love numbers I know you will just have to wait. #


What a way to start the show. Perfectly and time. Being from


kicks down -- you were looking good and dancing great. It was really


lively. A beautiful start to the show. Couple number two, Fiona and


In nobody got to tell you what you got to do. # I like the passion and


the movement around the floor was fantastic.


Fabulous. Peter, great swivels lair. Everything was spot-on. This is now


going to get too emotional for me. You are my favourite. Welcome to


the dancefloor, it is Michael and The waltz, full of poise and


elegance, which you had in bucketloads. When the property


people came out, I thought, we are going to get the buy-to-let. We got


a stately home. You held your position excellently and there was


a great togetherness in your Please well come couple number four,


# Hit the road, Jack, don't you You come back no more # Hit the


road, Jack, and which come back no more. # Look at the kicks there.


They were going so quickly there. Meria, you looked beautiful on the


dancefloor. Jackie, you're economy of movement was a delight to behold.


Jackie, you did surprise me. All the right moves and all the wrong


places. Great fit work. That was surly match of the day. Dancing the


Me memory? # I am not sure how it goes # That was so graceful. I love


the way you took the time to give me a smile in one of those terms. I


hope Shane did not see that. Judging by you fit work, you're


retired too early from professional ice hockey. This a lot out of you


to as a couple was a most pleasing. -- solo act. That was fantastic!


Give a big welcome, Chrissie and # She rides the night next to me #


She leads me to moonlight, only to burn me with the sun # She has


taken my heart, but she does not know what she has done.


# What a beautiful dance to the most amazing song. Tracey you were


the temptress out there. The lifts were brilliant, loved it.


judges have said the tall, well done. It was very emotional and


back came out in a good way. It was dirty dancing, but it was a look --


good, clean fun. I enjoyed it. Please well come onto the


dancefloor, T Nabb and Feargal. -- A # Higher and higher # We have


left the best till last. I gave you a hard routine and you


nailed it. Fantastic, what a way to end tonight. It was cheeky, it was


lively, it was fun. You smile lit up the dancefloor. I have not seen


a new slide since I was six at a wedding. Find out how our couples


# Until you come and sit awhile with me


# so I can stand on mountains # You raise me up


# To walk on stormy seas # I am strong


# When I am on your shoulders # You raise me up


# You raise me up # So I can stand on mountains


# You raise me up # To walk on stormy seas


# I am strong # When I am on your shoulders


# You raise me up # You raise me up


# So I can stand on mountains # You raise me up


# To walk on stormy seas # I am strong


# when I am on your shoulders # You raise me up


# To more than I can be # You raise me up


# So I can stand on mountains #You raise me upto walk on stormy


seas #I am strong, when I am on We have a guest here this morning


but he is Pudsey and he will be here to make a presentation at the


# I think you should know # I just came to say hello.


# Sold! We have come to the first race,


which is the BBC Children in Need main hurdle.


I have been racing for a Llais He is battling but he is still in


front. He is right up front. He Lads well, memac -- let us welcome!


# Here we come # Walking down the street # Hey, we are they monkeys #


But we are too busy singing # To put anybody down # We are just


trying to be friendly # Come and watch as sing and play # We are the


young generation # And we have something to say # We go wherever


we want to # Do what we want to do # We do not have time to get


restless # There is always something nail!


# # K, we are in Monday's # -- # K, we are the monkeys # We are trying


to be badly # Come and watch us sing and play # We are the young


generation # We have something to # K, we are they monkeys # And


people say we monkey around # But we are too busy singing numbers I'm


to put anybody down # We are just trying to be banned laid # Come and


watch as sing and -- we are just trying to be friendly # Come and


And now let's take another look at our celebrity dancers. The judges


It was very close but the Reds have been countered and they are in.


We are delighted -- but the votes have been counted and they are in.


We are delighted to announce the winners of 2011. It is Tracey!


Congratulations to crazy. -- congratulations to Tracey. She was


a worthy winner. Jackie, you were never close.


I promised you another song from The Celtic Tenors and here they are


# our lot has changed # it is not the same # And the only way to save


it # Is saying it # It is better # I cannot conceive # This way I feel


# For all the times we spent # What I am trying to say is # You


make this # Better # # And no matter what the day is # With you


# I will stand by you # If you stand by any # # I think it is time


that I believed # That it is better # See, what I am trying to say is a


# No matter what the day is # With Number signed -- and # It is all I


# Falling in love with everything # What I am trying to say a # You


# No matter what the day is # With you yet # It is better # Why I am


trying to say a has a # You make things # Better # And no matter


what the day is # With you here # # Away a lot has changed -- Our


Love has changed # It is not the same # And the only way to save it


Absolutely wonderful. And I cannot think at a more appropriate song


for that -- than that for tonight. Everything you have seen has been


based on one simple aim, to make things better for children. When


times are tough, at the need is even greater, so please, can I say


thank you to everyone who has given so generously of their time and


John Daly brings you the highlights from this year's 'Children In Need' fundraising extravaganza, featuring performances from 'The Celtic Tenors' and the 'Children in Need' choir.

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