Week 9 Results Strictly Come Dancing

Week 9 Results

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This is Strictly Come Dancing: The Wow! A fabulous foxtrot, what a way


to start our Sunday results show. Saturday night saw our seven


couples surpass themselves as they danced twice for the first time


this series. They proved their stamina in the swingathon, but who


has outstayed their welcome? We will find out soon. First, it's


time to welcome four people who enjoy the finer things in dance,


our connoisseurs of choreography, Craig, Len, Alesha and Bruno.


APPLAUSE. You are looking chirpy tonight! Before we hear from our


judges let's find out what's in store on tonight's show with our


Claudia. Thank you, Tess. We will be looking


through Len's lens. Cee Lo Green joins us and our srepb Anton and


Erin will be whirling us around the dancefloor with the Viennese waltz.


First, let's look at all the action from Saturday night. What a show.


feel really nervous. Have a good one. We are ready to


Rock 'n' Roll. Anita, the Uptown Girl doesn't mind a bit of grease!


Brendan, let me first of all commend you on coming to the aid of


a damsel in distress. He really is my knight in shining armour.


should be really proud. Thank you tpo saying that. Isn't he adorable!


Yes! I thought it was fantastic! Well done. Very demure and alluring,


you totally owned it, Holly. Everything I wanted from you,


that's the way to go. A little bit modern in the music for my taste. I


gave it an eight and I was determine the not to like it, but I


couldn't help myself. I felt it was mediocre. You took a major step


backwards tonight. She hasn't taken a step backwards. I am the one


teaching her every day. We didn't make mistakes, the dance was all


there. Six! Come on! Robbie, why he had to take his trousers off in


front of everyone I do not know. done it! It wasn't completely


successful but you can always go on stripping.


Chelsee could have easily been a ten. I just want you to to lose


your inhibitions because when you do you are going to go through the


roof to the next level. There's no intensity about it. You


don't have to blooming elope with the guy, just act the dance more.


We were advised on more passion. Shall we go and practise now?


Pasha. That, I have to say, was a Charleston. Yeah! I am the one and


only! Facial expressions, nobody can accuse you of using botox.


was truly fabulous, well done. Harry Judd, brilliant. That was


outstanding. You can sway away with anyone! Superb! It's a ten from me.


The first three tens of the series now. A little bit speechless


tonight. So fast and there's so much going


on. You have seven couples and you have four judges' opinions and


between us we have to try and make a decision. I loved it. It was


great fun. We have Harry right up there and we have poor old Robbie


right down there. So what's going to happen? I don't know. This has


been a fabulous full-on night. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. A


spectacular night. But whose performance hit the spot and who


missed the mark? The results are in. In no particular order, the first


couple safe and dancing again next week are...


Also through are... The next couple safe is...


In the bottom two tonight, and in danger of leaving the competition


are... Holly and Artem. Again! The rest of


you have to wait to learn your fate. APPLAUSE. Bruno, Holly looked like


she had a big breakthrough on Saturday. Are you disappointed to


see her in the bottom two? Bitterly disappointed! To be honest, it may


not have been a traditional foxtrot all the way through but her


performance was one of the best she's ever given. The music was


very, very difficult to interpret as a traditional foxtrot. So she


put sequences in that were extremely right for the feel of the


music. She was sexy, sassy so I don't understand it. Can she


survive again? I hope so because really she delivered what we asked


of her. What more can you do? you so much, Bruno. Over to you,


Claudia. Thank you, Tess.


Congratulations to our first three safe couples. APPLAUSE. Really,


really well done. Harry, your dance was brilliant. We can discuss this


in a minute but can I talk about the swingathon. I was watching that


and you danced out there competitively for about 18 minutes.


You were doing handstands. Was it difficult? It was exhausting but a


lot of fun, I think the guys will agree, that was one of the


highlights for us. Really good fun. Amazing. Three tens. Your little


face and your face, you must be incredibly proud? Overwhelmed.


Speechless last night and it was an amazing night. Hopefully we can


continue that. Good, very well done. I am clapping. Chelsee, movie week


next week. What are you doing? are doing Shrek. I am being Shrek's


wife, I think. I have never seen it. Chelsee, you are coming around to


mine. She has a green face, you know? And funny ears. Should I not


scare you? No, it's going to be brilliant. She is a Princess,


though? She is a Princess. It's all right, we will rent the DVD. You


are going to be amazing. Jason, congratulations. Thank you so much.


You are all getting on brilliantly, but is it now getting competitive?


As you feel those lights do you think I hope I dance better than


anybody else? Well, it's always been sort of an element of


competition, I suppose. But it's really sort of about the journey


and not the destination so much, I think for a lot of us. Journey not


the destination, I am having a t- shirt made! Say no more. You have


outdone yourself. That was brilliant. Now he became a


worldwide phenomenon as one half of Gnarls Barkley and is described as


the greatest male voice in American music today. Singing Anyway, please


put your hands together for the sensational Cee Lo Green!


# I know I'm stingy with my money # And it's hard to get some from me


# But you still love me anyway # Your mother seems to like me


# But your father wants to fight me # But you still love me anyway


# I take you out on dates # And I always show up late


# But you still love me anyway # There's no one else like this


# That would put up with my... # And still love me anyway


# Because no matter what I do # I know I can count on you


# Because baby you still love me anyway


# For worse or for better # You make me better


# I know you still love me anyway #. Because no matter what I do


# I know I can count on you # You still love me anyway


# I know you still love me anyway # I only see you every now and then


# And I am on the road again # But you still love me anyway


# And when this relationship's not working


# That's when all your friends start flirting


# And my eyes may wander but that is not OK


# So I make it up to you # With a brand new spare of shoes


# You still love me anyway # And I will surely miss the way


you put up with my... # I will make it up to you some day


# You still love me anyway # For worse or for better


# You make me better # No one loves me quite like you do


girl # You still love me anyway


# For worse or for better # I know you still love me anyway


# Still love me anyway # Thank you darling for loving me


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. Absolutely brilliant. It's now time to welcome


the judges! APPLAUSE. This is when you come up


here and we look at the details of the dances. We cannot do this alone.


Oh no, we need the help of... lens! This is where we just look at


the tiny bits we might have missed. First, we have a clip that you are


going to like. Let's be honest, Brendan brilliant at dancing. He


stepped in many times this series. He's not just excellent at dancing,


he is also excellent at singing. Have a listen.


Note up her mind... # I am in love with an uptown girl. Isn't that


brilliant! A great performance, though. Len, I am going to ask you


about Harry. I am just wild about Harry! Because so far you haven't


even given him that high a mark. tell you what he did, he came out


and kept that hold throughout the dance. Beautiful posture. You are


not going to believe it, like a gazelle. Another one. He is off.


And another. Still got body contact. Faster than wind from a duck's bum.


Look at the line. I don't get overexcited. This quickstep was


fast and full-on and yet great control. Honestly, it absolutely


deserved a ten, Craig. APPLAUSE. totally agree. Good. Let's not have


an argument yet. Alesha, let's talk about Holly and Artem, a shock


they're in the bottom two. Such a shame. Have a look at these


extraordinary kicks. She looks amazing. She looks incredible.


Every week we say to Holly she has so much potential and there's more


to give. I felt she really did give more in this routine. She's


stunning. Look how beautiful! did a modern twist on the foxtrot.


They did a superb job. It's a shame, she raised her game this week.


APPLAUSE. Craig, can we talk about Chelsee, because I know you were


impressed. It looked amazing on the telly on Saturday with those kicks.


It was, gorgeous, beautifully placed, all of that. It's just her


frame I had a problem with. She should be almost leaning into him


more. Look at that! Gorgeous. But she could have had a little bit


more freedom within her legs, actually. What? In English. Freedom


within your legs, that's having a nap. They don't have to be as


controlled. It makes it look faster. It still was brilliant, come on.


It's one of the best we have seen. Absolutely wonderful. Bruno, I want


to talk... APPLAUSE. Yes, good, people are clapping and I like it.


Let's talk about Alex and James. I loved it. She's adorable. She had a


good time. Charleston is about a good time. She saw the funny side.


Look at her there, Finding Nemo! Swimming in the sea. Where am I?


She just let herself go and it's good to see. Obviously, there were


some tiny little details. She was undermarked. I thought she was


highly undermarked! There were timing issues and it's that elusive


scissors action in the feet when you do the Charleston. It has to go


incredibly - you know, like sharper scissors. That was good! APPLAUSE.


You got to go for it. It's very hard. It's not easy. I think she


did very, very well. What I love most about you, while you were


doing that - do that face, Len. Utter disgust! Disgust and dismay.


And bitter jealousy. Other than that, let me just talk to you


briefly about Ola Jordan. We have all known and loved, smily,


adorable. Gorgeous, amazing. Mid- riff. Brilliant dancer. She turned


on Saturday. This is what happened when you guys said would you mind


leaving the floor in the swingathon. Here is little gentle Ola Jordan.


APPLAUSE. I have never seen anything like it. Let's hear it for


the judges! APPLAUSE. Next Saturday Strictly Come Dancing


heads to the movies. Take your front row seat for an exclusive


In 2011 14 celebrities stood like giants.


But now only seven remain. A new breed of dancer is arising.


first rule of Dance Club is we don't talk about Dance Club. Gosh,


Harry, sorry, I have already texted everybody about it. Oops!


Arggh! Some will rise. What's the matter? Holly, I think I might be


the one. You are not the one, Mr Donovan. And some will fall. Join


me and I will complete your training. I will never join you!


Robbie Savage, I am your father! No! But all will dance. Strictly


Movie Night, coming to your screens Saturday. Cheer up, Robbie. I was


only joking. I am, in fact, your brother.


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. I cannot wait. Now three couples are already


set to premiere next week in Movie Night. Who else will join them?


Over to you, Tess. Thank you, Claudia. Three couples


are left but who is safe and who is in danger? It's time to find out.


In no particular order, safely through to next week are...


So that means Anita and Brendan, and Robbie and Ola, one of you is


safe and one of you is in the bottom two.


I can reveal that the couple in the bottom two tonight is...


Anita and Brendan. Robbie and Ola, congratulations, you are through


again to dance next week. APPLAUSE. Alesha, you commended


Anita on coping with a new partner this week. Do you think this


upheaval might have contributed to her being in the bottom two?


don't think it's contributed, but it must be unsettling to have to


change partners because you are getting to a comfort zone and I I


always said about Anita I think she is a wonderful dancer, but as we


say some dances don't suit you. But she is an inspiration. I think she


is adorable and I wish her luck. all do. Len, next week it's Movie


Night, are you excited? Come on! Last year when we had movie night


it was fantastic. I think it was one of the highlight weeks of the


series and I just can't wait to see it because you get an extra


dimension coming in, not only do you get the dancing, you get the


theme and they try and choreograph to that. It's an extra challenge to


the couples. Last year it was great, and I am sure this year it's going


to be just as blood. It promises -- just as good. Thank you, judges.


Over to you, Claudia. Now for a treat, they're the indisputed King


and Queen of the ballroom. It's the one and only Anton and Erin!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 98 seconds


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. Tonight's bottom two couples are


here. Holly, I am - sorry that you are both sitting here, but Holly


this is your second time. How disappointed are you? It's not my


favourite feeling in the world, but if we went out then I think our


last dance was pretty decent and I had a lot of fun doing it. It's


been the most incredible opportunity and made so many great


mates. Craig thought it was a fantastic dance. That's got to be


some consolation? That always feels nice if Craig says something nice,


because it happens so rarely. it when it happens. Anita, again


your second time in the bottom two. We could form a club. We don't have


time. How sad are you to be here and is it horrible to be here? I


know you two are getting on brilliantly, but you are without


your Robin? I have had a wonderful opportunity, I got to dance with


Robin and Brendan. How lucky am I? I have had nothing but great fun. I


have no complaints. How sad would you be if this Strictly journey


ended now? Of course I would be sad but I am just glad I did it.


Brilliant. Holly or Anita are about to be knocked out of the


competition. Here is why we have enjoyed watching them.


I think the best part of it has to be training with Robin. I did hope


that I would push the goal-posts and challenge myself and go as far


as I could. I am two thirds of the way through, so I think for an old


bird that's not bad. At this point I think if you have to go, accept


it gratefully and graciously. So I will go with regret, but with many,


many happy memories. My Strictly journey has been pretty


epic. I have changed partners. We have had injuries on both sides. I


have learned new things. It's just been pretty full-on. I am not ready


to go home yet. We are not far from the end now. If I can just hang on


that little bit longer, there's many things to be thankful for and


if the competition is over I will be devastated.


APPLAUSE Holly and Artem, and Anita and


Brendan, one of you is about to leave the competition for good.


It's the moment of truth. Holly, Len said your eyes are


looking at one thing and your ears are taking in something else and


for me it disturbed me. Anita, Bruno said there's still plenty of


fuel in the tank. But did the public agree?


I can now reveal that the couple leaving tonight is...


Anita and Brendan. It's all right. That means Holly


and Artem, we will see you next week. Anita and Brendan, please


come and join me. Come on over. You have been exceptional. APPLAUSE AND


CHEERING. She gave it her all, didn't she, Brendan? She did.


Standing ovation. Take that in. Anita, throughout the competition,


of course, you have danced with Robin. Sadly, he couldn't compete


this week. He has been suffering with a foot infection. It must be


tough now not to have him by your side. We have him on the line now.


Robin, are you there? I am sheer. Hey, baby. Anita, my darling, I


just want to say you have been absolutely incredible and I am so


sorry I couldn't be there with you tonight and to everybody who's


voted for you and it's been a pleasure to work with you. You have


been one of the most enthusiastic hard-working people I have ever,


ever met and I am going to miss you Anita, would you like to say


something to Robin? He made this the most humourous, enjoyable, fun,


wonderful learning experience I could ever have imagined. Thank you


so much! APPLAUSE. Thanks, Robin. Brendan, thank you


for standing in. Anita, thank you. You are one wonderful lady. You


have been an inspiration. Can I just say thank you to Brendan, too.


Without him I wouldn't have done this week. Sorry, Robin. Sorry,


Anita. Off you go and prepare for your last dance my little


sweetheart. You will be missed! I can't bear this part of the show!


It's getting tougher as we say a sad goodbye to another couple.


Anita and hopefully Robin will join Zoe on Monday's It Takes Two.


exclusives and all the gossip, please go to our website. And Bruce


Join Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman for another exciting results show. Seven become six as the couple with the lowest combined score from the judges' scores and viewer votes will be the next to leave the competition.

Cee Lo Green is in the studio, performing his brand new single Anyway exclusively for Strictly Come Dancing. Plus the professional dancers set the dancefloor alight with two spectacular routines.

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