Week 10 Strictly Come Dancing

Week 10

Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly host a film-themed edition of Strictly Come Dancing. Will the six remaining couples give an award-winning performance on the dancefloor?

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The footballer went for the full Monty. That's an interesting look.


McFly's poster boy took 39 steps to an almost perfect score. Our Welsh


wonder girl got into choppy waters. BOOING


And for Anita, it turned out to be the last picture show.


Quarter-finals, baby. This is where you need to lift your game. Yeah!


Tonight it's the main feature, and it promises to be box office gold.


Show me the rumba. Are you talking to me? Bravo! Six movie idols with


blockbuster ballroom ambitions. Glitter ball, dead ahead! But who


will live up to the hype? Sorry. And who will get a panning from the


critics? Shut up! May the force of ballroom be with you. I'm your


father. Nooo! This is Strictly... Movie Night! We'll be back!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


It's a movie special on Strictly # I know where I'm going to go


# I'm going to pick up my baby # And take her to the picture show


# Everybody in the neighbourhood # Is dressing up to be there too-


oo-oo # And with all I have


# Is a lengthy excuse # Saturday night


# At the pictures # When you're hugging with your


baby # Up and in the balcony


# Well, it's technoscope # And the popcorn in the candy


stand # Makes it all seem twice as good


# There is always lots of pretty girls


# But they never can compare to the girl


# Sitting by my side # Saturday night at the movies #


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # When you're hugging with your


baby # Up in the balcony


# Oh, Saturday night at the movies # Who cares what picture you see


# When you're hugging with your baby #


welcome your hosts, Sir Bruce Hold on! Hold on. Exciting moment!


Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Anyway, good evening, ladies, gentlemen and


children. Welcome to Strictly Come Dancing. It's nice to see you, to


see you... Nice! And it's nice to see you, Bruce. It's movie week.


Are you so excited? I'm excited. Not now, Addison. No, in the warm-


up, she wouldn't leave me alone. She's got a friend. I don't know


who she is. LAUGHTER


Moving on... She's keen. Tonight, our couples will dance to a song


that represents a famous movie. At one time, a producer wanted me to


dance with all the female dancers on the show, and they were told to


pretend they were all madly in love with me. I said, "What film did


that represent?" She said, "Mission No, that's not funny. What are you


laughing at? I'm not laughing. hope nobody told you to laugh.


That's all I hope. Lights, camera, action. Our A-listers are ready to


show us the ballroom. Yes, this could be a night of movie magic


with only five places live - five places -


LAUGHTER Shut up. It was her... Putting you


off. With five places in the semi- finals up for grabs. I think


they're ready on set. Shall we? think we'd better, yes. Action.


Roll the cameras. It's time to meet - I hope I fall - meet the movie


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


stars in our show. I don't! Yes, What about them? There they all are.


There they all are. I'm just checking to make sure Brendan isn't


still here - LAUGHTER


And I also have a very important role in this evening's movie night.


If anyone fancies a choc-ice, I'll be standing over there. On to me.


You, yes. Our judges will be scoring, and our couples will then


be ranked on the leader board. Those scores will then be combined


with your votes, and sadly, one couple's ballroom dreams will not


come true - shame, shame, shame, only two weeks short of the Grand


Final in Blackpool. That's right. If you're a digital viewer, press


the red button for live commentary. We have with us comedian Rory


Now, then, our first couple tonight is Robbie Savage and his partnerola.


-- partner ola. They're our first couple. There they are. Everybody


loved them. I said to Robbie, I bet I know what film you'll be dancing


too. He said, "What?" I said, Good luck to everyone tonight. Here


Last Saturday I was incredibly nervous. There was so much to think


about in the routine. There were promenades and runs. I just knew I


had an ace up my sleeve. It wasn't completely successful, the psalm


back, but you can always go on stripping. 25 points. I was


completely and utterly left adrift at the bottom of the leader board.


Things weren't looking good. But the public saved me again,


which was absolutely fantastic. Now we're in the quarter-finals. How


has that happened? This room, ballroom, a quick step - I'm going


to try to go and get my best score. You know we're dancing to a song


from Reservoir Dogs. My God, we're going to look sensational. Well,


you don't quite have the right look for it. Come on in. Who are you?


Have you come to fit me for a suit? No, Robbie. He's here to cut your


hair. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Hold it right there, mister. I think you'll


find it's Ola that needs a haircut. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Savage. Don't try


to turn this around. We have been friends for some time now but I


won't hesitate to blow your hair off. Let's put our tools down, and


let's talk. Don't make me do this. Ahh! No!! I hope you're pleased


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


with yourself, Ola. I don't think Well done. Well done. Wasn't that


wonderful? Great. Oh, Ola, a beautiful routine, a lovely routine.


Lovely, but a bit overdressed, a bit -


LAUGHTER For you - and you - the pair of you.


Anyway, while you get your breath back, it's a good time to welcome


our fabulous singer Dave Arch and his wonderful, wonderful orchestra.


APPLAUSE Also, our judges. Welcome, our


judges. APPLAUSE


And just when you thought it was safe to go back on to the


dancefloor - (THEME FROM JAWS)


Even our judges have their own movie music. Now, if you judges


were in films, Alesha would be A Star is Born. Ahh! And the three of


you would be The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Oh! Make up your mind who


is who. All right, then? But, Len, only kidding, of course. What did


you think of that? I'll tell you what, Robbie, you have given me a


lot of pleasure all through this series, and you didn't disappoint


again tonight. You've got the enthusiasm.


APPLAUSE You've got that sportsman's will to


win, but it was a little bit rough around the edges for me, you know?


I'm sorry. You made the best of what you've got. Now, this is the


nitty-gritty. Someone's going to go home, and I just hope it's not you.


I haven't seen the others, but it wasn't top notch. Oh, well, a lot


of disappointment here, but Alesha? Robbie, you're a smooth operator.


Last week it was all about the entertainer. This week you're back


in business, good posture, light footed. It was clean. It was


definitely a cool quick step and I liked it. What about Bruno? Yeah, I


love the combination of sharp looks and clear attitude. The way you


were strutting your stuff - somewhere between Kate Moss and


Russell Brand. In a strange way, it works. You put a lot of tricky


footwork into this quick step. You really, really paid a lot of


attention to your erect posture. You tried really hard, and I saw an


improvement. And I thought it was better. Your ballroom is better.


Yes. Yes. They all agree. OK. Craig, now, what did you, you think?


knee pulses at the beginning were completely out of time. Your head


position needs to go a lot more left, darling and lacked any swing


or sway, sadly, which made it stiff. I thought you could drive the dance


a little bit more. BOOING


It was sort of like a rabbit - it was a little bit like a rabbit


doing a trot around. BOOING


I did love the concept, and I did love your performance of it.


APPLAUSE You can say no more. Did you say


knee pulses? I didn't know you could take a pulse with your knee!


Brucey, thank you. A bit over- dressed, as I said, but off you go.


Off you go. Hey, Robbie, I'm surrounded, you may notice, by all


the great and the good - Hollywood's finest - hello! Shrek


on my right. "One cool quick step" - is that the fastest you have ever


moved your feet? The fastest I have moved in ten years. Is it? You have


come a long way. You have started this competition with two left feet,


and now you're two weeks away from the final. How do you feel about


that? It would be amazing, you know? I have never danced, and ten


weeks into it, to perform a quick step in front of so many people -


ten weeks ago, I couldn't dance. It has been a tough week. I'm just


glad I got through it. The scores scores for Robbie and all Ola. The


number to call is on your screen. Want to be there? Yeah. You would


love to be there. Please don't call because if you do, your votes won't


count, and you'll be charged. There is plenty more movie madness to


come. Grab the popcorn and settle in. Sweet or salty?


Sweet! Sweet. Now, next, Harry Judd and his partner Aliona. He was


wonderful last week with the quick step, the two of them. They're


dancing to the theme from the movie Robin Hood, and Harry told me all


about him. He said Robin once was imprisoned at the top of the castle


tower and still managed to escape. I said, "How did he manage that?"


He said, "He had a ladder in his tights."! I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


What a - what a stupid joke. I Last week was absolutely amazing.


That was outstanding. Superb. certainly didn't expect three tens.


Sorry, Harry, no nines. It's a ten. But there is room for improvement -


obviously - one more point. The swing-a-thon was awesome. To top it


off, we won it. That was even better. Top of the leader board and


winners of the swing-a-thon. # What a feeling #


This week it's movie week. Quite used to it. I am dancing to the


song from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Robin Hood wears tights in


the movie. We should get you some. You definitely won't be getting me


in tights. You heard it here. "If you ever want to dance with Aliona


in the -- again, meet me in the forest, lots of love, the Sheriff


of Nottingham". Aliona, where are you? This isn't is funny. Aliona?


Harry, help. Right, Rottingham, let's find out


who you really are. Brendan, what do you think you're doing? I just


wanted the chance to dance again this week. Your dancing days are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


over. Anita was your last chance. Oh, Harry, look! Look what you've


done! Aliona, look what you've done. That was wonderful. Well, Aliona,


you've got him in a different mood this week, a different Harry, a


different Harry. Alesha, did that get you? The best number I have


seen from a male celebrity in a long time. Oh! It was touching. It


was sensitive. It was very romantic. He had good hip action, good


control. It was by no means awkward. It looked very natural and very


convincing. Thank you. Lovely, very nice. Bruno? I should say, Harry, I


was very apprehensive because usually at this stage a rumba can


break or make a man! And I tell you, you turned something that could


have been tragic into a little bit of magic. You pitched it just right,


the right balance of romance and passion, a great mix of steps, a


good - a few basics here and there, but great shapes. You did a great




Thank you very much, Len. It was a gamble this week to have that dance.


Craig, what did you think? Well, it was hard not to notice that you've


obviously been working on your hip action. Were were you looking?


to the tightness of those trousers, but I have to say, I did love it.


It was simple. It was clean. It was basic. One small - one small...


one! Wobbly movement over here, sadly, but... Oh, sadly, just one -


oh. Len? A little bit spikey in the hands on occasions, Harry. Spikey?


Yeah. Listen. Someone - you know, it's movie


night, and someone's dreams are going to be left on the cutting


room floor, but I tell you what - it won't be you.


APPLAUSE Can't say more than that. Well done,


Aliona. Well done, Harry. Off you powerball. Did you feel the power


of that rumba? I did. I loved it. Everyone has been saying how tough


it is, which it is. I really enjoyed it this week. A convincing


job you made of it. You're top of the leader board. Are you feeling


the pressure to stay on top? I tell you, there is pressure every week


to stay on top, but we're just focusing week to week to do our


best and enjoying ourselves. you wearing the kept underneath?


must admit, I kept the nights from before for the winter, just in case.


score. I had a dream of that number. The dream came true, Harry. Write


down this number and call later if our Harry had you all aquiver and


you want him to make your day next Saturday - do you? Do you? Punk!


got there in the end! With 12 gruelling weeks with barely a day


off, nobody wants to leave a day before the semi-final, but who is


going to get your vote? Thank you. Now for our next couple,


Alex Jones and her partner James. Now, they're dancing to the title


track of the film Pretty Woman, Richard Gere - yes. Didn't you love


that movie? Oh, it was such a wonderful movie, and I remember she


thought that he'd gone back to New York, but he surprised her by


turning up in a white stretch limo with a bunch of flowers. I got so


emotional. I cried in the end. But then I - I always get upset


when I run out of popcorn. APPLAUSE


You know, you've got that big thing - anyway, I'll be all right in a


Last weekend, we performed the Charleston.


# Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling #


Everybody stood up, which is an amazing feeling, and I thought, God,


that went well, didn't it? I felt you took a major step backwards


tonight. Oh, sit down, everybody. Turns out


it wasn't that amazing. It was mediocre!! James was furious, and


he didn't do a good job of hiding # A riot


# I predict a riot # But at the end of the day, the


people at home decided to keep us in, and that's what's important.


This week we're dancing the American smooth, which is like a


foxtrot with lifty bits, and we're dancing it to the tune of Pretty


Woman. I love that film. This is not a race. I don't know what's


happened to James. Don't turn your head! But he's become a little bit


tough. I know I'm always really harsh on you, but you've made it


all the way to the quarter-finals, and I want you to go and treat


yourself. Thanks, James. Where is she? Bye!


# Well, she's all you'd ever want # She's the kind I'd like to flaunt


and take to dinner # She's a lady


# Whoa, Whoa, Whoa # Hi! Where have you been? You told


me to treat myself. I meant get myself lunch. Big mistake - huge


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


mistake! Didn't you like it? It was great.


It was great, a happy ending, yeah. All right. Bruno? My darling, don't


worry because Pretty Woman is an understatement. You were absolutely


gorgeous! APPLAUSE


Fabulous transitions in and out of lifts, great turns, fluid. There


was a tiny incident, but... Yes. tell you, it doesn't spoil the


gorgeousness of this dance. It was absolutely lovely. Well, lovely -


that's great. All right, then, Craig? You have finally learned how


to put "sexy" into dance. APPLAUSE


Oh! Because you know that. Well, you do now, yes. It was all going


swimmingly well, and then there was just these feather steps. Listen, I


loved the dance. I thought you did it great. The lifts were clean and


good. You came out and really sold it - just that little incident, but


well done to you. APPLAUSE


And Alesha? A beautiful song and a gorgeous routine, which you danced


with elegance and class, and for me, you have been consistently


improving in this competition, and I think you deserve credit for that.


The improvement - the improvement... It was beautiful, honestly. Don't


beat yourself up because I can tell... She's a bit disappointing.


It was stunning. It was stunning. It was wonderful. Thank you.


the improvement over the weeks has been tremendous. You wait until you


look back at some of the other shows, and you'll see, you're doing


marvellous. No, no. That's what it's all about, this show,


improvement. And you have improved. Off you go. Off you go.


beat yourself up. The audience loved it, right? I'm sorry.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Dress date again! Dress date. I


understand Pretty Woman is your favourite movie of all time. Mine


too! Yours is Ghost. She knows you so well. It must be a dream come


true ballroom dancing. Completely. It was such a nice song to do. I


wanted to wear the dress and to feel like a film star for the day.


No wardrobe malfunctions there. Do you reckon James could double as a


Richard Gere double? Perhaps if we take the lipstick off the cheek!


Write down this number. Call when lines open later if you want our


Pretty Woman to get to dance again next Saturday! Coming up in our


movie night special, Jason is going to be singing in the rain with his


American smooth, and Chelsee is going to be driving with Shrek.


Yeah, he's in the building. See, in there? I'm green with envy. Back to


Now for our next couple, Holly Valance and her partner, Artem, a


very popular lady and a wonderful dancer. Yes, they're performing to


the soundtrack of that marvellous film Zorro. Holly said she thought


I would make a good Zorro. I said, "Is that because I could handle


myself in a sword fight?" No. She said, "Because you would look so


much better in a mask". How could a beautiful girl like that be so


horrible to me? I hope she doesn't tell me! Anyway, here they are in


training. We're ready to rock 'n' roll.


I definitely get 100% from my foxtrot, and I got to do a bit of


solo dancing. I didn't muck up one move, which I couldn't believe.


Holly! Probably the dance I am most proud of so far. I thought it was


fantastic! Well done! I have heard him say it too many times, but I


might make it my ring tone. I was disappointed we were in the bottom


two - again. I feel like I am letting Artem down again. I am just


last glad we have the opportunity to come back for another week. I am


so amped up about getting to do the paso, my passion and fire - it


suits me better than the fluffier stuff. It's about facing up to each


other. I think Artem has something up his sleeve to help me get into


not being in the bottom two and getting into the semi-final - that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


would be a dream. love Irish dancing. Yes. Craig, we


will start off with you. That, my darling, must be your personal best.


Thank you. The skirt worked. The only thing is you do look at the


floor always. You need to bring the eye line up, darling. Yes. She just


wants to know where it is. Lovely to know there's a floor there.


Right. Len? This competition is all about not where you start, but


where you finish, and I tell you, you're finishing strong. Well done.


There again - the improvement. It is the improvement, especially over


these last three or four weeks. Alesha? I was rooting for you the


whole way, Holly. Your arms and hands were superb. I loved the


routine, Artem. I love this week you were really fighting - sorry,


the table! You were working it. You were totally there character, and


you have stepped it up a notch. Good for you. Well done, my darling.


Well done. Finally, Holly, you sources re! That's what I want! And


I have to point out, the flam enkco a capella sequence is wrong. In


that Dan, sometimes you do look down because you have to build it


up and bring it up - even higher. She was brilliant. You do. You have


to bring it up. You have to look on the floor when you do that. It was


wonderful. Artem, a marvellous routine. Off you go, and be proud.


Be proud. audience and the judges. This was


the dance you were waiting to do. Was it worth the wait? I absolutely


loved it. The choreography was amazing, getting to stamp my feet.


Your personal dance. You're fighting to stay out of the bottom


two. Absolutely. We're working hard to do it. Hopefully, tonight we'll


do it, but fingers crossed - we're ten out of 12 weeks, can't complain.


The passion was phenomenal. Loved the bag. The audience are happy


about that. Your personal best score of the series. Well done,


Holly. Make a note of the number. Call this number later if you don't


want Holly and indeed Artem to say hasta la vista to Strictly.


Bbc.co.uk/strictly for to have a nosey on the latest in ballroom.


And with the final coming up, there is plenty going on, a bit like


behind me - behave, children. Over to you, Brucey. Next up is Jason


Donocan -- Donovan and his partner Kristina. Another popular couple!


Now, they're dancing to Singing in the Rain, the greatest of all


musicals. Jason came up to me today and said, "Bruce, can you possibly


help me?" I said, "Of course. You want me to choreograph the routine


or just a bit of voice coaching for singing?" He said, "No, I just want


to borrow your umbrella?" So I gave him my umbrella and walked away and


left him - lying there. Can't believe that! Oh, oh, oh. Here they


The Charleston was dance I was happy with. It was truly fabulous.


Well done. Some great scores. But I felt we were going to do a little


bit better in the swing-a-thon. It's the Juddmeister and that


Chelsee - those two are on fire. This week I am officially the


oldest person in the competition - wow! Never felt old in my life. I


know it's kind of hard. We were dancing the classic American smooth


to Singing in the Rain. This is the final push. There is some


competition. You just have to keep digging deeper. Hey, Jason. What's


with the umbrella? Ever since we have started this competition, the


most strangest things have happened to me. I am standing at a bus stop.


Suddenly, it starts raining. I put my brolly up. The other people look


at me like I'm crazy. I sit down for a breather in the park. Again


it starts raining - the bloke next to me, completely dry as a bone.


And to make matters worse, I can't even eat a sandwich without getting


wet. Maybe you just need some rest. What are you doing? Exactly what I


say! Yeah, OK. Hmm. # I'm never going to stop the rain


by complaining # Kristina, what are you doing?


just trying to help you to get into the mood of the dance. Really


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Well done. And Kristina - listen to that. So lovely. What a great


number, a great, great number. Now, then, what's going on here? We were


just chatting. Some excitement tonight. OK. We'll get on with the


excitement in just a second. Len? Singing in the Rain is such an


iconic dance, and as soon as you hear the music, your expectation


are enormous and Gene Kelly's shoes are big to fill, but I tell you


what, I loved it. The actual foxtrot was right on the money,


lovely footwork. Jason, you did really, really well. Well done!


Well done. Cheer up. It's over. It's over. Alesha? A wonderful


concept which suits you down to a tee. The beginning on the own was


fabulous. The lift section was brilliant. It was elegantly played,


and you made it look easy, and I am really happy for you, Jason,


because I genuinely believe you deserve to be in the semi-finals.


She said it. She said it. Now, then... Jason goes to Hollywood!


And I tell you, actually, you took a huge risk with this and Len


pointed it out. I am not going to repeat it because we're talking


about one of the best movies ever made, but you made it your own. It


was a clever tribute, beautifully set up. The foxtrot was classic,


excellently executed, well placed, and a great Hollywood ending. It


was a very, very special performance. I loved it.


APPLAUSE Well, I can't wait for Craig. Craig,


what did you think? It's getting boring now. Everyone's good!


LAUGHTER Uh, I really loved it. I really did.


A lot of charisma. It was just really fantastic, really.


Marvellous! You're really good tonight, Craig. Isn't he good?


know, behaved. Get off before he changes his mind - quick. Off you


Len said you filled Gene Kelly's shoes. Was that a glorious feeling?


Well, it felt right, and I - before the actual dance, I sort of thought,


just relax and enjoy it, and particularly the first section I


felt was right in the pocket, but it was - as Craig would say, it was


a bonzer, mate. More lifts than you have ever done. Do you think that's


enough to get you into the semis next week? Well, we try hard, and


there is some talent here. A lot of competition. Let's just hope the


public vote for us and want us to Woo! It's raining tens! Raining


tens. Congratulations. Well deserved, a fabulous routine. Call


this number later did you want our very own Aussie Gene Kelly to come


back like a boomerang next week. Does that sound bonser, Jason?


overwhelmed. Thank you very much. Your vote could mean the difference


between your favourite staying or going.


Back to you. Thank you, Tess. Our next couple


tonight is Chelsee Heeley and her partner Pasha. What a night tonight.


They're dancing to the theme from the movie Shrek. The movie features


all the famous cartoon characters like Sleeping Beauty, who sleeps


for a hundred years - big deal - did you counted up all my afternoon


naps! Here they are in training. When I step on to the dancefloor,


it's a very scary feeling. There was a lack of intensity to the


dance. I didn't show what I should have been showing. Just act the


dance more. The steps were great. You nailed them. The passion is the


next step. I enjoyed it so much. To get on that floor and dance each


week, I enjoy it so much. I really don't want it to be the end. It's


coming to the end of the competition. The level of dancing


is really high, and judges are looking for better and better


performances each week. I am kind of proud of myself for once. I


never thought I would get this far. This week I am dancing the jive to


a song from the movie Shrek. Come on, Princess, smile. Apparently I


am playing the Us Princess, a beautiful long dress, a tiara. I


reckon it's probably the nearest I'll get to being a Princess.


trip was organised to Shrek, the Musical in the West End, so it will


help me get into character. people in there will help you get


all dressed up into character. you on stage. OK, Chelsee, are you


ready? Aaaah! # Hey, now, you're an all-star #


There has been some sort of mistake. Look at me. You look perfect.


thought you said I was going to be a Princess. But you are a Princess,


Princess Fiona. That's how she looks. But definitely still a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Princess? That's how she looks. They deserve that. Chelsee, have a


look. Look. And down here. Acknowledge them here. And the


judges were jumping up and down. What a dance! What a dance. What a


dance! Huh? That was really good. Thank you! Oh, my darling, I'm


telling you, the fairy tale really has a happy ending. This gets you


fast-tracked to the semis, I am sure. Absolutely. It was wonderful.


OK. Craig? It is, darling, a little disconcerting, I have to say. I


love the routine. You need to pick your knees up a little bit more.


It's a small detail, but it was incredible.


BOOING I was just saying it was incredible.


Applause. Details. OK. Who cares! Who cares. On the ceiling.


goodness sake! I got in just before Len there. If you're not back next


week, I'll pickle me walnuts! did I say? What did I say? And


Alesha, my darling. Chelsee and Shrek, you look amazing. Listen. It


was cute. It was fun. It was punchy and playful. You were kicking and


turning like nobody's business. You found your dance. It was incredible.


Thank you so much. Yes! And I know I turned down the part


of the donkey, but it was so wonderful to watch you... Thank you,


Bruce. And the atmosphere - you have given us a wonderful finish to


Wow, in a word - a bit green around the - a bit off colour there, Pasha.


Can you hear me?! You were described as a Princess earlier on


in the competition. Now you actually got to play one tonight.


How did it feel? Amazing. Princess dress - it's just a shame about the


Prince. All he needs is a Prince. Do you feel like you're starring in


your own Strictly bonanza of a movie? Um, I don't know! "Fairy


tale fast tracked to the semis" 39 out of 40 - your highest score,


Chelsee... Yes. And the best reaction to a ten all night. Right.


Jot down the number and call when lines open very shortly if our


Chelsee's jive had you up in the aisles cheering. We're two weeks


from the final in Blackpool. Can you believe it, Chelsee? No. It's


coming up. Do you want to be there? I would love to, yeah. That's it.


All of our scene-stealing couples have brought us blockbuster


performances tonight. Here is how Remember, you can change that


because the phone lines are now open.


Get voting. 8.30pm they close. Details can be found at


bbc.co.uk/strictly. Brendan? Here to help to remind me of those


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


I hope you agree it's been a silver screen classic, and I'm sure our


movie stars didn't disappoint. Next weekend it's the semi-finals, but


alas for one couple their ballroom dream will be gone with the wind,


unfortunately. Pick up the phone and dial those numbers because your


votes can change everything. Your stars really do need you. In the


Results Show tomorrow at 7.25pm, Tess and Claudia will say a sad


cheerio to one of our couples. It's sad, but that's what's going to


happen, and we'll be back in the ballroom next Saturday at the


slightly earlier time of 6.30pm because they'll be doing two dances


Lights, camera, action! Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly invite you to take a front row seat as Strictly Come Dancing transports us to the movies. Grab some popcorn and get comfortable!

Will our six remaining couples give an award winning performance on the Strictly dancefloor, and can they convince our own harsh critics - Craig, Len , Alesha and Bruno - to give them a rave review?

Voting lines will open at the end of the show. Once judges' scores have been added to viewer votes the lowest scoring couple will sadly have to leave the competition in Sunday night's results show.

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