Week 11 Strictly Come Dancing

Week 11

Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly present the Strictly Come Dancing semi-final, as the five remaining couples kick, spin and chasse their hearts out for a place in the grand final.

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Week's Strictly blockbuster cast delivered a movie special. There


were top-ten reviews. Ten. Our princess's fairytale


routine had everyone green with envy. Fast-track to the semi!


Mr Blond's highlights were cut short!


A little bit like a rabbit doing a trot! Our footballer got a red card.


And our Famous Five go mad in the ballroom. They've got two dances to


get their heads around. Ahhh!


Ahhh! The grand final at Blackpool beckons. Who will face this


weekend's double elimb nation? feeling sick. Who will get to see


the ill lum nations? Pick me. please. This is Strictly Come


Live from Television Centre, this is the Strictly Come Dancing semi-


final. Please welcome your hosts, Sir Bruce16 -- Sir Bruce Forsyth




Well, yes! We've done it. You can see through that!


I know you can. There we are. Well, just sit down.


I thought they were going! You're not going anywhere. Strictly


Come Dancing - it's nice to see you, to see you.... AUDIENCE: Nice.


is nice to see you. Two of our couples will leave us before next


week's final in Blackpool. feeling very nostalgic actually.


This is our last night in this studio.




RUSSELL GRANT RODE THE Bull just there. That is where Robbie hit his


nose on the camera. I remember! And that's where Nancy went wrong.


There, and there, and over there, there...


In fact everywhere. Everywhere - yes!


Our five remaining couples are dancing for next week's grand final.


They'll have to do it the hard way - by dancing twice. Tonight, they


have to give it everything they want, if they want to reach


Blackpool. Double the fear - it's a ballroom blowout. Shall we unleash


them? Consider them unleashed! It is time to meet the stars of


Strictly. Waterloo Road's Chelsee Healey and


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE There they all are.


Looking fabulous. Tonight the judges will score the routines and


our couples will be rankeden the leaderboard. Those scores will be


combined with your votes. We will open the phone lines at the end of


the show. You'll have your favourite into the final. We have


Karen Hardy and her co-host is Fern Britton. The first couple tonight


is Harry Judd and his partner, Aliona.


They are popular! Now then, Harry asked me if I


thought he was getting on all right with his dancing. I said, "Getting


on all right? Haven't you heard all the women scream when you wriggle


your hips? You're not only getting on all right, you're getting on my


nerves!" he's become a rival. Here I really felt the nerves last week


because I knew there was no rom for error. I am beyond -- room for


error. I am beyond nervous. I knew the pressure was on. Someone's


dreams are going to be left on the cutting room floor. I tell you what,


it won't be you. I am so happy. Although I was pleased with our


dance we were third from bottom on the leaderboard. When I found out


we were through I actually screamed out. I did the loudest silent


scream I've ever done. I am just pleased. We are through to one more


week. Semi-finals. This week we have two dances, the


Charleston and the Viennese waltz. They are different, real contrasts.


Blackpool is the home to ballroom dancing. To get the chance to dance


there would be insane. I'd be lieing if I said I didn't want to


win, but I would love everyone to do well. I would just like to do a


little bit better. What's wrong, Harry? I cannot stop thinking about


what all the others are up to. What if they're better than me?


can't worry about that. I have an idea.


OK, you'll need this, all right? I'll stay in contact.


One, two, three, four.... Aliona, have you got me?


I can't help but have the feeling that someone's watching us. Been


compromised, abort, abort, abort! What's wrong with this? It's worse


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 114 seconds


than I thought. We've got practise CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


You can't stop these people! Look at that, Harry. They are wild about


Harry. I tell you that. While you two take a breather, it's a good


time to welcome our fabulous singers, Dave Arch and his


wonderful orchestra. That was marvellous. Not forgoting our


judges. Welcome the judges. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. They are all


getting ready, of course, for the long bus ride up to Blackpool.


Craig will be watching DVDs, Len will read a book. Alesha will read


her magazines. For six hours Bruno will be singing "The Wheels on the


bus Go Round and Round." I wish we could do it tonight, but maybe


another time. Two things were revealed, Aliona's middif and your


talent. I tell you what, that's the way to start a semi-final. I'm Just


Wild About Harry. I said it a few weeks ago, nothing has changed. If


you can come out and do a Viennese waltz to that standard, you will be


at the Tower Ballroom. Off you go. Go on, off you go.


Here he is. We salute you, yes, we are all wild about Harry. A


standing ovation. Can you believe you are just one dance away? From


the grand final? I cannot believe I am still here. There are five of us


left. It has been an amazing experience. Such talented people


left. I am pleased to be here. have set the benchmark with that.


Do you think your Viennese waltz can maintain the standard? I hope


so. We will always do our best. We'll see. The scores are ready.


What about that, Harry? One point off perfection - 39 out


of 40. You have set the standard. Anyone more nervous than you were


before? Brilliant! Fabulous! Jot down the number.


Call at the end of the show if you are wild about Harry and you want


him to dance in the final next week. Please don't call until we let you


know that lines are open. If you do it will not count and you may be


charged. This week we have double


elimination. Our semi-final has liftoff. Did you enjoy that ladies




Now, for our next couple Alex Jones and her partner, James.


Now Alex has been nursing a bit of an injury this week. To make sure


she doesn't make it worse she's going to dance in a Welsh way. A


Welsh way... I said, how do you mean a Welsh way. She said


"Caerphilly." I said, "Lo vleeee." Stupid joke.


Anywhere, here they are in training. Last week, everything was looking


good. The dress was lovely, the story was lovely. Then it just went


horribly wrong. There's nothing wrong than being out there dancing


and think, here I go, I'm stuck and I don't know what to do about it.


can tell... She is disapointed. loved the dance. You came out and


really sold it. Just that little incident, but well done to you.


Love them. It was a mess. They could have really slated us.


results are in. In my head I expected the worst.


Alex and James.... I cannot believe I'm still here.


How did that happen? This week, we are dancing the waltz


and the salsa. This won't go well. We are dancing


to a song called 1-2-3-4. Counting to the music should be easy. It's


not. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


Robbie and I used to say, oh, there are the glad yea ters. Harry, Jason,


Holly and Chelsee. Now it is those four and it's me! I want her to


If I had known he was that easy I could have become a gladiator in


week two. Come on - get up, we have training to do.... Now!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 114 seconds


Dancing the waltz Alex Jones and They won't keep in their seats,


look! Look at that. It was beautiful. I tell you


something, Alex, you've turned into a natural dancer. Oh, thank you.


Natural dancer. Alesha? You know, I was thinking, it's such a shame


that you've doubted yourself in the past because it's dancing like that


why you're in the semi-final, why you deserve to be in the semi-final.


Remember where you started and where you are now. You've, a long


way. You should be really proud. Improvement. You must look at it,


at your first week. You really are the belle of the ball. Elegant,


poised, graceful, lovely spins and I particularly liked the face to


face, out of hold section, which is so difficult. You were so in touch


with him. It was like the anticipation of a moment that was


going to last forever. She's absolutely right, you've improved


leaps and bounds. Great to see. then, Craig? You lost your neck on


occasion, largely due... When did you lose that? Due to the raising


of the shoulder. Moving forward on the heel was missing a lot, but I


have to agree with these guyed, you have come such a long, long way.


You really have. Incredible. What about you, Len? You looked


beautiful. You danced beautiful. You deserve to be here in this


semi-final. Don't doubt it. Well done. There you are. Encouragement.


I'm so thrilled for you. Off you go. Four months in, do you feel lick a


natural dancer now? No! Oh, come on. No James has worked tirelessly and


we're still in the semi-final is a shock to both of us. We're so


pleased to be here. Judges have spoke about your improvement. Has


it been harder this week learning steps for two different dances?


It's been a bit a nightmare, it has. But you know, we also thought it


could be our last week. Hopefully the salsa's all right. That's


coming up. Could go either way. The Well done. Really good. Very strong


Five couples, two dances, one dream - the chance to dance for the


glitterball trophy. Who's going to get your vote? Back to you, Bruce.


Now for our next couple, Chelsee Healey and her partner, Pasha.


CHEERING She is a little sweet heart. Last


week, shell see dances to a song from the movie Shrek. They had all


the props, a castle and even a donkey, over in this corner here.


She said "Was that the first time you've ever had a donkey on the


Strictly dance floor?" I said, "Oh, no, in nine series, we've had lots


of donkeys! And a few silly asses. No names, but we know who they R


and so do they. Right, here they are in training.


There was a lot of pressure last week. It had to be amazing to get


to the semi-finals and I haven't got a clue how we done it. This


gets you fast tracked to the semi-s. If you're not back next week, I'll


pickle my walnuts. To get such an amazing score, especially off Len,


that's the best score Len's given me. You were superb. Thank you so


much, Bruce. That means so much. mean it. To be top of the


leaderboard is one of the best feelings. It puts you on such a


high. No-one could bring me down. It was a brilliant feeling. I


thought we was going to go the first week, to still be here in the


semi-finals is just a dream come true.


I'm dancing the paso doble, as well as the American smooth. It's double


the time, it's double the work. It's double the pressure. I'm never


going to get two dances ready. The character for the American smooth


is more of a Princess. The paso doble is more of a proud, feisty


woman. Do you want to go to Blackpool? Yes. Well, then get off


your phone, stop booking your trip there. You'll get there by dancing


well. What's up? I have an idea. What are you doing? I'm going to


check out the competition. Maintenance, come to check the


lights, mate. No worries. Are you that guy off the dancing programme?


Strictly, yeah. That's right. you think that


# Too many broken hearts... # No, that's Jason. He's my favourite.


I think the lights are OK now. We need to crack on, we have serious


competition. Well, you better Dancing the American smooth,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 114 seconds


Dancing the American smooth, CHEERING AND APPLAUSE You are


wonderful, you really are. Look at them. Look at these people!


CHEERING That was lovely. That was, was that


for Blackpool that merry-go-round thing at the end? Yeah. Did you


enjoy that? I loved it, yeah. look lovely doing it, I tell you


that. Lovely. Bruno start us off. Chelsee my darling, let me say that


you have an almost a natural shine, it's like a south sea pearl. Are


you glowing when you are dancing. Your upper body fluidity is


extraordinary. The way you phrase the music, you have an instinct to


go from fast to slow, to stay in a movement in the way that your


dances, it takes years to master. Have you that naturally. It was


beautiful. There was that split, you got stuck in the split, drop to


the floor a little bit. Otherwise it was excellent. Len? Let's see


what Craig has to say? Your arms are absolutely exquisite, they


really, really are. I have to say, for someone slightly vertically


challenged, you create an enormously long, - I don't know


what that means? Short darling. You create beautiful long lines. It's


fantastic to watch. The shoulder lift for me was less impressive. I


thought that was slightly ugly to be honest. Just getting in and out


of it, there was a wobble, a bent leg, coming out of it wasn't nice.


Some moments felt slightly rushed as well. You were rushing into some


of the moves rather than going through the moves. And of course,


that Nazi bent leg on the drag split was hor -- that nasty bent


leg on the drag split was horrific. But I thought it was terrific.


Len? Chelsee Healey, it was like the Chelsea Flower Show, full of


lovely moments, beautiful. In full bloom, you were. There I loved the


way, it was like daffodils blowing in the breeze, lovely and smooth


round the floor, absolutely great. Bruno is right, there was a little


incidents on the splity thing, but you know, no, it was good. Trust me,


it was good. Chelsee and Pasha, off you go!


CHEERING In full bloom tonight, our Chelsee.


Yes, blossoming like a beautiful flower. Any nerves out there. You


couldn't see it. Yeah. I'm still shaking. Yeah. It's a different


atmosphere tonight. Yeah. A lot of tension. You're in touching


distance of the final. Can you quite believe the fairy-tale?


No. Enjoying it? I'm loving it. is speechless. Pasha, time after


time your girl has delivered, hasn't he? She's wonderful. And


she's a hard worker. Thank you Paddy Ashdown.


-- Pash. There's a ten in there. I want to


see that smile, there it is. Write down this number and call later, if


you think Chelsee deserves to be in the grand final next Saturday.


Looking forward to that, do you want to be there? Yeah, more than


anything. Your vote could sends your favourite through. You have


that power. Back to you Bruce. Now, I couldn't hear you Tess!


Right, now for our next couple, Holly Valance and her partner Artem.


APPLAUSE Now Holly has been doing some


modelling this week. She was photographed covered head to toe in


gold paint. Just like in the Bond movie. Remember that? She said,


"Bruce, if you saw me covered in gold paint, what would you do? I'd


stick you in an envelope and send you off to get some cash for gold."


Might be worth a few bob that. Here they are in training.


After finding herself in the bottom two twice in a row, Holly was


determined not to make it a hat- trick on Saturday night. I felt


paso was fighting for my place in the competition and I loved it. I


loved swishing my skirt around. I loved getting to stomp my feet to


the beat. That, my darling, must be your personal best. Amazing.


loved that this week you're really fighting. You've stepped it up a


notch. Good for you. Ten. I have never got a ten for anything in


life. We just got into the semi- finals. We have two very tricky


dances, the charleston and Argentine tango. It's all hopping


and jumping. This week is even more difficult than I could have


imagined. Oh, that's hard. I'm trying not to drop dead. We're both


feeling the pressure. Wre not on schedule, where we're supposed to


I'm not sure what's going to happen. We are all at a level now where the


competition is so difficult. That was much better. I know everyone is


going to bring their A game. I'm going to rely on healthy sabotage


Harry, what's wrong with you? have no idea.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 114 seconds


Great song choice. What's that? D CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Holly look. Artem, look. There they are. They loved it.


It was classy. That was a classy, classy tango.


Craig, start us off. Quiet, controlled. Sedubg ive. The


rotation. I loved that little story there. You were reacting completely


to Artem's lead. It was absolutely gorgeous.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Sum it up in one word, Craig - it


was classy. I'm not usually a lover of props


and things, but I thought that worked really well. It was clever.


It was clean and, may I just say, watching this semi-final, it's


really difficult to believe, not only yourself, Holly, but all of


our celebrities, they are only beginners. To see the standard of


dancing we have seen, it's fantastic. Well done!


Well said. Very well said. Now then, Alesha. You created some


beautiful lines. Your leg extensions were stunning. With you,


Holly, I have to say, I don't think you have been given enough credit.


Last week and tonight show you are a real contender. This style of


dance suits you. You are, you are.


Holly, I love the concept, beautiful, bad and dangerous.


Coiled in the chair, when you strike to be handled with extreme


care and attention because you don't know what you're getting


yourself in for. With promises, promises to be fulfilled later on.


Apart from the dancing, it was very, very good.


It was played extremely well. I got He got it and you had it. Off you


go. You've got it, off you go. Lovely and Artem - a good job with


High praise from the judges. Well deserved. A real contender. Craig


said he loved the story. Did you enjoy telling the story? I loved it.


It is one of my favourite dances. I am glad to still be here and to


have done it. It was intense and fabulous. You've had teared in --


tears in training this week. How demanding has it been? Double the


workload in half the time. We're not professionals, these guys know


what they're doing in two seconds. It's overwhelming. I think we're


all in the same exact boat. Double the dancing, double the training,


talking the pressure. Let's see if Come on then.


Write down this number: Call when the lines open later F


you would like to see Holly give a towering performance in Blackpool


next Saturday. Do you want some of that action? I want a lot of action.


All right then! Nearly four months have past and all our stars are


feeling the ballroom burn. Who can handle the heat? Over to you,


Bruce!. Yeah! Over to you, Bruce! Next up


is Jason Donovan and his partner, Kristina.


Now, his first dance tonight is a samba. It is to a famous Michael


Jackson track. He's very worried about getting it wrong. I said,


well if you get it wrong, don't blame it on the sunshine.


Don't blame it on the moonlight, don't blame it on the good times,


just blame it on the boogie. # Just blame it on the good times


# Just blame it on the.... AUDIENCE: Cheers.


Be quiet, I'll clear this place. And you, you'll be the first to go.


Right, here they are in chaining. -- in training.


The week was incredible. It looked like it was going to be the perfect


night. It was a very special performance. I loved it. The scores


came in, positive all around. Unfortunately we found ourselves in


the bottom two. Jason and Kristina. It's not the


greatest feeling in the world. I was disappointed. Kristina of


course was ex -- extremely upset. I'm worried about you.


I was sad and emotional. Like I thought I was not ready for the


journey that I expected to be over. The couple leaving tonight is


Robbie and Ola. I would have been gutted to have left in the quarter-


finals. We will come back in the semi-finals with something I am


really, really proud of. This week we are dancing the


argentin tango and the samba. I have to say, they could not be more


different. Dance like nobody's watching. She's the man! Why did


you wait three months to tell me that! You want to get out there and


give it something. The idea of the samba is just to go out there and


enjoy yourself, get the hand movement going, the hip movement. I


am thinking of having a great time. Three, four, five.... Am I worried


about the other guys in the competition? No!


Can you give me five? OK, so I'm a little bit curious,


but I am not worried... Much! Dancing the samba Jason Donovan and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 114 seconds


D CHEERING AND APPLAUSE You didn't let us down.


What a couple you are. All right, Len? It was full of all


the steps I like to see. Running promenades. I saw so many steps I


can recognise. Plus, your bum was going to town. I tell you what!


Give it some. Go on my son give it a bit of welly! What happened to


you, you get over excited and you lose the timing a little bit. You


get mixed up in the euphoria of the whole thing. You lost the timing


here and there, but full of energy. Well done to you.


Right, Alesha, my darling. Jason, I am sure you were worried when you


got the samba for the semi-final. Believe me, you have nothing to be


worried about. You created fun. You created a wonderful atmosphere. You


created the spirit of the samba. That's what we wanted to feel.


And Bruno? Well, you got carried away by the moment. Wigling your


bum, bright and gay. You lost the timing and you know, once you lose


it in a dance that is so rhythmic, it's difficult to get back on it.


It was more fun than singing the mar di gras. A bit messy, but fun!


Craig? There was a massive fusion of energy which we always get from


you. You come in 100%, which is fantastic. Sadly a little bit out


of time, which we talked about. You could have done without the daddy


dancing moment over there. I would have eliminated that. I like the


infusion of disco and samba. Have a little sip of that - you've


earned that. Otherwise I get the teeth over the mouth.... James


knows the story. Big smiles. samba is a notoriously difficult


dance. You don't want it really in the semi-final. How was it for you?


I have to say, at this point in the competition it's about having fun.


Going out there and enjoying yourself. That's what we did


tonight. We found ourselves in a position last week and you know,


you know, I guess at this point you just have to enjoy it. That's what


we tried to do tonight, have some fun. The judges mentioned lost


timing, the audience didn't notice it. Let's hope the cameras were on


side. What can we expect from your Argentine tango? Some fire.


Gosh, I hope, not a bit of tension. Not your highest zor date, but


strong all the same. Will you talk us out with that. Yes! Make a note


of this number: Call later if you want to keep Jason clear of the


bottom two elimination positions this week. We've reached the half-


way stage. Five dances down, five new dances to come. Let's look at


It's only halfway and every one of our couples has another chance to


impress tonight. They've done famously well already. They're


searching for the elusive Time good get the glitterball ready


for the final. It's gone! Time to call in five intrepid explorers.


say, Len, what the devil seems to be the bother? I need you to find


the glitterball. Listen, old boy, is there a reward? Like lashings of


Ginger Beer? No, but I can offer you a trip to Blackpool. Oh, Len,


you are a brick. This is a perfect job for the Famous Five. Or how


about the super six. Brendan! thought I could be like your knight


in shining armour and help with the quest. No! Where shall we jolly


well start? With the obvious, Russell Grant. What did she say?


I'm not entirely sure. Let's start with Russell Grant.


Look at those trousers, they're so triegt. We know it's you. Give us


our trophy. How very dare you. I have enough glitterballs in my life,


thank you very much. If not you, which devil took it? Between us, I


saw Craig acting suspiciously earlier on. I always knew he was a


bad egg. You're my little secret. They'll never see you. You're all


mine. Hold it right there, mister. I knew it. Well, what can I say.


We're looking for the glitterball. Have you seen it? No, not since


last year. Of course, last year's champion, Kara. Now what's she


saying? Oh, the poor girl is hungry. Who the devil could it be? The 2010


champion, Kara. That's what I said! Come on. Kara, did you really take


our trophy? Actually I think you'll find that it's mine until the final.


Wait a minute... Brendan! I just wanted the chance to hold it one


last time. Not likely, chum. Another victory for the Famous Five.


What she said. Hooray! Enjoyable that, wasn't it? Very nice. We now


go into the next phase. First up is Harry and his partner Aliona. As


you know, they're doing two dances each. Lots and lots of stamina will


be needed. I promise, I'll do my best to keep going.


LAUGHTER I go it through -- I go through it


with them, you know. Here's what the judges have to say about Harry


and Aliona. Harry Judd, when a contender.


a semi-finalist, if ever I saw one. I tell you what, very good, you are,


I tell you. Harry's got the lot. He is the complete package. I have a


sneaky suspicion that Harry would always be good. I didn't realise


how G he has surprised me. You make ballroom dancing look cool. He has


the physique. He's very -- it's very important in dance. That was a


very fit, tight, muscular, masculine performance. To execute


the moves if you are not equipped... You know. He has a fantastic body.


Cheek these two out. Also he has great rhythm obviously because he's


a drummer. That really helps him on the dance floor. Harry, you can


dance. Harry Judd's quickstep, that's the level he needs to be at


to make it to Blackpool. That was outstanding. Superb! Very rarely we


see the sway. As well as leading with such confidence, especially in


the turns. He got it right. It was three tens. Harry Judd's Argentine


tango for me I would have liked to have seen a little bit more drama


throughout the dance. I don't think he's a run away winner. If he can


maintain this level of dancer, he can get into the final, but


anything can happen. The second dance of the night is


the Viennese waltz. It's going to be really important. There's no


room to be in the bottom two. The bottom two go home. This week we've


got to give it that extra push. Getting to the semi-finals has been


amazing. Now I'm here, I would love to go to Blackpool. Now or never.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 114 seconds


Dancing the Viennese waltz, Harry CHEERING AND APPLAUSE They're still


wild about Harry and Harry's wild about them. Beautiful. A lovely


second dance. Beautiful. Really, really well. Now then, I can't stop


them. Alesha? Harry, why have you been


hiding behind the drums for so many years? You are such a talented guy.


That was exquisite. It was confident, effortless, just


beautifully played. I'm so happy for you.


We all are. And Bruno? Harry, the Prince and the show girl. The


romance unfolding, with every step was so perfectly judged, so


perfectly placed, so perfectly driven. It had class. It had


romance. It had style. I'm telling you, you're dancing royalty.


Craig? It's a slightly odd Viennese for me because it was despondent


and sort of melancholy which I thought was a very interesting take


on it. Because normally it's like really fast moving, but this was


just gorgeous to watch, I've got to say, to the point of being


smouldering, it really was. I would just move your head slightly to the


left, a little bit more. Just a little bit more and then I possibly


wouldn't have spotted on the fleckerl, but that's just personal


choice I think. Just move your head slightly to the right I think.


Right, OK Len. A couple of bars walking down the stairs into a


contracheck, straight into the fleckerl no, messing about.


Beautifully executed. Lovely natural turns, reverse turns.


Lovely sway. Beautiful swing of the body throughout. I'm going to be


like Henry VIII, take him to the tower, ballroom, Blackpool.


APPLAUSE Well done. Everybody loves it.


You're so good. You are so good! Go Fair to say the judges absolutely


loved it, in the a dry eye in the house. It was exquisite. Len says


take him to the tower. That was your last shot at getting to the


final. How did it feel? Amazing. Possibly our last dance. Certainly


the last dance here. I want to say thank you to alyonya, just in case


because she's been amazing and the judges' comments are incredible.


But it's down to Aliona's hard work. Bruno said dancing royalty. Your


band mate Dougie has been crowned king... Queen, sorry king. What do


you reckon to a McFly double and you claiming the glitterball trophy.


Dougie's done amazingly well. I'm just happy to still be here. Harry


the humble. You know, there are so many great people here. You just


don't know. Not you Brendan. 39 out of 406789 well done. Shaking


his head in disbelief. Believe it, you're worth it. Head to the left,


to the left, did you get it. What did you think? Call this number


later if you enjoyed Harry's waltz and you'd love him to be one of the


three stars in next Saturday's grand final. Please don't call


until I let you know lines are open. If you do, your vote won't count


and you may be charged. Who will you be voting for? Next up is Alex


Jones and her partner James. APPLAUSE


Now Alex is one of the most improved competitors in the show,


as we said earlier, from a difficult start, she's gone from


strength to strength. Here's what the judges say about Alex and


Alex, look at her, the most improved. Good on her for getting


into the semi-final. I think she's done really well. It was sharp, sta


cato, theatrical, all those wonderful things. It's DVDs, that's


what she lacked. She lacked genuine confidence. -- it's confidence.


That's what she lacked. She lacked genuine confidence. She is


confident to go out there and give it 100%. A confident Alex could get


to Blackpool. Believe in yourself. Go for it all the way. She.tango at


Wembley. All of a sudden, she got it all together. Look at that, what


style. She didn't make any mistakes. Then you know the charleston, the


following week, she got all a bit over the place. I think she has to


be constant. Ballroom, I think she's better. The Latin she still


hasn't the confidence of using all she has to maximum effect. It was


so demure and hesitant. I don't know, it's a performance. Have you


to get into it. For her to be confident on the stage being sexy,


is tricky. I understand it. She's done so well. I thought it was


terrific. Well done. She has an incredible personality, which I


think gets her through as well. She's joyful. She has an incredible


smile. Alex has to prove to the judges, to the viewers and to


herself, she's got to believe she's worthy of this final. This is


basically it. The second dance that we are performing is the salsa.


Because two people will have to leave, it puts massive pressure on


us this week. Now I have to go out there and look confident and


hopefully, we'll -- it will be enough to get us to Blackpool.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 114 seconds


Dancing the salsa, Alex Jones and CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Are you OK?


Smile - it's over. Don't worry. You've done it. You've


got yet another standing ovation. Bruno? Alex, you can come and scrub


my floor any time. Looking like this you'll be booked forever. It's


lovely to see you let your hair down. You response to a man very,


very well. Every time you do the arm passes very well. You let


yourself go. At times, the thing is when you're on your own there are


still moments of uncertainty. You have to rise above that because you


actually have got everything to sell, even when you're on your own.


Don't get lost in the moment and go back to him. You have to sustain.


If you make it to bloobg pool you have to get there -- Blackpool, you


have to get there, show yourself because you've got it.


APPLAUSE Now then, Craig? This routine was a


big challenge, I think for you. I think beyond your skill-set, to be


honest. AUDIENCE: Boos. You throw yourself undeniably into


it without any thought for yourself or concerns. I think that is


totally and absolutely brilliant. I really, really do. It took a bit of


getting here, but you got it there. You're really into it. Full of


personality. Full of gust yo. I was watching your hips go, hip, hip,


horrai, here we go! What I love is you now come out giving it


everything. That's what you did on this dance. That's the way you have


to do it. This is your chance to get into the final. Give it your


all. Because you were attacking the dance so much it lost some of the


finesse. As a performance, top- notch.


Now then, Alesha? I've gree with Len, it was full -- I agree with


Len. It was full on. Alex, please be proud and smile, you did a great


job. A great job! James, you're a lovely pair. Off


Come on, it's over. It's over. Craig says it was a big challenge


for you. Did you enjoy letting your hair down? The thing is it might


have been our last chance. We had to go for it. The funny thing is


yesterday Alex felt self-conscious about doing that dance where she


was in tears and was upset about doing the dance. She went out there,


as Len and Alesha said, she went out there and gave it 100%. I love


a tryer, and she is a tryer. We all love a tryer. How will you feel if


this was your last dance with James? It would be absolutely


devastating. If it's time to go, it's time to go. I am so proud of


her, really. The scores are in. The I don't think Craig likes me and


he's taking it out on Al elect. I think he's jealous because I have a


peachy bottom and he doesn't. Let's not go there. I love you!


All of our stars are feeling the effects of four months' of dancing.


They are digging deep to reach the Nexts up is Chelsee and Pasha.


It's been a fairytale experience for Chelsee, from the first time


she stepped on to the dance floor she's wanted to be a princess. Will


she end up as the Queen of the ballroom? Here's what the judges


Chelsee, what a surprise. Latin, ballroom, everything. What more


could you want in the semi-finals. In the beginning I did not expect


to see the level of technique that she has shown. Week after week on


this show. You are starting to tick all my boxes. Well done. You know


when I realised how good she was? This quickstep. First class.


ended too soon. She attacks. She comes out, 100%, plenty of welly.


Go on... I don't like to say go on Chelsee. I say go on West Ham!


This is a young girl. She has a sentence of rhythm. She comes and


does ballroom. Natural lines, posture. She moves her feet


beautifully. It takes people years to go through this, continue and


never lose the musicalty. You do it beautifully. Chelsee is the


revelation. Energy like you cannot believe. She's a firecracker. Look


at her go! Chelsee, you're a fire. You keep


dancing like that and nobody's going to put you in the corner.


Pasha, he has the confidence time and time again to let her start on


her own, doing her own thing. My worry is, has she got the


confidence to see it through to the final? The final is so close. It's


so near, yet so far. The judges have always had


brilliant comments, brilliant criticism at the same time. So, for


me to do well this week, and hopefully not disappoint them and


to get to the finals, it would be - - mean the absolute world to me.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 114 seconds


Dancing the paso doblely Chelsee What about that? You are a


characterisation. Was that a paso doble? Yeah, paso


doble. They love you. Thank you.


All right, Chelsee. They won't stop. Chelsee, tell them to stop.


You don't want them to stop. Did you enjoy that? Yeah, I absolutely


loved it. You absolutely loved it. We all loved it. It was wonderful.


What did you think? Paso- personifyed. That was absolutely


amazing, fantastic. You are the most incredible dancer. Honestly!


It's gob-smackingly good. There we are, Len? Full of mood,


full of attitude. Lovely focus between the two of you. What I love


about the paso doble when I see it performed properly is the shaping,


the whip it and wait. Fast in, wait. Move on again. That's what we got.


Paso doble - it was fantastic. Well done!


Paso doble it was. Chelsee, you are performing like a true dancer. That


was so interesting to watch. Full of content. I am a little bit


speechless. Honestly, honey, I don't think you realise how good


you are. It was dynamic. You deserve to be in the final. Thank


you so much. I keep telling you and you never


believe me! She doesn't. She doesn't believe me.


Chelsee, look at me. Hot - oh, I could feel the continuous,


relentless flow of heat, pressure and steam. It was like the build-up


of a storm in the soreching plain of Spain! The flammingo part - it


was superb. Fabulous! The paso doble - off you go. Lovely,


The Pasha doble, the new name. You are finding it easy? He's a good


looking lad. There's still hope. Do you think you have done enough to


make the final three? I really, really hope so. It would be a dream


come through. -- true. I cannot put The first 40 of the competition.


So far, Chelsee... Well done, you. That is incredible. How does it


feel? We don't know yet! You're the first. I'm speechless.


Pasha's been amazing. You've not been bad yourself!


Write this number down: Call later. If you want to see


Chelsee run out on to the dance floor in just seven days' time.


Enjoy it. Next week's final promises to be


our biggest and best yet. If you have a 3D telly it will be a


Strictly first for you, you can watch it in 3D. It is being shown


in select cinemas across the Have you got your 3-D glasses


Oh, yeah. Our next couple are... Holly Valance and her partner Artem.


What an eventful time they've had on Strictly. Here's what the judges


say about them: Good golly Miss Holly. A worthy semi-finalists. But


can she get to Blackpool? This competition is all about not where


you start, but where you finish. I tell you your finishing strong.


It's not how you go, it's how you land. She's got everything you'd


want in a dancer and you think, this girl is going to be brilliant.


She hardly does mistakes. The placement is G the lines are good.


It looks incredible. Then she seems to switch off. Please just let go.


Don't ab frayed. Baby, you've got it. She's needs to keep the energy


level up all the way through the dance. You saw more fire in her


eyes in the foxtrot, especially with the leg kicks. She was doing


it at the camera I was like "go on girl!" Breath taking, sexy hot.


Everything I wanted from you. Lake was so risky, special. Lovely.


What a number, it was terrific. I loved it. It was beautiful. At that


point in the competition, I thought this girl could keep going from


strengtodge strength. This, for me, is the dance that shows you're a


real contender. Artem had an injury. Then she danced with Brendan. She's


had an up and down journey. Once you get to this level, can you not


be careful. This is it now. We are aiming towards the title. If she


wants to be a finalist, she has to maintain the energy. My second


dance of the flight is the charleston, which is tongue-in-


cheek fun. The semi is my last chance to show the judge that's we


really deserve to be in the Blackpool. In a double elimination


F we give it everything and take a few risks and come out there with


fire and energy, you never know, we might just make it.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 114 seconds


Dancing the charleston, Holly There you go. Holly and Artem, yes!


OK. Right Len? It was a charleston with a modern twist. When the music


started I thought, I'm not going to like this. But as it went along, I


grew to enjoy it. You had great swefls. It could have been a tad


slicker. Coming into the twists. I would have like today more slick.


Overall very entertaining. Alesha? It was a modern take on the


charleston. I loved it. The beginning was cool, DJ Valance was


brilliant. You're all exhausted at this stage, it's a real fight to


get to the end. You fought your way throughout that dance. I want to


commend you for stepping out of your comfort zone. I know that's


not a style we're used to seeing you in. Good for you.


I have to praise you really for taking rifpgz. Because really


sometimes you have to push the boundary to open people's minds. I


loved the contemporary interpretation. I've never seen


anything like this before. It had some swing, contemporary, the


street. The concept of the scratching. The concept was


brilliant. There were a few moments of hesitation here and there. It's


hard to mix these things. It was excellent. It's great to see people


trying new things. And Craig? Well, I guess I've got


to thank you Artem for taking these humungous risks because if you


didn't, then we'd all be living in the 50s. I think it's wonderful. I


loved the idea of a swung charleston. It was brilliant. Was


it danced well? Sort of. Did I love the idea? Absolutely. It's sort of


like vegemite, you either love it or hate it. And I love it. Stp.


You conquered the modern charleston Holly. Do you think you might make


it through? I wouldn't say I conquered it. But I didn't die at


end. No. That was the hardest dance I've ever done. It was very


complicated, but brilliant. It was a lot of fun. I loved that we got


to do something modern. Out of your comfort zone and you went for St t.


34 out of 40. They felt the fear and they did it any way. Write down


this number and call when lines open later, if you think Holly


deserves a place to dance in next week's grand final. You want a shot


at it? I'd like to have a go. more semi-final routine to go and


this promises to be a cracker. Next tonight is Jason Donovan and


his partner Kristina. APPLAUSE


Now, as an actor, it's no surprise that Jason has brought drama to


every single routine he's performed. Here's what the judges say about


Jason, I tell you what, he can sell it. He's a performer. That's That's


helped him get to this semi-final. You are a real showman. You were in


character even before the music started. Jason started really,


really strong. Three weeks on the spin, he was top of the leaderboard.


Magnificent routine. Jason Donovan is in cha-cha-cha. He is a natural


performer. He has got good technique. He puts so much pressure


on himself, I mustn't go wrong, and when you're doing that, you go


wrong. That amazing jive. It started brilliantly. You could see


winding himself up. Then he lost the side flicks, and he was just


amazing up till then. The rumba... Please don't hate me I got a little


bored. I wanted to feel that sparkle and chemistry. For a man,


it's much easier for the girls. can stand there and wiggle about.


Exactly and look sexy. Oh, I like it when you look sexy. Stop it.


Such drive, you were back in the zone tonight. His performing is


fantastic. His facial features are amazing. He railly works the


expression. Nobody can accuse you of using botox. What he does he


does well. But he can't keep making mistakes. He has to relax and not


lose the showmanship if he wants to get to Blackpool.


We are one step away from that final. Our second dance tonight is


the Argentine tango. It is full of fire, full of passion. It's has to


be very powerful and strong. Everybody says I put a lot of


pressure on myself. I believe in working hard, but I also believe in


having lots of fun. This week I'm going to go out and have a great


time. It's the semi-finals. I've got nothing to lose. Let's hope the


competition is scared. Dancing the Argentine tango, Jason


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 114 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE So many standing ovations. That was


wonderful. Look at them. Look at this reaction.


Even Alesha. Come on Jason. Jason, let me tell you, it was clean, it


was sparp. You started so seductive on the stage. And it built and


built. It was so aggressive. I felt you acted it brilliantly. You owned


that dance. Sorry Bruce. I'm really excited!


was going to say, it was your turn to talk any way. Sorry. I haven't


said this for a few years, I'm in charge. Bruno. Jason, it was like


watching death by Kristina. A ferocious and relentless attack to


the senses. It was like a fight to It was wonderful. Don't look all


round there, it was wonderful. Craig? I'd put that woman on an


assault charge, darling, after that. Incredible! Lastly, Len? Jason, if


you're going to do your best dance of the series, what better time


than the semi-final. Yes! Go on the pair of you. It was superb.


Wow! What a rousing finale. You owned that dance. Could you have


done any more to get into the final? I just feel very emotional


about the whole experience, if the truth be known. Because we've


worked so hard up until this point. Everyone is very tired. We're going


out there tonight, doing our absolute best. Whoever makes it to


the final next week, absolutely deserves it, because this is tough.


After that, you should be in. The A maximum score. Congratulations.


We've got another one in the semi- final.


We've been striving for that all series. Make a note of the number


if you don't want Jason to miss out on the chance to dance in the grand


final next weekend. I know you don't want to miss out Jason.


Remember, you the great British public are the fifth judge. Your


vote can be difference between your favourite reaching the final or


going home tomorrow night. That's it! What a finale. All our couples


have danced their hearts out. Not once, but twice. They can do no


more. Jason's on the floor. How does the


The phone lines are now open. The lines close at 8.45pm. Details


can be found at: To help you decide here is a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 114 seconds


Wow - what a night. Our famous five tra -- have travelled this far. The


glitterball beckons. Getting to Blackpool, I would love


to say I did. It's a nice ring to it. I would like to get to


Blackpool as badly as anyone left in the competition. It's the


ultimate Strictly goal. My main obstacle is actually me. I


still don't believe I can dance. I want to get there so bad. It


would be such a big achievement. I would feel so proud of myself. I


would hope that I was making everyone else proud. I will always


remember my kids' reactions, coming home and them waiting for me on the


street. I was almost like the local hero. For us it would be a


completion of a brilliant, brilliant journey. It will not be


an experience we'll ever have again. I am proud of what I've got so far.


To be in right now, that's pretty cool actually. People might say


they are not fussed, but let me tell you now, they are. Everyone


wants to be in that final. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


All of you. I hope you'll agree, it's been a semi-final with ten


standing ovations. There can only be three places in the grand final


next week, which means in the results show sadly two couples'


dreams of winning the glitterball will disappear.


That's right. Lines close at 8.45pm. Pick up the phone and dial those


numbers. Your stars need you to get them into the final. Tess and


Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly present the Strictly Come Dancing semi-final.

The competition is at fever pitch as the five remaining couples kick, spin and chasse their hearts out for one of only three places in the grand final. The pressure is on, as each couple must also perform two dances this week.

Voting lines open at the end of the show. Once the judges' scores have been added to viewer votes, the two lowest scoring couples will sadly have to leave the competition in Sunday night's results show.

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