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Episode 12

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It's Tuesday, coming up on tonight's show, Nancy and Anton


narrowly avoided elimination and survived to dance another day.


They'll be here. Our very own dancing Queen, Karen Hardy, is in


the studio for more choreography corner. I'll chat to Bruce Oldfield


about who or what this weekend.... This is Strictly It Takes Two.


Please welcome your host, Zoe Ball. Our couples are straight back to


business in the training rooms getting ready for their next


performance. On Saturday, Nancy and Anton performed a tango full of


passion, drama and style, aiming for Italian stallion, did they end


up more blooding mule? They'll chat to me in a moment, but let's talk


alike at their weekend story. It had all the tension of a cold


sponge. There was lots of style but no substance.


It was like a plodding mule trudging through mud. It actually


looked like a tango. And you actually looked like you can dance.


Carry on this way. The couple leaving tonight is... Dan and Katya.


We'll try better next week, try and get the dancing up a bit better,


see if we can get better marks from the judges and go from there really.


Please welcome our first couple tonight, Nancy and Anton.


Nancy, you look glorious. Always so nice to see you. It's one of the


best of - parts of Strictly, coming to see you. After being with you!


Have you recovered from your weekend? We haven't recovered yet.


Have you recovered? Just about. Last week is already over. We start


a new routine and now the only sthing to look ahead for next


Saturday -- the only thing is to look ahead for next Saturday.


talk about Saturday. Your costume,, the make-up, the music, did that


all add to the character you played in your tango? Definitely. The


make-up, the costume, it was fantastic. But of course, my


character, the tango quite suits me with the passion, it goes with


Italians and the music was so very passionate. So I was very pleased


to dance that. Never heard Anton be so quiet for so long. Well done!


Thank you very much. In amazement. In previous weeks, you've had


costume dramas, you forgot the steps, did it go according to plan


for you both on Saturday? Why are you so far away? I don't know, do


you want me to get closer. I shoveled up, you shoveled away.


Make your mind up, I'm confused. I feel rejected but I'm not quite


sure why! Did it go according to plan? I thought Nancy danced very


well, I thought the beginning was very strong. The judges didn't


mention the fact that any of the celebrities really danced on their


own, they do something on their own. Nancy did the bit of the dance on


her own, I was at the front row and she's giving it all this. And then


wollop, the leg goes up, perfect time. That's really difficult to do


that and they gave no credit at all. Not only to Nancy, but to any of


the celebrities for anything they do on their own. I think it's


remarkable that they do dancing on their own. If they are watching


this, they'll take note. They probably will, quite frankly, no,


no. They never do! Can you win with the judges, they want more content,


you give it to them... Don't care about the judges any more. Who are


they, I don't even know who they are, there are only four of them,


ten million viewers. So you say you are not dancing for the judges but


the people at home? Of course, this is what the show is about, dancing


for the people watching, the viewers, not the judges. We are not


dancing for the judges. What are they going to do, mark you down?


Thauf already done that. We are so free, we can do whatever we want.


feel rebellious, I might take me tie off! Steady on, Anton!


Online, they are loving it. Trace si said such a huge improvement and


the judges have been too harsh. -- Tracy. You are absolutely right,


Tracey, thank you. Melanie loves you and says she's doing better


than I ever could. How did it feel to be in the bottom two? Well, you


know. Have you been before? Once or twice! Has he been there before?!


Bless you. May I answer? I want you to, I'm over this already, I can't


be bothered. Definitely it's not a nice feeling. It was a new


experience. I love Claudia, but I hope not to see her again. Not on


Sunday! I see what you mean, you don't want to be talking to her


because you will be in the bottom? No, the feeling is not nice. I


never thought to be out to be very honest. I didn't deserve it. Much


better than that Dan. I adore you both, I really do. Let's point out


that the scores are going up, a 12, 14, 20, it's good, going in the


right direction. We like that. Thank you, I do as well. Still


bottom but going up. It's only good if nobody else goes up you see,


when they all go up, we remain the same, so essentially it's rubbish.


Paso Doble, how is it going? Brilliant. Is this going to be the


comeback dance? From what? I'm not sure. We haven't been away have we?


Only from the bottom two, are you going to go up? It's going to be


good. We're going to have lifts in it. We are e we have been lifting


all the time. We should have a troop of matadors and horses.


is a great glimpse into the training room, isn't it? I would


love to talk all night but I have to talk to everyone else. Good luck


with the Paso Doble, Nancy and Anton. You are adorable! There was


a strong emphasis on the choreography which included bold


story-telling, illegal lifts and props and what Len described as too


much messing about. To help us decipher what it meant, who we


Here she is, a close personal friend of Henry Winkler, Karen


Hardy! Loving you and Henry talking on the


red button on Saturday! Right, Broadway in the ballroom this


weekend. We are going to start with Holly and Artem and the tango. What


did you think? Interesting. I've gone the other way with this


performance. I think this girl is incredible. But when I watched this


performance and we saw the whole cage thing going on and saw her


doing lots of solo work, it looked like a pop video, whereas you look


like this, she could have easily done that move in hold so we would


have had much more content. This could have easily been, for me, one


of her beautiful pop shows where she's on her own looking hot and


sexy, but you know what, this is a ballroom competition. Dancing is


movement to music, ballroom dancing is two people moving together. That


makes ballroom. Anita and Robin did the jive. How did Anita co-do for


you? Brilliant. It was brave and brilliant. We had jive content. We


had timing issues which the judges said it looked like she was behind,


but you put a celebrity on their own, it's very hard, they've only


been together a couple of weeks. But there was so much great content


in there, it was jiving, it was bouncing and the props were there


but they didn't take over too much, it was beautiful for me, loved it.


Happy Karen. Let's talk about Rory and Erin and their quickstep. Great


night for them. How did they capture it so well? Listen to this,


da-da-da-da, that for me is really clever because this music is so


special. It basically tells the celebrities what steps to do. So


this then allows the celebrities to relax a little bit more, da-da-da


is making him take that forward step and skip across the floor, he


can get into character. The greatest thing there from Erin, she


chose excellent music and he would have been able to give that Fred


Astaire appeal on the dance floor. Very clever! Two big gold stars.


Yes. Lulu and Brendan and the rumba. I cried watching this, I thought it


was so beautiful. But we can't talk about them without mentioning the


lift. The first thing is, I know it was illegal, but, as a lift, Karen,


was it good? It was a fabulous lift. I'm not going to complain. Look at


it, height, legs in an excellent position, pointing her toes and she


lands very nicely. Lots of great things. But I'm a big no, no, no


with the lifts. Come on, guys. It's trickery, you put lifts in to


create an effect. So what's really going to... You can put all the


effects in now, but those that are learning the steps and the


fundamentals, it's going to come back and save them later in the


show. Let the people put their tricks in, but it's going to go


against them later in the line. I'm glad that Craig picked up on it and


stuck to his guns. She could have held his waist and had a toe on the


floor and got exactly the same effect. I think we know how you


feel about lifts! Yes! Audley and Natalie and their quickstep now.


After being in the bottom two last week, Audley did well in this


dance? He did. But look how he did well. See that step? Now look again,


we are going to repeat it again. Now, repetition of steps is a very


clever way, if people are not maybe getting the dance quick enough,


quickstep is one of the big ones, really hard with lots of fast steps


and we already know with his feet. But look what she does, a little


later none the routine... Is it back? It will come back again.


didn't note thais at all. Notice this at all. He's going into


it for the fourth time and by now, it's confused him, he's gone wrong


there, so there's a point of repetition can be great, especially


there might be one dance in the series that a celebrity's


struggling with, and we've all done it, you repeat the steps, but you


have got to be careful. Four repetitions and I think he lost


where he was, tripped over his own feet there. It's easy to trip over


those feet, they are big! I'm hearing you there. Robbie and


Ola and the tango. Robbie was struggling with spinning in


training last week. What did Ola do here? She added more! Look at this.


With saw a three-step turn with a chair and then we are going to see


her spin again. Basically, to me, she's saying, you


might have motion sickness, but I think you are going to be in this


for the long run and any time we add turn into dance, it creates the


dynamic and it creates an effect. Anything that's flat, so if Robbie


would have done that earlier on, Ola would have made him do three


walks across the stage and three back again, but as she's upping his


game and increasing him, you've got to be turning everywhere. Turn is


the elegance of dance. She's saying, Savage, get on with it, deal with


the sickness. And they did it. Russell and Flavia, much more


ballroom content. Look at this! I love it. He is adorable. Flavia was


very clever to include his trademark gestures, wasn't she?


We had all that beautiful content and here it comes again. Even wants


to say hello to Russell and it's that classic bit of music, he's


living the dream, on the stage, he's at home! So, what I love this


time, we saw way too much of that in the last two performances. She


got it perfect this time. Look, straight back into hold. And


foxtrot is the dance of death to a lot of couples because it's flat


and can be very boring. With that song, that bit of Broadway in the


middle, fantastic number! OK, let's talk about Jason and Kristina in


their tango. You are almost hysterical and we haven't talked


about it. The competition of the campness we've got to say. We've


got camp, we've gone Broadway, got hips and Kristina is living the


moment and suddenly, wow, back into the intensity of it all! He's


saying, I'm in this competition, I will give you your Broadway moment


for the middle bit, beginning, middle and end, that's the


classical Broadway theme, then he said, I'm back into the tango


because this is what everybody will be marking. Loved it. Chelsee and


Pasha and their cha-cha-cha, now, would Chelsee benefit from simpler


choreography? The judges keep saying she's too bouncy and a bit


frenetic? It's not that. I mean, if we have a look, she's got time to


go, I've got a hair in my face, I think I'll remove it. She can


handle all the fast choreography, she's not mastering the techniques.


They do what we say when it grounds a woman, sounds madness. But for


example, a cha-cha-cha, straight legs, lock the legs in, create hip


action. Very important. But what we are getting in every single dance


with Chelsee is bounce, bounce, bounce, as soon as she hits


something like a rumba or the gracefulness of a foxtrot, she's


going to have to learn heels and toes and master the technique.


Choreography is a walk in the park for her. Harry and alowe that that


and their jive. A lot of people loving this, not sure whether it's


because of the pecks or the dancing? You are not so sure?


we've got a lovely couple of weeks coming along. We've got Grease here,


we've got the car, the costumes and the music. It's all too much for


you? All I needed with that was just a great jive because that boy


can do it. We've just got to be careful, we are going to have some


lovely themed events, let's make the mistakes now, but those judges,


as the weeks go on, will be demanding more and more content of


dance. OK. Karen Hardy, as always,


gorgeous! Karen, see you next week, thank you!


I feel like I've learned something. The next couple had a triumphant


night on Saturday, received stellar comments for their simple but


beautiful routine and were rewarded with eights across-the-board. Alex


and James are here in a second but let's relive their memories of the


weekend. James, I think you are being very clever. It was


uncomplicated. Loved it, really, really loved it. It was simply


beautiful. For me, you are the most improved dancer. You look elegant


and dreamy. It was like watching a magical bird stretching its wings


for the first time ready to take flight. It was, as Len said,


absolutely beautiful in its 32! I'm absolutely for the first


time ever I think speechless. Loved it. Is that going totive you


confidence? Yes. Sure? Yes. Thank you. Please give a warm welcome to


Alex Jones and her partner James Jordan.


It's just given me a big blow seeing you come out there. Alesha


said you were the most improved dancer. Well done, that must feel


fantastic? It was a highlight on Saturday and I suppose that's what


this competition is all about, getting a bit better. There was


nothing there to begin with, let's be honest. You could beg to differ


there! I suppose a bit of improvement every week is what it's


all about and just having a brilliant time doing it. It must be


nice for you, James, because Craig call yod clever. True. Surely


that's a first from Craig for you? I thought you meant it was the


first time I've been called clever. It's the first time he said


anything like that to me. But I the routine very simple. You don't need


intricate choreography to create a story or power. Because of the


music being so nice, the dress was so nice, the choreography was very


emotional, I think it sold it. So yes, you can keep things simple.


Broadway week, some might say that's a risky strategy to take,


throwing in props and all kinds, but it was effective. We spoke


about it. We were dancing to memories and didn't want to have


the wagging tails. I did wonder at one moment if you were going to be


Mr Mestopalies and come out with the whole chabang. We kept it


simple. On Facebook, you have had so many lovely comments. Kenny said


James is turning Alex into a serious contender. Look at that!


Loads of comments about how moving and emotional it was. A greet


student. She's teachers' pet at the moment. She is, but it's God to see


though because you are obviously loving it. I'm having the best time


ever. Saturdays are scary, Zoe, they are, they're terrifying.


been there, I know exactly how scary they are. But during the week


building up to Saturday, we have just a great time, pleasing James


and improving a bit, for me, that's what it's all about. Just taking it


week-by-week. I don't think every week it's possible to improve at


the level she has been, you are eventually going to plateau and one


of the dances may not suit her. All the time she's giving me 100% and


trying, that's all I care about and she is, she's very trying!


Oh! In the training room, occasionally, there are three


people in there, we've noticed. Have a look at this! Really. James


says do a step and I'll automatically think step, literally


and go wow and do a huge step like that. She has this thing where she


lifts her feet so high off the floor to take a step. I genuinely


look a bit like Basil Fawlty which is not the look James was going for.


There was a bit of Basil in there. There was. We don't want to


completely lose him, we'll miss him. Hopefully I'll become Darcy


Bussel.: I hope so. Won't happen. Basil. He comes back every Monday,


doesn't he? I fear he may be back for the rumba, to be honest.


have the rumba, it's a tough dance, the dance of love. How are you


finding it? Hm. That good, eh? have only done a couple of hours so


far and it's all new. Like ten hours! Really?! How do you get all


the training in because you are doing the One Show and strictly as


well, you must live here at the BBC. Well, I don't know why I'm paying


rent, Zoe, to be honest. Just get a duvet under the sofa. It's OK, it's


a routine, we meet in the morning and then I do the One Show, and if


I've not been good in the day, we meet in the night after the One


Show, so you can always gauge how the session's gone in the morning.


We are going training after this. You are good students. Good luck


with the rumba. Look forward to seeing Basil on Saturday if we are


really lucky. Alex and James! On Saturday night, the fashion bar


was raised higher than ever before, as the celebrities embraced their


Broadway characters. Some of the girls got wigy with it. Here is a


reMaundyer of who wore what at the Joining me now to cast their expert


eye over the costumes, please welcome fashion designer Bruce


Oldfield and fashion lecture oo that O'Hagan.


Delightful to have you both here. - - Oonagh O'Hagan. Chelsee first in


her cha-cha-cha number. What did you make of her little number?


amazing. The fact that you can put anything on this young girl, you


know, and she'll go for it yourbgs know, she'll just wear it, I loved


it. Looked like something from the '20s or even the '60s. A bit like a


swim suit, '50s like Esther Williams. Yes. Pity there was no


hat to match. Give us some fashion facts about what is going on in her


outfit there? It's 1,500 bugle beads. They're long thin beads,


looking a bit like macaroni and they are each threaded on by hand,


so it's really intense a job in beautiful oranges and pinks.


Beautiful warm, liquid colours here. Why is that particularly good for


the cha-cha-cha? What effect is that going to give? The bugle bead


is used because it's a tube on the thread, it spins and moves. So


rather than using a tassel like you would use for maybe the jive or


Charleston which is a very up and down movement, the bugle beads spin


so it's very much more the twists. I want some attached to me right


now! Come over here. We'll start now!


Anita. She was doing the number from Hairspray. Now, Bruce, when


you saw this outfit, you pulled a funny face. You weren't a big fan?


Bows I don't really like and two bows I really don't like. Is that a


rule never to be broken. Yes, it was Minnie Mouse but right for hair


spri. It was originally going to be a blue colour but they went for


this candy floss pink to make it more camp to tie in with hair spri.


The hemline as well. What is going on with it -- Hairspray. It's wire


to make it stand out like that. It's put on a zig-zag, then they


thread the wire through as it goes and it forces it to do that. It's


got underneath it four layers of pettycoats. That was four different


fabrics, so they moved because they had soft characters, nylons, satin


and fashion fact, six metres of fabric. On each layer? No, she


wouldn't be able to get up. Shield be like a puff Fay. We've got


Lulu's outfit in the studio -- puffe. Black-and-white representing


the Phantom, dancing to a number from Phantom Of The Opera, but


quite '60s as well with the monochrome. Did you lake that,


Bruce? I did. There was a lot of fabric there on rather a petite


woman and it could have been a bit of a tent... Overwhelming. Yes. But


it worked because there were parts that were see-through so you got a


bit of body showing and leg showing, so it kind of worked. It worked foe


me. This is Lulu in the '60s and look at her on Saturday night. She


just looks glorious, doesn't she? Amazing. The same. What is your


secret, Lulu? We all want to know. She looks gorgeous. Tell us about


what is it made from, the dress? The knowledge about the dress. It's


a crepe base, then the scarves of Georgette to give it the romantic


silhouette. Apparently, they were doing that to the last-minute, the


layers and Lulu was discussing how much she wanted because it would be


affect by the actual dance as well. A lot of work went into it. So even


as she was running on to the stage, they're sewing it on. It's like a


fashion show. Very contemporary, this black-and-white as well, very


Chanel. Let's talk about Holly's outfit. We saw the beginning of it


last week which was virtually a cup and a bit of strap and that's how


it ended up. Absolutely stunning. You dress her, don't you? From time


to time, yes. It's very, very nice. She has got a figure, you know,


she's not a stick insect. She's a woman with shapes and curves.


That's why we all love her. She's got curved. And as a result of that,


she can wear this outfit which has this whole sort of, we were saying


it's like underwear's outerwear, very Gaultier, reminded me of


Madonna's videos for Vogue. Yes, now you mention it. Why is this


dress good for tango? If you look at the slashes on the leg, it's


nude net which makes her legs look like they go on for miles, even


though they do and it means you can see the leg work which is so


important in the tango as well. she felt so confident going out


there in what seems to be very little really. Yes, and she was so


confident that she actually managed to dance through getting her heel


caught. She dealt with it like a pro. She did, she was fantastic.


are huge fans. Thank you so much both of you for coming in. Bruce


and Oonagh! Thank you to all my guests tonight.


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