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Episode 23

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Coming up on Wednesday's It Takes Two - Alesha crowned him King of


the Tango - HRH Harry and Queen Aliona will be joining me. Devil


Woman Anita and her partner Robin are here. Holly and Artem will be


swanning in for a chat. Plus, Ian's back to dissect this week's


training in Waite's Wednesday Warm- Live, from Television Centre, this


is Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two. Please, welcome, your host,


Zoe Ball. Hello. Welcome. Our ten remaining couples are busy working


very hard for this weekend and tonight we'll get the first look at


their training, which includes the first Charlstons of the series.


Then I'll chat to Harry and Aliona, after this reminder of the rather


tasty tango. Full of intent and purpose. Thought it was fantastic.


I want to see more than eight bars in the tango hold. What's annoying,


when you are in hold, you are great. Harry, intense, hypnotic, erotic.


You created a beautiful piece of dance. The king and queen of tango


tonight. I'm so pleased, because for some reason it's getting harder.


The comments were lovely. The scores were great. Another ten.


choreography it was so good, so hard to put so much in hold, but I


totally understand what Len is saying. I can dream tonight about


tens. Give it up for Team Hali! APPLAUSE


Harry, you went from being a drummer, to being a very good


drabgcla. Did you enjoy yourself -- Dracular? Did you enjoy it? Yes, I


did. You did divide the judges in their remarks. Len said he would


give you a seven and wanted more in hold. You got another ten and some


people were saying it was more of a shows dance. What were your


thoughts? I felt to dress up and do a regular dance for Hallowe'en


didn't make much sense, so a bit of production is in order and that's


what we have done. There was a bit of tango and other things, but


altogether it was a tango, but a bit of theatrical production.


For Hallowe'en. On the plus side, and this is very exciting, Len said


you are one of the best male ballroom celebrities he's ever seen.


I know. I know. It is true. It's amazing. I couldn't believe it when


I heard him say that. Thank you, Len. Indeed. Any idea that you


could dance this well before you did this? Absolutely not. I must


say, I keep forgetting to say it's pretty much down to Aliona's


amazing teaching. She is so patient and it takes hours and hours, so I


don't think it's necessarily natural. It's a lot of hard work.


From both though. Obviously you are putting in the hours too. Have your


friends and your lovely bandmates noticed a difference in you?


They've noticed that they don't see me any more or speak to me. They


see me on TV on Saturday nights. I'm very busy, but in this period


of time you have to be very focused and work hard. Are you dropping in


any dancing lingo along the way? Yes. For example? I know, do a


check. Good lines. That wasn't a good line. I just smacked that.


Expensive piece of equipment. You revealed although you train most


hours, you spend 50% of the time eating or messing about and further


investigation has gone on to show us that there's an awful lot of


time wasting. You look like some kind of animal, but it's not a


ghost. Shrew? What's that? A sloth. Yes, that's it. I haven't had


enough sleep. Try to stay up. That's it. Come on, sloth. Still


not finished? One move and we're done. I go like that. I can't wait


for a massage. Come on, sloth. on, sloth! It's the perfect


nickname for you. This week it's the samba to this music. Stevie


Wonder. Fine choice. Yesterday, Harry, you tweeted, not that I'm


stalking you or anything, that the samba is hard, "Help, anyone.". Bit


of a challenge for you this week? It's been really tough. The good


thing is, the more frustrated I get the more Aliona finds it hilarious


and the more angry I look the more sloth-like I look. It's been really


tough. We can show everybody at home just how hard he's finding it.


Check this out. This is so hard. I want my mummy. Why? Why does it


have to be so hard? You are right. Look at her laughing. Well, your


wish is our command, Harry and hopefully on the line is Harry's


mum, Mrs Judd. Hello. Are you enjoying the show, Harry's mum?


Love it. Do you have some words of wisdom for your boy? I'll hand you


over. Hi, mum. Hi, darling. Look, Harry, come on, just pull yourself


together. I will, promise. Think about it. You know you can do it.


You know you can do it. Just keep calm and keep going. Thanks, mum.


Do as your told for once. You will do really well. Love you. Thanks,


mum. Thank you, Harry's mum. APPLAUSE


Good luck with the samba this weekend. I don't want to scare you,


but some of the highest scores of samba have been scored by yours


trulyy. And Matt Baker. We got oath 38.. Both 38. Now, our


professionals love a bit of chit- chat, but do you know which dancer


they are goss ipg about? -- gossiping about? This dancer wears


the highest heels out of all the professionals at three-and-a-half


inches. This person loves chocolate and cannot walk past a chocolate


much inand say no. I want this person to be the mother of my


children. This dancer is the quickest, the sharpest, the most


beautiful one in Argentine tango. Who do you think it is? Find out


later in the show. It's Wednesday and that can mean only one thing,


my dancing partner in crime is here. It's time for the Wednesday warm-up.


Please, welcome back the batman to my Robin, it's Ian Waite.


APPLAUSE My family are in tonight. Yeah,


you've got them all with you. Did you enjoy the weekend? All I can


say, it was fanningdabbido zey. Trn Lulu is doing well. She starts off


in a very upright position, comp isn't so great, but as she is doing


those crosses she goes into this position, which, I'm going to draw


it for you, that position. It's the banana shape. I love that. If she


can maintain this throughout that is fantastic. With taking that,


that way, she needs to balance it up with the hips underneath, so as


the head goes that, the more the hips should come underneath and you


should be balanced. Sometimes she does look as though in Brendan lets


go she falls over. Lift it up a little. Russell and Flavia are


dancing the paso doble. Will this be matador or matadon't? Good.


Another characterful dance. He excels at these. I want to show


this. If I - no, I want to highlight that. Come on. Look at


his arms. I want to emphasise the arms. Good arms, or bad? Yes.


Fantastic arms. Look at the fingers. Even the fingers, it looks like he


has cast nets in his hands. -- castanets. He has the curved shape,


so creating the character very well. I was concerned at the beginning of


this dance that he's messing up the steps. That is the only worry I


have. Sometimes he does forget his steps. He really needs to nail them


on the live show. I think Flavia will work on that. That's only


yesterday. Robbie and Ola. Back in the ballroom. Excited, because he's


a ballroom boy. They are dog a waltz. I think it suits him. His


hold's improved again. His quality of movement is very good. Here, Ola,


has taught him some outside changes in waltz and here he does - I'm


going to draw around that - because here he does a clonking great big


heel. That is a promenade step. I've never heard of that move


before! It's a promenade step and you have to go into a toe. There


are lots of outside changes there, where he should be doing heel, toe,


toe. Everybody, heel, toe, toe. Heel, toe, toe. I'll be doing that


all night. That is the rise and fall. If he's not doing that, he's


not doing the basic technique of waltz. I would say if Len was there


he might pick that out, but he's away this week. Jennifer Grey is


there this week. Remember that, Robbie. Think of Dorothy. Jason and


Kristina are doing the rumba. He was back on top this week. How is


this looking? Continuing to be very good. Continuing the success of


last week. Amazing rumba walks there. He has that sort of dance in


him. He's just good. He is the dance. Look at that leg. It's


straight as a poker and turned out. He looks like a dancer. He has the


lovely arms, which are creating the space all the time. The thing that


he has to be careful of is that in rumba you have to stay in that


movement in your body, so he doesn't want it to stay still.


Don't do a move and stop. Keep it going. If he puts the arm out, the


body still carries on. Like a little snake? Yes. Alex and James


are doing the quickstep. How is our little Welsh wonder looking? Well,


very good. All I would say is more balls. She is looking slightly


flat-footed in this dance. As we know, quickstep is very light and


fluffy and bouncy and to create that you have got to stay on the


balls. With flat feet it's not going to happen. Again, this is an


intricate dance and she looks like she is struggling to keep up, but


like last week, I said in the paso doble, this is more difficult and


more complicated and she is struggling to keep up, but, she


took it on board. What a great night last Saturday. Maybe this


will be the same. She'll take it on board. Chelsee and Pasha doing the


Charlston. How will it be looking? It will really suit her. I want her


to slow this down, because it emphasises how in sync they are


together. She is completely copying Pasha. That is the essence of the


perfect couple. If they completely match each other then you have got


that special bond where you look - they even look like each other. If


you put pictures up next to each other, they look like brother and


sister. I notice a couple of differences. That is looking really


encouraging. Tuesday's footage and they are matching so well already.


Audley and Natalie are doing the Viennese Waltz. Is that exciting?


Great, because Audley is a good ballroom dancer. He never ceases to


amaze me. His musicality is extremely good. Because he's such a


big guy we expect him to be not good, but the musicality is


exceptional. Also, he has a great quality of movement. What I would


like to see is here, his arms are slightly behind his back. Not good?


He tends to drop them. Where should they be? Really they should be up


more to the girl, so he needs to dance. Let me show you. His arms


are in front and then he takes the girl almost like he is cuddling her.


Then you still have the big circle and our arms are towards each other.


Like a cuddle. Everybody needs a little cuddle. Ian, you are a


fountain of knowledge. Can I just stay here for the next link? Let's


hear it for Ian Waite! APPLAUSE


In a moment I'll catch up with Anita and Robin, but first here's a


reminder how their tango was so good. Put me down. I never knew you


could play so evil. I really liked it because there was a lot of tango.


I need to perfect your hold. Apart from that, brilliant. Acting ten,


top line, three. I loved the routine though. I was petrified it


was going to be a disaster, because I thought she has forgotten


everything. As soon as you start it all came back. It was my favourite


one. Look at what I'm wearing. I'm a dream. I would like to say to the


judges, thank you very, very much. Please, welcome, Anita and Robin.


Hello, you two. Welcome back. So, a week ago there you were you were a


starlet, and now terrifying vixen. Is there a character you can't


play? I don't know. Keep throwing me the challenges. We are making


you a list. Overall, the judges absolutely loved it. Well done to


both of you. Craig said acting, ten, top line, three. Are you working on


the frame? I had a chat and what kind of happened she has spent


years and years and years perfecting a way to stand up to be


an actress and this dramatic actress, it's all about how you


stand straight and all of a sudden I want her to tip back and it's so


foreign. That's not what your brain has been taught? No, nearly 50


years of standing like that. It's hard to unlearn something. I didn't


even think about that. That's good. Forgetting technical terms because


you have your own language of dance in the training room. There are a


couple of words that have come out. Tell me more. You mean doodle flip


and flap. That means a step that I've got wrong. As soon as I say,


"Can I do the doodle flap?" he knows what I mean. You are in tune.


All the kids will be saying that on the streets now. You are doing one


of the series first cheeky Charles stons. I love this dance. This is


what you are dancing to. -- Charlstons. I love this dance. This


is what you are dancing to. Good choice. How is training going?


a challenge. It's something -- you have to keep going over and over


and over it otherwise you don't learn it. But it's great fun.


Terrific fun. It is really good fun. Looking at this. You are perfectly


in time. This is only from yesterday. This is Tuesday. That


stands you in good stead. It's the first dance where the lady can lift


the chap. Should she fancy. Will you be doing that? Are you seer


yution? Look at -- serious? Look at Robin's face. Can you manage 0


kilos, love? We can try, if you want. Come on. Jennifer Grey is


stepping in to Len's shoes on Saturday. What do you think she's


going to be looking for? Well, to get it technically correct, as much


as possible, I guess. And to actually evoke the feel of that era.


The 20's feel. The flapper style. Is it exciting? A new judge or is


it quite scary? I think it's going to be a little weird. As long as


no-one puts her in the corner! got it in first. Last week, we gave


you a sweatband to help you in the studio. I did wear it. It worked.


We have seen that you put it to good use. Look at this.


# Let's get physical... # I'm not sweating that much today. It's


actually working. They are really good. Thank you, Strictly Come


Dancing: It Takes Two. Yeah, thank you. It's quite funny, because


Robin says it works. That is why they are called sweatbands. We have


made you a little T-shirt to go with it. Look at this. You have to


wear it. Next week it's going to be hotpants. Don't think Anita the way


you dress in the studio and when you are in training we love it.


Here's three of our favourite looks. Access rising with a bow. We


wondered if you had any tips for dressing nicely in the training


room? No, I think wear something that is comfortable and if you are


doing an upbeat number why something colourful. That's just me.


We had the sleeves left over, so we made you this beautiful piece.


love it. Gorgeous. Thank you. I will wear it with pride. We get


gifts. We'll come again. These two must be great at Christmas. Your


leaderboard has been chequered. You were joint second an then fifth and


joint ninth. Who is your biggest rival, do you think? Everybody!


of them? Sno one in particular? -- no-one in particular? No, we are


having a ball. Good luck on Saturday. We can't wait. Thank you.


Anita and Robin. APPLAUSE


Last weekend Hallowe'en was crammed full of disguises, however it seems


that a couple of you picked up on some unexpected look-alikes.


ringing to see if anyone else looked like Brendan looked like


Aled Jones on Saturday. Wondering if Craig Revel Horwood models


himself on tin tin with the extraordinary hairstyle? I hope he


does. He looks lovely. Thank you very much. Up next, I'll talk to


Holly and Artem, but first here's how their weekend performance


ruffled a few feathers. You look incredible. This is my favourite


concept so far. I think you have gone mad, but you succeeded. More


in hold, but you know I'm always on about that, but what a number.


high-risk, but you made it work. broke the 30 curse. That alone


makes me happy. It's a breakthrough for us, because the past four weeks


have been tough. I had a couple of things go wrong, so I was mad at


myself. I hope they enjoyed it. If we get through, then I can't wait


to get started on Monday morning. Welcome our gorgeous feathered


friends, Holly and Artem. APPLAUSE


Brilliant performance from you both on Saturday. You did it. You scored


over 30. You got 35. Were you very pleased? It was such a relief and


that we not only moved, but moved up. I know. A long way up. Yeah.


Great. It was such a great performance and you had a very


special guest in the studio. I did. My friend, princess B came along.


She wanted to watch. I nearly fell off my sofa. She is your friend?


Yes. Did she enjoy it and is she voting for you? Yes, she is under


strict instructions. It's the only time I can boss a princess around.


Good evening. I am bowing. Great judges' comments for you as well.


Alesha says you are a contender and you can win this. That must be


great to hear from a past winner. It's a full-on comment. I was


really flattered. I didn't remember the win part until tonight. That's


a big thing to say. It's scary too. It is quite hard to remember what


they say, because you are so relieved? Yes. Artem, Swan Lake,


never performed on Strictly before. You were nervous about taking such


a risk? Well, yeah, of course. I thing the song is difficult to core


graph, because it's ballet and really big moves. It was a big


challenge, but it came across well and we got good comments back.


really did pull it off. We were disgusted you weren't in tights.


Karen praised you and Elizabeth on- line says, "That has got to be the


dance of the series. It made me cry." That's amazing. Pretty good.


Good evening there. You are doing the jive and this week you are


dancing to. Buen know Mars. What clever core -- Bruno Mars. What


clever choreography have you got this week? It's quick. I know. I


picked up when you two came in, you sat down like this. You are


exhausted from training. How is it going? Are you liking it? I love it.


I was dreading it because it was so fast. I thought I'll be wonky on


this one, but I'm enjoying it. I love the song. It all helps and it


peps you up. I can't wait to hear the band play this, because they


are great musicians and it will go Bez eshing. -- beserk. Is she


keeping up with you? I think at this point. I think the first


couple of days was tough. Because - I didn't. Going from Swan Lake to


jive - I love it. He is there with the Russian drive. Anything to work


on? Attitude. No, I this I -- no, I think it's great. We are changing


bits. We are polishing things tomorrow. Hopefully it's perfect.


Has it got to the point where Holly can chip in with suggestions for


dancing or are you - They are uninvited, but they happen. Look at


his face. Let's put it this way - it's good to know the opinion of


your partner. The things they like to do and don't like. It helps to


core graph and helps to feel good about it. Make you comfortable.


suggestions are always great. I never decline any. Send them on a


postcard. Don't expect a reply. fax them overnight. We have a guest


judge on Saturday night. Jennifer Grey is going to be here. How does


that make you feel? Exciting prospect for you? Very. It's nice


to have flesh blood. She is an icon in the dancing world. Really cool.


Bring a new dynamic to the evening. -- to the evening. Are you


encouraged to be away from Len? Is that a good thing? Well, this week


we have a jive. It is quite a bit of a jive content in it, but Len


would probably say something about it. I'm quite happy that it's going


to be Jennifer. A Len break. We have Jennifer on the show tomorrow.


Good luck this weekend. We know you are going to be great. Holly and




Earlier in the show, we asked you if you could guess who our


professional dancers were talking about. It's now time to redevelop


their identity. You guess ited it. It's me. -- you guessed it. It's me.


Holly got it right. Thank you to all my guests. I'll be back


tomorrow when Russell and Flavia will be here, to talk about their


paso doble. Jason and Kristina will talk rumba and there will be a


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