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Episode 30

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It's Friday. Coming up: Anita and Robin talk about getting tough with


the Argentine tango. I will be chatting to Chelsee and Pasha who


are taking on the foxtrot. Have we got a Friday Panel for you! Award-


winning actress Tamzin Outhwaite, star of EastEnders June Brown and


West End singing sensation, Michael Ball, are all here live. It can


Live from Television Centre, this is Strictly: It Takes Two. Here's


Zoe! APPLAUSE Hello. Hello, lovely people. Welcome to It Takes Two.


It's the night before the big day our nine remaining couples dance.


They are putting the finishing touches to their routines. In 24


hours 23 minutes and 35 seconds they will be taking to the floor.


One couple sure to keep us entertained are Anita and Robin.


Despite a couple of glitches on Saturday night, Anita dubbed their


Charleston, "light, cute and fun". They will be here in a moment. This


is what happened at the weekend. Characterisation perfect. Fun!


I see why you are a national treasure. It was beautiful. You


have great spirit. You did lose timing on occasions. It was light,


cute, fun. I think you are achieving what you set out to do.


You are transforming into a dancer. Yes! I love the clothes, I love the


dances. I love it! Love it! progress has got better and better


every week. You are making me so proud. Oh, thank you. I'm going to


get emotional now! Don't make her emotional. Anita and Robin!


APPLAUSE Hello, gorgeous. We must mention first, Robin, you have


dressed up? Just for you. You look gorgeous. Could it not have been


slashed to the waist? You are wearing this for a reason? I have


come from a special rehearsal for Children in Need. Zip it! We can't


find out. Back to Anita. Well done - sorry. Well done three eights and


a seven from Craig. Were you super- thrilled? I was very - I loved the


Charleston. I wanted to play that lady in a movie. I adored the whole


thing. I loved the dress, the wig. You got to be blonde? I got to be


blonde! We have so much fun. Robin, was it tough for Anita to go out on


her own? Predominantly, the whole routine was side by side. I had


huge faith Anita was going to do me proud. She did. The smile on her


face, it was so endearing. I watched it over and over again. It


was so good. You are so proud! It is, it is so - it is captivating to


watch you. It is so exciting seeing you with all that - you love it?


love it to bits! I'm having the time of my life. Did you enjoy


playing a flapper? I loved it. It was a blast. I wanted to do it


again. I wanted to go back on and do more. You are doing more. Before


we talk about that, Alesha did say you are transforming into a dancer.


Was that super to hear? The best thing anybody could have said. That


is why I am here. It was thriting. We are watching you -- It was


thrilling. We are watching you 24/7. We have been studying - we have


noticed you are transforming into a dancer. Feast your eyes. This is


the dream of my life. I have wondered what it must feel like to


be able to dance, dance, dance, dance...


# What a feeling # Keep believing... #


You are developing into a dancer. There are moments where I look in


the mirror and I look like I'm really doing it. I'm fabulous!


# You can dance right through your life... #


I don't want to stop dancing. All I can think about is the fact that


I'm finally learning to dance. # What a feeling! #


You are starting us all off! They are both welling up! It is quite


emotional. Oh, hankies, please! Pless you. This week, you are doing


-- bless you. This week, you are doing - what are you doing this


week? The Argentine tango. Do you want a tissue? No, I'm fine.


Obviously, a very different feel. No more smiling and jazz hands. It


is a whole different look. How is it going? I love it! I love the


intensity. It is about me and Robin and I love it. How is the tango


face? Yeah, it is coming along. you give us your tango face? Yeah,


we will buy that! LAUGHTER Some of the judges have commented on


Anita's hold. This is great because you don't need the ballroom hold?


The great thing is not only can you stand more upright but the elbows


are dropped down. This is the perfect dance for Anita. She loves


to drop the elbows! It is perfect. Tell me about your magic shoes?


my magic shoes. Robin had the brilliant idea that we should have


the heel half an inch less so my red shoes for the Argentine tango


arrived and he said, "I can't believe it, it's made such a huge


difference to the way you are shoes. Half an inch can make all


the difference! Let's hope you can't stop dancing? I can't! Don't


stop yet. How competitive is everybody getting? It is getting


very emotional and I have been there, I know how it is. You are


quite tired but you want to do it. Have you noticed a change in all


the celebrities? Somebody did say to me in the corridor the


atmosphere is changing, can you feel it? I suppose it is. For me,


it's not about a competition. It is about being here and dancing every


day. I love it. Every day I dance! You are loving it as well?


course. I couldn't ask for a better partner. Stop! Cheque's in the


post! It is Wembley next week and that was our first hurdle. If we


can make it to there, we will be happy. Is that a scary thought? You


are dancing in front of millions of people watching at home. In the


studio, you have 300. Wembley 6,000? It is scary, but it is so


exciting. I mean, to say you have played Wembley, Brian May eat your


heart out! That will show him! Listen, good luck this week. Lovely


to see you. I'm so sorry I didn't have time to talk to you. Anita and


Robin! APPLAUSE Hang on. I did forget, we always get you a present


and this week we forgot, so we got you a sweetie and a banana. Oh!


sparkly banana! Say no more! We at It Takes Two love hearing about...


Stop it... Your observations about the show. Yesterday, you spotted


Russell, he looked remarkably like Penfold and it does seem you have


inspired some other lookalikes, this is Points of You. Am I the


only one who thinks Audley and Natalie looked just like Beauty and


the Beast? Thanks a lot for a wonderful show. Bye. I would like


to say Anton looks like Woody from Toy Story. I'm phoning to say that


I think that Natalie looks just like Kate Middleton if she had dark


hair. She would be the double. Bye. I would like to say that Holly


cartwheel was the best cartwheel I have ever seen. Thank you. Bye.


Thank you so much. Don't forget, you can call us with your thoughts


on the routines, the outfits, the judges, my fringe! Anything that


takes your fancy. Call 09011 98 66 22. Calls cost 10p from BT


landlines and other networks may vary. Calls from mobile phones will


cost considerably more. Now it is the time we have all been waiting


for. Let's give a warm welcome to our panel this week. National


treasure, June Brown, gorgeous Strictly superfan, Tamzin Outhwaite,


and theatre legend, Michael Ball! APPLAUSE Welcome. Hello. What a


lovely line-up! Michael Ball. You look like a musketeer! I love


it. I'm the only West Ender! What are you thinking of the series so


far? It is up there with my favourite. I think great couples,


good choice of people doing it, some fabulous music, it looks great.


I'm thoroughly enjoying it. You are seeing people develop. Which is


what you want. Absolutely. can't tell at the moment. No, there


is no clear winner. Which makes it grippinging. June you have danced


yourself with Vincent - we remember your tango on the Christmas Special.


LAUGHTER You were the oldest dancer to have ever done Strictly and you


did it with such class. Does that bring back happy memories? I kept


apologising to him for not being Flavia. They are so wonderful.


difficult is it stepping out on to the dancefloor? It was all right. I


kept saying I can't remember that step. "Oh, you'll do it!" That was


that. It is so tricky. Tamzin, as an actress, who do you think is


selling it? Oh, not necessarily if best dancers -- the best dancers,


but Jason for me, Russell sells everything. He does! I think


Chelsee is amazing. I think that Holly is a brilliant dancer, she is


quite underrated, I think. She is not getting the marks I expected.


That is because she is not selling it like she is going to. She is


about to pull it out the bag. an interesting thing. Artem's


injured. Let's have a look at them this week. We will start with


Robbie and Ola who are doing the American Smooth this week. Here


they are in training. Robbie is desperate to get better marks from


Craig. What do you think - will he manage to do that this week,


Michael? Well, yeah, I think he's getting serious now. He's - I think


he took the Mickey out of it to start with. He has got the bug. You


are looking at him there. He is doing good lines on that. His arm


is going well. She's fabulous. is. I do. You would have to be


rubbish not to do well with her. This is what they will be dancing


to. A classic oldie, but done by the Pussycat Dolls. Will he be able


to dance well to this? Will he get the sway? Yeah, I like his footwork.


The top line can be a bit tricky in the sense that - I'm outdoing my


husband here! Tom Ellis, he was pretty good. You trained him well!


I taught him everything he knows! We knew that! LAUGHTER I think


Robbie's got great lines. There is something about his broken wrists


that I sometimes - it makes me look at his arms instead of his feet.


His top lines are sometimes brilliant, but it is very hit-and-


miss. His footwork is much better than I imagined for a footballer.


More graceful. I know. One with such a history as well! Work on the


broken wrists. Audley and Natalie are doing the cha-cha this week.


Audley's been suffering from a bad knee. Natalie in disguise there.


She has had a poorly tummy. This is what they are dancing to.


# Baby, everything is all right. # A bit of Stevie. Will that suit


him? Yes, he has that kind of a rhythm. Really, he's got to get


lighter on his feet. He's got to get - translate what is in his head


into the whole of his body. June? Swagger. You were licking your lips


there! I wasn't. He moves quite well. The technicalities. June, do


you think he can get out of the bottom two? What do you think he's


been struggling with? I think that he is a big man. He's got these


muscles at the top and everything. He should be a bit more like


Muhammed Ali - dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee! It


is because of the muscles. It must be big on top. Someone says he has


size 17 feet. It is like he has a low centre of gravity. Everything


is rooted down and needs to be raised up. Yes. I'm lifting up like


this! Alex and James, they are doing the jive to this music.


# Do I love you... # She did great last week with the


quickstep. Into the jive this week. Is it going to work out for her?


have always got Jill Halfpenny in my head when we talk about the


jive! She is one of the most improved. At the beginning, I


thought I was a bit worried about her. She is developing into a


dancer like Anita. That can only be a good thing. June, what do you


think of Alex? Are you liking Alex? Can you see her getting to Wembley?


Not quite sure about that. I must say that I really enjoyed the


Charleston last week with Anita and Chelsee. Forget Alex! I would like


to talk about Anita! I thought that was brilliant. I have watched


Strictly for years. I love it. My mother, I saw my mother dance the


Charleston and she was 20 in the '20s, she used to do a lot of the


old backflip and she used to walk forward and backward. Nobody does.


They did. Well done! APPLAUSE Anita! Thank you for getting that


off your chest! Jason and Kristina are doing the Viennese waltz this


week. They are dancing to the Goo Goo Dolls. He had a hard time last


year? He did. I don't think - I think if his wife came down to see


us... I love your showbusiness world! You all hang out... He is


living, eating, breathing this. He is loving it. I think he's not had


that much dance experience, the shows he's done. He is working so


hard at it. What he tries to do - you can see this - he tries to take


on the characters and that translates so if he doesn't get the


character right, it is not going to work. What character does he need


for a Viennese waltz? He needs romance, he needs to go back to the


'40s and '50s, those kind of things. Is it hard, June, to act, to be in


love with somebody acting if they have stinky breath? That is acting.


I once had a chap who didn't look at me. It didn't make any


difference to me at all! LAUGHTER I want to hear more! I actual I will


have danced Viennese waltzes in Vienna. When you do your ballroom


dancing, it is not what I learnt, slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. It


is exhibition and it is far more difficult. We can do that fancy


stuff, you whirl Round One way and you are whirled around the other!


lot of it is about that. It is about looking like you are loving


it. We don't get the technique stuff. We are punters. I don't


know! Tamzin and Tom Ellis, they know it all! Anita does that, the


actors seem to know if their feet aren't been technical, how to sell


it. Anita does that all the time. It is what I have done with every


show! No-one looks down there! was brilliant when she was up at


the top of the steps because it was like she was on stage. As soon as


you come down, you are not on stage. You can do it on stage. I learnt to


do The Beatles dance on stage. have done it all! We must talk the


story of the week. Artem has a back injury and Brendan has stepped in


to Holly and they are doing the rumba. Lovely. They are dancing to


Will Young, Leave Right Now. How do you think Holly will cope with a


new man? She will come into her own. It will be her chance to actually -


she will have to raise her game and Holly's much better dancer than


people think. It's just she's not as good as the others at selling it.


She is very cool. She is laid-back. The two Aussie also be together.


is a Kiwi! They are down there anyway! There will be that rapport


for that. I think there will be a solidarity. Friday Panel


perfection! Tamzin Outhwaite, June Brown and Michael Ball! APPLAUSE


Please stay. Up nextly be in the Strictly BBC One studio to catch up


with Chelsee and Pasha. Our nine remaining celebrities have reached


the half-way point of the competition and no-one wants to go


home. I am so happy I have made it half-way through the competition. I


never realised I would have so much joy in my life. I want her to keep


enjoying it for as long as possible. To reach half-way I feel personally


a great sense of achievement and accomplishment. At my age, I should


be so lucky! I think we have both really proud at what we have


achieved and the fact we have entertained so many people. I am


really proud of what Chelsee have achieved because when we just


started she had a talent but she barely could move. To make it this


far is just an amazing feeling. When I commit to something, I


commit to it heart, body and soul. So I'm giving it my all. We have


put in the effort. Audley is a great performer. That is what it


comes down to. I'm so grateful the public are keeping me on the show.


The more you get through, the more you want to keep going. I feel


there is a lot more to Holly than what people have seen so far.


is more things I want to learn. I'm not finished with this great group


of people. I feel a sense of achievement getting this far. There


is a long way to go. Right now, I'm focusing on this week. Hopefully,


the journey isn't near the end. really want for Harry to perform to


the best of his ability and to show the people he can do this thing.


What is driving me is that adrenaline on a Saturday night,


having finished a routine, having worked hard at it and watching the


audience's reaction. He loves the dancing, the process of it, getting


through each dance, he absolutely loves it! I want to keep going and


going and going. Because when Strictly is gone, part of your life


goes. It would be devastating to get knocked out at this stage. We


want to get to Wembley. If I got knocked out Saturday, I would cry


on the dancefloor! It's a great feeling to get half-way. I'm so


proud of Alex. She is the most improved dancer and she deserves it.


It is not about winning, it is not about getting to the final, it is


about being able to do this every day. Look, we are in time to catch


the pros catching their jitterbug Away and down, two, three, four,


five, six, seven and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,


eight! Take it back. And to the stage. Guys, get ready. Here we go.


Five, six, seven, eight, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,


eight. Stick to the choreography. One, two, three, four, five, six...


Guys, it is going to be great. Let's call it a wrap for today!


Pasha, thank you. Hi, Vincent. Hi, ladies. Chelsee and Pasha, hi. When


you watch them doing that, you see how fast they go? I know. That is


how fast you can go? No! Well done on Saturday night. Another great


performance. Top of the leaderboard. Did you feel on fire after that?


Yeah, we were made up. She wanted to dance it again! No, I wouldn't


go that far! As if! Let's do it again! When it goes well, you do


feel like you could do it constantly? Yeah, but after the


first time because your adrenaline is going and you are like thank God


I got through it and it didn't go wrong. Did it feel like it all went


according to plan? I think so. Everything worked. We smiled.


People clapped. Judges gave good marks. I think everything was right.


Craig used the fabulous word. Does that give you a real thrill, a leap


of the heart when you hear him say that? It did. I was - I was buzzing.


Buzzing?! You have to work on that accent! Did you feel like it was a


dance that suited you, the whole character of it, the speed of it?


Yeah, it's fast, it is bouncy, it is funky and that's me! I loved


doing the dance. I felt right at home. From one extreme to the other,


from the very cheeky Charleston to the very fancy footwork of the


foxtrot this week. How are you finding that? Erm... I'm finding it


not very good! Bless you. I know what you mean. It is quite a tricky


dance. Did you snort then?! Sorry. That made me laugh. It is quite


tricky, the foxtrot? It is very sophisticated. It is different from


the Charleston. It is smooth. It is extended and we have to be very


passionate and romantic. Elegant. So it is everything that I'm not!


You don't think you are elegant, but when you watch you on the


dancefloor, you can do elegant! still can't see it! She likes that


stuff but she can. It is more like your character, the kind of funky


stuff. I think it should be a really good one for you. Is there


extra pressure this week because you were top of the leaderboard


last week? Go on, you speak first. We do each week as it comes. We are


not going to say we want to be like top of the leaderboard again. We


will try our hardest. And hopefully do the dance proud and show me


elegant side. Is there anything you have struggled with with foxtrot?


All of it! My head. Where does the head have to be? It is stretched


and turned out. It is such an unnatural position to be in. That


kind of constantly pushed out there. Did you have a fun night out? The


Strictly girls went out last night? It was so much fun. It was lovely.


It was long overdue. We have been meaning to do it for a long time.


It was nice. I know. How is training this week? Artem's injured


his back so Brendan has stepped in. I know Audley has hurt his knee. Is


everybody all right? Are spirits OK? Yeah. I think it is the middle


of the competition and people start feeling pressure on their bodies.


It is normal. We are trying to be careful, hydrating, stretching,


and... I always have trouble with me feet! You are wearing wellies.


Ian spotted you don't train in the training room in your shoes. Have


you problem with your feet? shoes have been hurting but I do


train in my shoes but they never seem to catch it on camera! We are


trying to switch. That is one of the perils of being a dancer,


aching bad feet! We are a week away from Wembley. How much do you want


to be there? Do it, Pash! Do the excited! I didn't get that dance!


Can you get to Wembley? I hope so. We are going to do our best and see


where it will take us. I can't wait to watch your foxtrot. Have a


fabulous weekend. Thank you, Chelsee and Pasha! APPLAUSE So


don't forget the big show, Strictly Come Dancing on tomorrow night at


6.55pm and we will be back on BBC2 at 6.30pm on Monday. Now, as you


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