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Episode 31

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Coming up, Audley and Natalie were KOed. Judd and Aliona will come in


for a chat. Plus, after the weekend's squabbles, Craig Revel


Horwood is here. This is It Takes Live from Television Centre, this


is Strictly It Takes Two. Please welcome your host, it's Zoe Ball!


Hello and welcome to It Takes Two. Apologies for that! We had a very


passionate stand-off this weekend between Craig and Len. We also had


a cheerleading doll. And Russell came out of the closet again. But


with only eight couples left, we are finally on the road to Wembley!


I've had that all day. Audley and Natalie sadly won't be on the bus


after getting knocked out at the weekend. They'll be here in a


moment, but first, a quick reminder of the weekend's action.


You had the enthusiasm of a manic cheerleader. A lot of mix of style


which I thought was fantastic. Great control in all three lifts


which was brilliant. Yierbgs you really are a ballroom boy. It was


ladden, heavy, laboured. Not your finalest hour. You were back in the


zone tonight, Jason. You are starting to tick all of my boxes.


Well done. Sexy mama Queen of drama, you can tango. Considering you've


had to change partners this week, you have done exceptionally well.


am what I am, you are what you are and that was what that was.


couple leaving tonight is... Audley and Natalie...


Ah, please welcome Audley and Natalie.


APPLAUSE Audley, you have managed to survive


the bottom two three times, no- one's ever survived four times.


Were you expecting it on Sunday or were you surprised? I think to be


in the bottom two you get used to it and so it's like you're in the


bottom two, but we always found a way to fight out of it. Being in


the bottom two against Anita, I was happy to gout really because I


didn't want to be the guy to knock out Anita. Were you shocked to see


her in the bottom two, that has been the shocker. I was shocked. My


advice to Anita is get out there on those social platforms more. Stkpwh


yes, campaign. You can't fault her for her dancing but she needs to


get out there in terms of the population. She needs to get out


there because she's great. Like a political campaign trail, you have


got to hold flags and babies. Is it true that you said to her, I think


you whispered to her that if she'd gone, you would have stood down?


little controversial I know, but I would have pulled out because I


think that would have been wrong for her not to go on. I boxed at


Wembley six times, I haven't danced at well blue by I have been there


and I know how much Anita and Robbie feel, it's a whole new lease


of life -- Wembley. We were going to go at some point. Every Saturday


we've gone out there, a big thank you to Natalie because you took me


from where I was at the bottom and taught me how to do it. So thank


you. Thank you. It's the last time they're going to sit on the sofa


together which is really sad. really brought me through, ever


definitely with the ballroom. Spatula fingers and the feet were


improving. How much do you think Audley has improved? Hugely. We had


one week to get it all together in the beginning and it took five


weeks for us to find out how each other works and that's difficult


throughout the competition. Most people get that and it was very


interesting times and we did well. I think you improved out of sight.


You definitely are a ballroom boy and you are beautiful to dance with.


You are always a lot of fun, we had great times in rehearsal. All the


fans love your smile. It melts everyone. Audley's smile, we are


going to miss that. What will you take away from your experience and


the competition? So many things, the opportunity to dance on


Saturday night, to perform, to struggle through all the ups and


downs of the week and to go out there on Saturday night, put on


your big sequins, dress up and the warts... You like your sequins,


don't you?! Yes, the opportunity to dance on a Saturday night and to be


judged by everyone and to be judge sod fairly and thank you to the


public, it warmed my heart. It's been great. All positive, no


negatives and I go home with a happy heart and heavy heart. Happy


sad. Will you keep on dancing? want to be dancing in that ring


because I'm going back to boxing next year and I'm coming out to (


hums Strictly theme tune) That's what I want to come back to.


Best exit music ever as well. Rockies, great song. Who do you


want to see win this, do you think? You have made so many mates?


Everyone is doing great. From every week now on, everything is going to


be a shock. My personal favourite, Chelsee, I would like her to win


because she's improved so much and she's a real contender. Harry and


Jason and Holly are looking great. Chelsee's right by them. Come on


girl. The Fab Four, yes. And Grant. All of them are great, let's be


honest. Everyone's deserving of the number one spot, everyone. Everyone


is great, but I think Chelsee's my little dark horse. We've loch loved


having you here. Here is your Strictly story. You will be spaing


with Natalie Lowe. I have finally stepped foot in the studio with


Audley Harrison. Come on Audley, come on now. We have three days of


rehearsal compared to everyone else's three weeks. Time to rumble


and get serious. Irbgs the standing spin was flat-footed. As you walk


by, punch Craig will you. I'm going to knuckle down this week and use


it as motivation. Craig Revel Horwood, you are going to be


surprised this week, don't worry. The energy was great and it's good


to see you let it all go! Dancing again next Saturday are... Audley


and Natalie. This week, we do not want to be in the bottom two. No


pain, no gain. Suck it up. We could be absolutely brilliant. You are a


good teacher and I'm a good student. Nobody puts Audley in the corner.


From the waist up, you are joyful and full of verve. It's from the


waist down we've got to just get a little bit better. This week I am


doing foxtrot. Turn, turn, you are not a boxer now, a dancer. I've got


this footwork now. Got it. Audley, I'm sitting here giving you a


standing ovation, well done. hear the judges' comments, positive


and uplifting, really touched me. Oh, my God, Michael Jackson, woo.


Funky, happening. Oo, I like this. Completely and utterly totally


unphysically suit totd this dance. Craig, it's either going to be the


broomstick or my fist but something's going to go bump in the


night tonight. He's stronger at ballroom. I want to act the dance


and dance the dance. You should be proud, a very good job. I didn't


know you could be so delicate. You treated her like a prin sense, like


a precious china doll. The cha-cha- cha is that lacking in flavour,


this is where I need to go to it. From the T-O-P, got to go twice,


sounds so nice... Yeah. It wasn't your best dance, but you did your


best. I just don't think Latin or this particular dance suited you.


The couple leaving tonight is... Audley and Natalie.


Natalie Lowe, thank you from taking me from week one all the way to


week seven because I couldn't have done it without you. It's been a


great experience. It's been an absolute pleasure. We have had some


great times in training. You are amazing, you havement braced the


Strictly experience and I thank you for that. All the best. Mwah.


does get really emotional. You have been an absolute pleasure to watch


both of you well done. We are going to miss you. Audley and Natalie!


Don't start me off! In a meement, Craig - your best mate - will be


here to discuss the weekend's dances and dramas. But here is what


you made of it all: Craig and Len have been really grumpy tonight. I


don't know if they've taken grumpy pills. Bye! Len's being a bit rude


to the first two dancers and also Harry, he said it was passionate


when I thought it was the most passionate dance I'd ever seen. I


agree with Alesha and I think he's got a bit of jet lag from America.


Hope you buck up your ideas, Len, I love you, bye! Artem is indisposed


and has a bad back. I can sympathise because I have had a bad


back. I hope he gets well soon. would love to see Jason lose his


body hair. That's putting me off the guy. Flavia's got to be given


so much credit for what she's doing with Russell Grant and we are


loving everything she does. Thank you Charlie and Ruby, Evelyn,


Sue and Vicky for your messages. What do you think of the dances and


judges? We'd like to hear your It's time to welcome the man who


can lay claim to the invention of the term "armography.". Give a


welcome hand to Craig Revel Horwood. APPLAUSE


Darling. Hey, first of all check out the heels on those boots. Look


at you. Man heels, darling. Is that what they call them?! It is! What


was us like having your dear friend Len back next to you at the weekend


loving Charlie's message about the grumpy pills. Rather ugly I thought


actually. I much preferred when I was head judge. Anyway, one has to


succumb to the pressure. You are so good to us. We had some high


scoring dances on Saturday, very exciting. Two 10s for Harry. How do


you think the couples have raised the game, taken it up a notch and


other Clics? They really, really have -- cliches. They've obviously


been putting in a lot of hard, heavy work to achieve these scores.


Technically, they're doing much, much better as well. You have to


remember, it changes from week-to- week and it depends what dance you


get, Latin or ballroom, some are good at some, some are good at


others. Chelsee has the advantage of being good at both. Clever girl!


We'll talk about her in a moment. Harry and Aliona, top score, top of


the leaderboard. You said it had authority, the Argentine tango, you


said it was filth and you loved it and you disagreed with Len over the


passion. He said it was passionless, what do you think he couldn't see


that you saw? Passion. In a word. I mean, I really don't know what Len


was watching because, for me, Harry was playing that role brilliantly.


It was full of intent, full of purpose, it had passion and a


considerable amount of it, so I really don't know what Len was


looking for, you know. Right. seeing it in droves. Why no 10 from


you? What more did he need there for you to give that a 10? Well,


particularly this particular dance, he needs to lead with his solar


pleck suss and instigate every single move that the woman makes --


plexus and that takes years. It's leading with your chest, your solar


plexus. Thanks for explaining that, I was pretending I knew. You were


looking a little blank. Phew, lost her again, yes! Loosen up the kicks


and flicks, the gaun Cho stuff. That would have been worth an extra


point -- gancho. You say Jason's arms are letting him down? He's


moving his arm. I'll let you watch that for a moment, but he's moving


his arms like a wooden block. He was thinking he was doing the


shoulder, the elbow, the wrist through to the fingers. He thought


he was doing that, but actually, he wasn't, he was sort of planking it


up and down like that, you know, rather than through the movement,


darling. It's all very wooden. right. Do you think apart from that


it was good? Yes, I thought he was great, fantastic. He's so motivated.


That's what I adore about him. You know, and he works, he probably


works the hardest out of anybody and he's probably got the least


natural talent out of the entire company. Right. But what's


extraordinary... When you are talking about natural talent, you


are talking dancing wise? Yes. Not his whole career, darling, no, just


the dance. I was wondering. You are either dance savvy or you are not.


Some people are naturally gifted, you know, like for instance Chelsee


is. But Jason has to work really hard to achieve it and he does,


he's solid and solid and will do it over and over. Once he gets the


arms, he'll be there and he'll never forget them. Stkpwh Anita and


Robin and their Argentine tango. Another amazing performance and a


great score. You said she needs more cross and throw away to every


gancho? Yes. See, that's a little bit pathetic because it needs to go


a little bit further. The cross is that. Check this out.


Sorry. She just sort of goes to there and leaves it up. It should


just whack up and shouldn't be controlled at all. This bit is


controlled but a it's just like the leg being pushed up. Now we know


what he's talking about. That's a cross and a throw away.


surprised were you, because I do think it's been the shocker of the


series so far that Anita and Robin after the great scores were in the


bottom two? Yes, it is, but someone's got to end up there and I


sort of thought actually, due to the performance, you know, she sort


of did belong there really in an odd way. I mean, I think people are


voting for the Grant, as you all put it, because of the


entertainment value and they look forward to seeing him every week


and what he's going to come up with next, you know, he'll be on roller


skates I suppose next week. Please, we've never had them yet!


Producers! Insurance! Alex and James and their jive. You said no


real accuracy or precision in steps for Alex. What did she have to do?


If she had have just either chose one thing, either point the foot or


flex it, but make sure it's one or the other. If it's dangling


somewhere in-between, it doesn't look pretty. If she's just more


precise and directional with the kicks, they would have gone wow,


that's amazing. That's a jive kick. Looking a little sloppy. I think


she did a great job, a fantastic job, a huge amount of content and


steps, but it wasn't precise. we want more precision! Absolutely.


Chelsee and Pasha, what a gem she is and an amazing foxtrot. What


causes the hopping? She lost her centre. You can be thrown off


balance and lose your centre core with is your centre and that very


much keeps you on centre as the boy takes you around. I could


understand it if it was a celebrity man with a professional woman, do


you see what I'm saying, but Pasha should have been able to keep her


on centre but she was way off and that's why she had to hop around.


Orother than that... Ticking all my boxes, fabulous, loved it and then


I went "ewwww". Russell and plaf ya and their American smooth. --


Flavia. You said astonishing last week, but this week? I don't want


to get too technical because I won't know where to stop. I was


thinking about this last section, the leap section West Side Story in


gold sequins that was. Very, very odd, but, you know, I like him, but


I can't mark him just for the entertainment. OK. I would probably


give him an extra one for entertainment. I'm looking for a


little more content. But he is a good dancer, he can actually dance.


Yes, he is. But it's weighing up the odds, isn't it, you know.


You've got to be political on this show to canvas for the votes, you


know, and he's begging people, as you can see, by the amount of high


jumping he does on the stair case darling when he gets through.


their way to Wembley this week! We can't wait for your post-Wembley


match chat next week. Craig Revel Horwood. Thank you!


As our couples prepare to rack up some of their highest scores to


date at the weekend, we had our cameras backstage to capture all


the action. Morning. Really want to get through


this week because next week is Wembley, it's very exciting. It's


frightening, the thought that getting to Wembley, but also


exhilarating and fabulous. I'm contkpuezed. It's going to be all


right on the night. Keep calm and carry on. -- confused. It's


marvellous being back. Bizarrely, I missed being from last week.


Doesn't look like this really.... Don't Get That. It's A Different


Dance, We Are Getting Ready For Next Week. Get well soon Artem, but


for now, I'm going to have a good time. Bit Nervous Tonight. I've Got


Two Of Them To Let Down Now, The Pressure's On. Watch Out West End,


Here Comes The Russell Grant Show Coming To A Theatre Near You!


We are doing a cover for the Radio Times, just the Welsh ones. Our


work here is done. But our new work begins. Shimmy away there. Come on.


I'm going this way! Good luck Robbie, you can do it! I just love


Brendan. Marry me! Harry, keep wrigen that bum! -- wriggling that


bum. Good luck, Jason. Thank you, guys. Made our dream come true


tonight. Strictly! Five, circumstances seven, eight...


calm before the storm because the show is going to start soon.


minutes and we'll head through fleez, folks. -- please, folks.


mum's in the front row. There's my girlfriend, there's my mum. I can't


believe somebody's actually not going to be at Wembley. I haven't a


clue who that is going to be. Fingers crossed, we'll do our very


best. Hello... This is remembrance weekend and


I've got a feeling it's going to be a Strictly to remember!


At last, top of the leaderboard, welcome Harry and Aliona!


Not bad, not bad at all. Look at that. Two 10s, a stand ogvaition.


How good did you feel on Saturday night, Harry Judd -- ovation.


good. Overexcited I think. Really? Yes. That is allowed though after


all that. Aliona, how gorgeous did you look. Harry didn't look so bad


but you did look so seriously hot. What did you make of Craig and


Len's little spat over passion or no passion? It was really funny to


watch. Very entertaining. I don't know, I loved that part. Craig just


talking about he wasn't sure what Len couldn't see there. Despite the


argument, you scored 37, which beats the last one.


Matt Baker, you beat him. He's on his rickshaw at the moment. Do you


think Harry is a finalist. ? I definitely think he's a


contender. He has all the pen rblg to be in that final, of course.


Holding her cards close to her chest there, it's safe to say. You


had quite a crew in the audience. Your mum was there, your girlfriend


was there, your lovely, beautiful girlfriend. My mum. Danny. Look.


And the band. Obviously not Danny because he's in the jungle. What


did they think of Dinkie's performance? Thank you for that!


They loved it. I was worried. It was the first time my mum came and


I thought I would better pull one out the bag and I thought if I


don't it will be because she came. Thankfully I think it was the best


performance so far. She was very proud and it was a great night and


we had the day together on the Sunday. Is it difficult being that


passionate and intense in front of your mum when your mum is sat


there? I think when you are there, you just have to give it your all


and fear nothing really because if you do, that comes across very


easily which I've learned, so you have to try and get into the...


Into the zone. Yes, definitely. Aliona compared you to a sloth a


few weeks ago. The sloth community have got in touch with the show and


their spokesman had something to say about your dancing. Sorry, mate,


didn't realise we were rolling. Whoops. I've been hanging around


all weekend waiting to do this. Do you know what, you weren't that bad


actually. Look, Len, I'm from the South American jungle. I know


what's hot and steamy, and let me tell you, mate, that lad nailed it.


All I can say is that routine was like a juicy Argentine steak. Meaty


and well done. Probably time for a little kip now, but from one sloth


to another, well done Harry and keep dancing! Quite special. Thank


you to Johnny Curtis, like a modern day Johnny Morris. Were you more


relaxed last week, did that help? don't think you were not relaxed.


So chilled as always. He was really into it. I think it really matched


his personality, this dance, and that's why he could go for it more.


So this week you've got the salsa. Are you worried about encountering


similar problems you did with the Samba? You've had a bit of practise


today, how is it looking so far? Really good. Sounded surprised.


Because we've done Samba, it's somewhat similar so he's doing much


better with salsa. Being prepared, you know, with Samba now. Anything


in particular he needs to work on this week? Everything. Well,


everything as usual, but... I was joking... To let go more, a bit


more body action. I try to let it go. So it's better than Samba and I


think it will be. It's coming out. Wembley! We can't help ourselves.


You've played there obviously in your band McFly. How different will


the pressure be dancing there, do you think? I think it will be


completely different. It's in the middle, you are in the middle of


the arena as well, you know, not just at the back overlooking


everyone on the stage, you are in the middle. 6,000 people? 6,000


people, yes. It will p intense - - p intense. I've got to go for it.


I'll only do it once so have some fun as well. Are you putting in any


secret little tricks to entertain the roud? Of course, it's 6,000


people in the audience, yes -- the crowd. She's very brave. We


practise these lifts and things and she just chucks herself on me and


expects me to know to catch her. She's like just flip me. No crash


mats involved? No. Good luck, we can't wait to see you, if it's


anything like Saturday, you are going to fly. Well done, Harry and


Aliona. Wembley! That's all for tonight. Thanks to all my guests


and make sure you join me tomorrow at 6.30 when I'll chat to Anita and


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