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Episode 32

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It is Tuesday night. On tonight's show at the weekend the Queen of


drama was cast in the bottom two. Thankfully Anita and Robin were


saved. They are here to tell all. Alex and James have got their


breath back and will be here for a chat. Karen Hardy will be running


her eye over Saturday's performances in Choreography Corner


and I will be looking at this weekend's outfits with Melissa


Obadash. This is Strictly Come Please welcome your host, it's Zoe


Ball. Welcome to names to Strictly Come


Dancing: It Takes Two. It was an eventful weekend full of of of of


swabling judges. The big shock of the weekend was Anita and Robin


being in the bottom two. I will be chatting to them after this


Ah, sexy mamma, queen of drama, you can tango.


You drew me into the story. But overall, I loved the drama.


I didn't think you were respond to go Robin's lead and that's what


needs to happen. You smouldered. For me that's what


Argentine tango is about. It is about cre creating a mood.


I love the Argentine tango and I would like to stay a sexy mamma


forever. I am a proud teacher.


Two nines was fantastic. Fingers crossed for next week at


Wembley. Phew. Please welcome Anita and


Robin. On Sunday, your highest score of


the series, but you found yourselves in the bottom two. Did


your heart sink when you found that news out after such a great score,


Anita? I went from yeah, up there, two nines, our best ever to what


happened? It was like somebody said, "Anita Dobson you are not in in


Kansas anymore.". I was upset for Audley. Suddenly, you realed it is


you or somebody else. You feel dreadful that the other person has


to go. It is an awful situation to be in really.


Why do you think that happened? How come you ended up in the bottom two,


happened there? It is to do with where you are in the leaderboard. A


lot of people thought, "They are safe. They don't need to be voted


for." You need to vote for your favourite. It is down that. People


think you are safe and didn't vote. As a performance on Saturday night,


did you love it? Did you enjoy it? It was incredible. I loved


everything about it. I loved the music which Robin found. I loved my


outfit. I loved the choreography. I loved the fact that it was just


about the two of us and not so much about the two of us and not so much


about selling it out there. As soon as we started and the shoes and as


soon as I started, I was just in it. I forgot everything else. It was


fab. Bruno, said he was stunned, shocked


and appalled that you were in the bottom two. Our viewers online


agree. Adrian posted, "What were the great British public thinking


putting Anita in the bottom two? I was ready to spit feathers." What


did the other celebrities make of it? When they said it was us,


everybody, all our team-mates went, "What?" You could hear a gasp.


They came over to us and put their arms around us. It was really quite


moving. If I had been more able to appreciate it at the time and not


in shock. Len gave you a higher mark than he gave to Harry. That


must have boosted your confidence? I was thrilled he was our champion


that night. I really felt that we kind of instilled the feeling of


the dance dance. So yeah, I was thrilled.


Another thing the fans were commenting on. Someone posted,


"Hasn't Anita Dobson got a cracking set of legs on her? She really


worked the tango.". David wrote, "Anita might be 62, but she dances


like a 16-year-old." Did you have any idea that you were a sexy pin-


up? I had no idea and I accept that role readily.


. Robin is gutted he lost that title. There is chemistry between


the two of you which goes to prove that the Dobbin dialect is working


wonders. We have had many, many different,


weird and wonderful words for It is really oozy.


Lumpy, lumpy, lumpy. I'm missing it.


You know how I use big words, sexy, sexy.


I thought you had swallowed a dictionary page!


I just said it! LAUGHTER


My favourite is goy, goy. You are doing the samba. A lot of


people dread that because it can be tricky. Robin, why? It is probably


one of the most most challenging dances for the male and female


celebrities. There is the timings so you have got everything mixed to


go. There is so many timing variations and I'm I'm trying to


put all in the routine. We had a great week this week.


He plans all the technical things and you can cope with it Anita and


it is brilliant to see? It is it is challenging and he is pushing me


and that's why I'm here to learn and I will only learn if I do my


best. What is your goal this week? What


can you do to keep yourselves out of the bottom two? It is Wembley.


Instead of perform to go a few people in the studio, we are going


to make it as big and as huge for all 6,500. It is Brazilian. It is


the carnival so you have got to get the crowd behind you. Your man,


Brian, has played at Wembley a lot and now it is your turn Anita


Dobson. How do you feel, Anita Dobson? If I get to Wembley, I will


wear this jacket. What are you going to do at Wembley


in. I want to have as much fun as I can and let everybody know I'm so


happy. I'm still here. Still dancing with this boy, wasn't he


amazing on Saturday? I'm just blessed. I have got another week


and I'm going to share that with the whole of Wembley, the world!


I'm so glad you stayed in, Anita and Robin.


Here at Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two we aim to find out every


detail about our professional dancers. We encourage them to dish


the dirt on each other, but who are they discussing here?


Can you guess the dancer from these clues? This dancer has a Spanish


mother and Hungarian father. This dancer used to work in a


bakery for a leading supermarket chain.


This dancer loves golf and he even played a round with Sir Bruce.


We look up to him as the father father figure and some might even


say grandfather. This dancer's biggest fear is to be


paired up with someone who doesn't think he is the greatest dancer in


the world. He is the modern day day Fred stair.


I have a small suspicion. On Saturday, there was talk of


freckles and passes. If you didn't understand hat judges mp talking


about, don't panic, Karen Hardy is here to explain all in Choreography


Please welcome Karen Hardy. Hello Hardy!


Our celebrities were desperate to get through the weekend so they


could go to Wembley. Has the choreography stepped up a level?


The choreography always improves every week. If you imagine Picasso


when he does the pencil pencil outlines of what he wants to create,


well that's the choreography, what we saw this week was great


colouring, great textures, I loved it. It was up with everything.


We're doing the colouring in. We're going to start with our boy who is


top of the leaderboard after this weekend, Harry and Aliona and their


weekend, Harry and Aliona and their tango.


Len said it was a very clever routine, but he caused a gasp when


he said it lacked passion. For the record I thought it was


fantastic. I thought it was amazing. I got sucked up into the whole


performance of it, the razzmatazz, the show. It was incredible. But


I'm going to explain more in detail where I think Len is coming from.


This dance has the character of sen sueality, sensality. What Len is


coming from here, every competition, you have a selection of judges and


each judge has a different thing that they are looking for, a


different element, but every dance must have two simple levels.


Character and technique. Did he have both of those? He had


fantastic technique, but it was the character that Len is talk being.


It needed to be more real. However, I am going to say it one more time,


I thought it was amaze. OK, we got the -- amazing. OK, we


got the point. Holly and Brendan. There were advantages and


disadvantages. The advantages are imagine Stephen Spielberg


overviewing the movie. Artem was able to look back at his


choreography, but the gamble was, would Holly connect with Brendan?


Would she be able to get close? As we have seen, she did. It worked


brilliantly. OK. They will be on the show tomorrow so we will fin


out if Artem is going to dance at Wembley or if Brendan will be


standing this again. Watch this space.


Jason and Kristina. Bruno said Jason used intricate choreography


to his advantage. What did he mean? This is normally a simple dance.


Look what we got, under arm turns, shadowing positions, he is going


under, she is going under, lots of foot patterns at the same time.


There was attention to detail in a very simple dance. Now, the only


thing for me, it got to a point where I thought, it is starting to


look a little bit overchoreographed. I I didn't know there was a thing.


It just needs to be simple sometimes. Simple is enough, but


big points because he attempted the fleckle.


How was it? First of all, he had a go at it. It creates a momentous


movement. We would place ourselves in the middle of the floor and go


round and round and do a check, it means change direction and it means


we fly around in the opposite direction. Now we got half a


fleckle here which is good. To be honest, no one really had a go at


it. They should be given big points anyway just for attempting it


because it is a difficult step. Maybe he is working up to a whole


fleckle in a couple of weeks. Chelsee and Pasha, our girl did


good. Craig said it almost ticked all his boxes. Did it tick your


botionz? -- boxes? Chelsee always does well for me. It was very


complex and difficult, but just one thing, I don't know why they did


that. The whoosh under the legs? Where did she go? What did she do


that for? I got poured into this emotional dance, the starting on


the piano, it was beautiful. Don't laugh, but a foxtrot should be like


a monkey swinging through the trees. It was lovely and then it is like


she swung through the trees and landed somewhere, I don't know. But


it just goes to show that through Pasha trying to get them to Wembley,


they have got to take care that even the slightest thing could


disrupt the performance and that for me, as much as it was clever,


probably needed it in a jive or something like that and more


romantic and emotional. I know where you're coming from.


Good. Robbie and Ola. Bruno said he loved


Ola's choreography. What effect does the mixture of of steps have


on the whole performance? We talk in the American smooth the Fred


stair and Ginger Rogers. This is very Latin and then we have got the


three lifts. This is what I love from Robbie, look at that. It is


all about recovery in this dance because one minute, you are out


doing a line to the side. Then she is up in the air. You have got to


recover to that ballroom line because that's the pure essence of


this dance. You have heard Len say before, "I would have liked more in


hold." Well, it is no good going into hold if it collapses or you


are worrying about the lift. This was a great performance because his


personality was back. Welcome back, Robbie. Don't do that to us again.


He was back. But at the same time, the American smooth is quite a


difficult dance and I think they handled it fabulously.


Well done, Robbie. Karen you have retained your title


as Queen of choreography for another week. Karen Hardy.


Alex and James will be here, but let's see their jumping jive.


It was so full of verve and gust toe, I thought it was terrific.


The performance was extremely confident. There is no real


accuracy or precision in the steps. Your confidence is growing. You


just need to refine some of your steps.


You had the enthusiasm of a leader. Come on!


Tough dance, the jive. You went went for it 100%.


It is good they give us constructive criticism because next


week we can go away and work on those things. There was no playing


it safe, baby. There was three of Give me an A, give me an L, give me


an E, give me an X! Wendy said it was, "Fun, frisky and


fabulous.". Thank you, Wendy. Alesha said your confidence is


growing. Were you any less nervous than you have been in the past?


Does it get easier? I think it does just because I now realise that


even if you got right to the end and there is more chance of hell


freezing over, you know, I think we have to understand now there are


only so many weeks left in the competition and we are never going


to be able to do this again. So the best tact I think is to enjoy every


Saturday night. Brilliant. You are doing that.


We enjoy watching. The judges were in agreement that it was lively,


but Craig said that there was no real accuracy or precision on the


steps. James Jordan, discuss. I mean, he spoke about the kicks


and flicks about pointing the toes which is actually incorrect. I


won't go into too much detail. But obviously if Craig wants a jive-off


on kicks and and flicks and sees if his are better than mine, I'm up


for that, but you shouldn't point your toes in the kicks and flicks.


On the night I just nodded because I didn't want to argue again


because otherwise it would affect Alex's score.


You hadn't mentioned the point of the toe all week.


No No, because you were doing them correctly. Don't try and change


something that you weren't doing wrong.


If he said, "Your chassis were skippy." I knew they were, but we


worked on them and they were still skippy, but the kicks were lovely


so he is wrong. I'm not going to mess with him!


Good luck this week! I am in one of those moods.


I am too actually. Everything is wrong, I am always


right, isn't it? It is, James, yes. Just agree with him.


It is easier. You did some acting. Is Is Strictly bringing out the


thespian in you, Alex? I find it ease easier when the dance has


character to it. There is me being all weird with the doll, the Manic


Cheerleader. Going back to the paso doble, I found it easier when we


had a story. I find it easier when I know what I'm doing in the dance.


That coupled with the fact that I'm enjoining myself more brings out


the actor. Did you love the cheerleader's outfit. It was really


comfy. We were loving mini Jordan. Our


viewers noticed that he carried on his role throughout the show on


Saturday night. He was clapping along to Jason. Here we go. There


he is. Clapping along, having a lovely time. He got friendly with


Russell Grant! He got extremely excited when the


phonelines opened. Yes, some of the viewers didn't see


the resemblance in Saturday's show. One viewer posted, "Is Alex Jones


dancing with a Boris Johnson dolly?"


Well, I mean, he has got a point. Boris Johnson? You can see. He is


back. Is it difficult dancing two James


Jordans, Alex? At least this one doesn't talk as much.


This one is less argumentative. He has the potential, I was going to


say, to be a better dancer. No, I'm only joking.


Yeah, see new training tomorrow morning.


You are doing the tango this week. I'm so excited. James, what is


going to be the hardest technique to master? Technique? The hardest


thing in ballroom is the posture as you would know. Once you have mass


terd the pos -- mastered the posture, the steps are easier


because it is a walking dance. As long as you have the right


character and everything, tension in the legs, flexing to the knees


more, it is an easy dance. Is it an easy dance, Alex? No. I


mean, you know, we have done some work on the tango and the quickstep


and jive were manic and they were hard work. Harder work for some


than others, but the tango, I suppose, it is a different ballpark


now because we have to be serious and quite sexy.


Yes. Why do you look at me as if I can't


do sexy? That looked good. Keep that up.


Yes. You are going to have no trouble. How are you feeling about


performing at Wembley Arena. 6,000 people are going to be there. Is


that going to be terrifying? Yes. I mean, it will and it won't be


because I think it will be different to to being in the studio.


It will be bigger and I think we'll have to be a little bit more


animated, but sometimes having a crowd there is a good thing because


it cheers you up a bit. Imagine those people that get to


see me in the flesh, 6,000 of them. Honestly.


My peachy bottom. I will be dancing with mini James


in a minute. The hard thing is because it is so much bigger than


the rehearsal space, it is an unknown quantity. Will our dance


work on the stage? We are training training in a studio which is small


and we go to Wembley and the studio is 40 meters by 40 meet ertion and


-- meters and I'm choreographing it thinking, "I don't know if it is


going to work.". Alex and James. Earlier, we asked if you could


guess who our professional dancers were talking. It is time to find


out if you were right. Did you guess? Well, did you guess?


It is only me. It is only me! It was only Anton du Beke. Did you


guess? Of course. How could you not get it right?


Strictly Costume Department had a few surprises. Here a reminder of


Please welcome fashion design designer, Melissa Obadash and Una


O'Hagan. Thank you very much. Melisa, not


only do you design swim wear, but dresses. There is similarity


between the swim wear and Strictly costumes? Yes, I designed Alexandra


Burke's tour. It took me a month sewing the things on to the frocks.


I have done things for Cheryl Cole. People have to appreciate it does


take a lot of work. They are one off pieces and you know, you have


to also look at how much Chrisals and bling goes into one piece.


Let's start with Chelsee. She was doing the the foxtrot. It was a


different look for her. Melisa, what did you think? I think she is


adorable. Because she is pretty, we have done


less fabric on the bottom half. Her body could be turned into a


swim suit if you cut off the skirt. If it had little snaps and we could


snap it off. For her body type, I would have done less fabric on the


bottom half. It is dripping in Chrisals. What --


crystals, what can you tell us? Actually, it is 800 crystals. The


crystals were delicate. They were packaged up separately so they


didn't scratch. They are very delicate. The metallic champagne


colour and reminded me of bands and strips and the way it contoured her


body as well. I always wondered how to say it and


now you said it and I will have to remember. What makes it perfect for


the foxtrot? Is it the layers? you are dancing, you want movement


because it adds more to the whole show. So I think, you know,


connected to her wrists or hands, the gloves, it is all about flowing


and elegant. They are very soft because they are


chiffon and then you go into the skirt, a big circular skirt,


pleated and underneath you have the wired hems so that doesn't get


stuck on her leg. You can see it here. So one spin is going to look


really huge. It is stunning when you see it in action.


Seven metered square of fabric. Let's talk about Holly. She was


doing the rumba and Vicky showed us little sketches and how it does


turn out. Melisa, that is effectively swim wear, isn't it?


know a lot of people that would wear that as a swim suit. I would


take off, I'm not a pink person, but she looks great. I would


probably take off the pink part and continue the Bank of England


continue the bling. You can get inspirations from any of these. I


can look at this and say, "That would be a great one off piece for


Beyonce on stage.". Just to drop that name.


I will go to Lady Gaga if we have Quite a lot of contrast between the


two materials. Yeah, absolutely. Again so much work gone into it.


This is cut on the bias. It suits Holly very well. Her body shape.


She is athletic and they would have sewn it by hand under the bust.


They felt it was more flattering to her body type.


She can get away with anything. Some people are lucky and they can


get get away with anything. Let's talk about Russell? He was my


favourite. What a number. We have got his suit


in the studio. We wanted to try it on and they


they wouldn't let let us. Enough bling? The colour, the bling, the


sequins must be over the floor in the studio. It suits his character.


He couldn't come out in like a nice black suit, it doesn't suit him.


That suits his personality. That suit is Russell. Will we see


this look on the catwalk? I am sure Tom Ford has been watching and he


has his sketchpad in front of him and he will get inspiration and do


a version. It might be black and not gold.


love the idea of Russell Grant influencing Tom Ford. Thank you


very much. A huge thank you to all my guests


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