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Episode 37

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It's Tuesday. On tonight's show: Relax, not Alex and James. Their


tango put them top of the leaderboard. Can they stay there?


Karen Hardy will be here to check out the moves in Choreography


Corner. I will be looking at the weekend's outfits with Amanda


This is Strictly: It Takes Two. Please welcome your host, Zoe Ball!


APPLAUSE Hello! Welcome to It Takes Two.


After a weekend of human cannonballs, flying judges, great


dancing and fabulous outfits we have an awful lot to get through so


let's not waste a second. First up, Alex and James. James spent last


week trying to get Alex to be more assertive and on Saturday she


didn't disappoint. They will be here in a moment. Let's take a look


at their tango. It was atmospheric. There was drama. You had a great


use of steps. Most importantly, it was really believable. I believe we


may be seeing some improvement! APPLAUSE This is what I like, a


proper tango, danced beautifully. Relaxed. Fabulous! 9! LAUGHTER


Buzzing! Sort of overwhelmed as well. I thought my Strictly


experience would come and go without a nine - now we've got


three! Please welcome Alex and James. APPLAUSE Alex, have you had


a chance to watch that back yet? That is the first time I have seen


that. I still feel the same. I am actually speechless. It is only a


few weeks ago you were standing there with a fan in your hand. Then


you go out at Wembley and do the most amazing tango. How far you


have come! Well done. Did it feel brilliant? It did. It was


terrifying. When you are backstage you could hear this roar of the


huge crowd! Then I think it's one of those things, unless you are a


rock star - which I am clearly not - you are not going to do that


again. You had to enjoy it. I can't remember it. I did enjoy it.


have been... I told you to enjoy it! Did she do you proud? I said


enough to Tess on Saturday night but she did. From where she's come


from, Bambi, first few weeks, and then to be able to go out in front


of 6,500 people at Wembley and create her best performance - for a


teacher, I was very, very proud of you. You were properly moved?


was dust in the air! Yeah, yeah! is a softie. I've an image to keep


up! We have a lovely message for you. This is from Vivienne Jenkins.


She left this message - "Dawns bendigedig y gorau hyd yma. Very


good! APPLAUSE I got it. A wonderful dance, your best yet.


Well done you two. What did you say?! Craig said he had seen such


an improvement in Alex, you got very emotional, James. In what way


do you feel that she's improved as a dancer? In every way! Honestly, I


don't think the public have really got to see how bad she was the


first few weeks in training. I know it sounds... Listen, I know it


sounds horrible, but we have had this conversation. I surprised


myself with how rubbish I was. Girls like to think surely...


do it! No. No. We have done lots of interviews about it. That cha-cha,


I can't watch it. It still wasn't bad. It was terrible! People think


I joke when I say I went home on the third day after training and I


actually had a little cry. James Jordan! It was that bad? It was.


She's lovely. But I was thinking, "I don't know what to do!" I felt


terrible. There was nothing I could do about it. Look at you now.


of the leaderboard! With Chelsee and Pasha. I never thought that


would happen. They are like gladiators. You were saying, James,


that it was quite good you going through and the gladiators the top


Fab Four? ANina, -- Anita, Robbie, then it was us, Russell was put in


the bottom two. They knew what we have all been feeling for - I'm not


saying it is good - well, I am! are bubing your hands! Holly was


saved -- You are rubbing your hands! Holly was saved. They had a


taste of what everyone else had been feeling. We think we may have


sussed you out, by spending too much time on the golf course!


is playing up. Instead of concentrating on the dancing, he is


playing on his phone! Double-bogey! What's that mean? 2-Over par.


little bit of golf. One hole. hole. No! One more. No, not one


more. You playing golf? No! I'm going to have a look at the music


for next week. No, you are not. I can see in the mirror that golf is


on the screen. He's danced 20% of the time and played golf on his


phone for the other 80%. I have had to nag him a bit. There is no


technique or skill involved. There is. Dragging him up, pulling him to


dance. Less golf, more dancing. One? Not golf now. No. One more


hole. We need a high score on Saturday, not on the golf. I'm 13-


under. 13-foot under the floor now if you carry on! I will club him


over the head tomorrow if he carries on. LAUGHTER Fantastic.


That brought it out! You have the Charleston this week. What a lot of


fun. Are you going to be fit enough? I'll be fine. 84-year-old


James here might struggle. I don't know. It is the one dance we said


from the beginning I hope we have a go at the Charleston. And so this


is brilliant that we are. Yeah. again, you know, he's not the


fittest. I know. You have to get him in training. Do a warm-up in


the morning perhaps for him. And also, it will suit Alex - he is


miffed! I think so because of her personality. She is quite quirky


and scatty which is - I'm getting my own back now! Which is all about


the Charleston. And I think it could be a great dance for you. At


the end of the day, we will have fun. Alex keeps saying, or she said


from week one, it is the one dance she really wanted to get to do but


Russell Grant did say that he just wanted to get to Wembley. We don't


want that curse. Yes. We don't want that curse. Yes. Your wife, Ola,


and Chris Hollins have the record with straight tens for their


Charleston. Are you confident that you can beat your own best in the


Charleston of 38 with Pamela Stephenson? It is hard to say. I


really hope - why are you shaking your head? Let's be realistic!


Chris, we have seen some great Charlestons this year, like Pasha


and Chelsee. But when you compare it to Chris and Ola's it was iconic.


It was. It was one of my favourite dances. The music, his personality,


it just suited him. I do think it is going to suit you, but straight


tens? OK. Aim for some more nines. If we get another nine, we will be


happy. A nine. Nine is nice. Wonderful. We will take nines all


day long! I know. Your face when you got the nines - also I must


mention the swing-a-thon. We have that added element of jeopardy in


the weekend's show? Which James hadn't mentioned until today!


forgot to tell her! What were you expecting her to do? I was worried


about her fitness! Good luck with your Charleston and the swing-a-


thon and well done on Saturday. Well deserved. Alex and James.


APPLAUSE Now, Strictly wouldn't be strick strick without them, but


there is not a huge amount known about our professional dancers.


Their -- Strictly without them, but there is not a huge amount known


about their professional dancers. Who are they talking about here?


Can you guess the dancer? This dancer is passionate about skin


care and the beauty industry. They used to manage a day spa. This


person has an unhealthy obsession for fake tans. This person's


catchphrase is "this is the best thing ever". She is all legs and


speaks funny. She is very, very tall! Who do you think it is? Find


out later in the show. Mmm, I wonder who could it be? We will


reveal all later. On Saturday we had six Latin dances to add to the


Wembley party spirit. Six times the usual Strictly size was the


dancefloor. Karen Hardy had it covered. It is time for


Choreography Corner. I love your intro music! Karen Hardy! APPLAUSE


She does like to move it! Karen, what an incredible show on


Saturday? It was amazing at Wembley. It went to a whole new level. With


what they brought to Saturday night entertainment, fantastic. Loved it.


We loved it. How difficult is it to choreograph for that huge space?


The first thing to pick up about choreography is this one point that


I want to do. I have taken a snapshot of the arena. Beautiful.


Everyone keeps saying it is a big place. Most importantly, for the


choreographers, our professionals, they had such an array of choice.


They had the stop stage where the band were. They had the centre


stage like the floor area, the circular area and on top of that,


they had the entire dancefloor. They would have had very small tiny


training rooms and only by the Friday where they would have gone


for the rehearsals would the professionals have known will this


choreography fit, will it work? Now, just to give you an idea of the


size, length of that floor was four double-decker buses long. Wow!


double-decker buses and the width two double-decker buses. You have


to imagine little tiny steps, how would that fit? Well, what we are


going to unfold and show throughout this section we will see who made


the right choices and who didn't. like the sound of this. Chelsee and


Pasha. Chelsee suffers a lot from nerves. What did you think of her


section on her own? I loved it. You have Pasha, probably hearing her


saying, "I'm nervous" but look what he does. I'm going to put you out


there on your own! You will learn to get confident. Great walks. They


were all the moves! She looked - she owned it? More importantly,


Pasha again sending out the messages to the judges, "Don't


leave my lady out, she is building her confidence, she is strong on


her own." If anything had gone wrong, she wouldn't have had a clue


what time she was on, where she was meant to go. Big brave move, very,


very good. Jason and Kristina and their jive? How ambitious was


Kristina's choreography? Every week she is lifting this choreography.


We will take a look at the jive kicks. Direct, fast, but there is


something more in there, there is the spring, the swing of the hips,


so it's not about throwing the leg out there. He is absolutely


learning everything about the dance. Not just the choreography and the


timing. He is taking it deeper and deeper. Maybe everybody at home


won't know why they loved the performances, but it is because of


these extra things that the celebrities are able to master now.


They are learning quickly. They are looking more like proper dancers?


Right. Let's talk about Harry and Aliona. Len said full-on samba,


Craig loved it. What was so good? What was so brilliant about this, I


know just for the record, Len said samba instead of salsa, it is of


course... I was confused then! know. It's the Latin world, it is


the party world. This was brilliant. I want to explain why. What we


always get with Aliona's choreography is that little bit


extra. There is something extra. Love it. Look at this. When did she


have time to teach him to unravel the dress? Not only that, he's got


to panic about that and look what is coming next... One, two, three!


Very, very difficult work. What if he had missed that piece of fabric


to unravel? What if they had got caught up? What if, what if? With


that piece of choreography, it was so on the edge but what I love is,


she's always thinking about that little bit more, what else can I


bring to it? If it is not costume, body action? A bit of drama.


Building, building, I like it. lot! Robbie and Ola. He opened the


show, what a bang! Incredible. But how difficult were the lifts that


Ola had choreographed for Robbie? If ever I was going to pay someone


to open a showcase spectacular, that I would choreograph, that


would be it. I mean, to get 6,500 people standing, that is what you


would want there. He went to the crowd, he performed to the crowd,


and then he had to lift. I'm hoping he had three bowls of shreddies!


That was incredibly difficult. I need to explain why. When we are


dancing, we are exerting energy of course. So we are getting more


tired. The added thing here was the adrenaline at Wembley with 6,500


people screaming, knowing you are opening the show, he would have


been physically on overdrive and exhaustion would have been kicking


in. But there was a slight "urgh" because everything to do with lift


work, it should be in-and-out. I just thought the three lifts they


used were very difficult, but fantastic. What a way to open


Wembley. I know. He sold it. He did. He was terrific. Let's talk about


Anita and Robin. She will have an interesting week. Rent-a-pro


Brendan is standing in. Robin has hurt his foot. What did you think


about her samba? That floor is so big. You need that energy, you need


to be able to move. Clever first of all, using steps like this. We know


she can spin well. Once they started to move across the floor,


someone like Robin is going to go, "Yes, I'm off!" But it would have


been very, very hard for Anita to have kept up with that. They made


it work. She's still an inspayration. I just think she is


the most amazing woman. I would have possibly just kept her centre


stage from beginning to end. I know there was this whole got to get the


crowd, but it is interesting who it worked for and who it didn't.


didn't think it worked for Anita? Good luck. Holly and Artem and


their quickstep, Craig loved the pirouette on the stairs. How tricky


is that to do? How tricky? Near on impossible! Already being in a high


heel, already not knowing if it is going to work, and instead of


walking up-and-down, let's turn on one foot at the same time. This is


the shot of the night for me. I just love this. This was like a


Hollywood entrance. Of all the dances you would have wanted to


dance, it would have been a quickstep. For us, big floor, big


movement, move across the floor. You can do a lot of travelling?


can do a lot of travelling. But, I have explained how we have had the


top stage, the centre stage and the main stage. He used all three. I'm


not sure if that was the right move. It was a fantastic number. Playing


it back, she didn't make as many mistakes as it sort of seemed on


the night. Started off at the top, used the floor down the middle,


used the centre of the floor and then ran round the outside of it.


I'm not sure if he was trying to get those points or run a marathon!


Maybe he was getting extra money for Children In Need. It was a


first-class routine. I wonder if it was a step too far for Holly.


nothing gets past you. I can't wait to see you next week. Thank you.


APPLAUSE Now, this weekend Chelsee and Pasha will be tackling the


Argentine tango. Vincent Simone has come back to the studio to explain


Hello. This is me, of course, Vincent. Welcome to my step by


steps guide of the Argentine tango. The story about the Argentine tango


is the man is really chasing the woman, make sure that the woman is


going to be his forever. And possess the woman until she gives


up. The Argentine tango consists of some key moves, we have ganchos, it


is when the men and lady, they look their legs together and they can be


done in different position, different speeds and with different


legs. We have the sacada, the displacement of each other's feet.


It is another beautiful action. The man can do it to the lady as the


lady can do it to the man. Next, the calesita, the man lifting the


lady up slightly and the lady will be still on the spot and the man


can walk around the lady. We have the planeo, which is a flashy


figure. It is when the lady or the man standing on one leg pointing


the other leg to the side and the other person will run quickly


around making a big circle on the floor. If you want to be a great


dancer, you need to let it go, you need to follow the music. You


should be able to hear each other's heart beating. This year's


Argentine tango I performed with Flavia was my favourite because it


was super-fast, we couldn't go any faster than that and the fact we


succeeded to get to the end of the routine and the number, it was a


miracle! APPLAUSE Thank you, Vincent. I will be trying that at


home in the kitchen later! I will have more step by step masterclasss


very soon. Earlier on, we asked you if you could guess who our dancers


were talking about. Time the find out if you are right. Who was


everyone talking about? Did you guess? It's me! Natalie! In a


moment, I will be indulging in some serious analysis of the weekend's


outfits with top designer Amanda Wakeley. First, here is a quick


reminder of what was top of the Please welcome award-winning


designer Amanda Wakeley and fashion lecturer and It Takes Two favourite,


Oonagh O'Hagan. APPLAUSE Hello. Thank you so much for joining me.


Amanda, welcome to the show. You have designed for Scarlett


Johansson and Kate Middleton has been out spotted in several of your


frocks. What would you say - yes, it is impressive! What would you


say is the key to a stand-out dress? For me, it's making sure


that the dress doesn't wear the woman, the woman wears the dress.


Right. Yes. I will write that down! What impresses you the most about


the Strictly outfits? Just the level of construction in them is


incredible. They are sort of serious performance garments. When


you look at how the dancers dance. So the construction has to be


brilliant. Let's talk in detail about that. We will talk about


Chelsee's samba dress. What did you make of her Union Jack dress,


Amanda? Did it suit the dance? thought really clever and in fact


very flattering on her. It elongated her body. I thought the


way that the seam was cut, the Union Jack coming down from that,


was very clever. Oonagh, we have it here. We want fashion facts?


The first thing to say is it is a stretched satin so that goes over


layer. The thing that I think that is most important is you have the


Union Jack, it is very well-known, and you are putting that on to a 3D


object - Chelsee. That is very difficult. You will distort the


image. It is a clever pattern cutter that has to do that so you


still recognise it. That is the main important thing about this


dress. Then on the construction side, you have little slits in the


side so she can move in it. So those are the main things. I think


then the crystals. Can you give us a crystal -- crystal count? 800


last week. Over 2,000 this week. Those feathers, it is like the tail


sweeps around behind her. It was great. Great for hip action. How


was that done, Oonagh? It is strips of boa. You would start with two


metres of it. Then they would tack those on. They don't want too many.


I think it worked. It looked carnival. It is like a tail-feather.


It shows the hip action. Well done, Chelsee. She looked so hot! Now,


next Holly and her quickstep dress. Amanda, were you a fan of this


unconventional style of quickstep dress? I prefer other styles on


Holly. I loved her - it was her rumba dress the week before which


was very flattering through the body and then that lovely gentle


draping which was sort of quite cheeky, longer at the front and


then that real sweep-up at the back that was very sexy. How was this


one put together? You ready for my appalling joke? It is not Strictly


a dress! That will teach you to make jokes! Tell us more. It is in


two pieces. It is on a leotard base. Over this, you have a metallic


fabric and then this nude fabric over the top. The whole point is to


echo a twin-set cardigan, a little jumper. Then you have crystals on


it. They are in a brickwork formation. Again to echo almost


like knitwear and then going into the skirt you have all these layers.


How many layers did she have? got five layers. It went georgette,


satin and lots of organza layers and then green and blue and the


blue to match Artem's outfit. When she spins, you can see it. Very


good. I like it. No godets? godets. Let's talk about Alex. Much


more traditional style dress for Alex, but with a little twist?


Unusual. Generally, a tango dress is red and black. This obviously,


the ivory and the black was rather beautiful with the violet around


the hem. I thought clever because that illusion of a bareback and we


know that the construction of that doesn't allow it. Very elegant.


Come on, Oonagh, what have you got for us? Any godets? No. It's got


eight panels in it. They have a slight flare to give it the volume.


You have lots of layers. Around the bottom, you have 42 metres of this


pleated crinoline. That crinoline keeps away from the legs so it


doesn't get caught up. It has some wiring as well. Or boning. That


keeps it away from the leg. Those are my fashion facts. Ladies, a


pleasure. Amanda and Oonagh. APPLAUSE A huge thank you to my


guests tonight. Join me tomorrow whenly be catching up with Chelsee


and Pasha and Anita and Brendan and hopefully Robin will join them too.


Ian Waite is back for a look at this week's training in Waite's


Wednesday Warm-Up. See you tomorrow. Until then, it is good to see our


couples are still having a good time having a good time. Good night.


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