Episode 38 Strictly - It Takes Two

Episode 38

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It's Wednesday. Coming up: New partners Anita and Brendan will


update us on their training and Robin's poorly foot. Chelsee "Samba


Spice" Healey and Pasha will be shimmying in for a chat. The eighth


wonder of Strictly, Ian Waite will be here with all the latest news


Live from Television Centre, this is Strictly: It Takes Two. Please


welcome your host, Zoe Ball! APPLAUSE


Hello! Welcome to It Takes Two. This week, our seven remaining


couples are training harder than ever as we are over three weeks


away from the final! Can you believe it? As we know, Robin is


not well enough to dance this Saturday with Anita. Luckily, I


know, Brendan has been on hand to step in again. I will be chatting


to Strictly's new duo, right after this reminder of where Team Dobin


left off. Your shoulders were hunched all the way through that


and raised up. You were leaning a little bit too far forward. Bundles


of energy and full of personality. You created a party atmosphere.


come out every dance and you give it 100%. You really always work it


and play it for all it's worth. But there was so much fire up above,


you forgot the fire below! We were going for the party atmosphere.


That is what we had. So it worked. That is the samba. Robin said,


"Don't expect to get great marks because it is a hard dance" and I


have found it hard! Please welcome Anita and Brendan. APPLAUSE Poor,


Robin. Get well soon. We are going to talk in length about Robin in a


moment. What a week it's been. I have to mention what did Brian


think of the Queen dance? I think he found it extremely weird being


backstage at Wembley Arena while his wife was in front of 6,500


people dancing to his music. That must have been so weird. Are you


going to make a habit of that? knows! It could be the start of


something big. How did you feel when you heard the news that Robin


wasn't going to be able to dance this weekend? I was in the middle


of cooking dinner. I nearly burnt it I was so shocked. I didn't know


what to think. I didn't know what would happen and then I was told


that Brendan, kir Brendan, would be stepping in. -- Sir Brendan, would


be stepping in. Then you find out you have to dance with Brendan.


More panic! What was your first reaction? That's an opportunity to


dance with another dance partner and be taught in a different way. I


found it - I was looking forward to it. Not often I get that reaction!


I was. We have to say, Brendan, when it comes to saving a damsel in


distress, you have earnt your stripes. You have proved yourself,


hasn't he? APPLAUSE To be the man that they are all looking for. Take


a look at this. Thanks. When life deals you a hard blow, there are


unexpected blessings. My knight in shining armour! Luckily Brendan


came along. I hate to see a damsel in distress. I had no choice but to


come to the rescue. The person who is going to save the day for me is


Brendan. Brendan Cole steps into another man's shoes. Who will dance


with you if they drop me? Brendan! Brendan is amazing. Brendan is a


very strong dancer. I wonder if I could borrow Brendan. Thank God for


Brendan that he is here! You get well soon, Robin! Otherwise you


have lost me. Your best friend! guys, stop it! We want to know have


you got yourself a superhero nickname yet? He has! Tell me.


did do a VT for you lot five weeks' ago. Tell me now! It was something


like Captain Big Boy! LAUGHTER I don't want to know. Let's move on.


Let's talk about the cha-cha, which you are doing. This man has the top


score on Strictly for the cha-cha ever. 40 with Lisa Snowdon. How is


it in the training room? It's scary. It's really scary. This is a force


of nature. He's a fierce dancer and I'm not sure if I'm up to the mark.


Really? It must be weird to be taught differently. Robin and I are


different dancers and personalities. I am quite strong and forceful and


Robin is softer and more gentle. Yes. In a nice way! It must be very


strange. Yes. How do their teaching methods differ? Different. The


first day, he obliterated my mind. I couldn't think of anything else.


I didn't think I had been on Strictly. Woah! This is the first


day of dancing. Now, I can hear Robin's voice and his voice. Really,


they are both giving me the same comments. That's good. Put those


shoulders down. Get them back! Brian who? Let's listen to what you


will be dancing to. # Uptown Girl... #


Why did you choose this one? It is good when Anita can play a role.


Every time I have seen her dance where she is acting a part, she


comes across well. I can be the dude fixing the car and... I say


that with affection. Are you impressed with her ability? It's


great. She's such an enthusiastic student. She comes in, she is


excited about it. She soaks it up. I didn't expect that. Ten or 11


weeks in, you start going crazy. Your mind is overload with dancing.


Enthusiastic, bang, bang, loving it. Which you need to be at this stage.


Do you have a team name? No. No. I don't know if we do. It seems like


other people give us team names which is lovely. I don't know what


ours is. We have Coldob, or Brenita. I love that. After you said rent-a-


pro I'm trying to get this all week! You have to do a swing-a-thon


as well. Would you like to give a message to Robin with his foot up?


We miss you. Lots and lots. Get back to full strength and come back


and see us. I am looking after your girl, Robin! She is in good hands.


It must be so weird. Don't let him down. Good luck. Thank you so much.


APPLAUSE Thank you. Get well, Robin. We are used to seeing our dancers


in flamboyant outfits. Can you identify which professional is


# That's right, I really love your tiger feet... #


Who is the dancer in disguise? Find out later in the show.


Mmm, I wonder who it could be. Now, I have some very exciting news. Yes.


The Christmas Strictly line-up has been announced. CHEERING Taking


part in the extravaganza, boxing champ, Barry McGuigan. CHEERING Su


Pollard. CHEERING Blue's Simon Webbe. CHEERING Cheedian Debra


Stephenson. CHEERING. -- comedian, Debra Stephenson. And EastEnders


baddie, Charlie Brooks. You can catch the action on Christmas Day.


Now back to this week, it will be a tough one for our couples this week.


They have to master their individual performances and a group


swing-a-thon. Here to give us the latest from the training rooms is


Ian Waite, everybody! APPLAUSE Hello, gorgeous! Before we start, I


wanted to show you something. It is my birthday today. Hello. It is


your birthday today! CHEERING Thank you. Don't ask how old! My boy made


a little model of the Strictly studio. That is amazing. Here we


are... Is that us? That's you with grey hair. The judges and then


there is Harry and Aliona and Anita and bobby. That is really good.


Wembley, epic, huge, did you enjoy it? It was so great. I was sat on


the third row and, yeah, note to producers, sat on the third row...


Bles you! But it was amazing. Bless you! But it was amazing.


Seeing Russell come out of that cannon, was amazing. We miss you


already! Let's start with Robbie and Ola. Their turn to tackle the


rather tricky samba. How is our boy getting on? It will be a tough week


for him. This is one of the most difficult dances. This bounce that


he is doing, that is fantastic! Already he has that bounce of samba


which is so important. You need bounce! I'm going to stop it here


on a promenade run. What I would like him to do is stretch his back


leg. The way he will do that is if he bends forward over, if I can do


a little, like that - oh! Machinery! Computer says no!


LAUGHTER If he bends more on to the front knee and pitches his weight


forward, he will be able to stretch that back leg. You demonstrate it


so well. So... I could watch him do that all night! Like that. Yes. A


lady has passed out! Alex and James, joint top this week. Can they be up


there again with this the Charleston? The Charleston is full


of fantastic character moves which, as we can see, it is quite comical,


the Charleston. And this is - they are doing the right steps here.


It's fun. It looks like fun. They have a great chemistry, these two.


I think that is what we are seeing now. That is why their marks are


getting better. Why I slowed this down, I wanted to show you the


individual uniqueness of this lift. As you can see, it's... Nice bit of


swimming! That is the whole point. The lift is individual and unique


and it's funny. That is what Charleston is about. It is tongue-


in-cheek. It will be good. Harry and Aliona are doing the quickstep


this week. I hear rumours it is looking quite hot! I want you to


watch this. Let's play it. Look at the speed. This is fantastic. Look


at the smoothness of it! Can we watch it again? Anybody want to see


that again? ALL: Yes! What I am amazing with is the movement across


the floor. How fast! Look at the speed. I am loving the sway that


Harry's getting. Now this normally, you would never see this on


Strictly from a celebrity because it takes years and years to master


this. Pre-champ standard, amster standard, you start to see the sway.


Harry is looking like a pre-champ? Almost amateur. That is fantastic.


Not amateur amateur! Amateur is good. Come on, Harry! Jason and


Kristina are going to be doing the Charleston. Quite a character-


filled dance. Could this be perfect for Jason? This doesn't look as


natural as some of the other dances he's danced. A little bit unco-


ordinated in places. There are places like this where he's dancing


Charleston steps, with the kicks, which are more jivey! They are


really good. Here I have stopped it where they are going into this


because I am loving his energy and his - he goes for everything 100%.


What I would like to see is I would like to see the fact - I can't do


that - let's try this one. Circles. That's a bit big! LAUGHTER I would


like to see them match up a bit more. It's early stages. It is. I


love the fact that he puts 100% in. Do you think after going wrong on


Saturday, bless him, none of us wanted to see that happen, he


recovered well. Will he will worried about that? He will


probably be worried about it. Charleston is such an individual


dance and there are so many different moves in there. It is not


like jive where there are so many kicks and flicks. I think he will


be fine. Come on, Jason! He is in tomorrow. Holly and Artem hoping to


stay out of the bottom two this week. They are doing the foxtrot.


How are they looking? When they danced the American Smooth, it was


a great dance for them. There's lots of foxtrot in American Smooth


and, again, she has a fantastic poise. She is using her head lovely.


She has a great posture and great movement. What I want to highlight


is this area here because when she's dancing backwards on every


step in foxtrot she needs to release her toes. Release the toes!


What do you mean by that? Well, I mean release the toes! LAUGHTER OK.


The reason - it is not just because of the look of it. It's - there is


a physical reason. When you release your toes, you are releasing your


weight backwards. Rather than stepping back like that... If you


were to walk backwards, it keeps your weight forward. It makes the


movement better. It is very, very difficult! It is. That would help


her. OK. Brendan has stepped in, we love him, in place of Robin. He is


dancing with Anita. How is this going to affect the cha-cha?


think it will be very difficult for Anita. She's, you know, she's


developed such a great relationship with Robin and she's got that


comfort zone. Now with Brendan, she is out of her comfort zone. I am


hoping it will help her. And the only thing I really have to say is


sometimes she looks a bit muddled in the steps. Cha-cha is a fast


dance. I would like to see her straighten these knees. You have


said this before! It is difficult. But every step that you take in


cha-cha-cha is a straight leg. Straight leg. Show us! Straight,


straight, straight leg. Every time. Basically, I don't want to see her


stand on it and straighten it. You have to straighten it as you put


your weight on it. It is so confusing. Samba this... Then


straight. There's lots of different... She can do it! Yes.


Chelsee and Pasha, they are doing the Argentine tango. What do you


think so far? Well, we have managed to capture her without her shoes on


again. How have we done that? She wears them. I don't know when!


LAUGHTER She does. They are doing some fantastic ganchos! I wanted to


stop it here. I wanted to show you the posture. She's very upright


here. I would like to see her kind of come in from the waist. Let me


show you. Shall we do it? Yes. This is tango. We are connected at the


waist. This is my favourite bit of the week! Away. Now, Argentine


tango is you lean towards me. Hello! A bit more like that.


that right? It is more compact. Move backwards. On the right leg.


Then move forwards. That is it. APPLAUSE Leg up! No, not in this


skirt! LAUGHTER Lovely. Thank you very much. We never got to do that!


I know. Now, swing-a-thon they are doing this weekend as well. All the


couples will be on the floor together. Look, we can see Pam and


Matt from last year looking rather marvellous. They look amazing.


do they need to do the stand out for the judges? You have to get the


audience, so you have to do some very interesting stuff like those


lifts and you have to get the judges - you have to catch the


judges' eyes early on. I would say lots of energy from the start, and


they have to keep the stamina up. Also, they have got the added


problem of floor craft, there will be other couples on the floor...


How do you get rid of people if they are in your way? You can


corner somebody! Can you? Brilliant! You are gorgeous. Ian


Waite. Can't wait to see him next week. APPLAUSE Thank you. So that


is what Ian makes of the training. What did you make of Saturday's


show. Here are your Points of You. James and Brendan should be put on


the naughty step after the behaviour tonight behind Tess. It


was very naughty. Bye. Strictly, I didn't think you could do better


than last year but you have. Wembley was great! Russell, we will


miss you and the gorgeous Flavia. You were both brilliant. Hello, I'm


Jess. I'm nearly six. My favourite is Holly and Artem. Please say


hello to my friend who are coming to my Strictly birthday party this


week. Thank you for your message. Happy birthday. Can I come? If you


want to have your say about the weekend's shows, don't hold back.


Our phone lines are open 24/7. You Now, Chelsee and Pasha were


certainly shakin' a tail-feather on Saturday. This was their amazing


samba. Chelsee, you little ball of fire! I thought you were brave to


do that first section on your own. You missed a turn which threw your


timing off. Your finishes are excellent. You captured the spirit


of the samba. You had that natural bounce that we want to see. You are


really coming into your own. Great job. You want to go for another


round? No! Wembley is amazing. I'm so lucky to be able to have


performed here. We were nearly perfect. So I think competition is


just starting! Competition is just starting! Please welcome Chelsee


and Pasha. APPLAUSE Well done on Saturday night. Amazing! How was


your first appearance at Wembley, for you? I was petrified. It was so


scary. My legs were like jelly. I was scared, nervous, but it was


such a surreal overwhelming feeling at the same time. It was something


else. You were there on your own. At which point did you start to


feel the love from the crowd? Since I first started, when I come


on the dancefloor, they clapped and everything, which was nice. I felt


the love since as soon as the music started. It was amazing. Joint top


of the leaderboard with Alex and James as well. How does that feel


to be up there? Again! Amazing. It is such a brilliant, fantastic


feeling. Isn't it? Absolutely. LAUGHTER She is always asking me!


Sue writes, "Chelsee, you are a fabulous dancer, believe it and


believe in yourself!" Good advice. When you hear compliments like that,


does it help boost your confidence? Yes, it does. It is amazing to hear


what people are thinking, when they are giving me like good comments


then it, yeah, I can't explain how nice it is. Warms the cockles of


your heart! Yes. We know you are a great huge hit on the dancefloor.


We also know that success doesn't come without the odd ache and pain.


Here you go. I got an injury! Medic! My legs are hurting already.


Just my feet are hurting. All right. It hurts! Stay there. I feel a bit


sick. Sick now? Oh my God, my arms feel floppy. My feet are aching.


They are getting exercise. I think what it is today, my neck's hurting.


When we do... Not sure it is a good idea while I'm ill. I feel sick


after that. The worst sort of pain when you bang your toe. Yeah.


in pain. Can I have a tablet? It's been more than two hours. Urgh!


don't know! APPLAUSE Sorry, it is so good. Pasualty! I'm trying to


imagine you dressed as a doctor! Brilliant. How are you getting on


with the Argentine tango? It is completely different. I think our


main goal is to bring the passion out of Chelsee. OK. How are you


finding getting close up and passionate with Pasha? I will tell


them what I feel! Is he trying to prime you? Yes. Naughty, Pasha!


be honest, I feel comfortable with him so it's fine. When he does try


and kiss me, I have to like swerve! You try and kiss her? I say!


joking. He didn't really. Go on, try now! Actually, you tweeted


yesterday, "I love Pasha. Ha, what an amazing boy." Is there something


we need to know? No. Did you? I deleted it! You put it out there


and you take it back. What do you think are the biggest challenges


for Chelsee with the Argentine tango? Footwork is very difficult.


Of course, we need to bring out the character. Judges are keen every


week with all the Argentine tango performances on passion and


character between the dancers, so that is our goal and main focus.


Can you pretend he is someone else? Erm... I'm going to have to!


LAUGHTER Who would you pretend he was? I haven't got a pin-up. I


like... Somebody else! OK. Let's hear... Ah, poor, Pasha! Let's have


a listen to what you are dancing to. How can you not feel passionate


when you feel this music. What do you think of it? Is it the kind of


thing you would listen to at home? No. I am trying my best to enjoy it.


Get into character. Yes. I think you will. All the couples are doing


the swing-a-thon this weekend as well. How do you feel about going


head-to-head out on the floor with Harry and Jason and Holly and Anita


and Robbie, how is that going to be, and Alex? Yes, I am more nervous


about the swing-a-thon to be honest. Just the thought of competing


against everyone on the floor scares me. Yeah. She is going to


start pushing people around! That is what you have to do. Out of my


way. No, I won't. How are you training for something like that?


You learn loads of different steps and some stunts? Yes, that is


basically what it is. You have a routine set up and a bunch of


different tricks. Hopefully, you will watch for the judges to look


at you and then go... Do the stunt! Is there any throwing, are you


going up in the air? I don't know yet. We are still working on that.


What is your nana thinking of your progress? She is really proud. They


can't tell me enough how proud they are, which is the best feeling,


knowing that I am making them proud as well. It is amazing. Can you see


the final in your sights? Semifinal? The final is there. We


are taking it one dance at a time. One week at a time. We are not


looking at it as if to say we want to be in that final. We are trying


our best. Listen, good luck with your Argentine tango. I know it


will be amazing and your swing-a- thon. Give it up for Chelsee and


Pasha! APPLAUSE Thank you. Thank you. So did you manage to work out


which of our dancers really loved those tiger feet? It is time to


reveal what was dancing in disguise. Happy birthday, Zoe! Grrr! APPLAUSE


# Celebrations... # Thank you. You didn't think we


would let you get away without celebrating your birthday. From


everybody at It Takes Two, happy birthday. What did you think of


your dad's dancing? I thought it was going to be James. We have got


a little something. The presents don't finish there. We have you a


little surprise Strictly hunks calendar. Oh my Lord! That is


amazing. Quick. Make a wish! Quick, blow it! APPLAUSE Brilliant. That


is incredible. That is it for today. I'm imagining. Thanks to all my


guests this evening. Oh my God, it is Harry! Make sure you tune in


tomorrow live at 6.30 when I will be chatting to Harry and Aliona,


Jason and Kristina and I will be looking around the costumes


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