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Episode 39

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It's Thursday, coming up on tonight's show: He'd give you the


shirt off his back. Harry and Aliona are here live. They don't


want to go-go. I'll be chatting to Jason and Kristina about their


charleston. Nicola is here to give me the first sneak peek of the


couples' outfits for this weekend. And we have all the news from this


week's training. This is It Takes Live from Television Centre, this


is Strictly It Takes Two. Please welcome your host, it's Zoe Ball!


Hello and welcome to It Takes Two! This weekend, our remaining couples


have everything to dance for with extra points up for grabs in the


strictly swingathon, the pressure is obvious for our Magnificent


Seven. They have to master not one but two


routines. In a minute, I'll be talking to Harry and Aliona live,


but before that, let's take a look at how the first group of


celebrities are getting on in training.


James and I are doing the charleston which is brilliant


because since we started on this show, it's the one dance I quite


fancied. Good girl... A totally different approach for me as a


teacher and Alex as a student. I want it to be quirky and fun. That


is Alex. You didn't put your hat back on. How do you know? I can see.


We managed to avoid the lift situation. Dangerous. He said to me,


you can basically land on your face. Yeah. Whoa... I'm not vain, but I


would like a face by the end of Strictly.


The steps look quite complicated. And eight and... OK, no, I know


what I've done wrong now, stop it. It's not looking so sharp at the


minute. So this week, I'm dancing the Argentine tango and I'm very,


very nervous about it. Really nervous though. Sorry. What am I


doing? This week we are going from bubbly, fun, party Samba, into


serious, dramatic, sexy Argentine tango. It's not a dance that I


think I'm going to find easy. I reckon I'll have a bit of trouble


with this one. Why you started screaming when I lifted you up?


tickles. Get over it. Argentine tango might be a bit challenging


for Chelsee, because my goal is to tap into that man/woman


relationship. Honey, I like you, would you dance with me. And when


we start talking about feelings in the dance, she always finds it


cheesy and she kind of in a way refuses to do anything. That's


really good. I feel daft. This dance cannot be done without


passion. It's not going to work. It's the Samba this week. The Samba


of doom! This dance has come at a time when I needed the ballroom


really. Struggling... One, two. What are you doing?


is very technical. If you don't have the technique, it can look


flat. To get the hip action, we've got to get the bounce action.


Bounce then back... You can't teach somebody to have natural rhythm. I


haven't. I'm the entertainment factor. No, no, down closed feet...


Ola is amazing, but sometimes even your partner can't hide your flaws.


Then take the leg up. Which leg? The other leg. Oh. Like that...


I just hope that Robbie's going to enjoy it, because at the moment,


he's finding it very, very difficult. The quickstep is quick


and there's lots of steps. I knew nothing about it yesterday and here


I am charging around the dance studio desperately trying to learn


the routine. I do feel a bit like a horse


running around a yard. It's all about different rhythm patterns and


it's definitely one of the strengths that Harry has.


Come on, Harry, move those feet faster!


I asked Jason what it's like because he's done it and he said


"yeah, mate, it's quick". It's so quick that if you mess up once, I


think it's very hard to get back into it. Quick and quick, quick


quick, but no, other times it's quick, quick, quick and quick,


quick quick... Got to try my best and enjoy myself.


Quick and quick and quick. Please welcome Harry and Aliona.


It's so good watching you two watch the competition so closely because


I guess that's the first time you get to see how they all look


watching the VTs? I was really enjoying it. I love them all, they


are so sweet. They are though, it's great to watch them. You are a good


gang, there is a lot of camaraderie. Forget about them for a minute


though, performing at Wembley, you have been there before with McFly.


How different was it out there as a dancer? It was SO different,


petrifying. I was so nervous, I almost felt numb, it was ridiculous.


But we got through it, as you can see, and I did enjoy myself.


didn't just get through it, it was ace maizing. Not only did you have


to unwrap Aliona, you had to throw her in the air a couple of times.


How anxious were you before the performance? I was actually nervous


for him more. You seemed chilled. was nervous for him. What do you do


when you are stressed out? I panic, pace, my voice goes weird and I'd


make her just go over and over it again and she just laughs at me and


it makes me more stressed. That must help, her laughing in your


face at your fear! There was a lot of talk about hip action. Was there


any, was there not enough, what did you think? In my opinion, if he


would have done any more hips, he would have then danced like a girl


and that's the last thing I want. I think he's done enough. Perfect?


Just the perfect amount of hip action for a boy. And you are the


girl? Yes. Bruno said he'd like to have seen you wearing an outfit


like the one he wore in the Elton John video, I'm Still Standing?


We are worried because of your extreme youth that you may not


remember this? Can I tell you what's happening though, we were


looking at best of British songs and on the Internet, I came across


the Elton John song and I paused it and went, that's Bruno. So you have


seen it? This came out before Harry was born! We discovered that! Let's


have a reminder, because it's that time in the series when we dig out


the video of Bruno cavorting about in not very much frankly. Let's


have a look at this. That is amazing. Oh, my goodness many. He's


in a mankini. He's the main guy though... Nice chest. Weird dancers


and then, look at the pillar. Leaning against a pillar casually,


there's our man. Here we go. Yes, Bruno. Here he is. Bruno. So saucy.


I think we can forgive him, it was the '80s, we didn't know what we


were doing. Would you wear a leotard like that on the show?


Definitely, not sure I could pull it off as well as Bruno did.


wasn't expecting you to say that? Neither was I. We'll hold you to


that, even if it's on that podium on this programme, I tell you. It's


been a high scoring dance this week for couples, the quickstep, how are


you finding it? What is it, Jase? Quick. I was looking for some


advice and Jason said it was quick mate. I was dreading this but I'm


really enjoying it, I am. It's fast, energetic and a lot to remember,


but I'm enjoying it. Ian Waite was in yesterday and he said you were


almost as good as an amateur probecause you have such good sway


that.'s good. He has high hopes for you this weekend. This is what you


are dancing to. # Don't get me wrong


# Lots of stepping on toes this week? Yes. In your training footage,


we have seen there is a lot of talk of different rhythms. Has your


drumming expertise come in handy? think so. Definitely. The quickstep


takes it to another level though, the different counts and rhythms,


it's intense, but I'm hoping it helps. I've never seen anyone do so


well with rhythm patterns. Another big tick. A lot of giggling going


on, you giggling at Harry which makes us gugle and you said his


galloping is so sweet and then laughed in his face -- giggle.


Wasn't there a ban on giggling? was dreading this one. I thought I


would feel silly doing it, and as soon as we started, she was


laughing and I was like, please don't laugh this week because I'm


feeling silly enough as it is and she was like OK. Of course that


just made her laugh even more so I gave up on that one. I'm enjoying


it now though so she can laugh. talks about you being so sweet but


we are not sure. We think Harry has Teaching to an obedient student.


You've got your teaching hat on today. I give you that power with


my energy force. Are you a Jedi? Yes. The calmer you are, the more


power you can give it, the more control you have. She sometimes


sounds like Yoda. Never they are locked. Never they are locked!


There's something dangerous lurking inside of him, a dark side. So frus


freighting. I don't know it. -- frustrating. I can feel my face


slipping, frustrated, angry. the dark side comes out! So good!


Ali-Yoda! We like how you like to vent your Goodison Park side and


this is for you, Aliona, especially for you. This is so going to make


it takes two! Please make it to It Takes Two. It's impossible not to.


Celebrities do the funniest things! Marvellous. You are rehearsing in a


big studio tomorrow. Anything you need to finesse before the big


show? I think we are all set. Really? Yes, all set, got it!


Confidence! You had the official warning from Len, no lifts!Y. I've


been on such good form this season, I have been playing by the rules.


No lifts in your quickstep. even the begining or tend, just in


the frame. Len will be so pleased with you. This is good. Let's not


forget the swingathon, all the couples on the floor together, last


year, it was the semi-finals, five couples, this year seven couples.


Are you willing to take people down? We've designed our lifts to


take anyone out within five metres. I've requested that Jason is next


to me. Perfect. You are going down, Jonathan, ples you! We cannot wait


to see you pull it out of the bag - - bless you. Thank you, Ali-Yoda


and Harry Jedi. One person gets us now to the


nitty-gritty, our Widdy. Order. Answer the question. Question from


Laura today. If you had to spend 24 hours locked in a room, with one of


the pros, celebs, or presenters, who would it be? Yes? Look, we


haven't got all day. Yeah, yeah. Next. At the moment I'm going to


have to stay loyal and say my professional partner Artem because


I need every hour with him I can get, so we can spend the time


practising for whatever the next dance is. Terribly boring answer


but I need the help. Yes, you are right, it's a boring answer.


Gieming to have to pick Artem. He was my roommate and he left me for


Kara and I miss him so I could easily spend 24 hours watching


movies and kicking back a few beers. I actually would never want to be


locked up with any of them because they're crazy. How to make friends


and influence people! Bye! I have to say, I love Artem's


braces, niex look. One thing we cannot deny is how fabulous the


celebrities are looking week after week -- nice look. I went to find


out what is in their box of tricks for this weekend. I'm here with


wardrobe wonder Nicola for a few clues as to what everyone is


wearing at the weekend. Crucial stage in the competition. Are the


celebs getting more involved in what they are wearing? Yes, every


week everyone's always involved, at this stage no-one wants to go home,


no tears. There will be more tears no, I can guarantee it. Chelsee


looked fantastic last week. What have you got lined up for her tango


this week? It will be a contrast. Last week it was fun, flirting


bubble gum colours, this week different, really sophisticated and


elegant. She's doing the Arge tango. Here is her dress this week. She's


covered from head-to-toe, but these here are slits up to the thigh to


allow for the flicks and kicks for the movement. Saucy. A turquoise


lining underneath. Purple on the tops are strong, then the flash of


the turquoise underneath. Unusual colours to put together. That's


really effective, I like it? Just dramatic in a different way,


because she's fun and young, you want a fresh exist on it. Anita,


she's dancing with rent-a-pro Brendan this weekend. They are


doing the cha-cha, what is she going to be dressed in? She's going


to be in a nude coloured dress, flesh from the neck, sleeves in and


it goes down to a full skirt which is great for the movement. This is


her design. This is actually completely covered in crystals all


the way down. It's taken so long. The Elle bell lishment has taken


lots of hours to do -- embellishment. These are the jewels


and how they come. They're so tiny. You pick them up with sticky


fingers and glue them on one by one? Not quite sticky fingers...


Sorry, nice clean hands and gloves. It's a stick with wax on the end


which picks it up and places it on to the glue on the dress. Tiny,


consuming process? Yes. She will carry it off so well. She'll have


some colour as well, ribbons will decorate the hem. Nice and flirty.


Good for Anita! Now, Jason, going for a bit of a Gatsby feel to his


charleston? Yes, the great Gatsby is his inspiration this week. This


is the Robert Redford, the great Gatsby. He's going to look dapper


this week, very gentlemanly. This is his waistcoat for this week be


teamed with a shirt, trousers and shoes. I can't help but notice this.


I'm assuming it's for the head. Can I try it on, I've been dying to.


Look! What do you think? I think it's gorgeous. Just need some


charleston moves. And this goes with what is under there, I've


heard? Yes, this dress. Give us a flash. Let's see if we can dress


who is wearing this. Look how it glistens. I will return this, I


promise, can I just borrow it for the rest of the afternoon, please?!


Good luck this weekend, Stirling work, we love Nicola, thank you.


It's so cute, does it suit me. Who is that woman? Despite a few


missteps, Jason and Kristina rocked around-the-clock with their jive on


Saturday. They'll be with me in a moment, but first, time for an


update on how the rest of the celebs have been getting on in


training. This week, we are dancing the cha-


cha. Dear Robin is not well and I have a new dance partner. Oh, my


goodness. One, two... Sorry, I missed it completely. It's so quick.


She doesn't believe enough for the dance to come out from her body. It


starts looking like you are completely in control of what you


are doing, regardless of what you are thinking. My body can't


physically make the shapes, but Brendan doesn't accept that, he


says UK, I've watched you. He's working much more on my attitude.


There you go. Work, work, work, now you're talking. Feel me up here,


woman, it's your only chance. I would like her to come out with


this cha-cha and hit the audience right between the eyes. It's not


true what Robin says, you are not a dud! I'm probably coming into this


week to do my foxtrot a little hungryer, because I would like next


week not to have that scary feeling under the red light. I'm pushing


Holly, she's working harder this week. The for example trot, it has


to be so precise. That's not my strong point. Slow, quick quick


slow. The most difficult thing is to timing. Instead of slow, say


chocolate, because it's a longer word. Chocolate, quick quick .She


Wants to go quicker and it has to be slower. What a disaster.


judges have been saying Holly is holding back and not performing.


It's frustrating, I'm dancing full out and I watch the tape back and


it looks like I'm holding back. That was really good. Give me that


back, that would be brilliant. this weekend, obviously, we do the


charleston, which is very, very exciting, 19 '20s, character, you


know, quite quick and cheeky -- 1920s. I know it's a very


character-based sort of step routine. I would have to say the


charleston is probably one of the harder dances that I've learned.


Orb, my gosh, that's full-on. We thought the jive was the quick one,


but this dance is literally killing both of us. You are really worried?


I am a bit. You really need to kick my thigh. Come on then. Yes it's


quick, character-based and therefore within that, it's a


little easier to sort of find a home. I think charleston suitnesss


him because there's lots of acting at the beginning. I think he likes


it and I think at this moment actually we are doing quite well.


Beautiful. That was absolutely great! Here they are, Jason and


Kristina! Thank you. Thank you.


So, let's go back to Wembley and Ian on the show last week was


looking at your dance training and saying, it's going to be tens, we


all thought that. What happened? First thing, my son Zac did tell me


that he'd seen the show and he'd said that Ian was saying some great


things. Look, I mean, it was just one of those moments, there it is,


where I just put the wrong foot, you know. You came back so quickly


though. You did, amazing. You know, it's a live show and we have been


through our routines backward and forward. I peen, you know, we work


extremely hard and try and have fun with it too. It was a fun dance,


just one of those moments and I've hit a few of those in my


professional clear, you know, it's not all about trying to be


absolutely spot-on -- in my professional career. An amazing


routine. I was going to say, how confident were you, Kristina, that


the crowd were going to love it anyway? I think it's a great song,


great venue and the jive was going so well and I was absolutely loving


it, I never thought he'd make a mistake, but you know what, hey


it's a live show, he's not a professional and I'm so proud


because he went back immediately and kind of carried on, it was


unbelievable. Still great scores. Exactly. But I can't say that I


wasn't disappointed. We felt it. I think we were all disappointed.


close! He was so down. In the results show, you were one of the


last people to be called out. know! What was going through your


mind at that point? I have a funny perspective on that, you know. Look,


we can go out at any single point, it's a public vote and, you know,


Kristina's obvious lib been through the process a lot more than I have


db - obviously been through the process a lot more than I have.


There's not a lot more that we can do. We've tried our best, had a


great journey and if the public think it's time for us to go,


that's... Don't say such things! Stop! I can't... You are doing the


charleston this week. Four days in, what do you think? Do you like?


like it. Me like too. Look at that. There's a bit of campness in there.


Strictly Come Dancing camp, never! This is the music you are dancing


to. # No Sir that's my baby # Yes, Sir, that's my baby... #


How's the stamina at this point? It's quick, it's even killing me.


He was hoping for an easy week with the charleston. Never, no, not at


this stage in the competition. the toes, stepping on the toes.


Black-and-blue, bruised. It's the big toe scenario. Not getting


smelly? My toes have never been pleasant at the best of times, I


have to say. This week they are looking pretty ugly. It's time for


a pedicure. Any offers? One thing we have noticed about your training,


you are working really hard and we love that about you, but you do


need to remember to breathe. Yes, Jason, breathe. Breathe. One,


two,... Without breathing, it's going to kill you. Breathe. Good.


Breathe. Good. He's blue because he's not breathing. Argh...


You have to breathe out so it's easier for the body. Breathe out.


Yeah. Breathe out. Breathe out. I live and breathe this show!


It's almost as though you're giving birth. I know. Well, I mean, my


breathing at the best of times is not particularly good. I do have a


slight sort of asthma problem, but you know, I think it's the one


thing about a professional stage craft, whether a singer, actor or


dancer, is when you breathe properly, you know, you can pupbgs


chew wait your moments a lot better and it's probably my least best


point -- punctuate your moments a lot better. We have got the


swingathon this weekend as well. Do you think this is going to bring


out a competitive edge in all our celebrities that we haven't seen


yet so far? Everybody eebs great friend, very lovely, it's the last


man standing, are you willing to take people down and what do you


have planned? What do we do for that, Jason? It's about having fun


first and foremost. I think the one thing about this swingathon...


sweatathon? Yes, I was thinking of going naked, it seems to be the way


to go these days. Maybe some small pants would help! It's all about


spatial awareness because it's easy to get... Yes, seen couples on the


floor. That's tough, making sure you are focused on your partner,


not getting starry eyed by everything else. Are you going up


down, under, over, round? Yes, everywhere. I think I might do a


karate lift in Harry Judd's direction and maybe Robbie Savage's


direction. It could get quite nasty, the gloves are on! Any special


trick, diamond moves? Karen's taught me the term? We have a few


actually and it's going to be a lot of fun, honestly. The Joe Calzaghe


move. Wait until you see it! not going there. Sounds dangerous.


It's not dangerous, but under a Len's Lens, figure it out. Figure


out which is the Joe Calzaghe in our swingathon. Little competition


for all of you, the first person to spot it wins a prize. Good luck


this weekend with the charleston and swingathon, it's going to be


great. Jason and Kristina. Thanks to all my guests tonight. Tune in


tomorrow on BBC Two and I'll be talking to Robbie and Ola and


having a nose around the Strictly studio to find out what is going on


in rehearsals. I'm excited about the Friday panel this week, not


only do we have Strictly superfan Miranda Hart on the sew farbgs


she'll be joined by her on screen mother, Patricia Hodge and love


interest Tom Ellis -- sofa. Before we go, there's something funny


going on in the training rooms. Oh yes, have a look at this. Good


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