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Episode 40

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It's Friday. Coming up: After leaping into action at Wembley,


what have Robbie and Ola got planned for their samba? Craig is


here to tell us about a special Royal guest who came to Strictly


rehearsals earlier today. Miranda Hart, Tom Ellis and Patricia Hodge


join us for our Friday Panel. It is Live from Television Centre. This


is Strictly: It Takes Two. Here's Zoe!


APPLAUSE Hello! Welcome to It Takes Two. For


our remaining seven couples, it is the last chance to rehearse their


routines. In just 24 hours 28 minutes and 40 seconds, they will


be taking to the floor. CHEERING Last weekend, Robbie and Ola opened


the Wembley show with their salsa. They will be here live in a moment.


Here is a quick reminder of how they got the party started. Robbie,


you opened the show like it was your own rock concert. Rather liked


your upper body and the arm work. That was good. You were throwing


Ola in the most unimaginable positions! It was all a bit wild


and savage, unfortunately. Come on, Robbie Savage! To get a standing


ovation off 6,500 people. That was for them tonight. The judges' score


didn't reflect it. I didn't care. It was for the public. Please give


it up for Team Savola. APPLAUSE I'm not going to be able to concentrate


because you have not done your zip up! Sorry. Deborah Ryder online


said, "Good kick-off Robbie." What an amazing start. You were like a


rock star? I felt like a rock star. It was for the public. The judges'


scores were fair, Craig's five was fair, there wasn't much salsa in it.


It was for the public and to perform that and them lifts were


incredibly difficult. I know. was an honour to open the show.


Karen was talking about how much adrenaline it would have taken you


to get out there and then go into the lifts. Was it difficult? It was.


In the dress run, we got the lifts wrong. I said to Ola, "I can't do


it, we have to change it." She has that much confidence in me...


going, "We are doing it!" Did you fear for your life? Yes, I did. I


have been covered with bruises and I have been dropped a little bit.


Yes, I have been fearing for my life. When he went over the top of


your head, it looked like you got caught? He whacked my head! You got


a standing ovation from the crowd. It was amazing. My family were like,


"Robbie was amazing. Qulqul how much salsa did you leave by the


wayside -- "Robbie was amazing." How much salsa did you leave by the


wayside? The piece of music we were dancing to wasn't a salsa. I didn't


put that much salsa in it. There was some salsa steps but not that


much. And not good ones! He was letting me entertain you and it was


a massive show, I felt it had to be more like a show dance. I applaud


you both. APPLAUSE It was fantastic. I loved it. You were seventh on the


leaderboard, however. What got you through, do you think? I just think


that the fact that we could be the new Russell and Flavia, now they


have gone. LAUGHTER If you show people you are live with the show,


you are having a great time, nothing is a burden, nothing is a


chore, the spray tans are great. You have gone a serious shade today.


He's just had one. I didn't. looks pasty. She had the white one!


Chris Moyles, he got behind you, Radio One Breakfast Show? Chris is


keeping me in! He's got that many listeners, eight million listeners


and I was on his show this morning. Work it! You do things for your


mate. We do need the votes. Jason hammers me, you are networking all


the time! I've got to. I need the support. Now, Zoe, technically,


there are better dancers. All right. As I said last week, never


underestimate the underdog. You have given a lot of credit to Ola


and her brilliant choreography. We think we may have figured out how


she gets the best out of you. Basically, she keeps him on a tight


leash. Take a look. Look like an Listen, listen to me! Stop looking


in that mirror. I want to see if you can do it without me. You will


be on your own. You want see me. can do it without you. It is just


when it starts. Why you not grabbing me? I don't know. It won't


work if you don't grab my back! Heel, heel... No, stay still. Good


boy. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Pivot, stop! Yes! Good boy. It is


APPLAUSE Wooh! That was brilliant. That is


very disturbing. I wish I had some doggy treats. Let's talk about


tomorrow. You are doing the samba. How is it? Well, the samba is - I


think I have surprised myself. A lot of people say it is the hardest


dance. It is very difficult. I love it. I enjoy... We like that bit!


This is what you are dancing to. The ending is not to be missed


again. You have leapt on to the desk, have we got more leapage?


This ending will beat them all! an ex-midfielder, I am thinking


with the swing-a-thon, surely you are not going to allow yourself to


be bullied on that dancefloor? How are you going to get the couples


out of the way? Our dance is full of energy and fun. If anybody comes


near me, I will two-foot them! will. It could get nasty. Donovan


and Judd are going down. We can't wait. Last week, the ladies were a


big fan of the chest showing. I am not putting myself in that bracket.


What will you be wearing this week? I'm wearing a dickie bow undone...


Very sexy? Like James Bond. I like it a lot! Good luck with your samba


and the swing-a-thon. We love you. Robbie and Ola. Thank you. APPLAUSE


In a moment, Craig will be here to tell all about the VIP Royal


visitor to today's Strictly rehearsals, but first here is some


more of your Points of You. My name is Olivia. I'm eight and I am from


Brighton. My favourite couple is Robbie and Ola. My favourite dance


they did is their salsa and when the dance comes on I dance to their


song with my dog. Hi, I'm Patrick, aged ten. I'd just like to say I


hope Robbie gets better with his foot -- Robin gets better with his


foot. My cat has a poorly foot. He's got better. Bye." I love the


programme. I can't stand the whooping that people in the studio


do. Please, quieten them down!" Thank you to Olivia, Patrick and


Jill... We will keep it down from now on! If you spot something in


the weekend's shows or just want to have your say on the dancing, the


judges or the outfits, lines are Now, this man has been impeccably


behaved all day. Here to tell us why, please welcome Strictly's


Royal reporter, Craig Revel Horwood. APPLAUSE Royal correspondent now!


Royal correspondent. Socialite, darling. Lovely. Not normally here


on a Friday. In case you see rehearsals. This was a special


exception. There has been a buzz here today, Royalty? The Duchess of


Cornwall, Camilla, who was there. We met through the National


Osteoporosis Society of which I am the Patron. She is President. We


have been doing a lot of charity functions together for the last two


years. It was brilliant because she absolutely adores the show. Really


does watch it. She knew every single person, bar the people


backstage, obviously. But it was fantastic that she came along and


it was so exciting. The difference in the celebrities... Really? Best


behaviour? It was unbelievable. Suddenly, everyone's posh. Hello!


All gracious. She had a chat with Anita. Why are you so fit? I love


it to bits. I love life. I love dancing. I'm having a blast.


are a huge example, if I may say so, for our generation. Might we see


you stepping the light fantastic? don't think so. Can you only


imagine it, will Anton and his partner, Her Royal Highness, the


Duchess of Cornwall please take to the floor? We would love it!


any of our couples get to dance? Anita danced and Harry danced as


well. I spoke to him after the performance, he said he has never


been more nervous in his life. Isn't that unbelievable? I know.


put an enormous amount of pressure on them. What were you talking to


her about? Technique, darling. she know her technique? She does,


especially with the cha-cha-cha. I did teach her that once and we did


a dance in 2009 doing that. Really? She scored Harry a nine! Yes.


Royal nine! A Royal nine in my true style of judging, of course. She


did lean over and said, "Was anything wrong with that?" I said,


"Yes, she went wrong in the middle, it's a nine!" You have to forget


everything you saw today. Thank you for coming in. By the way, we have


discovered that after how many is it, 35 years, you have passed your


driving test! LAUGHTER So we have... I love them! Little glittery Ps!


Craig Revel Horwood. Oh look. APPLAUSE That is great. Thank you.


A friend of Camilla's! We have a fantastic Friday Panel for you


today. They are no strangers to dancing. That's right. Keep as


close as you can. Mmm. You two are very good together. Miranda!


Customer! ArgH! I am so excited. Please welcome from the cast of


Miranda, Patricia Hodge, Tom Ellis and Miranda Hart herself!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Look at that! What an entrance.


Lovely to see you. What shall we do? I'm going to embrace you.


so exciting. You are here by popular demand of the fans. They


wanted a Miranda panel. They have got their wish. First, thank you so


much for doing our story so far. pleasure. We loved it. We saw you


dancing there. How much dance do you do? I am dance! LAUGHTER You


can hang out with the Grant. Will you be tempted to take part? I did


take some dance lessons earlier this year with Karen Hardy. Loved


it. I get so excited. Which dances did you do? I think I would say I


am jive. LAUGHTER A natural. think I might start dancing again.


I would be too scared to do it. highlight of the show so far for


you? It would have to be Russell grant turning into a Faberge egg!


We miss him so much. Tom, your wife, Tamzin Outhwaite, was also on the


show. She was. She said she taught you everything you know. Who would


win in a Strictly quiz, you or Tamzin or Miranda? Ooh! Good


question. Possible divorce-maker. I actually strongly believe it would


be - I don't believe anyone knows more about Strictly than Miranda!


Get in! I'm obliged to say that! Patricia, welcome. Thank you.


worked with Bob on Pippin. Is it a prerequisite to be a Strictly fan


to be in the case? You are not allow allowed through the door


unless you are a Strictly fan. I knew I passed the A-level when I


was invited to the Strictly final party. We heard about the final


party. We are all on our best behaviour! Do invite me, I'll bring


snacks. We are going to talk about Harry. Miranda, you like? I like. I


have been very flitty, what's the word? Superficial? Fickle with my


favourites this year. I have been flitty and fickle. He is my current


favourite. What is it that you love about him so much? I think he's


probably the most natural dancer. Him and Chelsee. I'm worried - and


Craig is in the room - are his shoulders rounded? Are his


shoulders rounded? He's gone! thanks a lot. I was there for YOU!


LAUGHTER You know what I mean? Girlfriend! Here is what - this is


what they are dancing to? Fabulous. Pretenders. What do you think about


Harry, Tom? Harry's top line is pretty safe. LAUGHTER Listen, Harry


is very athletic. I think the quickstep is something that he will


do well in. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I am starting to sway


towards Harry winning the whole thing. OK. I'm going to ask you


about predictions later. Holly and Artem are doing the foxtrot. She


was in the bottom two last week. Do you think, Patricia, she can stay


out of the bottom two this week? Which bottom are we talking about?!


Is that - high-five, me Hodge. That is funny! The bottom two? They are


all so closely - I think it can go any way. It depends who dazzles you


on the night. That is what is so exciting. Would you like to hear


what they are dancing to? It is this. JessieJ. You like traditional


music? What next, a Charleston to Eminem?! It confuses me. It freaks


me out. That will happen. I like you doing it to... You do it


traditionally. What are you thinking about her footwork? Holly?


Yes. I think Holly is potentially brilliant. I think she's fantastic.


She just needs to be a bit sharper. She needs to sharpen up a bit. She


has a very laid-back sort of, you know, Australian demeanour about


her. If she could pay more attention to precision, she could


be top drawer. From one Australian to another, let's talk about Jason


and Kristina. They are doing the Charleston. A bit of a slip-up at


Wembley. Yes. What did you make of that? I laughed a lot! Is that


wrong? No. I felt his pain. He was so brilliant at dealing with it, he


just hopped on a left foot for a long time. That was funny. How does


his Charleston look to you? I love a Charleston. Love it. It is true.


Does she? Patricia can do the Charleston legs. Don't ask me to do


it now. You have to have rubber legs to do the Charleston. Do you


think that this could be bringing him back to the top of the


leaderboard this week? It could possibly. I think he works too hard


on the dancefloor. It is not natural. You have said it! She's


said it. No. Also Charleston usually involves an amusing


swimming movement. I hope there is one. Alex, she has a swimming


movement. Why is there always a breaststroke or a crawl in a


Charleston? Anita and Brendan. She has had a tricky time because Robin


is at home with his foot up and Brendan has stepped in. This is


what they are dancing to. # Uptown Girl... #


Patricia, what do you think of this partnership? Look, that's a natural,


isn't it? They have lovely height together. Brendan is marvellous at


partnering anybody. He is. It will be a test for Anita to see whether


she is Robin reliant or not! Oh my goodness me! They are the comedy


dream team! Let's talk about Alex and James. Worth it just for that.


Alex and James are doing the Charleston and they are dancing to


this. # Me and my baby... #


I can see some swimming coming somewhere. Get the legs going. I


think - you two have been so academic about it. The Charleston


is known as a particular step that goes with it and if you do too


much... Swimming! Hilarious! It is stopping you doing what the real


Charleston is. Do it. Do your rubber legs! Come on. A little bit?


Like that. Lovely shoes! Thanks. Borrowed them off Craig! We can


talk about Chelsee and Pasha who are doing the Argentine tango this


week. What do you think? Will this suit Chelsee, Tom? Yes, I think,


you know, the thing about the Argentinian tango, she has to


attack it and it has to be kind of like on the mark every time with


the legs. Technically, this dance is much harder what she is doing


than a lot of the other people are doing. Her tariff is higher. I love


this! You have never been more attacktive, Tom! LAUGHTER When you


were doing that tango, he was looking at your lips when you did


that? He is only human, Zoe! had a bit of houmous! Let's hear


the music. Surely this would get you in the mood for an Argentine


tango? I think she might fancy Pasha sometimes! I got that when I


was on the show last time. I thought maybe. Maybe? We haven't


had any romance on the show yet. Robbie and Ola are doing the samba.


We can quickly see their training. They are dancing to Hot Chocolate.


Here goes the hips. Miranda, is he more of a ballroom boy? Yes, he is


self-confessed more of a ballroom boy. So yes, it is all about, as I


have had the privilege of speaking backstage to him earlier, it is all


so exciting! LAUGHTER He said it is Saul about the showmanship and he


is going to go for it. -- it is all about the showmanship and he is


going to go for it. Such fun. Prediction for a final? Harry.


win? I'm not going to give you one name. Come on! Give her one! Tom?


Jason. I would have said Jason. It's been fun! Coming up, I will be


checking in on the rehearsals for tomorrow's show. First, having come


this far in the competition, our seven remaining couples are getting


a taste for the final. What do they make of each other? Robin reliant,


so good! There are seven great competitors and the competition is


definitely hotting up! Everybody's standards is extremely high. This


is a real competition. The pressure is on. Holly amazing, I don't think


we have seen the best of her yet. Such shape in her body. And sort of


sensualty and she's a beauty. Incredible lines. Natural movement.


She could be the dark horse. only couple which I would like to


be the least against is Alex and James. Alex is really the spirit of


Strictly. She defines what this show is all about. Alex is


improving week-by-week. She was beautiful last week. It is a credit


to James as well. Robbie Savage could win this competition.


gives it 150%! He is so exciting to watch. Robbie goes for it, like a


freak! There are lots of contenders. There are two couples - Harry and


Aliona and Chelsee and Pasha. Chelsee seems to be be able to do


the ballroom stuff and the Latin stuff equally well. Chelsee is


brilliant. She is seriously in the competition. Harry is amazing. He


brings everything to the dancefloor. The Juddmeister has a great chance


to win it. He is on the beat all the time. I love Harry. If I was a


girl, I would fancy him myself! Anita is one of the better dancers.


She is very good. She is obviously really enjoying herself. You see


Anita's smile and YOU want to vote! I think Jason has probably worked


the hardest out of any of us. He wants it more than any of us.


he brings every week is a really high-performance level to the dance.


He looks ultra confident when he is on the floor. The seven people left


in the competition. It is really hotting up. We have to dig even


deeper than we have already done, but anything is possible.


competition is seriously hotting up. We are backstage of the BBC One


show. This is where all the dancers get tanned. Oh! Hello. I'm Zoe.


Your name is? Where's Victoria? couldn't make it. I thought I would


- spray tan machine. I have never used one of these. You all get


sprayed every week. What shade? want to go Bobby Brown. Because he


is not here, I will go really dark in aid of Bobby. Rent-a-pro has


taken over this week. Does it tickle? It is very cold! Oh!


long does it take to dry? Five minutes to dry. And then you can


put your clothes back on - it is very cold. Close your mouth and


your eyes. Fantastic. I enjoyed that. OK. You can finish yourself


off. You have to do the bottom half. I don't think so. Here is Kristina.


How are you? I'm good. You can have this. I'm so excited. I met Camilla


today. I know. That was amazing. Did you curtsy? I did. What did you


talk about? We talked about Strictly. She is a big fan. That


was wonderful. She said Prince Charles is a big admirer of mine so


that was really... Prince Charles! That is incredible. That must feel


very special. I know. Good luck with Jason tomorrow. Thank you.


going to go through here and see if I can find - here they are, Harry


and Aliona. APPLAUSE Hello. Nice to see you. I feel like I only saw you


yesterday, which I did! How have rehearsals gone today? Good. Very


well. Quickstep coming together? Yes. Slowly. Happy? Very happy.


shoulder hurts. Stop complaining. From holding up so much? You need


to do some more weights! I know. You had a special visitor today.


my God! That was scary. Have you met Royalty before? I have met the


Queen. Wow! I know. I feel like I should be below... You can call me


mam as in jam! Me and Dougie got the giggles because we were so


nervous and we laughed. When Camilla was there today I was


determined not to laugh and be respectful. She watched your


quickstep. She did. That was so scary. She gave you a score?


gave us a nine. That is quite promising. She was pulling out the


paddle, I thought ten? Oh no. have to have something to work


towards. Look, could we have a little look? Of course. To whet our


appetites. Of course. Yes. Harry and Aliona. Here we have an It


Takes Two preview of Harry and Aliona's quickstep. Take it away.


I think we can all see why Her Royal Highness gave them a nine.


You will see Harry and Aliona dance on the big show tomorrow night at


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