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Episode 41

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It is Monday. Coming up, our up town girl has cha-cha-chaed out of


Strictly. Robin and Brendan are here to tell all. Craig Revel


Horwood will discuss Saturday's performances and things are about


to get competitive. Natalie Lo we is here. This is Strictly Come


This is Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two. Please welcome your host,


it's Zoe Ball. APPLAUSE


Hello. Welcome to Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two. The weekend


was all about stamina, Strictly- style. We saw energetic routines


and huff and puff from the judges. It was ainto Anita's last dance on


the dance floor. I will be chat to go Anita, Brendan and Robin after


this round-up of the weekend's action.


Seductive foxtrot. You owed it, Holly, well done.


Ji I felt you took a major step backwards and I felt it was not


good. Well, executed, great shapes. I


loved, but I want you to be badder. It was cute. It was pleasant. There


was a lot of basic steps there. Overall, you have done a good job.


It was a shaba, it was a samba and there was good content and then you


stick all that content in. That was good.


That was outstanding. I can now reveal that the couple


leaving tonight is Anita and Brendan.


Please we can Anita, Robin and Brendan.


APPLAUSE Oh. Look, you are two boys.


I'm wearing them out at the rate of knots.


Ainto ta, you have loved your -- Anita, you have loved your time in


Strictly. How does it feel to be out now? It feels sad, but I was


kind of prepared. I thought maybe I could have had one more week and it


would have nice to have finished with Rob n, but -- Robin, but I was


red. I wasn't up to the league that people like Harry and Chelsee have


got to. I have taken longer to crank my way up. When they said you


were in the bottom two. Did think, "This is it.". Yes.


Doesn't she look gorgeous tonight? Thank you.


You are going out in style. Bobby, I know you are feeling better now,


but you weren't able to dance on Saturday. How horrible was it for


you to watch from home and then see the elimination? Watching from home


was gut-wrenching, I wanted to be there so badly and to have to sit


there and just watch it, it was heartbreaking to be honest.


It was like a a proper break-up. Brendan and a huge responsibility


on you. Did you feel the pressure on Saturday? I did. I knew what I


was going in for though. We knew it was going to be a tough week to get


through. I felt deeply gutted for Robin not not being there in the


first place and a huge amount of responsibility to help Anita get


through the week so Robin had a job to come back and unfortunately it


didn't work out. I am as about as gutted as I could have been.


You did incredibly well. I am very happy with what we did on


Saturday. I think Anita had a blistering week and she really


danced well. You should be proud of yourselves.


Suzie Online said, "Anita Dobson was wonderful. Such an infectious


smile. A real star." There have been so many messages like that.


Have Have you had a favourite dance, Anita out of the nine you have


done? I think the two of my favourites were the Argentine tango.


I felt like I connected with that and our first waltz. That was so


perfect and so... And it was the beginning of our journey which was


really special. What do you think you will miss


most about the whole Strictly thing? Apart from dancing every day


and learning so much, I'm going to miss the gang. I'm going to miss


being in the make-up room from the girls and hanging out in wardrobe.


Just come and hang out every day! Anita, you have been glorious. I


have I have loved watching you. Here is your your Strictly. The man


you will be dancing is is Robin you will be dancing is is Robin


Windsor. We will keep the L-plates on for a


while! I wish I was a dancer. You are a dancer.


Beautifully acted. I thought that hole routine was


gorgeous. There is lots of... It is great fun


and I'm loving learning it. A spice that raises the heat.


I look like a liquorice Allsort on acid.


You are a man. -- you are a machine m I loved the


characterisation. I thought that was brilliant.


Fun, energetic and entertainment. I would love to see somebody else


at 62 dance with that much energy. I don't have any problems with the


lifts because Bobby is so safe and so strong.


I loved it, but I thought it was sophisticated, it was classy.


I've improved. This tango is a nightmare!


This tango is a nightmare! You're a nightmare.


I never knew you could play so evil. I loved the drama. You were quite


scary out there. This week we're doing the


Charleston. It is the Marx Brothers. Now I see why you are a national


treasure. You are beautiful and you have great spirit.


I'm never going to get there. You are.


We have settled into a nice teacher/pupil relationship where we


can laugh about if. I hate this bit.


Oh sexy mamma, queen of drama, you can tango.


Dancing next Saturday, Anita and Robin.


I'm still here and I get to go to to Wembley so I'm thrilled.


Fabulous. You come out every dance and you


give it 100%. I've played Wembley. I've danced with this fantastic


dancer. It's the jewel in the crown. Robin hurt his foot. I don't know


what I'm going to do. Brendan Cole to the rescue.


Now you're talking. There was no true dynamic to it.


It was a little bit messy in places, but you have done a good job.


The couple leaving tonight is Anita and Brendan.


Anita, you were just a darling. Robin, I'm sorry. I really wanted


to do it for you. Robin, I'm really sorry, I would have loved to have


had another week to dance with you, but you have made it one of the


most beautiful journeys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


APPLAUSE How does it feel, Anita, when you


watch it back like that? What an amazing adventure you have had?


Very emotional. I have got the glitter tissues.


With the bling. You want it had do it because you


wanted to become a dancer. You leave the competition feeling like


a dancer? When I started, every time I tried to turn around, I


would fall over, Robin spent ages teaching me how to spin.


The good thing is your journey together, I use the J word, it is


not over because you are doing the tour together? Yes. Fantastic so


you get to go and do it again and again and again and again.


Every night. Any plans to step in this weekend?


I heard Kristina is not feeling great. Will you be partnering


Jason? I can see it working out! You could still win it, you could!


Thank you, Anita, we have loved having you. We will miss you.


APPLAUSE Tensions were running high on


Saturday as our celebrities had to compete in two dances. Everything


went smoothly on the night, but it a different story backstage?


Come on the swing-a-thon. There is seven of them. The magnificent


seven out there. This is the start of the real pressure.


I woke up every hour. It is more pressure because we're


doing two dances. I'm dreading it. Who needs me? Who needs me this


week? Am I dancing with Robbie. No, it is Jason Donovan! I think that's


your song for this week. Everybody is going through their rehearsals


with the band. Unfortunately, with three hats they


don't fit. We're Waiting for someone from wardrobe to come and


find hats that fit. The routine is structured around


the hats. She is very stressed about it.


I'm more nervous about the swing-a- thon than the dance because all the


couples are on the floor so it will be more competitive and I don't


like that. I will have to shove them out of the way!


There is war on the floor. Brendan and Anita. And Brendan was


trying to keep his steps as small as possible. I don't want an angry


Brendan barking at me! I feel nervous now.


Surely blokes can do their own hair, right? I can understand with girls


they have different hair styles, but a bloke should be able to do


his own hair. Dead cute. Now we have got dressed.


I'm not worried about the swing-a- thon because I have accepted from


an early stage that we will be out soon. With James being a dude, we


can't stay in half a minute, he will be on the floor


hyperventilating! I'm trying to rehearse, but my mind


has gone blank. I must say whatever people at home


think of Craig, he is always honest. He is actually very nice.


Image, darling. Show time. Hoop How long have we


got? About five minutes. Well, I'm ready.


Do this for Robin. It is time to go.


Everybody is in there. We're going to go live.


Now time to catch up with a man with high standards, but low scores.


It is Craig Revel Horwood. APPLAUSE


Darling. Quite an entrance as always,


darling. Elegance, grace.


And what's the other one? Style. That's it. Did you enjoy Saturday's


performances? I did. I very much enjoyed it. I had a really, really


good time as a matter of fact. By the end of the show I was in a


frenzy. My husband was asleep on the sofa. We have just said an


emotional goodbye to ainto ta. Do you think the -- Anita, do you


think the public made the right vote there? We are relying on the


public and I think they make it through informed choices and yes,


in my opinion, I think it was time for Anita to go. Let's face it,


someone has got to be in the bottom two, you know, and there has to be


someone that has to leave and I think she went on a really good


note and she had a fantastic season. I don't think she can complain and


people at home have been loving her as well.


She is greatly loved. Let's talk about Saturday's routines and we


will start with Harry. You were the only judge not to give him a ten.


But before you say anything, I have got a message for you, oh yeah...


would just like to say that I thought Harry did brilliantly well


on Saturday and I think he should have got a ten from Craig.


Many boo, hiss, what is your reason? Explain why Harry didn't


get a ten from you? His left foot and his thumb. I prefer the thumb


down, you know, on the back of the lady's hand and his left foot is


slightly sickled and it is out of shape and wonky.


Is that a physical thing? Is that something he can correct? He needs


to think of keeping that foot in line rather than turning it in and


particularly in the air as well, you know, he needs to make sure his


footwork is lined up. If that had of happened darling, if I noticed


it, it may have been a ten. A it is a shake, isn't it -- it is a shame,


isn't it? Do you think he stand as chance of get ago ten? He is


fantastic and it is just these tiny little details now and of course,


it is going to come toe that, isn't it? -- to that? You know, we want


to see really good dancing in the final and I want it to be fantastic.


You want perfection? Do I, darling. Alex and James, you you thought


Alex's Charleston was a major step back for her. There were gasps of


horror from the audience as you said that. Explain more?


competition is getting tougher and I'm getting tougher and I'm judging


more detail. When you do a Charleston, it is meant to be gofy


and this was just all a little bit in between. It wean going to enough


extreme. For instance, any of the shoulder stuff really needs to be


high and you know, exaggerated. Any time you do a push, you go out for


it. It is meant to look sort of bizarre and extraordinary.


I did see you bit of Charleston on the tour. It is extreme. It nearly


killed me. James, not happy with the scores.


Alesha said perhaps under marked with a six.


James, please, get a life. That's dealt with that. Holly and


Artem, very modern and sexy foxtrot. Did you like the concept? I did and


when I heard the music I was ready to hate it because I thought this


is crazy music to pair with a fax trot and -- foxtrot and it wasn't


your classic scenario and it was growing on me and building and


building and I thought, "Actually this works in this position. I'm


loving this actually.". I love it when you are surprised by your


reaction. I love this. I know what joy is!


Yrp they Why Why were they in the bottom two? It is a lot to do with


the public. If you land anywhere in the middle of that leaderboard, you


have got to be either really bad and you want people to vote or you


have got to be amazing. And she is falling between those two stools at


the moment. I think maybe, some sort of scenario on a VT might help.


She needs to get people voting for her.


. I want those things that you turn up side down and go moo. Robbie and


Ola, you are normally a fan of people flashing their flesh, but


shorts reveal from Robbie and you didn't like it? When one is only


doing it to canvas votes, that's when I get unhappy. What was the


story to that? I liked it. The shirt should have come off as


well and and there should have been a number too toed on him. All All


change or no change. Right, he is taking note. Chelsee


and Pasha, their routine was complicated, but you said she was


missing her A-frame. I know what that is, but to everybody else


that is, but to everybody else watching at home? It is different


to the ballroom tango. The shaping is like this. You lean towards one


another so you are creating a frame like that rather than a V-shaped


frame like that. So she was somewhere sort of split in between


her ballroom look and the proper Argentine tango look. That was the


only real shame and I mentioned as well the invisible line between two


people that you must maintain and that's directional in this


particular dance. When the man decides to move his solar plexus,


the woman has to follow. You have to imagine that invisible line


between yourself and I. I am confused. Every time I lean in


-- every time you lean in, I lean it. It is that incredible power you


have over me. Jason and Kristina, you were willing willing Jason not


to go wrong. He made a tiny mistake. Because of Wembley. A tiny mistake.


You see, this is the torture. You can't afford to make tiny mistake.


What mistake did he make? It was the kicks. It seems to be kicks


getting him. The same happened at Wembley. The kick section, he tried


to kick the foot theafs stand on -- that he was standing on. Do you


think he is haunted by the kicks? told him backstage, I said, "Don't


do anymore kicks, darling because they seem to go wrong.". He got


four nines. He is fantastic. He has has to get up to Harry's standard


and not make any mistakes because we are going to be really picky.


Right, the swing-a-thon as well, how difficult is it to judge when


you have got seven couples. How do you know who to look at at? It is


easy to tell who is the worst and who is the best on one viewing and


if you think that every single ballroom competition is judged in


this way in reality, the judges stand around the dance floor and


they are adjudicating from the standing position when all couples


are dancing together so you can always tell. It is quite easy I


think. If you have got an eye for it, I suppose it is con confusing


to most people. We were having a big con fab up there about who we


thought and Robbie going out first was unanimous.


Was it? Yes. And Harry stole the show? That was


tough because they were equally good. It was just the acrobatic


nature, I think, of his cartwheels and his hand stance that gave him a


little edge on Chelsee. Good luck with movie week on


Saturday. Will we be tempting you out from behind the desk? There is


a lot going on darling this year, it seems.


Always open to offers. Abslaught lie.


Craig Revel Horwood -- absolutely. Craig Revel Horwood.


Names In the past challenges have included taking on a dance machine


and a giant keyboard. Today, we are launching it the It Takes Two Pro


Dance Challenge. The fans have been looking forward to this. You are


the official adjudicator of the challenge. Is it a tough one this


year? It is really tough. You start feeling the burn as a hint at about


15 seconds. And it is harder than you would ever believe.


OK. Shush. Say no more. Stop. Don't speak.


This year, it is faster and harder than ever. Check this out.


Everyone is so excited about this. I'm here to be part of the judging


panel for the Guinness book of World Records of the most moves in


30 seconds. I am going to be joined by Richard who is leading


choreographer to the stars. We have the official world record


adjudicator with us as well. The dancers are gunning for this.


Please welcome our first contenter, Welcome back Natalie.


You look hot. Right, now, welcome back to the show. You came third.


Now, you came third in last year's pro challenge? I did.


Do you think you can do as well this year? I was more prepared for


T last year it was very daunting. This year we had more of a heads up.


I did more practise. How many Botafogos could you do?


knew you could get disqualified if knew you could get disqualified if


it wasn't correct. It was so much fun. It was intense.


You walk into this roomment there was a little dance floor. Cameras,


it was intimidating. Craig was there, Richard was there, the lady


from the Word Record thing was there -- World Record thing was


there. Well, it is time to see how Natalie


did. Are you ready for this? OK, It would be amazing to have my name


as a World Record. Yeah, fingers crossed.


Will the first challenger please come to the floor.


Hello Nat. Hem owe. How are you feeling?


Nervous. You have got do your best. Please


take to the floor. Richard, ready? Very ready.


Adjudicator? Ready. For the record, three, two, one -


Well, done. I thought you did very well.


I am a little out of breath. Bear with me. I think I might have been


too careful with it. I probably could have gone faster. I don't


think I did badly, but I think I could have done better.


I was hyperventilating watch you. I'm I'm sweating looking at that.


After each professional has attempted their botafogoes, their


performances were watched in slow slow motion to verify every one. It


Your botafogoes have been counted Your botafogoes have been counted


and verified and you performed 63. Well done.


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