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Episode 42

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It's Tuesday. Coming up on tonight's It's Tuesday. Coming up on tonight's


show, they are Charleston went swimmingly but were they out of


their depth? Alex and Jones are here. With this weekend's


swingathon, Karen Hardy has her work cut out in Choreography Corner, we


reveal how Aliona fares in Dance Challenge, and our designer


casts her eye over the weekend's outfits. This is It Takes Two.


Please welcome your host, it's Ball! CHEERING.


Hello, and welcome to It Takes Two. This weekend, our magnificent seven


became the sensational six. Hats off to Alex and Jones who performed a


very cheeky Charleston but were harshly dubbed mediocre by judge


Craig. They will be here, but first let's remind ourselves how events


I love the goofiness that you put I love the goofiness that you put


in, especially the goofy swing, and downs, legs in the air. Ilfelt


you took a major step tonight. I just felt it was


mediocre. Oh no! I found it fun and entertaining. CHEERING. It


enjoyable to watch. I was quirky, sweet, really funny. I


knew this dance would suit you. 6. 7. 8.


James is really upset. He doesn't James is really upset. He doesn't


think we were marked fairly. It seemed to go well, we didn't mess it


up, it was all there from what we had practised. I suppose it's


detrimental because it looks will be bottom of the leaderboard


and James doesn't think that dance reflected that score. Please


give an extra large cheer and Jones! Ah, thank you. CHEERING.


I'm going to come to you in a moment, Mr Jordan, I know you


lot to say, but first of all Alex you were so looking forward to your


Charleston, you really looked forward to doing it. How was it for


you out on the floor? Well, really enjoyed the dance and it's


the dance I've wanted to do, thought I fancied a bit of


Charleston Charl and the week leading up, it was tougher than


thought because hands and feet different things, which for me is a


problem but we got there and the dance seemed to go well.


audience loved it and we got front of the panel and we went


here to here. You could see it physically drain from you. You were


all excited and then Craig says mediocre and your little heart


sinks. There is a love-hate thing going on with Craig because he


slated your rumba but then he absolutely loved you, and then again


on Saturday - do you you know where you are at with him? There was


rumba rumbagate, you know, the whole


sexless, cold nightmare which we moved on from and then things


of got better. The tango was all good and then not so good this week,


and for somebody to say you've a step back, it's like: oh, no. You


haven't. Nobody else seems to with that. Is it difficult


to pick yourself up and then and do a swingathon? Yes, it was,


wasn't it. I suppose it was. I still had steam coming out of my


ears. I said to her: you watch me go in this swingathon, I'm going to


give it everything. It was like the Hulk, argh! Yes, how long was he


supposed to spin you around? Not that long! Look, there he she goes.


Somebody help me! You got proper G-force going on there. Yes.


look at you, you made it into final three, up there


and Harry. At what point did you realise how far you had got in the


swingathon? I couldn't breathe let alone know what else was going on.


I don't think you moved until I made you leave the floor but I saw Jason


leave and thought: hang on a where is he going? Is he going to


the toilet? Yes, so to get to the last three was great but for me and


I know Alex also, the Charleston our little baby and I knew it was


good dance, it was fun. I didn't expect to be necessarily higher up


the leaderboard but I just was undermarked so I just think it's


unfair. Alesha did say that. did. You went from top of the


leaderboard last week to then third from bottom this week. Did that make


the results show even more tense? think the results show for everybody


is tense obviously now because we are down to the nitty-gritty and it


can go either way but being in a vulnerable position on the


board does not help and I thought: oh gosh, it would be such a shame if


we didn't get to the quarter-final. And we thought with the Charleston


that people would like it and that the judges might like it. They


obviously did. And they did. That's the great thing, everybody


home did love it and picked up the phones and voted. It could


actually gone in our favour people at home I


have thought: there's no way that is a 6, and possibly picked up


phone and voted for us so it could have helped us. But at the end of


the day it's the people at home are important, they are the


judges of this competition. they are better judges. And you


in the quarter-final. Now, you are


you are not the only one who to have a bit of a moan. Oh no. Not


Alex, surely. Yes, surely! Alex isn't a finely tuned athlete


myself. Ha ha! But it's the really that I just can't take it.


Oh what? James, I couldn't see. have been through the mill.


know what you are seeing. It's not looking great though, is it?


Please, don't moan. That was fine. You was on the wrong leg. No. Yes.


You was on the wrong leg. No. Yes. Yes. No. You didn't expect me to


get it first time, did you? Anything else you would like to moan


about? I've got a bad rib. My hair was in my eyes. It's because


these shoes. I don't want her moaning in the studio. Don't want to


hear any moaning. My this hurts, my that hurts. So heavy. I don't


to hear moaning. Do you want pads? No. Don't moan then. Shut


up. Boring. You are boring, can't get it. We are going to have


to change it, I cannot do it. You are lucky you haven't got a nag


a partner. LAUGHTER. So good, I do love it! This week you


have the American smooth. James, what do you have planned? You can do


lifts and everything. I know. Yes, it's a bit of an


the moment because we are still - they all are, let's face it!


Mondays and Tuesdays aren't the best, let's be honest, so we


still piecing it together. haven't really got much of a


at the moment but we are working a few little steps, a couple of


ideas. It will be fine. will be fine on the night, won't it?


It is movie week as well and you've got an absolute classic. Pretty


Woman. I see what you did. James, your favourite film? Yes, I love


it. Janet loves Pretty Woman. Janet's back. It it is


good movie, not one of favourites. No, Ghost is your


favourite, isn't it? No, it's not! Pick on me again, on TV. So will you


be in like a Julia Roberts inspired frock? That's what we are hoping. I


was thinking about the knee high boots and short - probably not.


Not at 7.00? No. For you, Maybe you could be in that outfit.


Listen, good luck this week, we loved your Charleston, forget about


the 6, that was then, have a great week. Alex and Jones! Thank you.


Thank you. Cheering. In just a second, I will be talking


to Aliona about taking Dance Challenge, but first at


stage of the competition we are getting to know our professional


dancers pretty intimately so time to put your knowledge to the


test, see if you can is. Can you guess the dancer


these clues? Now, this person is the sex symbol of Strictly Come Dancing.


He wrote that about himself, obviously. This guy just


class. He is, like, always in a suit, always looking


This dancer is known as the biggest flirt on Strictly. This person's


catchphrase is: bella, ladies love me. Can't really do


me. Can't really do the it is. So who do you think it is?


Mmm, do you have an inkling? I think Mmm, do you have an inkling? I think


I do. Yesterday we launched our Pro Dance Challenge to set a new


world record in botafogoing, oh yes. Please welcome our next contender,


Aliona! Hello, gorgeous lady. Going to talk to you and Harry later in


the week but I must say, congratulations on your quickstep.


Thank you so much. It was glorious. Thank you. When did you know it


was going to be that good? On Thursday night. Yes? That's when


all came together and this is going to be the one?


We will talk about that later on in the week. Onto the challenge. How


you think you did? I have no idea. I know last year I was last.


were the bottom, weren't you, so can go up, Aliona. I am hoping it's


better this year. OK, well, fingers crossed, the


crossed, the suspense is killing me. Natalie scored an impressive 63.


Let's see how Aliona did. The dancers are absolutely gunning for


this because we have the world record at stake. The most botafogos


in 30 seconds. I am going to be joined by Richard, who is leading


choreographer to the stars. We also have the official world record


adjudicator with us, and we want world champion.


You always want to beat everyone You always want to beat everyone


because you want to be the holder. Well, will the next


challenger please come to the floor. Hello Aliona. Hello. Are


to go as fast as you possibly can? Yes, I am. I am doing this for our


team. I know Harry really to win, this is for both of us.


Dance for your life, my darling. Please take to the floor.


Dancer ready? Yes. Richard? Dancer ready? Yes. Richard?


Ready. Adjudicator ready? Ready. For the record, 3, 2, 1, go.


Stop. How do you feel? Exhausted. My Stop. How do you feel? Exhausted. My


legs just gave in, in the middle. Yes. You did fall off


halfway through. Possibly five faults there, but we will have to


check on the slow motion. Please do, slow-mo, thank you.


I think it went all right. My thighs gave in a bit in the middle. The


first half was good; the second half was a bit dodgy. CHEERING.


Come on, Aliona! You get so even watching it. How many do you


think you manage? I have no idea, absolutely have no idea. OK,


standby, we can find out now, Aliona Vilani, this is how you did.


Aliona, your botafogos have been Aliona, your botafogos have been


Aliona, your botafogos have been counted and verified and I can


counted and verified and I can counted and verified and I can


Aliona, your botafogos reveal that five of your botafogos


were disallowed because they weren't into the floor enough. So your total


number of approved botafogos is - 64!


CHEERING. Well done, Aliona. It puts you top


of the Pro Dance Challenge leaderboard. You beat Natalie Lowe.


Who do you think will be your biggest competition out of the other


pro dancers? Probably one of the boys. I know they get very


competitive, so I've seen James practise and he was fast.


fast. Yes. We will see you on in the week, with Harry, and


tomorrow we will see Erin face the challenge. Give it up for Aliona!


Last week, Len issued a warning to all couples: abide by the rules or


be penalised. Did they manage to do it? Here to tell us is a lady known


as the Queen of choreography, it's the gorgeous Karen Hardy.


we like the way she moves, Karen we like the way she moves, Karen


Hardy! Owe yes! I love that. What mover you are. Bit of that, bit of


that. You had Coyy with you Saturday . Hopefully Cox will be


here on the Friday panel. here on the Friday


Choreography-wise has it stepped a notch? Of course, and


reason is, if they learn something like a chasse, side, together, side,


very simple step, that step we would use in a quickstep, a waltz, a


cha-cha-cha, so now when their professional says we are going to


a chasse, they know it. So they are not worrying about the steps now but


it's more about the dance itself, and I'm just loving it. So was I.


Now, let's talk about Alex and Jones first. Alex handled the hats


brilliantly in her routine. Three hats she had to get through. Yes.


I was thinking: don't drop it. How difficult is it to do tricky


choreography and handle props? Talking of tricky choreography, for


a special lady at home Miranda Hart, she wanted swimming and she got it.


The thing about Charleston, not only is it over-the-top actions of


whacking yourself or lifting the shoulders but what Alex and Jones


did this time is the hats. The hats are a nemesis to any dancer, but


even if you got one hat, that would be a probable, which it normally


- it would be a problem - six hats in total were going on that floor.


Anything could have happened. could have dropped one, missed


off the coat hook, it was a really I like the idea of it, it was very


challenging, but what it played in their advantage is that normally


hats hide the face and people don't like that on TV. It actually


pictured and framed their faces. They had some great


they were lifting it. I absolutely loved it. Great number. Good. Well


done Alex and Jones. Holly and Artem, quite a contemporary foxtrot.


What made it so good? Well, first things first, the music was


incredible, and then along with it I think this is a step that everybody


has loved it and I have chosen it here. Gorgeous! Got to be done,


hasn't it? That's how I think I look when doing it at home, but it's


a different story. Straight into hold. I think probably we have been


critical before with Artem pushing his luck with choreography. Full


class, straight up into top line, even when I look back at it,


detail of how her hands lay, of the women were even still


grabbing the man's arm, to the point of perfection. Perfect fingers.


great number, great content and that little tease factor in it I think


made it contemporary. The other thing, I think if they had done a


traditional soft, fluffy let's say foxtrot, I think that could have


gone against them. Each professional knows the celebrities' mojo now,


what makes them tick, that was a great number. Much more up Holly's


street, wasn't it? Yes, saucy and contemporary. So Ola and Robbie,


should the trousers have come off or not? What I am going to say is:


thumbs up to Ola, because look I've spotted. Look at this, heel,


heel, heel, heel. It's a Latin dance, absolutely no heels. Except


for the paso doble. But look, do we do? Ola knows that


he is not technically the strongest in this field at the moment,


technically, so what do we do? We got to keep this in there. We got to


put entertainment in there. he goes. Because what happens?


Everyone at home, even if they saw it, by the time he has


they would have completely it and gone: oh my gosh,


unbelievable! He has got no trousers on. Jason and Kristina, the


judges said "That was a Charleston", underlined several times. What was


so good about this Charleston? I think we've always talked about his


performance but you've got to at the level now. We've got knees


twisting one way, hips going another, facial expressions,


going another way and they are in harmony. Look, they are a wink out


there. That's all they are out, and now they are back in sync with each


other, so it is absolutely brilliant. The quality that is in


this now. I think from the beginning we've always gone: here is Jason, he


is going to be able to do all the performing, it's a Charleston, he is


going to do this bit no problem I wanted to point out how strong


that choreography was able to master it. Do you


is having a bit of trouble with the side by side, because at Wembley he


had a bit of a problem with the Said, a tiny mistake with the side


by side. This competition is so close, if they make a mistake you


are probably going to pull them but to be honest, even as a


world professional we all make mistakes, and what he did here is he


made a mistake but did we see it? No. No. I was blissfully unaware.


Ignore it. Fantastic number. Harry and Aliona. Harry made this


quickstep look so easy but it incredibly complex, wasn't it? It


was. It is the greatest have seen on here. On this series?


In this series. The choreography was what we call high level professional


pieces of choreography put together. Slows and quicks, ups and downs. I'm


going to attempt the impossible now. Stick with me. OK. I want you to


understand what is going on in their heads count-wise, especially in a


quickstep, I won't get it all but will have a go. I am excited.


No, don't be. So if we look at how to count this, quick and quick slow,


quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow,


slow, slow, slow, quick, quick, slow, quick, slow, quick, quick,


slow, quick, quick, quick, slow. impossible for you to even speak it,


he performed it. There was another section, quick and quick and


quick, quick, quick. You have remember your hold, this


choreography, you've got to presentation, I just really want


people to understand how difficult that choreography was. There were no


tricks, there was no lifts in it, was pure dance and it was brilliant


and out came those tens. Hoo hoo! Yes, hurrah. Chelsee and Pasha, and


the judges felt Chelsee could have acted through her Argentine tango


little more but in terms of footwork, was she on the money?


Yes, the complexity again. Pasha always loads her choreography,


flicks probably could have bit quicker.Ity want to look at


something else. They are always talking about her acting. We all


know that she is an actress, so I think she is going to be getting a


bit frustrated by now. Something teach my students always:


and doing are two different things. So if you said to her: right, I want


you to show me pain on stage, would scream, wouldn't you? OK. So


out of your voice. But through you don't have a voice except your


body. She is too stiff. That's why the emotion is not coming through.


So if I did that with my hand or I did that with my hand - Ooh,


at that. I could feel it. Just throw the arm like that with no


body, and then we add the body, oh! Ooh, look, feel that movement, let's


get carried away. You've still got it woman, I love it! I don't


what it is. She has got to get her back moving and she will be acting


just as great as she does in Waterloo Road. Let's talk about the


swingathon. Ooh, fabulous! There they all are out on the floor


together. Who for you was out? This is how you do it.


the background, can you see someone spinning around, it's still catching


your attention. Clever move. Look this, let's throw the arms in the


air and together, catches the judges and look at this, a double flip, and


not only that, let's put in as well. Nice. They would have


done that two or three times in that time that the music was playing,


all those three points that I captured there, very clever


choreography. The judges, someone like Len, we are in our


prime, we have anything up to 20, 25 people on a dance floor normally,


and our eyes are so critical what we want to see, but the


professionals with theirography are just as - with their choreography


are just as clever because they know the exact pieces to put in


that's going to get them those marks. Karen Hardy, you are


Georgeous! Earlier we asked if you could


who our dancers were talking about. Have you got it right? Did


guess? You guessed it, it's me. Vincent Simone, of course, how


you not have known that? This weekend, all our couples looked


absolutely stunning as always. Robbie Savage even got leggy with it


in a pair of sparkly football shorts. Only on Strictly of course.


I will be talking to our designer and expert shortly after this


Please welcome designer Celia Please welcome designer Celia


birthwell and our fashionista with the facts, Oonagh O'Hagan!


Hello, ladies, lovely to have you with us. Let's talk about Chelsee's


dress first of all. Quite a different look, doing the Argentine


tango. Do you think this combination worked well? Purple


a little bit of turquoise. I think the colour combination is brilliant,


and it's saved by the beautiful choker of all those wonderful stones


round her neck, and it fused - it felt close to her face and I like


the combination. The purple and then that worked as well, so I think she


is quite beautiful, I like her little head. She is absolutely


stunning. You made a while we were talking. I do see a


little bit of Elizabeth Taylor in her face. She will be absolutely


thrilled. I hope she knows who Elizabeth Taylor is actually


she is so young she might not. But the stones and beading actually


served a purpose, didn't they Oonagh? That is right, they


there for a function as well. stones round the bottom


weight to them so it keeps the dress down when she does the kicks,


well as being in a crepe fabric. At the top also this lighter and


darker, very flattering, very hour glass, along with that turquoise


piping. That elongated the body, didn't it? Yes, and very


That high neck as well. I thought it was a mandarin collar but it's not.


It's a choker actually, isn't it, but she has a very pretty neck and


holds her head in a particular way, doesn't she? Very poised.


Absolutely. We could all learn from Chelsee. I don't think she knows


how pretty she is. What about Holly, she was doing the foxtrot,


maybe more tango than foxtrot initially. Did you like her frock,


Celia? I think the colour is wonderful and the detailing on


back was particularly nice. the mesh, yes. The mesh at the back


is level and all the godets that gave it all the fluidity. Very nice


movement, wasn't it? Absolutely, and it has got wiring in the bottom


but very different from a usual foxtrot dress. How is it different?


Usually a foxtrot dress would be very Princessy, you wouldn't


this was at all like that. Lots of layers, petty coats, usually


pastel colour and this is of course very red, she looks very LA


Confidential in it. Very smooth in her body. This was in a crepe to


keep it down as well so when she is doing those kicks - Those


incredible kicks that she did. It fitted the music very well as well.


The combinations were good. Absolutely, and these are crystal


strings when they put them all together, it took a day to put them


all on. One day, just one dress. But she carried it off so


brilliantly. Well done to Holly and well done to the frock. We've got


Alex's Charleston dress in the studio here. Tell me a bit about


this, Celia. Well, it's a pale apple green. It actually is Lycra,


although it looks like crepe. It's quite a boyish shape and it's quite


suitable for the dance. you tell me about the stones, how


many crystals on there? Come on, facts. I know, a huge amount, 5,000


stones on that, round the neck on the Chevrons, can't believe it,


absolutely. On the back of you have those beads which echoes


the 1920s long necklaces so that's where a lot of the work will be.


The swingathon was very exciting, seven couples on the floor and they


all had a go at helping to choose their outfits and the designs of


their outfits, didn't they, Oonagh? That is right, it made it much more


feel like a competition because they all got to say what they wanted to


wear so Holly went back to these trousers, like a 1930s suit, and the


polka dot dress very 50s as well. It reminds me of Cha Cha from


Greece. She wore it well, didn't she? She stole the show for me but


then I do like a polka dot and like that scale. Also, a print is


quite unusual on this show, so somehow it stood out for me, plus I


think she is a great dancer, and I think he is a wonderful teacher.


Pasha. I think she is marvellous - he is marvellous. I think we all


know who Celia's favourite is in this competition. Celia for


Thank you so much for coming sharing that with me. Celia and


Oonagh! Thank you to all my guests tonight. See you tomorrow at 6.30 on


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