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Episode 43

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It is Wednesday. Coming up on tonight's show. They survived the


bottom twice, how bullish are Artem and Holly? Erin is up next for the


Pro Dance Challenge. This is It Live Live from television this is


It Takes Two. Please welcome your host, it's Zoe Ball.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Hello. Welcome to Wednesday's It


Takes Two. Yes, in case you are wondering what I was doing, it is


movie week and for our six remaining couples box office


success means a busy week in the training rooms. Holly and Artem


nearly missed out when they found themselves in the bottom two. Here


Seductive, demure and alluring. Sexy, hot, everything I wanted from


you, that's the way to go. I would have much preferred it if


had been a traditional foxtrot. However, what I saw of the foxtrot,


I liked so well done. Yes!


Thank you so much. He He got me to do the foxtrot


which I wasn't really looking for - - forward to. It was really fun. I


- forward to. It was really fun. I loved it.


Please welcome Holly and Artem. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


You looked dangerously foxy on Saturday night. You got a standing


ovation, a fantastic score and then bottom two. How infuriating for


you? Not that great great considering I hadn't botched it at


any point. Not a great score. Harry got tens.


It just means this week we are reliant on the public vote to help


us through. I want to stay in one more week and I'm doing paso doble


which I'm loving. Hopefully we will get a chance. This is the point


where you have to canvas. You have got to go out with a loud hailer at


shopping centres, "Vote for me too.". Artem.


Let's not do it. It worked for me!


Last time you were the bottom two, you said you were expecting it.


Surely not this time though. Did you think you were going to be OK?


I thought our routine was good. We did all the moves correctly and the


technique was OK. He will tell me. He is the first person to tell me.


For him to not complain I thought "we are going to do well." And we


didn't do very well. Frustrating, I can imagine. Karen


said she loved your choreography. That's sweet, thank you.


She knows good choreography. Len said, "I like what I saw." What did


you make of his comments about the amount of foxtrot and the music


choice? I actually think. This is for the first time I have done


close position for so long in any dances so I was shocked when Len


didn't like it. The music choice is traditional because it is so


energising and that's what the foxtrot came from. To me it wasn't


a contemporary song, I think it was a a traditional song. Just because


it was released recently it doesn't mean it is new. When I choreograph


to any music, I try to choreograph to the song so when he said that he


- what he hears, he doesn't see on the floor. That That didn't make


sense to me. Let's forget what what Len said. It is almost as if he is


expecting you to not do what he is expecting you to do. Thomas said


that you could be the dark horse of this competition, Holly.


I would love to play that role. I am going to do my best this week.


I I like it when you talk like that. It is movie week and you are doing


the paso doble which you have really looked forward to doing.


What is it you love about it and how is it going? It is fiery and


passionate and there is a dual between us and it was the one I


wanted to do, I would have been gutted if I didn't get a chance to


do it.. Fantastic music as well. It is the theme from Zorro.


Are you going to have a cape and and sword? I'm having a mask and


cape, I might have a sword, but that's something to look forward to.


Let's move on from that! Are you going to be embracing the costume


action as well, are you going Zeta Jones? I am not super familiar with


that version. I'm more focused on Zorro and I will sit there and


hopefully look cute. I'm going traditional then!


Take note, please. Be ware. We have as it has been movie week,


we have made you your own B Movie, oh yeah, it is called... What does


that mean. It is called The Four Foot Pole.


This is what we do in Russia, we give them the stick and make them


walk for months. It is petrifying.


Here you go. Oh, yes. I'm going to vomit a little bit.


Step towards the pole. Towards the pole.


I'm scared of it. SCREAMING The pole out again. I


thought we were over this. Don't move the pole.


I don't think this is a good idea. SCREAMING The pole!


APPLAUSE I loved it. Today in training, I


thought he was going for it again and I was going, "Oh, come on." And


he went for something and I said, "Thank goodness because I couldn't


handle anymore of this pole." long as it works and it benefits


the dancing we will stick with the pole.


There are six of you left in the competition. What are you going to


do to make sure that the people at home vote for you, Holly? I think


I'm going to be aggressive because we've got nothing to lose and I


feel really strongly about this dance. I love the music. I love the


choreography, it is really fun and I hope that comes out and they're


entertained about it. I can't wait to see the cape and


the mask. Please give it up for Holly and Artem.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Now we do like to hear your


comments on this show and it is time to check the It Takes Two


answer phone for more Points of You. I've just watched Monday's show and


I disagree with Craig's comments about Robbie's dance. He was


dancing to the Full Fonty so his costume was justified.


I thought today's show was amazing. I loved it. Alex and James, you are


my favourite I hope next week it will be even better. Thank you,


bye-bye. Please, please, do your best to


encourage Miranda to do next year. She will be great. And she will be


good at it too. Bye. Theresa May for your messages


especially little Molly. On Monday, we launched our exciting Pro Dance


Challenge. Here to to find out how she did, our next contender, Erin




Welcome back to the show, Erin. We have missed you. You are known as a


ballroom girl. How difficult is it to do to boag-a-fogos at speed?


really. We should have done who could do


the most amount of spins in 30 seconds because it would be good


when you showed the after shots. Are you saying you don't like this


section of the show? It was all right. Do you think this is because


she knows how she has done? I don't know how I've done.


Let's see how youer you Erin Boag got on.


The dancers gunning for this because we have the world record at


stake. The most botofogos in 30 seconds.


I will be joined by Richard, who is leading choreographer to the stars.


We also have the official world record adjudicator with us and we


It would be fabulous to hold the Guinness Book Of Records for the


most. Only time will tell. Account next contender -- can the next


contender come to the floor? Hello Erin. How are you feeling about


this OK? I'm feeling OK. A little excited.


You're going to take to that floor like nobody's business.


Dancer ready? Yes. Adjudicator ready? Yes.


For the record, three, two, one one Well done, Erin. How did that feel?


Good. Richard, any discrepe


discrepancies? There could have been one illegal botafogo in there.


I don't think I took a breath for 30 seconds. It went all right, I




I'm excited at the fact that Erin Boag may have done something


illegal. I know.


How do you think you did? I looked a little slow. Maybe I did about 50,


I'm guessing. That's your guess. Shall we find


out? OK. Your moves have been counted and verified, Erin, it is


I can now confirm Erin Boag that you scored... 51le.


APPLAUSE Not bad at all, you said that you


would get 50, but you got 51. We can see that you are in third place.


Are you gutted slightly? Not really. Who do you think in a challenge


like this will be the most competitive? Who do you think will


be the best? James Jordan is pretty competitive.


Maybe Artem. Right, OK. What about the speed of the legs


though? The shorter you are, the better it is. Closer to the ground.


So maybe Vincent. But one of the boys.


You have probably not won! Thank you very much anyway, Erin


Boag. Thank you, Erin. Tomorrow we will


find out how Ola got on. Back to this week's training for


Movie Week, please welcome my Hello grgous!


-- hello gorgeous. Hello and welcome.


Looking dashing as ever. We're matching.


We are matching. Good feet, naughty feet.


On Monday Craig Craig said the judges gr now on -- from now on,


the judges are going to be pbgy. How much does people need to get it


right? First of all, they can't have any major mistakes because if


they have one mistake that will be a point dropped because if


everybody can see it then the judges can see it. Other than that,


they've just got to produce a fantastic spectacle and a dance


which is technically good, I think. Which quite a few of them did at


the weekend so it can only get better. Let's look at our friends


in training. We will start with Robbie and Ola. He survived the


samba and he is back in hold. How is his quickstep looking? Yeah,


well, he does a solo piece at the beginning which looks mechanical I


have to say. That's not good. Once he is into quickstep, his


movement is good across the floor. The rise and fall was a little bit


too abrupt for me, I would like it to have more finesse. That looks


good. And then what I want to point out,


when he does this rotation, I have when he does this rotation, I have


stopped him there because, I want you to see Look at his elbow here.


Oh dear. It is dropped and I would like to see it lifted so it creates


a line from one elbow to the other. The reason why I say that is


because I've had lots of smaller partners in the past.


On the dance floor. LAUGHTER


We keep the elbows at the same height and then you drop the hand


slightly. That's the secret. If your lady is shorter, you drop


the hand. But we tend to drop the hand rather


than the elbow and at the moment he is doing that for Ola and she is a


little bit smaller than him, but if he does that, it will be very good.


He has plenty of time to improve on that. Alex and James, James was


somewhat miffed about Craig's six on Saturday for their Charleston,


how are they going to get along with the American smooth? It will


be a good dance for them. They have been doing well in their ballroom


dances. Here we see them dancing pivots and every time they pivot, I


think Alex would benefit from dancing her her left side forward


around James and it would help the rotation. Here I've slowed it down.


Look at that lift. I like it. It is an unusual lift.


Does it have a name? Not really, I would say the twisted starfish.


If you can say say it! She looks like a twisted starfish and it is


unusual and actually I quite like OK, that's good.


It is nice. Chelsee and Pasha, they were second


on the leaderboard last weekend. Chelsee seems to be getting better


and better and better. She is She is doing the jive. I can't help but


think she is going to be good at this? It will be a great dance for


her. It is looking tickety boo. Not really matching Pasha there yet.


How can you match that? There is more punch from his kicks and


flicks and there is a lot more strength. Later on, we're going to


see turns as well that she does and she is going into chassy.


She is wearing shoes. I am I'm pleased. She is going to


do a double turn and she is struggling to get under that turn


quick enough. What I would say with the turns,


when she she turns, she needs to let go so she doesn't want to


control it or doesn't want to turn and control it. She needs to go.


Look at that! And not wobble at the end.


rehearsal, I didn't wobble. And with the kicks, they need to be


stamped very strongly. Good. It is toes down, yeah? Yes.


Toes towards the floor. Think about that.


That's not good. Pointing down. I wonder if she has seen Shrek yet?


Harry and Aliona, you said that his sway was close to a professional.


Look at the scores he got, it was incredible, wasn't it? Fabulous.


He is doing the rumba this week. No male celebrities have ever got ten


in the rumba, ever? Never in the history of Strictly Come Dancing


has a male celebrity got a ten. So... Colin Jackson got nines, but


no one got a ten. Harry is looking great here. He is


doing a lot of the choreography here is basically him leading the


lady around him. Which is what they have to do in the rumba, isn't it?


In the rumba there is less steps for the man, but I think if he is


looking for tens the only way he is going to get tens if there is


content of rumba. That means rumba walks.


straightens his legs as well. That's the rum basmt so he has --


rumba. It is not just hips, it is body as well, Zoe. He He can't just


have a hip action, you know. What I want to emphasise here is the


wonderful usage of line here and through the body, he is producing


good lines in all of his leading steps which are great.


Promising. Holly and Artem. They were here


earlier. They are doing the paso doble, they need to stay in the


competition. They have been bottom two twice, so they will be fighting


or it on Saturday. How Is it looking in the training room?


surprised if they are in the bottom to this week. Because it is a great


piece of music. They have a great dance. Artem is use -- has used


Holly's height and length and he is doing a lot of flamenco and as you


can see, there is a lot of usage of skirt.


That's like the cape. The flamenco dancers use their capes. If I play


it more, she is doing the heels. It could be good.


The stamping and the swish of the skirt. It is going to be tan tastic.


-- fantastic. Jason and Kristina, they are doing


the American smooth. How is it going to be? A great dance. They do


a fantastic lift at the beginning of this. They are doing a


combination of four different lines in this lift. It is fantastic.


Let's just show you. We have got one. Wow.


Two, three, four and then they are into this spin.


Beautiful. Beautiful. Come on, Donny.


It is not easy. Thank you very much. See you next


week. Who's looking at you kid? Jason and Kristina piled on the


slapstick on Saturday night. I will be chat to go them live over --


chatting to them live after this reminder of their Charles ston.


I loved the energy, I loved the routine.


You kept it good, the professional expressions, nobody can eye kuse


you of use -- accuse you of using botox.


I was willing it to be perfect, but disastrous kick section. But that I


have to say was a Charleston. Yeah!


# I am the one and only # this has given me more renewed


confidence. There was a couple of rough edges, but I'm really happy


Please welcome, Jason and Kristina. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Hello guys. Welcome back to the show. Well done on Saturday night.


Thank you. Debbie online said, "Disastrous


kick section, I must have blinked and missed it.". I don't think the


cameras caught it. I think it was in a mid-shot. It was there.


There was there. How much went wrong? It was a split


second actually. It wasn't even a mistake. We got out of sync a


mistake. We got out of sync a little bit.


So we couldn't see? Craig did say, "Maybe they were


doing kicks side by side." Are you going to keep them out or challenge


going to keep them out or challenge Jason? Jason was doing them amazing


all the way through the week and the same with the jive. Anything


can happen in a live show and you know what, he has taken chances, he


is doing complicated choreography which you can only commend him for


and there are dances which are suitable for side by side sections


like jive and the Charleston and that's what he did, I must say I


feel the judges looking at Jason through a microscope lens, but you


know what he works as hard as everyone else and it doesn't come


easy to him and others do mistakes, but it seems like they get away


with it. Get away with it. There will be


letters, you say it Kristina. You are now the oldest competitor?


I am, Zoe. You are 43.


I'm hoping when I go up to Tessa's area people leave the seats so I


can sit down. I will be out of breath.


Despite your relatively young years, you are quite a deep thinker.


With an interesting outlook on I'm not sure I understand.


I might be wrong, I don't know. I don't know what I'm doing.


It is about the journey and not necessarily about the destination.


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Mistakes are good things. Oh yes?


Sometimes perfection can be a little mundane. It makes no sense.


Sometimes things that you think are going to go wrong go perfectly


right. Does that make sense? Yes. It is not over, until it is over.


Look at how much I have learned. Awesome.


Bring on the tools, let's make this work. Dusz Does that make sense.


Sometimes when you jump, you fly. APPLAUSE


That was so nice. That is made to a T, I join these


para phrases together in my life and hope for the best.


You are doing the American smooth this week. How is it going? It is


going well. It is a wonderful song. So


beautiful. Yes, let's hear your music.


# I'm singing in the rain # Just singing in the rain


# What a glorious feeling... # It is so iconic and we're not


trying to match Gene Kelly and Kristina's choreography is


excellent and I just hope that on the night with the umbrella and the


top hat, a bit of the rain, you know... Will there be a man with a


bucket? We will ask for it. Are you superstitious about opening


umbrellas idoors? Not at all. We have made the decision that it is


going to be too complicated to put the umbrella back into hold and


Velcro it up and think of the 550 steps that I have got to do, so we


have decided keep it closed. And no chance TV taking off.


At the end it might open up. We might turn into Mary Poppins.


Genius, could we ask for more? Bruno said he loves the facial


expressions. Will you be channelling Gene Kelly? The idea is


to have fun and the relationship between myself and Kristina and


that sort of care free type of singing in the rain. I think it is


going to be fun actually. Will there be a lamp post? We have


a lamp post. Don't tell them everything!


Just forget everything we have said. Kristina, at this point, this is


the furthest you have got in the competition? Yes, so now...


APPLAUSE It deserves an applause.


pressure is on. Yeah, the pressure is on.


How much do you want to get Jason to the final? It is a wonderful


opportunity. I will get all emotional.


Please get emotional. It has been the most rewarding


season for me. . Get the tissues.


I do hope we make it because I'm enjoying it so mump.


-- much. That's it. We're all welling up now.


You'll get me going. Are you looking forward to


Saturday? Saturday is going to be a challenge like all the weeks have


have been, but we have got a great story and a great character and


that's what I really get my teeth around. When I can see a journey


within the number then fantastic. Go with it.


Thank you. That's all for today. Thank you to


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