Episode 10 The Apprentice: You're Fired

Episode 10

The task of turning products into money and then re-investing again to buy more led to one candidate reaching their sell-by date. The panel examine what went wrong.

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Where is your brains? That's nonsense. It's a disgrace. The


failure's down to you. You're fired. APPLAUSE


Good evening. And welcome The Apprentice: You're Fired. As the


find for Lord Sugar's search for a business partner draws closer, we


discover what went wrong in the task to sell, buy and sell again.


We watched candidates desperately learn to business tricks. They've


learned pricing, negotiation, sales and marketing. But none of that


matters. If you're serious about business, if you really want to


make some money, all you have to do is buy more of these.


APPLAUSE This is a secret of business and


sell what smells or something like that. Any way, I may have misheard


that. Apprentice fans one and all, Kim Winser, broadcaster, Trevor


Nelson and business consultant and comedian, Ruby Wax. Welcome to


You're Fired. APPLAUSE


Tonight's task seems simple enough, sell the stuff, then reinvest the


money, buy more and sell again. It led to the down fall of our global


superstar. The person going today, doesn't necessarily mean they're a


failure in any way or form. It means they're not made for me. On


that basis, I have to say that it is with regret, melody, that you're


fired. Thank you Lord Sugar, Nick, Karren.


I've seen ambitious, but that's incredible. You weren't happy, you


were upset at the end. It was extremely emotional because I


really wanted it. When he said take �100 off, I thought we had it. But


it is what it is. OK. Well let's, do you mind me asking you one


question. You've been one of the big stars of the show over the few


weeks. One thing that's just tiny, what do you actually do? Genuinely,


what does your business do? I run a social enterprise - did I mention


it's global? That did come across. I run a social enterprise and the


bottom line is to improve the lives of children and young people. We


deliver skills development training to allow them to do that, support


them to be the best they can be. get the aspiration. I get the aim.


But what do you actually do. Is it a training, is it a college


essentially? It's a wide range of services. We're a consultancy


business. We support young people. 10am in the morning, what do you


do? Are you talking in front of people, doing a motivational


speech? All of that. Ruby? I know you do public speaking, but how


come I'm not understanding a word you're say sning -- Saying? I don't


mean to be mean. I understand consultancy, that's loud and clear,


but consultancy, is it to do with language or mime? I just don't


understand. What are you teaching the kids, to play the Tubea, it


could be anything? Why would kids want to go into business when


they're kids? You know they just want to play


with clay. That's not true. I'm not bad at


public speaking. Coy help you. -- I could help you.


APPLAUSE Aawww. Don't point at me. You have


spoken a few times, it's a bit vague. Millions of young people


volunteer every year within their communities, but it's how do you


combine that passion with a real business model. And that's what


makes social enterprise and a social entrepreneur. We support


young people to combine their passions with skills to achieve


their vision. APPLAUSE


OK. Let's relive why your apprentice dream ended tonight.


I hear you went into Poundland? It says in the front of the shop, we


sell things for a pound. This is a pound shop. Yes I understand.


Nothing you had there could be sold to somebody for them to sell for a


pound. Yeah. I have sold out of the bull dogs. Digital alarm clock, 206


these. One thing I said was that the nodding dogs was really popular.


It's a shame we didn't get any more. The whole principle of this is to


replenish what you know has sold. Digital alarm clock radio? No.


You're supposed to smell what is smelling.


This was selling. Why did you not buy more of these? The bane of my


life that nodding dog. Absolutely, we should have done. What happened


was that we called up the wholesaler that had them. They


didn't have any left where we called. The one that did, the other


team went, to they only had that and not the other items I wanted.


We got more of the phone chargers and that did sell. You've been


involved with brands like Pringle, aqua execute up, what did you


think? -- aquascutu mu, what did you think? Retail is about the


product and the customer. It was a long way into the task before you


started to think of where you were going, getting in front of the


customers with the right products. It's about chasing your best


sellers, that will improve your profitability. You go after your


best sellers all the time. What was the obsession with the duvet?


was on the original pallet, but we had a sale there and I wanted to


honour that commitment. Yeah, yeah, four hours is not worth doing, that


especially since it was closed. LAUGHTER


Yeah you found the most relaxed... Yauz I'm home, it's 5pm and I'm


locked up. And a warehouse that closed at 2pm. Treffer, what due


think? It would be an understatement to say you were


single minded. I found you not to be the best team player. Putting


your hand up all the time to project manage this task for


example and not really listening. You went on a sort of shopping


spree. You were going electric clock this and that. I thought you


lost your way a bit. I kind of put my hand up and thought Melody will


go off on one and not listen to everyone, not because you're not


talented but because you don't like being told. When I'm come ing


across and most confident and arrogant is when I'm most insecure


and vulnerable. It's my way of almost covering that up. That's me


being completely honest. If you watch me in the last boardroom, all


that stripped away and I got the guns out and I was going at it, it


was passion left. There wasn't any of, and it is when I'm extremely


insecure is when I come across because that's my way of dealing


with it. Can I just say, and we appreciate that, you know the


vulnerability, but you know, you've been trained in leadership and


you've been trained in public Speaker and you've been trained


with working with people, you know what really sells, vulnerability.


So it's interesting that things that you've been trained in you're


not pulling out yourself. It's because I'm trained on


communication skills, I'm so aware... So it's a work in


progress? Yeah, it is and I've learned to such. That is one of the


things that I'll be taking forward. It's OK to appear a bit weak, so


that makes you human. She's found herself.


APPLAUSE This is your second time as PM and


the first time, in the shows that we have ever had a project manager


facing an uprising. I heard there was like a coup in the kitchen.


it best if I take over as project manager?


LAUGHTER She doesn't seem to be organised or


even grasp the concept of what we're meant to be doing. I think I


would be able to give a better overview while you're shifting the


goods. It's difficult to respect your leader and follow them when


you know she hasn't got a clear what she's talking about. No to


that and that's it. That is a first in the show. How


did it feel to be in the middle of that? What was interesting is we


just said good morning and sat down, then she suddenly said, right,


before we begin... She didn't let me say what the strategy was for


the day. Looking at the other team, I'm happy with what our strategy,


at least we took the risk and reinvested. I was clear about that.


I wanted electrical items. We sold out of those. Her strategy was to


go for retailers and Lord Sugar in the end said that was the wrong


strategy. Perhaps I did right in sticking to my guns a little bit.


But I felt quite upset afterwards. We carried on and the day went on


and that was good. Ever held a coup because you thought your boss


wasn't doing the right thing? wanted to say I think it tells you


something about Helen actually. Because I think the fact that you


came in first thing in the morning and she'd already decided that,


that was a strategic move from Helen. It wouldn't have mattered


what you had said at that meeting. She was going to put that into the


pot that morning. I think actually it shows a lot about Helen. It's


not maybe quite so quiet and gentle as everybody may think. You're very


up front with your aggression. APPLAUSE


I wonder if there's an undercurrent with Helen. And no, I haven't.


you ever -- do senior people make mistakes? I give senior people a


hard time. People above I give a really tough time because I think


they earn twice as much and deserve a really tough time, always.


APPLAUSE I think, up until now Helen's been


amazing. Everybody has to admit that watching her work has been


tremendous. She's helped people who were losing a task, win a task.


She's brought people back from the brink, but that was a shock to me.


She said she dreamt about it. She couldn't sleep all night because


she was going to sort this out, like she took it on herself, I


don't want to lose a task. You did the right thing, absolutely shut


her down. Lord Sugar would never have forgiven you I think, if you


let her take over as project manager. You did the right thing. I


agree, really now Helen's marked for me. Because I don't know, she


obviously wants to win and would do anything to win. You teach


businesses about communication, was that a particularly good piece of


business communication? Helen communicated it in that prom queen


way she has, like she's just won Miss America. I think she must have


been up all night writing that line. It was a brilliant thing for this


kind of, you know, I don't like pretty women you know that. To show


her edge, so that now she's got this kind of elegance and she's got


the edge. Soy think it made her look good. I think she used you for


that. Tom did some fantastic selling, especially on the nodding


dogs. What is it about Tom and those dogs. I can understand why


you sold the nodding dogs well. There might have been some synergy


LAUGHTER If you move your head any more, I'm


going to put you on the back seat of my ploody car.


-- Bloody car. APPLAUSE


Ruby, what do you make of Tom? think he's smarter than he looks.


You know, that he quoted back everybody's exactly what Alan sugar


said about everybody means that he's got some steel under him. He's


just pretending to be this kind of, you know, vulnerable guy. But he's


the opposite of you. He's pretending, but he's really steel.


You're vulnerable and pretending to be steel. It's a beautiful symmetry.


How due find Tom? I like anybody who is passionate about product. I


like him very much. He's really squeezing money out of small kids,


that's really a good moment. LAUGHTER


Come on give me seven, go rob your mother's wallet. The small kid


comes up with a fiver for a piece of tag. �6 kiddo, disappointment,


learn it early. Say goodbye to the doggy. You're a fan, are you?


wasn't sure about him early on. I thought I wasn't a fan. I've grown


into him. I think he needs managing though. That's the biggest grey


area for Tom, it's whether Lord Sugar wants someone with a business


idea. He's whacky. Every creator needs management. What you're


employing in a designer or innovator is what, the way they


look at the future and develop things. None of us have even


thought of. We have to look back to week one, when you uttered these


immortal words. Don't tell me the sky's the limits if there are


footprints on the moon. Now as many people are pointing out,


firstly the moon is in the sky, in it's not some place yopbld the sky.


How many phrases do you have? have quite a few. Yeah, it's become


quite a scientific conversation about the moon and where the moon


is in the sky. The phrase is the sky's the limit. It's not the limit.


Well, what is? Sorry. I'm fascinated with you. Jo what's the


limit then for business? I just think that anything is possible.


Even a pound shop on the moon, there you'd do well because their


currency is all over the place. can't hold it against you because


you've been taught by incredible people. I've been taught by Nobel


Peace Prize winners have worked with me in over 100 countries with


20,000 people. I was trained by Al Gore, the former vice-president, Al


Gore. I was personally taught by Desmond Tutu and Dalai Lama. It


You met the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Al Gore? I have spent two


hours with Al Gore. I interviewed him. He taught me everything I need


to know about climate change. He did. Sometimes it's hot. Sometimes


it's cold. Exactly. The point is, you really, in my industry, there's


a lot of names dropping, Jay-Z, Beyonce, you take it to the next


level. You put me to shame. We should have a name drop off. I mean,


what you've done, your CV, we were looking at it. It's amazing. Pretty


outrageous. What you've done for 26, it's amazing. I'm wondering what


you were doing on this show. were you on this show? Because, I


don't know if this fits in with where you Farrelly belong? Because


I guess, Lord Sugar is a product man and he comes from a corporate


environment. I wanted to bring something else to the table. I


wanted the �250,000 investment. I had an idea for a different kind of


business and also how incredible would it be to work with someone


like him? I want to learn. I was there to take it to the next level


really. That's what I wanted from myself but also what I wanted to


give. Let's hear what Lord Sugar has to say. Melody is a vivacious


person, full of energy, but she made a huge error, condoning,


trying to sell to retailers, when retailers could have gone to the


same suppliers they were going to. Where is the business brain there?


She basically didn't understand the concept of the task Melody was like


we'll browse and see what we like. Selling a few bits and pieces here


or there is not a strategy. She is focused on collecting accolades all


the time. If she was to put all your energy into focusing on


business, she could have been a contender. I don't think she is


going to do that. That's why I couldn't go into business with


Melody. What's your reaction to that? He's the man who has to run


the business. If he feels that, then that's absolutely right for


him. I do respect that. There's a lot that I'm going to take away


from this process. What will you take from it? Like for example


listening more. We're expanding our business at the moment. I've run it


single handedly for a long time, I've had to rely on my instincts.


Now I will be forced to work with a lot of different types of people.


We do that, but also just to learn that I don't have to be so, come


across as so strong all the time and that it's OK to show a bit of


vulnerability. That's a very, very fine lesson to take. Can I offer


one other small thing, biscuits are not the new pop corn. And if they


ever were, they won't be under the name popscuits. A hideous image in


your head. Kim, you work in a global market, what lessons can


Melody take from this? You've had a fantastic experience. I mean, what


an opportunity at your age. And you really, if you want to do what Lord


Sugar was worried you won't do, I actually don't agree with him. I


think you're a learner. So I think you will actually take it on board.


I think if you do, and you learn from all of these people, don't


worry about any more badges. You have plenty. Don't worry about that


any more. Just concentrate and the thing I love about you is your


energy, your passion and commitment. If you throw that into whatever it


is that you love to do, you'll probably be very successful.


Let's have a look at the other team for whom Natasha was the winning


project manager, I say "winning" project manager. I've been working


my butt off trying to sell and Natasha is literally doing nothing.


Are you telling me that the reason you missed the point as PM is


because of me? Yeah, absolutely. Stop being such an angry person


today. I'm not being angry. I'm telling you how I feel. Stop


embarrassing yourself. Natasha hasn't got a grip of this task. Are


you OK is this I'm delighted. past the bravado and passion and


there's nothing there. You can't handle the pressure. I don't know


where her strengths lie, maybe off doing something by herself. Maybe a


closed environment. APPLAUSE


Natasha was lucky to win. Absolutely. She definitely didn't


get it at all. I would not think she had a clue what she was doing.


She was very lucky. Jim saved it for that team. He was a good


salesman. As soon as the project came up, I said Jim's going to win


this. He is sales and marketing. She blags too much for me. She's


all enthusiastic and stuff about it and then you see it whirring in her


head wondering how am I going to do this? Jim came back big for me this


week, in a sense of where was Jim, he's been quiet. He's been like too


quiet. We miss Jim's commentary. He die sects you with like in two


minutes it's like "You know what she's doing..." He's spot on. When


he's got confidence he's great. When he's in the background I don't


like it. Jim has an arc, like most of them. He was up at the start and


then it went bad and dark for a while. Now it really is Star Wars,


emperor strikes back. -- Empire strikes back. Now it's revenge of


the Jedi. Now he's with the Ewoks, they're all with the song and


killing his own father with the lightsabre. He's gone the whole way.


He knows when he's doing well. somebody has a sense of humour,


I'll buy anything. He could have bought my underwear and sold it


back to me. LAUGHTER


You know Jim's watching and making notes. Jim, I'll give you my


underwear. Natasha's team may have won. But


Lord Sugar was not pleased about the way they went about it.


I had a treat lined up for you by helicopter down to Goodwood and


then ride around in vintage cars, but you can forget that. No guts,


no reen vestment. Just get back to the -- Reinvestment, just get back


to the house. Two firsts, no treat and no tipy toe hug outside the


boardroom. It was a silent dance of celebration. It was awful. It was


useless. They didn't deserve that treat at all. Susan sold well on


the second day, but trotted up a blind alley on the first. Guards in


the way, oh, my God. Are they going to be doing more walking. Can I ask


you a quick question, please? Hello? OK, that was the cleaner.


Walk in the middle of the road. MOBILE PHONE RINGS


Oh, my God. Hi, how's it going? have not stopped at all.


APPLAUSE Loving the blind optimism of going


door to door in Knightsbridge, because you know, when what are


those houses worth �3 million. they need that polyester. They need


to save money on linen. Cheap sheets. They get the foreskin of a


Ghazal to wrap their bodies in. Susan can be a bit Marmite, love


her or hate her. I like Marmite. I like Susan.


APPLAUSE In a way I sort of feel she's one


of those kids at school that gets bullied all the time. But I really


like her. There's something about her I really like. It's good that


she's started her own business in cosmetics and she's passionate


about it. In a certain field she's good. If Jim's arc is like that,


hers is a steadily growing curve. A lot of people thought she would


have been out weeks ago. I like her a lot. I think whereas you came


into the whole process never selling anything, she's a


salesperson. She wants to sell. She wants, to I think Lord Sugar sees


something in her because she's very young. Yes, she gets shouted down


too easily. She's like "I'll do it." No you won't. OK. Please Susan


get some balls. I think she has got something about her. She's my Dark


Horse to be honest. Who do you think will make the final?


thought it was you. I thought you'd make it.


APPLAUSE I'll let you enjoy the compliment


for a second, but now who's going to get into the final? I would like


to choose Tom because I like a product person.


APPLAUSE I also do like Helen. I think she's


quite strong strategically. I think I'm going to go for Tom and Susie.


APPLAUSE I would have said Helen, until she


went retail. So a little bit of Helen, because she'd look good in


the office, but big time Tom. three have said Tom. No Jim?


I'd hire him. Buying and reselling that underwear.


OK, to the vote for tonight's show. Do you think Lord Sugar was right


to fire Melody? No. Treffer? gutted, but yes. -- Trevor?


gutted but yes. No, shouldn't have been fire. Two to one, shouldn't


been fired. You know how it works, red for fired, green for hired?


That's very, very tight. But I think it's just fired I'm afraid at


the end of that. Waving them doesn't change the


vote! They're still the same chlorine if you flap them around.


OK, all of our candidates that come in here, we like to give them


something that they'll remember us by, an appropriate gift. It's


difficult to know what to give you, because you have so many citations.


But you've never received a medal. And that's why we have made for you


very especially, the Dara O'Briain Medal For Business Globalisation.


APPLAUSE That is for you. It's lovely. Thank


you so much. You have been fantastic for the ten


weeks. You have been one of the undoubted stars of this year's


series. Here are some of your highlights. No matter how long it


takes, I will take it to success. I give you every dog, ladies and


gentleman. We're like the green team coming to the rescue. Think


above and beyond, bix mix. Fresh fruit, berries here. This is a seal.


We work hard and then we play hard. That's what I've been waiting for


all my life. Is that victory I'm tasting? Whatever. Ladies and


gentleman, Melody Hossaini! APPLAUSE


That's it for tonight. Thanks to all my guests, Melody will be on


BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning. If you want more join in the


conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Details are on the website


at bbc.co.uk/apprentice. Tomorrow night July 7, there's the annual


bonus programme, The Final Five, featuring, John, -- Tom, Jim,


Natasha Susan and Helen. Your task is to create the next fast food


restaurant. Too much cheese. Didn't Columbus discover the potato in


America? Can we make way for that order? Service! It's messy. The


Lord Sugar's task of turning products into money and then re-investing again to buy more, led to one candidate reaching their sell-by date. Finding out what went wrong are a panel of Apprentice fans including comedian Ruby Wax.

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