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Episode 7

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Where is your brains? That's nonsense. This is a disgrace. The


failure is down to you. You're fired. You're fired. You're also


fired. You're fired. Good evening, and welcome to The


Apprentice: You're Fired. After seven weeks, only eight candidates


remain in the battle to win Lord Sugar's �250,000 business


investment. Tonight we'll be discussing the merits and less


appealing qualities of the rest who are left. And with the help of new


footage, we'll aim to uncover the truth behind the magazine, which


was anything but hip. When it comes to firing people, you have to be


clear, who it is that deserves the blame. Zoe thought of the name. We


backed it, but she thought of it. Yes, it's whoever came up with the


name. That's the person - it's the hard-and-fast rule - hang on. What


was it, two weeks ago? I came up with the name, Lord Sugar. Every


single one of us ran with it, Lord Sugar.


LAUGHTER He's fantastic! Let's meet our


panel: media agency Head of Investment Claudine Collins, Lord


Sugar's Aide Nick Hewer, and comedian Jenny clair. Welcome to


You're Fired. APPLAUSE


This week's task of creating a free magazine led to one candidate being


edited out of Lord Sugar's business plans.


Glenn, I'm not convinced that a leopard is ever going to change its


spots and an engineer is going to have the right ideas to come in


business with me, so with regret, Glenn, you're fired. Thank you for


Please welcome Glenn Ward. Sustained applause for you, Glenn,


but you still got fired. LAUGHTER


How did it feel, watching that? Well, pretty harsh. I think I


fluffed it in the board room, to be honest. That's what hung me there.


Jim, he can convince us all the earth is Florida.


LAUGHTER But you have organised gigs for a


football club. How did that... is amazing. People don't realise


how hard that is - not like herding cats. You have to get the mic, the


big speakers, then you have to get the bunting. People don't give no


respect to that. No, they don't. How many straws were you clutching


at? When you're circling the drain, you have to fire it out - yes, I


was social secretary of our football club, a few lads down the


pub on a Saturday. You don't understand how hard that is! I gave


it my best. Let's have a look at what went wrong for you in the task.


Again, I have had a hard time grasping what your USP is. To be


honest, I normally black out in these sort of scenarios. I normally


feel that - LAUGHTER


You would think us people of 60 years old are so bleeding thick, we


don't know how to make a phone call. I don't like being told I don't


know how to do that. I can do that. Are you taking the piss or what.


There you go. Try not to black out at any stage. Was that an


unfortunate choice of words, that you get into a zone is surely


better than, "I black out." Speech lost me there. The only thing, of


course, is you're an engineer, and as we know, it's an appalling thing


to be. Cheers. What kind of engineer are you, firstly?


Electronic design engineer, so I write software, hardware, things


like that, for audio equipment in professional industry, basically.


So you have your qualifications. You know what you're doing, but


Nick, what's the problem with engineers? Lord Sugar loves


engineers. He is an engineer, and everything he's learned is from


people like you. He's had a couple of bad experiences where some of


his engineers were given a commercial role and it didn't quite


work out, but it's a shame for you, actually, because it was a poor


performance in the board room, and frankly, you sort of weren't


terribly evident on the task. I think the combination of those two


things did it for you. You were there. You watched some of this


occur. What did you think of his performence? I think it's true. I


think the problem was is that I actually really didn't notice you


very much on the task, and I remember kind of when I was sitting


there and you coming in - you weren't in my pitch, so I didn't


actually notice you very much, and towards the end, I did think to


myself, you haven't really added a lot to this task at all. What do


you think? I think you lost it a bit when you did the pointy finger


in the board room - oh, very bad manners.


LAUGHTER No, I actually thought you behaved


well in the task. I thought you were like an enthusiastic puppy


that didn't like the dog food it was being made to eat, but you


joined in, and I think you jumped onboard. There was enthusiasm.


not your field. Gave it a go, to be honest. That's what happened.


Originally, Jim was going to do all three pitches. I just thought to


myself, no, you're here. You have to make a stand and make yourself


known, and granted, pitching to an advertising agency, company - all


those sort of things - it's not what I do. But you have to throw


yourself out there. You have to put yourself in the deep end where


you're afraid and, you know, hope for the best. Granted, it didn't


come out as good as it could have, but at least I tried, I think.


did try. I am going to give you an advertising term now, because there


is one demographic, I would say, one sector of the audience, who may


have less sympathy for you. That would be the over-60s on whom you


were fairly brutal throughout this task. What about Phil Good as old...


Old news. I like "silver surfer."? My God. I don't look like that.


old soak? How about "Life's too short"? I went into that room


feeling sort of 65, 66. Now I feel about 87!


APPLAUSE Nick, you looked as if you were in


despair there. It was dreadful, wasn't it? I'll give you that.


that bowling club, I couldn't believe some of the things you were


offering. Lots of good steers, lots of good information, and then you


went, "Would you like them to help your memory maybe?" "Maybe would


you like me to do your shopping for you?" Coffin dodgers - that was


spoken as a joke. I don't mind "old boot" - I don't mind that at all. I


think if you say it as it is, it helps. I think "Hip replacement",


where that went wrong, if you called it "the hip", that might not


have been as bad but you might as well have called it colostomy bag.


Fair point. Fair point. I just got carried away with the focus group.


APPLAUSE You could sell hip replacement,


couldn't you? You could actually push that as an idea, couldn't you?


Look, when you're going to launch a magazine, you've got to have either


a gap in the market or think you can do it better than the magazines


that are out there. The content was good. Unfortunately, the front


cover and the name totally let you down. With the other magazine,


obviously the problem was, was that a lot of our clients would shy away,


as we said, from the front cover, and... But you bought more on this


than... Yeah. You saw a gap in the market? Absolutely. There is a gap


in the market for an older, upmarket, more "with it" magazine


than something like that. Zoe was on to something, wasn't she? Yeah.


The point is Jim killed wit that cover. Why is she wearing an army


blanket? I have no idea what situation - she's a refugee...


very... It's the fact they're clinging to each other in a pose


that - I don't think any of us ever held our partner in such a


desperate - as if there is a really strong gust of wind.


LAUGHTER The worst thing that happened there


with this front cover is that the people at the bowling club, there


was one woman who just said, "I don't want knitting patterns," then


you just did a knitting pattern, an old sort of 1970s, early '80s


knitting pattern. It was incredibly depressing because there were good


things going on in the shoot. did think he was on to a winner


with this, but he came very close with not making the cut. What


discount did you make them out of interest? No negotiation on that.


There are red card prices. Am I hearing this right? You didn't


offer them anything at all? were a bit of a control freak. You


never let anyone finish a sentence. Do you honestly believe that?


were what I call passive aggressive. You could talk the hind legs off a


donkey, but what I know about bull shit, you haven't even learnt yet.


Negotiating your rate card is key, isn't it? Absolutely. You always do


that. He could tell that the guy was pushing him and pushing him,


"What are you going to do for me?" And he still stuck by the fact that


he wasn't going to move off the rate card, and you always do.


was a basic fundamental business flaw? Absolutely. How do you think


he performed in this? Well, it was ridiculous.


LAUGHTER If you were selling to a newspaper


directly, you might chance your arm on rate card, but to a media-buying


organisation? They're there to beat the hell out of the rate card, and


to stick with it, of course, is suicide, frankly, so it proved on


that occasion. I'm finding him sinister now, actually. I really am.


APPLAUSE You know, he's quite hypnotic. He's


turned into, you know, Darren Brown-gone-bad! He's like - a


little bit on the dark side... very dark. And you quoted Jim as a


control freak? Yeah. I mean, Jim a nice giex but it's so easy to get


drawn in by him. He really does want things his way, but can make


you feel you're going along with it. It's a powerful weapon. As I say,


he is a good guy, though. There was in this particular rate a new


connection - Zoe, meet Jim. Jim, meet Zoe. I have never worked with


you, Zoe. I have never worked with you. Looking forward to it.


anything I am... What do any of us know about being over 60? That's a


problem. I like this angle. No, I don't. I


think that's too teenaged girl. you like that font? I just think


you're taking all the irony out of it. I am working on making it a bit


classier. He's produced a magazine which just looks idiotic. "I am


good at making people do what I want", but she's bled the situation


out in a very literal... He should have listened to her because she


got it right. If you're going to come up with a magazine called Hip


Replacement, it's got to be ironic. She spoke the most sense out of


everyone on that task. How did you find her on that task? She's a


smart young woman, and she was right. As Claudia says, she got it,


and Jim failed to get it completely. Jenny? They were eming towards an


OK cover. The lime green is very this season. Everything was OK,


then she turned her back for a second, and then he did this Jim


magic, then all of a sudden, she went, "What happened to it?" And he


ruined it. Zoe and Jim at the owned. Task weren't the best of friend,


but the same can be said for yourself and Zoe. When someone


you're getting closer to goes, then you take it more personally, don't


you? I know what she's like. Don't get me wrong, I don't know her


inside-out. But she's passionate person who goes up and down easily


like that. # I had the time of my life #


I think there is definitely something between Glenn and Zoe. He


definitely really admires her. have had our rows.


Such a shame. # And I never felt this way before


So - so! Well... How is that going? Well, no. Me and Zoe got on really


well. We bonded in that house. It was in a difficult situation, and


to find friends there is pretty hard, but no, she's good girl. We


worked well together. Obviously, we had an argument every now and again,


as you have seen. But you can make friends out of this process.


that's not what we're saying. LAUGHTER


You think that was going to - OK. Fine. Let's move on to the...


can laugh at me. Is there something going on there? Yeah, me and Zoe,


we're in contact with each other still, and -


AUDIENCE: WOO! Only time will tell how that goes.


Will you be watching every week now, will you?


LAUGHTER Sweet. OK. All right. Glenn, we


must ask you, by the way, about your winning creation from A


channel 5. What's with the cat's eyes? You know, cat's eyes on the


road came from "Catsize" going off on the creative front. See their


light -sai see their what? See But you won! All of the people


hugging you, you must have been thinking, you were laughing a


minute ago. And Zoe! But it worked. Yeah. The Lucky Fish idea was good.


It was a good concept, but I got it in my head, I wanted Cat Size. See


their like, oh dear! In hindsight, could have done better. I also


liked the way you announced you had been created. I liked that. I am


being creative now! Don't Be scared, Let's see what Lord Sugar and your


former colleagues have to say about you. A very, very nice fellow, but


throughout the course of the process, I didn't see much from him.


He didn't really create a great impression on me. He comes up with


a lot of ideas that are really rubbish and he thinks they are


fantastic. The Old Savvy or something like that. He did deliver


the pitch but he did stumble a lot and missed a lot of information.


was lucky he had people behind him that could chip in. Glen is an


engineer and I have never yet experienced a situation where an


engineer can turn their hands to business. That was the example I


found in Glenn. That is why he had to go. What is your reaction to


that? That was the whole reason I was here on the Apprentice. I


didn't have experience in certain things so what is the best thing to


do it? Throw yourself into the deep end. It did not work out, but I


gave it a try. Nick, you have started a company in the past, you


know the purpose of this is to start a company. Absolutely. It is


in order to be in control of your own destiny. By the age of 30 I


promised I would don't a large amount of money and were therefore


be an sackable. From that you can start employing people and look


after a family. This current prize is a joy for somebody. �250,000


plonked on the table with Lord Sugar it on the other side to make


sure you don't screw it up is a God-given opportunity. Absolutely.


Nobody will give you that at a bank these days. In terms of candidates


in the next series... Get moving quick. Of the deadline is 3rd July.


Anybody who can spot a great opportunity and thinks they have a


chance of doing well, get in quick. We will give you details of how to


apply for the next series at the end of the programme. But let's


take stock of where we are. Runners At the start of the process we had


16 candidates, after tonight eight have fallen, leaving eight still in


with a chance. This is specifically done in terms of who have -- who


has won tasks. Helen house won seven out of seven. She is followed


by Susan in second place. Then there is a group of four, Leon,


Melody, Natasha and Zoe. And at the end, Jim and Tom. However, I don't


think that is necessarily the correct way to judge how this will


go. For example Tom, it would you agree, should be a bit further


Whereas we go to gym, some people earlier were all about Jim, but at


the moment, how far would Jim get in this situation? Off so sorry...


Something of a quiet fish has been Natasha has won a los two very,


very impressively. -- won the last two it. Susan... This far? There!


Our scientific mob based... Let's take the place apart! Is that all


right for Helen? Helen is looking good. Tom, Susan, but not so much


Leon, Natasha or gym. Let's take a look at the other team in this task


and Helen and Tom's desire to please raised the tone. If I was PM


on this task, it is not the avenue I would have gone down. Myself and


Helen are comfortable with the Huth -- how to blow your load label.


do you blow your load? You have alienated about 80% of our client


base. I have told you not to speak down to anybody and you have come


up with the same old stuff. were cringing during some of that.


I thought it got a little bit Nylon Guthet. I just don't think young


men want to be lumped into that kind of thing any more. They don't


want to be seen to be lumped into... But there is still some vague


interest in erotic images of women. I am just throwing it out there!


I'm sure you have a massive collection. Artistic and vintage.


Some day it will get a lot of money at auction. But statistically, and


Claudine knows this, those magazines have been going down.


They are. If you were going to launch a lad's mag, I understand


what they were trying to do, going down the business route and the


sport route, and more about world affairs, but it did not translate,


they did not take notice of what Helen and Tom were telling them and


what the focus group were telling them. They ignored what they said


and had a front cover that was dating back to the 1990s.


Pornography sells pornography, that is all it sells. Nobody uses


pornography and then says, is that the time? As Lord Sugar said, they


should have looked at what was going to appeal to the advertisers


and you weren't going to get banks or other clients in there with


Cover lines such as blow your load and the goal that is half naked.


This was the cover. Another of things are striking. But if I can


direct you to her face, which is actually filled with fear. That is


not happy. Only half of my safety What is the working environment


where you need a heart had? Hard hat and a jacket. I liked the name,


mags it macro is not a bad name and are like the yellow. -- Covered is


not a bad name. I think the look of terror is down to the fact that Tom


was taking the picture. Tom did get hot under the collar when he was


faced with this. Please come in. Did you bring a bikini with you.


haven't, I only have larger rate. That's how it works. What kind of


The green light is on. I expect Tom's big chance and his equipment


let him down. Mind you, he might have been the only one hot under


the collar according to Karren. Thank God Lord Sugar put me with


Logic because had Nick been here and listen to what Natasha wanted,


which was full of naked bodies, I think we may have had a mild stroke


Would you have had a stroke? Probably. Or would you have been


too far away? Come on, I can't resist that! How did you find Tom?


I loved Tom. He comes out with some great nuggets. He should be


listened to. I just don't think he has the fighting spirit that Lord


Sugar is looking for. Do you agree? I think he is delicious and I would


like to employ him just to be around the house. I think he is a


gentleman, and nice man, he has good instinct. But I think


sometimes, because he lacks that masculine... People just think he


is a bit fluffy. We have had our say so let's hear how they went


down at last weekend's Isle of Wight Festival. Who do read like?


Helen is my favourite. Tom. He is a geek. We love him. I quite like so


we. She is a man-eater. I think Susan is the next to go. She talks


the talk but doesn't really walk the walk. I like Helen. I like Jim


for the best because I think he is down to work. He doesn't take no


for an answer. You're fired! You're I wonder if Tom Jones would like a


copy of Hip Replacement! Time for the vote, Claudine. Was Lord Sugar


right to fire Glenn? No, absolutely not. The failure of the task was


down to Jim and not negotiating with the first agency and I also


thought he was appalling in the boardroom. No, I don't think he was


right to fire Glenn. I think he was right for a different reason. I


think that you could not withstand the assault you faced against Jim


and Susan and also, you did not register on the task.


Fair enough. I disagree with Nick and I seldom do. On this occasion I


think Jim should have gone because You mean your opinion... Evil


tendencies. Give us some legal wriggle room! Hold up a red card if


you agree with Lord Sugar, and a green card if you think he should


For the first time this season you have disagreed with Lord Sugar.


At this stage we presenter gift. There was really only one gift we


could give you, something you could always remember the show by. Letts


Glenn, you have held on for seven weeks so let's enjoy your


highlights. I have got the barrow- boy charm. I have got the look. It


will change my life. I've got a whole package. I'm not afraid to


get my hands dirty. Sick of hearing it from him. Interested in any spa


treatment today? All under control. How is your wife and my kids? That


is what I'm here for. You are breaking my heart. Ladies and


Thanks to all my guests. Glenn will be on BBC Breakfast tomorrow


morning and if you want to be a candidate in the next series, go to


our website at bbc.co.uk/apprentice for details on how to apply. There


is a �250,000 business investment at stake. If you think you've got a


great business idea and have what it takes to go into partnership


with Lord Sugar, now's your chance. Next week, the teams have to sell


in France, but for one person it'll be au revoir. 'allo 'allo. Do you


speak English? Of the French very fond of their children? That is a


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