Awards Ceremony The British Academy Television Awards

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Awards Ceremony

Sue Perkins hosts the British Academy Television Awards at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

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This programme/film contains scenes of Repetitive Flashing Images


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Virgin TV British Academy Television


Awards 2017 from the Royal Festival Hall!


Welcome to the Baftas! That the weird thing, seeing lots of famous


people in 3-D animated, so slightly than Madame Tussaud's.


It's great, it's lovely all these people have shown up. I think it


might even be about to rain. I step out and then it all comes


down. Honestly, me, Joanna Lumley, Holly Willoughby ran for cover over


here. If this blew away, all the talent would be gone.


I'm feeling freezing cold and wet. Other than that I'm feeling great.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Baftas. Let's have it large. Two


pairs. Aces and jacks. Full house, kings and trees. Oh dear, do you


want me to take off my jacket or my trousers? You know the rules, one


item of clothing. Your deal. OK. Enter! I, Sue. All OK for tonight?


Have you come to help Sue with her script? I'm not a script writer but


I did once white Ed Balls in eight weeks and it went viral. Excuse


me... Service white Ed Balls Tweet. OK, sure... OK, I'm sorry.


Something's come up, I'm going to have to... Go. See you later. I knew


it! I thought it was Gary Lineker. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome


your host for this evening, the fabulous Sue Perkins!


Hello everyone! Hello you beauties, hello! APPLAUSE


CHEERING Hello everyone, and due at home.


Good evening and welcome to the virgin British TV Academy Awards. My


name is Sue Perkins but you might know me best as... And Sue. I know


what you're thinking, not another woman hosting an awards show! When


will it end? APPLAUSE To be honest I find it a little like


Haley 's Comet, just a little less frequent. Whatever happens tonight I


promise to deliver you a strong and stable Baftas. LAUGHTER


And what a lovely set, all those awards, Olivia Colman is looking on


thinking, that reminds me of my downstairs loo. I'm going to be


serious for one second. Each of those faces represent a celebrity


who didn't make it back from this series of Dubai. Lovely to be here


of course. At the Royal Festival Hall. As the Queen calls it, one's


iPod. It is usually a place of culture and refinement but that will


change now Mary Berry is in. All right, Bez? There she is, to


Thierry. Give her a couple of White drums, shall be pressed up against


one of the casualty hunks. Nothing less than a senior registrar mind


you, because she's got class, that lady. What a pleasure to be in the


same room as some of the most hard-working people in the country.


Obviously not us. We are just as the animals congratulating ourselves for


figuring out how the food hatch works. I'm talking about the public


up there. Hello, everyone! The woman in the front row has just realised


this isn't an opera. That was last night, love. Absolutely livid. Who


else is in the crowd tonight? Thandie Newton is in the crowd. The


wonderful Thandie Newton. Of course we learned so much from the


brilliant Line Of Duty. Trust no one. The police have the right to be


questioned by an officer one rank superior. And never ever tell your


wife that her wrist stinks. Don't do it. Night manager was an


incredible show, wasn't it? Incredible. Not nominated, but it


was an incredible show. I loved it. I learned recently with democracy


you don't always get what you so passionately want. I'm not allowed


to say any more than that. But I'm going to anyway... How the hell did


Italy not win Eurovision last night?! They had a gorilla dancing


to a house beat for goodness' sake. I tell you who is nominated for


Night Manager, the wonderful Tom Hollander. APPLAUSE


Who would have thought that Hugh Laurie could do such a convincing


British accent? Drama is going from strength to strength. How amazing


work Vicky McClure and Morgan Christie in the replacement? A show


about how stressful it can be when someone takes over your job.


I mean... I really couldn't relate to it. Genuinely hand on heart, the


best of luck to the new Bake Off team. They need it, they are about


to find out what Mel and I left for them in the groundsheet. Great to


see Anton du Beke here. -- great to see Ant and Dec. Doing what they do


best, ruining the entertainment category for all the other nominees.


Big shout out for strictly, who just had a monumental year. It would have


thought watching Ed Balls ride a woman's phase around the stage to


Gangnam Style would be the most normal thing to happen in politics


all year. Of course rather sadly Len Goodman has left the show to spend


more time with his family, especially his wife, who's he says


is a... Seven! Top gear was back. My favourite episode was the one where


Joey gets everyone fired. Apparently you can get a knock down


version of it on Amazon, amazing what you can order online when


you're drunk. Play "Grand tour". And tell my personal information to


unspecified third parties and don't worry about paying tax. But you


still use me, don't you come Sue? Yet, but walk into a shop is so hard


now. Sue, can I confirm your 4:30pm hot stone massage with Professor


Mary Beard? Stop! Rather than be telling you what a fantastic year


this has been for telly why don't I just show you? To be or not to be,


that is the question. Shakespeare made up words,


didn't he? My stuff is actually


really funny. # Ain't got an honest feeling


in my bones... # But what I felt,


it can't be helped no more... # Bless my soul,


that's the way it is... # What's hot as hell,


the same won't leave you cold This is what we are


fighting for. # But walkin' a fine line might


not lead to home... # Bless my soul,


that's the way it is... The British people have made a


very clear decision I think I'm going to treat


myself to a ruff. APPLAUSE


An embarrassment of skill and excellence there. Right, let's crack


on before someone tells the format to Channel 4. LAUGHTER


First of all tonight, the award for best drama series. Now I love a good


drama. My favourite one of this year was when ITV moved the news. To


present it Bake Off of Britain's loveliest lovelies, the brilliant


Bean and Anna Friel! Toomer good evening, it's a great


honour to be here to present the first award of the night for drama


series. What a privilege to be here on such a momentous occasion. Sean


we should probably get on with the nominations in case you get called


off, darling. -- killed off. Very funny. I didn't write it. Neither


did I. We just have to say it. The nominations...


You take your time, I'll just, just stand here, OK?


I'll just listen or I'll talk, whichever you prefer,


Your grace, I request permission to join Prince


If one quarter of them come back tomorrow I'll thank God.


That's why I'm asking to be with them.


With a face like that you should be on the front of a ship.


A bottle of the finest rum from Jamaica.


First place I ever caught gonorrhoea.


All right. And the Bafta goes to... Happy Valley! APPLAUSE


Thank you everyone. Thank you to an incredible cast, some of which are


here tonight and thank you to Sally Wayne White -- Wainwright for


excellent scripts, excellent direction, and leading us all. Thank




Next we come to the award for Best entertainment performance and to


presented Samantha from six The City, the fantastic Kim Cattrall!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Hello. Are you done? You couldn't


have hoped to find a more eclectic group of performers than in this


category. But what they do have in common is limitless talent,


boundless charisma and a desperate wish for me to get the hell on with


it and announce the winner. Let's take a look...


Graham Norton, The Graham Norton Show.


Stella McCartney has designed the speedos.


Sadly, she ran out of material, money and interest.


Now, they sent us a pair of the speedos and


Those are the ones I was wearing yesterday.


Michael McIntyre, Michael McIntyre's Big Show.


And you are wearing a comedy wig, is that correct?


Claudia Winkleman, Strictly Come Dancing.


Very well done, you must have been so happy with those


I've got such an incredible teacher who gets the


He's quite a hard task master though, isn't he?


The perfect strumpet impersonation, what


we did this afternoon, we put his mouth...


Especially won't be when you read the rest of


I am looking forward to you finishing this sentence.


We put Donald Trump's words into the mouth


And the Bafta is awarded to Michael McIntyre!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Hi! Everybody says they don't expect


it, but I'm here and I'm dressed up in everything but I didn't, I


genuinely didn't! This is so fun. In fact, we've never met. Wow. You give


me Baftas, we should meet more often, this is wonderful. I need to


thank Dan and Hugey Bear and the BBC's Charlotte, and everyone up


there, because you are having fun. And of course, Danny, you are


amazing. And most of all my beautiful and wonderful wife and my


kids at home, were told I wouldn't win. Daddy won! Thank you so much,


thank you everyone. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Next, an award given in honour of Hue, special factual. Please welcome


the doctor and his new sidekick, Pearl Mackie and Charlie Heaton.


Hello. The term National Treasure gets thrown around far too easily


these days. In my opinion there are only a handful of people that truly


deserve that tag. It's impossible to imagine three more iconic figures


than those deserving of that label than those featured in this


category. I lost my dad when he was put


to butchering by his stepmother And my father was such


a gentle soul, but he never had


a good word for his stepmother. And she was always


known in the family "Get off that stool


or I'll kick you off." In the oceans and on land,


living creatures of many kinds have harnessed the power of light


in extraordinary ways. To mate, to lie, even to hide


under a cloak of light. Well, when I was a kid, yeah,


had a few slaps at school, I never thought, "Oh, you know what,


I must get better at this." But there must be


a reason why a lot of men and women in the north-east


need to be tough. They don't need to be,


The problem is there's deep water between them.


So what should any red-blooded sloth do?


And the Bafta goes to... Planet Earth II!


Thank you everyone. CHEERING To win this award, hello out there.


To win this award, an incredibly large and dedicated team. It is


great to win this series because this honour all their hard work.


Making this series not only took a lot of teamwork, it also took a lot


of hard work and also a little bit of luck. That luck, sorry! That


like, Liz was the person who brought the extraordinary snake sequence


back. Justin the amazing sequence of the bears and the leopards in


Mumbai. But we knew, we knew this sequence, this series was going to


work when we had the luck to get David Attenborough two miles above


the surface of the planet without killing him, which would not be good


for the CV. It was the only day for two months where the sun shone and


the wind didn't blow, so it was only date we could do it. I think the


gods were smiling on us. A lot of thanks to BBC One, Worldwide an


amazing team around the world. Thank you. Thank you.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And now, female in a comedy. It


always sounds to scientific. This year the movie of Ab Fab hit the


screens showing is possible for women over the age of 25 to find


decent roles that are as long as they write themselves! The same goes


for you Mrs Brown, power to you, sister! To present the awards we


didn't even need to show him the money, it's the gorgeous Cuba


Gooding Jr! Hello again. I have to tell you, I


argued with Peter, I said, they are only going to see from here up,


nobody would see them. I've put my glasses on because I'm blind. I


can't do a transvestite joke now, I'm BAFTA winner, keep going! The


nominees for female performance in a comedy programme are...


The only thing harder than having to tell your super


high-powered, perfect, anorexic, rich super-sister that


you've run out of money is having to ask to bail you out.


Can't do it, I can't do it, I can't do it.


When you teach a kid Shakespeare, do their


I think you're talking about iambic pentameter.


I mean, I don't need to tell you, but your father is


I'm so lucky, I will be touched until the day I


I think it's just sandwiches, crisps,


I'll have a ham sandwich and half a sausage roll.


You can help yourself, Maureen, it's a buffet.


I don't know, Reg, it's just a normal buffet.


And the Bafta goes to... Moonlight! LAUGHTER


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


You're like, that's the last time a negroe will, and present the award!




Thank you. Tried to get as many kisses from you as I could then! Oh


my God! Thank you all so much for this, this is so incredible. I


promised myself I wouldn't say anything rude but I have been wet


dreaming about getting a Bafta my whole life. So many amazing people


to thank for this. Obviously it came from a woman show that wouldn't have


happened with my -- without my theatre company. And Vicky Jones, my


best friend, and two Brothers pictures he said, for god sake, make


what you want to make and not many people say that. And the BBC said


that and Amazon said that. Thank you all for being so incredible. For Tim


to kicking yourself. Thank you so much, incredible, incredible man.


And Lydia for being the whole time my husband, who has been so


supportive. And most of all, I want to say thank you to my mother, who


said to me, darling you can be what ever you want to be as long as your


outrageous! APPLAUSE Thank you for that, thank you,


mummy. Next up we have the award for a


miniseries. I like my miniseries like my relationships... Dramatic,


intense and with Gillian Anderson in them. Ed Westwick and, from Poldark,


the amazing Eleanor Tomlinson. APPLAUSE


In my opinion, each one of the miniseries nominated tonight is so


exceptional they would all be worthy winners. Agreed, in fact they are


all good enough to get a full series, let's take a look at the


nominations. I'll have the baby


and tell Trevor it's his. Because I will claim


any child that is mine. So I'll ask him for a


divorce, then, tonight. Divorce would mean my banishment


from the Baptist community. It's not going to be cheap,


this, you know that? Well, we spend whatever it takes


to get you off, don't we? I know I've not treated


you well at times, And the Bafta goes to... National


Treasure! Thank you very, very much. We


realised trying to tell this story how much responsibility we had to


try and get it right, and do justice to the people whose stories are


involved in our story. Everyone on this stage and everyone at Channel 4


worked extremely hard to do that. So thank you to Mark, George, John,


Toby, George, thank you to peers and Beth at Channel 4. Thank you to our


amazing cast to I can't believe I got to work with. Robbie Coltrane,


Andrew Rice broke, Julie Walters. But mainly we want to say... It


interesting tonight there seem to have been a lot of people on stage


talking about untold stories. And this is for the people whose stories


haven't been told. For those who were brave enough to come forward.


And those whose scars were too deep to do so. So thank you very much.


APPLAUSE Now it's time for a special award,


even more special than the ones we've just had. To present it, a man


who is no stranger to a weird weekend, though neither am I, I


enjoyed one in Rhyl with Angela Lansbury. Please welcome the


wonderful Louis Theroux. It's my huge honour to be asked to


present the Bafta special award this evening. As editor and founder of


the BBC story Phil Strand, Nick Fraser can only be described as a


titan of documentary making. Over more than two decades Nick has


overseen more than 340 films. That how won an incredible four Oscars,


five Baftas and three International Emmy awards. Storyville is known


around the world as a haven for intelligent, bold, above all,


creative film-making, giving support to the best and brightest in the


documentary world. Since Storyville Nick's vision of finding funding for


amazing films has continued with the creation of a company where he still


takes risks and speaks his mind. Let's have a look at some of his


wonderful work. In 1995, journalist Nick Fraser


joined the BBC to pursue his passion We've probably all seen performing


chimpanzees on television or in circuses, but this is no ordinary


chimp. The Storyville series became a key


outlet for showcasing the best in international documentaries. With


Nick supporting many aspiring film-makers, both as producer and by


securing funds to get project of the ground and onto our screens.


Under Nick's editorship, Storyville grew at a


rapid pace, from broadcasting 6-8 documentaries a year to 40 at its


Now, I'm going to see if I can take this rope off.


It may take me a while, but I'll see how fast I can


There have now been more than 600 films, and with


Nick's support, some have gone on to win awards,


including both a BAFTA and an Oscar for the brilliant Man


This is probably, I don't know, probably the end of my life,


And on the other hand something that I could not


Never afraid to tackle difficult subjects, Nick has worked tirelessly


to bring fascinating, eye opening, often


controversial subjects to a


Giving a voice to those who might otherwise be left




It's hard to imagine a more inspirational, more worthy winner of


the Bafta special award. I have to tell you, Nick recently had a


stroke, but he is recovering well, and I'm delighted to say he is here


tonight. You'll be accompanied on stage by his daughter, Isabel.


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Nick Fraser and Isabel.


I want to start off by saying documentaries really matter. They


do. He would miss them if they were gone. I spent my career cheerleading


for documentaries, raising money for them, struggling to get them on the


air, nurturing talented producers and directors. The irony is that to


begin with I never really liked documentaries. But I became


interested in them out of a hunch, that they were about to become


important and that I should try and stick some sort of claiming a field.


When I started Storyville at the BBC about 20 years ago, docs were and


afterthought, underfunded, neglected, derided for being too


arty, too left. I wanted to make them into something people love.


During that time we've shown more than 600 films and I've watched


thousands of them. I've experienced this all with the BBC through good


and bad. Since then, they've come into their own as an artform,


becoming one of the means by which we connect to the contemporary


world. Making sense of it. Don't get me wrong, docs are still


underfunded, but there is a growing hunger for them, particularly among


young people. Across the world, people are getting inspired, picking


up a camera and shooting the world around them. Like the best


journalism, like films for that matter, they represent the vision of


the world of their directors, producers and reporters. All we need


to do is find the talent and find a way of bringing that out of other


people. My life has been spoiled by docs, I cannot deal with most


fictional representations any more. Because reality seems to


interesting. Docs are now the equivalent of rock and roll as


celebrities queue up to the executive producers on films.


They've realised film can speak truth to the powerful. And people


will listen. These films should be championed by broadcasters, putting


them on front and centre. The audience numbers prove people really


do watch them. We should be more proud of these films. As I always


say, the best stories are always true. I want to say thank you to the


Academy, for this award. To Louis for the introduction. To the BBC and


to my family. And thank you to all the film-makers I've worked with


over the years. We've made some amazing films. Let's continue to


make many more. APPLAUSE


CHEERING The next award is for Best male in


comedy. The award that asks that tedious age-old question, are men




Here to present it double Bafta award winner and breakthrough Brit,


the wonderful Michaela Coel! I am delighted to be presenting the


mail in comedy award. I'm no expert but I've heard it takes balls to win


this one. Let's take a look at the brilliant nominees...


Those poems are about a platonic hierarchical relationship.


Why does everybody presume that just because


I write 126 love poems to an attractive boy I must be some


Do the candidates agree that the monarchy provides


valuable checks and balances in our democracy?


Do forgive me, only I have a cocker spaniel called Rex, who looks


Well, we're getting on great now and I think the


Alan Partridge speak ball system has demonstrated itself as an innovative


LAUGHTER And shows if you give these lads a


People ask, what does the G stand for?


Smouldering, I mean what woman can resist that?


APPLAUSE And the Bafta goes to... Steve


Coogan. And, sadly, Steve cannot be here


tonight. I will ensure I keep this award and you'll get it for my


promise. We come now to the award for the


Virgin TV Must See Moments. Who'd have thought Danny Dyer and an


Iguana would be in the same category? Although they are related,


if you go back far enough. Back a bit further... Bit further. Here to


announce the winner, Mr and Mrs ShowBiz no less, Alan Carr and Holly


Willoughby. Hello, good evening to you all. The


Virgin TV must the moment category is the only award of the night voted


for by the public. The nominations of those rare, thrilling and often


shocking TV moments the viewers never forget. They should have just


waited until tomorrow when no doubt you will be sozzled on This Morning


again! I think it cheapens the art. Let's have a look at the nominees,


shall we... You wouldn't have entered


my flat, would you, A direct descendant


from Edward the third? So Danny Dyer's right at the bottom


of that scroll and Edward III's at the top


of the scroll. # I know you dig the way


I sw-sw-switch my style # Now people gather


'round Now people jump around # Go, get ur freak


# Go, get ur, get ur, get ur, get ur, get ur freak on


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And the winner is...


Planet Earth II: Snakes vs Iguana Chase!


Blimey, I love those Iguanas! I came to the Baftas nearly 30 years ago


for Chance Of Life and haven't been since. I must come again in 30


years. We were surprised that this would win because most people


watched this, half of the people watched this sequence from behind


their sofa and the other half thought it was the most


extraordinary thing they had ever seen. I guess those were the people


who were shouting at the TV screen run Iguana, run.


We'd like to also mention this series owes a lot to some of the


other series that have preceded us. The original Planet Earth II and


Life, Frozen Planet, Africa, all have contributed to this series.


Also I would like to mention lives, where ever she is, who is snake




It was her that had the wit when she saw that happening that this was the


most incredible moment, extraordinary thing she had ever


seen. I'm pleased to say we don't have any


snakes with us here today. But there is someone who wants to also say


thank you very much for voting for us.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Thank you very much.


Onwards now to reality and constructed factual. On one hand


this genre takes us to new and exciting places. On the other hand,


it created Donald Trump, and now he's playing you're fired with the


American Constitution, so frankly the apocalypse is on you guys. Here


to present it Ashley by and Scarlett Moffat. -- Aisling Bea. I worry


about it, don't worry about it, no one important is here. Aisling,


hello. Every year tens of actors die on stage whilst reading the autocue


Paul's, it's not as easy as... It looks. Scarlet. Scarlet, it shows


how difficult reading lines can be, pause. Pause for dramatic effect.


Those in this category don't have to do. Together, here are


denominations. That's perfect, high five.


My girlfriends have said to me, "Gail, you're a nightmare."


He's got brown shoes on, he wasn't good enough.


His zip's broken, that means he's poor.


They say to me, "You just ditch them, just like that."


Not everyone has been converted to the benefits of yoga.


I really like a fan, I just love that blowy feeling.


And when you fart, it sort of blows it away really quickly,


If you are a slightly windy person, like I am...


I don't really think about whether I'm a good Muslim or not.


There have been moments where I've struggled with my faith


According to how a good Muslim is defined, I would very much fall


If you think there should be a greater emphasis on your inside...


It is kind and considerate of all people.


..I think I'm doing a pretty decent job.


When we only get married and we have a baby.


Yeah, that's the only time we're going to kiss.


My mum told me, "You can't kiss when you're a child."


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Great life advice, in fairness.


The Bafta is awarded to... Muslims Like Us!


Hello everyone. I am the series producer. When we started working on


Muslims Like Us, the whole objective was to allow audiences to see and


hear the conversations that go on in the Muslim community every day. And


the only reason we were able to do that is because we had a truly


diverse team. From the brave commissioning at the BBC... APPLAUSE


To people like the casting producer. We had a team and from the top to


the bottom, there were people with knowledge of and who were rooted in


the Muslim community. And in an industry that sometimes doesn't


quite deliver when it comes to diversity, I think that's a really


great thing. Thank you to everyone, to a everyone at the BBC. Would you


like to say a few words? I was one of the contributors on


Muslims Like Us. There are 1.6 billion Muslims around the world and


we knew it was impossible for the ten of us to represent every single


one of them. But Muslims Like Us, the message behind it is not


confined to one community. Regardless of your race or your


religion, we need to write our own narrative and we need to stand up


for what we believe in. So thank you, BBC, for being brave enough in


the current climate to provide us with that platform. Bafta for


supporting our show, and our wonderful family, who despite their


stereotypes, have always encouraged me to be a strong woman who has a


voice and uses it to make a change. Thank you.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Just a quick one from me. I was


proud to be a part of the programmes that in this day and age still


needed to remind people Muslims are not a monolithic set of people. So


thank you very much. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Thank you. Comedy and entertainment now, an


area I've often thought about going into myself. Please welcome the


catastrophically charming Rob Delaney.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Hello everybody. I know this look


silly. It's for a part in a Snapchat but I'm going to send my wife's


personal trainer after the show. LAUGHTER


The comedy and comedy entertainment award. Hey, Bafta, why not call it


the comedy entertainment award? Save money on the engraving. Shakespeare


said brevity is best. Here are the nominees...


This will be a victory for real people, a victory


for ordinary people, a victory for decent people!


Hi, yeah, sorry, I think there's something wrong with


It's showing images and sounds from a universe I don't


I mean, you've got a mic in your hands, I


feel I should ask you on behalf of all the team,


Amazing, it's been a bit of a whirlwind.


But great morning for the whole team, so it was fantastic.


I love that you've gone, we are knackered, we've done it,


we've finished competing, we've won our


You know what, let's just go watch The Last


I know Josh has got Jonnie Peacock as his crush in this Games.


'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.


Aye, there's the rub, for in that sleep of death,


what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil must


and the Bafta goes to Charlie Brooker's 2016 white! -- Wipe.


Blimey, OK, I didn't expect that, this is mildly terrifying. 2016 was


a pretty horrible year, I thought, so to receive an award for


summarising it is a bit like being commended for doing a really


accurate painting of a haemorrhoid. Anyway, I'd like to thank my wife,


who puts up with this. This is the team, who make the show. It's a huge


team effort, so everybody chips in. And I'd like to thank Shane and Alex


at the BBC, everybody here, literally everybody works much


harder than I do. And hopefully by the time we get to 2017 Wipe we'll


have a less awful year to summarise... This is really awful,


you all staring at me, stop judging me, monsters! Thank you very much.


Every single year at Bafta we pause and take time to remember friends


and colleagues we've sadly lost over the last 12 months. So please let's


take a moment to pay tribute to some of them now.


Now you can stop gawping, get up and get some clothes on, and


See if you can get some breakfast out of


her, cos you're not getting none out of me.


What is honour compared to a woman's love?


Adam, if anyone accepts the invitation on your


T-shirt, make it her place, will you?


I'm an enforcement agent in section two here.


Well, while the weather is waiting to make up its mind, there's plenty


of room for summery weather, both today and tomorrow.


I meet those in my profession every day.


We're going to see those lovely dancers in London.


It's going to be in a bowl, not a cup.


Have you ever thought of going on a double


date, say, for example, with those two girls out




APPLAUSE Thank you for that beautiful tribute


and a wonderful performance with George Michael's mothers pride. Now


it is time for Supporting Actor. Usually Supporting Actor is a job


performed by prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs or a very,


very tired partner. To present this award, from Doctor Foster, the


excellent Suranne Jones! As has been highlighted through the


evening, the sheer quality of British drama scene over the past 12


months has been nothing short of exceptional. And this is truly


exemplified by the dazzling performances of the four supporting


actors nominated in this category. And here they are...


And indeed, it is the perfect occasion for it, the stage is set


LAUGHTER all ready for a grand valediction.


The lead actor has forgotten his lines.


You need me to make the hard choices for you.


The fact is, if we'd not stuck together, AC-12 would be


charging the lot of us, not just me.


Worth bearing in mind when you've got that nice little


One doesn't want to look ill, either.


HE STUTTERS ..King is no good for anyone.


I tell you what it is, my naughty little greaseball.


So why did you or ugly friend of yours just tell me that this


beautiful lady couldn't have a lobster sodding salad?


HE MOCKS HIS SPEECH Only the lobster salad for pre-orders.


MOCKS AGAIN Take your hand off my lobster.


And the Bafta goes to... The brilliant Tom Hollander. APPLAUSE


Erm... Thank you, thank you very much. This was a really fun job. It


was a great part. And it was a lovely team of people and to be


given this at the end of it is a very, very lovely feeling. So...


Thanks all the people who voted for me, and thank you Jina Jay


forecasting me. And the Cornwall family, some of whom are up there,


who are very lovely people. And David Farr for writing it. And the


team of The Night Manager. The great Susannah beer and Hugh Laurie and


Tom Huddlestone and Olivia, you are there somewhere. Anyway it was a


very happy time. So thanks all of you, all of them, have a lovely


evening. APPLAUSE You're not my real dad! The next


award is for soap and continuing drama. Here to present it is the


boys of Kurrupt FM, the cast of People Just Do Nothing.


Baftas! Make some noise, how you are feeling out there? Djakadam, yeah, I


don't really watch soaps, yeah, because my left's a bloody soap


drama, loads of chicks trying to honey trap me. It's his brother Ross


Kemp, that's why he does the community service stuff with the


gangs. I like when Phil went mental and started eating dog food and all


that. Everyone's been there. So the nominees are...


And the Bafta award nomination award goes... Winner... Winner is...


Emmerdale! Hi, I'm sorry it's what Chile not


one of the attractive famous people doing this but my wife told me if I


didn't do it she'd slap me about a bit. She is more my boss than anyone


else. I want to say thank you so much to Bafta, thank you to ITV and


particularly Jane Hudson and John Whiston for their support for the


show. Thank you to the viewers and fans, your passion is a constant


source of inspiration for all of us standing here. I'm accepting this


not only on behalf of the people standing on a stage or indeed the


amazing cast, crew, writers, editorial team and backroom staff


that have worked on a show for the past 12 months, for everybody who


has worked on a show for the last 15 or so years we last won one of


these. Thanks so much, it means the world to us.


Now it's time for some sport. A sentence I never said before. I


quite liked it. To present the award, part man part people carrier,


David Haye! From Rogerstone banister's historic


four-minute mile, Andy Murray's winner Wimbledon and Mo Farah's


record-breaking double double last summer, this country has a long and


illustrious history of landmark sporting achievements. This iconic


moments wouldn't be as burned into the nation's consciousness without


emotive and compelling television coverage that captures them. Let's


take a look at this year's sporting moments.


It is a sensational night of live sporting action here on Channel 4.


Ellie Robinson is coming to the final stages and she gets it!


And Anthony Watson - they're cheering already.


That's what England have been threatening to do.


Here comes Usain Bolt and Bolt is going to take it.


Back at home, you've got so much support.


I know London means a lot to you, Britain means a lot to you,


have you got a message for your fans back there?


I told you guys I was going to do it,


All of those moments absolutely magical but there can be only one...


And this one is... The Open ladies and gentlemen!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Wow, thank you so much. This is an


incredible thing. After, thank you so much for recognising what we try


to do here, which is to make golf entertaining, exciting, engaging,


accessible, Farnham. -- fun. Thank you... These are the talented guys


behind me, but this is an incredible collaborative effort between


organisations, Sky, European tour productions, and of course the Royal


and ancient golf club, the R and A. Special thanks to them for their


vision, their Ambition and backing sky and European tour productions.


Most of all, this award goes to the hundreds, literally hundreds of


people behind this. The hard-working production crew on site and the


hard-working people behind the scenes at sky map who made this


happen. This is for you, thank very much.


So nearly there, just two award and my favourite, the swimwear round.


Now the awards for Supporting Actress. To present it, everyone's


favourite sad dad, Andrew Buchan! Hello. Last week my young nephew


came up to me and asked me the question, what is acting? I said,


what do you think it is? He said, well, isn't it just people telling


stories? I said, yeah, it kind of is, really. Following on from that,


here are four incredible actresses, all telling their stories


outstandingly well. Wunmi Mosaku, Damilola,


Our Loved Boy. Father God, we ask


for your strength today. I need for you to stop


pestering me, Catherine. Look, you see, this is what it does


to you, it makes you selfish, and small-minded, and unpleasant,


and that isn't you. People don't need to say things,


you can still tell what Just one day, just for one day


will you stop going on Nicola Walker,


Last Tango in Halifax. I don't think anybody knew


what I was going through with him. And a little kid to


look after as well. Done it to him, he'd have


done it to me one day. Peter is the only one


who knows how to... Don't tell me you understand that,


you don't know for a minute what it And the Bafta goes to... Wunmi


Mosaku! Thank you, Bafta. I wanted to thank


my mother, my sister 's, my agent, the BBC, the late Bill Gaskell, all


at others who have nurtured me in my career to this point. OK... I did


actually write something. Sue and Colin, thank you so much for


trusting me and leading us so gently and for the beautiful script. It was


an honour to be part of this. It was just incredible. And our team, they


worked so hard, especially make up. They were there for an hour and a


half every day, ageing us gracefully, hopefully. I just wanted


to thank the Dalys for your courage and honesty and for sharing your


story and your journey. This is so bittersweet, and I'd like to


dedicate this to the memory of Damilola and his mother, Gloria.


Thank you so much. Thank you. The next award is the best features.


I'd say my best features are my wisdom, sincerity, soaring intellect


and above all, my modesty. To present the award, the hilarious


Adam Hills! Hello everyone. A tent full of cakes


from a weekend in St Petersburg, links to aristocracy and a doctor


who doesn't use drugs. All of these were on Michael Jackson's wish list.


LAUGHTER They are also the subject... Of each


of the brilliant features nominated in this category. Let's take a look


at the nominations. It's not looking very baked,


but I'm not actually sure what the top of it's meant to look


like once it's Well, I put the drawbridge


down for you. In the course of a lifetime,


a healthy person could I mean this is just


a staggering amount of drugs. It's important to say that


some of these drugs do They save lives, they


make you feel better. And the Bafta goes to... Who Do You


Think You Are?! Wow, thank you, thank you so much,


Bafta. This is the fourth time Who Do You Think You Are? Has been


nominated for a Bafta fostered and it's the first time we've won.


APPLAUSE Thank you, thank you. So, yes, our


13th series has been lucky for us. I'd just like to say thank you to


our brilliant and talented team, especially our researchers and


genealogists. They do such a great job and it is their patient


detective work that uncovers will be stories on everyone's family trees.


I would also like to thank Alex Graham, who started the series in


the first place, Leanne and everyone at our company is wall-to-wall. The


BBC for all their support, especially Jenny, and I would like


to thank all be celebrities, like Danny, who have come on this journey


with us and let us route around their family trees. Thank you, thank


you very much. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Danny Dyer, just off to eat a swan,


as is his birthright. LAUGHTER The next award is for Scripted


Comedy. Some of my favourite comedies started out as a script. A


little peep behind the showbiz curtain. To present the award


tonight please welcome the extremely talented pair, Jim Sturgis and


Charlotte Riley. Given the speedy Scripted Comedy


award, you might think Bafta would have helped us out and given us


something funny to say. Yes, but they haven't, so... It's probably


best we just clap on and have a look at the work of some of the finest


exponents of the art. Oh, my God, definitely not,


that does nothing for you. Oh God, why are you wearing your


coat? Costa yes. Nothing here looked nice so I thought I'd wear what I


was wearing anyway. Are you joking? This is why it takes you so long to


finish your book, you get bogged down in the details.


The slug people not treating you very well, Maurice?


They're more like goblins, actually, aren't they?


The barricade in your head is an illusion created by you.


You need the right tyres, the right fuel. Camping.


Would you like me to have a go, darling?


I think I'm probably the person most likely to find anything


It's just that I can give it a really good whack.


Well, if you'd brought the right number of striking tools, then


you could have done your own banging on a piece of rock, couldn't you?


I present to you our new daughter, fresh out of the joiner. Still warm


as well. They had to sedate her


because she kept going mental And the Bafta goes to... People Just


Do Nothing! In a macro well, this is madness.


Shout out everyone... Big up rough cut for helping us do this. This


literally came from nothing on you Tube, just a group of mates mucking


around with each other. I can't swear... It's fine, it's fine.


Coming as well. I want to shout everyone out, thank you very much. I


don't know what else to say. Over to ash. He loves it. Sorry for the


delay, I had to go in through the KFC kitchens. I've waited ten years


to get this award, a use to be appear with Ricky Gervais and the


office and they never let me talk. You know when people said they never


expected to win it. We did expect to win it. When we saw the nominations


we thought there is no way Fleabag's going to win, it's definitely us.


Thank you Bafta, the people behind me, this is the proudest show of my


entire career, I love these guys. If any of you want any drugs, we'll be


selling by the bar. Keep it Kurupt! Next up, entertainment programme.


This is given in order of Lou Graves. To present the award is the


Queen of a dynasty so 80s she ruled it with iron shoulder pads. Please


welcome the first Lady of show business, Dame Joan Collins!




Thank you. Well, it's absolutely wonderful to be here at the Baftas


for their 70th anniversary. And I'm really glad I was asked to present


this particular award because like most people I like nothing more than


sitting on my sofa on a Saturday night and watching these wonderful


shows. So let's take a look at the work of the truly remarkable


performers doing what they do best...


So Olly , what you been up to, what's happening?


I've just been a bit of this, bit of that.


I like that old one, when you start with the letter, dear...


# Please excuse my writing # Yeah, I love that one.


Why didn't you type it or send a text?


I'm sorry, can you tell me your name again, sir.


I'm not late for a show, my show's called The Late Late Show.


If you walk 300 yards round there, my face is on the building.


And the Bafta goes to... Ant Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway!


Thank you very much. Wow, thank you, I know we said this a lot, we didn't


expect this tonight. We've had real success with the show, we love the


show, we see the other shows in the category, they are brilliant. We did


have a 50% chance of winning tonight with Britain's got talent as well.


Thank you to Bafta, to all the viewers who watch the show. These


wonderful guys who work with us. I know all of their names. Don't quiz


me. They are the most talented and hard-working production team. It


overtakes all of our lives for the amount of time we are on air. We


already, we've already started on next year's series, started our


first meeting is on next year already. But this tonight is really


unexpected. What a huge, lovely cherry on top of a cake. Well done,


thank you very much. So lovely, have a lovely night everybody, thank you


so much. We have made it all the way to


Leading Actor. To present it an actor who said she would give her


right arm to appear on Line Of Duty, and they took her at her word.


Welcome the extraordinary Thandie Newton!


Thank you, incredibly gorgeous Sue Perkins. This ceremony tonight makes


me so proud to be British. I'm sure you all agree. APPLAUSE


So what does it mean to be a great leading man? Someone who leads us


into stories, lives and experiences that more often than not change


hearts and minds forever. Let's take a look at where these extraordinary


actors have been taking us most recently.


If Damilola wasn't my son what would you have done to me just now?


I am unprepared to respond to these allegations.


But I will say that I am fully cooperating with police and


Of course, obviously, I would like some privacy at this


How could you have done this to our family?


I wasn't trying to come I didn't mean to, I was only...


No, protector of this damned strumpet.


And the Bafta is awarded to Adeel Akhtar for Murdered By My Father!


APPLAUSE It's very strange to accept an award


when you know you're in front of a long line of people who are... Who


helped make this happen. Bruce, the director who guided me through it


all. I'm going to go in a minute. Kieran, who I acted opposite. And


because of her bold choices, it allowed me to do what I did. --


Kiran. Toby the producer. They are all sitting in row K, just getting a


visual on them. I I would like to thank my agents. And


Jess who works in the office. I had to play a character who isolated


himself from the best part of himself because he was scared and


that isolation compounded itself and ultimately became destructive and


destructive to himself. He lost his compassion and his kindness. I'd


like to dedicate this award to my wife and my nine month baby, who


remind me to be kind and compassionate you.


Leading Actress now, this award represents what so many actresses


aspire to. Being paid just under the same amount as their Leading Actor.


To present this award, the magnificent Jimmy Nesbitt!


Thank you. Great pleasure to be here. Good man, Adeel Funny what you


say, Sue, I'm delighted to present the award for Best actress tonight


particularly because I'm wearing the badge for ERA full stop the campaign


for the equal representation of actresses. For everyone three roles


there are three male roles. It's an inequality absorbed by everyone on


their screens every day. As the father of two children Bake Off


girls, this should change. -- two children, two girls. APPLAUSE


Him, in this category, personally I think it's impossible to separate


the scintillating performances given by the four leading actresses


nominated tonight. If up to me I'd give them all Bafta. If it was up to


me give myself the Bafta. But Bafta wouldn't budge. Let's have a look at


the nominations. I thought I'd got through to him,


I thought he was stepping down. Then he just went limp and this odd


look came over his face. I don't know, I don't


know, I don't know. You're thinking I should


have told someone. In here, we can keep an eye on you,


make sure you've got And, yes, there are those who would


have preferred me to marry him. Indeed, marriage with him


might have been easier. Might have even worked


better than ours. But to everyone's regret


and frustration, the only person As I said, how do you choose that?


The Bafta goes to the magnificent Sarah Lancashire!


I can't breathe! We love you!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE OK... Gosh, thank you, Bafta. Thank


you to the BBC, Charlotte Moore, to everyone at Red. To the most


extraordinary company of actors, and it's a privilege to work alongside


each and every one of you. Truly. The brilliant Siobhan Finneran.


Shirley Henderson, Jamie Norton, George, Nick. You're all just, your


fantastic. Gosh, I even want to thank Nicola Walker and she's not


even in it! LAUGHTER And of course, the phenomenally


scarily talented Sally Wainwright. APPLAUSE


Sally, you are the most brilliant producer, an extraordinary director.


An extraordinary writer. I thank God you can't act. LAUGHTER


And... And just before I go, can I just say, Claire Foy, you have given


me the best ten hours under a duvet that I've ever had. Thank you.


APPLAUSE Thank you, Bafta, thank you.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE That's something to put on the CV.


Finally we come to the most prestigious award of the evening,


and that is the Bafta Fellowship. This has been collected by the great


and good of British television and tonight is no exception. Tonight, to


present it, a woman whose middle name is comedy, which is an amazing


coincidence. Please welcome the legend that is Jennifer Saunders!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Well, what an extraordinary woman


this woman is. And what an extraordinarily varied career she


has had. She has, in my opinion, rather selfishly conquered so many


aspects and areas of the TV business that there's little left for the


rest of us. But I suppose I'm more than anyone should be thankful.


Thankful that she never done what she was told. She didn't listen when


they told her she'd never be an actress because she started as a


model and she should stay in her place. Thankful she didn't listen


when told she could only play pretty girlfriend because she was pretty


and a girl. And especially thankful she paid no heed to the idea she


couldn't do comedy because she was beautiful and velvety voice it and


every schoolboy 's pin-up. But, you see, she's never been well-behaved.


She is the conform's non-conform. They put her on a desert island in


Goal Friday and she refused to bow to hunger and heart-shaped and set


about transforming her bra into a pair of Jimmy Choo 's, which led her


in turn to become the queen of the travelogue, the Nile, Greece, Japan,


the world is now her lobster. Another example of Joanna making


something of nothing was back in 1990. I handed her some scrappy


lines, an uninformed idea and she alone created Patsy Stone. APPLAUSE


A creation that has at least kept me laughing for the last 27 years.


Because on top of everything else, she is a comic genius and a


brilliant, brilliant clown and a person who never forgets how hard


it's been to get where she is. On set, at the beginning of the day,


she is already reeling annoyingly said good morning to the crew and


had meaningful words with every single supporting artist whilst you


are still moaning about the coffee. But I think the best way to sum her


up is in her own words... You only have one go at life, which is


thrilling. Only you can make yourself what you want to be, don't


blame anyone else. You are entitled to fresh air, and that's it. Do the


rest yourself. And boy, has she done that. Let's now take a look at some


of her best career clippings of her work.


Patsy Stone, 39, international symbol and style Guru.


Don't move, you man you, cover your body with me.


You could snuff out my mind as easy as


Oh darling, he's nice, he doesn't seem


I'm a rich bitch, I always have been, it's my


It's all right, it just tickles a little bit on my top lip.


Either you think of me as a 3000 year old


sarcophagus or you in fact think that I'm your mother and


either way, really, it's just not good.


This is a volcanic country, so this springs are hot.


That is where my love affair with Greece


Stick around if you want to, but this is bedtime for me.


Sweeties, darling, can you just leave me


A man who can look you in the vagina, but never in the


Quite frankly, I was doing it for the viewers.


APPLAUSE The Bafta Fellowship this year is


awarded to Joanna Lumley! Jennifer, stay with me. Jennifer,


Jennifer, stay with me. I can't. Jennifer, Jennifer. I have to go to


Sue Jennifer, Jennifer, just stay with me. The thing is I'd sorted out


a fantastic speech which started off... Stay with me... Which started


off saying how unbelievably honoured I am to get this Fellowship from the


Academy. It honestly isn't even something you even dream of. You


don't even dream of it, Jimmy, you can't think of it. But then the


letter comes. Even looking at that, I realised everything I am... I'm


like a piece of cellophane, laid over the industry. I have done


nothing. We as actors, we are dragged about in golden carriages,


which are laid on tracks over swamps at midnight by men in their


underpants. We are lit and furnished with words and costumed and made up.


We have stunt performers to make us look better. We have people who


drive us, who dressed us. We have people who feed us, caterers are so


important. We have always. We arrived and sometimes people say,


you are so funny in that. And you say, yes, thanks. LAUGHTER


It is all somebody else, and I'm here to say that this is for me,


Paradise, because I'm here where I wanted to be. What I meant to say by


that is I am in the company that I wish to keep ever since I was young.


I wish to be with people who have left race and religion and age and


gender and shoe size and things outside the door when they came.


People who are in our profession don't have those discriminations. I


wanted to be with those people. I wanted to hang out with the boys in


the band. I wanted to be part of the sisterhood. I wanted to be in this


great circus, in this Fellowship. And now I'm standing here with my


gorgeous family, my beloved friends, and I couldn't be happier. So what I


really want to say is, Jennifer, you write it, I just do it. I just want


to say, actually to you all, you know... So, yah. Thanks a lot!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Pure class, pure class.


And with that brilliant human that is all we have time for this


evening. Thanks for coming, thanks to everyone in this room and


everyone at home watching. If you have enjoyed it, I am so made up,


and if you didn't, I'm Mel, good night. Other awards, presented


earlier. The Bafta goes to Hillsborough.


I said, what's going on, why are you doing something? I just sort of


looked straight ahead of me. I said how many, how many? He started


sobbing. This is a story about the horror and injustice of


Hillsborough. I would like to pay tribute to all of those who'd shared


their testimony, the fans, the families, the survivors, the


policeman. Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed. Since being filmed, they


have suspended seven custody officers. There are 1000 children in


jails in England and Wales right now. Those 1000 children, some of


whom are Rob met and some had extraordinary potential. Too often


they are off the list, forgotten. And the Bafta goes to... Our Loved


Boy. Damilola Was a big dreamer and encouraged others to dream big.


There are a couple of people up here with us for whom this was much, much


more than just a film. It was their lives. Richard Taylor and 20, would


you step forward. I want to dedicate this to the memory of Damilola and


Gloria, my late wife. Their people versus OJ Simpson.


APPLAUSE I want to know... I need to know in


advance what you guys are doing. The one true vision that stands out


and shows the true excellence is why we are all here representing this,


because of one man, his name is Brian Murphy.


Exodus, Our Journey To Europe! This is the story of the migrant


crisis. They are not just numbers, facts and statistics, they are


husbands and wives, husbands are mothers, and children. This goes to


them. Victoria Derbyshire, footballers


abuse. If you come out with the sort of


accusations, so to speak, would anyone believe you? I would like to


thank our amazing editor and team, but most of all I would like to


thank Andy Woodward, Chris Unsworth, Steve Walters and Jason Dunford.


Thank you very much. The Queen's 90th birthday celebration!


# Happy birthday to you #. Thanks to Her Majesty stockbroker


Majesty the Queen, I suppose. Thank you, your Majesty. We should


probably send that to her. We will take it to her.


Sue Perkins hosts the British Academy Television Awards at the Royal Festival Hall in London. The evening kicks off on the red carpet as the stars arrive for the most prestigious TV awards ceremony of the year.

Nominees include Clare Foy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Olivia Coleman, Adeel Akhtar, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Tom Hollander, Sarah Lancashire and Steve Coogan, with programmes including The Crown, Planet Earth II, The Last Leg, People Just Do Nothing, The Real Marigold Hotel and Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.