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Extra Time

A special chance to see some of the other prizes awarded at the 2017 Bafta ceremony.

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Now on BBC News it's time for a special programme featuring


the highlights of the 2017 Bafta TV awards ceremony


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Good evening and welcome to the British


television awards. Now, it is current affairs and single


documentaries. Nobody tell my Latvian grandmother she will try to


set it up with another single documentary! Stacey Dooley. Tonight


's wonderful nominees are... What the Reagan administration were


doing was a blurring of fact and fiction but it was part of a broader


programme. The president advisers had given us a name, they called it


perception management. The police just standing there. I mean, why


would you just stand there. So I went up to one of the police and I


said, what is going on? He looked straight at me. How many? How many?


And he started sobbing. In the last year, around one in 12 have reported


domestic abuse. But an average level and drop 50 incidents before calling


for help. They will only call emergency when there is a threat to


life. I hate the fact that he thinks that because he has an illness he


was less worthy to be able to live. I felt very strongly that he is not


a burden. And the impact that goes to... Hillsboro! I know I did not


expect to win either. This was a film embargoed in the UK for two


years while the inquest went on and it was broadcast exactly year ago on


BBC Two while the Baftas was on BBC One. Thank you to obviously Bafta


and to Charlotte Moore on BBC who commissioned this five or so years


ago. To the company courageous in commissioning a complex documentary


but allowing us the freedom to go and make the film we wanted to make.


I got practically all our production team here. My production manager is


feeding her newborn baby. This is really about the horror and


injustice of the incident. Feels great and, he has worked so


tirelessly. -- the direct stop diligently. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.


It was several months before he was involved in the shooting incident.


It did not surprise me. I think you could have put 100 other officers in


the same situation and you would not have had the same outcome. It is


highly unusual for an officer to shoot and kill to an armed people. I


have not heard of that before. Since we informed G4S of our evidence,


they have suspended seven custody officers. Gareth, who unnecessarily


restrained really. Duty operation manager crease, who choked him. And


team leaders Matthew and Anthony who were bullying him. -- Chris.


The bill is passed! It was one of those moments that reminds you of


why you got in the fight in the first place. Teenage prison abuse


expose, Panorama. APPLAUSE


Thank you. Standing next to me, indisputably the bravest producer in


TV and Robert who spent months undercover in a juvenile prison,


exposing the abuse of children some as young as 14. What he did was


extraordinary. Thank you. Forgive me, I do work in current affairs so


let me just say this, there are 1000 children in England and Wales right


now. Those are a thousand children, some had extraordinary potential,


too often, they are off the list, they are forgotten. I want to thank


Bafta and Bafta members remember in children who committed crimes. We


thank you and we except this award on their behalf tonight. Next up,


single drama and having had quite a lot of those myself, it is something


I can really relate to. Jessica Raine. The unflinching subject


matter of each of those nominated in this category is a true testament to


the skill, professionalism and above all courage of everyone involved in


making them. I felt, in a way, like I had a duty


to succeed not just for me but for my friends as well. The children in


that class never got the chance to be what they hoped. Or to even try.


So... I think that's why. A bigger dreamer and we promise to encourage


others to dream big and to walk towards seeing their dreams come


true and to inspire others at the forefront will be for Damilola. I


will travel far and wide to choose my destiny. I know it is my destiny


to defend the world which I hope to achieve in my lifetime. You had a


choice. Another boy. I don't mind getting married but what if it was


someone else... You have been promised already, that is all that


matters. Do you know what people say? We would not be able to give


you away! Sorry I am boring you. Defending someone is different to


trying to save them. Can I be excused. Come on. It's fine, we have


banned each other a very long time. Yet I do not know you at all.


Damilola, Our Loved Boy. This is amazing, especially when you think


about how strong all those films were. This film was built on the


commitment and care of lots of people. At the BBC, in the


production, the director, the writer, an amazing cast. A couple of


people for whom this was much more than just a film, it was their


lives. Would you set forward? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. This award is


for the Taylor family, and of course for Damilola himself.


APPLAUSE . And now the International board or


as I call it immigrant telly coming over here, the lighting our


audiences! Someone has managed to which all


this amazing television down to four fabulous nominations. Let's have a


look. What we are going to do when I am down here is run some tests. Are


you all right? It is a crime scene. Just like the house and the cabin


and it is our job to collect everything from a crime scene. Who


are we going to find? You in the house. You on her. The knife on


news... Are you not a killer. I want to know, I need to know in


advance, or what you guys are doing. You hear me? So I can weigh in on


it. I will arrange a briefing for you. I am undone. When I want to


hear from you I will... Get out of here, Bob.


We talked about this. Get dressed. You need to get upstairs before


Zadie comes home. He can never know about this, understand? You are very


pretty dancer. The people versus OJ Simpson: an


American crime story. Wait a minute. I am a boy from the


hood who flew over and now I in London on the stage excepting gold.


It has been a rollercoaster year for me but I do vessel here representing


the filmmaking team. To thank the Bafta organisation. I want to kiss


every person in this room. The one true vision that stand out is why we


are here representing this because of one man, Brian Murphy. His vision


is what brought ours here and I can't say enough about his attention


to detail and his finding of the truth. It was the tragedy what


happened that day to those two people and I hope we shown a little


light on what happened and again we thank you. Thank you very much.


And now it is time for best factual series and news coverage where you


are. Good evening to you all. To make a


successful factual series takes unimaginable levels of ability,


stamina, and sacrifice. A total commitment and dedication to the


project over weeks, months, and even years will ensure that the story is


told and keeps the audience enthralled for and week out. The


nominations are: 24 Hours in Hebig at police Custody.


-- The nominations are: 24 Hours in Police


We have a case here, it is murder. Exodus: Our Journey to Europe. This


is the story about people who travelled for Europe. I survived


Schillings, Isis, Bashar al-Assad, the sea. I survived everything. --


shelling. The Prosecutors. We are talking over half ?1 million in


cash. The difficulty here is that even though we have 20 sets of CCTV,


there is no way to identify anybody on that CCTV footage. What we will


say is that it was not me. -- what they will say is that was not me. To


be honest, I see myself as a real boy, but they do want to be a real,


real boy. I often go to London, where they go down with my


situation. Although I just want it now. And the BAFTA goes to Exodus:


Our Journey to Europe. That is great. I would just like to quickly


thank BAFTA and he became we had making Exodus: Our Journey to


Europe. And BBC for being so supportive during the process of


this film. But I would like to mainly thank the courage of the


contributors to share their stories. I do want to break the rules of


little and bring Hassan over here. Ladies and gentlemen, Exodus: Our


Journey to Europe was me yesterday. But it is somebody else's today and


tomorrow. Since making the documentary, over 10,000 people have


died seeking refuge in Europe. These are not just numbers, fax, and


statistics. These are husbands, wives, fathers, and children. This


goes to them. It goes to the uncle stories. Thank you very much. -- V


untold. -- the untold. For a quarter of the century, the Hillsborough


football disaster on the 15th of April 1989 has officially been an


accident. The only ones who are blamed were the fans. Not any more.


Sky News tonight: Aleppo, death of a city. These fighters from the FSA


are fighting alongside about a dozen other factions. But only about 8000


fighters in total, trying to defend 300,000 trapped. Victoria


Derbyshire, footballers abuse. If it did come out, you want people to


believe you. If you come out with the accusations, so to speak, would


anyone believe you, and would you get the support? Channel 4 news:


Brexit - Day one. As dawn broke, it was a different story. And the BAFTA


goes to Victoria Darvish: Footballers' Abuse. -- Derbyshire.


Hi. I am Victoria. This is the Weezer. She is our editor. And this


is Jo from the team. It is so much. This was an interview with four men.


-- This is Louisa. They trusted asked enough to talk about their


experiences boys, as nine olds and tenure is, going football training.


You cannot underestimate the courage that it took them to do that


I would like to thank BAFTA and our amazing editor and team, but most of


all, I would lie to thank Andy Woodward, Chris Unsworth, Steve


Walters, and Jason Dunford. Thank you very much. We moved to the award


for Live Event. I live for life. Give me a seven second delay and I


promise that I will use it. Please welcome be marvellous Tom Daley. I


can tell you for absolutely as Danie of us from must have been nominated


to night. That's Pegula. The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration. Stand Up


To Cancer. One in every two of us is going to be diagnosed with cancer


here in the UK in our lifetime. That is half of Star City and Hutch. That


is quite a few dalmatians. The odds are not good enough. The Centenary


of the rattle of the Somme. -- Starsky and Hutch. Dirty white and


shall with a hopeless rain, do you ever stop and ask is it all going to


happen again. -- Battle of the Somme. Shakespeare Starsky and


-- Shakespeare Live. Who are you? A desire, Hamlet, the Dame. And the


BAFTA goes to the Queen's 90th Birthday. Thank you very much. This


is nice to accept this award! That is very nice indeed! Thank you so


much to... All of these guys worked on it. Don't know their names.


LAUGHTER. Thank you so much to ITV. Thank you to the huge production


team who put this whole thing together. These three, basically. It


was an amazing ceremony, an amazing evening. A lovely out. It was all


banks to Her Majesty! I suppose. Thank you your Majesty. In fact, we


should listen to her. We will take to her. This one is for Europe,


ma'am. You can have the BAFTA. I think we have said enough. Enjoy the


night. That's go. Thank you for coming and thank you to everyone in


this room and thereon at home watching. If you enjoyed this, I am


so made up. If you didn't, good night.