Episode 11 The Graham Norton Show

Episode 11

Unique talk show with Graham Norton who this week is joined by comedian Lee Mack, EastEnders star Jessie Wallace, Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall and The Saturdays.

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Tonight: We have one of the stars of EastEnders. Really? Which one?


don't know! AUDIENCE MEMBER PLAYS A DRUM Let's start the show! How good


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Hello! Thank you very much. Thank


you. Well done, Simon, very good. Hello, everybody and welcome!


CHEERING Oh. So everyone enjoying Wimbledon?


AUDIENCE: Yes! All right. This could be our year, couldn't it? It


could be our year. Come on, Andy! Or if you are watching the Monday


repeat, bad luck, Andy. LAUGHTER Lots of celebritys in the crowd


this week including the Duchess of Cornwall. Yes, she was there. The


ball disappeared, I don't know where it went! LAUGHTER What is she


doing? That's a real picture. What is she doing? A gorgeous sofa for


you this week, the beautiful Kim Cattrall is here. Yes. The


beautiful Jessie Wallace is here. APPLAUSE And Lee Mack is here.


APPLAUSE And we will also be having music from The Saturdays.


CHEERING Hello! I think welcome back to Jessie Wallace. Jessie


plays Kat Moon in EastEnders. I love Kat Moon's fake tan. They have


a special make-up artist who puts it on, they do. LAUGHTER It's weird.


If you Google "Kat" and "Moon" you get this. APPLAUSE Kim Cattrall is


here. Really excited. We all loved her in Sex and the City.


CHEERING Four sophisticated metropolitan women. We have a


similar show here. LAUGHTER More Against The Wall Behind ASDA!


APPLAUSE Kim's fabulous in Sex and the City. How many men did she get


through? Kim's in a new film where she plays an ex-porn star who


becomes a stripper. In America, that's very sexy. In Britain, not


so much! Let's get some guests on, ladies and gentlemen. Later, we


will have music from The Saturdays. CHEERING First, just what you need


for Wimbledon week, a mac, it's Lee Mack.


CHEERING Look at you all smart. I'm over the moon she's here, it is


Jessie Wallace. CHEERING Hi. Look at you! There she


is. Take a seat. And she's the sexiest woman in any city, it is


Kim Cattrall! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Sit yourself down. Oh. What a sexy


couch. You are patronising me by saying that but thank you. Jessie,


are you going to be able to get through a whole show without crying


or punching someone? I'll try. Seriously. Men and women. Do you


watch EastEnders? No, I don't. it true you said somewhere that you


would like to be in Coronation Street? Being born in Liverpool I


felt that was an easy extension, wouldn't you think? Lee, you are


from up north. Is it the law... What was that? Up north! Up north?


Why don't I put on my wellies and do some Riverdance?! Being back in


EastEnders - there is a sweet story about the first time when the


Slaters - you got a tour? They showed us around the lot, around


the Square and they showed us the Tube station and I remember


standing there thinking, "Oh my God, a train that comes into work."


LAUGHTER I didn't tell anyone for years and one day I told Shane


while we were working and he burst out laughing, about to go for a


take and he grabbed the boom and pulled it down and he told


everybody. What line did you think it was on? I don't know. A train


station to work... And it was so quiet! LAUGHTER Now, Kim, you


haven't been in EastEnders, but you have been in a long-running


television institution. I saw you at Wimbledon on the telly. Very


exciting. It is my second year. The first year I saw the men's finals


and I met Colin Firth. Ooh! A good day. Yesterday, you looked on the


dge of your seat watching that match. -- the edge of your seat


watching that match. You are going to do this! I had an itch and I was


scratching it. I love how bored everybody looks. Everybody is


looking in different directions. I like that little lady there. She


looks like she is having a nice time. Did you meet everybody?


really, no. It is about the match. In-and-out. Yes. Lee, tennis fan,


no? Why would you assume no? don't know. The subtext of, not you,


you scumbag. I find it a bit... Boring? Arousing. British men never


cease to amaze me. You won't be amazed. I'm not amazed. Jessie, do


you like tennis? No. I think it is raemly boring. I like the sound of


it -- really boring. I like the sound of it in the background but I


don't like watching it. You know it is going well and some applause,


that was good! LAUGHTER Grand formal occasions Jessie doesn't


have a lot of luck. She was nominated for a BAFTA.


Congratulations. Thank you. still... I lost my ticket! Jessie


is, like, one of the leads in the biggest soap opera in the country


showinging up at the television awards ceremony and -- showing up


at the television awards ceremony and... They wouldn't let you in?


They wouldn't. We had to walk two streets... But I'm a nominee!


nominee! LAUGHTER That's terrible. Then you lost? I did, thanks for


reminding me. APPLAUSE I know what it is like, I have been nominated


for five Emmys, oh friggin'hell! didn't say that. Did you put on a


good face? I did. Let's see it. Someone made me laugh so that was a


good thing. As soon as the camera went I was like... Who beat you?


Another actress. I can't remember her name! Misfits! She's great! She


is really great. Her acting is BAFTA-winning! Now, welcome back,


Kim Cattrall. You spend loads of time here now? I do. I like being


here very much. We like you being here. You forged this, you made


really smart choices. Thank you. is a hard thing to walk away from


something like that. It is. People think you are that character. It


follows you. Jessie Wallace, a big fan? I am a huge fan. Thank you.


You watch it with your daughter... No, I don't watch it... In the


background with the tennis. I'm a huge fan. I have it on quite a lot.


I don't want her to watch the rude bits. When they come on and if she


is in the room, I have to jump in front of the telly going la-la, you


know, doing the... Not me, Samantha. People always say, we have seen you


nude, no, no, you have seen Samantha nude. I'm like this nude.


But she is like this. It is a great thing you are in a huge big hit,


which is a fabulous thing. There must be a moment when you like to


turn that off? A little bit. I feel sorry for Lee, people come up to us


thinking they know us... together, they don't come up to us


and go, "I never knew you..." I'm Arthur, he's Martha! APPLAUSE I


love the way Lee thought that through(!) It worked out. I'm a


very giving person. That's beautiful. What is nice is, if


people come and talk to us, they do sort of know us. Yes. They don't


know you. No. Which must be doubly difficult? It can be very


challenging in some ways, yes. they call you by your fictional


name? They call me Sam. A lot of people say, "Kat, where's Alfie?"


And I turn round and go, "I have no idea. I'm a nominee!" You could get


a BAFTA because of this, you know. Are people lovely to you, Jessie?


People are really lovely. A little while ago I was at a funfair and I


got surrounded by these girls that looked like they were out of My Big


Fat Gypsy Wedding. I hear you. I know what you are saying. This girl


went, "Where's your make-up, you look better with your make-up on?"


APPLAUSE Ouch! I want to go home. Why would you say that to somebody?


I know. I was scared. Listen, I must talk about your movie. Meeting


Monica Velour. It's such a lovely movie. It is out to buy from 4th


July. First of all, it is at the Edinburgh Film Festival. It's been


really getting a lot of good buzz and they have added screenings, so


you can come to see it if you are going up north! It is bittersweet.


It is a love story between a 17- year-old boy and a 50-something


year-old woman. There is a lot to learn in those years. She was a


film star, a big porn star in the late '70s and it is 30 years later


and he goes across the country to meet her. She's stripping in this


club and they form this relationship which changes their


lives. It is very funny and sweet and endearing. It was quite a


stretch for me because I had to gain 20 pounds, literally a stretch,


to play this character. Ooh! It was fantastic! I have been on a diet


since 1974! This was time for me to eat! Boy, do you like to eat?


yes, can't you tell?! Chips and crisps and puddings and oh it was


amazing. It is a real transformation, the voice, the look,


everything. Here is a clip. I don't think you should do it. I couldn't


help you. Look, I don't need another guide trying to run my life.


You are not my boyfriend. You are some kid I took home because I felt


sorry for and you are 17. All you know about is like book reports and


dances at the gym and some stupid movies I did 30 years ago. That is


fantasy. This is reality. That is something you don't know nothing


about. Me and every other woman in the world, we have minds of our own.


APPLAUSE Is it true you didn't watch it, you never watch rushes?


No, it was fantastic because I have known so much for looking one way,


you know, that Barbie doll perfection that Sex and the City


promotes and a lot of television shows and movies do. It was


fantastic for me to get to play a person. Was it hard for you to sit


and watch it? Impossible, when I first saw it it was like... My


eldest sister saw it recently and I said, "What do you think?" She said,


"I don't know." I said, "Tell me, this means a lot to me." She said,


"I have never saw you, for a moment I never saw my sister, or any of


the characters you play." That is what you want. Definitely. It is a


great opportunity and I'm so glad I did it. Terrifying but good to do.


Also, I love in the movie where they did the re-creations of...


the porn films from t' 70s. It made me nos -- From the '70s. It made me


nostalgic. The storylines? characters. Ugly people with


speaking parts! With hair on their chest. They can't have hair on


their chest any more. Also, when you watch them back... Did you


watch a lot of porn? What storyline... I'm partial to a bit


of porn, I love it! APPLAUSE I'm a nominee, you know! I'm a nominee! I


love porn! Some jobs just always come up, don't they, in porn?


a nurse and a doctor. Nurses were one of the few professions you get.


Normally, it is pizza, or pool guy... I'm a big fan of DIY. When


the plumber comes in, I'm always interested in his toolbox and it is


when he starts getting undressed that I turn it off. I'm more


interested in the taps. Can you fix my taps? Please fix the taps, it


would be great. They have sex and they ruin it! You are such a


fascinating man! Thank you. Chemistry on this couch! It is all


- you never get someone going ding dong, "I manage a hedge fund!"


Maybe that is a good thing. probably is. Then they would stay


together. Yes. I wonder if the people in our audience who have


sexy jobs. So let's have a little look. This man looks like he could


be in a porn film. What is your name? Senil. Change that for porn!


What do you do? I'm a spiritualist. I think most men have lost an


erection by now. Ding dong, I'm Senil the spiritualist. I don't


think that - no, that is a different film. What is your name?


Mick. Mick, we have Mick. Good porn name. What do you do? Market


research. You have to go door-to- door. Yes! Yes! What sort of market


research do you do? I select the areas that people go to knock on


doors. OK. So you are Mick and you are in market research. That's


right. Do you want to have a go at being in a porn film with your job?


Come with me. Come on. Go through this door. OK? APPLAUSE Mick, so


just go through the door, ring the bell, come through the door and


tell us what you do, OK? All right. Hang on. Wait there. We will -ly go


for a porn effect and some music. MUSIC I wish someone was interested


in my opinions about what products to buy. DOORBELL Come in! Hi, I'm


Mick and I'm a market researcher. That was really bad! You have to


have a little line. Have I? have to have a little kind of, you


know, can I something your area? Can I investigate your needs or


something? Give us a sexy line. Go out again. So Mick, a market


researcher, can I... Da-da. Filter and music again. MUSIC I buy a lot


of washing powder, no-one seems to care what. DOORBELL Come in.


I'm Mick and I'm a market researcher. Could I service your


boiler?! That was good. Well done, Mick. Very good. APPLAUSE Have a


seat. Shall we do one more? What is your name? Cornae! Are you an


actual porn star? No. What do you do? I work in IT. He works inIT.


What sort of things do you do? Hardware, software. Perfect!


Perfect. OK. So you must be able to think of a sexy line about what you


do? Come on, have a go. You look excited. OK. There you go. There


you go. You all right? Yes? OK. OK. So you know what to do, you ring


the door bell, you come in, you say your name, what you do, then a sexy


tag line. OK. So filter, bit of music. MUSIC My download speeds are


so slow. LAUGHTER DOORBELL oh, come in. Come in! I'm Cornae and I work


in IT, do you have a problem with your hard drive? Very good.


APPLAUSE Sit yourself down. It is I thought Cornae's performance was


pitch perfect. BAFTA-award winner. You need to look at your security


at home if you are answering your door and they say, "Hello, I'm


doing market research, can I come in to service your boiler?"


friendly. I want to see three forms of ID. Yes. Or Yah! You do watch it,


don't you? Jessie Wallace, great to have you back on our screens in


EastEnders. You came back in such a whirlwind of controversy. What you


do? It wasn't me. There was a baby swap storyline, somebody lost a


baby and they stole your baby. Not your actual baby. Her


character's baby. These are the kind of sitcoms we have over here.


Very deep. Terrible things happen in EastEnders all the time. Why did


this storyline... It had more complaints than anything else?


There were about 12,000. Out of 12 million viewers, it is not that bad.


Still, you had domestic violence, you have had murders, all sorts of


troubles? People weren't expecting it. People found it very disturbing


so they complained. Yes. Listen, you left five years ago. When you


left, did you think to yourself, "I am never going back"? No, I wanted


to do other stuff, which I did. I did a bit of theatre. I have done a


few TV dramas. When they said... BAFTA-nominated! LAUGHTER You were.


I thought, yeah... Didn't win! Working with Shane... The BAFTA


didn't go to her. Will you SHUT UP?!


CHEERING That was BAFTA-award- winning. I hope she gets through


the show without punching someone! I provoked her. Jessie, you stuck


with EastEnders, you have. Some jobs you really have... How long


did you work in Beneton for? Half an hour. Why didn't you stay?


folding up jumpers and people were getting them out and chucking them


so I thought sod this! How long did you work in a kilt factory for?


God, not that long. That was packing skirts in boxes. A lot of


packing! A kilt factory? Are they made on a production line? How many


people are buying kilts that you need to make them on a production


line? This was a long time ago. 1642?! LAUGHTER You walked out of


there as well? I did. I was chatting to this girl, I said, "How


long have you been here?" 12 years. I thought, I'm going! There is no


future here. I will be in EastEnders! It is - it must be


fantastic when you get that call that you are going to be in


EastEnders? Definitely. I walked out of drama school. I did a tiny


part in The Bill. I got the phone call to say I was going to be in


EastEnders. It was great. Also to have it take off like that?


Definitely. It is such a great character to play. I love her. I


love her, I do. You get odd fan letters? I have got, someone sent


me a packet of pork scratchings the other day with a letter saying they


would like me to eat the pork scratchings whilst reading a book


whilst listening to a record of my choice. He knows which one it is.


How does he know that? I don't know. I ate the pork scratchings.


you? No. I would. A pork scratching crumb. They were delicious.


comes in dressed as a pig with an axe. You have eaten part of me!


LAUGHTER You get the fans with the autographs? The only ones I have


had, the usual weird things of signing bits of my body. I was


mortified that I did this, somebody said, "Can you sign my breasts?" I


told them... You can't tell people that! Why? I just got that! It was


a woman who said it? You never know, it was up north! LAUGHTER Manboobs.


Moobs! I got my pen out, this is genuine - she gave me the pen to


sign the boobs... It was a she dwarf. She gives me the pen to sign


the boobs and she does that with the shirt, with the blouse, she has


a bra on, she is keeping some dignity. I go to sign the boob,


right? And it's not working, the pen, I can't get the pen to work.


Without thinking, I went to the other boob and I went... LAUGHTER


I'm sorry. Listen, before we do another thing, I have to check that


our music act tonight is ready. So I think I can go to the dressing


room. There they are, The Saturdays. Hello. You look very ready. We are!


We are ready. You look lovely. Is there anything to amuse you in the


dressing room at all? Not really. Just ourselves! Is there Wi-Fi at


all in the dressing room? We tried to get on the Wi-Fi but it is not


working. Oh no. Did you have computers with you? We do. We can't


get online. It would be good if somebody could help them. DOORBELL


Hello? Come in. Hi. Hi, girls. I work in IT. Do you have a problem


with your hard drive? We do. We do. Oh no!


CHEERING We will leave it there. Thank you very much, Cornae. That


was too good! That was too good! Unsolicited. We didn't drag The


Saturdays in to molest them, they will be performing in a minute. Lee


Mack, congratulations, Mr Saturday Night. Thank you. Doesn't mean I'm


sleeping with The Saturdays! It is a different meaning. Lee Mack's All


Star Cast, Saturday nights 9.40pm on BBC One. The second one tomorrow.


It did really well? Yeah. We got some friends. It is a hard thing to


get right so congratulations. you. It is Saturday night TV.


People are obsessed with it. Everyone's going, Saturday night,


you OK? You are Saturday night. I don't see the difference between


that and Thursday at 3.00 in the morning. The sitcom is coming back


as well. Yes, next year, series five. That is a hard thing to get


right, a sitcom? It is. We were cancelled and then brought back. We


thought it had gone and then we brought it back. On the same


network? On the same network, BBC One, we call it BBC One. They


changed their minds about it? I held them hostage. LAUGHTER


sent them some pork scratchings. I always do that to people I like!


APPLAUSE It is a nice thing to do. I know your favourite record! It


goes something like this # Dum-dum... #


This is a weird story. You are accident-prone. Yes. You have been


hurt a lot is this I have. I have been hit by a car twice. That was


different incidents. He didn't reverse! LAUGHTER I missed him! The


worst one was, I have had a split, what's this one called? I have no


idea. What do you call it? Cleavage. You saying I've got manboobs.


Myster numb. What happened? I was 21 and on my birthday I was doing


my travelling DJing and I was playing the records and the music


was blasting and someone said, quut it's the DJ's 21st birthday today."


All these drunken idiots gave me the bumps, instead of throwing me


in the air they didn't let go, so they had hold of my arms and legs


and went and the music was playing and every time I got to the top it


was cies fiing me. I was trying to get them to stop and going...


# I should be so lucky... # Stop! Stop! That's hideous. That


explains so much about you. LAUGHTER Remember you rolled over


in bed last night and you said ow! It's the pork scratchings! They


work a treat. In fact, he is happily married, a father of two.


How old are your babies now, children? Four and six. Four and


six. We have a picture of - who is this? That's me, you know me!


You in the glasses. I turned up on the set of EastEnders there and saw


this baby... APPLAUSE No-one here so I might as well have him! I saw


this actress crying in the street. We have been getting on fine ever


since! Who is that? That's Arlo. I don't know why my wife dresses him


as a Bulgarian midget! It's the rave! He likes it. I don't know if


you have come across this website. It's called Manbabies.com. People


put in photographs of dads and the babies, right, and it sounds stupid,


it is! They swap the heads and they keep them in proportion. Have you


seen this? I have. This is a classic. There you go. Brilliant. I


could watch this all day. Sometimes it is not that obvious that heads


have been swapped. Give you that one. That is wrong. LAUGHTER This


one is just, this one is so creepy. What is going on there? Oh! Isn't


that terrible? That is terrible. This could be a science-fiction


film. It really could. Look at this family. That baby is plotting.


LAUGHTER That is disturbing. Finally, Lee, we sent you to be


done and very sweet it is, here is Lee. LAUGHTER Marvellous. You have


to get a copy. That was great. Music time now. Now, Kim, what is


your favourite day of the week? Friday. Try again. LAUGHTER What is


your favourite day of the week? Thursday? I know what you mean -


pancake Tuesday! One more day, Kim? Can't be Monday? No! Tuesday?


Not many left. Wednesday. Sunday? Saturday? Yes! Well, you are in


luck. Singing their new single # I'm an outlaw; I'm the big boss


# I'm a gangster on the dance floor # Floor, floor (floor, floor)


# I'm an outlaw; I'm the big boss # I'm a gangster on the dance floor




# It's nice to see somebody make an effort


# You know I like it in the streetlights


# Like I like the spotlight # Do you like me


# I la-la-love this track # So if you wanna come with me you


should know # I'm like, I'm like, I'm like this


beat, yes # Crazy and infectious


# I'll make you my business # But boy my resume says I'm a bad


girl # Oh oh oh


# Ohhhh # Closer baby look in my eyes


# Do you recognise me? # Oh oh oh


# Ohhhh # I been a bad girl


# I'm a bad girl, I'm notorious # I'm an outlaw; I'm the big boss


# I'm a gangster on the dance floor # (No, no, notorious)


# I'm an outlaw; I'm the big boss # I'm a gangster on the dance floor


# Boy beware # I got a record and I'm known for


my style # And everybody knows my name here


# I'm the head of game here # Pleasure and the pain yeah


# Because my resume says I'm a bad girl


# Oh oh oh # Ohhhh


# Closer baby look in my eyes # Do you recognise me?


# Oh oh oh # Ohhhh


# I been a bad girl, I'm a bad girl # I'm notorious


# (Notorious, notorious) # (No, no, notorious)


# I'm notorious # I'm an outlaw; I'm the big boss


# I'm a gangster on the dance floor # Floor the dance floor,


# Oh Oh Oh # So baby tell me can you


# Get it from my energy # Oh Oh


# Oh # Oh I been a bad girl, I'm a bad


girl # I'm notorious


# I'm an outlaw; I'm the big boss # I'm a gangster on the dance floor


# Dance floor # I'm an outlaw; I'm the big boss


# I'm a gangster on the dance floor # The dance floor


# I'm an outlaw # (Oh, oh, oh, Ohhhh)


# I'm the big boss, I'm a gangster on the dance floor


# Closer baby look in my eyes # Do you recognise me


# (Oh oh oh Ohhhh) # I'm an outlaw; I'm the big boss


# I'm a gangster on the dance floor # I've been a bad girl, I'm a bad




The Saturdays, ladies and gentlemen. Come and join me, ladies. Come on.


Here you go. Well done. Pile on. I don't know if you have got a seat.


Pile in. Hi. Sit yourself down. You are in economy, I apologise. That


is the new single. I think I have it - look at that. There it is.


Notorious. Unbelievably, that is off the forthcoming third album.


know. How have you done three albums already? This is our fourth


album. Is it? Yes. Stop! You will be exhausted. They have done


another one on the way from there. You are doing the V Festival?


are doing V, T in the Park, Oxygen and then we have our own tour in


December. You will have to come down. Only one person is going!


LAUGHTER She is very excited about it. Yes! It is an arena tour?


Our first arena tour. Posh! There is room for you all. And all your


friends. Listen, before we go, let's have some stories in the Red


Chair. Who is up first? You are like, yeah, let's! Hello. Hello. Hi,


love. This will be brilliant or terrible! What is your name? Jenny.


Where do you live? Kent. All right. What's wrong with that? What do you


do in Kent? I'm retired. What did you used to do? Nothing! APPLAUSE


All right. Jenny, I feel you have lived quite a life. This is your


best story, Jenny. Off you go. went into a Post Office and there's


a Post Office and they sell sweets and the lady said to me, "What do


you want?" I went back to the sweet man, I said, "That lady needs to


get a new set of teeth." He said, I'll tell my mum." Oh. CHEERING AND


APPLAUSE Her whole life... A woman with no teeth in a Post Office was


the highlight?! She said she didn't do much before. That is true. I


guess. Oh. Let's have another. Hello. Hi. This is something in


your hair? Oh. LAUGHTER What is your name? Katy. Katy. I recognise


her from The Borrowers. She does make the chair look very big.


Ronnie Corbett's wife. What do you do? I have finished college. What


were you studying? Theatre studies. Good luck with that. LAUGHTER And


did I ever ask you your name? What was it? Katy. LAUGHTER It's


been a long night! Katy, this is it, someone can see you tonight on that


chair and the rest of your life will be made! It is unlikely, but


that could happen. Off you go with your story. I was on holiday in


Club Med, I wanted to impress this guy, so I was like water-skiing and


I had tie-up bikini bottoms on and I felt like a breeze and also a


flash in my face and I looked down and I realised all my underwear was


on my skis and then in the morning, there was like a big poster of


photos of like everyone and my photos of me with no bikini was on


there. He noticed me! Did he ask you out? Not exactly. Yeah...


LAUGHTER Now, I'm going to let that lady walk. APPLAUSE There you go.


Oh. She hasn't learnt her lesson has she?! LAUGHTER When she said he


noticed me it was sweet. Yes, in a kind of creepy way. Do we have time


for one more? AUDIENCE: Yes. Hi. Hi. They are


loving you. What is your name? Jonah. He is quite posh. What do


you do? I'm on a gap-year so I start university in September.


LAUGHTER OK, what will you be studying? Philosophy and economics.


Seriously! The Saturdays are the only thing keeping you sitting


upright. All right, off you go? Basically, back in the day I used


to be a plus-size and I was on the toilet and I got a knock on the


door and they were like quick the ice-cream van is here, so I went


running, following the van and I forgot to do my buttons up and they


came down and tripped me and I fell flat on my face and I broke my nose.


LAUGHTER One more. This is it. One more. Hi. Hello. What is your name?


Sarah. This is Sarah. What do you do? I'm an architect student and I


have started a new job in London. LAUGHTER A job in London? Anyone


else? Not so special now! Off you go with your story. OK. I was in


bud pest with my uni friends and we were in this restaurant and me and


my girlfriend... Just do it! never know! Me and my girlfriend


went to the toilet... Kill her! Well done, everybody. You can


contact us via our website if you want to be in our Red Chair. Thank


Graham is joined by comedian Lee Mack, EastEnders star Jessie Wallace, who talks about life as Kat Slater, and Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall, who stars in new movie Meet Monica Velour. Plus there is music from The Saturdays.

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