Episode 4 The National Lottery: In It to Win It

Episode 4

Dale Winton hosts the quiz show where contestants compete to be in the right place at the right time in a bid to win a big money jackpot. Including the National Lottery draws.

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It's the National Lottery: In It To Win It tonight with a Lotto


rollover, Freeview and Sky viewers, you can play along with tonight's


contestants. Now here's your host. It's Dale Winton.


APPLAUSE Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Thank you so much. Thank you. What a crowd in tonight - fabulous.


Thank you. Welcome to the National Lottery: In It To Win It. It is so


good to see you. Have a think about this - within this hour, your life


could change forever. I'm talking about the chance of you winning a


fortune with the lottery draws coming up later. Here in the studio,


I've got up to �100,000 waiting to be won by our five players. They're


fantastic. You have to meet them. Here they are. They are Herbie.














And Rob.






Right now,


Right now, they're


Right now, they're sitting


Right now, they're sitting over there, but they really need to be


over here sitting with me in Winners' Row if they want the


chance to grab some of that cash, so you know what I'm going to say.


You've each got your own colour each -- let's find out who is going


to play first. It's yellow. It's Lisa. Come and


meet some money. First across to Winners' Row tonight is Lisa. She's


a 30-year-old customer support representative from Camberley in


Surrey. Thank you.


bright red. Thank you, Dale. You do look lovely. Who is with you for


support tonight I have my lovely husband Tom and my lovely friend.


They look happy. They look happy because they know you have the best


seat in the house. The first thing is can you keep it. I hope so, Dale.


When the Klaxon goes, you have a chance of whatever is in the prize


fund. However, there is nothing in there at the moment. How much would


you like to see in there tonight? Oh, I would like to take home


�50,000. Good. And what's the money for? First of all, I'd like to do


some decorating in the house, a bit boring. Second of all, I would like


to do a nice family trip abroad, a nice holiday. Where do you fancy?


Possibly Stateside, possibly Chicago, New York, somewhere sort


of a big city... North America? Yeah. A big city. If I had any


money left, I would like to get a campervan, an old campervan. Would


you really? I read you want to go around Europe with the family.


we'd like to go - as much travelling as possible. Do you have


children? A little boy. How old is he? He's ten months old. I wish you


the best of luck. You know that every correct question is worth


�5,000, every correct answer, but every wrong means the red area. Two


ways out of there - back here in Winners' Row with one question or


right back where you started. Not going to think about that.


Don't want to go there. Don't want to go there. Nothing in the prize


fund yet. Let's have a good start and put �20,000 in straight away.


OK. I wish you luck. Thank you. you ready for your first question?


Italy, really don't think it's Italy at all. It does sound more


sort of Portuguese or Spanish. I think it's going to be Spain. I


think it's Spain. OK. Would you like me to take Spain as your


answer? Yes, Dale. I'll accept that. You say Spain. If you're right,


we'll have �5,000 in there straight away. Is it Spain? Yes!


APPLAUSE Good. Isn't it a nice feeling when


you get the answer right? Wonderful. Right. This would be �10,000. I


wish you luck. Let's have a look at honest, Dale. It was quite a


scandal at the time. Was it? I think I'll go for Thierry Henry. I


like Thierry Henry. I think I'll go for him. You like him. Well, am I


to accept that? Yes, please, yes, Dale. You say Thierry Henry. I have


accepted that. If that is right there, will be �10,000 in there. Is


it Thierry Henry? APPLAUSE


Nice one. Yeah. Nice one. Good so far. This would be the hat-trick.


OK! �15,000. Let's put that in there right now. Here's your next


sure of Tintin. I'm not a big cartoon fan, to be quite honest.


However, the name Snowy does ring a bell. Right. I do believe he was a


little white dog, maybe like a little westie, something like that,


possibly. I think I'll go with Snowy. Would you like me to accept


Snowy as your answer? Yes, please, Dale. A nervous yes? A nervous yes,


but yes. But I'll accept it. You say Snowy. I would love it to be


right for you, and that would be �15,000s very quickly. Is it Snowy?


APPLAUSE Yes. Suddenly got very big, this


prize fund, suddenly got �15,000 in no time at all, which means if you


give me a correct answer, there will be �20,000 in there. More


importantly, you're in Winners' Row. I hope you like your next question.


OK. I think Katie Holmes is around maybe 28, 29, and I believe Tom


Cruise is maybe 43 - something like that. I think I'll go with - it's


going to be between 12 and 16. I definitely don't think it's 20. I


think that's too big of an age gap. I think - I think it's 16, Dale.


Will you like me to take 16 as your answer? Very cautiously, but yes.


OK. Then I accept 16 locked in. If it's right, a good �20,000 in there


all by your todd. My word. Isn't that amazing? It is.


So the age gap between Tom Cruise and Katie - is it 16? Yes.


APPLAUSE What's nice is - the players


waiting in the waiting area are all cheering you on. They're really


pleased for you at the moment. Lovely. This would be �25,000 -


very quick, isn't it? Extremely. Your fifth question - let's have a


not this book, and nothing is shouting at me, unfortunately. I


don't even know what any of the books are about, I'm ashamed to say.


I've never heard of the Grapes of Wrath - East of Eden - I don't know.


Lennie Small and George Milton - nothing's coming to me,


unfortunately. It's going to have to be a guess. Because I like the


title, I'm going to say Of Mice and Men, Dale. Shall I accept Of Mice


and Men as your answer? Yes, yes, please, Dale. Then I shall.


Consider it done. We have an arrangement. Of Mice and Men - if


that is right, another one you didn't really like. I hope it's


right, but is it? APPLAUSE


Oh, my - shock. I tell you what you would love - the movie East of Eden


with James Dean, it was wonderful. Treat yourself. It's a really good


old '50s movie. I will now. It's a very good one. Look at that,


�25,000. My gosh. Five correct answers. Mm-hmm. This would be


�30,000. I'm so shocked. Don't be. You have done it brilliantly, and


you've not hung around. OK. So let's have a look at your next


geography. Take your time. I'm not going to rush you. I have never


heard of Liffey, and I've never heard of Boyne. However, I have


been to Shannon, and I do believe it's an island somewhere, but I'm


not sure if it's Dublin. Because I have been there, I'm going to say


Shannon, Dale. Is that what you would like me to take? OK, Dale,


yes. It's up to you. Yes, Dale, yes, please. I accept Shannon. If that


is right, another one you didn't like you've managed to get through.


If not, it's the red. But the question is, which one is it?


Please tell me. It's the Liffey. Could you now please make your way


to red? APPLAUSE


She's had a fabulous start, paved the way very nicely with a nice


prize fund for our other four players, one of whom is about to


join me here in Winners' Row. Here's where we find out who it's


make some money. Nicola is next over to see Dale.


She's 45 from Somerset, and she's a forklift driver. Come on. Come and


sit down. You have been so excited all day!


Yeah, because of you. Why because of me? What did I do? I have loved


you from a distance for 28 years. And I've loved you from a distance


for longer! I tell you, I used to watch you when Laura was a baby.


Where is she? There's Laura. darling. And who is that with you?


That's my lovely husband. You're a real - when I say you're a tomboy,


that's not really right, but you're a "man's woman" because you love


fast cars and you love - you've got, like, this racing car kind of thing,


which you want to have done up. Tell me about the cars. Well, we


have both got Japanese performance cars, but different models. Right.


And the one that I have is more comfortable and log-legged, as I


call it, but it's very fast. It's probably putting out about 310


brake horsepower at the moment. Yeah. These are not the kind of


cars you just buy from your local Llandeiloership. You have them


imported from Japan. Alan bought it on the internet, and we had it


shipped across. It was ten weeks on the boat, and then we had it


shipped across. It was five weeks on the boat. I had to wait weeks


before they were translated into English so I could get a


numberplate. I had to wait 15 weeks from the time I bought it. What are


you going to do with the car? are still things I want to do. I


want to have a front-mounted intercooler put in because the more


cold the air to the engine, the faster the car. Do you understand a


word of that? How much do you need to win tonight? To do what I would


like to do, I would like to win �15,000 -- �50,000. Would you


really? Yes, I would. There is �25,000 already. She's done


brilliantly. Fantastic. Hasn't she? I'll be back with your question in


a moment. Right, Lisa. The difference here is, this is not


multiple choice. I'll give you the question. You need to find the


answer yourself, a full answer. I wish you luck, because having put


that much money in, it would be very unjust if you didn't make it


back to Winners' Row. I want to make it back. I know you do,


sweetheart, so we're all with you. If you're ready, shall I show you


I think it's either 1912 or 1914, and I'm not - I'm hoping it's one


or the other. 1912, 1914 - maybe a little bit later. Um, 19 - oh! 1914.


Would you like me to accept 1914 as your answer? Yes, Dale.


OK. I accept 1914, an uncertain 1914. Very. If it is right, you're


going back to Winners' Row to stake your claim on that �25,000, which


is all down to you. If not, you're back where you started. You weren't


sure. No. But did you give me the right answer? Please tell me she


got it right. APPLAUSE


Yes! Come on. Back. That's good! And so it's an all-girls show so


far. Darling, we could make this �30,000 now, �5,000. Here's your


first question. Let's have a look I'm not a sport person. I think - I


don't really know, but I'm going to say - just because I think I've


heard of "Edgebashton" in - "Edgebashton" in - "Edgebashton"?


Edgbaston, yeah. In Nottinghamshire, I think. I haven't heard of it in


Lancashire or Warwickshire. I could be wrong, but I'm going to go for


Nottinghamshire, Dale. Would you like me to take Nottinghamshire as


your answer? Yes, Dale. OK. I accept Nottinghamshire. If that is


right, �30,000, and you're still in Winners' Row. Is the answer


Nottinghamshire? Oh! It's Warwickshire. I think you'll find


that Nottinghamshire is East Midlands, then they play at Trent


Bridge. Edgebaston is more Midlands, Birmingham, that way - Warwickshire,


and Lancashire is further up. Anyway, the answer is wrong, which


means that for now, you're into red, please. Make your way to red.


APPLAUSE You'll be back. You'll be back!


political leader - um, I don't think it's Thailand because I went


there on my honeymoon, and that name wasn't mentioned. It doesn't


ring a bell at all, and that was only a couple of years ago, so I


don't think it's Thailand. I would say it's either North Korea or


China. It sounds a bit - if it can do, it sounds a bit more North


Korean than Chinese. I don't know. I'm going to try North Korea, Dale.


Would you like me to take North Korea as your answer? Yes, please.


I accept North Korea. I hope it's right. If it is, again, �30,000 in


the prize fund. Please tell me that's the right answer - it is


North Korea. Yes! APPLAUSE


Well done. OK. So the boys are twitching in anticipation, knowing


that one of them is about to join me. Who is it going to be? Come on.


make some money. Next across is Rich. He's a 42-year-old finance


manager from Bournemouth. Come and sit down.


I was beginning to think the girls weren't going to let the guys have


a go tonight. Me too. How are you doing Very well. You? Very good.


Who did you bring with you for support My beautiful wife Lisa and


my best mate Matt. They're looking happy and pleased you're over here.


What do you want? About �20,000. What do you want to spend the


holiday on? A nice holiday for my family and a nice solitare diamond


ring for my wife. Ooh, jewellery. Jewellery. You're only here because


Nicola got the answer wrong. Your question is not just yet. Nicola,


you've seen how it's done. One question - find me the answer, and


you're back in Winners' Row. Ready? Yeah. I wish you luck. Here's your


I watched a programme on this. which continent is drawing you?


Well, there's something telling me Australia, but then Komodo Dragon


sounds oriental to me. OK. So I don't really know if it's Australia


or Japan or - I have no - no idea. I'll say - I'll say China. But I


don't think... Would you like me to accept China as your answer?


Australia, China - yeah, I'll say China. I don't - I don't think it's


right, but... OK. I've accepted China. I hope it's right. If it is,


you're back in Winners' Row. I'm looking for the answer to be China.


Oh. Asia, so you were almost there - the continent. Rather than the


country. Please make your way back Shall we put �5,000 in now? Yes.


Come on. Let's do it. Here's your this for sure. OK. I think because


it's so recent, I think the answer is Orlando Bloom. Is that what


you're asking me to accept as your answer? Yes, please, Dale. OK. I


will. You say Orlando Bloom. If that's right, �35,000, no messing.


Is it Orlando Bloom? Yeah, well done.


APPLAUSE So Rich gets off to a flying start.


You have been amazing tonight. Thank you. I'm just looking at that


�35,000. The moment with the Klaxon to go, you're worth �17 A00 each.


You have put �30,000 in alone. A lot, isn't it? Sure is. Here's your


definitely rings a bell. I don't think it's soldier. American Thomas


Edison achieve fame - he doesn't really sound like a composer. I - I


think he might be an inventor. I think he might have invented


something. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I think he may be an


inventor, Dale. So is that what you're asking me to take as your


answer? Yes, please, Dale. Then I shall. I have accepted inventor. If


it's right, we'll have another �5,000 in there. Looking nice and


healthy with �40,000 if that's true. Thomas Edison, the American, was he


an inventor? He sure was! APPLAUSE


Rich, let's get another �5,000 in. subject of mine. However, I don't


think it's the Atlantic Ocean. I seem to think that the Galapagos is


Indian or Pacific. I'm going to go for Pacific Ocean, please, Dale.


You want me to take Pacific? Yes, that's my answer, thank you.


accept Pacific Ocean. I hope it's right. It's another �5,000 if it is.


Is it Pacific? Yes, well done. APPLAUSE


I always think when we reach 50, it's like a magical number,


especially with only two of you in Winners' Row, so this would be


really good. This would be �50,000. You ready? Not really. Not really!


Vermeer - I actually don't know any work by Vermeer at all. That name


doesn't shout out to me at all. Rembrandt, Cezanne - The Night


Watch - OK. I'm going to have to have another guess, another guess.


OK. Cezanne, Rembrandt - um, I'm going to say Cezanne. Would you


like me to accept Cezanne as your answer? Yes, please, Dale. Then I


shall. If it's Cezanne, we've got to �50,000, and your contribution


alone is phenomenal. Please tell me it is Cezanne. Oh, it's Rembrandt.


You have been in the red before and come straight back. You can do it


again. I hope so. Please, for now, make your way to the red.


APPLAUSE So once again, three waiting in the


waiting area. Who is going to join some money. Now it's Rob's turn.


He's a 29-year-old science teacher from Widnes in Cheshire. You made


it. Made it across. You made it! So I bet you were thinking this isn't


going to work. It was rather lonely over there. Yeah. I can imagine,


but you're not lonely because you brought people with you. Who did


you bring? My fiancee Hayley and future mother-in-law Eileen.


much do you want to go home with? would be happy with �20,000.


�20,000 would be a nice amount. What do you want the money for?


Well, we're getting married, so we'd like to have a really nice


wedding and a honeymoon in Italy. You haven't a thing to worry about


at the moment because you're only here because Lisa got the answer


wrong. You can do this. You have done it before. A bit of a pro now.


So far you have put in �35,000, more than anybody else by a long


chalk. You ge serve to be there. do. You do, darling. I don't need


to explain to you - one question, not multiple choice - let's have a


believe the actor that plays Axel Foley is Eddie Murphy. Shall I


accept that? Yes, please. Like right now, don't hang around, Dale?


As soon as you can. I have accepted Eddie Murphy. If that is right,


you're back in Winners' Row. Is it? APPLAUSE


You knew that. Come on. Back you come.


sport. I think I remember her winning a gold medal at the


Olympics. I think it was between swimming or cycling. I think it was


swimming. Would you like me to take swimming, then, as your answer?


I would. I have accepted swimming. To you, it's worth �5,000. To the


fund, it's worth a total of 50. That's good. So it better be right.


I hope it is. Is it? APPLAUSE


OK. It's getting up there. Let's make it �55,000 - another �5,000


question. You can do this, Rich. Come on. Let's have a look at your


movie. I am drawn to George Orwell, but Herman Melville is also calling


to me. Joseph Conrad - OK. Herman Melville, please. Shall I accept


Herman Melville as your answer? please, Dale. Done. I have accepted


Herman Melville. If that is right, we're up to �55,000. Is it Herman


Melville? Joseph Conrad. For now, please make your way to red.


APPLAUSE Herbie, Nicola, one of you is for


sure going to be over here very soon. Come on. Let's make it


�55,000. Are you ready? I am, yeah. I wish you luck. Here's your


Italian - not very much, certainly not this one. Cosa nostra - it


sounds a bit like code of silence - nostra, silence - cosa nostra - um,


I'm going to say code of silence. Would you like me to accept code of


silence as your answer? Yes, please, Dale. Accepted. If that is right,


�55,000. If not, you're joining Rich in the red area again - oh,


dear. Again. I hope you're right. Are you? Our affair. I think code


of silence is when they go "o merta", we keep quiet. Cosa nostra


is our affair. Watch the godfather movies. I will now. Or do what I do


- date a Mafia hitman. I am joking. For now, please make your way to




So will Herbie ride again, or will it be Nicola riding over here - I


wonder. One of them is about to join me. Who is it going to be?


Let's find out. It's pink. It's Herbie. Blimey. Finally Herbie gets


over to Winners' Row. He's a 66- year-old retired nurse from near


Bridgend. Good to see you. Come and sit down. Finally everybody has had


a go. Fantastic. You have been very patient. I am a patient man.


are. Who did you bring with you for support? My lovely wife sitting on


the left and her sister Gwynn. girls. I am sure they were getting


worried you wouldn't make it over. They don't worry about me. Well, I


worry about you. How much do you want to go home with? I am not a


greedy person, but �10-�20,000 would be nice. What would you like


to do with the money? I would like to take my very charitable wife on


a cruise, and if I have any money left over, a chair lift. A chair


lift? And a Zimmer frame. But you would have a treat as well? A lawn


mower. A lawn mower? That's not a treat. To me, it would be. Is it a


treat? All right, then. Well, you join me in Winners' Row with


�50,000. There is only two of you, which means there is only two of


you sharing at the moment the 25K. Look at that. I have to get them


out of there before I come back with your first question. Here's


the deal in the red area when you're together. It's kind of an


all-or-nothing deal. You're either both going back to Winners' Row or


where you started. You have to agree on the same, fingers crossed,


correct answer. Are you ready? are. Here is your question for the


idea at all. Oh, no. Don't tell me that. Please! I've heard of it


before, but I don't know who it's by. Same here. It's such an old


book. Yeah, it's really old. It's old. Really, nothing at all is


coming to me. I've got no idea. I don't know. What shall we guess?


What can you think of? I was thinking George Orwell. I don't


know. George Orwell? Shall we go with that? George Orwell. Not sure


if it's right, but we'll go with that. Are you both agreed on the


same answer? Yes. And it is? George Orwell. George Orwell. I've


accepted George Orwell. If that is right, you're both going back to


Winners' Row. If not, you'll be joining Nicola right back where you


started. I'm looking for George Orwell. Remember? Yeah. I knew you


would know that one. I'm so sorry. That means for now, please make


KLAXON I wasn't expecting that. The Klaxon


has sounded. That means the prize fund is frozen at �50,000 - two of


you in Winners' Row. You're looking at a minimum of �25,000 a piece,


and you're both just one question away from that. However, what can I


tell you, guys? I mean, you put the lion's share of the money in. You


have all been over to this side. It's the way the game is played,


and it's with a heavy heart I have to say good night. Thank you.


there, and that's one of those situations. However, you mustn't


think about that. You've got to think about that �50,000 in the


prize fund. Your first and last question of the night is not right


now. It will be on the way in just a moment. As I say, you're on your


way to sharing 50 between you - one question between you and me writing


you a cheque. I'll be back with that question very soon.


APPLAUSE So the boys wait. It's going to


seem like an eternity for them. But I will be back with your question


very shortly. In the meantime, come on. Let's make you a winner. Off we


go to Lottery LQ for the first of with a Lotto rollover and your host


is back, OJ Borg. Poor old Lisa and rich, they put the money in and got


knocked out at the last minute. what a shame. It's been a pretty


amazing week here at lottery HQ. In the last seven days alone we have


made nine UK millionaires. Nine. Last Saturday winning over �2.4


million each. The Tuesday and Friday Euro millions draws created


five millionaires and one multi- millionaire. That was Chris and


Colin Wier from Largs in Scotland who matched all the numbers drawn


to win a record-breaking, mouth- watering, jaw-dropping �161 million.


I can't believe you said that. that we checked the books. You


could be a winner and dig out your tickets to check. Coming up, we


have a Lotto rollover draw, but first, it's time to see if we can


win you a cool half a million Release those weekend balls, Matt.


I shouldn't have to put up with this! I've come a long way for


this! Now, Matt Chamberlain is our drawmaster tonight, Johan Alexander,


our Independent Adjudicator. On Friday 79,000 lucky tickets won a


prize. Congratulations if you were one of those. Cheers. I don't mean


it. Are we ready to start Thunderball? Oh! The best of luck


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


to you. Now we know what the "O" in have matched with all five numbers


from that first machine, then start planning a celebration tonight


because that �5,000 is guaranteed coming your way. Mind your cider.


If you haven't, worry not. Matching with the Thunderball alone will


still win you a cash prize. The best of luck. Let's see if this


next ball does make a difference for you tonight. Round and round


break now, but we'll be back, Al and I, very shortly with our


exciting Lotto rollover draw, but first, back to In It To Win It to


see how Rob and Herbie are getting on fighting it out for that �50,000


Welcome back! So good to see you again. More draws following later.


A few minutes ago, these two people helped put �50,000 in the prize


fund, and now they're looking at a share of at least �25,000 each, and


the only thing that separates them from that cheque is one question.


Herbie, I say, you put money in the prize fund. You sat elegantly,


quietly, Al show, came the Klaxon moment. You're right. Go figure.


Isn't that amazing? Which means this is your first and last


question of the night. Shall we do it? If you want to, Dale. Come on.


Let's do it. For your share of 50, you're looking at a �25,000 minimum


question here. Let me show you the you'd love this one. Oh, yeah!


thought you would know this. It's definitely not Italy, Dale. It's


definitely not Italy. When it came up I thought, oh, I bet you'd love


this. I'm I have a leaning towards Libya. It's either Egypt or Libya,


OK? OK. And for some reason, I'm leaning towards Libya. I don't know


why. It's just at the back of my head, something... OK. For some


reason, I think it's Libya, Dale. So are you saying you'd like me to


take Libya as your answer? Fingers crossed and legs crossed...


Everything crossed, yes. Everything crossed, Dale. I accept the answer


Libya. The town of Tobruk, the scene of fierce fighting in World


War II is a port in which country? Herbie says Libya. If you are right,


I shall be writing you a cheque for a minimum of �25,000. Is the answer


Libya? Yes! APPLAUSE


You did it. You did it. Congratulations.


APPLAUSE Congratulations. Thank you, Dale.


You're welcome. I would have not known that. I'd have gone Egypt.


You put �5,000 in tonight. Yes. have made your contribution. You


find yourself in Winners' Row. The question is, are you going home


with �25,000 as well, or is Herbie going home with 50? That's down to


you. If you're ready, can I reveal your last question of the night?


Yep. Let's do it. Please show me think it is, yes. Just by the fact


that my girlfriend - sorry, my fiancee is a huge fan of this group,


and I'm pretty confident that it is Fleetwood Mac. I've not heard Tango


In The Night before, but I have heard of the album Rumours. I think


that was pretty - pretty big. So I think I'm going to go with


Fleetwood Mac. Would you like me to take that as your answer? Yes, I


would. OK. I accept Fleetwood Mac. I have accepted it, locked it in.


There it is, as you can see. If it is right, you're both going home


with �25,000. If it is wrong, Herbie is going home with 50. So


please tell me the answer is Fleetwood Mac.


APPLAUSE Well done. You can relax, guys. I


shall be back with your cheque very In It To Win It tonight, but you


know what? Here is where you could be moments away from winning your


own fortune that could be Let's go over to Lottery HQ for the rest of


Rob and Herbie and their bank balances - thank them from the


bottom of their overdrafts. Now we have more congratulations to dish


out to Fred and Elizabeth Smith from Tyne and Wear who won a �2.4


million of last Saturday's rollover jackpot. Fred decided to check


their lottery tickets after getting home late from their grandson's


wedding. He had a few drinks. He initially thought they'd won a


tenner but suddenly realised they'd win it. Doreen thought he was


winding her up. It was only after her son double checked it that she


took him seriously. They're splashing out for a bungalow and


take the whole family on a holiday to Spain. Congratulations. Enjoy


your new-found fortune. Indeed. I think it's time for us to make even


more millionaires tonight with tonight? How about an estimated


�6.1 million? Very nice indeed. We could potentially make another six


millionaires with that. It's over to you to kick off proceedings.


Matt, do us all a favour - release those weekend rollover balls,


please! Now, thanks to Beth, we are using Guinevere tonight and set of


balls number is en. On Wednesday over 386,000 tickets won a prize on


this game, but no-one matched with all six numbers drawn, which is


precisely why we have a fantastic rollover tonight. Cheers. Are you


ready? It's Guinevere to you, and yes, she is. Right! Good luck,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


lottery Q tonight. You can see the results from this Tuesday's shows


after the news and weather at so.35pm on BBC One orion line at


10.00pm that evening. Jenni Falconer will be your host on


Wednesday night for the midweek draws at 10.35pm. I'll be back next


Saturday from 8.00pm and I'll be joined by star of Holby City and


Strictly Come Dancing Tom Chambers. If you want to ask him a question,


head to the website and follow the links, and we could be asking your


question on the show next week. Alan will be bringing you the Lotto


Plus 5 results for next week in just a minute. Right good night.


Well, well, well, well, well, my job is done for tonight. All I have


to do is give a cheque each to Herbie and Rob - look at that -


�25,000 a piece. Let's hear it for them.


APPLAUSE Herbie, �25,000 - well done.


Congratulations. Thank you. Rob, you're going to have one wedding


and a half, aren't you? An amazing marriage, an amazing wedding. Well


dope. Congratulations. Thank you. OK. The boys have got their cheques,


another fun night on In It To Win It. Thank you for watching, and I


will see you very soon. Until then, have a good night. Good night, now.


A great result for Rob and Herbie. Well done. Now, an incredible five


Dale Winton presents the quiz show where five contestants compete to be in the right place at the right time in a bid to win a big money jackpot. All five could share it or just one of them could take the lot.

The show also features the National Lottery Saturday night draws, presented by OJ Borg. Including Thunderball and Lotto draws and Lotto Plus 5 results.

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