Episode 5 The National Lottery: In It to Win It

Episode 5

Dale Winton hosts the quiz show where contestants compete to be in the right place at the right time in a bid to win a big money jackpot. Including the National Lottery draws.

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First across to Winners' Row tonight is Martina. She's from the


Midlands. Hello. You look gorgeous. Thank you. I love it when the girls


come on the show and makes such an effort. Thank you. Before we begin,


who is with you tonight? Mike aunty. We are from Birmingham. I am a


teacher. If hangar on a minute. You are the one with the patience of 12.


-- of 12 saints. How much would you like to go home with? Are 10,000


would be great. 20,000, I can't even imagine. That is just beyond


my dreams. Sometimes people win 100 grand! Don't say that! I went Jinks


said. Would you like -- what would you like to do with the money? I


would like to have a West Highland terriers so I can call it Mr Darcy.


And go travelling and pay off my credit card. The fact is, you're


the first one out of the waiting area, which means you have the best


seat in the house. If he were still sitting here Wanda Jackson goes,


you know you are guaranteed to have a shot at whatever is in that prize


fund. Every question I ask you is worth �5,000. Every correct answer


means you keep your seed. Every wrong answer means the Red Area.


You are either then back in Winners' Row or you started. I


always say, this is your seed, your If have you ever eaten caviar?


haven't. I don't like it. I don't like the thought of it. This is a


bad question. It is not have barracuda because I am sure I have


tasted barracuda, so it is going to have to be a guess. I'm going to


guess that sturgeon. Would you like me to take that as your answer?


please. Our except Sturgeon, if you This will make it �10,000 in the


prize fund. This is your second Work this out, you know this. Do I.


Something is telling me George V. I am going with my gut instinct.


I am hoping this is right. What is the answer? Do you remember Edward


and Mrs Simpson? It rings a bell. Go back to the red area. I have an


empty seat in winners row. I have four gorgeous players waiting to


join me. Who is it going to be? It is white, it is rosy. Rosie is


23-year-old graduate from Market Drayton in Shropshire.


Come and sit down. It is an all- girl game at the moment.


Interesting. How are you feeling? bit nervous, but I am all right.


You're looking beautiful, who is with you for support? My sister,


Lucy and my friend Robert. How much would you want to go home with?


20,000. I would like to buy a house. Are you living at home at the


moment? Half at home and hearth with my boyfriend. If you won 50,


is there a treat in store? I would treat myself to go travelling.


you wrote in, you actually put, I am going to be sensible and get my


own front door. You are a clever girl. You are here because Martine


got the question wrong. You have got to get back into winners row.


This is the red area which means it is not multiple-choice. I will give


you a question and he must find the answer yourself. I wish you luck.


If you ask any of my friends they will tell you I am rubbish at films.


Oh dear. I honestly don't know. There is not even anything coming


to me. I am just going to say the... I cannot think of anybody. Marlon


Brando, I don't know? - should I accept it Marlon Brando? Yes.


looking for Marlon Brando. I would never have known. You may be back.


There is only five grand a mayor, you will make it cent. Here is your


I don't watch Eastenders but I am sure it is Stacey and her boy


friend took the blame. Chalet take that as your answer? Yes please.


it right? Yes, �10,000. I want to build it up now. This is your next


It's awful, but I do not know. I will rule out play, I don't know


why. I will go for not all. Would you like me to take that as your


answer? Yes please. If not all is right, we will have another 5,000.


Is it? I was hoping you would think that the clue was in the titles.


thought it might be a trick. Make your way to the red area. Once


again, an empty winners row. Who is going to join me now?


It is Alan, come and make some money. Alan is 67 and a retired


newsagent from County Antrim. Who did you bring with you?


brought my wife and my son. There they are, looking good up there,


wishing you well. How much would you like me to write a cheque for


tonight? 25,000, 30,000. What we do with the money? It is my ruby


wedding anniversary this year and I would like to take my wife on a


very nice crews. I think she would enjoy it. You don't have to answer


a question now, you're only here, look what happened. We once Rosie


out of the Red Area. Rosie? Not multiple-choice. One question, find


me the right answer and you are backing winners row. This is your


questions. I have absolutely no idea. I don't even know what


country it could be. I don't know, Bristol? I give up. Would you like


me to take Bristol as your answer? I'm not going to get it, so I have


taken a guess. I am not going to go through the ramifications, is it


Bristol? I am sorry Rosie, please make your way back to where you


started. This is your question. It is not


golf, that is for sure. Rugby Union. Shall I take that as your answer?


Yes please. Rugby union is his answer, if it is right it is 15,000.


Yes! And you are on your own in winners row, and if the klaxon when


so now you wouldn't have to share it with anybody. This is your


Clash of the titans. Would you like me to accept that as your answer?


Yet supplies. Consider that done, if it is right you will have


another 5,000 in there. The it was Alice in Wonderland. Please make


your weight suit the red area. I still have a spare seat in winners


row. Who will join me? It is Susan. Come and make some


money. Susan is 42 and an administrator from Cambridge.


It seems everybody is having a go tonight. Only Ian hasn't had a go.


Susan, who did you bring with you? I was about to say my husband with


the glasses, but they are both wearing glasses. The one on the


left is my husband. Who is the other one? I do not know... It is a


friend. How much would you like? Any amount it would be lovely but I


am hoping to get about 20,004 Stock what do you want it for? My husband


is a massive Formula One fan and I would love enough money to go to


China for the end of the Formula One circuit and go into the paddock


and meet the drivers. I did not know you could do that. What about


a treat for you? I would probably go shopping. And go and see the


terracotta army. I would love to see that. Is that the one that is


buried in the ground? We are going to move on. And time is marching on


and there is no money to speak of. Your first question is an and


lentil ago Alan out of the Red Area. Allen, this is your question. It


does not have a multiple-choice I bet you remember this. I do, Dale,


yes. Steptoe and Son. Would you like me to take Steptoe and Son as


your answer? I would, yes, please. Consider it done. I accept that. If


it's right, back in Winners' Row. Is it Steptoe? Yes! Back you come.


That was good. OK, darling. Let's put another five in. Here's your


Oh, my gosh. I have to say, I really haven't got a clue. Ooh...


Let me think. 1873? Would you like me to take 1873 as your answer?


please. I accept 1873. If that is right, we've got 20 grand in there.


Is it 1873? 1773. Please make your Here's your next question, Alan.


I'll go for Dragon, Dale. I haven't got a clue but I'll guess Dragon.


Am I to accept Dragon? Yes, please. I've accepted Dragon. If that is


right, you've dodged another bullet. Is the answer Dragon? I'm sorry.


Please make your way to Red. OK, I've got two in Red and none in


Winners' Row, three waiting to join me. Someone's going to get lucky


and make it across. Who's it going to be? Let's find out. And it is


yellow, it's Ian! Finally, Ian gets over to Winners' Row. He's a 53-


year-old detective constable from Chester. Come and sit down. Well, I


do feel a bit better. Although there's very little in the prize


fund at least everybody's had a go. Yes. It's true, and you've waited


very patiently. Who is with you for support tonight? My wife Jane and


my father. Hello, good to see you. How much were you hoping to win


tonight? It's got to be a meaningful amount so I'd like to


take �25,000. That would be worth going for and I could use that.


you could use it for? Well, we've all got debts and bills to pay.


Jane and I would like to do some travelling. So a bit of a cushion


and a bit of travel? Yeah. A bit of a safety blanket a bit of travel,


which is good. Yes. You're only here because, look at those two. So


I've got to get them out of that area, back in Winners' Row. I'll be


back with your question in just a moment. Now, here's the deal. It's


an all-or-nothing situation. You have to hopefully agree on the same


correct answer. If you both agree, we're happy, but it's got to be


right. That'll take you back to Winners' Row. But if it's a wrong


answer, you're going right back where you started. Here's your Red


Area question. Pan... Pan is the Greek god. Half-goat, half-man.


Pan... Panpipes. Panpipes? Panpipes. He's half a goat, half a man. Pan.


OK. Panpipes. Yep. So what am I to take as your answer? The God from


Greek myth is Pan. You both agree on the word Pan? Both agree. Then I


accept Pan. If that is right, Ian's got company in Winners' Row. Yes!


Well done. Come on, back you come. That's good. OK, are you ready?


I don't know. Right. Alicia Keys... 50 Cent. Would you like me to take


50 Cent as your answer? Yes. says 50 Cent. I'll accept that. If


it's right, you've cracked it. If it's not, well, it's the Red Area.


I'm looking for 50 Cent. It's Jay- Z! I'm so sorry. Please make your


way to Red. Girls, one of you for sure's coming back in a minute. Not


until you put another five grand in. Libya, Libya... I don't think it's


the Med. I think it might be the Red Sea, Dale. Would you like me to


take the Red Sea as your answer? Yes. The Red Sea. I accept the Red


Sea. If that is right, we will get to 20 grand. If we are wrong, Ian's


got company in the Red Area. Is the answer the Red Sea? No, it's the


Mediterranean Sea. Susan, please make your way to Red. 15 grand,


please make it 20, Alan. Five grand a question. Here's your next


It was at Group Stage. Would you like me to take Group Stage as your


answer? Yes, please. I accept Group Stage. If that is right, 20 grand.


But is it the right answer? The Last 16, which means there's going


to be three of you in the Red Area. Please make your way to Red. At the


moment, Martina and Rosie are waiting to come back. One of them


It's white, it's Rosie, coming back. Come on, darling. You've been saved,


you made it back. You don't even have to do anything right now. The


important thing is, you've got your seat, which means I've got to get


those three out of the Red Area. Then I'll be back with your


question. What's happening tonight? These seats are comfy! You


obviously like the Red Area. To all three of you, you all agree. Give


me the right answer and Rosie will have your company back in Winners'


Row. Otherwise Martina will welcome you with open arms. Are you ready


for your question? Here is your Red Who's going first? I would say...


Spanish. It's in that area, isn't it, of... Portuguese, Brazilian.


would go with Spanish. Spanish? we agreed on Spanish? Yes. Spanish.


So, what's it going to be? Spanish. You all agree? You're happy with


Spanish? All-or-nothing. I've accepted Spanish. If indeed the


official language of Ecuador is Spanish, fabulous. Is it Spanish?


Here's your first question in this particular round. Are you ready,


I don't know it. Erm... HMS Victory. Is that the answer you want me to


take? Yeah. No... Yeah. Do you want me to change it? Rosie says Victory.


If it is Victory, it'll be a victory in the prize fund. Please


tell me it is HMS Victory. Yes! Good call! 20,000, at last! Ian,


let's make it 25 grand. Let's hope so. Let's have a look at your


I'm fairly confident that might be Heath Robinson. OK. So are you


saying you'd like me to take that answer? Yes, I would. You're really


sure. OK, I accept Heath Robinson. If that is right, 25 grand. Is it


Heath Robinson? Yes! Right. Looking a bit better now. We could make


this 30 grand here. Another five I don't think it was Ireland. I


don't actually... Think it was France. Because I know the Royal


Family go back in history to Germanic stock. I've got to say


Germany. Would you like me to take Germany as your answer? Yes, please,


Dale. OK, I'll accept that, I'll lock it in. If that's right, it'll


be 30 grand. I'm hoping it's Germany. Yes! Good! Let's make it


another five, making 35. Here's I haven't got a clue. It'll be a


guess, Jack Higgins. Would you like me to take Jack Higgins as your


answer? Yes, please. I accept Jack Higgins. If it's right, up to 35 we


go. Andy McNab. Dear, dear, dear. It's not all lost. Make your way


Come on, Martina. Come on back. Come on, darling. Well, I bet you


didn't think that was going to happen, did you? Who knew? So,


everybody's been in Winners' Row tonight, everybody's been in Red,


it seems. It's been a weird night. You can relax. I'll be back with


your next question after Alan has got himself back to Winners' Row.


Not multiple-choice, you know that. We've been here before. Here's your


The wombat... I'll go Australia. Would you like me to accept


Australia as your answer? Erm... No. Wait a minute. No? Yes. I'll try


Australia. Would you like me to take Australia? I just want you to


be happy with your answer. I've accepted Australia. Is the answer


Australia? Yes! Good call. Back you go. OK. And then there for all


five... Oh! The klaxon has gone, which means when you look at that


30 grand, the prize fund is frozen. Each and every one of you had a


chance at the turn of one question of walking away with some cash. If


you all gave me the right answer, you're going home with a cheque for


�6,000. That is the minimum. You are only one question away from


that money. You can relax. You did well and just got in at the last


minute. I will be back with your question in a moment. Warms the


cockles of my heart to see a full Winners' Row. I love that. They've


got a bit of a wait. It will seem longer than it is. But here's your


chance to be a winner. I think we need to go over to Lottery HQ for


23rd July, we are at a Lottery HQ. Welcome to everyone at home. We


will be back with Dale Winton soon. Coming up as well as the live draws


I will be joined by stars from Holby City and Waterloo Road, Tom


Chambers. Now we will do the Alan it is time for you to take


over. Fire up the machines please. Judy Morris is the Draw Master


tonight. Excalibur and set of balls eight. Over 117,000 tickets won a


prize and one lucky ticket scooped the top pride, 500,000 smackers.


39 balls to pick from in this The top prize on Thunderball is


I hope this is the number you need to win the half a million pounds


top prize. Best of luck to you again. Those hands of destiny


working well ladies and gentlemen. These are the Thunderball numbers


We will be back with Tom Chambers and the Lotto draw. Now it is back


More draws happening later, but a few minutes ago these five people


all helped but �30,000 in the prize fund. Now they each look to share


of sharing �6,000 each. One question away from the cash. The


war put money in. Martina you have had an unusual journey tonight. A


brief entrance and then you disappear. With a pit stop at the


Red Area but you put your �5,000 in. Now we are looking at �30,000, your


share as it stands, the minimum you can go home with his 6,000. Are you


ready? I hope so. Shall we look at your question? For a minimum of


I have been to see Phantom Of the Opera. I have not seen the sequel.


But, I think it is Love Never dies. Would you like me to take that as


your answer? Yes please. I will accept it. If that is right the


minimum you will go home with his 6,000. If it is wrong you have just


push the share of everyone else's up. Police tell me it is Love Never


dies. Es! Well done. I wonder if we all go home with the money tonight?


I hope so. You put �10,000 and, visited the Red Area and you sat


alongside Martina for quite a while. Are you ready? Let me see the


I don't think it is South Korea. Complete guess, I am going to go


for my part. Would you like me to accept that as your answer?


please. If it is, the minimum you go home with his 6,000. Is that the


answer? Yes! How are you doing? am OK. One trip to the Red Area,


you have put �5,000 in. Everybody has earned the right to be here


tonight. Can I give you your Throw me away. Would you like me to


take that as your answer? please. I have accepted that, if it


is right you will be going home at �6,000. I must admit, I wouldn't


have a clue. Please tell me he gave me the right answer. Pick me up! I


would have said eat Me Now, we would both be wrong. He it has been


Girls you're looking at 6,000, now it has a minimum of 7,500. When you


go home with any more depends on you, darling. This is your last


question of the night. It is worth I don't think it is Salvador Dali.


I don't think he is an impressionist. He does more


abstract paintings. Manes did water lilies and flowers and things like


that. Van Gogh but the sunflowers and purely on that and going with


Van Gogh. It would you like me to take that as your answer?


please. If that is right, you are also going home with a minimum of


7,500. You have dodged the question you did not like very much. Is it


van Gogh? Susan, I am so sorry. We This is how it stands for stomp


guaranteed, minimum 10,000 each right now. What happens with Alan


determines whether you go home with 15 each or the 10 you already have.


Allen, let's not make it an all- girl it tonight. We have fallen in


love with you tonight, you are a sweetheart. You have had an


interesting ride. Four times in the red area but you did give me a


correct answer and you have earned the right to be here. I once you to


get this one right. Are you ready for me to share your last question?


I will try seaweed. Would you like me to take that as your answer?


Indigo, plants? I think it is either plants or seaweed. I will go


with seaweed. Shah like Take That? Yes please. He has said seaweed, I


have accepted it. My hope it is right because it means that


question is worth 10,000. Please I am sorry for All Star it has been


Well, you came into this round looking at six grand apiece. Now I


am going to write to both the cheque for �15,000. If I will be


back with those very soon. What a weird night it has been. But it


isn't over yet. This is way you could be minutes away from winning


your own fortunes. Over we go to Lottery HQ for the rest of


Welcome back, everyone. My guest tonight is best known for his roles


in Holby City and Waterloo Road. He was also the winner of Strictly


Come Dancing. It is Tom Chambers. Welcome to the show. Thank you.


now you have got a new show called Top Hat? It is a unique show and


for the first time in 76 years, the Right have been given. It will be a


world premiere on stage and it opens on August 16th in Milton


Keynes. It is literally Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, comedy,


dancing, singing all at the same time. And he was literally the best,


Fred Astaire, in tap-dancing in the world. When you enter dancing


before Strictly Come Dancing? used to do some it when I was about


five years old. And then I saw his films, I was hooked. It is a 13-


year dream. The orchestration, the costumes, the lot. And of course,


you were compared to Fred Astaire on Strictly Come Dancing? Yes, that


was very kind of them because he is a demi-god. And wasn't afraid to


said that? That you look like Fred Astaire? -- was it Craig? He says,


asked him what shop -- shuffle off a buffalo. It goes like this.


you need to guess what this move is. There are some serious shapes there.


That was from the fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But now, you are about to


help restart tonight's big draw. -- What is in the jackpot tonight?


has been estimated at �4.2 million. Esher. Julie, two questions. Who


was the better dancer? Very close. Good answer! It is over pupils stop


thank you. Good luck, everyone. This ball is at its 206th time as a


main ball. This one appeared five Wednesday's back, 45. The 4th to be


drawn is number 30. The 4th drawn in as many weeks. Next, number 11.


It drawing does Wednesday before last. Number six which could make


you very rich, number 33. It makes his 253rd Lotto appearance. Here


from us tonight. Good luck to everybody. You can see the results


for the draws after the news and We will also be helping to mark one


year to go for the London Olympic Games next year. Right now, we go


back to Dale, as we shuffle up of Almost done. All I have to do is


give Martina and roseate cheque each of �15,000. Let's hear it for


them! -- and Rosie. I didn't think you thought this was going to


happen. No. I am pretty sure you thought, no, it is not going to


work. Thank you so much. I think you worried me more than anybody


tonight because you are so gorgeous and you were in and out of the Red


Area. But look at that. �15,000, with pleasure. A thank you.


Everybody has got their money. Another great night on In It To Win


It was stopped and thank you for watching. I will see you very soon.


Dale Winton presents the quiz show where five contestants compete to be in the right place at the right time in a bid to win a big money jackpot. All five could share it or just one of them could take the lot.

The show also features the National Lottery Saturday night draws presented by OJ Borg, with special guest Tom Chambers. Including Thunderball and Lotto draws and Lotto Plus 5 results.

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