Episode 7 The National Lottery: In It to Win It

Episode 7

Dale Winton hosts the quiz show where contestants compete to be in the right place at the right time in a bid to win a big money jackpot. Including the National Lottery draws.

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Welcome to the National Lottery In It To Win It.


Here is your host, it's it's Dale Winton.


APPLAUSE Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Thank you. Good evening. How are you?


ALL: Well. Welcome to the National Lottery In


It To Win It. It is so good to see you as well. Within this hour your


life could change forever. I'm talking about that chance of


winning a fortune with the Lottery draws coming up later. Here in the


studio, I've got up to �100,000. It is waiting to be one by our five


players who are fantastic. You've got to meet them. They are Claire,


John, Sophie, Steve, and Christine. Right now, they are sitting over


there, but you know what, they really need to be sitting over here


in Winners Row if they want the chance to grab the cash. They each


have their own colour. Here is when we find out who is going to play


first. It's pink. It's Claire. Come and


make some money. First to cross to Winners Row is


Claire. She is a university bookings manager who lives in


Belfast. Come and sit there. You look


beautiful. You do look gorgeous.


Thank you, Dale. And you have got the best seat in


the house. I don't know about that. Stay here and you have a chance of


whatever is in the prize fund. First things first, who did you


bring with you? I brought with me my fiancee, and my dad.


He is not bad. He is OK. How long have been walking out?


years. How much do you want? I would love


to walk away with �15,000. That would let us have the honeymoon of


our dreams. Where would you like to go? Hawaii,


California. What about if you won �50,000.


I would probably get the sports car of my dreams.


A convertible. A concertable and some designer shoes. Every question


is worth �5,000, however every right answer keeps new Winners Row.


Give me a wrong wrong answer and it is the Red Area. Yes.


Not so good. Two-ways out is back in Winners Row or back where you


started. So if you are ready, I would love you to put �5,000 in now.


I'll try, Dale. OK, well, I think I know this one.


I hope I know this one. I have been to London a few times and I'm


pretty sure it is not St Paul's Cathedral. I'm pretty sure that's


the Tower of London. I've done the tour and I think it is the the


Tower of London. I have accepted it. Please tell me


it is the tour we are of London. Yes.


APPLAUSE That's the quickest 5K you have


done, I think. Yeah.


Here is your next question. What is at the centre of our solar system?


Is it Jupiter, the sun, the Earth? OK, what is at the centre of our


solar system? It seems almost too obvious a question. Let me think


and just make sure I'm going to answer correctly. Well, at the


centre of the solar system, everything goes around it. It has


to be the sun. Would you like me to take the sun


as your answer? Yes. I accept the sun. If it is right,


there is �10,000 there straightaway. Is it the sun?


Good. Would you like to make it �15,000? Yes, please, Dale.


Have a look at your question. What type of cake is a Dundee cake? Is


it fruit cake, sponge cake, chocolate cake? OK, well I am


originally from Edinburgh so it would be terrible if I got this one


wrong being Scottish. I'm sure that one is a fruit cake.


Would you like me to accept fruit cake as your answer? Yes, please,


Dale. Consider it done!


I accept fruit cake. If it is right, it is orth �15,000 -- worth �15,000.


Is it right? Yes. APPLAUSE


I like it when we have a good start. Yes.


It settles the nerves. It also means we're on a bit of a


roll. It could be a big winning show tonight. This would make it


�20,000. It is your fourth question. Which Queen song was a British


number one hit in both 1975 and again in 1991?


Is it Don't Stop Me Now or We Will Rock You or bohemian Rhapsody? I


remember being young at secondary school and learning the words of


Bohemian R a a hapsody. I don't think, I'm going to go Bohemian


Rhapsody. Shall I accept that? Yes.


If that is right, all within a matter of minutes, you alone put


�20,000 in the prize fund. Is it right? Yes.


APPLAUSE Here is your next question.


You don't look like you like this one? The worst thing is I know


sitting up there is a man that knows the answer to that question!


Your other half. And I knowsI don't know the answer.


Let's look at the choices. Maybe you heard him mention the name.


Dale, I have never heard of any of them. He knows the answer, doesn't


he? I have to tell you they are both grinning like Cheshire cats.


know nothing about cricket and if it was football I might have had a


stab at it. Crick, no idea. It is going to have tb a guess.


There is a lesson here, listen to what he says when he is talking to


you and pay more attention. The first rule of marriage, even if you


are not listening, look like you're listening.


It will have to be a guess. I don't recognise any of their names. So


Irish born players. Right, I'm going to go or the only one I think


I've heard of and that's Boyd Rankin.


Shall I accept that? Yes. Claire says Boyd Rankin, if it is


right, you dodged a question you really didn't want, but you made it


through, is it right? No. Listen, you have done


brilliantly. You'll be back, but for now, please make your way to




It is a very healthy prize fund. We are going to add to it now with one


of our other four players all all itching to join me in Winners Row.


Come on, let's find out who it is going to be.


It is green. It is John, come and make some money.


John is 68 years old and from Wigan. So welcome to Winners Row. Welcome


to you. Lovely to see you. Who is with you


for support? My wife Olive and my son.


How much would you like to go home with tonight? About �50,000.


? What's the money for? My youngest son lives in Spain and I would like


to buy a property out there close to him.


Are you at the age where you are thinking of giving up work? I have


already retiredment. . What did you do? I was a


transport manager. Are you enjoying retirement?


don't have time to go to work! There is �20,000 in the prize fun.


You are only -- fund. You are only sitting here because Claire didn't


know her cricket! Come on, darling, the Red Area is


slightly different. This is not multiple choice. I give you a


choice and you need to find the right answer. Get it right and


you're going back in Winners Row. OK. Well, black and white cars. I'm


going to say policemen. Would you like me to take policemen


as your answer? Yes. Then I accept police.


If police is right, you're going back to Winners Row.


Did you give me the right answer? If you did, you worked it out well.


Is the Answer police. Yes!


Come back. Right, here is your chance to put


five grand in and you're going to I haven't a clue.


I'll try and have to work it out. I don't think it is Lucian Freud


and I'm not sure about Francis Bacon. I think I'm going to go for


David Hockney. OK. So would you like me to take Hockney as your


answer? I would. I've accepted David Hockney if that


is right, you have got off to a good start and there is is �25,000


in the prize fun. Please tell me the answer is David Hockney. Yes! I


wouldn't have got that. Well, we have got �25,000. You have done so


well so farment let's make it I don't think it is Roll Deep.


Frisky is the one I recognise. I'm going to go for Ne-Yo.


Would you like me to take that as your answer? Yes, I'll take Ne-Yo.


I hope it is right. If it is, it is worth another �5,000. Is it?


Tinie Tempah. Please make your way to Red.


APPLAUSE All change tonight. One of our


three remaining in the waiting area will be sitting right here in


Winners Row. Who is it going to be? Let's find out.


It's blue. It's Christine. Next to cross to Winners Row is


Christine. She is 63-year-old and from Manchester and she manages a


taxi firm. I bet you're beginning to wonder if


it was ever going to be your chance? Well, she is doing so well.


She has and you join me in Winners Row with �25,000. Who have you got


for support? My daughters, Lisa and Lindsey. They look fun. How much am


I going to be writing a cheque for you tonight? Well, it is a once-in-


a-lifetime opportunity and I would really, really, sorry guys, but I


would love to take the lot, I'm sorry.


Why not. Honesty pays. How much is the lot? 100.


What are you going to do with �100,000? My husband, Ron, he


always wanted to go and watch England play cricket in a Test


match in Australia. Right. So I've told him. I said no problem,


darling, I'll certainly buy you a ticket.


Are you going as well? No, it will be a one way ticket! Where are you


going? I'm going with you on a cruise!


And what else? I mean obviously it would be lovely to retire, wouldn't


it? It would be nice to put that away.


A comfort zone? Yes. You don't have to answer a single


question yet. We have got to get Claire out of the Red Area. I will


be back with your first question after you have got yourself in


Winners Row. We have been here before. It would


be unjust for you not to have your seat back. Shall we do a Red Area


question. Please Dale.


Oh, do I know this? I think I know this because I think my dad and my


fiancee are screaming the answer at me at the moment and I'm fairly


sure the answer is golf. Would you like me to take golf as


your answer? Yes, please. I've accepted golf. If it is right,


you're back in Winners Row. Arnold Palmer, golfer? Yes!


APPLAUSE Let's make it 30 grand.


Yes. If you could each give me a correct


answer, that will be �40,000. Here is your question. OK, the word


Maelstrom is another term for what geographical feature?


Well, I had an inkling of the answer.


Oh, what are you hoping to see? Wind of some sort.


Oh, you were? Anyway, right, I don't think it is a swamp. Why


would they have a name for a swamp? My gut instinct, I have got to go


with it and I'm going to go with whirlpool. I don't know why, but


whirlpool. Would you like me to take whirlpool


as your answer? Why not? I accept whirlpool. Is it whirlpool?


APPLAUSE Right now, we are looking at an


even �10,000 split if the klaxon went. It is not enough. Here is


your next question, John. Paradise is a best selling 2010


book by which celebrity? Again, Dale, I haven't a clue. I'm


going to have to go with my gut instinct. And I think I'm going to


go with Katie Price. Why I haven't a clue. Would you like me to take


Katie Price as your answer? accept Katie Price. Is it Katie


Price? Yes. APPLAUSE


I bet you would have liked that one, Claire? I would, yeah.


Right, let's make it �40,000. Please.


Here is your next question. By silent comedian was known as the


great stone face? It is a toughy. Oh another one, I don't know, Dale.


Can you eliminate any of them? The Great Stone Face. I don't know


who Harold Lloyd is. Charlie Chaplin, I heard of. Buster Keaton.


Well, Charlie Chaplin was a silent comedian, I know that much. Buster


Keatoon Harold Lloyd. I'm going to go Charlie Chaplin. If it is


Charlie Chaplin you have put another �5,000 in and you have


avoided the Red area. I'm looking for Charlie Chaplin, is that right?


Buster Keaton. They were all silent comedians.


Please make your way to Red. Thank you.


OK, guys, one of you is going to join me here in Winners Row. Who is


it going to be? Let's find out.. It is white. It is Sophie. Come and


make some money. Now it is Sophie's turn. She is a 21-year-old gap year


student from Worcestershire. Look at you, beautiful.


The original leggy blond. Look at this. Your legs go forever.


I'm too too tall, Dale, I hate it. No, you are gorgeous. Who is with


you for support? My nan and my dad. That's Ken Barlow. Your nan looks


great. There is a touch of Deirdre about her too. How much are you


look to go home with tonight? �20,000 would be amazing, but


�5,000 would cover probably what I want.


What do you want? I would really, really like a car because I share


with my two brothers and they are mean to me and they dominate me and


never let me drive it. When you get your own car, don't


let them drive it. Are you going to have a sporty number or something


sensible? I would like a little convertible.


I think you should have a convertible, a leggy blond like you.


Is there a special guy? boyfriend. He is moving house. He


is moving up to Leeds. Are you going to be separated by


distance? We were before we were at university so we are used to it.


Sow need a car to keep an eye on him? Yes.


You are only here because Claire once again is enjoying her time in


the Red Area. I'm going to get her out of the Red Area.


Oh Dale. The trouble is you have been so


good when you are over there. You had a flying start... I know.


Time is marching on. It is not a great time time to be in jeopardy


here. You have done it before. So when you are ready, tell me.


ready. Please show me the Red Area


question: Do you know the songs? Yeah, I know


the songs. I think I know the answer, but I'm scared I'm being


stupid. I wish I could think how True Love


Ways went. Where are we going with this?


worried I'm going to say a really silly thing here. Right, I'm going


for an answer. I'm not going to rush you. I'm


going to sit down next to you. I speak for the whole audience and


everybody, we don't want you to feel pressurised. So you take your


time and you let me know when you're ready, doll.


Oh dear. I know this answer. This is the really annoying thing.. OK,


I'm going to give an answer. OK. Which is? Elvis Presley.


Would you like me to take Elvis as your answer? Yes, please.


I've locked in Elvis Presley. If it is Elvis Presley, you will be going


back to Winners Row, which is where you rightly belong having put 20 K


in. Is the answer Elvis Presley? I'm so sorry. Buddy Holly. Please


make your way back to where you started.


He was as much a legend as Elvis. Right, �35,000. We are going to


make this �40,000 now and that's down to you Sophie.


OK, Dale, I've just done a biology degree, so I should probably know


this. I can rule out arachnid, I am not sure what a mantis, I'm going


to go for an aphid because I think they are small and green so it


could be a greenfly. So aphid. I accept that. It is worth �5,000


to you. Is it the right answer? Yes!


APPLAUSE OK. We could make this �50,000 in


the next two questions. A lot of that is down to you. Here is your


I know this. I've got seven grandchildren, Dale. I hope I know


LAUGHTER I'm going for for trolls.


I accept trolls. I never heard of such a thing. I would be lost on


this one. Is it a troll? Yes! APPLAUSE


You're looking at 15K a piece if the klaxon went right now. This


would be �50,000. Here is your next I'm thinking back to the television


programme. It was a wonderful series.


It starred one of England's favourite actors and I am certain


it is HE Bates. I have accepted HE Bates. Is it HE


Bates. Yes, well done. APPLAUSE


Well done. It is looking good. You have got �50,000. Sophie, here is


Oh no. I never heard of any of them. So that's going to be a complete


guess straight down the middle, middle, Karen Gillan. If that is


right, you dodged the worst question for you tonight. Is it


Karen Gillan. Yes!


APPLAUSE This will be �60,000. So far


tonight, Christine you have put �10,000 in and you have earned the


right to be in, yet having put �10,000, your share is a shade over


�18,300, let's make it more. Here Right, now, Jonny Wilkinson was the


rugby player this they were all imitating because of his stance


when he kicked the ball and England did really well in the rugby. Was


that long ago? Wow, that seems, Andrew Flintoff's the cricketer.


Because I don't know if Michael Owen and Andrew Flintoff have


actually won this award, I'm sure Jonny Wilkinson has. I'm going to


go for him anyway. Shall I take Jonny Wilkinson as


your answer? Yes. I have accepted that. If it is


right, there will be �60,000 in there. Is it right?


APPLAUSE Well, the big money game. Let's


make it �65,000, John. Are you ready for your question? I am.


Any good? I think so. It wasn't 100 years of


war. I'm going to go with World War Shall I take that as your answer?


Yes, please, Dale. I have accepted World War I. If you


are right �65,000, is it World War Yes. Well done.


APPLAUSE We're doing really... Oh, the


klaxon has sounded. When you look at that prize fund of �65,000, you


know you are looking at a share, minimum, each contestant, per


question of �21,666, frozen, it ain't going anywhere. Only one


question separates you from that cash. Relax. Claire... Buddy Holly.


It did it for you. Steve, you never got a chance to


take part. Good night. We're going to give awe


big cheer. -- a big cheer. Thank Now then, if you get it right, you


are going home with �21,666. We will see how this plays out. You


know what I'm going to say say when I look at that prize fund. You are


only one question away from that money. I will be back with that


question. Let me tell you, you are going to


think you have been sitting there for hours, it will only be minutes.


Here is where you could be a winner. I want you to be a winner. Let's go


over to Lottery HQ for the first of Ten minutes past eight on 6th


August, and we're live from Lottery HQ with your host, the gorgeous


Myleene Klass. Welcome to the show. As well as


Tonight's Thunderball and Lottery draws, we will be hearing news of a


special project you are helping to support. First, it is your chance


We are using excalibre and set of balls number eight. The numbers


Right, it is this next number that you need if you really want to


boost your winnings. So good luck, everyone.


And the Thunderball this Saturday night is:


Here are all of Tonight's numbers That's all for now. I will be back


shortly with tonight's big Lottery CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


There you are. Good to see you. More draws, of course, coming later.


First of all, not so very long ago, these three helped put �65,000 in


the prize fund and now they are looking at a share of at least


�21,666 each. As per they are just one question away from a cheque.


Sophie, you spend a long time sitting over there. Yeah.


Poor old Steve didn't get a look in. You snuck in quite late. To be fair,


you did put some money in the prize fund. A little bit.


You esht You earnt the right to be here. You should be here. My My


heart is pounding. This is the last question for you


of the night. Either you are going home with �21,666 or the other two


are playing for �35,000. You are giving me a horrible look.


Look at the choices. Is it: I have no idea. My fan is a really


big De Niro fan. I have seen the Deer Hunter. I have


never seen any of the GodFathers. I wouldn't have thought he would just


started Godfather part II. I know the Godfathers are classics.


I bet they probably did get an Oscar and I have not really heard


of Raging Bull. Well, then the Deer Hunter was a


classic as well. Maybe I do want to go for the Deer Hunter now. I have


done a 180 and gone back to that. It is not Raging Bull. It is going


to be Godfather or the Deer Hunter. The Deer Hunter is about the


Vietnam War. I'm going to go Deer Hunter. I remember there being a


big scene when he tries to shoot himself in a game and can't, and


that was good acting. Go for the Deer Hunter.


Would you like me to accept Deer Hunter as your answer? Yes, please.


Sophie says The Deer Hunter. I love it when everybody in Winners Row


gets the money. So we need to know, please tell me the correct answer


is The Deer Hunter. The Godfather Part II. It was so close. You will


get your sports car one day. Yeah, one of these days.


Safe journey home. APPLAUSE


OK not so long ago you were looking at �20,000. Now you are playing for


�32500. You have put �15,000 in. Your


contribution to that �65,000 is �15,000 so you you earnt the right


to be here, however, last question of the night, darling. Here is


where we find out if you're going home with the cash or whether John


gets to play for �65,000. We don't want that to happen, it is nice


that you both have some money. Are you ready? Yes.


Thanks! No good? No. No. No.


I don't think it was 1770. That seems too late. It just seems too


late 1770. So I'm torn between 16 and 15. 1570. Oh, I don't know, I


don't know. I'm going to go the one in the middle.


You're going 1670? Yes. Would you like me to accept and


lock in your answer? Yes. I hope it is the right answer. Is


it 1670? Please say yes. I'm so sorry.


I didn't know. I just just didn't know.


Some you win, some you lose. Safe journey home.


APPLAUSE When we came into this round you


were looking at a shade over �21,000. You are now looking at


playing for �65,000. This is one question... Life changing.


John, you have not been in the Red Area once. You put �20,000 into


that prize fund. You have earnt the right to be here which means it is


do or die. It is. I am either writing a cheque


or I am not. It is a bizarre situation to find yourself in, but


one answer is worth �65,000. More than enough for your house in Spain.


More than enough for what you want to do. Are you ready for your last


question of the night? I am. We all wish you luck. OK, please


Well, I don't think it was Peter Ustinov so it is between Peter


Sellers and Alec ginness and I think Peter Sellers Starred in the


film Dr Strangelove so I'm going to go with Peter Sellers.


. Would you like me to take that as your answer? I would.


I have accepted Peter Sellers. If that's the correct answer, you are


moments away from me handing you a cheque for �65,000. If not, no one


is winning any money tonight. I want it to be right for you.


So for �65,000, did Peter Sellers play all those characters in Dr


Strangelove. Please tell me he did. Yes!




You did it! You did it! Thank you. Fantastic. Sit down,




Rest easy. I want you you back -- I will be back with your cheque for


�65,000 in just a moment. Result!


That's In It To Win It, I guess of the that's the way it goes


sometimes. Listen, you know it isn't over yet. I want you to be a


winner yet and you could be moments away from winning your own fortune.


Come on, off we go, once again we are crossing over to Lottery HQ for


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Hello. Welcome back. Now by playing


National Lottery games players like you have helped to raise �26


billion for good causes. Over the coming weeks we will be heading


around the UK looking at where and how some of that money is spent.


Gaynor Faye helps us start our I'm in Gateshead.


They have applied for a National Lottery grant to continue the


fantastic work they do here and extend it to the wider community.


We estimate within Gateshead there are between 20,000 and 25,000


carers. What we try to do is to work to ensure that carers don't


suffer financial hardship and that their quality of life improves.


This woman cares for her husband, John. John has been diagnosed with


cancer, but is in remission. He has has limited vision and diabetes and


suffered ap number of strokes. John has been poorly for a good few


years now and sometimes emotionally I do feel wrecked. I will say they


offer friendship and that's one of the most important things, someone


to listen to you, to me, that's a skill in itself.


Sarah is a 32-year-old single mum to three boys. Two of which have


special needs. They have really been there for me in the hardest


times. The people that - the carers understand and it can get lonely as


well. It has been a life saver. They offer creative groups like art


and photography to give carers valuable time out for themselves.


When you're caring for someone 24/7, it is hard and just a couple of


hours here was marvellous. Steve's gathered the team and the


carers together at the the carers association and I'm going to


deliver good news. Hi everyone. Sorry for gate-crashing your party.


I'm actually here on behalf of the National Lottery to award your


project with a grant of �262187. APPLAUSE


To get this money. It means we will be able to expand and support and


help people. It is just fantastic. All our our plans, what we want to


do, now can happen. It is brilliant. I'm shocked. It is really emotional.


This amount of money is fantastic for the organisation and or the


carers. Thank you so much. A lot of tears here too. They are


deserving. If you like to find out more about how to apply for Lottery


funding, head online and follow the links. Right, it is time for


Myleene, tonight's jackpot is estimate $at estimated at a cool


�4.2 million. Let's release the balls.


We are using Arthur and set of balls number five. On Wednesday


night over 234,000 tickets won a prize. One lucky ticket matched all


six numbers drawn. Congratulations if that winner is you!


Julie, is Arthur ready? He is. Good luck, everybody.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Arthur is ready, that's the main Thank you. That's nearly all from


us tonight. You can see the results to Millionaire Raffle with an


amazing roll over jackpot of �29 million after news and weather from


10.35pm. Plus Brendan Cole will be in


Glasgow delivering good news to another deserving project. Now it


is back to the lovely Dale for the CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


All I've got to do now is give John �65,000. Let's Hear it for John.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE You know what, when we came into


Winners Row, I was getting worried because when they started to fall,


I thought don't let this be a show where nobody wins anything and when


you saw the question, I wasn't sure if you liked it or not, but you did.


Yes. Spain. Correct.


How soon are you going? As soon as we can!


LAUGHTER She is a happy lady.


Yes, she is. You have been brilliant.


Congratulations, John. Good.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Relief. At least someone has got


some money tonight. John has got his cheque and it has been another


great night on In It To Win It. I thank you for watching and I will


Dale Winton presents the quiz show where five contestants compete to be in the right place at the right time in a bid to win a big money jackpot. All five could share it or just one of them could take the lot.

The show also features the National Lottery Saturday night draws, presented by Myleene Klass, including Thunderball and Lotto draws and Lotto Plus 5 results.

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