Episode 8 The National Lottery: In It to Win It

Episode 8

Dale Winton hosts the quiz show where contestants compete to be in the right place at the right time in a bid to win a big money jackpot. Including the National Lottery draws.

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And welcome to the National Lottery In It To Win It. You can play along


with the contestants by pressing the red button. Now here is your


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, you're in a good mood tonight.


I'm glad to hear it. Welcome to In It To Win It. So good to see you.


Here is a thought. Within the hour, your life could change their ever.


I'm talking about the chance to win a fortune in the lottery draws.


They are coming up later, but here I have up to �100,000 waiting to be


won by five players. They are Ben. They look pleased with themselves.


Right now they are over there, but they need to be sitting over here


in Winner's Row for the chance to grab the cash. You have all got


your own colour, so he will play First across to Winner's Row is


Ryan, a 25-year-old civil servant Hello, Ryan. That is a lucky start.


Best seat in the house. Who are your support? More my friends


Martin and look. Hello, guys. How much would you like? �10,000 would


be great. That is a very modest My labrador has a hip problem and I


would like to get her a new one. I would also like to take my fiance


to the Maldives. We do get married on the beach, perhaps? That would


be lovely. If you win �50,000, what would you do? I would go mad. I am


25. Go mad, just spend it, shop. You are in pole position at the


moment. Keep the seat, because as long as you are sitting here you're


guaranteed what is in the prize fund. However, although every


question is worth five grand, give me a wrong answer, you go to the


Red Area. There are two ways out, that there were the right answer,


or right over there were the wrong Dover. Shall we put some money in?


For yes please. Here is your first I think I know this. But I don't


want to be too sure. Something is telling the Edinburgh. Would you


like me to take Edinburgh as your answer? Yes, please. Is it


Why isn't your fiance here tonight? She e is in Egypt. Has she gone on


her own? I chose not took to come on the show. Good choice. You can


ring her and tell her you have one whatever. Fingers crossed. A good


start. You can make it 10 grand. Any good? A I am not good on


I will count out meat straight away. It sounds like it could be a cheese.


Again, I'm not 100 %. I would go for cheese. You would like me to


accept that as your answer? please. I will accept that. If it's


Meat. Temporarily out of Winner's Row. You will be back though. Make


All of a sudden I have an empty seat. I have four players itching


In doing very well, the younger guys so far. How you feeling?


Nothing to worry about. A I brought my beautiful mother and girlfriend.


The question is, how much would you like to leave with? A I would like


to take 15,000. I've just finished being a student and I have an


overdraft and I would like to treat my mum and girlfriend to a holiday.


I was a drama student, but now I work in a fashion shop. This is all


very of the moment. You probably You don't have to worry about the


question now, because you're here because Ryan is wrong. One question,


the differences this is not Literature is not my strong point.


Right. I think I may know it. Pride and prejudice comes to mind. Would


you like me to take that as you answer? Yes, please. If it is right,


So, five grand. We are not cooking with gas, but we need an extra zero


at least. Here is your first This is lucky, because I know this.


It is real Madrid. Would you like Let's make it 15 ran. Ryan, here is


Again, I really haven't got a clue on this one. That's a shame. The it


will be a stab in the dark. I'm I accept comedies. I'm hoping it's


Heres where we naked 20,000. Your I'm thinking it might be a tough


one. History is not my strongest point. I will discredit 75. I don't


think he would have lived that long. 1965. That's a shame. Torn between


the two, and you were right to eliminate 1975. It does mean for


One of you will be joining me shortly. Not until you have made it


20 grand. Come on, Ryan, let's do I am usually good on geography. But


I don't like this. I am going to No logic,. Again, I would go for


I accept 17. If you are wrong, to a Seven, I'm so sorry. Please, make


An empty Winner's Row, Anxiang Du in the Red Area. Let's find out who


BT's Yellow, it is Sally! Come and make some money. Next across the


Sally, a 44-year-old school's management project from Canterbury.


You flew across. For I am so excited. The who have you brought


with you? My one of for husband and my sister Amanda. -- My wonderful


husband. I want �20,000. I would really love a VW Beetle. When we


got married, we had that as the wedding car, and I would love one.


If you won 50 grand, what would you do? A we would travel the world


freer. That is the right attitude. What do you do? I work with primary


children in a mental health project. You would like a breakthrough year


and go touring. Well, let's see if it can happen. -- you would like a


break for a year. Sorry, boys. will get them out of there and back


with you after this question. Red Area, this is not more so Bolshoi's,


one question, and you guys need to agree on the same -- this is not


Do you have any idea? I am thinking pink Floyd. Now you have said Pink


Floyd, that sounds like it could be one of them. I don't like them.


was going to say that room. -- the blue. We will go with Pink Floyd.


love the way you said you thought it was Pink Floyd, but you don't


like them. I have accepted Pink Floyd. If it's right, you're back


OK, I'm not being funny, but there isn't enough money. It's not good


enough. If the klaxon when now, you would be looking at five grand


apiece. I want a minimum of triple that. Let's make it 20,000. First


Gosh. OK, BBC One, Formula One. I don't know a lot about it. I do not


think it is Sue Barker, because she is the tennis Lady. J comfrey, I


don't know, but I do know John Inverdale. -- Jake Humphrey. I am


going to go with Jake Humphrey. that is right, we will reach 20


OK, shall we make it 25 grand. Well, immediately I thought Badger


before it came up. But then again, I thought Winston Churchill and got


that wrong. I will rule out the fox. This time I will go with my gut


instinct, badger. Shall I accept Great. 25 grand in the prize fund.


So far tonight you have put in 10 grand. You have earned the right to


I don't know the answer. He said you didn't like history. No. Ivan


the terrible sounds like a Nordic name or something. I might have to


rule that out. I will go for Nicholas the second or Peter the


Great. I am thinking Nicholas the second. I would like to go with


that. Would you like me to accept that as your answer?? Yes please.


you look happy, you don't look so happy. Suddenly you smiled. How are


you doing? I can't complain, I am here. Who did you bring with you?


brought my son and my mum's friend. Fine-looking family. Just be


patient. You never know. How are you? Fine thank you. Who did you


bring with you? My husband and my daughter. Nice to see you, fingers


crossed you make it over here. A lot depends on you. You will not


give up your seat to Reveley! �30,000, 10,000 each. Let's make it


They don't sound like the Canary Islands. That is Tenerife. America


Islands I think I Beith or, Mallorca. Because I haven't heard


of them, I will go for the Azores. Would you like me to accept that as


The 5th up you look like the kind of girl that has had to many a


wasted night on I prefer. Be it is looking a bit better now. I would


Geometry? I am thinking back to maths in school. I know acute is


less than 90. Definitely. And I know obtuse is more, but I don't


But then I think the reflex is an angle that is bigger. I will go


with obtuse and if I get it wrong my brother will kill me! Would you


like me to accept that as your answer? The yes, please. It is


worth �5,000. Shaking your head! I'm not sure. I was hopeless at


OK. 40 grand. Make it 45 grand. You are playing a good game, let's have


Straight away, I am going to discount 25 because I'm pretty sure


that is a quarter. OK. I am leaning towards five. Right. But I am not


sure. OK. I would like you to take five. You would like me to accept


five? Yes. I have taken that as your answer. If it is right, it is


Whenever I look over, he starts to smile. They want to be over here.


It is getting late in the game. I would urge you to tread with


caution, I wish you luck with your Are you into rap music? I am so not


I have accepted it. If it is wrong or right, you have got to say that


whatever! I wish you the best of Oh my word! I love it! Thank you.


We do have liked that? I would not. I like Dizzee Rascal, but I did not


know that was his name. 50 grand, it is getting very grown-up now. We


Well, I watched one of his fights at university and we had the union


open all night. But none of them stand out to me and the minute. He


is not small. Super-middleweight sounds right. I think I have heard


him being called super middleweight champion of the world. I know I


will look silly if that is wrong, but I will say super middleweight.


Shall I take that as your answer? Yes. Let's hope it's right. Yes!


OK, Ryan. If you get this right, we will have 60 grand in the prize


fund, which means if the klaxon went, you would get a minimum share


of 20 grand apiece. So far tonight you have put in 20 grand yourself


already. This would make it a I work with a computer but I don't


pay much attention to it. I think the remaining keys are you, I, oh,


I would be saying four, I think. Would you like me to accept that as


your answer? I will look stupid if it is wrong. Is that your answer?


If the clanks and went, it would be 20 grand apiece. What can I say to


you guys at the moment? It has been known at the last minute for


somebody to come and join us. However, we have the chance to make


this 65 grand. You can do this, By OK. I love the apprentice. I


know it is not Deborah Meaden because she is in Dragons' Den. I


think it is Karren Brady. I am sure she is the lady. Karren Brady. If


she is right, 65. Yes! You knew This would be 70,000. This is your


I know it is not 2009. I remember watching Andy Murray and he was the


only British player in there. I have gone with my gut up until now.


I will go with... 2005. Would you like me to accept that as your


answer? Yes, please. Ben says 2005 and I have accepted that. If it is


2007. You're not quite back where you started. For now, please make


Lily and Dennis, you know what I'm going to say. One of you will join


me for sure, but not until you have Any good? No. I mean it. I have


heard that before! Can you imagine the flag with three legs? Have you


seen it? I don't think I have. I am thinking Isle of Man because


man and legs. Man has got legs! Listened, yes, that is true, I


can't say that is not true. Man does have legs. I will go for the


middle one. Would you like me to accept that as your answer? Yes,


please. I hope you are right. If you are right, 70 grand. Yes! Now I


come to think of it, it is like a leg and a lake and a leg. You don't


realise they are legs to begin with. OK. I have got two waiting to join


me. One of them just about to do It is Lily!, and make some money.


It is Lily's Turner, a 55-year-old healthcare assistant from


Middlesbrough. -- Lily's turn. are you? Relieved. Yes. Who did you


bring with you? My husband and my daughter. Lovely to see you, I bet


they were getting worried, too. Dennis, I don't know what to say.


How are you doing? I would be all right if you called me up there!


How much do you want to go home with. 20,000 police. I like the


sound of that. If the Claxton went now, you would get 23 plus. What is


the money for? We have had a rough time over the last few years.


to hear that. I would love to treat my family as a family. The biggest


exotic holiday we could afford. Just chill out. Let planet now.


Where are you going? -- let's plan it now. The other side of the world,


Australia. Somewhere we wouldn't have dreamed we could have gone to.


We have to make this happen. A Yes. You don't have to do a thing right


now. You are only here because Ben got a bit lost with the last


question. I will get him out of the red berry and back in Winners' Row.


You have put in such a lot tonight, you have put in 20 grand. You


deserve to be sitting there. One question will determine whether you


do or not. Are you ready? Ready as I think it is the longest day of


the year, the summer solstice. I don't know much about it. The month


that springs to mind is July. I will go with my instinct. I will go


with July. Would you like me to accept that as your answer? Yes,


please. I have accepted July. If you are right, straight back to


Winners' Row. If not, Dennis will It is June. I think you were along


the right lines because it is the longest day of the year. I am so


sorry. For now, please make your The klaxon has sounded, meaning


only one thing. The prize fund is frozen at �70,000. It is not going


anywhere. There are three of you in Winner's Row. The minimum you can


go home with tonight is �23,333. The only thing that separates you


from your cheque is the answer to one more question. However, with a


very heavy heart, Ben, I have to say good night. We have loved


meeting you. Dennis, you never got a chance. I am so sorry. What can I


say to you? Safe journey home, and You are lucky girl. You got in


under the wire. I know you're a trembling, the you can relax. Take


it steady. I will be back with your She cannot believe her luck! Along


with the other two, they will wait a long is couple of minutes of


their life. Here is where it is your turn to be a winner. Let's


cross over to the Lottery HQ for 8:16pm, 13th August. We are live


from lottery HQ, it is OJ Bourke. Welcome to the show. As well as


that Thunderball, Brendan Kohl is in Glasgow delivering fantastic


news to a very special project and a good cause being supported by


proceeds from the National Lottery. Could half a million pounds be


winging its way to you this weekend Allen, it is over to you. * Top the


machines please! -- start up the Matt Chamberlain is the draw master.


We are using Excalibur and set of balls No. 7, selected by Sarah from


Staines. Last night over 89,000 tickets won a prize in this game.


Congratulations if you were lucky winner. Time to break out myself


I hope this is the number you need to win a half a million pounds top


Verities. Number nine. Here rather Thunderball numbers again at --


That is all from us for now. I will be back shortly with Brendan in


Glasgow and tonight speed at Lotto draw. See you soon. -- tonight's


Welcome back. More draws will follow later, but first of all, not


so long ago these three people put �70,000 in the prize fund. That


means they are looking at a share of at least �23,333. One question


away from the cash. Lee -- clearly, when I say helped put money in the


prize fund... I didn't. A bit of a white lie. However, look at the


prize fund. Your first and last question of the night. If you get


this one right, up -- the minimum you will take home will be a shade


over 23 grand. Are you ready? I think I am going to go for the


middle one. Would you like me to accept that as your answer? Take


your time. When it first came up, I mean, that is up here. I am going


to go with Capulet. It is worth to Of 23,333 1,000 that is the minimum


you will go home with compared to the other players. It is the wrong


answer, they will be playing for 35,000 each. We don't want that to


happen. I'm hoping it is that. Please tell me it is the right


I'm so sorry. A It's OK. Have a lovely evening. Lovely meeting you


and your family. Have a safe Now, the last question of the night


is worth �35,000 to you. When you look at that �70,000, you are


responsible for 20,000 of that, so you have earned the right to be


here. And he won, looking at taking home a minimum of 35 years -- and


here you are. Are you ready? I am. The racial question. -- he is your


It just doesn't not sound like an ankle. Have I got a rotator cuff in


my shoulder? I don't know. All my hip. OK, I am not thinking it his


I do not know if my shoulder has a calf or not, but I have a calf on


my sleeve, and that is part of my OK, I honestly don't know. But I do


not think it is the hip. I think that is a ball in a joint, so I


will go for shoulder. OK. Is that the answer you would like me to


take? That's is the answer I am going with. I accept shoulder. You


have been a fabulous player. You weren't here first, but you are


here at the end. You have put 20 Grandin. You are now looking at


�35,000. So please tell me, for Yes! Thank you so much. Oh, thank


you! You did it. I loved the way you went through all the joints and


the rest of it. You have been Now then. When you look at that 70


grand, you put in more than anyone tonight. You put in �30,000. We


will add 5,000 to it if you give me the right answer, because your


share is �35,000, given that Sally has one half of it. Here is the


deal, if you give me the wrong answer, my see here is going home


with 70 ground. If you give me the right answer, you are going home


with 35 each, which is the way it should be. Are you ready for your


last question? Yes. You are still smiling. You have smiled all the


way through the show and been brilliant. Ryan, here is your


Where are you from? Wales. Do they play that sport in Wales? Yes.


it a good question for you? A I don't know. I'm a football man.


When it came up, I thought, he's Welsh, he will love it. I know


Martin Johnson is a forward. So I can count out fly half. And I think


he played No. 8. Which I know prop is number one or three, so I think


it is locked. Are you saying you would like me to take the lock


position as you answer? Yes. accept it. Let me tell you, those


last three sentences meant nothing to me. I didn't know what you were


talking about. However, you have given me your answer. Here is the


thing. If you are right, you know you're going home with 35 grand, if


you're wrong, Sally goes home with 70. This will be as big a surprise


to me as you. Please tell me Ryan Yes! Yes! Come on! Well done!


done. You too can relax. Your work is done. I shall return with a


What a fabulous night on In It To Win It. But it ain't over yet. You


could be moments away from winning your own fortune. Which means, once


again, we can cross to lot of the HQ for the rest of tonight's


35 grand. A very nice man. Fantastic. Proceeds from that


lottery helped raise �26 billion over the UK, and we are looking at


where and how to spend. Last week we had a surprise visit to the


cares Association in Gateshead, and now Brendan heads to another


deserving project, this time in Glasgow. I am here in Glasgow to


visit the Explorers Group. They have applied for lottery grant to


extend their project to the wider community. These people can have


physical disabilities, mental health issues, and they just want


to achieve the things that teenagers their own age would do


normally. So we hope to empower them to do that. For them, it is


definitely a social aspect, and it is something guaranteed for them


every two weeks, that they know they will get to come and have fun


and it is of little bit of If this group didn't exist, we


would not have them coming here and meeting their friends. They need to


get out to lead an independent and active life. Since I have started


at the group by have become a lot more calm and more pleasant to


people. And in turn people have been more pleasant to me. It has


actually made me more confident in myself. We have had a huge call for


a younger age group. There is a need and demand in the community


for it. I am outside the neighbourhood centre where the


session is coming to an end. Time The reason I am here is on behalf


of the National Lottery, because you guys do such a great job, I am


here to present you with this It is great news for the group. We


can now work with the younger age group, which there is a huge need


and demand for in the area. We've just been awarded over �9,000 from


the National Lottery, which is amazing. Thank you very much indeed.


If you would like to find out more about how to apply for lottery


funding, follow the link. And if you missed this at the carers


Association in Gateshead, you can watch a delivering the good news


there. It is now time for the big What is in the jackpot tonight?


has been estimated at �4.2 million. So sweet indeed. Let's get the


balls spinning. Release the balls. Thanks to Sarah from Staines we are


using our offer and set of balls 80. Midweek three very lucky tickets


matched all the main numbers drawn. Congratulations from all of us if


you were one of those Wednesday night winners. Matthew, is Arthur


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


What is the bonus tonight? This weekend's winning numbers in


Nearly all from us tonight. You can see the result of Tuesday's


millionaire raffle and EuroMillions draw with a rollover jackpot of an


estimated �46 million online from 9:30pm that evening. Jenni Falconer


will be back next Saturday night. And Jennie Bond will be in Cardiff.


Now back to Dale Winton for the OK. All I have to do now is give


Sally Ann Rye and each a cheque for �35,000. -- Sally and Ryan. What


was it you said? Do a new car, 35 grand will sort that out. Thank you


so much. Now then, this fiancee of yours is on holiday in Egypt


without you. What is her name? Claire. How will you break the news


to her? I might wait until she comes home. You can't do that!


will call her straight away. will say, what happened? I wish I


was there to hear her shriek. 35,000, you deserve it. Well done,


congratulations. Well done. So they have both got their cheques and


another fun night on In It To Win It. I have loved it. Thank you for


watching and I will see you very soon. Good night. Congratulations


Dale Winton presents the quiz show where five contestants compete to be in the right place at the right time in a bid to win a big money jackpot. All five could share it or just one of them could take the lot.

The show also features the National Lottery Saturday night draws, presented by OJ Borg, including Thunderball and Lotto draws and Lotto Plus 5 results.

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