Episode 1 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune

Episode 1

High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are sisters Charl and Faye, who want to give their mother her dream Christmas.

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Two contestants will throwaway 23 envelopes. �50,000. �0,000. �500.


Until they are left with just one. Your Secret Fortune tonight is...


�100,000. Tonight, Charl and Faye are trying to hold on it that


�100,000. As they play for their APPLAUSE


Hello and welcome to the National Lottery Secret Fortune with your


host, Nick Knowles. Thank you. Hello and welcome to a


brand new series of Secret Fortune. Yes, we are back with more players,


more envelopes and more chances to find a Secret Fortune of up to


�100,000. APPLAUSE


It's here and it's waiting to be won by tonight's contestants. Let's


meet them, they are Charl and Faye from Kent.


What is the relationship? You are? Sisters. Should I ask who is old


sner Older sister. I'm the oldest. Who has looked after who? I have


always looked after her. Definitely. Little sister. That is why. Are you


looking after her at the moment. I couldn't help noticing the little


bimp. -- bump. Not so little, I noticed. First baby? No, second.


you have children? Yes. Oliver, Brooke and Rue. A big family.


Four of us and then our husbands and our children. It adds up to 17


of us. We are always together. do you do for work? We work


together. We have a nail bar. We work with our mum as well. We have


a little shop of three of us. good you are here with us tonight.


You know by being here you will winsome money. What you don't know


is how much. You're Secret Fortune is sitting here in one of tonight's


envelopes. Each envelope con taib tains an amount between �100 and


�100,000. Let's see that money. There it is in front of you. So,


what would you do with �100? the baby's head. That is a good


idea. Afterwards. �1,000? Weekend away with mum. A spa weekend after


our treatment is finished. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. She


has had a little bit of treatment. Is it looking all right? Everything


is fine. �100,000. �50,000 each? are taking all 17 of us away for


Christmas. A log cabin snow. Mum is Mrs Christmas. She loves Christmas.


You will treat your mum if you do well in the money? Definitely.


will throwaway all but one of those amounts. The amount they keep will


be their Secret Fortune. Each of these envelopes contains one of


those amounts placed at random. They are numbered 1-24. Here are


the numbers coming up behind me. There they are. Let's see seal


these away. There they go. The next time you see one of these is when


you bring one back into play. Most digital viewers can play along at


home. Press your red button now. Good luck. The first thing you need


to do is choose four envelopes. Is there going to be a method to your


choosing? Are concern numbers important? The first four will be


our children's birthdays. Then random. Then the numbers. 22.


14. 21. Let's see them on the board. Away they go. Inside each envelope


is one of those ash amounts. Keep the envelope that contains the most


money. Let's see the first question, This is the average viewing figures


on the day. You have four possible I don't know what is in those four


envelopes you have choosen. The computer does. It's allocating the


envelope with the most money with the show with the highest viewing


figures. The second largest sament with the second highest figure, do


you understand? Yes. You have to lose three answers. Which would you


like to lose first? Downton Abbey was waiting for that to come on.


Doctor Who is big. Strictly. Christmas special. Was it? It's


finished. Strictly would be the lowest viewing. Are you happy with


that? Yes. What were you watching on Christmas Day? Downton Abbey.


Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be: �20,000. Oh, no. That


�20,000 has gone and disappears into the bin. What do you want to


do now. Do you think Downton Abbey is the most? We thought that.


Emmerdale and Doctor Who? We should get rid of emer ta dale --


Emmerdale. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be: �500.


APPLAUSE That's the way to play it. �500


disappears from this side. That is really good. Is that changing your


thinking? No. I still think Downton Abbey. 21. Doctor Who. Watched by.9


million people. Now, you tell us! Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be: �30,000. Oh! Which leaves you with Downton Abbey. The


important thing to remember is, you still might be right. Yeah. We can


ask the computer which of these shows had the highest live viewing


figures on Christmas Day 2011, was it Downton Abbey? Never mind.


is the correct order of all four answers: You don't goat see the


order of answers. You are not really sure... No. What is in this


envelope. Envelope 11 could be your Secret Fortune tonight. Fire away


please. We need four more numbers. Six, please. Nine. 24. 13. Question


Computer will you assign the envelopes to the answers: Fred


Astaire. Rita Hayworth. Jimmy Dean. I think Fred Astaire is the correct


answer. Yeah, Jimmy Dean, please. Envelope six is going to be thrown


away. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be: �100,000. Oh, dear. well. We don't know that song.


is really, really tough. Never mind. That is �100,000 cheque in the bin.


Never mind. It's done. Jimmy Dean. Where is he mentioned? I don't


think I'm giving anything away by saying first of those four. OK.


Ginger Rogers and we will leave Fred Astaire to the end. OK, number


nine. I hope this is better for you. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be: �14,000. Ladies, you are throwing away money at quite a rate


at the moment. That is another one for the bin. Well... Keep Fred


Astaire, shall we? Rita Hayworth. Envelope 13, unlucky for some,


lucky for you perhaps. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be: �2,000.


Leaving envelope 24. Now, at this stage I normally say to the


computer which one appeared first. We know that. Jimmy Dean. That was


the �100,000 answer. Never mind. Here is the correct order for you


at home : you don't know what is going on in this envelope. Envelope


24 could be your kvkv tonight. -- Secret Fortune tonight: four more


envelopes please. Number 2. Number 5. 1. 12. Let's get those in and


Oh, right. Do you know what an antipodeans is? No. It might become


clear when you see the answers. Computer, will you, please,


allocate the envelopes to the answers. Do you know who all these


people are? I don't know who Barry Humphries is, do you? No. I know


all the rest. I think Rolf Harris is really old. I think. Have you


worked out what antipodeans is now? No. What do they all have in


common? They're men! I don't know. I don't know. Are they Australian.


You are right, that means Australian. I think, Rolf Harris.


Who do we reckon is the youngest then? Clive James. You think he's


the youngest. Younger than Rolf Harris. Yeah, Clive James, we will


get rid of him first. 1. That's hard. Your Secret Fortune tonight


will not be : �1,000. APPLAUSE


That's all right. Shall we go Barry Humphries, get rid of him. We don't


know who he is. Barry Humphries. Barry Humphries. Envelope five. I


can tell you, Barry Humphries is of course Dame Edna Everidge. So, your


Secret Fortune tonight will not be: �3,000. Well done. You know, I


think you are getting the hang of this. We have to get rid of the


�100 you are into the �4,000 bracket. How fabulous. Two


envelopes left, one to throwaway and one to take through into the


final. Rolf Harris. Stick with that. We thought that. Rupert Murdoch,


please. Envelope number two. Oh, no. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


If Rolf Harris is the top answer, you know in this envelope with


the... 45, 50. Was Rolf Harris the Very good. Here is the correct


order of all four answers. Envelope 12 could be a secret fortune


tonight. Let's have four more Which of these numbers is biggest?


The computer is allocating the envelope containing the most money


for the biggest number and so on. You need to work out which number


his biggest and get rid of the other three. Soixante-dix is 70.


What is hecatomb? 8. -- hecaton. How do we say that in German?


get rid of that because we cannot say it. You're getting rid of it


because you cannot say it! That is Possibly one of the more unusual


ways of making your way through a brand. Your secret fortune tonight


70, 80, 100. Is that what we worked it out as? We know that is 70. All


right. Soixante-dix, please. think it is in which language?


French! Your secret fortune tonight A way it goes. You had two left.


you think that his 100? Shall we get rid of hecaton? Your secret


fortune tonight will not be �18,000. That is �18,000 going into the bin.


You are left with envelope 16. Perhaps you have managed to work


this out. Which of these numbers is Never mind. Never mind. Here is the


correct order of all the answers. It is tough. Envelope 16 could be


your secret fortune tonight. Let's take a breather and have a look at


where we are whip the money. The left-hand side is pretty good in


the lower half with the exception of the �100 staring at you. You do


not really want to be taking that into the final. You have chucked


away a lot of cash but you have massive figures. The trick has to


be to find that �100. Are you positive about this? Yes. Four more


Computer, please allocate the envelopes and the man's inside. Are


you recognising any of these? call me Shirley his aeroplane.


Phone home is ET. Don't put baby in a corner is Dirty Dancing.


should be able to work this out. What film was released first?


Airplane was first. I think the last one was karate Kid. Wax on,


wax off! You do that with your nail varnishes, I would imagine! Your


Oh, God! Nobody puts A baby in a corner is next. -- Baby. You are


getting rid of that because you think it is not the first film to


be released. Your secret fortune I think the tea was probably out...


Airplane was in the 80s. -- ET. Do you think ET his older? Let's get


Your secret fortune to I will not That is really tough. Let's chuck


that away. That leaves you envelope number one. Computer, just put us


out of our misery and show us what is the top answer. Of course it


was! For you at home, it is the correct order of all four answers.


Envelope number one could be your secret fortune tonight. OK, ladies,


Those are the envelopes in play. Which of these phrases does the


Beaufort scale used to describe the strongest wind? Let CV four answers.


-- see the four answers. Computer, will you please a sign the


envelopes to the answers? -- a sign. Tweaks breaking off trees! I would


say our umbrellas. -- twigs. I pink umbrella is used with difficulty


first. -- I think umbrellas. Your What to rethink next? -- what do we


think next? -- twigs breaking off trees. Your secret fortune tonight


That is pretty good. How hard has the wind got to be to make it


difficult? Little waves. Get rid of crested wavelets. All right.


Your secret fortune tonight will Genius, Ladies, a genius! That �100


is in the bin. Gone for ever. The least you can go home with tonight


is by �1,000. -- �5,000. Which of these phrases does the Beaufort


scale used to describe the strong this winter? -- strongest wind?


Here is the correct order for al four answers. Envelope 19 could be


your secret fortune tonight. Here is the position you are in. You


started with 24 envelopes and you One of those will be your secret


fortune. How do you feel about that? Really excited. Are you


excited at home? You should be. Time for the Thunderball draw at


lottery HQ. Thank you. We are live with Mr John Partridge. Banks and


good evening. We are excited. -- thanks. Coming up: The Thunderball


draw. You are playing for a top prize of �500,000. We have another


or inspiring her Olympic athlete film, showing a huge difference it


has made to our Olympic athletes prospects. Tonight is Qais Ashfaq.


We will bring you the life Lotto draw with another jackpot that


could make you a millionaire several times over. It is time for


the first live draw. It is Please start up the first machine,


if you wait. -- would. Excalibur and set of balls nine was selected


earlier. Congratulations and good luck! Here we go. There to nine


balls to pick from. Bet is the If you have matched every number


drawn so far, you have won �5,000. There is the answer, number three:.


Here are tonight's Thunderball numbers again, this time in


Thanks Alan. It's back to Nick now to find out


how Charl and Faye get on, will they walk away with �50,000?


We'll be back with tonight's big Lotto draw in just a few minutes.


Welcome back to Secret Fortune where Charl and Faye have six


envelopes in front of them containing cheques for �5,000,


�7,000, �16,000, �25,000, �40,000 and �50,000.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE How well you answer the next five


questions will determine whether you walk away with �5,000 or


�50,000. It's a �45,000 game you are playing. That is what is at


stake. Have you any idea where the big money might be in those


envelopes? No. To be fair, auto even if you did think where the


money was it wasn't going to help you. We will cover over those


numbers and give them a shuffle. So now, will you have no idea which


envelope will be attached to which answer. You work really hard to


keep these six envelopes. Over the next five questions you will


throwaway five of them until you are left with the one that will be


your secret fortune. OK. Let's see Remember, from here on in, you can


only throwaway one envelope per The computer has allocated the


lowest amount of money to the pop diva with the fewest UK top 10


singles. That is what you are looking for. Give pop diva with the


fewest top ten singles on that list and the �5,000 goes in the bin.


Slip up and give me the popdiva with the most, �50,000 is going in


the bin. Christina Aguilera, do you think? She has not had more than


Britney Spears, has she? Into probably not. What about Lady Gaga?


She's had quite a few. Mariah Carey has had lots, Beyonce has had lots


and so has Rihanna. Shall we get rid of Christina Aguilera? Yeah?


Shall we. Christina Aguilera is your answer. Yes. There it goes.


Computer, which envelope number is attached to the answer, Christina


Envelope 19. The last one. Would you like to pass it to me?


Yeah. Yeah. It goes from you to me via the announcement of what it's


worth and straight into the bin. Your secret fortune tonight will


not be: �7,000. APPLAUSE


Well done. That's nice, isn't it? Let us chuck that away, shall we?


Let's look at the order and see how you did. Lady Gaga. Mariah Carey


that is what you needed to avoid. That is a good go. Let's clear that


away, shall we? Ready to play the next question? Yes. OK. Let's have


Give me the correct answer and the �5,000 goes in the bin. OK. I


haven't got a clue. The Chippendale would be expensive. Would it?


original one, I don't know. A bronze Angel of the North. I don't


know what that is.. The Angel of the North. That? Not that, it's a


four foot. Four foot bronze Angel of the North. Shall we get rid of


that. You will get rid of the four foot bronze Angel of the North.


Which envelope number is attached to the four foot bronze Angel of


the North? Envelope 12. Hand over envelope 12. Your secret fortune


�50,000. That's really bad news, I'm afraid. Envelope 12 with


�50,000 cheque made out to the two of you goes in the bin. Let's look


at the list the right way round. Yeah. Worth �1 million. Wow!


one you ought to be looking for is the Dandy and Beano 1st editions


worth �7,000. Oh, well. No point on dwelling on something like that. We


have a huge amount of money to play for on the right. There you have to


concentrate on those these now and get rid of the lowest numbers.


Now, the next question. I hope it's Really expensive. Fernando Torres


to Chelsea is really expensive. like your football? We do. Man City


probably played a lot because they are wealthy. Rooney has been at


Manchester United for ages. won't be a big transfer. Shall we


get rid of Rooney? Rooney. Tell us which envelope number is attached


to Rooney to Manchester United? Envelope 16. Please pass me


envelope 16. Let's see whether you're right. Your secret fortune


tonight will not be: �5,000. fine. Mitt That's great news.


Fantastic work. The �5,000 is gone. The minimum you can take home


tonight, the minimum, is �16,000, �8,000 each. That's fantastic news.


Really, really pleased for you. APPLAUSE


Let's look at the order, shall we, and see whou needed to avoid,


Torres to Chelsea. Rooney to Manchester United, �27 million.


Let's clear that away. Look at where we are, �16,000 the least you


can take away. There is �25,000 in there. �40,000 still to play for.


�20,000 each. That is a holiday, isn't it? A holiday for everyone.


How important is family to you. You talked about big Christmases and


family getting together all the time. People talk about friends


getting together, we have friends... We do everything together. We spend


seven days a week together. And mum. Did you vet each other's husbands


to make sure they were OK. I have been with Adam since I was little.


Since I was 14. Everyone says he looks like you. Is that right?


a carpenter. When he knocks on people's doors they always think


you have turned up. Has he got the big nose and everything? Yeah!


Really? Bless him! OK. Ready to play on? Yes. Let's take a look at


Didn't Sharron Davies go.... She was bad. Was she? I don't know. You


don't think it's Sharron Davies. You think it is her. I don't think


she would be very good at ice skating because she is tall and


big... You're gut instinct was that. Yeah. I think she was really bad.


OK. So you are saying... Sharron Davies. I'm taking that as the


answer. Xoot computer will you tell us which envelope answer is


attached to the answer Sharron Davies? 24. The envelope from Round


2. Am I about to open this and throwaway �40,000? I hope not.


�25,000. I bet it's high. �16,000. You are biting your nails


which is not good for a nail technician. I know. People are


probably biting their nails at home too especially if you have a


Lottery ticket. It's time to cross over to Lottery HQ for the Lotto


draw. Welcome back. Loving that new rinse.


What will it be, �16,000, �25,000 or �40,000 for Charl and Faye?


We'll find out soon. But first, it's only 20 days now


until the Olympic Games begin, which is promising to be our most


successful Games ever. National Lottery players have


helped fund the development of so many of our talented Olympic


athletes. The funding isn't going to end


after London 2012, it will go on to help them prepare for Rio 2016 and


for many Games to come. Tonight, we meet 2016 boxing


My name is Qais Ashfaq, I'm a boxer. I box for Great Britain. I was nine


years old my cousin and my uncle took me to the gym. It felt like I


was meant to be there. I loved it. I've been going training ever since.


You have just got to be determined and focused and train hard really.


If you train hard you will improve on your speed, strength foot work.


If you work hard you will get better and better. Two years ago I


go the on the GB team. I was boxing really well. I was best at the


weight in Great Britain. Now I'm Lottery-funded. I think without


that I don't think I would be able to improve as much as I have been


doing recently. I was a bit off track when I was a bit younger. You


learn a lot of discipline through boxing. I don't know where I would


be without boxing now. I help out with the kids. I teach them how to


box. It keeps the kids off the streets and makes sure they are not


messing around. They haven't been in the sport that long they look up


to me. I'm there to help them out whenever they need. In the amateur


game, it's not a long time. When you are in a ring it feels like a


long time. It's not just throwing punches it's in and out really fast


speeds. You do feel it by the end of it. Once I go through the ropes


and into the ring I'm like another person. I try my best not to get


hit. When you do get hit sometimes you get a buzzing in your ears. The


way I box, I'm a counter puncher. I have to be relaxed and patient.


That is how I have always been. By the 2016 Olympics I will be 23. By


then I will have all the experience of the worlds, Europeans and


winning. And I will go to the Europeans confident and come back


with the gold medal. My name is Qais Ashfaq and with your help one


day I can become an Olympic champion. Qais Ashfaq hashtag fit,


I'm sure you will agree, ladies and gentlemen.


If you missed basketball ace, Jo Leedham's film last week, you can


catch it online, just follow the links.


Next week, Is the turn of 4 x 100 metre relay star, Danny Talbot.


Back to tonight and now it's time for Lotto.


Alan, how much is in the jackpot tonight? An estimated �4 million.


Let's take it away. We are using set of balls four and Guinevere.


There were two very lucky jackpot winners on Wednesday night each


winning over �1 million. A further four tickets matched with five main


numbers and the bonus to bag a fantastic �15,000 each.


Congratulations to them and the hundreds of thousands of other


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


The Winning Line AB looks like this: -- winning line up. That is


just about all from us. I am back on Wednesday with the midweek draws


at 10pm. OJ Borg twill be here next weekend. We will have the last of


our Olympic films. That is all Welcome back! I have just been


handed envelopes 24. Inside he is �16,000, �25,000 or �40,000. Either


way, it is going in the bin. Your In it goes. Let's take a look at


the border. Sharron Davies came eighths. Dame Kelly Holmes was the


What did you think? I thought straightaway Houses of Parliament.


The computer has allocated the landmark with the fewest rooms the


smallest amount of money. What did you think? Buckingham Palace.


as well. They have ballrooms and stately rooms. Get rid of


Buckingham Palace. Shall we? I do think Houses of Parliament. I think


we should go on our gut instinct. You are saying that Buckingham


Palace has the fewest rooms. Yes. Yes. Computer, which and the load


number is connected to the answer Buckingham Palace question a --


envelope. We are throwing away envelope 11. Which you like to pass


it to me? That means envelope number one is your secret fortune


to write. Would you pick it up and come with me? -- tonight. There are


775 rooms in Buckingham Palace. You threw it away. Envelope 11 is of no


interest. What we are interested in is your secret fortune. Your secret


Their is a cheque made out with your names to the tune of �40,000.


Who will hold on to it? There we go. That is a bit of a souvenir. The


Houses of Parliament have another 300 rooms. For everybody at home,


we open every envelope during the course of the game, here it is the


�25,000 you managed to dodge. Join us again next week when two more


Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are sisters Charl and Faye. They could walk away with as little as £100 or as much as £100,000. Can they win enough to give their mum the Christmas she has always dreamed of? Includes the National Lottery Saturday draws presented by Jenni Falconer, with Lotto and Thunderball.

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