Episode 2 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune

Episode 2

High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are Zoe and her brother Ronnie, who want to take their mum to Vegas.

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Two contestants will throw away 23 envelopes. 50,000! Until they are


left with just one. Your secret fortune tonight is �100,000!


Tonight, Zoe and Ronnie are trying to hold on to that �100,000, as


Hello and welcome to the National Lottery: Secret Fortune with your


What a wonderful welcome, thank you very much. Welcome to Secret


Fortune. We have two players faced with 24 envelopes, and they are


looking for the one that will be their secret fortune. It could be


anything up to �100,000! It is here, and it is waiting to be won by


tonight's contestants, Zoe and How you doing, Ronnie? How are you


doing? The relationship here is... Brother-sister. Where did you grow


up? We grow up in Stratford in east London. When you came in, I said


from Edinburgh and from London, so what is going on? I met my wife on


a stag weekend in Edinburgh. that right? Yes, and before we knew


it, I was living up here, so it has been a roller-coaster, it has been


great. You both have families now? We have both got children, so we


see each other at Christmas. One year we got to Edinburgh, another


year they come down to Essex, so that our kids know each other.


guessing that it can only be every now and again. Yeah, the kids are


all at an age where they count as full flights, so for us to come


down and go up, it costs about �500 each. I get the feeling that the


motivation for coming on is to give you the finances to do more stuff


together. Definitely. All right, but you know already that you're


going to be winning some money, how much is the question! Your secret


fortune is sitting in one of these envelopes. Each envelope contains


Let's take a look at the money, shall we? Let's talk about what you


would spend it on. If you go home with �100, what happens? Well, it


is my daughter's 10th birthday, and we decided we wanted to go to


London to see the sights, so I would put it towards that. I would


let her have her 10th birthday in London. I would drive my husband


along to a date night, just have some time, just me and Tim, no


children, nobody else. We probably would not have a lot to say, but we


will go with the flow, yeah! �5,000, 2,500 each. I am taking driving


lessons at the moment, so it would enable me to have some more lessons,


possibly get a small car, just to get me from A to B. It would change


my life. You know, immensely. me, I would try to get the kids to


Euro Disney for a family trip and probably go and see my sister and


stuff, to travelling like that. Let's talk about �50,000, �25,000


each. My mum, it is their 60th, and we would love to take my mum to Las


Vegas, to celebrate her birthday, you know. All the family together,


a big party in Vegas. She is important to you, obviously. She is


very important, she has done a great job raising us. We think the


world of her. Right, each of these envelopes contains one of those


amounts, placed at random, numbered from one to 24. There they are,


let's seal all of these away. The next time you see one of these is


when you bring one back into play. Digital viewers can play on at home,


just press the rest but now. Good luck. The first thing you need to


do is choose four envelopes. OK, I shall have number 16 and number


nine, please. And I will have number one and number 18, please.


Number 18... Let's see those on the board. Remember, inside each


envelope is one of those cash amounts. What you have got to do is


simple but crucial, keep the envelope that contains the most


The computer has allocated the actor with the most nominations to


the most amount of money. What do you think? I must admit, I thought


Geoffrey Rush before it even came up, because he was in The King's


Speech, he was definitely nominated, I think he won. Nicole Kidman... I


do not think so, I cannot think... Shall we get rid of Nicole Kidman


first? Yes. Number one, please. the thing you need to do is clear


down demands from this side and try to hold on to that side. -- the


amounts. So tonight your secret That is a cracking start, really,


really good start, low figure from over this side. Two more envelopes


to get rid of. Cate Blanchett. Blanchard, please. Envelope nine,


very decisive between you. That can change! OK, then. Your secret


fortune tonight will not be... That is a cracking start. Yes.


envelopes left, one goes through into the final round and one you


need to throw away. Mel Gibson did the passion of the Christ,


something like that, but I do not think Mad Max would have been up


for an Oscar, nor lethal weapon! Why not?! We will get rid of Mel


Gibson, yeah. Envelope 18. I must say, you are piling through this,


you seem very together in the where you are thinking about it. Your


secret fortune tonight will not Well done. Bang, gone, fantastic!


And you are left with envelope number 16. Now, the question is,


did you get the top and so? Which of these actors has received the


While! It is Cate Blanchett. For you at home, this is the correct


order of four four answers. Now, that is really interesting, because


that was the �4,000. That is a low one. Well, envelopes 16 could be


Pick me four more envelopes, please. Number 17 and number 21. Seven and


What is Tetris? Is that the one that was out first? I think that


Donkey Kong would be a good shout. We would like to get rid of that


first. You have a very straightforward reasoning process,


it is almost like one mind working! Sometimes. A Your secret fortune


Good, still good. You have just got to try and think of the graphics


that were involved in the game, because that will tell you how


advanced... So Space Invaders, that was pretty bog-standard. I would


say that Pac Man was probably later. Yes, the colours... Get rid of Pac


Man? Thank you very much. You are saying Pac Man, 21. Your secret


I definitely think Tetris was released first, so I would go for


Space Invaders. Envelopes seven, thank you very much. You seem to


have thought your way through this. Let's hope so! Your secret fortune


Still some big ones there, so still some big ones. You are exactly


right, it is a shame �100,000 has gone, but he will not be


disappointed with 75! Quite happy with that, yeah! Envelope 17,


normally at this stage, Ice Age show was the top and sec, but we


now know what the top answer is. -- I show as the top answer. This is


the correct order of four four answers. So it leaves you... Anyway,


envelope 17 could be your secret fortune tonight. Let's Pick four


more envelopes and get on with the next question. I would like number


three, please, and number 15. I think quaver is for ours.


thought that was a crisp. Semibreve, ad that is half a note, because of


semi-detached, that is next to one house! Minim, that would be


minimum! I am dreading to see why Minim would be a low one.


shortest? Shall we take out minim? Envelope three. On the basis that


it sounds more, like minimum or something like that. It kind of


makes sense, doesn't it? I hope so! Your secret fortune tonight will


not be... �16,000. That is all A semi- is normally four. Like a


semi-final, it is four. Do you know what I mean? Should we take


crotchet? Yes, we will get rid of crotchet, please. One of an open


and a 15, Crockett. Let's find out if you're right. -- envelope 15,


Right side. So, one to throw away, which is it going to be? It could


be one note, to note, three notes, for notes. Do you want to take


quaver out? Do yes. On the low 23 goes. Your Secret Fortune tonight


The well, well, well. Another low- scoring round, wasn't it? Leaving


you with envelope 24. A semi- briefer. Which of these musical


For you at home, here is the correct order over all the four


answers. So, what is in his envelope? Do something nice.


Something higher than 16 would be great. It could be your Secret


Fortune tonight. OK, let's have four more numbers, please. OK, my


mum's birthday, 19. And number 12. I will take number five and Number


Computer, please allocate the on the ropes. -- envelopes. I don't


know who Graham Chapman is. I know Michael Palin and John Cleese.


Shall we take out Graham Chapman because we don't know who years?


would be happy with that. Envelope five. Your Secret Fortune tonight


I think Eric Idle or Michael Palin. You think that's the answer? So we


will take John Cleese out? Thank you. Your Secret Fortune tonight


It's not the worst thing in the world. There is still bigger


numbers than that. You are absolutely right. I think we should


take out Eric Idle. Trust me. going to trust my sister. Eric Idle.


Envelope a number 19. Have you always trusted your sister?


until this point, yes. Your Secret �30,000. If Michael Palin is the


top answer, this will work out well. There are bigger figures up there


and maybe you are still ride, so let's take the envelope which is


left. Envelope 12 and ask the For you at home, she is the correct


order of all four answers. So what is in this envelope? Something nice.


Something over 30,000 would be great. It's my lucky number now.


Envelope 12 could be your Secret Fortune tonight. Let's choose


another four on the ropes and play your first question. OK, No. 14,


please. And number six. No. 2, and, Do you ever watch American


football? Only recently. Right, let's have a look at the answers


What do you think? The dolphins are in Miami. Chicago Bears. Washington


Redskins. I definitely think get rid of the Washington Redskins.


I will go with you. Washington Redskins, because that is the


furthest west. OK, envelope 13. -- Your Secret Fortune tonight will


�25,000. OK. No worries. Number 14 goals in their being. I think


Chicago, is that on the East Side of New York? Chicago is cold. It


snows. The dolphins are at the very bottom. Get rid of the dolphins,


Your Secret Fortune tonight will Ride, the Chicago Bears are in the


east. But I don't know what the Broncos are. New Orleans? It's a


tough one, isn't it? This is frightening. It could be a really


big amount. Broncos? Yes. Take the Broncos out, please. Envelope six.


I could probably tell you where the Broncos are now. Have you heard of


the Denver Broncos? Denver is hot. So hopefully, come down. Your


Secret Fortune tonight will not The question is whether this is the


top on set. Computer, which of those American football teams are


Washington. So, if you at home want to know, this is the correct order.


Envelope 13, no real way of knowing what is in this one. I assure you,


you will find out before the end of the show. Envelope 13 could be your


Secret Fortune tonight. There are only four numbers left so let's get


them into play. No. 4, number eight, number 20 and number 22. Let's


Do you play Scrabble? Badly. Yet. Let's take a look at the words and


see if it helps out. Computer Copley's allocate the envelopes and


therefore, the amounts to the answers -- computer. I think we can


do this. We can do this. Orange has got three. Orange is worth seven.


I'm sure. OK. Peach. Four for the letter H. The letter C, 3.


wealth. Orange is definitely a low one. Get rid of Orange, please. We


will take that away from the Your Secret Fortune tonight will


�500, for that the minimum you can now go home with is now �1,000. So,


back to their board. K is definitely worth five. I think w is


worth five as well. So that his 12 of. His other letter H COWE four? I


Apple would be less than Peach, anyway. We will take out apples.


Apple is going, is it? Your Secret Envelope for. Right, let's just


think. The letter W is four. Let's take out Kiwi. That would be 11.


Yes, we will take out Kiwi. 20. Do you like Kiwis? I will do if this


is right! Your secret for Tim -- You're so good fortune tonight


will not be �14,000. -- Secret Peach is right, we have done all


right. A bit of encouragement from the audience. They are trying to


keep your spirits up but the interesting thing is... We are


still quite confident on that one. We will find out which of these


words is a work of the most in at Scrabble. Is it peach? -- worth of


For you at home, here is the correct order of the answers. By


the way, what is left? 50 or 75, amazing. OK, envelope eight could


be your Secret Fortune tonight. What an interesting place we find


ourselves in at this stage. You started with 24 envelopes. �3,000,


�9,000, �20,000, �50,000 and some were in front of you is an envelope


containing �75,000. One of those amounts will be your Secret Fortune


tonight. Are you happy? Yes. you going home with a lot of cash?


Yes. Have you got your ticket ready? It's time to go to Lottery


HQ for the draw. See you in a APPLAUSE Thanks, Nick. We're live


at Lottery HQ with OJ Borg. Thanks, Alan. Good evening. Zoe and Ronnie


are playing well, aren't they? Will they be leaving in style with


�75,000 or on the bus with �1,000? We'll find out soon enough. But


first, fancy getting your hands on a cash prize? You do? Well, you've


come to the right place because in a couple of minutes we'll bring you


the Thunderball and Lotto Rollover draws. Also, coming up is the


chance to see how National Lottery funding is benefiting 100 metre


relay sprinter Danny Talbot in the last of our run of Olympic athlete


films. This one is brilliant. But first


here's your chance to win half a Master Matt, make those machines


move! We are not messing about tonight. Our draw team tonight is


adjudicator Alex Taylor. Excalibur and set of balls number two were


selected earlier on today. Last night, over 84,000 tickets won a


prize. Congratulations if you were one of those lucky winners. Good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


Every single ticket is still in Back to Secret Fortune now, join us


in a couple of minutes for the Welcome back du Secret Fortune. Zoe


and Ronnie have six envelopes in front of them, containing �1,000,


�3,000, �9,000, �20,000, �50,000.75 �1,000 is somewhere in front of you


Zoe and Ronnie, how will you answer the next five questions will


determine whether you walk away with �1,000 or �75,000. Any ideas


where the money is? 8 and 12 are the ones that stick out in my head.


We are going to cover over those envelopes and give them a shovel.


There they go. Now you have no idea which envelope which is attached to


which answer. You have worked really hard to keep these, but over


the next five questions you are going to throw away five, until you


are left with the one that will be you'll see good fortune. -- your


Remember, from here on in, you can only throw away one envelope the


question, and the answer you give will be the envelope I throw in the


If you give me the food from the country with the biggest population,


I think France would be one of the smallest, or Italy. Shall we go for


France? I am trying to think I have read that Paris has got quite a


high population. Do you want to go for Italy, then? Let's Go Italy.


Italy. Which one are we choosing? Bruschetta. OK, remind a week which


numbers we don't want to come up at this stage. 8 and 12. That is where


you think the big money is. Computer, which envelope is


Has any envelope 13, I will read out the amount and then we will


throw it in the bin. Your secret Let's take a look at the correct


order. Teriyaki, Japan, you were right to steer away from that.


Schnitzel is actually Austria, that is what you were looking for. Ready


for another question? Yes, please. Which of these iconic music videos


I know this one! You can call me Al has got two in. Does somebody not


walk on? It is Chevy Chase, then Paul Simon walks on and sits down


on a chair. Yes. Yes. So your answer is... You can call me Al.


have to ask you again, which envelopes are we trying to avoid?


and 12. Computer, which envelope is 17! Happy with that? Really happy,


yes. You need to pass any envelope number 17. �1,000 there. You think?


Hoping, praying! Your secret fortune tonight will not be...


Well, you said it! You called it! Let's see the correct order, there


it is, right down the bottom, two people, exactly as you said, you


were confident, you have cleared out the �1,000. Ready for the next


24, I think there has probably been seven series. The Wire is new. Mum


watches the Wire. The worst thing, was that Martin Sheen? The Sopranos,


quite a few. I definitely think the Wire, honestly, because I think it


is only two or three series, something like that. I don't watch


none of them! You are saying? Wire, please. Very good. Which


envelopes don't you want to see? and 12. Which envelope is attached


Envelopes 16 was when? First round. What was strange about the first


round? It was a low, low round, I hope is 3,000, please, Nick! Yes


please! Your secret fortune tonight Thank you! You have got to wait


until the end of the show, but you know what? That is amazing! Because


that is the whole left-hand side gone. Let's take a look at the


Let's clear that away. I want to have a look at this money again,


because it is just genius. �20,000, �10,000 each. We are going to


Vegas! We are taking mam to Vegas. For her 60th. It looks like


something you have really wanted to. Yes. Yes, don't, because I'm going


Right, the Millennium Stadium is Cardiff. I know, I have been there.


That is a huge capacity. The Stade de France, that as the running


track, which they turn over to create seats, I think. I think it


might be Twickenham. I think it might be Twickenham, also.


Twickenham. Twickenham... I really, really want you to win big. And we


also want you to win big, too. We are going to take a break, it is


your lucky moment Bass, we are going over to Lottery HQ for the


Welcome back, classic Nick, keeping us hanging on! Now, it is less than


two weeks until the start of the Olympics, very exciting, and we


have some met some truly inspiring athletes who are hoping to make


their mark on the gains thanks in no small way to the funding they


have received from National Lottery players. You have helped nine out


of the 10 athletes competing at the Olympic Games. That is an


impressive figure, isn't it? Tonight, Danny Talbot, a sprinter


who is part of the men's relay I started training properly when I


was about 14, 15. I first heard about the Olympics being in London


in 2005, when one of my schoolmates said to me, you could be there. I


did not really think too much of it. So too have the opportunity to go


to the Games is fantastic at 21, I can use this experience now for


future Olympics. More recently, at the beginning of this season, I got


put on to the World Class Performance Programme, which meant


that I had even more financial help. I think the only way you can become


a world-class athlete is if it is all you do. For me, the help from


the lottery has meant that I can improve my talent that I have asked


just be able to work hard and focus purely on becoming the best in the


world. It is definitely a special feeling, representing Great Britain,


just putting on the kit is fantastic. I was fortunate to go to


the European championships this year and win a medal in my first


senior championships. I was able to stand on the podium and what the


flag, in the air, just knowing that you have run as hard as you can,


given as much effort to represent your country is fantastic. I always


take a deep breath in, when the gun goes, just sprint as hard as you


can, reaction is a natural thing. I run at around 22 or 23 mph, but


merely in spending the harder you try, the slower you go. Hopefully


you can just get the job done. You never know, relays are


unpredictable, you have got to try and execute every part of the race


We are ranked 4th in the world in relay, so we are very close to


My name is Danny Talbot, and with your help I can become the Olympic


Congratulations to Danny, who was running today at the London Grand


Prix, and he ran the 200 metres in his fastest time this season, he


has been close to your personal bests, Alan! He looks better in


that outfit, though. If you missed last week's film, you can catch it


online, follow the lines. That was the last of our athlete profiles,


but in the run-up to the Paralympics, we will focus on the


Paralympic athletes, so look out for them. Now it is time for the


main event, grab your numbers, here Alan, tell us how much is in the


jackpot tonight. I have been in touch with the number crunchers,


and they tell me it is an estimated �6.4 million. Take it away. Release


those big-money balls, please, Matt! Beckett to Vince from Reading,


we are using Guinevere and set of balls number of four. One very


lucky ticket-holder did scoop over 673 Grand by matching five and the


bonus, many congratulations. There were 225,000 other winners. Only


one man in a room matters right now, that is Matt, are we ready? Yes, we


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


That is just about all from us, Alan will bring you the results of


Lotto Plus 5 at the end of the show. Myleene Klass will be here for the


midweek draw, joined her, then Matt Johnson will be back on Friday for


EuroMillions. Jenni Falconer is here during Secret Fortune. From me,


Welcome back. I hope you were lucky. You join us with Ronnie and Zoe


playing the most extraordinary game and they have just given me the


answer, Twickenham, and you have a good idea where the big money is.


and 12. You would like envelope 24 to appear now, yes? Yes. Which


envelope is attached to the answer It is number 12. Pass and the


envelope number 12. I never thought I'd see the day when I'm hoping you


will throw away �20,000 of my money. I know what you mean. Your Secret


Fortune tonight will not be... �75,000. That is the tough. I'm


afraid that goes into the bin. Let's take a look at the answers in


the correct orders and see what is going on. The Millennium Stadium is


the smallest. It's a shame to see that go. Let's clear that a wave.


It is out of the way. Think about the money which is there, not the


money which has gone. Are you ready for the last question of? Yes,


I'm hoping Edel is up there. Let's see the two answers. Remember, the


computer has allocated the answer to the smallest amount of money.


Give me the correct answer and the �20,000 is what we throw away.


was her year, so I think he would have been nominated for the fewest.


I don't know. I need to think it through. It is worth so much money.


It is worth so much money. What are the categories? Best female, Best


Male, best album, best song, Best Newcomer. If he did win the Best


Male, he would be nominated for the best song, the best album, best


newcomer. That's four. She would be best album, best song, she will not


be the newcomer. She would be female. That's three. Let's go for


it. You want to? The fewest a Brit You have answered. That is the one


we get to throw away. We want 24 to come up. You don't want an


24. How sure are you? We have not been wrong so far. You have not


been wrong so far. You have chosen to throw away envelope 24. This is


the one we are throwing away. Envelope eight is your Secret


Fortune tonight. Will you pick it Envelope 24 does not really matter


any more, is it? What is really important is what is in envelopes


eight. Pass it to me. Your Secret Thank you so much! Thank you so


much! As always, inside every envelope we open it is a cheque for


He had four nominations whereas she had three. We need to open envelope


24. There is �20,000, bar one you managed to dodge. Ronnie and Zoe


are leaving with �50,000. Join us again next week when more people


will be discovering the Secret Fortune. Good night!


Lovely stuff! �50,000 and a few tears of joy too. Huge


High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are Zoe and her brother Ronnie. They could walk away with as little as £100 or as much as £100,000. Can they win enough to take their much-loved mum to Vegas? Includes the National Lottery Saturday draws presented by OJ Borg, with Lotto and Thunderball.

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