Episode 3 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune

Episode 3

High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are two flat-mates looking to take their first step on the property ladder together.

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Two contestants will throw away 23 envelopes. 50... 30,000. 500,000.


Until they're left with just one. Your secret fortune tonight is...


�100,000. Tonight, Holly and Laura are trying to hold on to that


�100,000 as they play for their Hello and welcome to the Lottery's


Secret Fortune with your host Nick Knowles.


APPLAUSE Thank you very much. Thank you.


You're a terrific audience. Hello, and welcome to Secret Fortune. Once


again we have two players facing 24 envelopes. What they're looking for


is the one containing their Secret Fortune. It could be anything from


$100 right up to �100,000. APPLAUSE


It's here and it's waiting to be won by tonight's contestants. Let's


meet them. They're Holly and Laura from Peterborough and Sheffield.


APPLAUSE Ladies, how are you? Hello. How are


you doing? Right. Let's find out a little bit about you, shall we?


What's the relationship, first of all? We both live together,


actually - work together and live together. Right. What do you do for


work? We buy trains. Yeah, we buy trains. You buy trains?!


Underground trains. And parts for trains. It's that glamorous. It's a


really unusual job, isn't it? People must be very excited when


you tell them, like I am. Not so much. We usually lie.


Right. And you met through work. Yes. And then decided you were


going to live together? Yes, because I was moving down to London,


and she was already in London and looking to move out, so we found a


place together. Would you like to buy a place at some stage Yes,


that's the dream - a really old, run-down building, structurally


sound. Not really that good, are we I can do the tiling, plastering,


the walls. You'll do the kind of interior decorating. Right. Who is


the brightest of the two? No! equally in different things.


that right? You bring different things to the table? Hit me with a


geography question, and I'm out. Right. And me. Nevertheless, it's


really good to have you here because just by being here we know


you'll be going home with some money. You just don't know how much.


Your Secret Fortune is sitting right here in one of tonight's


envelopes. Each envelope has an amount in it between �100 and


�100,000. APPLAUSE


Let's see the money. Let's talk about a thousand pounds.


What would you spend that on, ladies? I would consider paying my


parents back. What do you mean you would consider? It's not definite?


They gave me my money for my deposit. However, instead of doing


that I would probably go on holiday! Holly? Probably a pair of


shoes, a handbag maybe. � 25,000, �12,500 each. A lot, isn't it?


have a car, but sometimes the engine cuts out, then I drove into


a petrol pump last year, so the front of the car is a little


battered, so a new car would be really nice. Holly? Well, my


grandma and my auntie both missed their birthdays last year - 90th


and 50th. Why? They both ended up in hospital for different reasons,


so I would love to kind of throw a big family birthday party. That's


lovely. If you were to win �100,000, what would you spent your �50,000


each on? Our big aim, isn't it, really to get on the property


ladder and think we'd really invest it and go for it and just buy a


place and do it up. Yes. That's proper friendship, that is. Yeah.


That's fantastic. Listen. We wish you the very best of luck. Each of


these envelopes contains one of those amounts placed at random.


They're numbered one to 24, and here are the numbers appearing


behind me, so let's seal these away, and the next time you see one of


these is when you bring it back into play. Most digital viewers can


play along at home. Just press your red button now. Good luck. Holly


and Laura, the next thing you're going to do is select four


envelopes. Three. Three? Number 20. Number 20? What about 24?


Number nine, please. And number nine. OK. Let's see them on the


board. Remember, inside each envelope is one of those cash


amounts. What you have to do is simple but crucial - keep the


envelope that contains the most money. You ready to see the first


question? I think so. Here it comes. By the end of 2011, which of these


Brit School graduates had the most UK top ten singles? You have four


I don't know what's in the four envelopes you have chosen, but our


computer does, and it's allocating the envelope containing the most


money to the Brit School graduate with the most top hits, and the


second largest amount is with the second most and so on, so you have


to lose three answers. Where do you want to start? OK. Katie Melua?


don't know much about her, nor do I listen to her. I think she was


possibly one of the lowest. Jesse J, she has been around in the music


industry for many years, but I don't think she has been around in


the charts that long, so I would think that she, although currently


really famous has probably had the least... I would completely agree


with that. We'd like to get rid of Jessie J. Thank you very much. Sang


Do It Like a Dude and Price Tag. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be - �7,000. That's good.


APPLAUSE Shall we - just because we know the


least about Katie Melau... Progress on. Can we knock her out, please?


Envelope number three. She sang a song called Nine Million Bicycles,


remember that? Oh, yeah. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be


- �1,000. Oh! What do you think? Are you going for Leona Lewis?


don't know. We know Adele more. She's always on the radio. Maybe


let's get rid of Leona Lewis. right. We'll get rid of her. Yes,


we'd like to get rid of Leona Lewis. Leona Lewis? A moment like this -


Bleeding Love, Forgive Me? Yes. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be - �30,000. It's not good to throw �30,000 away. Throw it in the


bin... But by the same token, you may still be right. The question is,


have you ended up with a top answer? So we need to ask the


No, it was Leona Lewis. For you at home, here's the correct order of


all four answers. Just a matter of interest, Leona Lewis has had eight


top ten singles. Envelope 24 could be your secret fortune tonight.


So let's choose four more envelopes and get on with the next question.


17 please. I would like number 23 please. Shall we do the 13 thing


just to get the unlucky one out of the way? Yeah, let's do 13. Number


one, please. Number one. Which of these best-selling series has the


I just read The Hunger Games. That's three right. Harry Potter


has seven, right? Twilight has four. I don't know about the series of


Unfortunate Games. I don't know. Shall we get rid of The Hunger


Games. Envelope 13, which you were worried could be unlucky 13. You


wanted to get it out of the way. Yes. Your Secret Fortune tonight


will not be... �8,000.


If you're right and this is lowest amount, this is going to be quite a


large-scoring round, isn't it? So we definitely know the Twilight


and Harry Potter is higher, so shall we get rid of that? Yeah,


definitely. Number 17 get rid of, please, Twilight. Number 17 - are


you a gan of the books? Yes. Yes. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be - �12,000. APPLAUSE


So two left. We don't know about this Series of Unfort you know ate


Events, and this could be one! series implies there's quite a few.


Either way, we're getting rid of quite a high one, aren't we? What


do you think? 23. Series of Unfortunate Events we'd like to get


rid of, please. Thank you very much. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be - �22,000. AUDIENCE:


Ooh! It's a lot to throw away, I have to say. There it goes into the


bin. But is it possible that envelope number one is the number


one answer? Is it Harry Potter, It was the series of unfortunate


events. Here is the correct order all four answers. But envelope No.


1 could be your Secret Fortune tonight. Four more envelopes?


Number 11, please. 15. 21. And Which of these scores is worth the


Computer, please allocate the envelope to the answers. I am


guessing you are giggling away because you know all these. I went


to watch an Aussie Rules game, and the points were quite high. I think


maybe basketball, we kick out. We would like to get rid of basketball


slam dunk. Envelope 21. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be...


�2,000. Good work, ladies. Touchdown sounds like it would be a


lot. Americans think big, they have big numbers. Let's get rid of the


Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be... �10,000. So you are left


with two. Which way round is it going to be? I think we should go


along with your theory of Americans thinking big. We have got nothing


else, so the only way to go is to kick out at number 15. You don't


like this bit when I open the envelopes, do you? Can you tell?


Your Secret Fortune tonight will Nicely done, ladies. So if you have


got the top answer, this envelope contains a cheque from the right


hand side of the board. So which of these scores is worth the most


Well done. For you at home, here is the correct order of the answers.


What is in dissembler, ladies? Above ten grand. Envelope number 11


could be your Secret Fortune tonight. Let's go straight on for


four more envelopes. Number 10, please. I would like number 14,


please. Five, plays. And Dumbo 6. - Do you tweet? No. Well, the


computer is now going to allocate the envelope containing the most


money into the twitter with the most followers and so on. Think


about why they are famous. If they are international, they will have


more followers, right? Piers Morgan does that show. He does a talk show


over there. So he would have international followers. Yes,


whereas I presume Alan Sugar is not well known. A can't think that he


twigs. He is quite old. No offence to any old people! I think we are


old twit. -- we are older to tweet. What about Jonathan Ross? Is he


famous abroad? I think Jonathan Ross. Envelope five, thank you.


Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be... �25,000. It is a lot, but


to be fair, you could still be right. It is just possible that you


picked out a lot of big numbers here. Who do you think has the most


followers? My gut instinct was Piers Morgan. I would go with him


or Cheryl Cole. Let's get rid of Lord Sugar. Not because he is old.


I think he will be pleased to hear that. Your Secret Fortune tonight


will not be... �100. Then we have definitely won three


grand! You are left with two envelopes. You need to get rid of


one and take one to the final. Which way round is it going to be?


Piers Morgan's quite witty and international. And he does this


popular evening American chat-show. I would be happy to get rid of


Cheryl Cole. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be... �9,000.


Which means you are left with envelope Number 10, Piers Morgan.


What was the most you throw away that time? �25,000. This would be a


good one to get the top and so on. It was the top answer. For you at


home, here is the correct order of or four answers. That means that in


December load is... More than �30,000? So envelope Number 10


could be your Secret Fortune tonight. Time for us to take a look


at the cash and see how you are doing overall. Let's get the money


into the middle of the screen and take a look. That is a really good


board. You are in a good position. You have played a really good first


four questions. Ready to play on? Let's get the money back to the


side and it four more envelopes. Number four, please. 19. 12, please.


And 22. Which of these stars first lent their voice to a character in


Who is Hugh Laurie? House, isn't that you lorry? -- queue lorry?


Think in terms of how long each one has been famous. JK Rowling wrote


the first Harry Potter book when I was 11. But obviously, it would


have taken her a while to be really famous after they were all released.


Maybe get rid of JK Rowling. Envelope 19. Your Secret Fortune


tonight will not be... �40,000. that is painful. Where do you go


next? Do you think Ricky Gervais would have done it before Simon


Cowell? Possibly. And what about Hugh Laurie? Keep him in for the


moment and choose between Ricky and Simon. Let's get rid of Simon.


Secret Fortune tonight will not be... Of �16,000. So you have a


choice now of which envelope you want to get rid of, Hugh Laurie or


Ricky Gervais? I don't know who this Hugh Laurie is. Was this House


series years ago? No, it is still on. It had quite a few series.


never watched it. Shall we knock him out? We have got nothing else


Your Secret Fortune tonight will Leaving you with envelope number


four. Computer, which of these stars first lent their voice to a


character in the Simpsons. Was it It was in fact JK Rowling. For you


at home, here is the correct order of all four answers. JK Rowling


appeared as herself in 2003. But amble at number four could be your


So, there are now only four numbers left. No. Two, number 8, 16 and 18.


Computer, please allocate the envelopes to the answers. Do you


know who Groucho Marx is? No. Dad will not be impressed. Based on the


fact that we don't know Groucho Marx, we should get rid of him.


of the famous Marx Brothers. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not


be... �6,000. Do you think we should check out Woody Alan? Let's


Your Secret Fortune tonight will OK, Churchill would have done loads.


We have got a good looking bored. Let's do it. Please can we get rid


of Oscar Wilde? This is dangerous. He once said "I have nothing to


declare except my genius". I wonder whether we are about to see your


genius in action. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be...


�100,000. That is all right. It APPLAUSE


Envelope 18 is the one you've got. Computer, can you please confirm


what the top answer was. Yeah, it was Oscar Wilde. For those of you


at home, here is the correct order of all four answers.


Envelope 18 could be your Secret Fortune tonight. You started with


24 envelopes. You now have six. They contain a minimum of �4,000,


�5,000, �18,000, �20,000, �50,000, and in one of these envelopes in


front of you is a cheque with your names on it already for �75,000.


APPLAUSE Excited about what's going to


happen? Yes. You excited at home? You should be. Get your lottery


ticket ready. It's time for the Thunderball Lotto draw. See you


soon. We are live in Lottery HQ with


Jenni Falconer. Thank you. Good evening. Aren't


they doing well? They could still win �75,000. We'll see how they get


on shortly, but first, we have the opportunity for you to win cash of


your own. Up to half a million pounds could be yours in two


minutes, then later on we have the jackpot draw. Also, weep be keeping


up with the torch relay to the the start of the Olympics. There is


rather a lot to do, so let's get You know what to do. Please start


up that first machine if you would. Yes, Julie Morris is tonight's


drawmaster. Chris Williams is our independent adjudicator. Excalibur


and set of balls three were selected for us at random. Last


night over 84,000 tickets won a prize on this game. Congratulations


if you were one of those winners. Jenny.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


second machine. Jenni? Each and every Thunderball ticket


is still in play. How? Well, if you match the Thunderball, you'll win a


cash prize whether you've matched any main numbers or not.


If you have matched every number so far, take a deep breath because


that half a million pound top prize will be yours if you also match the


Thunderball! Good luck. exciting is this? Here we go. Let's


hope this makes a difference for you tonight. There it is, number


Nick, and let's see whether Holly and Laura can keep hold of that


�75,000! Let's hope so. See you Welcome back to Secret Fortune.


Holly and Laura have six envelopes in front of them containing �4,000,


�5,000, �18,000, �20,000 - here's where it gets really interesting -


�50,000, and somewhere in front of you is an envelope in front of you


with your names on containing �75,000! Have you any idea where


the top money - the �75,000 might be? I think it might be in number


ten I think. We're going to cover over those envelopes and give them


a good shuffle. Now you'll have no idea which envelope will be


attached to which answer. You worked really hard to keep these


six answers, but now over the next questions, you're going to throw


away five of them until you're left with the one that'll be your Secret


Fortune. Let's see the first Remember, from here on in, you can


only throw away one envelope per The computer has allocated the


lowest amounts of money to the song chosen the fewest times. That's


what you're looking for. Give me the song chosen the fewest times


and the �4,000 goes in the bin. Slip up and get it wrong, and the


�75,000 has to go in the bin. Which is it going to be? I think we go


based on the least popular... not quite sure. I wouldn't say the


top three. I say we pick one of the bottom three. How do you feel about


know that at all. Shall we go for that because we've not heard it?


Let's just be positive and go for it? Yeah, let's do it. Let's do it.


Mad Dogs and Englishmen. Which envelope do you think has the big


money in? I think possibly number ten. Computer, which envelope is


two. Would you like to pass me envelope number one? Your Secret


Fortune tonight will not be - �20,000.


APPLAUSE So let's take a look at what the


order should have been. The one that was least was Hey Jude,


surprisingly, What a Wonderful World - in other words, the three


you chose to protect, so the one you definitely should have avoided


was Non, Je Regrette. Happy to move on? Yes. Which of these judo belts


represents the lowest grade? Do you know anything about judo? Black


means you're good, right? You wear something white with the belt.


That's going to help! Let's have a look at the possible answers, shall


I think you're right in saying black is quite good.


I'm thinking the beginners one, then you move up to red, then there


are two colours... Why would that have a significance? Want to go for


red and white? They've got to be similar, don't they? This is awful.


Yeah. Let's do red. Red. Thank you very much.


Remind us which envelope you don't want to see? I think ten. Ten.


Computer, which envelope is attached to the answer red?


Oh! Would you like to pass me envelope ten? Oh! Because I have to


say how much is in it and throw it away. Your Secret Fortune tonight


will not be - �75,000. Envelope ten goes in the bin. Obviously, that's


very disappointing. It's tough to take the sting out of that but I


have to remind you, you do currently have �50,000 up on the


board. That's not a disappointing amount of money. This is still a


very big game, and you have to pick yourselves up after that let's take


a look at the answer and the order and find out where you went wrong.


Red is top. Red and white is second top. The one you were looking for


as the lowest was blue at �4,000. Reasonable to think black belt - I


think most people would have gone with you on that. Let's clear that


away because it doesn't really matter now. Are you ready to go on?


Do you watch Friends? Yes. Then this could work out for you. Let's


have a look at the answers. Helen played the woman that Russ


married, right? Do you know who Paul is, who is Phoebe's husband?


Yeah, she got rid of the guy who went abroad - that's who that was.


Tom Selleck was Monica's old boyfriend for awhile before she


married Chandler. Who is Elliot? don't know. We don't touch it.


edging towards Tom Selleck being in the fewest. Shall we do it? Let's


go for it. We'll say Tom Selleck. OK. Computer will, you tell us


please which numbered envelope is attached to the answer Tom Selleck?


Number 24. Oh, 24. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be -


�4,000! That's good news, isn't it? Let's


take a look and see where we are now. You were absolutely right with


Tom Selleck with ten episodes, and the one you wanted to avoid, which


luckily you didn't know who he was was Elliot Gould at 20 episodes,


who played Monica and Ross's father. You're two questions away from


possibly leaving here with �50,000, �25,000 each. What do you do with


that? I think we could possibly still look at a dream of trying to


buy somewhere. Life-changing money, really, if you can get to it.


Definitely. Let's take a look at Based on our last logic perhaps we


know less about distances and firing human cannons, so perhaps we


ought to leave that one. I like that. Based between football throw-


in and a high dive into water - surely you can't dive too far into


water because you would die. Good logic. I think we get rid of high


dive. Let's do it. OK. Let's do it. High dive... Into water. Computer,


can you tell us please which envelope number is attached to high


dive into water? Envelope 11, which was from question three in the


first part of the game. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be -


revealed for just a little bit longer because we're going to go


over to lottery HQ to find out what's going on with tonight's


Lotto draw! See you in a little Oh! I know! Every time he gets us.


We sit there. We know he's going to do it, but every time it's classic


hanging-on tactics. Anyway, we will find out whether or not Holly and


Laura were right in a few minutes. Now, we're less than a week away


until the start of the Olympics. I can hardly believe it's nearly here.


The Olympic torch is nearing the end of its journey up and down the


country. It will have travelled over 8,000 miles in its 70-day


journey and have been carried by 8,000 torchbearers.


# Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh # Was wondering what you were doing


this. I was lucky enough to be a torch bearer in Inverness. It's a


great design. 8,000 holes - that signifies the number of torch


bearers. I think I am that one just there. The question is, what are


you going to do with it? I was thinking of hanging it in my house.


Interesting. Today, the torch has travelled from Guildford through


south and east London to Waltham Forest where evening celebrations


are in full swing right now. The guys running alongside - the Met


Police were the same guys supporting me down the site - they


must be the fittest members of the Met Police. They have run 8,000


miles, for goodness sake. Wow. now just six days until the flame


arrives at the Olympic Stadium in time for the Opening Ceremony. No-


one has contributed more to Team GB's athletes than National Lottery


players, so as a way of saying thank you, the National Lottery


will be creating 100 UK millionaires on the night of the


Opening Ceremony. Every Euromillions ticket bought for the


draw next Friday will automatically be entered into the raffle which


will create 100 UK Millionaires. It'll be a huge record-breaking


event, and OJ Borg will be hosting the celebrations next Friday on BBC


Two from 11.00pm. Make a note of those. All week you've been telling


us how you'd react if you were one of those lucky 100 millionaires


using the hash tag ifiwonamillion and the buzz is still building so


get involved by joining in.. What would you do if you won a million,


Alan? Oh, spend it. Very good. I would scream very loudly. If you


want to see more films about this momentous event, head online and


follow the links. That's the same place to go to find out about the


EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle. Thank you for that, Alan. Now,


though, I do believe it's time to make a winner or two tonight.


Prepare yourselves for a potentially life-changing two


Have you been in touch with those people in the know? Yes, and they


have said the jackpot is estimated at a cool �4 million. Release those


big-money balls, please. We are using Lancelot and set of balls


Congratulations to the 272,000 Wednesday night winners. Ready?


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


That is just about all from us. Next Friday is the night when 100


UK millionaires will be made. OJ Borg will give you all the


information you need to find out if you are one of them, as well as


bringing you the EuroMillions draw on BBC Two on Friday at 11pm. Alan


will bring you the results of this week's Lotto Plus 5 at the end of


Welcome back. Before the break, Holly and Laura had just answered


the question: the computer has told us that envelope number 11 is


attached to this answer. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not


be... �18,000. Let's look at the You are now down to just two


envelopes, and in one of them is �5,000, and in the other is �50,000.


That is harsh! The computer has nominated the least it nominated


actor to the smallest amount of money. So give me the correct


answer, and the �5,000 will be thrown away. My only logic behind


it would be that I think Robert de Niro might have been in more, and


therefore would have more nominations. Therefore it would be


a Pacino, but I have no idea. guarantee that whatever the answers


are, they are very close. I have not even got an inkling either way.


Just need to pick. Let's just say are Pacino. Do you want to go for


it? Yes. This could be suicide. Computer, please tell us which


amble up numbers attached to the Envelope 18 is the last envelope


you will throw away tonight, which means envelope number for is your


Secret Fortune, so please come with me. You know, nobody cares what is


in that one. We are interested in envelope four, your Secret Fortune.


Your Secret Fortune tonight is... You're OK? Yes. We have had a great


day. Congratulations. As always, inside the envelope is a cheque


with �5,000 made out with your name's on. I will take that. There


is amble of four, which you can keep as a souvenir. -- envelope


four. Robert De Niro had two fewer nominations. Envelope 18 was where


the �50,000 was. So what will happen to the �5,000? Handbag


shopping is probably our first port of call, and doing things with the


family. It is quite a lot of money. Ladies and gentlemen, holly and


Laura. Join us again next week, when two more people will be


discovering their Secret Fortune. Good night. Ouch! What an ending.


High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are flat-mates Holly and Laura. They could walk away with as little as £100 or as much as £100,000. Can they win enough to take their first steps on the property ladder together? Includes the National Lottery Saturday draws presented by Jenni Falconer, with Lotto and Thunderball.

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