Episode 4 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune

Episode 4

High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are Claire and her mother Julie. Will they take away the top prize?

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Two contestants, will throw away 23 envelopes. �50,000. �0,000.


�500,000. Until they're left with one. Your Secret Fortune tonight is


�100,000! Tonight, Claire and Julie Lottery Secret Fortune, with your


again we have two players, facing 24 envelopes. What they're looking


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 220 seconds


for is the one containing their Most digital viewers can play


allong at home. Press your red butt top now. The first thing you will


do is choose me four envelopes. will have number two, and No. 12.


will have number 16, and number four. Number four. Remember, inside


each envelope is one of those cash amounts. Keep the enslope that


contains the most money. So, let us You have four possible answers. I


don't know what is in the four you have chosen by but the computer


does, it is allocating the most to the film that took the most at the


box office. The second largest amount is with the film that took


the second most and so on. You have want to lose first? Let us think of


the co-stars. Cold Mountain was Nicole Kidman and Jude Law. Gerry


Maguire was Tom Cruise. Chic ga was Catherine Zeta Jones. Bridget Jones


would have said Bridget Jones dp diary. -- Diary. Would you get rid


of Cold Mountain please? Envelope 12. We are hoping the answer you


have given us cones sides with an envelope that has a cheque for a


tonight will not be... �100. APPLAUSE


. That is a cracking start. It means the minimum you go home with


is �500. Good start. You immediate to get rid of two more. We should


get rid of Chicago. Yes. We would like to get rid of that. Four. Let


us hope you can keep it going. Your secret fortune will not be...


�7,000. That is good. You have two left. You need to throw one away


and keep one to take through to the final round. Bridget Jones's Diary


took a lot of money. And did it not break box office records? Get rid


of Gerry Maguire. That is going. Show me the money! Your secret


fortune tonight will not be... �3,000.


APPLAUSE Is it possible you could have


picked four out that would all have small amounts or have you managed


to pick the top answer and this is worth more than �7,000? We can find


out. Computer. Which was the top Chicago, for all of you at home


here is the correct order. So that means, what is in this? Anything


from �500 to �6,000. So let us choose another four and play your


second question. Shall we? It is a huge country, so, what do you want


to get rid of?. I think India. Getting rid of India. We have never


heard India and sheep in the same sentence. Your secret fortune


tonight will not be... �50,000. That goes in the bin, I'm afraid P.


Do you think China is an option? I know that might sound strange,


but for the wool? Or do you think it is Australia or New Zealand?


Your secret fortune will not be �20,000. It is not the top answer.


big numbers in this particular round. I don't know if it is New


Zealand, China is a huge country. I That is going. There is only about


4 million people in New Zealand. And 30 million sheep. And five


billion in China. And five sheep. Your secret fortune tonight will


not be... �2,000. APPLAUSE


. 13, unlucky for some. Is it the top answer? If it is, then you know




For you at home here is the correct order of all four. What a great


response. Fantastic. China was the top answer, you got there in the


Either 100,000 or 75. Lucky 13, envelope 13 could be your secret


fortune tonight. Let us pick another four. 22, house number.


number nine. I will vote for 15, as it is the anniversary of when I met


my future husband, and one, because that was the month when I met my


"future" husband. You should slip in a hint. Do you think I have done


that? I haven't noticed! Which of Computer allocate the envelopes and


the answers. Remember when I was that was the next thing. But the


mini could have come in, so it is between the Mini Cooper. What is a


mini milk? That is the lolly. don't know whether to get rid of


one. They have probably been round for 92 years. Your secret fortune


mini milk. 15? Yes. Thank you. Your secret fortune tonight will not


be... �16,000. You have two left. of? The mini Cooper. Minute please.


Envelope nine. Your secret for chin tonight will not be -- fortune


tonight will not be... �40,000. Ouch! That goes in the bin. Leaving


22, the mini skirt. Computer, is the mini skirt the top answer? It


for you at home. 22 could be your secret fortune tonight. So choose


please. 14.Ly Go for 18 and 8. -- I will go for 18 and 8. Which girls


names charted high nest the Roxanne is the Police. I haven't


started. The computer is allocating the envelope containing the most


Was it higher than Roxanne. I don't know. I would leave those two now.


I think we should get rid of Barbara Anne. Because, I don't know.


We will get rid of Barbara Anne, because we don't know what it is.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 220 seconds


Envelope three. You are getting rid �500 in the bin. Thank you very


much. Was David Beckham at the top answer? It was scruffy old Matt


Again, not sure what is in this Again, not sure what is in this


envelope either. It is worth pointing out the minimum you can go


home with now. �4,000. That's fortune tonight. This is where we


are in the game. You started with 24 envelopes, you have six


containing a minimum of �4,000, �6,000, �14,000, �22,000, �30,000


and somewhere in front of you in an envelope is a cheque for �100,000.


secret fortune tonight. -- one of those amounts. Are you excited?


Shall we get on with it? Yes. will very soon, but for now it is


time to cross over to Lottery HQ. Good luck, it is time for the


Thanks, we are live at Lottery HQ. Good evening. I am slightly upset


about this, neither of us won the best dressed. You are on a trend


would that Brown flannel suit. Plan and duly seen to be doing very well,


will they be finishing with �100,000? -- Klan and duly seen to


be doing very well. Coming up, the chance to see how a national


Lottery funding is prophetic -- benefiting Team GB's Paralympic


athletes. Right now, we are ready to start the winning with


Get that first machine moving if Excalibur and set of all six were


selected at random for us earlier today. Over 84,000 tickets won a


prize on this game, congratulations if you're one of those winners.


we go to go? Yes, we are. We are Time to fire up machine two,


If you have matched with all of the numbers drawn so far, you are just


one number from half a million pounds. Matching with the Bernabeu


all its own will still win you a cash prize, which means that every


ticket is still in play -- matching with it the Thunderball. Let us


hope this does make a difference for you tonight. Up pops number


three. Here are the Thunderball In a few minutes, we will bring you


the Lotto draw and the first of our fantastic Paralympic athlete films.


Right now it is back to Nick to see if clan and Julie can keep hold of


Welcome back. Claire and Julie have six and lives in front of them,


In front of you, a cheque for �100,000. We have had a lot of


laughs in the first half. The money is going to make a great deal of


difference. Before �1,000 would really help. -- the �4,000 would


really help. It would. Every Saturday night there would be a


weak chap at the door and my mum would come up with a wee bottle of


wine, some food and �10 takeaway. She always has too much month left


for the money. How good a Mahan it is she? She has always been there


for me. Always supported all of my decisions. -- how good a mum is


It would be nice to take some money home? Let's try to make it happen.


How well you answer the next five questions will determine whether


you walk away with �4,000, or �100,000. You know that the money


is in envelope... 13. We are going to cover over our numbers and give


them a shovel. You have worked really hard to keep these six


envelopes, but now you're going to throw away five of them until you


are left with the one that will be Let's see the question. Which of


Her from here, you can only throw lowest amount of money to the


siblings with the fewest hits. Give me the name with the fewest hits,


I can only think of three Right Said Fred songs. I'm too sexy,


deeply dippy and that one that goes, you are my mate and I will stand by


you. Oh, yeah, OK. Why about Bros? I don't know. They had when will I


be famous. I only know three Right Said Fred songs. Right, right Said


not want to see the computer allocate. 13. Please tell us which


emblem numbers attached to the answer, writes Said Fred. -- which


envelope number is attached to the answer, Right Said Fred. Envelope


19. So you need to pass that to me. Your secret fortune and tonight


will not be... �6,000. order and see how it worked out.


The ones you needed to avoid were Bros and the carpenters. Let's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 220 seconds


clear that a way and see the next Mandible, I don't know where that


is. Shall we go for mandible? We will have to do. I am expecting


that as your answer. -- accepting that. Which envelope don't we want


to see? 13. Which envelope is humorous is the upon. The Fine is


the thigh bone, the Pat Zelaya is the kneecap. -- the femur is the


question? Yes. Do you watch Phil! Janine killed Barry in the


Scottish Highlands. Jamie Mitchell was run over by Mark Fowler. He was


the young boy? That was around 2000. I remember that time in my life.


That was maybe... See if they are all really close. I actually think


it is Barry Evans, I think it is 2003. Barry Evans was the last two


bites the dust. Barry Evans. What envelope do we not want to see?


It is a pretty tense moment. It is. People at home are tense, they have


bought their Lottery tickets, it is time to cross over to Lottery HQ


Welcome back. There are lot of tense would-be millionaires waiting


for the chance to win a full tune. That chance is just a moment away.


-- to win a fortune. It is less than two weeks until the start of


the Paralympic Games. We are going to be meeting some of the inspired


athletes waiting to make their mark, thanks to the funding they have


received from Lottery players, that I first broke my neck playing rugby.


From there I got into wheelchair rugby following rehab in hospital.


The forces involved are pretty spectacular. You won't see a better,


faster, more brutal Paralympic sport. When two dies come together


at head-to-head, they can be moving at a combined speed of 10 metres


per second and the combined force can be 85 g, 75 more than a Formula


1 car braking. We are training full on as we approach the Games.


Without National Lottery funding we couldn't do what we do. We are able


to come together and hold training camps and prepare so there we have


the best chance of a medal. To play it on your home Olympics, it is the


ultimate, the highlight. If you always go through a mix of


adrenalin, your palms, excited, ready to play, it is a big moment.


That is when the training takes over. When the whistle goes, the


nerves disappear, everything kicks in. Everyone feels nerves. It is


what you do next about it that matters. We are currently 6th in


the world. I think we are now ranked third and the top two teams,


we are so close to beating., London, home advantage, on our day anything


is possible and the gold medal is there for the taking. I am Ross


Morrison. With your help, we can You're probably thinking, what a


truly remarkable sport. The speak they hit each other, it is


frightening. They also called it murder ball. Wednesday is the turn


of the British wheelchair basketball team. We cannot wait.


Now it is time for the main event. Grab your ticket and get the


numbers way you can see them. -- numbers where you can see them.


Break it immediately, homage is the jackpot? It is estimated at �4


million. -- how much is the jackpot? Release those big-money


balls, please. We are using Lancelot and set of balls six.


There were 203,000 winning tickets on Wednesday night, one of then


scoop the 2.6 million jackpot. Congratulations if you were eight


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 220 seconds


lucky midweek winner. Are we ready. But that is just about all from us,


alone will bring you the result of the Lotto plus five, I am back on


Wednesday. We have the next of our incredible Paralympic films. Then


it is me on Friday night for the Thunderball EuroMillions. Now it is


back to Nick had to find out if Claire and Julie are about to


the answer, Barry Evans. One of those announced is about to go in


the bin. Which envelope do you think it is in? -- one of those


amounts. 13. Computer, which answer round? As long as it is not


envelope 13, yes? OK. Your secret fortune tonight will not be...


position. Would you like to find out what the deciding question is?


The computer has allocated the shortest distance to the smallest


amount of money, so give me the correct answer and the �13,000 will


be thrown away. That my gut be thrown away. That my gut


reaction is the velodrome. It is just a guess, though. A think about


it, think of the distant people run. You have 100 metres, 200 metres,


400, 800, 15. Is it 800 right round the track, is it 1500? We don't


know. We are going to have two... You said your gut reaction was the


velodrome. Yes. OK. We think the shortest distance is three laps of


the velodrome. It is a pure guess, we don't know. And why accepting


that as your answer? Yes. -- Anna is attached to the answer, three


That is right, and below 22 is the last one you will throw away, which


means envelope 13 is your secret fortune to live. Would you like to


pick it out? -- secret fortune tonight. Who cares what is in and


buy at 22, it is what is in envelope 13 that counts. -- who


cares what is in envelope 22? Your Inside every envelope is a cheque


and inside this one, one laid out for �100,000. That is now yours to


take home. You said that three laps of the bedroom was the shortest.


Just 50 metres difference -- three laps of the velodrome. The �30,000


was in envelope 22. What an extraordinary game. Are you glad


you came along? Oh, yeah. I am glad she was my 4th choice! Claire and


Julie are leaving with �100,000. They say it is just a game show, it


has just changed their lives. Join us next week when two more people


High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are Claire and her mother Julie. They could walk away with as little as £100 or as much as £100,000. Will Claire's decision to team up with her mum mean they take home the top prize? Includes the National Lottery Saturday draws presented by OJ Borg, with Lotto and Thunderball.

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