Episode 5 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune

Episode 5

High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune are Dave and his best friend's wife Lyn. Including the National Lottery Saturday draws.

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Two contestants, will throw away 23 envelopes. 50,000. �500.


Until they are left with just one. Your Secret Fortune tonight


is...�100,000. Tonight, Lyn and Dave are trying to


hold on to that �100,000. As they play for their Secret


Hello, and welcome to the National Lottery Secret Fortune, with your


host, Nick Knowles. Thank you very much, what a


fantastic audience, hello and welcome to Secret Fortune, once


again we have two players facing 24 envelopes. What they are looking


for is the one containing their Secret Fortune. It could be


anything from �100, right up to �100,000. Oh yes, it is right here


and waiting to be won by tonight's contestants, let's meet them, they


are Dave and Lyn from Bridgend. Lovely to meet you. Explain the


relationship, first of all. Lyn is the wife of my best mate, Wyn.


but you decided to bring your best mate's wife, rather than your best


mate? Because? Because Lyn is a lot smarter than Wyn. How long have you


been friends? We have known each other since Dave's wedding, that's


when we first met, that was in 1999. Who is at home? My wife Shirley,


and two lovely little boys, Oliver who is 11, and phrase whore is 10.


What sort of things do they like? Oliver is a swimmer, and Fraser is


a footballer. A sporty family? wife is champion of the golf club


where we first met. Do you play golf? Very badly. Do you two ever


play a round! That's not what I went. Let me rephrase it? Wyn is


watching. Children? Two stepsons, one working in London and one in


Yorkshire, Matt as quadriplegic cerebral palsy, he lives with 24-


hour care, he has a great life with Hollybany Trust, they open up so


many opportunities for him and his friends. Great to meet you, a great


friendship formed over the years. What is really great for you, you


know you will be going home with some money, the question is how


much. Your secret fortune is contained in one of these envelopes,


each envelope contains an amount from between �100-�100,000. Let's


see the money. Great to see it all on the board. If you were to walk


away from here with the booby prize, the �100 what would you spend it


on? I would take Fraser to White Hart Lane to see a Premiership game.


Lyn? I would have to buy the Swansea away kit. I go to all the


games. I would have to buy it. if you win �1,000? In my case, I


would like to send my oldest son on a school skiing trip, he was due to


go this year with his school, but, frankly, we had too many other


things to spend the money on. He was so good about it, next year I


would like to send him on the trip, his heart was set on it.


�25,000 each? It would be lovely to be able to do something special for


Nick and Matt and make a donation to Hollybank. Now the �100,000,


�50,000 each? When we moved to Wales over 40 years ago, we moved


into a house in which my mum still lives, that sort of money we could


help make the house a little safer for her to live in, and maybe pay


for a little help around the house so she is looked after more. That


would mean help the boys and do something totally extravagant,


which is to get a box at the Liberty Stadium, so I can watch the


swans in style. Excellent, I wish you the best of luck, each of the


envelopes contain one of those amounts placed at random, they are


numbered 1-24. Let's seal these away. The next time you see one of


these will be when you bring it these will be when you bring it


back into play. Most digital viewers can play at


home, press the red button now. You will choose four envelopes. Number


24, number five. Number 17. Number Let's see them on the board.


Remember, inside each envelope is one of those cash amounts, what you


have to do is crucial and simple, keep the envelope that contains the


I don't know what is in your four envelopes, but our computer does,


it is allocating the envelope containing the most money to the


song with the highest chart position. And the second-largest


amount is the song that achieved the second-highest chart position


and so on. You have to lose three and so on. You have to lose three


answer, what do you think? My first thought is I don't know New Moon On


Monday. I don't Like Monday was number one. Manic Monday, was good,


but I don't know. Let's get rid of New Moon On Monday, because we


don't know that one. That is by Duran Duran. Your Secret


Fortune will not be...� 1,000. Monday Monday. We will get rid of


that, we are happy with the other ones.


Envelope 5, used to go # Monday Monday, Mamas and Pahads.


Your secret fortune tonight won't be �4,000, well done.


That's a fantastic start. inclined to agree that Boom Town


Rats. They were number one for ages. This is the highest position, we


will get rid of Manic Monday. Envelope 24. Your secret fortune


tonight will not be... �10,000. Which leaves you with envelope two.


How sure are you about I Don't Like Mondays reaching number 1. I'm 100%


sure, because the Boom Town Rats ripped the poster in half when they


played Top Of The Pops. Yes! This is the correct order of all four


answers. In this envelope is how much?


more than �10,000. Envelope 2 could be your secret fortune tonight.


Let's keep the momentum going. Four more envelopes? 13 and number 7.


Number 8, and number 23. Here is I'm pretty sure that Kevin Spacey


played Election Luther in one of the early Superman films. Do you


know anything about Tommy Lee Jones? Ian McKellen is a classic


actor. I have a feeling he was in a Batman film. He wasn't the joker,


he was in a Batman film, if you like, if I remember what


supervillain he was. I think Willem Dafoe was in a recent film. It was


more recent than other ones, it is a bit of a guess. I don't know him.


We will go for Willem Dafoe. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be.


�2,000. I think we should go for Tommy Lee Jones, I can't picture


him in anything. Envelope 13, Tommy Lee Jones. Your Secret Fortune will


not be. �18,000. I think I would keep Kevin Spacey and get rid of


Ian McKellen, I think the Superman film he played a part in was older


than the Ian McKellen Batman film. We will get rid of Ian McKellen.


Have you watched any of the X-Men films. Are you not telling me he


was in that. He played Magneto. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be...� 8,000. The question is, have you managed to achieve the top


answer? Let's find out. Which of these Hollywood actors was first to


play a comic book supervillain on the big screen. He appeared as Two-


Face in Batman Forever. Not the top answer that time and


very difficult to know a lot about this. Until 8 could be your secret


fortune tonight. Four more envelopes please.


please, and number 3. Number 11 and number 22.


I think I know the cheeses. We have France, Holland, Italy and


Switzerland. Is Camembert northern France or south of France? That I'm


not entirely sure about. But, it is certainly close, whether it is


north or south, it is closer than Italy. Yeah, it is. We could get


rid of that as long as we hold on to Italy. We will get rid of


Camembert. Envelope 12, because ...It Is in France. And France is


close to Somerset. Your secret fortune tonight will not be. �500.


You are playing an amazing game at the moment. Look at this side over


here, it is almost empty. I want to get rid of Edam. I would go with


that. Edam, Holland. We will get rite of that. Three -- Get rid of


that. Number 3, your Secret Fortune tonight will not be...�7,000. So,


we went to Switzerland on holiday a couple of years ago, it took us six


hours to drive there, I don't think I could have got down to Italy in


that time. That is right down, Switzerland is a small country, we


need to get rid of Gruyeres. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not


be...�20,000. There is a ripple of applause from the audience, that is


because if you are absolutely right, and the remaining envelope attached


to Gorgonzola is right, you know you have another good amount in the


final. Let's ask the computer which one of the cheesey towns is


Envelope 11 could be your Secret Fortune tonight. I would like


another four envelopes please. Number one, please. Number 15.


would like number 16 and number 21. Which of these recent West End hits


featured the most musical numbers. The computer is allocating the


envelope containing the most money to the show with the most musical


numbers and so on through all four answers. Joseph I have seen that.


It is singing almost all the way through, from what I can remember.


Oliver is a lot of singing in Oliver. Down the bottom is Oliver


and Joseph to keep. And one of the two at the top. I think The Wizard


of Oz, goes first. I'm happy with that. We will get rid of the wizard


of oz. You seem to have solid reasoning.


Your Secret Fortune will not be tonight �100,000. I can't expect


that. I'm afraid the �100,000 now goes in the bin. We still have


loads of good numbers up there. think there are a lot of songs in


Joseph. And there were a lot in the Liverpool Sound, but there was a


lot of ordinary act -- in The Sound of Music, but there was ordinary


acting as well. We will get rid of Oliver. Envelope 21.


Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be... �75,000. We're doing


really bad. You have picked the top two in one round, and you have


thrown them both away. There is still significant money up there.


Get rid of the Liverpool Sound of music. We will get rid of The Sound


of Music. Please don't be �50,000. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be... �6,000. Which leaves envelope 16, and the


answer Joseph, we know what the top answer and the second top answer


was. But we will get the computer to confirm it for us.


You only have to work out between two what is on. It doesn't leave


you knowing what is in it. Envelope 16 could be your Secret Fortune


tonight. Given that you had such a rough


round, it is time to look at the money and see where you are. You


will be pleasantly sur priested. You only have to clear away the


�100, and you are in a minimum of �3,000, there is only �5,000 and �9


,000 and you are in great figures there.


Let's choose another four envelopes and play the next question. Could I


have number 19, and number 9. You have to get rid of three and


keep one. Steve Redgrave. He has been around


for years. He competed in five consecutive Olympics. That takes


him 20 years back. Paula Radcliffe. Is probably more in the last five


years or so. She is still competing. I think she's going to be younger


than Steve Redgrave. Jonathan Edwards has retired. And Kelly


Holmes has retired. I think we can get rid of Paula Radcliffe. Your


Secret Fortune tonight will not be. �16,000.


That's a big number. I think Kelly Holmes probably won it after Steve


Redgrave. She's younger. I think we should get rid of Kelly Holmes.


will get rid of Kelly Holmes. Envelope nine. You are really


having to work the old grey matter on this one aren't you. Your Secret


Fortune tonight will not be...� 9,000. That's OK.


Steve Redgrave is the obvious choice, he did five Olympics. That


takes him a long way back. When he was doing the Olympics, he was not


always rowing on his own, he would have to have won two or three


competitions before getting the individual award. That would mean


Jonathan Edwards who might well have won it first With heavy heart


we get rid of Steve Redgrave. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be...� 22,000. It's interesting now, envelope 4, is what you are


left with. �22,000, went in the bin, this would be a good one to get the


top answer on. Computer, which of these olympians was first person to


win BBC ports personality of the year, was it Jonathan Edwards?


Well played, I have to say you played that exceptionally well. Now


you know in envelope 4 is what? �25,000 or more. Envelope 4 could


be your Secret Fortune tonight. Very well played. There are only


four numbers left, let's get them into play., 14, 18, 20, let's get


them straight on the board. According to the Scoville Scale,


which of these chilli peppers is the hottest. Tabasco you get


bottles, it is pretty hot, but you can get really hot chilli peppers.


Pimento, that is a fairly mild one. You get them in jars. Pimento we


can get rid of. We would like to get hid of Pimento. You think it is


fairly mild. Envelope 18. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be... �3,000. That's all right. Jeepers, Jalapeno,


I have had that on my pizza, it wasn't that hot. I think Jalapeno


is cooler than Tabasco. We will get rid of Jalapeno. Envelope 6. Your


secret fortune tonight will not be...� 5 now though. -- �5,000.


we want to get rid of �100 and it is in play, and not sitting here in


front of us. It will be either Habanero. It is worth having a


gamble on that, we don't know about that. It is a fantastic theory, I


think it is a brave theory. Your secret fortune tonight will not


be... � 25,000. We have got it there. Which means,


you have envelope 14 left, so the question then is. Have you got the


top answer? According to the Scoville Scale, which of these


I said it was brave, and it was a good punt to clear out the �100.


Envelope 14 could be your Secret Fortune tonight. You started with


24 envelopes, you now have six containing �100, then there is a


huge leap up to �12,000, �14,000, �30,000, �40,000, and �50,000


somewhere in front of you, is a cheque with your names on it for


�50,000. One of those amounts will be your Secret Fortune. Fantastic.


We will be finding out very soon if your luck is in, and is your luck


in at home. It is time to go over to lottery HQ, it is the


Thunderball draw, see you in a moment.


Thanks Nick, we're live at lottery HQ with the lovely Jenni Falconer.


Good evening everyone, I really hope Dave and Lyn can keep hold of


that �50,000. We will be back with them shortly to find out. Here we


have a Lotto Rollover draw, that could make you very rich indeed. We


will give you the chance to see how you as National Lottery players


have benefited Paralympic discus hopeful Dan Greaves as he prepares


for London 2012. It is time to see if you are about to win a fabulous


�500,000, of course, it is Thunderball.


Julie, start up that huge machine please. Julie Morrisey the


drawmaster, Luke Thornley the independent adjudicator.


Last night over 103,000 tickets won a prize on this game.


Congratulations if you were one of the lucky winners.


Julie, are we ready? Yes we are. Here we go, good luck. Best of luck


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


to you, let's see how you get on Even if you haven't matched any of


the numbers drawn so far, matching with the Thunderball alone will


still win you a cash prize, just as it did for over 42,000 of you last


night. Here are tonight's Thunderball


We will be back in a few minutes time with the live Lotto Rollover


draw, get your tickets ready. Right now it is back over to Nick to see


if Dave and Lyn can hold on to the �50,000, let's hope so, see you


soon. Welcome back to Secret Fortune.


Dave and Lyn have six envelopes in front of them, containing �100,


�12,000, �14,000, �30,000, �40,000, and �50,000.


Have you any idea where the �50,000 is in those envelopes? I have a


feeling that number eight is a fairly sizeable amount of money.


Well, we are going to cover over those numbers and give them a


shuffle, now you will have no idea which envelope is attached to which


answer. You have worked very hard to keep the six envelopes, now,


over the next five questions, you will throw away five of them, until


you are left with the one that will be your secret fortune. Let's see


the question. Which of these Harry Potter books has the fewest pages.


Have either of you read the Harry Remember the computer has allocated


the lowest amount of money to the book with the fewest pages. That is


what you are looking for. Give me the fewest pages and that �100 goes


in the bin. But slip up and give me the book with the most pages and I


will have to throw the �50,000 in the bin. The first three were the


smallest. I think the second book was smaller than the first book,


for the simple reason in the first book she explains everything about


the magic. The second book was The Chamber of Secrets. Our answer is


The Chamber of Secrets. Computer, which envelope number is attached


to the answer The Chamber of Secrets? Envelope 16. Your Secret


Fortune tonight will not be... though. Let's take a look at the


correct order. The Philosopher's Stone, The Order


of the Phoenix and the gob let of fire were the ones you were


avoiding. The evil �100 is still staring at you.


The Italian Job was superb. Arthur, the remake was with Russell Brand.


It was popular. But all fee is niche, British. We reckon the


remake of all fee wouldn't tickle the Americans. The answer is all


fee. -- Alfie.


That's going to be a big number. think so. Your Secret Fortune


tonight will not be... �14,000. You should have gone to Get Carter.


Let's see what the next question I was hoping it would be Britney


who came up. I'm glad that it has. I'm sure it was days. I think that


was the Vegas marriage. The one we want to get rid of is Britney and


Kevin. Which envelope we don't want to see.


My instinct is to keep that one. I might be wrong. Which envelope


number is attached to the answer? Would you like to hit me one more


time with the envelope! It was actually Britain's marriage to


Jason Alexander, the famously one that lasted only 55 hours. Your


Secret Fortune will not be... �40,000.


I don't believe it. Let's look at the correct order and


find out who you were looking for, Pamela and Kid Rock. Let's clear


that out of the way. Unfortunately, the �100 is still hanging in there.


A little bit irritating. Let's talk about the big money, �25,000, if


you walked out of here having won �50,000. Education is not cheap for


two children, it would enable us to put a little aside to look after


them, and make sure we buy a few things for them. For me, it would


be to be able to help the boys, help Hollybank, that is so


important. It is not just you benefiting, it is everyone else,


spreading it all over the place. Which of these US states the


California is densely populated and massive. The question is it small


and densely populated, huge and sparsely populated. My instinct is


Texas. As the smallest population. I'm so glad you said that, I


thought you were going to say New York. Are we going to stick with


that. Texas. Computer, which envelope is


attached to the answer, Texas. Envelope 2. First round. That is a


high number. We started well. need to pass it to me.


No! Your Secret Fortune will not be... Revealed in a few moments, it


is time for us to cross over to lottery HQ for tonight's Lotto draw.


See you in a moment. It's so frustrating. He's such a


tease. Not just them, I want to know the answer. I'm more stressed


than Dave and Lyn at the moment. We will get your heart rate up in a


moment with the Lotto Rollover draw. In four days time the Paralympics


start, I can't wait for the whole country to get back into the


sporting spirit. Take a look at this film, about paralympian discus


thrower, Dan Greaves, who thanks to your support, is going to London


2012 with the best possible chance I first started discus at high


school, and my PE teach you are saw I had a talent and sent me to the


athletics club. I have limited flexibility in my feet, I had


operations from three months old to 14 years old. I have worked really


hard, and competed in able bodied and disability event. I was ranked


number one in the world going into Beijing, unfortunately I came third,


that was a massive disappointment. For the last four years I have


trained really hard and back to number one world ranking. My


technique as a Paralympic athlete is very different, I go off my heel


rather than toes, it is harder to go off your heel than toes, we work


on that in training. The perfect throw would be a combination of


strength and agility. When I go into the circle, I am athinking


balanceed and quick, and looking for the perfect angle to finish and


looking to throw as hard as possible. I'm excited to compete in


front of the home crowd, you have to savour the moment. To compete in


front of 90,000 people is incredible, with friends and family


it will be out of this world. I owe great thanks to National Lottery


players over the years, I wouldn't be playing as world number one


without the support, training full- time. I want to carry it into


London and bring gold back for the public. My name is Dan Greaves, and


with your help I can become a Paralympic champion again.


Let's hope he does become an Olympic champion. I'm so excited


about the Paralympics starting. If you missed our other Paralympic


films, featuring the British wheelchair basketball team, and


wheelchair rugby team, head to the website and follow the links. It is


worth a look, they are so inspiring. The time has come to find out if


this is the weekend that you, yes you, are going to become a multi-


millionaire. It is the Lotto Rollover draw.


First, a quick congratulations to Libby and Alastair McRae from Ellon


in Aberdeenshire, who shared the jackpot, banking over �2.1 billion.


Congratulations, enjoy the cash. How much is in the rollover jackpot


tonight. Tonight's Lotto Rollover Mid-week, there were no jackpot


winners, five lucky tickets matched with five main numbers and the


bonus to win the �113,000, that is each. Congratulations.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Are we ready? We are. Excellent, That's just about all from us, I


will be back on Wednesday with the mid-week draws, Matt Johnson is


here on Friday night with the euromillions draw and special


guests The Script, we will be performing, why not on Wednesday!


Alan will get you the results of this week's Lotto plus fives. See


you soon. Good night. Welcome back, before the break,


Dave and Lyn had just answered the question, they chose Texas. At


stake are �100, �30,000, and �50,000. Your Secret Fortune


tonight will not be: � 30,000. It goes in the bin, and along with


it goes �30,000. Let's take a look at the correct order. It was New


York. That's what you were looking for. Let's clear that down and look


exactly where we stand now. You always imagine when you create


a game like this, that it is possible you could be down to the


�100 versus a big amount, you kind of hope it doesn't happen, because


it is such a difficult thing to face. The butterflies are doing


gymnastics. Calm, breathe, think. Ready for the last question? By the


end of 2011, which of these men's world records was the slowest.


Remember the computer has allocated the slowest record to the smallest


amount of money, give me the correct answer and that horrible


little �100 will go in the bin. �100 is under 10 seconds, it will


be somewhere between 40-50 seconds for that 400m track run. To beat


the runners you have to be able to do a length in about 25 seconds


each length. I think they could do that.


which case, the slowest is the 400m track? It's going to be close.


think it is a reasonable logic. really think the track is slower.


You did just now. Go on then. slowest world record is the 400m


track. Remind me again where do you think the �50,000 is. I have always


thought it is in number eight, I might be wrong. You don't want it


to reveal eight. Computer, which envelope number is attached to the


answer 400ms track. Is that good? We think that's good.


How real is the money feeling just about at this point? It is just out


of reach. There is so many things going through my head about what we


might do with that. Would you like to pass me envelope number 4. This


until is the last one that you are throwing away. Which means that


envelope 8 is your Secret Fortune tonight. Would you like to pick it


up. And come with me. No-one is really interested in envelope 4,


that is the one you have thrown away. What we are really interested


in is what is in your Secret Fortune envelope? I do not want to


look at this, I really don't. know it is either �100 or �50,000?


I don't want to look. Lyn, David, your Secret Fortune tonight is....


�100. Guys, guys.


That is just terrible, un believable. It happens. One of


those things. It has been great, we have had a brilliant time. That was


terrific fun. You know, it is a real mark of the kind of people you


are, that is how you are dealing with this. I think I would be in


bits at the moment. It's been great. Let's go through the formality,


there is that cheque with your name on it for �100. You will get your


Swansea strip, and you will get the possibility of taking your boys to


Tottenham. We are off to White Hart Lane. There is a souvenir which is


envelope eight. To clear up a couple of things. The difference in


the final question, it was nearly four seconds in the opposite


direction in actual fact. We open every envelope, and sadly, in


envelope number four there it is, there is the �50,000. Thank you


very much for coming along. I thought you were fantastic. Ladies


and gentlemen, weren't they great. Dave and Lyn.


I will they are leaving with �100, that is the game sometimes, join me


next week, when two other people will discover their Secret Fortune.


The high-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune tonight are Dave and his best mate's wife, Lyn. They could walk away with as little as £100 or as much as £100,000. Will Lyn prove the perfect Secret Fortune partner? Includes the National Lottery Saturday draws presented by OJ Borg, with Lotto and Thunderball.

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