Episode 6 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune

Episode 6

High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are sisters Deb and Roma. Will they take away the top prize?

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Two contestants will throw away 23 23 envelopes. Until they are left


with just one. Your Secret Fortune tonight is


�100,000! Tonight, Deb and Roma are trying to


hold on to that �100,000. As they Welcome to the National Lottery


Secret Fortune with your host Nick Hello and welcome to Secret Fortune.


We have two players facing 24 envelopes. What they are looking


for is the one containing their Secret Fortune, from �100 right up


to �100,000. It's right here and it's waiting to be won by tonight's


contestants. They are Deb and Roma Let's find out the relationship.


You are? Sres. Sisters. Who is the big sister? Me, 11 years between us.


Have you always been close? when she was little, a bit of


jealously crept in, I broke the head of dolls and things, but now


we are olding, it is OK. When did you become really good friends?


Over the last three or four years. Roma has been involved in what I


have been doing with my business and things. It's been supportive.


You are involved in all kinds of community based projects. I run a


social enterprise based in the community. We run lots of different


services for the community, youth groups, we run meal clubs for older


people. One-stop shop really. is really something. I am not


jealous any more, very proud of her. We will get to know more about you


during the show. Just by being here, you are going to go home with some


money. You don't know how much. Your Secret Fortune is sitting here


in one of tonight's envelopes. Each contains an amount between �100 and


If you walked out with �100, what would you spend it on? I have made


spaghetti bolognese, but I have never been into an authentic


Italian restaurant, that is my meal. Murder-mystery night, where we


solve who did it. OK, �5,000, if you left here with �5,000 tonight,


would that be a big win? Yes. parks, every theme park in Britain,


I would be there. She's an adrenaline junkie. I can't go


upside down any more, but I would still like the rides. I was


planning to have gone to New York for my birthday, but I moved and


couldn't go, so that would be my dream. Sex And The City shopping in


New York. �25,000 each, that is life changing money. For me, I have


talked about working with people, learning to cook and I like setting


up cookery schools, I would like to ingent money into that, so we could


get young people involved in things. That is a really lovely thing to do


with your money. �100,000, �50 ,000 each. All of the above, and also


have a convertible car. I have a ten-year-old car, I want one that


the roof comes off, I should put hair extensions, because my hair


doesn't grow, so my hair blowing in the wind in my convertible car.


all wish you well. Looking forward to seeing how you play the game. I


think it will be a lot of laughs along the way. Each of these


envelopes contains one of those amounts placed at random, numbered


1 to 24. Let's seal these away and the next


time you see one is when you bring it back into play. Most digital


viewers can play at home by pressing the red button. Now choose


four envelopes. I am going to pick number one and 23 please. Three and


Keep the envelope that contains the most money. Let's see the first


I don't know what is in the four envelopes, but our computer does


and it is allocating the envelope containing the most money to the


country that consumes the most chocolate. And the second largest


amount is with the country that consumes the second largest and so


on. You have to lose three answers. You think of Switzerland, and


Belgium, those would be the countries. The USA would be the


first we get rid of. We are going to get rid of USA.


Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be: �3,000.


That is a cracking start. From the correct side of the board. Very


good. What is next? Belgian chocolate and Switzerland makes a


lot. UK would be our next choice. I think so yes. We are going to get


rid of the UK next. You don't think we eat a lot of


chocolate per head in the UK. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be:


�30,000. We do eat a lot of chocolate.


That's maybe true or it may not. It is entirely possible that you are


still right, you might just have chosen very large amounts in the


envelopes. I think it is more likely to be Switzerland. We are


As I said to you, you may just have picked some big numbers here.


Computer, is it Switzerland? It is the top answer.


For you at home here is the correct Envelope 7 could be your Secret


Fortune tonight. Shall we get on, choose another


four envelopes. I am going to have number six and unlucky for some 13


please. I would have said Fry and Laurie


are the same sort of age. Reeves and Mortimer, I'm not sure.


Which one will we get rid of first? Get rid of French and Saunders


please. , Because you think their combined


ages will be less than the others. Your Secret Fortune will not be:


�22,000. Fry and Laurie to go next.


You have an interesting way of working these things out. Your


Secret Fortune tonight will not be: �18,000.


Be I think reaches and Mortimer will be the -- - Reeves and


Mortimer will be the highest. think it is quite close. I think we


Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be... �8,000.


That's better. That leaves you with envelope 22.


Which of these comedy comedy duos has the oldest combined age? That's


What is in here? Almost impossible to tell. Envelope 22 could be your


Secret Fortune tonight. Pick four more numbers please.


Number 2 and number 20. Can I have five and 24 please.


Which of these Rugby Union positions wears the highest Jersey


number. Did you feel that sigh, when it


mentioned sport and rugby. A sigh of not knowing anything about it.


I think they are really unusual names, scrumhalf. There used to be


a nice programme with a man called TJ Hooker. He was a policeman.


Shall we get rid of the Hooker. We will keep hooker. What about fly-


Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be... �10,000.


Full back sounds important. What about the fly-half, think a lower


number. Yes fly-half please. Your Secret Fortune will not be...


�20,000. He's quite important, isn't he, a


fly-half. We both said we felt full back was


more. Get rid of hooker next. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be... �500. Number 2. I have to say as somebody


who plies rugby and watches a lot of rugby, it was one of the more


unusual theories I have seen to how this was played! Have you managed


to find your way through to the top answer. Is it full back?


Fantastic. How much is in this envelope? Over �20,000. You have


two large amounts going through to the final and envelope 2 could be


your Secret Fortune tonight. Pick another four please. I will


have number 4, 21 please. I will The computer is allocating the


envelope containing the most most money to the series with the most


episodes and so on. I haven't watched Ugly Betty. Sex And The


City is very popular. I want to get rid of Ugly Betty.


Your Secret Fortune tonight will We are going to get rid of Dawsons


Creek. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


I think alley Mcbeal has been around longer. Sex And The City


please. Your Secret Fortune will not be...


It is interesting this, you threw away a big amount there, �40,000.


This will be a really good one to It was dawn sons Creek.


Envelope 18, difficult to know what is in it, it is somewhere in the


mix. Either way, envelope 18 could be your Secret Fortune tonight.


Let's take a look at the situation with the money and see where we


stand. It's not a bad board. If I was you I would want to get rid of


that �100 as soon as possible. Let's choose four more. 11 and 19.


I am relying on you Debbie. I don't think that that twitter and Skype


weren't launched first. Those were later ones really. I am thinking


actually something like twitter, get rid of twitter. Your Secret


Fortune tonight will not be... �2,000.


Envelope 9. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be... �100,000.


That's tough. I have to take the �100,000 and throw it in the bin.


Gosh, that's really shocked me. I was trying to think about Google


being a search engine and how that was in the earlier days and Google


maps has come since it. I don't know. Facebook. What would you get


rid of. I would say Google maps. Get rid of Google Maps please.


Secret Fortune tonight will not Leaving you with envelope 14 and


the answer Facebook. At this stage I ask the computer to tell us which


was the top answer but we know what it was.


Skype. For you at home here is the Envelope 14 could be your Secret


Fortune tonight. There are only four numbers left so


we will get them into play, 10, 15, 300 is gladiators thing. Ocean's


Twelve, there's been a 13. I know that one. Gone in 60 seconds is the


one where we steal cars, that's quite recent. 8 Mile, that is


sometime ago. Gone in Sixy seconds please. Your Secret Fortune tonight


That was a big amount! I am thinking about the 8 Mile, I keep


thinking of this guy that sang in it, if it is that one, it is a few


Your Secret Fortune tonight will A couple of things there, you look


frightened. �100 has gone so as a result, the


least you will go home with tonight is �5,000.


You have two envelopes left, what would you like to throw away?


Ocean's Twelve. Get rid of 8 Mile please.


Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be... �6,000.


APPLAUSE So which of these films was


released first. No it was Gone in Well done ladies. Envelope 17 could


be your Secret Fortune tonight. So we started with 24 24 envelopes,


you now have six containing �5,000, �9,000, �12,000, �16,000, �25,000


and somewhere in front of you in one of those envelopes is a cheque


with your name on it for �75,000. One of those amounts will be your


Secret Fortune. You could be going home with a huge amount of cash


tonight. It could be your lucky night and it could be your lucky


night too. Time to cross to Lottery HQ, it is the Thunderball Draw.


We are live at Lottery HQ with Mr John Partridge. Welcome to the show.


Deb and Roma, you are hilarious. Will they keep hold of that �75,000.


Also coming up tonight we have two live draws in the studio. First up


it is Thunderball and hot on its heels it's Lotto. We are also going


to be hearing from OJ Borg as they chats to Paralympic medal winner


Nyree Kindred. Now we will see if we can make more GB winners. It's


You know what to do, get the first Last night there were well over


116,000 winning Thunderball tickets. Congratulations if you were one of


those winners. Are we good to go? Yes we are. You know how long I


have wait today hear that! Good luck. You are outrageous.


If you have matched with all the numbers drawn so far you are just


one number away from �500,000. Don't forget, match them with the


Thunderball on its own will still back you a cash prize, which means


every ticket is still in play. Good luck.


He's right. Here we go, this could make a big difference to what you


We will be back in a few mintutes' time with the live Lotto draw and


we will be joining OJ OJ Borg and Nyree Kindred at GB House. Right


now it's back over to Nick to see if Deb and Roma can keep hold of


Welcome back to Secret Fortune. Deb and Roma have six envelopes in


front of them containing these amounts:


Somewhere in front of you is an envelope containing �75,000.


Have you any idea where the big money might be? Seven. Yes. We are


drawn towards seven. Lucky seven. Deb and Roma, we are going to cover


over the numbers and give them a shuffle. Now you will have no idea


which envelope will be attached to which answer. You have worked hard


to keep your six envelopes but over the next questions you are going to


throw away five of them until you are left with one that will be your


Secret Fortune. Do you play bingo at all? I play


with my mum on a Friday night, so I I should know them. The answer you


give me will be the envelope I throw away. Let's see the answers.


The computer has allocated the lowest amount of money to the


lowest number. That is what you are looking for. Give me the smallest


number as a bingo call and that �5,000 is gone.


Which one is it going to be. Snakes alive number five. Droop yeah


drawers is all the 4s. 66, we want to keep that. I am thinking dirty


three, number three. Droopy drawers is all the fours.


I any snakes alive number five, get rid of that one. So which envelope


number do we not want to see now. Number seven. Which envelope is


attached to the snakes alive. Would you like to pass me envelope


I announce what is in it, and it goes in the bib. Your Secret


Fortune tonight will not be: Let's look at the correct order and


Let's clear that away. On to the Do you remember seeing them?


remember watching Ann Widdecombe. She had a bright yellow dress, they


said she looked like a cannary. She's not built for dancing. Same


as Russell Grant. I know they were quite cruel with Ann Widdecombe in


terms of low scores. I would want to go with Ann Widdecombe. I think


Remind us which envelope we don't want to see. Number 7. Which


envelope number is attached to the Envelope 22. Your Secret Fortune


tonight will not be... �9,000. That's very good. Well done. That


is in the bin. Let's look at the Let's clear that away and take a


look at the next question. This The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is


on a film. Breaking Dawn is vampires. My daughter watches it.


That is quite popular. One Day I have never heard of that one.


What number do we not want to see revealed. Number 7. Which envelope


number is attached to the answer You have to pass me envelope number


7. You do it. I have to read out how much it is


worth and throw it in the bin. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be.


�75,000. APPLAUSE


I think that is an encouraging round of applause from everybody


there to try and get your spirits up. What a shame to see that go.


Let's look at why you were wrong Let's get rid of that and have a


think about the position we are in at the moment. Still on the board


we have �5,000 minimum which you are going home with. At the top you


have �25,000. You are heartbroken the money went but �25,000, to


leave here with �12,000 each, you could get the best spaghetti


bolognese in the country! I now Ron Howard because he used to


be in Happy Days, I used to watch him with The Fonz. Mel Gibson has


been in a lot of films. I haven't seen anything Kevin Costner has


directed. I can't think of any real films,


he's directed them, so that is what I am thinking Kevin Costner was the


youngest when he won a best Which envelope number is attached


Was that a good round for a bad round. Your Secret Fortune tonight


will not be... �revealed until after we come back because it is


time to cross to hotry H -- Lottery HQ for tonight's draw. Good luck.


Oh! I can't believe they just lost the �75,000. Every time they see


that book they will be reminded of that. But they still have some nice


cash to play for and so have you. That draw is just moments away.


First the whole country is back in sporting spirit with the start of


the London 2012 Paralympic Games. I thought the opening ceremony was


fantastic. It was stunning. athletes are doing a fantastic job.


They have They have racked up an impressive medal count. Let's cross


to to OJ Borg at Paralympics house. The London 2012 par lirpic games is


in full swing. The firsts are always important. It is time to


talk to the person who won the first Paralympics GB medal in the


pool Nyree Kindred. It is a pleasure to meet you. What is that


medal like?. Awesome medal, I am really proud of myself. What was it


like having that hung round your neck when you won? It shows all the


hard work has paid off, I am dedicated in the pool every day and


the last year has been amazing. I am proud of myself. You have won a


lot of medals. This is my tenth Paralympic medals. Some have been


gold. Where does this rank amongst all the medals? I am so pleased to


have performed so well a year after giving birth and doing it front of


the home crowd, icing on the cake. What gets you up in the morning,


having a baby of 14 months, what makes you want to strive to still


compete. Hearing her chatter in her cot and knowing this is for her,


who else wants to race with the home crowd, having them roar for


you. What you let her have that medal? I wouldn't let her play with


it it!. All I want to do is to perform. I saw her in the crowd and


I we willed up a bit. What is it like in the Aquatics Centre. A lot


of people have spoken about it. I have never been there. A lot of


people haven't been. What is it like competing? Awesome. I wish I


could do it all over again. The crowd cheering and you think they


are there for you, they want to spur you on and they did, they


helped me get this medal. medals is the target. Is that


something that is achievable? think so, we have an awesome team.


Search out there, they train so hard and we want to be the best.


National Lottery funding has helped get you where you are. I wouldn't


be able to train elite without the National Lottery and to be able to


concentrate purely on my sport. said between I and your husband,


how many medals do you have? have 21. Where do you keep them?


have a nice display box at home. We keep them, not telling you where.


mentioned your husband, you are part of a golden couple of swimming.


What is it like watching, he has four events to go? I watch him, I


get just as nervous and excited but I wait for him to touch the wall.


Have you retired? I don't know yet, never say never and evaluate what


happens after these Games. I am concentrating on swimming at these


games since having Ella. We still need you to push that button. Back


to the studio for tonight's big Lotto draw.


What a lovely lady. Thank you very much. There is going to be some


button pushing action from them in a moment. Start getting yourselves


into the winning winning zone because here comes your chance for


Put me out of my misery, what is in the pot tonight? The jackpot has


been estimated at �4 million. Release those big money balls Matt.


Thanks to Michael we are losing Lancelot and set of balls six.


Is Lancelot ready? Of course he is ready. Back over to you.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


The button is yours. Thank you for That is just about all from us


tonight. OJ is here on Wednesday at 10.35 and he will be chat to go


even more of our amazing par lirpic GB -- Paralympic GB athletes.


I will bring the results of this week's Lotto plus fives after we


have been back to Nick. It's good night from me and good morning from


Hope you were lucky. Before the break Deb and Roma had just


answered the question which of these famous actors was youngest


when they won a best director Oscar. The computer told us envelope 17


was attached to the answer Kevin Costner and we don't know how much


is in this envelope. I am about to announce how much and throw it in


the big. Your Secret Fortune The very first thing I am going to


draw your attention to is the left- hand side of the screen which tells


you the minimum you are going home with tonight is �12,000.


You actually now have two envelopes in front of you. One contains


�12,000. But there's still �25,000 there. You are more than doubling


the amount you go home with if you Are you good on geography?


brilliant. Remember the computer has allocated


the country with the smallest area to the smallest amount of money.


Give me the correct answer and the 12,000 gets thrown away. There are


a lot of states in the USA. If you looked at that question you would


think the smallest, you would naturally think China, because


America is massive, it's bigger, but if you look on the map, China


is a very big country. It covers a lot of places.


covers a big area. Tnchts there's there's such a lot riding on this.


I can't confidently say one or the other. USA is the smallest. I think


it is more likely to be USA than China. Are you sure? Yes USA.


Which envelope number is attached to the number USA?


Envelope 2. Envelope 2, pass it to me.


This is the last envelope you will throw away, which means envelope 18


is your Secret Fortune tonight. Would you like to pick it up and


come with me. Envelope 2 is of no interest to us


now because it is the one you are throwing away. Pass me envelope 18.


Your Secret Fortune tonight is... ��12,000.


APPLAUSE There is a cheque for the amount


written out to you. You have it. We will share it.


There are two things we need to sort out. The smaller country was


China. The difference was 200,000 square kilometres.


I need to clear up what is in the envelope 2, that is where the


�25,000 was. We wanted to get rid of the �100.


We were happy then. �12,000 is make a difference to you? Yes, it's been


fabulous. We have had an unforgettable day. What a fantastic


couple. They are leaving with �12,000. Join us next week with two


High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune tonight are sisters Deb and Roma. They could walk away with as little as £100 or as much as £100,000. Will their sisterly love be strong enough to withstand the pressure? Includes the National Lottery Saturday draws presented by John Partridge, with Lotto and Thunderball.

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