Episode 7 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune

Episode 7

High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are best friends Tony and Jim. Will they take away the top prize?

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Two contestants will throw away 23 envelopes. 50,000. Until they are


left with just one. Your Secret Fortune tonight is... Tonight, Tony


and Jim are trying to hold on to that �100,000. As they play for


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE welcome to the National Lottery's Secret


What a wonderful welcome. Hello and welcome to you and to Secret


Fortune. We have two players facing 24 envelopes. They are looking for


the one containing their Secret Fortune, anything from �100 to


�100,000! It is here and it is waiting to be won. Let's meet Tony


First of all, what is the relationship? Best friends. Who is


the most competitive? Definitely me. Jim is competitive when it comes to


sport. I desperately tried to beat him constantly, but there's nothing


today I can beat you at which drives me insane. Here is the


bright one? Who has more knowledge? I seem to have a random brain of


picking a news for us -- useless information. Tony is good on


geography and things like that. That is very generous! Her I've


always had an ambition. One of the ticklers things is to go on a quiz


show on TV and we will make a good team. Even though we are


competitive, we will be unstoppable. We might hand over �100,000 now! We


won't do that. Tell us who is at home. My wife is called Lynsey and


we have a one year-old called Olivia. We've been married for two-


and-a-half years. Who is at home? Rachel, a very, very long-suffering


wife. She is wonderful. No children. Rachel is the one that might


benefit tonight. You know you'll be going home with some money, but you


don't know how much. Your Secret Fortune is in one of tonight


envelopes. Each envelope contains an amount between �100 and �100,000.


Let's take a look at the money. Let's go through some of those


amounts. �100, what do you do with that? G in is really good at IT.


is my job! I have no idea how it works. I ring him up a lot to fix


stuff. I probably owe him. For services rendered over the years.


He owes me a lot more than 50 quid! What would �1,000 go on? Icy chefs


cooking on MasterChef and it looks amazing. I would probably take the


wife to a Michelin-starred restaurant and sample what is meant


to be the best food. �20,000? wife has put up with me for many


years. The one thing she has always wanted is a red shiny Porsche. If I


got that much money, I will go out and buy a red shiny Porsche,


probably second hand. I would help take the barrier away from trying


for a second child. It is a big thing. Let's talk about �50,000.


want to be generous. I would like to get the boat in the Caribbean


and invite all my friends for a huge party for a couple of weeks. I


wouldn't pay for them, but I would get the boat. �50,000 would be a


lot of things. At the moment I have a tiny car. We can't fit anything


other than a pushchair in. I would like something bigger and more


practical. Not as exotic as Tony, but still important. Good luck, I


hope you win big. Each of these envelopes contains one of those


amounts. They are numbered 1-24. Let's see all these away and the


next time you will see one of these is when you bring it into play.


Digital players can play along at home. The first thing you are going


to do is choose four envelopes. and 24. 5 and nine. Let's see them


on the board. Inside each envelope is one of those amounts. You have


to keep the envelope that contains the most money. Let's see the first


I don't know what is in those envelopes, but our computer does


and it is allocating the envelope containing the most money to the


richest singer and the second largest amount is with the second


richest and so on. You have to lose three answers. What do you think?


would think Robbie Williams is probably the least rich. I would


say that as well. The longer you've been in it, the more successful,


the more it will have grown. Key I think Robbie Williams we will get


rid of first. We would like to get rid of Laurie Williams. En Ville at


23. Your Secret Fortune tonight That so cave. -- that is OK.


Tom Jones, Cliff Richard, Gary Barlow. Gary Barlow is doing really


well now, but he has not had her whole career of doing stuff, 40


years. I liked your logic. Get rid Your Secret Fortune tonight will


Tom Jones is a Welsh singing star, he has done lots of albums. He


hasn't really done films. Cliff Richard has been around forever and


sold bucket loads of stuff. I am coming around to Cliff Richard.


Let's get rid of Tom Jones. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


It either could be amazingly good news or horrific. Would you like to


explain why it might be amazingly good? Be fit turns up we have


picked the right answer, we either have 75,000 or �100,000. We can


find out because we can ask the computer, it was Sir Cliff Richard


It was in fact Sir Tom Jones. This is the correct order. You don't get


to see that and so identifying what is envelope five is tricky.


Envelope five could be your Secret Four more envelopes. One and two.


16, my daughter's birthday, and 20, Right, that is nasty. I'm pretty


sure out of all of them, Khuner is common but it is not something that


Envelope two. Your Secret Fortune That's all right. Very good. Do a


lot of people by egg sandwiches? People don't want to stink of egg


or fish. I am confident with that. We will go with eggs. Envelope 20.


Your Secret Fortune tonight will Very good. One might say you on a


roll! My instinct says cheese. First of all I thought... Let's go


with that. We don't know. I think we can get rid of chicken. Envelope


number one. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be... You seem to


have reasoned this through. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not


Done it again. Wow, I'm afraid that is a very large amount going in the


bin. Leaving you with envelopes 16 for the answer a of cheese. It is


entirely possible that you are still correct. Which of these


sandwiches sold the most in 2011? The top answer is chicken. This is


the correct order for you at home. That was quite tough. Two rounds


running where you have had the biggest answer in the last two


answers and gone the wrong way. Envelope 16 could be your Secret


Choose four envelopes. Throw and 22. What do you think? The only one I


know is princess Jazz minute. -- Jasmine. Can you sing the songs?


Definitely not. Mulan is one of the most recent. Plump for one.


down. Pocahontas. No idea. Your secret fortune tonight will not be


�9,000. That is OK. I'm sure I have seen a recent advert for Mulan. I'm


more sure than the others. That is good enough for me. I have no idea.


Get rid of Mulan. Envelope 6. Your secret fortune tonight will not


be... �4,000. Mate, well done. is likely we hope that belle is one


we haven't heard about, but it has come out in the last 20 years.


think we would be stupid not to, because we don't know any better.


We will punt with getting rid of Belle. Envelope 22. Heard of Beauty


And The Beast? It is closer to Aladdin. Released in 1991. Your


secret fortune tonight will not be... �30,000. Oh man this is same


again. Envelope 22 goes in the bin, leaving with envelope No 3. Is it


possible you could still have the top answer, was it Princess


Jasmine? It was in fact Belle. For you at home here is the correct


order of all four answers. Envelope 3 could be your secret fortune


tonight. I'm determined you will crack this. Choose four envelopes.


I will go for 13 and 14. I will go The computer will allocate the


answer with the most number to the test with the highest pass rate.


What do you think? I would say with bus and lorry by the time somebody


goes to take that test, they have gone through a lot of training. Do


you think cars will be one of the most difficult ones to pass? People


who have never got in a vehicle before. I'm certain car will not be


the top answer. I will get rid of car. Yes. Envelope 13. Is 13


generally a lucky or unlucky number. It is just a number. Your fortune


tonight will not be... �10,000. think you wouldn't get in a bus or


lorry unless you're a good driver. Having passed a car test already.


reckon motorcycle. We can get rid of motorcycle. We don't know any


better. Envelope 19. Your secret fortune tonight will not be...


�100,000. Oh mate! �100,000. That has to go in the bin. Ouch!. Let's


say that because there are paying passengers on a bus it is probably


more difficult to pass a bus driving test. I don't think. I


think with lorry you have more people go for lorry tests, because


it's possibly seen as easier to do. I like the logic both ways, but I


think you might be barking up the right tree with the fact that more


people take the lorry test. Therefore, more people fail it. So


get rid of lorry. Get rid of? Envelope 7, thank you. Your fortune


tonight will not be... �16,000. We're neglecting the bottom left.


Bus, this is the blais where I usually say please tell us what the


top answer is. Can you confirm what was the top answer. Motorcycle. For


you at home, here is the correct order. That is not a great round.


Envelope 14 could be your secret fortune tonight. Choose another


four vops please. 4 and 1. I will Computer please allocate the


envelopes to the answers. certain the MOBOs are new. Music of


black origin. I think it is within ten years. It is between the


British soap awards and the national TV awards. I will say. You


will say? MOBO. Envelope 8. Your secret foreClun tonight will not


be... �12,000. That is higher than I thought. It is off the right hand


side of the board. This logic ain't working. You can't seem to catch a


break. There couldn't have been open awards before there were...


That is right. National television. Is national TV awards on now?


for general all TV stuff. Yes. documentary, whatever. I think so.


Best quiz show host, Nick Knowles obviously. Never been nominated.


Let's go with the instinct of the soap awards not being around that


long. Which one? British soap awards. Let's do it. Your secret


fortune tonight will not be... �1,000. Come on! Finally.


comedy awards can't have been award -- around. They can't have given it


for mother cam and Wise. -- More cam. I think we need to do it. We


need the get rid of British Comedy Awards. Envelope 18, thank you.


Your secret fortune tonight will not be... �22,000. That goes in the


bin. So we're down to envelope number 4. Which is the national


television awards. Have you got it right? Which of these television


award shows was established first? Commuter? -- computer? Did it again.


Done it again. For you at home, here is the correct order of all


Envelope 4 could be your secret fortune tonight. There are just


four numbers left. 10, 12, 15 and What sort of question would you


like? Sport. Sport! Or flags. or flags. Test him on a country and


a flag. I can't do that, because it might come up as a question. I do


know flags. Let's see what your At least I have heard of them.


Terminator Salvation that was post apocalypse. They came back in time


to change something recent. don't we get rid of Terminator


Slvaigs. We will get rid of that Envelope 17. What are you bringing


different to this round? Less knowledge. Blind panic and less


knowledge. Your secret fortune tonight will not be... �5,000.


don't know what Logan's Run. Blade Runner was Harrison ford. It was


what made him. Thid -- did they have space ships. If you're going


into the future, space would feature. But thinking about it, he


did a lot of stuff that is rally modern. We have to be happy with


what we're saying. Get rid of Minority Report. Envelope number 10.


Your seek cet fortune tonight will not be... �20,000. Oh! Two left. We


don't know one. One we know had a lot of futuristic stuff. How much


more futuristic can you get than space? It might not be space-


related. It might be some... Blade Runner was space-related. Get rid


of Logan's Run. Envelope 15. The interesting thing about this is


when I open envelope 15, if I don't say �40,000 it is in the final.


Your secret fortune tonight will not be... �25,000. Oh mate! Wow!


wasn't 40. With some of the things we have been worried about, to say


that it is not the 40 is about the best news that you have had all


game. Is it possible that you have held on to the top answer, computer,


Envelope 12 could be your secret fortune tonight. You started with


24 envelopes, you now have six containing �500, pbdz 6 thousand,


�8 thousand, �14,000, �18,000 and a substantial jump, because somewhere


in one of these envelopes is a cheque with your name on for


�40,000. APPLAUSE. One of those amounts will be your secret fortune.


I think having watched you play those first six questions, a song


comes to mind - Things Can Only Get Better. Now time to cross to


lottery HQ. Time for the Thanks, Alan, and good evening,


everyone. Tony and Jim are not having the best luck. They've still


got 40 grand on the board, though. Let's hope they can hold on to that.


Now tonight we've got two live draws, Thunderball in just a moment,


and we're being treated to a Lotto Rollover later on, so really big


money up for grabs. Before we crack on with Thunderball, I just want to


say a big congratulations to all the ParalympicsGB athletes as


London 2012 draws to a close. 118 medals already, which has beaten


their goal, and as we've been hearing from so many of the


athletes, their success is in no small way down to you the National


Lottery players for your enormous support. Right, let's see if we can


reward you for your good work with a win tonight. Let's start with


OK, let's get the machines going. M I Crook is our independent


adjudicator, Excalibur and set of balls No. 7 were picked at random.


Last night there were over 120 -- 112,000 winning Thunderball tickets.


Let's find out how you get on. Number 20. 39 balls to pick from in


this first machine. Choose five of them. Number 16. Three


opportunities a week to play the game, Munn stays, Fridays and


Saturdays. -- Mondays. Number 25. A couple more from the first machine.


Number 28. And finally, before we do anything else, number 23.


Excellent. Remember, even by matching the Thunderball alone, you


will win a cash prize. You will. This could make a big difference.


PUP box number two. Here are tonight Thunderball numbers in


We'll be back in a few minutes' time with tonight's live Lotto


Rollover draw, but for now it's back over to Secret Fortune with


Welcome back to Secret Fortune. Tony engine has six envelopes in


front of them containing �500, �6,000, �8,000, �14,000, �18,000.40


�1,000. -- �18,000.40 �1,000. Have you got any idea where the money


is? None whatsoever. Be doesn't matter because what we are going to


do his cover the envelopes and give them a shuffle. You'll have no idea


which envelope will be attached to which answer. Coe over the next


five questions, you will throw away five envelopes until you are left


with the one that will be your Secret Fortune. But let's see the


Remember, from now on, you can only throw away one envelope per


question and the answer you give me will be the envelope by throwing


into the bin. Let's see the answers. The computer has allocated the


lowest amount of money to the youngest loose woman. That is what


you are looking for. Give me the youngest and for �500 goes in the


bin. Slip up and give me the oldest and the �40,000 is going in the bin.


Carole Vorderman is over 50, isn't she? Definitely. Carole Vorderman


or Denise Welch, who is the youngest? Are I would have said


Vorderman. Easily. Jane Mac Donald? She is probably younger, isn't she?


Probably. This is probably the toughest one. I think she is


younger... It is pure guesswork. Jane McDonald. OK, we will find out


from the computer which envelope is No. 5. Pass me envelope five. I


announce what is in it and throw it into being. Your Secret Fortune


Let's take a look at the correct Very well done. That is a really


good start. Let's use that energy Do you like Queen? And they are OK.


I know this song really well, it is their most famous one. I probably


know the lyrics if I think about it. I taking your partner is currently


singing the song in his head. will double check in a minute.


going through the instrumental bits! That you are looking for is


the bit with the words! Galileo Scarinish, it will you do the


fandango? Galileo. The top answer his last. Which envelope is


Envelope 12. I would like it because it is going to go from you


to me via announcement on what it is worth. Your Secret Fortune


De look at that, �6,000 disappears, leaving you with a minimum take-


Let's take a look at the correct order. You sang it through in the


correct order. You were right. Fantastic. It has been a game of


two halves. Maybe it turned on Toulouse's win in question because


that was a stab in the dark. -- loose women question. Let's look at


Gordon Ramsay is massive, but he was a footballer. Will Jong and


Jenni Falconer are quite athletic. Sophie Raworth is not of an


athletic build. Beautiful. Slow! Of the slowest time, Sophie Raworth.


Happy with that? I'm happy. Sophie Raworth. Computer, tell us


which envelope is allocated to the Envelope four. That was the 5th


question. Your Secret Fortune Kole Ndrepepa weir managed -- we


managed to offend her massively. Let see where you missed out. Will


young have the slowest time. Sophie Raworth did very well. Only four


minutes behind Jenni Falconer. Let's clear up -- clear that away.


The free amounts left. You've done well to clear away the �500 and


�6,000. �14,000 is the minimum. What does that mean? Things in the


house. We moved about a year ago and we have done the nursery, but


we have not decorated anything else and haven't done much in the garden.


It would allow us to do that. Tony? Rachel and I talked about


going on a dream holiday this year and once we finished costing it, we


decided we could not afford it. She deserves to go away somewhere nice.


What if you could get �40,000? �20,000 each. Sh she gets her car.


She has always wanted for red Porsche. I will make his life hell


if he doesn't! �20,000 for you? Extending the family, that would be


a nice nest-egg to allow us to extend the family a bit more if


possible. Let's look at the next The pressure is on! Who wants to


answer this question? I'm a flag Bath, but the pressure is on.


chill-out. Let's take a look at the Jim, over to you. There's a


significant number for the amount their ears. I believe Thailand goes


red, white, blue, white, red. 5. Greece has definitely got more than


five. My guts say Thailand has the fewest stripes. I believe it has


five. Thailand. Thailand. Computer, which envelope number is attached


How confident are you on this? is definitely not the USA, I am


just worried about Greece. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not


Revealed just yet because it is time to go over to Lottery HQ for


He I think they said young and sprightly. Le at my smile at night


I can't believe... You were the quickest. I was the �40,000 answer.


It is a relief because it would have been very embarrassing. Enough


about me! Now, The National Lottery Awards


are approaching fast and it's almost time for you to start voting


for your favourite National Lottery good causes to win. To get you in


the mood, we went to catch up with one of last year's lucky winners to


find out what it meant to them to achieve national recognition for


The this is a world-class facility in Leeds offering education and


dance classes to people of all ages and abilities. The project received


�3.5 million worth of funding to help build up as it -- purpose-


built centre. With this building we can reach out to more people, more


cities, more of the public can come in and see what we're doing. Have


in this new building has transformed the lives of everybody.


This is a phenomenal space that has changed everything in terms of


creativity. Last year the project achieved and national recognition


when it won best arts project in the 2011 National Lottery awards.


Northern Ballet and Phoenix Dance. Picking up the award, such a sense


of accomplishment on how long Northern Ballet could make this


building and getting the award was the icing on the cake. We are


extremely grateful to the National Lottery for making the building


possible and of course to everybody who voted for us. Thank you very


much. Winning the award was great for the company, of course, and


that has allowed us to build upon hour presence in the City and


increase the ink size of the academy. My mum and my dancing


teacher watched the television programme and that encouraged me to


come here and try out the open day and I really, really enjoyed it.


was so exciting to actually be in the final of the Lottery awards,


unbelievable. There are so many different and wonderful other


projects that of there. It is really up to the public who decides.


It is the recognition and award gives you. It is not just winning,


it is like getting a stamp of approval. People are saying, yes,


what you have done is great. What a fantastic project. Voting


opens very soon for this year's awards. Over the next few Saturdays,


we will be showcasing the final 21 projects from across seven


different categories that need your support. Scott Mills will be giving


you all the details for this year's voting on Wednesday's show. Right,


time to try and find some winners for the very big money up for grabs


OK Alan, big number time. Tonight's jackpot is estimated at �6.3


million. We could think of plenty of ways of spending that. Let's try


and make somebody rich. Let's release the balls. It is Guinevere


and it is a roll-over draw. Julie is Guinevere read e e ready? Yes.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


That is ju about all from us. Scott Mills is here on Wednesday, joined


by gold medal winning boxer Luke Campbell. John Partridge is here


next Saturday with the finalists for the lottery awards. That will


be during another Secret Fortune. Alan will bring you the results of


this week's Lotto after we find out what Tony and Jim are going home


Welcome back. Before the break Tony and Jim had answered the question,


which of these flags has the fewest stripes. One of those amounts is in


this envelope. I will tell you what is in here and it will go in the


bin. Your Secret Fortune will not be... �8,000. Well done mate.


aim you are playing. Here is the Thailand, you're right with just


five stripes. Well done mate. we go. We're down to just the two


envelopes. All on this one last Remember the computer has allocated


the shortest star to the smallest amount of money. Give me the


correct answer and that �14,000 goes in the bin. We have got the


legend, Ronnie Corbett and Franky Dettori. Jockeys are small, but not


as small as you think of. Ronnie Corbett is tiny. I saw him on The


Office or Extras. He was up to... He sat in a chair and looked like a


child. I think Franky Dettori, I don't think he is that small.


I degree it is Ronnie Corbett. Thank you. Which envelope number is


attached to the answer Ronnie Envelope 3. That means envelope 14


would you like to pick it up is your Secret Fortune. Would you like


to come with me. Envelope 3 is the one you're throwing away. What


we're interested is -- in is envelope 14. Your Secret Fortune


is... �40,000! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Well done. There is a few


things to clear up. First is the cheque with your names on. If I


peel away here, here is a cheque with your names on it. You're going


home with �40,000 between you. �20,000 each. Well done. Secondly,


Ronnie Corbett is four inches shorter than Franky Dettori. The


other thing we do is open all vops during the game. So I will open


this one so you can see that is where the �14,000. So what can the


other thing be we need? Something to do with a Porsche? All the


amounts on there and I have got that amount. Better get shopping


for a Porsche. Well done. What does �20,000 mean. It means we can do


what we want and if we want to try for another Babby or do the house


up. It is fantastic. So properly making changes. Wasn't that


fantastic. Tony and Jim are leaving with �40,000. Join us next week Len


High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are best friends Tony and Jim. They could walk away with as little as £100 or as much as £100,000. Can they combine their individual talents to take home the top prize? Features the National Lottery Saturday draws, including Lotto and Thunderball, presented by Jenni Falconer.

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