Episode 8 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune

Episode 8

High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are best friends Kay and Karen. Will they take away the top prize?

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Two contestants will throw a23 envelopes.


Until they are left with just one. Tonight, Kaye and Karen are trying


to hold on to that �100,000. As Welcome to the National Lottery


Secret Fortune, with your host, Nick Knowles.


Ch What a fantastic audience. Welcome to Secret Fortune. We have


two players faced with 24 envelopes. They are looking for the one that


will be their Secret Fortune. It could be anything from �100, right


up to �100,000. It is waiting to be won by


tonight's contestants. They are Kaye and Karen from Wiltshire and


Let's find out the relationship. Best friends. How does that work,


when one is in Newcastle and the other in Wiltshire. We started off


in Birmingham and life has taken us to different places. How did you


meet? My boss. She started as a temp, she was quite bossy and she


was saying "Shall we go out to lunch, do you want to go for a


drink arve work ". Obviously they strong bond has been formed between


you. Psychic near enough. That might come in handy this evening.


You are an Elvis fan? Massive Elvis fan, went to Graceland. I love


Elvis but it's so tacky. You are a mad keen motorbiking fan?


I am a back seat rider. We follow Moto GP. We aim to do all the


circuits in the world. Do you have a specific amount in mind that you


would like to win? �100,000. Positive thinking, that is where we


want to be. It is good to have you here. As you know, you are going to


be leaving with some money. What you don't know is how much. Your


Secret Fortune is sitting here in one of tonight's envelopes. Each


envelope contains an amount between �100 and �100,000.


Let's look at the money. What happens if you go home with


�100. Three bottles of a wine and a sandwich! �5,000? Greece, we would


recreate my wedding last year, in a beautiful villa and invite


everybody back and have another big party. Was it Mama Mia. Nothing


like that, no. What are you going to do if you win the �100,000?


husband has scoured the internet for his next bike and my daughter,


it was her that sent in the application form, she needs to get


on the property ladder, I would help her out. Maybe you could set


up a small shrine to Elvis? already have one!


I have the wonder of Loo, an Elvis toilet. And the loo seat. I want a


singing one from Japan. If we win �100,000, Kaye could pick one up


for me. That is my plan for next year, go to the Moto GP. Each of


the envelopes contains one of those amounts. They are numbered 1 to 24.


Let's seal these away. The next time you will see one is


when you bring it into play. You can play along at home by pressing


the red button now. Choose four envelopes. I choose


number one for my daughter's birthday and 16 for my husband's


birthday. Number 8, the day I met my husband, and 17 my dog's


Inside each envelope is one of those cash amounts. What you have


to do is simple but crucial. Keep the envelope that contains the most


You have four possible answers and they are:


I don't know what is in the four envelopes, but our computer does


and it is allocating the envelope containing the most money to the


highest grossing concert tour and the second largest amount is with


the second highest and so on. Which Get rid of Taylor Swift. You are


quite decisive. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be �6,000.


That is a good start. What next? remember Britney Spears, there was


a massive e-mail sent out that I received, with half price tickets


because she couldn't sell out. I would say get rid of Britney


Spears. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


You know about Katie Perry. amount of touring last year. That


is why she split up with Russell Brand. I don't know. Get rid of


Lady Gaga. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be... �5,000.


APPLAUSE It is interesting, you actually


managed to pick in that round at least three really low amounts in


the envelopes. If this turns out to be the top answer, you know you


have got a largest cheque in here, but you know it is more than �6,000.


It was Taylor Taylor Swift. Never What does that tell you about this


cheque? 4,000 down. Envelope 16 could be your Secret Fortune


Number four, my mum's birthday and number 9, I have two dogs and it's


their birthday. Three my lucky number and just number seven,


Do you follow football at all? of. Computer, allocate the


envelopes to the answers. What do you think I think Fabio has


been there a while and Sven was there for a while as well. Taylor.


Let's find out what is is in this one. Your Secret Fortune will not


be... That is a good start.


Get rid of Venables next. I don't think he was there that


long. Yes OK. Venables is going.


Envelope 7. Tonight your Secret Fortune will not be �500.


You are doing very well so far. I'm sure Sven was in charge longer


than Fabio. Get rid of Fabio. Envelope 4. Your Secret Fortune


tonight will not be... �12,000.


That's all right. Which leaves you with envelope 3.


The question is did you get the top answer? Was it Sven?


Yes. What is in here? More than 12,000.


This could be a good one. Envelope 3 could be your Secret Fortune


tonight. Let's choose more envelopes and get


on to the next question. 14 and 21, random. 23, my birthday, and 13,


What are your first thoughts? thoughts, Madrid. Athens, Greece,


much, much further south, it takes longer to fly there. Lisbon is


Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be... �10,000.


You are doing really well at the moment. The left-hand side of the


board is be taken apart by you. Istanbul next. That is a long time


to fly to than the other two. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be... I think Madrid is further north.


That was my gut feeling when I saw the question. Envelope 13. Your


Secret Fortune will not be... �16 now.


-- �16,000. It is It is frightening when you


throw away �30,000 but it is possible you have the top answer.


Computer, which is the furthest What is in here? It's really


difficult to know. Whatever is in envelope 21, could be your Secret


Fortune tonight. Right let's choose four more


envelopes. 10, my wedding anniversary and 24


Do you watch the show? I watched six episodes of this yesterday. Do


you know the answer then? I hope so. Do you remember any of these?


Winehouse's dress went for �25,000. I went and made a cup of tea when


Marlon bran doe was on! If it was me... It is you! Get rid


of Diana's Christmas cards. The pressure is on you a bit with


this one. Your Secret Fortune will Marlon Brando, it was a rubbish


painting. He is known as an actor and not an artist. Your Secret


Fortune tonight will not be... Francis Bacon - I know Amy Amy


Winehouse's dress was �25,000. I don't know what the paint brushes


were. Get rid of the paint brushes. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


not be... �18,000. Tough to throw away 18,000, but if


you are right, if you have worked this out right, you have kept the


right answer, which means that you have a large amount in this


envelope. Have you manage today get APPLAUSE


Envelope 6 could be your Secret Fortune tonight.


Let's choose another four envelopes. Number 2 and number 12 please.


Do you read much? Yes. None of them. Heard of them all. There was a


black and film for the 39 Steps. That is an old one years ago.


that's pretty old as well. Catch-22 is probably younger than 39 Steps.


Catch-22 can go. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


I don't know what Fahrenheit 451 is. We will get rid of that one. Your


You are playing a fantastic game at the moment. My gut feeling would be


The Thirt diNine Steps would be the oldest. I think it was later.


will get rid of 1984 then. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not


be... �50,000. It means �50,000 goes in the bin,


never to be seen again. But the point I think you are trying to


make is that if you are right this could be a very special envelope.


Let's find out. Which of these books was first


Can I confirm with you, what is in this envelope envelope? 75 sthou or


100,000. Envelope 22 could be your Secret Fortune tonight.


There are only four envelopes left, so let's have them.


Didn't Paul and John go to school together, they were similar ages.


am sure Paul McCartney is younger than John Lennon. I think George


was younger than John and Paul. Lose George. Your Secret Fortune


tonight will not be �100. What is next? John Lennon was 70,


not last year, the year before. thought he was dead! It would have


been his 70th birthday! John is older than Paul.


Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be �40,000.


We will lose Paul. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be your


Secret Fortune tonight will not be, �9,000.


APPLAUSE Which Which means you are going to


be playing for �100,000 in the final. We have to see if you got


the top answer in this round. Was it John?


No, it was Ringo. You know this is below �40,000.


Envelope 5 could be your Secret Fortune tonight.


You started with 24 envelopes. You now have six and they contain these


numbers. Somewhere in front of you is an


envelope containing �100,000. One of those amounts will be your


Secret Fortune. Not only you that is playing for big cash tonight,


you at home, you are waiting to find out whether you have won big,


too. Time to cross to Lottery HQ for the Thunderball Draw.


Welcome to hotry HQ. In a moment Thunderball and later on Lotto, but


first voting is now open for the finalists of this year's National


Lottery awards. Over the coming weeks we will show you the three


finalists in each of the seven categories that need your vote.


Tonight we show case the finalists in the heritage category. The first


is Bute Park restoration in Cardiff. Let's take a look.


The project started with the recognition that we had an amazing


area of green space in Cardiff but no facilities here and there was


one derful historical stories that the park had but nobody was telling


them. I have just got my diploma in horticulture. The National Lottery


have given me a opportunity to work in this brilliant park. The park is


owned by the people of Cardiff. So when the restoration project was


taking place, people were coming up and saying what are you doing to


your building and that ownership has followed through now. With the


National Lottery funding, everybody feels like we are part of a new


chapter in the park's life. I can happily say the National Lottery


has made my dream come true. will be showing you the other two


finalists in the heritage category later on in the show and telling


you how you can vote. Now it's Last night there were well over


91,000 winning Thunderball tickets. Here comes the Thunderball which


That is it for now, but we will be Welcome back to Secret Fortune.


Kaye and Karen have six envelopes in front of them containing �3,000,


�20,000, 22,000, �25,000, �75,000 and �somewhere in front of you is


an envelope containing �100,000. Any idea where the money is? That


is a big one. 22 you think is the big one? Yes. We are going to cover


over the envelopes and give them a shuffle. Now you will have no idea


which envelope will be attached to which answer. You worked really


hard to keep these envelopes but over the next five questions you


are going to throw away five of them until you are left with the


one that will be your Secret Fortune.


From here on in, you can only throw away one envelope per question.


The computer as allocated the lowest amount of money to the


sequel that took the the least. The Dark Knight did really well.


Terminator Salvation, rubbish film, I think it got slated., It's


between between Terminator and Die You have to pass me envelope 16. I


say how much it's worth and throw it in the bin. Your Secret Fortune


My word ladies, this is absolutely incredible. It's like you just


can't slip-up. There goes the Let's look at the next question.


I think Felicity, she won it years ago. Was Ricky on it last year?


don't know who that is. He was on Hollyoaks. I can see him


winning it. Steady on. Shall we go with him? I haven't got a clue.


Ricky was the last to win it. Remind me which number we don't


Pass me 21. Let's find out what is going in the bin. Your Secret


Fortune tonight will not be... �22,000.


Let's take a look at the correct Will let's move on to the next


question. Which of those towering structures has the fewest steps to


reach the top. I am thinking Pisa is smaller than


Blackpool Tower. What would have the most. We would be safe with


losing the tower of Pisa. envelope we don't want to hear is


number 22. Which envelope number is attached to the answer Tower of




Pass me envelope 3. I have no idea what is in that one?


Your Secret Fortune tonight will The minimum you will go home with


APPLAUSE Let's have a look at the correct


You have just three envelopes left in front of you. From the moment


you walked in here and I said how much do you want, you said �100,000


and still showing up there is the �100,000.


If you walk out of here with �50,000 each, what happens? Get me


a convertible, while I am still young enough to drive one You want


to travel around America on a motorbike? We did California and


Arizona before and we would like to go back and do that again. Let's go


for the �100,000. Let's see the Do you watch Dragon's Den? Now and


Deborah Meaden always invests. Duncan is the miss miserable one.


Deborah Meaden came in late. don't know. My gut is because she's


been in it the least time, would be Deborah Meaden. Remind me the


Are you sure that is the �100,000 envelope? It's either �100 or


75,000. You have to pass it to me I am affwraied. -- afraid. We are


going to open it but not just yet because it is time to go back to


Lottery HQ for the Lotto draw. Good luck!


What a way to leave them. Now before tonight's draw it is time to


show you the remaining two finalists short listed in the


heritage category in this year's National Lottery awards. Up first


is Durlston Castle is Dorset. From the outside we were keen the


castle was a integral part of the park. We wanted to restore it as


the natural focal point of the area. We have restored what was a semi-


derelict Victorian building into a world class visitor centre. To have


it now, living, breathing, full of people enjoying the exhibition and


learning about the local rocks, the local flower ra and faun that, it


is -- flora and fauna, it's fantastic.


It is a voyage of exploration and discovery for many people.


Sometimes you lose the connection between the Lottery and what it


does at the end of the line and this project would not have


happened without the Lottery. Details on how to vote are coming


up after we show you this final The kurson is a fantastic place. It


opened in 1912. That was the first cinema in Cleave done but it's not


only a cinema, it is a living mu Saddam Hussein a -- museum of


living history. It's been owned by local people.


Before I came to the Curzon, I never knew much about films besides


watching them. I have been coming here since I was four-years-old. I


have seen a families grow up with the place, their children bringing


their kids along. I am really proud of this place. I love this building,


I love what you can see. The Curzon is very much loved by the community.


We have shown you all three projects. Now it is over to you to


decide which you would like to vote Next week we will show case the


three finalists from the health category. Before you go anywhere,


Over 249,000 tickets won �10. Tonight we are using Lancelot.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 75 seconds


That is all from us tonight. Back I hope you were lucky. We are about


to find out whether Kaye and Karen's luck has run out. Number 22.


What do you think is in number 22? It's either 75,000 or 100,000.


Let's find out your Secret Fortune I don't think you will be so


pleased to throw �75,000. I was thinking of the last question about


The Beatles, the 40,000 was the highest answer and I think the


100,000 is in envelope number 6. feel sick. It's fine. Let's look at


The computer has allocated the youngest Prime Minister to the


smallest amount of money. When you arrived here, you said you were


only interested in one figure, the �100,000. Here you stand with two


envelopes in front of you and the �100,000 is in one of them. Oh my


goodness. Tony Blair was 41. They could both be 41, but it could be a


matter of days. Do remember when Cameron came in, he is the youngest


Prime Minister ever. I remember them saying it about Tony Blair.


gut would say Cameron. My gut says We might have to play paper


scissors stone. Can you think of anything else that could help you


decide? I remember hearing it about Blair, they said the youngest ever


Prime Minister. I don't remember either. Go with that. Are we going


to say Tony Blair was the youngest? Yes. We are going to say Tony Blair


was the youngest Prime Minister. Which envelope number is attached


Pass me envelope six please. That is the one you are throwing away.


It means envelope five is your Secret Fortune tonight.


You look really crest fallen. think �100,000 is in there.


This isn't the one we are interested in. Envelope five is


your Secret Fortune. Your Secret Fortune tonight is


�25,000. As usual, inside the envelope is a


cheque with your names on it for �25,000. You can look after the


money. What is going to happen to the money? Go to Greece. Yes.


have to finish off a couple of things. David Cameron was 147 days


younger. It was so close. You played an amazing game. �25,000 is


good. Let me open the last envelope. This was envelope 6. There is the


100,000. That is the one you threw away. Weren't they fantastic.


Join us again next week when two more people will be discovering


High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are best friends Kay and Karen. They could walk away with as little as £100 or as much as £100,000 - but for these girls, only the top prize will do. Will their combined knowledge be enough to send them home with the top prize?

Features the National Lottery Saturday draws, including Lotto and Thunderball, presented by John Partridge.

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