Episode 9 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune

Episode 9

High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are Charlotte and her father, David. Will they take away the top prize?

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Two contestants will throw away 23 envelopes. �500! And will be left


with just one... He will secret fortune tonight is... Tonight,


Charlotte and David are trying to hold on to that �100,000 as they


Hello and welcome to The National Lottery: Secret Fortune, with your


Gosh! Thank you very much. Hello and welcome to Secret Fortune. We


have players facing 24 envelopes and what they are looking for is


the one containing their secret fortune. It could be anything from


�100 right up to �100,000! It is here and waiting to be won tonight


by Charlotte and David, from Yorkshire!


Lovely to see you. Welcome. Let's find out straight away, what is the


relationship between you two? father and daughter. You rang in


and said you wanted to come and play. Yes. And you thought, go with


dad? Yes. He has a lot of brains! But there must be a strong


relationship between the two. He is not just my dad. He has one


of my best friends. I am not shy to say that. We have lots of hobbies


and interests together. We both love music. One band being Queen.


Love them. Best band in the world! We like to do lots of covers.


you give us a quick burst? Unfortunately, I had tonsilitis not


long ago! A good thing to say on national television! It is a good


thing you're here tonight because you know you will be leaving with


some money, but you don't know how much. Your secret fortune is


sitting here in one of these envelopes. They contain between


�100 and �100,000. Let's take a look at the money. Now, if you


walked out of here with �20,000, �10,000 each, what does that do for


you? For me, again, because I love singing, I would love to have my


own recording equipment, and hopefully create some PA system so


I could go into pubs and clubs and sing. �50,000, David? Big change.


Me and my wife are both 50 in the same year. 30 years together. So


some partying to do! We would love to buy a motor home that you can


drive away, but we figure you could drive away for long periods. So I


fancy something like that. But there is a bigger goal with a


bigger figure, if you like. Linked to that. There is a bigger


figure, �100,000 up there. If you split that between you, where does


the money go? The big picture for me and my wife was, we didn't go to


university, so we never got a chance to have a year abroad. So we


figure, buy the motor home and go to Europe for a year and just tour


around. And that is our desire. What about you? Charlotte, what do


you do? That is a dream for me. I would love to run my own business


because my father does and I look up to him for that. I would love to


run a florist shop. So this could be life-changing. Absolutely.


envelopes contain one of these amounts at random. These are the


numbers arriving behind me. Let's put these away. The next time you


see one is when you bring it back into play. Most digital viewers can


play at home. Just press the Red Button. Good luck. The first thing


you are going to do is choose four envelopes. Fire away. Can I have


number seven, please? And 15. double the seven and go for 14 and


the top, 24. Remember, inside each envelope is one of those cash


amounts. Or you have to do is keep the MLA that contains the most


money. -- all you have to do is keep the envelope. The question


refers to new cars only. You have four a possible answers and they


I do not know what is in the four envelopes but the computer does and


it is allocating the one containing the most money to the biggest


selling car and the second largest amount is with the second biggest,


and so on. Which one would you like to lose first? Are I think what we


The money hatchback, I don't think we have seen that many are on the


road. -- the Mini. Massively popular. The Ford Fiesta... And not


everybody's cup of tea. None of them is desirably glamourous!


Apologies to anybody who has got one! Let's start with something


like the Vauxhall or the Ford. want to get rid of the Ford Fiesta?


Envelope number 15. Let's get started. Your secret fortune is


not... �30,000. Wow! Big one. Popular car. Not a big one. But


there it goes. To be honest, you might have chosen four envelopes


with a high around in. Has that affected the way you were thinking


on this question? No. I still think the Gulf. Would you say we agree on


getting rid of the Vauxhall? I am happy with that because they have


to go. A bloke number seven. -- envelope. Your secret fortune is


not... �4,000. I am drawn towards the Box Garden


because they are popular and you see a lot of them. -- the


Volkswagen Golf. Envelope number 14. Your secret fortune is not...


He so you are left with an envelope number 24. If it is the top answer,


what does that tell you about what is in this envelope? Is it tells us


a lot! Is as basic you got to be more than 30,000, hasn't it? -- it


has basically got to be. Was in the Volkswagen Golf? Wow! Yes. There


you go. Here is the order of the And then at number 24 could be your


secret fortune tonight. -- envelope. Let's choose four more and go to


question number two. A could we have a number one, No. 12. Could I


You would put your make-up on before you went on stage. Yes.


light the lights because otherwise you with fall on the stage. You


would raise the curtain, otherwise you would be Eric Morecambe! And


then you meet the Muppets last. I would say so. Can we please get


rid of meet the Muppets as a starter. The certainly can. Your


secret fortune is not... �22,000. Big ones. These are big. What is


interesting about that is that you could still be right. I say it


raised the curtain. Yes. We want to keep "put on make-up". So, raised


the curtain. Envelope number one. Your secret fortune is not...


He two left, one to keep and one to throw away. I honestly think but on


the make-up. I think so. We would like to get rid of a light the


lights. Lovely. Number 12. Your secret fortune is not... �25,000.


Wow! It one. Wow! That is really interesting, isn't it? What was the


most you threw away men? Twenty- five on that one. So, once again,


if you are right about "put on make-up" you know this envelope


will have a large amount of money. So, computer, was it number eight?


Wow. For you at home, here is the A you will find out what is in this


envelope before the end of the show. Envelope number eight could be your


secret fortune tonight. OK, let's pick four more numbers. I am going


to pick a number two. That is the date my nephew was born on. So


hopefully a bit of good luck. And 11. David? I think we will go with


Number 10, please. And up to 21. The thing about it, they are all...


You know, big names. Is there anything shouting at you? Well,


Nelson Mandela. For me personally, Bill Clinton should go. Would you


like to eliminate that one? Yes. sounds kind of weird saying that


out loud. I would like to eliminate Bill Clinton! Your secret fortune


is not... �100,000! There's other one's there. I'm afraid that cheque


for �100,000 has to go in the bin. Tough, that. But again, some other


big numbers there. What would you be happy to get rid of next?


think... Either Bill Gates or the Pope, because I still feel Mandela


is the strongest answer we have still got. We will go with the Pope


first. A man at Number 11. It is a tough one, this. Your secret


fortune is not... �20,000. Ooh! This is proving to be an expensive


round, isn't it? Yes. We have picked some big amounts there.


The question is, how big? I think my gut feeling... Stick to what we


said. He even though it is not the top answer, but feeling. We will


stick with Mandela being awarded it earlier. We will go with Bill Gates


as our next elimination, please. Hmm... Your secret fortune is not...


It was a lucky number in the end. It was. That's great because the


�100 disappears, and the minimum you could go home tonight with is


�500. All you're left now is Nelson Mandela. We know it's not the top


answer. It can't possibly be the top answer. Let's just get the


computer to confirm what the top answer was. It was, of course, Bill


Clinton. Here for you at home is the correct order of all four


answers, but no way of knowing whether that's the second top


answer, so it could be anywhere in between all the way down to the


�500. Definitely. Envelope ten could be your secret fortune


I think you two have done very well, actually, because that was a tough


old round. Let's just press on and choose four more envelopes and


choose another question. I'll have number three, please. Number three.


And number four. Number four. The computer is allocating the


envelope containing the most money to the fan of the most successful


team and so on through all four answers, so what do you make of


this? Football is a complete no-no for me. I have never, ever been


interested, unfortunately. I think what we've got to do here is


eliminate the ones that we think we're going to and hope we're


somewhere in the middle with the rest. I think Noel Gallagher being


a Mancunian, it's got to be City. That's a big team. Now it is. City


has been, you know, in the lower leagues for as long as I've - so


shall we go... Would you like to eliminate that one? Noel Gallagher


as a City supporter, please? Envelope three. Your secret fortune


�9,000. APPLAUSE


That's good. That's good. Four, 19 and 22 - you need to get rid of


another one. I like the thought process Alan Sugar would like a


small team because you kind of get that vibe from him. Is he an East


End boy? Would it be the Hammers? am trying to think. What's the


smaller London clubs. Eliminate things like Chelsea, Arsenal.


He's a QPR fan, isn't he? I don't know.


LAUGHTER Let's keep Sugar for a minute and


eliminate one of those. Piers Morgan, I - just because. We have


to get rid of two... So if we could get rid of him for the next one.


Getting rid of Piers Morgan, envelope 22. Your secret fortune


�75,000 CROWD: Ahh! Amazing. goodness. Right. Well, that's the


top answer. It is the top answer, and it's in the bin. It's in the


bin. OK. It's damage limitation now, so I think we need to just I think


go with Russell Brand on this one as our next elimination, please.


Russell Brand is going, envelope 19. I can tell you, he's a West Ham


supporter. Oh, is he? Your secret fortune tonight will not be: �8,000.


APPLAUSE Which leaves you with envelope


number four, and Alan Sugar. Remind us, computer, which was the top


answer. Piers Morgan, an Arsenal supporter. For you at home, here's


the correct order of all four answers. Yes, once again you have


an envelope which it's almost impossible to tell what's in it.


Yeah. But envelope four could be your secret fortune tonight. I


think, given the way this has gone, let's take a look at the money,


shall we, and see where we are. It's a kind of 50/50 board. You


have lost as many from the left as the right. The difficulty is you


have lost the 175 at the top but still in the middle is the 50 and


40,000. They're good sums of money. Let's clear that to the side and


have a look. I need four more envelopes, please. Number 16,


please. Number 16. And number nine, please. Number nine. Let's go for


17... Number 17. And 23, please. Computer, please allocate the


envelopes to the answers. What do you feel? Well, captain is still on


the ship, isn't he? A commander - not sure. Commodore, sounds like an


office job. LAUGHTER


Rear admiral... You have admiral, which is big. I originally went to


captain as the minimum. I think so as well. I think we should get rid


of that one. Eliminate captain as the first choice. I think so.


Envelope 17. Your secret fortune tonight will not be: �6,000.


That is better, isn't it? Yes. next? Rear admiral, we need to keep


that. Really? Yeah. I think you're right, because did word "admiral"


just dictates it's important. think we should get rid of


commodore. Yeah, commodore would be our next choice, please. Commodore.


Thank you very much. Your secret fortune tonight will not be:


�14,000. Right. APPLAUSE


That's fine. That's fine. Fine. Well, that seemed all right, didn't


it? You'd kind of reasoned your way to which one you were going to keep,


didn't you? Yeah, we did. Eliminate commander as our next option.


you very much. Envelope 23 has been eliminated and thrown in the bin.


Your secret fortune tonight will not be: � 500.


Very well done. Yeah. So the minimum you could go home with


tonight is �2,000. That's really good news, isn't it? Fantastic.


What was the most you threw away in that round? I think it was 14.


�14,000. So computer, which of Yes!


LAUGHTER For you at home, here's the correct


order of all four answer. As a result, you have the top answer


there, which means in this envelope is more than... 14, yeah.


Envelope 16 could be your secret There are only four envelopes left,


so let's bring them into play - Which of these legendary BBC TV


anchors read the news for the Computer, please allocate the


envelopes to the answers. What do you think? I don't recognise the


name Martin Lewis. Michael Buerk I recognise. Stuart I recognise from


Radio Two. Angela Rippon is one to keep. Really? I think so. I don't


think she has been in that role for a long time. I think she's


potentially one of the least. get rid of Angela. Let's get rid of


her simply because I can't remember her being on the news for many


years. Lovely, envelope five. Your secret fortune tonight will not be:


� 2,000. Good. APPLAUSE


Right. Where do we go now? Moira Stuart, Michael Buerk, two


favourites for us. I think we should eliminate Martyn Lewis


because we have no connection with him or no evidence, so we'd like to


get rid of him. Lovely. Thank you. Your secret fortune tonight will


not be: �10,000. APPLAUSE


That's all right. That's all right. I personally want to keep Michael,


but I - then we'd want to get rid of Moira. They're both big names,


and I think they've both done it for almost equal time, so it's a


50/50 flick. Can we eliminate Moira Stuart, please. Envelope six, Moira


Stuart. Thank you very much. Your secret fortune tonight will not be:


�18,000. APPLAUSE


That's all right. Good. Not bad. It's not wonderful, but it's not


the worst thing that could have happened there, and you're left


with envelope 18 and the answer Michael Buerk. Now, the other


interesting thing about this point is if you're right and you have the


top answer, this is worth more than �18,000, which means it must be one


of two amounts, yes? Let's find out. Computer, what was the top answer?


Ah, it was Moira Stuart. For you at home, here is the correct order for


all four answers. Out of a matter of interest, Moira Stuart read the


news for 26 years. Wow. Anyway, envelope 18 could be your


secret fortune tonight. Right. Now, then, when you started,


you had 24 envelopes. You now have six contains �5,000, �7,000,


�12,000, �16,000, �40,000 and still there in one of those envelopes is


�50,000. APPLAUSE


That's a good deal. Thank you. of those amounts will be your


secret fortune. You've picked your numbers, and we know that you've


picked your numbers at home. Grab your lottery tickets. It's time to


go over to lottery HQ for the Thunderball draw. See you in a


moment. APPLAUSE


Yes, 18 minutes to 9.00pm. Welcome to lottery HQ. Here is the stunning


Myleene Klass. You're stunning, Alan. What a tough game it has been


so far for Charlotte and David. I am just glad they have managed to


hold on to some big sums of money. Speaking of big money, we've got


your chance to win big at home. In a moment we'll have Thunderball. A


little later, we have the big Thunderball draw which tonight


boasts a double rollover jackpot, but first, voting is now over for


the finalists from this year's National Lottery Awards, the annual


search for the lottery's favourite funded projects. Over the coming


weeks we'll show you the finalists that need your vote. Anyone can


cast a vote. It's quick and easy. That's what you always say. We


showed you the Heritage finalists, and tonight is the health category,


which aims to promote our physical, mental and health well being. Here


When I was 12 years old, I was bullied at school. That's where it


all started from. I wanted to help young people who were both


vulnerable and abused, not only by bullies but also at home. Young


people realised bullying was a major issues, but what they were


more worried about was staying fit and healthy. The Be Healthy


programme is helpful because it takes them through a step process,


eating healthily, staying within a budget and how to tackle obesity


and exercise. I am now the lead Be Healthy trainer teaching other


young people, and I go out into youth clubs, communities. We go to


cafes as well. It feels great to see young people improving their


health. It's great that we have had the funding from the lottery to


fund this project. Looking at Lea and Luke and myself and how much


it's helped us and how much we've achieved because of this funding -


they helped me to build my life up and realise I can do something


different. It is changing the lives of young people, from it being one


young person to 1,500 every year A very nice. We will be showing you


the other two members of the category and telling you how you


can vote. Right now, it is time to find out if Lady Luck has voted for


you tonight. It is time for would. Said appals number two was


chosen at randomly with the machine Excalibur. -- set of balls. Good


luck to you all. Here we go. The first one, 28. We're onto a good


start. Next up... Which is it to be? The 39 balls to pick from in


this machine. Three opportunities each week to play the game.


Wednesdays, Fridays and of course, Saturdays. The last ball from this


first machine is next. OK, get that second machine moving now, Julie.


If you have matched with all v numbers so far, you are just one


number of way from winning Thunderball's top prize of half a


million pounds. There is also a cash prize for matching the


Thunderball on its own. Just one away! Watched closely! Here are


tonight's Thunderball numbers again in descending order. -- ascending


order. Thank you. That is it for the moment but we will be back very


soon with the lottery draw and a final two projects in this year's


National Lottery Awards, with details of how to vote. First, I am


going to check if Alan has some stunning shoes on! Back to Secret


Welcome back to Secret Fortune. Charlotte and David have envelopes


in front of them containing these De you have any idea where but the


money is? I have lost track. We are going to take those envelopes over


and give them a shuffle. You have worked really hard to keep these


envelopes in play but over the next five questions, you are going to


throw away five until you are left with the one which will be your


secret fortune. Let's see the question. Remember, from here on


incoming you can only throw away one envelope for each question, and


here are the answers. -- from here on in, you can only throw away. Six


islands and six amounts. The computer has given the lowest


amount of money to the smallest island. Give me the smallest island


and the amount of money goes in the bin. Give me the biggest and


�50,000 goes into the bin. What is it going to be? Cuba, quite a big


island. Madagascar sounds small. Yeah, I was drawn to Madagascar.


think Iceland, Ireland are pretty round. I think Madagascar could be


the one. If we talk ourselves out of it we are going to kick


ourselves. So, the answer is...? Madagascar. I had an inkling on


Number 10. Sir when I asked the computer, we don't want to see


16. I will reveal what is inside it and it goes in the bin. Your secret


fortune tonight will not be... �50,000. A oh! The art is amazing.


I am afraid that goes in the bin. Let's have a look at the correct


order and C why that is the case. Madagascar by far and away the


largest. The smallest watch for Lanka. It is done and gone, no


point in looking at it now. -- the smallest was re Lanka. -- Sri Lanka.


If hmm... I love Brian Reynolds. He did really well. Gemma Clarke said


to him, you are not only good- looking, but you are a good driver.


And I think Tom Cruise is out there as well. You think he did well? I


have think if we say Matt Le Blanc, that is in the middle. Which


envelope do you not want to see? 10! Oh, my God! Would you pass me


envelopeNumber 10, please? Your secret fortune tonight will not


be... �40,000. A oh, my God! Or what are we like?! I don't think I


have seen the top two amounts go in the first two questions. Let's look


at the order and C why that is the Let's take a look at the next


He did's think of the US Open. Golf is a very old game. -- let's think.


I think snooker is older than football as a world thing. I am


happy to go with snooker, if you want. I agree with you. I think


snooker is the one we are happiest with. Computer, please tell us


which envelopeis attached to the Your secret fortune tonight will


not be... �7,000. That's fine! That's fine! And nice to see one go


from the left-hand side of the screen. Let's have a look at the


order. The World Cup was the one you were looking for. You were


right to keep away from the other one. From the start, you have been


really positive. �16,000 means �8,000 each. He it would be


fantastic. It would allow us to do all sorts of things. Me and my wife


are both 50 next year, and war we used to do when the children were


younger was have extended holidays. -- what we used to do. A figure


like that would mean we could join the rest of the family and they


could join us if they wanted to and we could celebrate in style. That


sounds like a great thing to do with the money. Here's the next


I think Julie Andrews might be the first... She's a big name but she


came away from the limelight and went back in. Yes, she had that


throat problem. I don't recall Julie Andrews becoming a game. I do


recall Judi Dench. And Maggie Smith, I have no recollection at all. It


is in the memory bank. They don't go back that far! I am happy to go


with that. I think we are both agreeing we would like to go with


Dame Judi Dench. Computer, please tell us which envelope number is


attached to Dame Judi Dench. Envelope number 18. A bank you!


thank you. Your secret fortune tonight will not be... �16,000!


what does that tell you? Well, to be fair, it tells made the only way


you're taking that home is if you empty the bins! That was tough!


Let's look at the correct order. There it is at the top. She was the


one you were looking for. So we have two envelopes left. One will


be your secret fortune. Very soon, we will find out which one it is


going to be. But now we go over to Lottery HQ. Maybe you will be lucky.


I can't believe they have lost all that money. They could still enjoy


a great birthday bash with that 12 grand, though, so not too bad.


Here's hoping, and you at home could be enjoying some pretty big


celebrations with a win on tonight's double Lotto rollover


draw, just moments away. First, though, it's time to show you the


remaining two finalists short listed in the health category in


this year's National Lottery Awards. First up, it's Bionic Ear Show.


It's a show about how hearing works, so people can understand what they


need to do to protect it. It also gives an insight into what people


go through when something goes wrong with their hearing or their


hearing breaks down. Most people know they have an eardrum and canal,


but beyond that people are quite unknowledgeable, so we fill in that


gap. One of my sons has problems with his hearing, so it was quite


interesting to me to be able to sit and see what it was and where it


actually went because although the surgeon explained it's all a bit of


a whirlwind at the time, but I think actually, education for all


there - that wasn't just the children that were involved. All


the adults in the room were quite fascinated. Without this National


Lottery funding, we wouldn't be able to take this show across the


country. We as a team don't have a doubt that the show is really


changing people's lives. If we didn't have lottery funding,


there's 70-odd-thousand people out there who would not know how


important their hearing was. There would be people out there with ear


infections thinking it will just go away, not realising they're going


deaf by their own inaction and lack of knowledge, so we are making a


huge definitive difference the people's lives.


APPLAUSE Great work there. Now, we'll be


giving details of how to work for your favourite project after we


have shown you the final film, which is Bogside and Brandwell


Health Forum. When my dad retired at 65, I don't


know what to do with myself. Couch potato. He stayed home. He weighed


nearly 16 stone, suffered a bout of depression. I have a back problem


as well, so my mobility is kind of affected. I had a triple bypass


almost three years ago. I could hardly walk to the front door


without having to stop. I felt terrible. What am I going to do,


you know? What sort of outlook have I got? The centres engage older


people in physical activity. It's about coming along here. It's about


meeting different people and taking part in activity that you thought


that was past you by 20 or 30 years. If somebody had said to me six


months ago, you have a boat out there - I would say, no, not me.


It's somebody else. I would never do that. Exercise and health


programmes are worth their weight in gold in terms of the health


impact they can make on individuals no matter what their health


condition. It's done so much for me. The last time I was 12 stone was


when I got married. I am 64. I feel a bit 34. I have changeded my life.


I lost two-and-a-half stone. wasn't able to give up playing with


my grandchildren. I'll wait a wee bit longer to enjoy my life.


Looking good. There you have it. You have shown you all the projects


in the category of Health. It's up Next week we'll showcase the three


finalists for the sports category. But before you go anywhere, let's


bring you tonight's Lotto big jackpot tonight? Mighty Myleene,


tonight's rollover jackpot has been estimated at - get this - �11.3


million. I am getting it. Take it away. Release those balls, please.


We're using Guinevere and set of balls number seven. There were


still hundreds of thousands of Viners last time. Congratulations


if you were a lucky mid-week winner. Myleene. Julie, is Guinevere ready?


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


from us here. Diane Borg is back Wednesday night with the midweek


draws. Matt Johnson is here Friday for a special Euro millions night


where the jackpot will be an estimated - get this - �80 million.


It's OJ Saturday on the weekend with the National Lottery Awards in


the sports category. That's at 8.05pm. Alan will bring you the


results of the Lotto rollover - he's getting ready - after Nick and


Secret Fortune. We'll see you after Welcome back to Secret Fortune


where Charlotte and David now just have two envelopes in front of them.


One contains �5,000. The other contains �12,000. Let's find out


what the deciding question is, You like your music? Yes. Yes.


Remember, the computer has allocated the song that has topped


the charts for the fewest weeks to the smallest amount of money. Give


me the correct answer, and I put the �5,000 in the bin. What do you


think? Yeah. I think Love is All Around was Wet, Wet Wet, was it?


think so. A UK band - Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You. Am


I right there? Yeah. It's Body Guard, isn't it? A massive - I


don't know. Listen. If you are happy... I'm happy. Let's just go


with I Will Always Love You - because I will always love you,


whatever happens. AUDIENCE: Ahh. I think that's the


one we need to keep definitely. Love is All Around. Thank you,


Charlotte. Thank you, David. Love is All Around. OK. You have no idea


which way around the amounts are in the envelopes. Computer will, you


please tell us which envelope is attached to the answer Love Is All


Around - envelope four. Four. That's the last envelope you will


throw away tonight, which means that envelope eight is your secret


fortune. Would you like to pick it up and come with me? Oh. Oh. Yeah.


Smashing. Now, envelope four is at this stage redundant and of no


interest because what we're all really interested in is how much


you're taking home. Yeah. I hope this is the �12,000 because that's


one of the worst runs I have seen of luck in a final so far. Your


�5,000. Ahh. Never mind. Let's have a look inside here -


inside every envelope is a cheque and has been with your names on, so


here is a cheque made out to the two of you for �5,000. Who would


like that? Charlotte can. You can take that. You hang on to the


envelope. There are a couple of things we need to clear up, OK? So


the difference between Love is All Around and Wet Wet Wet and Whitney


Houston's I Will Always Love You - five weeks to difference. It was a


tough one. They were both at number one for a long time. The other


thing is all envelopes we open during the course of the show, so


here, of course, is the �12,000. Have you enjoyed yourselves at


least? Absolutely brilliant. It has been brilliant, the whole


experience - meeting everybody - it has been fabulous. Well, that is


�5,000 of real money which is yours and you're taking away. Ladies and


gentlemen, they have been fantastic contestants, haven't they?


APPLAUSE Charlotte and David are leaving


with �5,000. Join us again next week when two more people will be


discovering their secret fortune. Good night.


APPLAUSE Oh, that was a hard game for


High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are Charlotte and her father, David. They could walk away with as little as £100 or as much as £100,000. Will the generation gap be an advantage as they play for the top prize?

Features the National Lottery Saturday draws, including Lotto and Thunderball, presented by Myleene Klass.

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