Episode 10 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune

Episode 10

High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune this time are brothers Chris and Ash - but will they win enough for Ash to get his dream stag do?

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Welcome to the National Lottery Secret Fortune with the host Nick


Thank you very much. Hello and welcome to Secret Fortune. Once


again we have two players facing 24 envelopes. What they are looking


for is the one containing their Secret Fortune. Anything from �100


up to �100,000. It's here and waiting to be won by tonight's


contestants. Chris and Ash from Dudley. Chris, Ash, let's work out


the relationship. I'm the older brother. Older. Three years older,


six inches shorter. Are you single going out with my girlfriend for


seven years now, and we haven't got engaged. The pressure is on. Why do


you think you're not ready? What is going on? At the moment we are in a


situation we would rather get ourselves financially stable,


chosen your best man? I knew you might bring it up, if we win a lot


of money, you might be in the running Chris. Might be you Nick!


hope you enjoy yourself and have fun. You know by being here you'll


leave with some money. You don't know how much. Your fortune is an


envelope, each envelope contains money between �100 and �100,000.


Look at the money, pretty and lots of it. �100 would give Ash to take


me and my dad out and buy the rounds for once. �10,000 what do


you do with that? For me, that's stag do, fantastic, and a honeymoon.


So I keep her happy and the lads happy. Everyone is happy. That will


be the start of a very good deposit, get us on the Property Ladder and a


house, a start for a future together. Enough for an engagement


ring! Yep! Let's dream about the �100,000... That would get us on


the housing market. Something we can't do at the moment. Our parents


have had to put us -- up with us, it would be nice to reward them.


would take a couple of grand each, and then I would like to start up


my own gym, and do all the things we wanted to do. Each of the


envelopes contain one of the those amounts. Let's seal these away.


Most digital viewers can play at home, press your red button now.


Choose four envelopes. 12 and 4. and 6. Inside each envelope is one


of the cash amounts. You have to keep the envelope containing the


I don't know what is in the four envelopes you have chosen. The


computer does. It's allocating the envelope with the most money, to


the couple with the largest age gap. Do you understand? I know Warren


Beaty. I don't know his wife. Michael and Catherine. A big gap.


want to take Warren and Annette out. What you want to be doing is


clearing away amounts on this side of the board and keep amounts on


that side. Your Secret Fortune will not be �8,000. I'm sure there's not


much of an age gap between them. If you picked very big amounts in


the envelopes you might be right. I'm sticking with Michael. We will


get rid of Rod and Penny. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not


be... Never mind hey? Sugar. I have to take that �100,000 and throw it


in the bin. It's tough having thrown that away you're left with


envelope number six. Normally I would ask the computer what was the


You don't know what is in the envelope. That could be your Secret


Fortune tonight. Let's order up four more envelopes and get the


next question. I want to go... Which Computer please allocate the


Rupert Bear appeared in comic books. We'll get rid of Rupert first.


Secret Fortune will not be... It's a lot of money again. I want to


process this in a different way. Eyore was a secondary character,


although Winnie the Poo may have been early, maybe he moved in


later? I reckon Eeyore should be the next money -- one. Your Secret


Fortune tonight will not be... APPLAUSE.


I still think that Aslan was the first to appear in print. CS Lewis


with are old books. I can't remember who wrote Wind in the


Willows, but I don't think it's as ol. Your Secret Fortune will not


be... �22,000. Envelope 13 goes in the bin leaving you with envelope


24. We'll ask the computer which was the first to appear in print.


Envelope 24 could be your Secret Fortune tonight. Shall we pick up


four more numbers. I want to go 11, I know it's a really big country...


Population... Is quite, quite small. I think Australia should be the


first one out. We would like this round to kick off a bit more


positively and lose something from this side of the board. More like


it! It was ugly when the �100,000 went in, but listen to this, �100.


I would never put Italy above Another big amount gone from the


side. Still might be right. I've still got a feeling. I still think


Argentina. We will get rid of Safia. - South Africa. People are not sure


whether to be pleased for you or not. Not �75,000. I feel slightly


beaten up with what is going on here. You're left with envelope one.


If you are right, what was the most you chucked away. Which of these


has the largest population. It was Italy. Here race the correct order.


It's difficult to know what is in the envelope. Envelope one could be


your Secret Fortune tonight. Let's Do you watch the show. Used to


quite a lot. I've probably watched it twice since I've been on. None


of them really, I can't tell you one who are in. I don't know who


Giles is. On the base we don't know who it is, him first? The energy


seems to have got out of you. Fingers crossed this round, this


one can change. Your Secret Fortune will not be... �9,000. Well done.


Boris Johnson, there's a lot of stuff there about politics. Ann


Widdecombe she's a retired politician. More time on her hands.


Boris Johnson isn't. They'll get him on there because he will have


people laugh. You want to get rid of? Boris Johnson. Your Secret


Fortune will not be... �12,000. in! I'm trying to ask miss where


this lot are hiding. Probably here! I've got the gut feeling that


Jeremy clack son would have been presenting a bit. You could see him


presenting the show. Do you want to take Ann Widdecombe out on that


basis. We'll take Ann Widdecombe out. Your Secret Fortune tonight


will not be... �5,000. That's actually been a stronger round.


Envelope 16 you are left with. Was Jeremy clack son the top answer?


Come on �75,000. That's what we want! Envelope 16 could be your


Secret Fortune. Please pick me four St Patrick is March and St George


is April. St Andrew and St David koitsdfrpblgts... St George is


April. Get rid of St George. How do you know those two so well.


granddad is Irish. You tend to know that day. Your Secret Fortune


tonight will not be... �3,000. in! Come on! St David I have not


got a clue. St Patrick we know is in March. St Andrew? Get rid of St


Andrew... Your Secret Fortune will not be... �2000. When you got the


envelope out all of a sudden I thought St Andrew's January, but


obviously not. But is St Andrew's in January. I did work earlier on


in the year, around the wreck ham area, that was January, February I


don't remember people making a song and a dance about it. Do you think


we should stick with St Patrick? Yes. Your Secret Fortune tonight


will not be... �40,000. It just keeps bitesing you, doesn't it.


Leaving you with envelope 17. St Patrick still possible you could be


right. Is it St Patrick. That Envelope 17 could be your Secret


Fortune tonight. There are only four numbers left. This incluetdz


any co written novels. -- includes My gut feeling is Stephen King has


written a hell of a lot of books. see a lot of Tom Clancy books.


Probably take James Patterson out first. We'll go with that to come


out first. Your Secret Fortune will not be... �25,000. I would take Tom


cap c o Clancy out next. On my head be it. You won't hold it against


him, would you? Would I? Would you? Course I would not. In this is a


low amount, he gets to be best man. You sneaky beggar. �if -- if


�75,000 is still there at the end of the round he can be best man.


can't believe he has to audition for it. It's coming from the wrong


side. Another from the right hand side. I would take John Grisham.


What sort of novels. Like crime. I don't think he has written that


many. He has written a lot of novels, Stephen King. And another


things. If I open this envelope and don't say �75,000 he's your best


man! You better have a cracking speech lined up. Your Secret


Fortune will not be... �500! Yes! You had such a rough ride. He made


me -- him the best man. I'm gutted. Joking. Can I draw your attention


that the minimum you can go home with is �1,000. Was it Stephen


King? We got hid of him first! Envelope number eight could be your


Secret Fortune tonight. This is where we are. You started with 24


envelopes, and you have six containing... Somewhere in front of


you is a cheque for �75,000 with your name on it. Still there. So


one of those amounts will be your Secret Fortune tonight. Are you


feeling confident. Definitely. you confident and looking forward


to what is coming up! I hope so. Time to cross to Lottery HQ. Get


your tickets ready. The Thunderball draw... Live with OJ Borg. That


�75,000 is still there. Come on boys, you can still do it. You tell


them! Ready to create National Lottery history, with the first


quadruple roll-over draw. All the six main numbers, the jackpot will


roll to the next until there are winning tickets. We have special


guests to push the button. Stay tuned to find out who. We'll show


case the finalists for the National Lottery awards, the search to find


the National Lottery funded projects and recognise the impact


the lottery makes on the communities. There are from arts,


education, environment, health, voluntary, and charity and sport.


Here's the first film. England backs netball projects involves so


backs netball projects involves so many women and it's trying to get


every woman back into netball. met so many people from different


walks of life. A fantastic group of friends. An important part of my


life. Without the lottery the sessions would not be happening.


started to play netball in June, lost a lot of weight. And in


November discovered a lump in my blaeft, turned out to be breast


cancer. The consultant said I was so lucky to have started the sport


and lost the weight. I would never have felt the lump so soon. I feel


blessed to be part of the project and give back and get so many women


involved. Doing sport gives you so much energy and afterwards you feel


fantastic. It has saved my life. We'll be showing the other two


finalists in the sport cat -- finalists in the sport cat --


Matt Chamberlain is tonight's Draw Master. Last night there are 86,000


winning tickets. Eyes down, and look in, which are the first to


Three opportunities a week to play the game, Wednesday, Fridays, and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Are you on course to win �500,000? That's us done for the moment. Back


with momentous quadruple roll over and special guests to get that


started. You do not want to miss it. Welcome back to Secret Fortune.


Chris and Ash have six envelopes in front of them, containing �1,000,


�4,000, �7,000, �10,000, �16,000 and �75,000.


APPLAUSE. Any ideas where the top money is.


We think 16 might have it. We'll cover over the numbers and give


them a shuffle. Know you'll have no idea which envelope is attached to


which answer. Over the nix moments you'll throw away five envelopes


until you're left with the one nal be your Secret Fortune. Six cities


and six amounts. The computer has allocated the lowest amount of


money to the city that is cheapest to live in. That's the answer


you're looking for. Give me the city that's cheapest. London is


expensive. We know that. He know that's ex37ive. Zurich seems like a


place with the rich and famous. Sydney I'm not so sure about Sydney.


I've known people live in Sydney who are not particularly wealthy. I


would have thought Tokyo and Sydney is cheaper than the rest. There's


something nagging about Sydney. Which envelope do you think the big


money is in. Which envelope is attached to the answer Tokyo?


I'm afraid you have to pass me envelope 16. I have to read out the


value inside. And put it in the bin. Your Secret Fortune tonight will


Thank goodness you were wrong about that! Sydney would have the -- been


the better answer. We know that earth is bigger than Mars. I think


we should get rid of Mars because it's smaller than earth. It's


definitely not �75,000. The others we could make a big mistake. Shall


we take Mars out on that basis. Computer which envelope number is


attached to the answer Mars. Pass me envelope 8. Your Secret Fortune


tonight will not be... �1,000. on lad! Get it! Just to point out


quickly you're going home with a minimum of �4,000. Brilliant.


Looking at it, iz yard ran something like 54 marathons in 54


days, he had to take ice battle. is top? Not sure, because Skelton's


polar challenge could have covered a lot of ground. Swimming down the


Thames could not be like running many marathons. We'll say Walliams


big swim. Your Secret Fortune tonight will not be... �4,000.


APPLAUSE. Lets look at the correct order.


�7,000 you have almost cleared out the left hand side. Still up there


is the �75,000. Three envelopes, and two questions between you and


�75,000. We're looking at it, and we're thinking we're in serious


trouble here, and we have just... You have done it and you worked


together. Which is the key. It's been a much more positive vibe.


Temple of Doom I'm fritt sure came first. I think that would have made


less money. The franchise would have picked up last Crusade.


Raiders of the Lost Ark made a lot of money. I think either of the


other two. If you think Temple of Doom? I'm happy with that. You're


saying Temple of Doom. Computer which envelope number is attached


to the answer Temple of Doom. Your Secret Fortune will not be...


Announced until we have gone to Lottery HQ, people are waiting to


find out whether they have done well too, we're going to the Lotto


draw. Very cheeky. Is answering temple of doom going to put them in


a world of gloom. Sorry I did not write that joke! And the last of


Wellbeing is an organisation that enables people to come along and


discover cycling in a safe, protected way. We offer a emphatic


and a simple way of giving people with impairments a bit of mobility


and freedom in their life. Well- being is what we're about. We


experience how much of a improvement in people's mental and


physical health is brought on my cycling. I've been coming about six


months. It's incredible. Before I thought I would could not do sports.


Now it has given me a new lease I can physically do something. I can


do the exercise. As you can see, we have changed the lifestyle of a lot


of other people with the money raised from the lottery. Fantastic


project. Could be winning the award. We have more. Time for the final


film. Longridge is an activity centre for young people. We provide


a range of water and land activities for people of age -- all


ables -- ages and abilities. can do different things. The leap


of faith, and the big swing. They have got rock climbing. Such a


different range of activities. get healthier and it makes me


strong. I can do all sorts of stuff. It's the noise and colour of the


different types of people using the centre. No typical person. We have


people of every age and culture, coming together to enjoy an


experience. We have got a beautiful setting that everyone should be


allowed to enjoy. With help from the National Lottery we have


invested in improving facilities and, making everything fully


inclusive. We're seeing 90,000 visitors a year. You have seen all


three finalists, if you want to find out more about them, and


follow the links, next week we'll show case the finalists from the


Arts category. Now brace yourself for the quadruple roll-over draw.


Tonight's jackpot is estimated at... An amazing amount of money. Time


for the special guests. Two people who know what it's like to win the


lottery, Sue Brusby, and Sue Harris part of a syndicate that won...


There was 11 of us in it. And 13 lines, and it was shared between us


all and it was superb. Everyone got the same amount. Some people had


two numbers. Do you still speak to them? We go out once a month for a


meal. Have you told them you're here tonight. We found out too late.


We only find out last night. did you find out you had won?


in the can van for the weekend, and went home, and I checked them. I


said to my huss, -- husband, please check them, and he spent the night


checking it. On the Teletext. went to bed. Had you spent the


money had you woke up in the Even though no tickets hit the


jackpot on Wednesday, there were big winners. Start this, the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Tonight's numbers: The bonus tonight. Thanks to the


Sue's for starting the historic draw. Jenni Falconer here for


Welcome back. I hope you were lucky. Before the break Chris and Ash had


answered the question which of these films made the least money at


the box office worldwide. Fair to say you're nervous. Your Secret


Fortune tonight will not be... �7,000. Ye. Get in there! Come here,


The minimum you can go home with tonight is �10,000. You talked


about that at the beginning. What does it get you the �5,000 each.


really good basis for me and Sal for a house. Stop paying our money


on rent, and it going nowhere. Paying other people's mortgages.


�5,000 a honeymoon, a stag do, and her hen do. �50 the hen do and


then... That's fantastic. Guaranteed that will be in your


back pockets. The computer has allocated the band with the fewest


hits with the smallest amount of money, so give me the correct


answer and I'll throw away the �10,000. We know they are really


big and they were competitive. Which sold the most. Oasis had more


hits. Blur did well. At park life, I would lean towards Oasis having


the most. Yeah. So I think Blur had the fewest. We're on that together.


We win or lose together. You're saying Blur. Which envelope to the


answer Blur. Envelope six. Would you like to pass me envelope six,


that's the one you're throwing away. Envelope one is your Secret Fortune


tonight. Will you pick it up. And come with me... Envelope six is of


no importance. I want to open envelope number one because that's


your Secret Fortune. Oh. And inside everybody envelope is a cheque


written with your names on it. will make a bit of a difference.


I'm really happy with that. I'll keep it in my big back pocket.


Oasis had one less hit than Blur. �10,000 has to be a pretty good


night's work. Having they been fantastic contestants. Chris and


High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles, in which two contestants could walk away with as little as 100 pounds or as much as 100,000 pounds. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are brothers Chris and Ash - but will they win enough for Ash to get his dream stag do? The programme also features the National Lottery Saturday draws, including Lotto and Thunderball, presented by OJ Borg.

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