Episode 11 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune

Episode 11

High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune are sisters Sonia and Soraya; will their combined knowledge be enough to win them the big prize?

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Two contestants. Tonight, Sonia and Soraya are trying to hold on to


that �100,000 as they play for their Secret Fortune.


Hello and welcome to the National Lottery Secret Fortune with your


Thank you very much. We have the players looking for an envelope


that contains their Secret Fortune. It could be an envelope from �100


right up to �100,000. APPLAUSE


It's here and waiting to be won by tonight's contestants. Let's meet


them, they're Sonia and Soraya from East London.


What is the relation shi between you? Sisters. Who is big sister?


I'm the oldest. I'm little sister. You are a big family? There's 13


siblings all in all, so I'm the youngest. We are the two youngest.


Of 13? Yes. Wow, that's a crowded house. It is. It was. Tell us about


the relationship between the two of you - best of friends, you look


like twines really? We are very in sync. It wasn't like that when we


were younger, I couldn't stand her. She was messy and I was neat and


tidy like Private Benjamin. More important things in life than


picking up dirty laundry, I'm afraid. Is that still the case?


OK. Family, who've you got at home? Three kids at home. Single mum at


home, 13, 11 and four. So you are starting to build up your own giant


family? But that's enough, I'm not going as bad as mum and dad.


both live in London? East London. Do you work? I'm at home at the


moment with the kids, full-time mum. Then presumably earning some money


would be... It would be a nice little security blanket for me and


the kid, it would be nice, yes. you have a dream of something you


always wanted to do? Yes, I would love to move out maybe to Devon or


Cornwall, own a little cafe. It's very stressful living and working


in London so I would definitely move away, it would be a total


change. It's really great that you are here because you know that you


are going to be taking home some money. How much? You don't know


that. Your Secret Fortune is sitting right here in one of


tonight's envelopes. Each envelope contains an amount between �100 and


�100,000. APPLAUSE


Shall we take a look at the mum because it's lovely to look at when


there's so much of it. Here it comes. If you walked out here with


�1,000, what do you think, Sonia? Driving lessons, time to get me on


the road so beware clam Not learned to drive yet? No, every time you


save up, some emergency pops up so therefore the money goes to


something else so I always put it on the back burner but this time


it's for me. What if you win say �10,000 and you are getting �5,000


each? We have a brother in Australia so I would definitely pop


over to visit him and his territory for a change. We've never been.


looks lovely, doesn't it? Yes. would be nice. Bigger money -


�30,000? Definitely that would be a holiday, a nice break. I've done


three years constant, no break. So I would have a big holiday. Have


you had a holiday recently? kids have never been away so I


would like to take the kids to Disneyland. My son's been going on


about it for as long as he could talk so that would be me. I suppose


the �100,000 gives you the chance to have that dream you were talking


about? Yes, I would start looking for properties and businesses


without a shadow of a doubt, Nick. In Devon or Cornwall? Yes. OK, we


wish you the best of luck and we hope you win yourselves a lot of


money. Me too! Sonia and Soraya will throw away all but one amount,


the one they keep will be their secret fortune. Each contains those


amounts placed at random, numbered 1-24 and here are the numbers


behind me. Let's seal these away. The next


time you see one of these is when you bring it back into play.: OK.


Digital viewers can play along at home. Press red now. Good luck.


Sonia and Soraya, first thing you need to do is choose four envelopes.


Do you want to go first? Yes. nine, 12 and 22. Let's brung those


on to the board and into play. Inside each envelope is a cash


amount. You've got to keep the envelope that contains the most


envelope that contains the most money. Let us see the first


Four possible answers are: I don't know what's in the four


envelopes you have chosen, but the computer does and it's allocating


the envelope containing the most money to the city with the highest


rainfall. OK. The second largest amount is with the second highest


rainfall and so on so you have to lose three answers sohow are you


going to go about this question? going to go about this question?


going to go about this question? know where all the cities are..


Would it be higher up north of having the highest rainfall?


higher up north, the colder the weather. I'm not feeling Manchester.


Yeah, OK. Nick, can we get rid of Manchester, please. Envelope three.


That was very decisive, ladies. Son Cumbria's not feeling Manchester.


No! Sorry, Manchester! Your secret fortune tonight will


not be. �4,000. Very good. That's a great start.


very good start. So if we are sticking with the same logic,


Cardiff is the next? Eye yes, I'll stick with that. Cardiff, please.


Envelope nine. Your secret fortune tonight will


not be. � 2,000. Oh, my God. That's great.


The logic is working so shall we stick with the logic? Are you


feeling Belfast? I think we should keep it, but I'm not too sure. What


do you think? Is that your instinct? My instinct is to say


keep Belfast. So we'll go with Sonia's instinct and get rid of


Glasgow. 22. That was interesting, you seemed to take a swerve there,


Sonia. She got a funny feeling. feeling. I'm so used to it. Do you


normally go with her funny feelings. She's not usually far off. Your


secret fortune fortune tonight will not be: �25,000. That's a big


number. That's all right. Got to eventually get rid of them all


except for the top one. Exactly right and you might still be right


because the other amount in the envelope that's left, number 12,


might be higher. We can find out whether it is or not. Let's ask the


computer. Was it Belfast? Glasgow. That was close. For you at home,


here is the correct order of all here is the correct order of all


four answers.. That is difficult to know what is in this envelope.


Anyway, envelope 12 could be your Secret Fortune tonight. Thank you.


Let us choose another four envelopes and play question two.


I'll have four, please. Four? What do you think? I would say it's


not Knight And Day. It was not in the cinemas for a very long time. I


do remember watching it and it wasn't that good. We'll go Knight


And Day, please. You want to get rid of number 20? Yes, please.


Your secret fortune tonight will not be: � 6,000.


Very good. The other ones, OK. I would say that there There's


Something about Mary and Charlie's Angels was good. Huge in the States


as well. What about The Mask? don't think it's as big as the


other two. We'll go for The Mask. That was her first real film.


was. So The Mask? Yes. Who did she star with in that Jim Carey.


Absolutely right. Your secret fortune tonight will not be:


37 18,000 -- will not be �18,000. That is a large amount. It is.


you could still be right. trying to think because There's


Something about Mary, that's Ben Stiller, a comedy and they both


were quite well-known. I'm thinking that we should keep There's


Something about Mary. Yep, I'm good with that, yes. We'll throw away


Charlie's Angels, please. You don't seem to disagree very much. No, we


don't really argue, we done all that when we were younger, got all


the fighting out of our system now. Yes. Your Secret Fortune tonight


will not be: 37 1240. -- your secret fortune


tonight will not be � 10,000. Was There's Something about Mary the


top answer? Yes. Yes. For you at home, here is the


correct order of all four answers. How much is in here? More than


�18,000. You might want to keep your eye on that. Envelope 19 could


be your secret fortune tonight. Thank you.


Very good. You are playing very well at the moment. Another


question. Let's go for 13, 16, 21 and top of the shop number 1,


OK. These are all held by the same I was going to say that no way


would it be carrying a person which is going to be the fastest so I


don't think the fireman's carry or the piggy-back race. That does make


sense because they are going to weigh you down. OK, with that in


mind, let's go piggy back race. Envelope 16. Thank you. Your secret


fortune tonight will not be: � 22,000. That's a big one. Does


that change the way you are thinking. Maybe, because I'm


thinking the sack race maybe as well because you are jumping, you


can't jump that far. I don't think it would be space hopper because


they're quite hard. But they bounce. They're those things you bounce on.


You do that for a mile, it's going to hurt your legs and you could go


faster with fireman's carry. Space hopper, I'm happy with that if you


are? Yes, happy to get rid of it. Envelope 13. Thank you. Your secret


fortune tonight will not be: �5,000. That's OK. That chain of logic was


good. OK, let's two sack race then. Yes, I think fireman's carry is the


best thing to do even if you are walking fast or running for a


little bit, power walking. Yes, let's go for it. Get rid of sack


race, please. Envelope 21. Your secret fortune tonight will not be:


1,000. You are playing a great game, ladies, I have to say. Envelope


number one you're left with, fireman's carry. What was the


largest amount you threw away in that round?


The �22,000. This would be a good one to have the top answer in,


wouldn't it? It would. Is it fireman's carry? Piggy back race.


For those of you at home, here is the correct order of all four


answers. Would you like to know the name of the man who did all this?


Yes, please, so I know how to send an e-mail to. His name is Ashrita


Fern and by 2011, he'd broken 140 world records. Wow. Wow.


Ladies, envelope one. Thank you. That could be your secret fortune


tonight. Thank you. So, four more envelopes, please?


The computer is allocating the envelope containing the most money


to the song with the highest chart position and so on through all four


answers. There's a Faw on there that I know, but one that I don't.


Hotel California straightaway jumps out to me. I know that one. Empire


State Of Mind? Do you know that one? Isn't that Alesha Keys and


Jay-Z? I don't know Massachussetts. If it was a big UK single, we are


bound to have heard it or have some recognition of it, so we'll go with


Massachussetts, please, Nick. Number seven. Bee Gees. Oh! Oh!


us find out how much they are worth. Your secret fortune tonight will


not be: � 75,000. That's unlucky. That hurt


a little bit. That must be the top answer. Yes. OK. Not great. OK. I


don't feel any... Miami are you going to say? Yes. On the basis


that we know the other two and we are not sure. It's Mia-many i.


Miami. Can we get rid of Mia-me, please! Yes, envelope two. You


don't know who sang that? No. Smith. Oh, yes. Your secret fortune


tonight will not be: �14,000.


OK. I just remember Empire State of Mind being huge. I know Hotel


California but it wasn't my era. It's still going really strong now


that song. I think maybe we might have a chance with Hotel California


and get rid of Empire State of Mind. OK. What do you reckon? I'm happy


to go with either one. Empire State of Mind, please, Nick. Envelope 23.


Your secret fortune tonight will not be:


�50,000. Wow. Let's hope Hotel California is the top answer.


you what, if that's the top answer, there's only one amount that can be


in this envelope. Yes. Was it Hotel California? It was Massachussetts.


The Bee Gees. Here is the correct order of all four answer force you


at home. I'm afraid the Bee Gees took the song to number one in 1977.


Number 17 could be your Secret Fortune tonight. Thank you. Another


four envelopes, please and play another question, shall we? OK. Two,


They are not really interested in chocolate, are they? Love chocolate.


Love chocolate. Let's take a look. Please allocate the envelopes and


therefore the amounts inside them to the answers. The only one I


remember from childhood... trying to remember that as well.


don't remember Kitkat too much when I was younger. Milk Tray has been


around for a while because I remember the advert. What about


Bounty, get rid of that? I think Bounty. Bounty goes, envelope eight.


Your secret fortune tonight will not be:


�500. Yes. Yes. APPLAUSE


Very good. Very well done. See, what can you get rid of next?


still think Mars is a very strong contender. Yes, Mars is. I'm trying


to think between Milk Tray and Kitkat. I remember the Milk Tray


adverts, mum always used to watch it and say "I want some Milk Tray".


Did she ever get any? Milk Tray I think is a stronger one


so let's go for kit Kat, please. Envelope two.


Your secret fortune tonight is not �9,000.




One to go, one to keep. We both had the feeling of Mars since all the


answers come up. Yes, because I remember eating Mars Bars when I


was little because I remember thinking they shrunk as I got older.


They were huge when I was smaller, they're little now. We felt


strongly about Mars. Yes, we'll get rid of Milk Tray. Milk Tray, please.


Envelope six is going. Would you lick to know when it was launched -


1915. Let's hope Mars Bar was 1914! Your secret fortune tonight will


not be: � 100,000. So close. Oh, no.


close. I'm afraid I have to take the


�100,000 and put it in the bin. Which leaves you with envelope five


which is Mars. Yes. We know what the top answer was, computer please


confirm it. Obviously it was Milk Tray. Here is the correct order of


all four answers for you at home. You had a feeling for Mars


straightaway, you had to go with the feeling. Envelope five could be


your secret fortune tonight. There are only four numbers left so


let's get them in. 14, 15, 18 and I don't even know who they are.


Well I think Bez was Big Brother. Jill Halfpeny was one of the first


celebrities to win Strictly Come Dancing. Gaynor Faye, can't think


what she was in and didn't Christopher Biggins do the Jungle?


I was just thinking that, yes. I think Bez on Big Brother was quite


recent, so shall we go Christopher Biggins or Bez? Biggins? Yes.


Envelope 18. Your secret fortune tonight will not be:


� 100. Yes. That is good. I feel so much


better to say goodbye to that. it's gone. So Bez I think still was


quite recent. I think bez. We were saying we were going to get rid of


those two. Go with it? Yes, Bez for the next one, please. Envelope 24.


Your secret fortune tonight will not be:


�8,000. Yes. Very good. I've got a feeling it's Gaynor Faye,


but I don't know what show she was on. It's going to be a 50/50.


one do you want to get rid of? Jill Halfpenny. Happy? Yes.


happy. Your secret fortune tonight will


not be: �30,000. Oh, wow. Wow. It's a real


shame to be chucking such a large amount away right at the end there.


Yes. We need to find out whether Gaynor Faye was the top answer, was


it Gaynor Faye? So close again. chose the wrong one. Here is the


correct order of all four answers. Well, envelope 15 could be your


secret fortune tonight. Let's see where we stand at the moment. When


you started out, you had 24 envelopes, you now just have six.


They contain �3,000, �7,000, �12,000, �16,000, �20,000 and


somewhere in front of you in one of those envelopes is a cheque for


�40,000. APPLAUSE


Are you excited to find out what is going to happen next? Are you going


to keep your keel? We'll keep cool, stay calm. But you might be on the


verge of winning a fortune? I've get a feeling. Are you on the verge


of win ago fortune? Time to go over to Lottery HQ for the Thunderball


draw. See you in a mo. Thanks, Nick, we are live here at


Lottery HQ with the lovely Jenni Falconer. Thank you very much.


Sonia and Soraya, they took out the top three just like that, but they


still have the �40,000 on the board. Let's hope they can win it. It's


time to see the first finalist in the arts category for the National


Lottery Award. There are some truly fantastic projebts being showcased


tonne site. If they succeed in making you smile, head online to


vote for your favourite. First up, it's achieving something special.


My uncle Des is a big, big, big role to play in this. He has down


syndrome, we were very close, if it wasn't for him, Something Special


wouldn't exist. I saw how music inflaunsed his life and I thought,


there has to be something more in this. -- influenced. Robert's just


started in September and the people that he's met, they all became


friends straightaway, it's a brilliant, brilliant organisation


and everything that Robert's wanting is here. I love it, because


it not only gets you out, you are making things too, candles,


necklaces, writing poems. I think it's exciting because I like doing


I've had the best four years ever in my life and I just love it and I


wouldn't change it for the world. This past year, Robert's a


completely different person. With this opportunity, Robert's got


everything he wanted. This just gives you a small idea of what the


National Lottery has given these brilliant people, what kind of


opportunities they've given them and what it's going to do in the


future. It's been amazing. Good choice of words there, amazing


project too. We'll show you the other two finalists in the arts


category a little bit later on. Now though, it's time to start your


winning with Thunderball. OK then, start up the machines,


Julie is the Draw Master. Luke is our independent adjudicator,


Excalibur and set of balls one were selected by Michael from Essex.


Last night, there were well over 97,000 winning Thunderball tickets.


Congratulations if you were a winner. Jenni. Here we go. Gad luck.


Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays The final ball is next.


And there it is. Time for the shaul -- Jenni? Time for the Thunderball


now. Watch closely. This could make a huge difference to what you


Wintonite. Thrand it is, number four. So, here are tonight's


Thunderball numbers again in ascending order. That is us done


for the moment. We'll be back shortly with tonight's live Lotto


Draw. Right now though, back to Nick.


APPLAUSE Welcome back to Secret Fortune.


Sonia and Soraya have six envelopes in front of them containing �3,000,


�7,000, �12,000, �16,000, �20,000, and �40,000.


APPLAUSE Just out of interest, did you


choose to come on or was it your big sister? It was Soraya, I didn't


have a clue until I got a call from the show. You didn't know? Because


if I told her, Nick, she would have stressed herself out a bit and said


no, so I filled out the application form on her behalf. I done it more


for my sister because I wanted to help her pay off her debts and get


a bit of money in the bank. That's as good a reason as any isn't it,


good for you? Yes. Any idea where the �40,000 cheque is? We think


it's in 19. What we are now going to do is cover over the numbers and


give them a shuffle. I think I'll stick... I'm good at those games!


You worked really hard to keep the six envelopes, but now over the


next five questions, you are going to throw away five of them until


you are left with the one that will be your secret fortune.


Let's take a look at the question, From here on in, you can only throw


away one envelope per question and the answer you give me will be the


envelope I throw in the bin. Yes. The computer has allocated the


lowest amount of money to the team that's qualified for the fewest


world World Cups. Give me the team that's qualify ford the fewest


World Cups and that �3,000 gos in the bin. OK. Slip up and give me


the team that's qualified for the most and I'll have to throw the


�40,000 in the bin. OK. So it's football, so I'm thinking straight


off somewhere maybe Switzerland because it's cold, you wouldn't


think football would be their main sport. Which mens they wouldn't


qualify as much. If that's your feeling? Do you reckon? I've got no


feeling and I haven't got a clue. No, we'll go with Switzerland, the


fewest World Cup tournaments. envelope number is attached to the


Envelope five. OK. I read out how much it's worth and then it goes in


the bin. Your secret fortune tonight will not be:


�20,000. Oh, dear. Ouch. I'm afraid the �20,000 goes in the bin and


disappears off the board which is a bit sad but it's not the worst it


could have been. No. Let us take a look at the correct order and we


can see where we went wrong. The one you were looking for one


Denmark, but on the bright side, you avoided the big one which is


great, yes? Yes. Let us clear that I'm just trying to think. Mexico, I


think Mexico's more southern. Kuala Lumpur. I've heard that before but


I don't know where. It's a holiday destination and it's hot, I think


it would be close to the equator. We'll go Kuala Lumpur. Yes. Kuala


Lumpur. Which envelope don't we want to see again? 19. Which


envelope is attached to the answer Kuala Lumpur? Envelope one. Is that


good? That is very good. Hopefully. Your secret fortune tonight will


not be: �3,000. That's more than very good.


That is excellent, that is. Let's see the correct order and sea how


it worked out. The one you were trying to avoid was Mexico City,


that was your big �40,000 answer, Kuala Lumpur down the bottom is the


one that you chose, and it was the �3,000. You couldn't have played


that any better. Thank you. Let us Let us take a look at the answers.


Jessie J, she come on to the charts with that Money Money two years ago.


Danny I think was younger. OK. He was in his teens then do you think?


Late teens early 20s, yes. Do you strongly think Danny? Not strongly,


but it's the only one I can figure out between the other three. OK, OK,


we'll go Danny, please. Danny O'Donoghue you are saying. Which


envelope do we not want to see when it turns around? We still think


it's 19. 19. Which envelope number is attached to the answer Danny


O'Donoghue? 12. Your secret fortune tonight will not be:


�16,000. OK. So let us take a look at the


correct order and find out where you went wrong. Jessie J was the


youngest at 22 with which song? Money Money. Do It Like A Dude was


the correct answer. The next I suppose that's called the


naughties isn't it? The 90s is our era and he was in a lot of films in


the 90s, so we are going to avoid that one I think. OK. What do you


think about 2000 because Vanilla I remember those films, I was


obsessed with vampires. Shall we go for 80s then? Yes. 80s. Which


number do we not want to see? 19. 19. Computer, I want you to


wait before you tell us which envelope number is attached to the


1980s because it's time to see whether other people have won big,


time for the Lottery HQ and the draw. See you in a mo.


A minimum of �7,000, so that trip to Australia is looking pretty


likely. We'll be back with them for the final part shortly and we can


find out the answer. First, time to showcase the other two good cause


finalists in the arts category of this year's National Lottery Awards.


Next to impress you is Baltic Centre for contemporary art.


Baltic has been open for ten years and we are a contemporary art


gallery in the North East of England bringing the best of brush


and international art to the local area. Baltic is very much about a


regionally rooted and locally rooted organisation. Some of it has


a very international profile as well and national profile. When my


son was really small, from when he wased toling, we used to bring him


here because I thought it was important. It's been pretty much


part of his lifestyle. We do a lot of work with schools, with people


at the local universities. I think it's incredibly important that


Baltic's free. There's no boundary there, there's no barrier to them


coming and having a look and sometimes they'll find a show


that's absolutely fantastic that they wouldn't have paid to come


into. That's what the National Lottery funding helps us do.


Really proud to work at Baltic. There's nothing like it I don't


think in the region and possibly in the whole of the country.


Another good project. Two down, one to go. Finally, in this category,


it's dramatic. -- Drumatik. People have


disabilities, they are not a huge presence in the community, but


Drumatik gets them out on the straets and entertaining and


performing for the public. Drumatik means fun and laughter and


happiness. There just wouldn't be anything around for David. When he


left school, there was two years at college, but once he'd done that,


that was it, end of, you're on the duck pile. Some people have a


negative attitude towards those with learning disabilities.


Disabilities shouldn't stop you from doing things that you want to


do. They start to play and people's jaws drop, like wow, these guys can


play. He just loves the crowd, he loves


getting attention, so when he's playing his drums or doing his


thing, and Health and Safety getting a response back, the smile


just, I mean, he loves an audience. Don't you?! Yes...


I get quite emotional when we talk about this because it's been a huge


part of my life. From going from somebody being stuck in their flat


all week to getting out once a week to bang a drum with friends, it's a


big step. It's a huge boost getting the lottery money, we wouldn't be


here without it I don't think. I met some of the guys there, great


organisation. This you go, that's all three final USs in the arts


category, show your support, head online and follow the links. It


really does make a lot to the projects involved. Tickets in your


hand, please. It's time for Right, what is tonight's jackpot,


please, Alan? It's been estimated at �4 million. Very nice. A hefty


amount of cash. Time to find out if it's your turn to being a -- become


a multi-millionaire. Release the Saturday night balls, please.


Lancelot and set of balls 8. Mrs C from mid Glamorgan won over


�114,000 in the quadruple draw last weekend. Congratulations. Lancelot


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


This weekend's potentially life- changing numbers in ascending order


Don't forget to vote for your favourite good cause project in the


finals of this year's National Lottery Awards. It's your votes


that make all their efforts even more worthwhile. Next Saturday,


joining me here, we have a special treat for you, Tyler James, star of


BBC's The Voice, will be performing his day brew track single at the


later time of 10 o'clock, so make sure you tune in. Alan, get ready


Welcome back. Sonia and Soraya have just given me the answer to the


following question: They decided it was in the 190s. They are convinced


that the �40,000 is in envelope 19, is that right? Yes. -- 1980s. Which


envelope number is attached to the Oh! How sure are you about this?


Pretty sure, but we'd like you to prove us wrong. I would like


nothing better. You have to pass me the envelope and I'll read out what


is in it and it goes in the bin. Your secret fortune tonight will


not be: �40,000. Unlucky. I'm afraid that


�40,000 goes in the bin. How annoying is that!? Let's take a


look at the order. The '80s, 12 films. 1990s, the opposite way


around to what you thought. Let us clear that away and have a look at


what is left. As much as it must be disappointing that that money's


gone, you have to reset your minds really, keep the positivity going.


Yes, 100%, still smiling. We'd love them to go home with the �12,000,


wouldn't we? Yes, please. APPLAUSE


Let us find out what the deciding question is, shall we? Here are the


Remember, the computer has alLe Kateed the smallest measurement to


the smallest amount of money, so give me the correct answer and the


�7,000 gets thrown away. It's a massive piece, Angel of the North


and Nelson's Column is in a city centre, they don't want it so high


so they can't see the statue on the top, it's not going to be the size


of the Canary Wharf, it's not going to be like no-one's going to see


him, but the Angel in the North is out in the open which make mess


think it could be a really big piece because you see it from a


distance and it still looks quite major. Which of these is the


shortest? Nelson's Column. Higham happy with that. Happy with what


we've got anyway. Nick. You are saying Nelson's Column? Yes, please.


Computer, what envelope number is attached to the height of Nelson's


Column? It's envelope 15. OK. need to pass me envelope 15 because


that's going to be the last envelope I throw away, which manes


that envelope 17 is your secret fortune tonight. Would you like to


pick it up? Yes. Come with me. Look, whatever's in this envelope, the


last one you are throwing away is of no interest to us now so I'm


going to tuck that away. What's of real interest is the envelope with


your Secret Fortune in it. We'd all love to it be the �12,000. OK.


Secret Fortune tonight is: � 12,000!


Thank you so much. That's amazing. Really amazing. Really well done.


As usual on secret fortune, if you look inside, every envelope's had a


cheque in it for the amount on it with your name on it. There you


will find your cheque with your name on it. Who would like the


cheque? You can hold the cheque. I'll take it from you later!


Jay wow, thank you. That is amazing, thank you.


You were of course absolutely right with the final question, the


difference between the width of the Angel of the North and Nelson's


Column is 2.41 metres. Wow. You got it absolutely bang on. The other


thing to clear up is, we open all the envelopes and there's that ugly


�7 touz that you you wanted to avoid. What does that �12,000 do


for you? We are going abroad for the first time, taking the kids


away. What about yourself, Soraya? �6,000, that is definitely I'm


going to go and see my brother in Australia, have a nice holiday over


there. We are so, so pleased that you got your �12,000. Ladies and


gentlemen, weren't they fantastic? Thank you. Thank you. Sonia and


Soraya, they're leaving with �12,000. Join us again next week


when two more people will be discovering their secret fortune.


High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles, in which two contestants could walk away with as little as £100 or as much as £100,000. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are sisters Sonia and Soraya; will this Sister Act's combined knowledge be enough to win them the big prize? The programme also features the National Lottery Saturday draws, including Lotto and Thunderball, presented by Jenni Falconer.

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