Episode 12 The National Lottery: Secret Fortune

Episode 12

High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. Playing for a Secret Fortune are pub quizzers Jim and Keith; will their love of trivia make the difference?

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Two contestants will throwaway 23 envelopes. 5,000. �3,000. Until


they are left with just one. Your Secret Fortune tonight is...


Tonight, Jim and Keith are trying to hold tonne that �100,000. As


Welcome to the National Lottery Secret Fortune, with your host,


APPLAUSE Thank you very much. Hello and


welcome to Secret Fortune. As always, we have two players faced


with 124 envelopes. They are looking for the one that will be


their Secret Fortune. It might be �100. It could be as much as




It's right here. It is waiting to be won. Tonight's contestants are


Jim and Keith from Staffordshire and London.


APPLAUSE First of all, which way round, who


is who? Jim. And Keith. What is the relationship? Known each other for


about a year. Pretty good friends. Yeah, pretty good at trivia, we


think. We run a pub quiz together. We have a lot of trivia about us


and, we think anyway. You ought to do quite well, yeah? We will find


out. We have stood ourselves on a pedestal now. Your family?


brother and sister-in-law and a nephew who turned one in January.


My mum is waiting for me back at home. Hopefully, I won't win her


down and win money. That is important to you? It has been a


tough couple of years. My dad passed away in 2010. It has been


difficult. If I can win anything today, then maybe I can pay her


back. She has been pretty much the best mum that I could hope for.


So... Fantastic thing for a lad to say on television in front of


everybody. Thank you. Are you married Recently engaged. In


December. Exciting? Yes. Hopefully, if we get money that will be


helpful. We are struggling to save up for it at the moment. With your


background knowledge hopefully it will work well for you. By being


here you will winsome money. You don't know how much. Your Secret


Fortune is sitting right here in one of our tonight's envelope. Each


envelope contains an amount between �100 and �100,000. Let's see that


money, shall we? Let's look at the cash. Now, �5,000. �2,500 each?


Two worlds, Rolf Harris. I would buy one of his paintings? Would


you? A painting from him and stick it on the wall and saying, "Rolf


Harris painted that" would be a nice conversation piece. What an


interesting thing to think of and, ha, ha, ha, how much would it cost?


� 10,000? That would go towards our wedding. That would give us the


opportunity to have a great wedding. �100,000. You walk away with here


with �50,000 each. That's the opportunity to change things for


our families as well, I think. To be able to help them out with


things. Maybe, I mean, my father passed away through bowel cancer.


If I could donate anything to kind of help people make understand or


help the hospital where my dad was, that would be a worthwhile thing to


do, I think. APPLAUSE


Each of these envelopes contains one of the amounts placed at random.


They are numbered 1-124. Here are the numbers appearing behind me. --


1-124. The next time you see one of these is when you bring it back


into play. Most digital viewers can play along at home. Press your red


button now. Good luck to you. Jim and Keith, the first thing you will


do is choose four envelopes? first. My birthday. Also 3 is my


lucky number. Lovely. 2, and 8. Let's see them on the board. There


they go. Inside each envelope is one of those cash amounts. Keep the


envelope that contains the most envelope that contains the most


money. Let's see the first question. Which of these movies features the


monarch who reigned the longest? I don't know what is in those four


envelopes. Our computer does. It's allocating the envelope dining the


most money to the movie monarch who most money to the movie monarch who


Henry VIII, 30 ah years. Anybody studying history at home might want


studying history at home might want to take notes. Henry is one of the


shortest reigns, I think. This is your area. I'm going to trust you.


OK. I think we can get rid of Henry. I think we can get rid of Carry On


Henry. OK. Envelope 2. Your secret fortune tonight will not be...


�6,000. Not bad. That's OK. That was a good start. Not bad.


Elizabeth, a long reign, 40 years give or take. It cannot be that for


George VI. Between 36-52. Get rid of the King's Speech. That is


envelope 8. Your secret fortune tonight will not be... �3,000.


come on! OK. I have a feeling that George III had a big reign. I feel


we should go for it as the top answer and get rid of Elizabeth.


I'm happy with that. Yeah. Envelope 3, going into the bin. Mitt Your


secret fortune tonight will not be... �12,000. Oh. OK. The question


now is, whether you have managed to pick the top answer. If you got the


top answer, you know it has to be worth more than �12,000. We can ask




For you at home, here is the correct order of all four answers.


That was really well played. Thank you. Envelope 24, it could be your


secret fortune tonight. Let's pick another four envelopes. 14 and 6.


Which of these courts is the longest in length? You look like


your sports? Not so much. When you get your quiz team, you need


somebody with sports knowledge joining you? Yes. We avoid sports


questions altogether actually. helps when you can set the


questions. Allocate the envelopes to the answers. Because you have to


be so close to the net in volleyball, I think it would be one


of the shortest. What about net ball and basketball. They are


similar sports? Yeah. You can't run with the ball in net ball. I get


the feeling the court might be smaller. In basketball 24 are


bouncing with the ball. There is more length to it. Yeah. Maybe


volleyball or net ball. To get rid of? Net ball? OK. Sure? We will go


with you, net ball. Envelope 13, unlucky for some, they say. Your


secret fortune tonight will not �22,000. It's a big one. Mind you,


mind you, I do have to remind you, it is possible what you have done


here is picked four envelopes with very high amounts in them. That


being the case. You might still be right. If net ball and basketball


are similar, then similar in size on the court. Net ball was worth


�2,000 you would think basketball would be around about that length,


right? You have a good point. With the travelling of the ball it must


be a larger court. I think it has to be volleyball, hasn't it?


right, volleyball. Are you sure? Yeah. Let's do it. Volleyball is


envelope number 14. Your secret fortune tonight will not be...


�2,000. OK. Tennis. Will we get rid of


tennis? Yes. OK. That is envelope 15. Thank you very much. If your


theory is correct this is going to be a small amount again? Hopefully.


Yeah. Your secret fortune tonight will not be... �5,000. All right,




Well done indeed. The question is now whether basketball was the top


answer. So, which of these courts is the longest in length? Oh.


was in fact net ball. For you at home, here is the correct order of


all four answers. It makes it difficult. You don't see the


correct order. It's difficult to know what is going on in this


envelope. Yeah. Envelope 6, could OK, let's get straight on to


question three. Four more envelopes from you, please. OK, Number Eleven


and number 10. Four. Number 4. And 20. Which of these soap


characters has the most biological children? Do you watch soaps?


No. This isn't going so well, is it? Let's take a look at the


Peggy Mitchell has three children, to my knowledge. Frank Butcher had


Ricky and Jeanine. Very good. That is two. I don't know who Eileen


GrimShaw is. I think Jack Duckworth had one. He had the son that went


off the rails. Peggy Mitchell had three, Frank Butcher had two. Peggy


is up there. Let's keep Peggy there for a while. OK, get rid of Jack.


OK. Jack Duck zs worth you are saying? Yeah. He had nine kids or


something! Your secret fortune tonight will not be... �1,000.


That's good. That's good. So, who's kids did Frank have? Ricky and


Jeanine. We still don't know about Eileen. She could be the dark horse.


Peggy is at least three, OK. Frank? Frank. Envelope number 10.


Thank you very much. Your secret �100,000. Ah! Dude, I'm sorry man.


No, that's fine. �100,000. Unfortunately, I have to take that


envelope and drop it in the bin. But, I would remind you, before we


press on, it's what is on the board that counts, what is not gone.


Eileen GrimShaw had four kids you might know the GrimShaw name a bit


more. I went for, Frank, yeah, that was based on my reasoning. That


took out the 100 K. You get a free hit, not like after the show,


towards me, but during the game. Let's get rid of Eileen. Envelope


11. Your secret fortune tonight �40,000. Sorry, mum. No, mate, it's


fine. This is one we were always going to struggle on. We know what


the top answer is. Computer, will you, please, confirm it for us. It


was in fact Frank Butcher. For you at home, here is the correct order


of all four answers. Because you don't get to see that order, tough


to know what is going on in this envelope, is it? Yeah. A little bit.


Well, envelope 20 could be your secret fortune tonight. Cast that


aside and pick four more envelopes and see if we can get a question up


that suits you. OK. 5, please. 1. 23. Which of these singles stormed


to the highest position in the UK The computer is now allocating the


envelopes containing the most money to the highest placed single and so


on. They are probably all Top 10. It's marginal amounts in it. Shall


we get rid of the ones we don't know? Is that a logical way of


going about it? It's crazy enough to know about it. Do you want to


get rid of She's Like The Wind? Yeah., go on. Envelope number 7.


Lucky 7, unlucky 7? We'll see. secret fortune tonight will not


be... �4,000. Good, man. That's good. That's good. Here Comes The


Rain Again, I don't know that. know that song. Who sang it?


think it's Anne Lennox. I think it's between Grease Lightning and


Why Does It Always Rain On Me. rid of that then. Number 5. Number


5. Your secret fortune will not be... �9,000. OK. That's good.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I think that Travis might just have,


it I think. If the Travis song wasn't flum 1 is must have been No


2 or 3. Shall we get rid of Grease Lightning? Let's do it. Are you


sure about this? No. Your secret fortune tonight will not be...


�7,000. That's good. That's all right.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I think we are on to a winner.


let's ask the computer which of these singles stormed to the


highest position in the UK charts. Was it, Why Does It Always Rain On


Me? Here Comes The Rain Again. For all of you at home here is the


correct order of all four answers. That's tough, isn't it? Yeah.


Envelope 23 could be your secret fortune tonight. Let's take this


opportunity to look at the money. Because, that's actually a really


good board, with the exception of just two numbers down on the bottom


left hand side. It's looking good. Just those two at the bottom. It's


a pretty healthy board. Really good. Let's choose another four envelopes


and play your fifth question. and 18. 1. 17. 17. 21. Which of


these cuts of beef is the furthest Rib. OK, yes. Forerib. Foreground,


that is forward, front. Quite far away from the tail. Yeah..


stuff nearest the tail is going to be the juicest. That is where the


rump is. Do you think top side is the top of the rump. Nearest the


tail is topside. Get rid of topside. Envelope 17. Here we go. Your


secret fortune tonight will not be... �500. Yes. Come on! Fantastic


news. Really well played. What is next? OK, if we stick with your


logic of juicest cuts. Yes. Sirloin would be next? Yes. Is that what we


are saying? Sirloin. Sirloin is next to go? Yes. Envelope 18.


Sirloin. Your secret fortune tonight will not be... �18,000.


Chuck sounds like it will come from something fairly extra like the


neck. We stuck with fore sps rib. We had the theory it's far up but


part of the main body of the cow. Do you want to get rid of fore rib?


I think fore sps rib. That is envelope 9. Wow. Your secret


fortune tonight will not be... �30,000. Ouch! If it's the right we


are taking through the �50,000 or the �75,000 potentially. We have to


find out now whether chuck is the top answer. Which of these cuts of


beef is furthest from the tail? Is it Chuck? YES! Well, well, well.


For you at home, here's the correct order of all four answers. That's


some reasoning. Tell me again about this envelope. What does this


envelope contain? �50,000 or �75,000. That is good money in


there. We have a new friend. Well, envelope 21 could be your secret


fortune tonight. Well, well, well. That is fantastic news. There are


only four numbers left, 12, 16, 19 and 22. Which of these movie


adaptations was first open in the West End? Let's take a look at the


I feel comfortable in this topic. Yeah. I know Ghost is really recent.


Really recent. Yeah. I would be happy to get rid of Ghost stpraigt


off the bat. What he said. -- straight. I think. I'm sorry if I'm


completely off the mark on this. Don't worry. Your secret fortune


tonight will not be... Mitt �100. Come on!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Well done. Tonight, you are going


to go home with a minimum of �8,000. That is a cracking number.


APPLAUSE So, have a think about this.


would be inclined to say Legally Blonde is newer than Priscilla And


Dirty Dancing, the man thinks. Let's get rid of. That OK. Legally


Blonde, envelope 22. Your secret fortune tonight will not be...


�10,000. Nice, nice, nice. Into here is the thing, yeah, these are


to my mind the top two answers. If we get rid of the top one we have a


nice sum of cash there. You make the call, mate. Right, OK.


Priscilla. Envelope 16 is going. think I have made a mistake on this


one. If I don't say �75,000 now, it's in the final. Your secret


fortune tonight will not be... �14,000. That's OK. What a board.


What a board! Let's find out, shall we, how good an envelope 12 is.


Let's ask the computer. Which of these movie adaptations was first


to open in the West End? Was it Dirty Dancing? YES! For you at home,


here is the correct order of all four answers. Well, well, well.


It's another good envelope, isn't it? Yep. Envelope 12, it could be


your secret fortune tonight. What an extraordinary position we have


got to. You started with 24 envelopes. You now have six could


be tainge �8,000. There is �16,000, �20,000. �125,000. �50,000 and


somewhere in front of you is �75,000.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE One of these amounts will be your


secret fortune tonight. You have picked your numbers really well


this evening. The question is, have you picked your numbers really well


at home? I hope so. It's time to cross over to Lottery HQ for the


We are live here at Lottery HQ with Mr Scott Mills. Dirty Dancing, I


Jim and Keith weren't lying when they said they were good at trivia.


Hello, to everyone at home, and welcome to the final National


Lottery Draws of 2012, and what a year it's been.


An awful lot of amazing work has been done thanks to your


contribution to good causes through playing National Lottery games.


19,765 National Lottery grants have been awarded to good causes all


across the UK to the value of �1.1 billion. Wow!


You folk at home haven't done too badly either, the luckiest


profession this year being builders!


This year alone, The National Lottery has created more than 320


millionaires or multi-millionaires. Together they are worth over �850


million! How much? You heard me, �850 million, I know


you're jealous of my big numbers, Al. Always have been.


Right, let's find some more lucky winners to top the year off nicely.


Here's tonight's first chance to Please start that first machine.


Matt Chamberlain is tonight's draw master, Luke Thornley is the


independent adjudicator. On Friday there were 912,000 winning


Thunderball tickets. All very high numbers so far. What will happen


Let me make this clear. The next ball to be drawn is worth


cold hard cash to every ticketholder who matches it, just


how much you win depends on how many numbers you have already


matched, but it could be as much as �500,000.


Good luck. Here we go then, cold, hard and cash! Could this make the


difference for you tonight? Let's find out. Here are tonight's


Thunderball numbers again, only I just want to remind you about


your chance to kick off 2013 in style by becoming a millionaire.


25 very lucky people had an extra special Christmas present this year


when 25 new millionaires were created on Christmas Day through


EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle. Congratulations, you lucky people.


If you weren't lucky enough to be one of them, fear not because


another 25 millionaires are being created on New Year's Day. Fabulous,


what an exciting start to the year. It certainly would be!


You could take a new year skiing trip perhaps, or extend your


Christmas break from work and sit at home counting your money.


Whatever takes your fancy really. To find out if you are one of the


lucky 25 millionaires, head online on New Year's Day from 9.30pm to


see the results. Right, time to pop back over to


Secret Fortune to see if Jim and Keith can hold on to that �75,000.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I hope you were lucky. Welcome back


to Secret Fortune. Jim and Keith have six envelopes in front of them


containing, �8,000, �16,000, �20,000, �25,000, �50,000 and


somewhere in front of you is a cheque for �75,000.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Now, any ideas where the top money


is. Maybe, 24. Maybe. Maybe. We will cover over those numbers and


give them a shuffle. You will have no idea which envelope will be


attached to which answer. You have worked really hard to keep these


six envelopes. Over the next five questions you are going to


throwaway five until you are left with the one that will be your


secret fortune. Let's see the first question: Which of these actors


appeared in the fewest Carry On films? You can only throwaway one


envelope per question. The answer you give me will be the envelope I


throw in the bin. Let's see the Give the actor in the fewest Carry


On films and that �,000 has gone. Slip up and give melet actor that


has appeared in the most, I will Barbara Windsor I don't think was


in that many. She is memorable because she was in the memorable


scenes. You might have a point. you want to get rid of Barbara


Windsor, it seems left field? makes sense, in a way. Barbara.


are going for Barbara Windsor. Which ones do you not want it to


be? Not this one or 12. Computer, which envelope number is attached


to the answer, Barbara Windsor. 23. I announce what is inside it and it


goes in the bin. Your secret �8,000. Let's chuck that away. Bang,


there it goes. How fantastic is that. That means the minimum you


are going home with tonight is �16,000, �8,000 each.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Let's take a look at the order, so


we can show you how you did there. That is pretty much what you said.


Let's look at the next question, shall we. Which of these Total


Wipout celebrites completed the Qualifier round in the slowest


Sally has to do well, she is an athlete. You would think so.


can't see Joe Pasquale going around at Olympic speed. No. I think he


did a slow time. Contingency's Pas quale or Danielle Lloyd. We think


it's Joe Pasquale. Computer, which envelope is attached to the answer


Joe Pas quale. 12. You have to pass it to me. It's torture when you


think it's a good one? Yeah. Your secret fortune tonight is not going


to be... �20,000. OK. That is not so bad, is it? That could have been


a lot worse. That's all right. Aet's look at the correct order and


-- let's look at the correct order and see where you should have gone.


You got the second slowest. Another question. Which of these national


flags contains the fewest colours? Let's look at the answers.


India you have orange, white and green. OK. The globe I think in the


middle. South Africa, it's got that, kind of, hor don'tal "Y" I think


there is red and green. I think that might have the most. Vietnam.


Isn't that a block of colour with red. Maybe red and white. Maybe two


colours. It's between Vietnam and Jamaica. Vietnam. Vietnam. Vietnam.


All right. Computer, which envelope number is attached to the answer,


Vietnam? 6 is good. We got 6 wrong. That is OK. Would you like to pass


me envelope 6? Pleasure. Your secret fortune tonight will not


�16,000. There it goes. OK. �25,000 is now the least amount of money


that you can go home with tonight. Let's see the correct order on


those answers, so we can have a look at that. Vietnam two colours,


South Africa you were weary of. You are doing an extraordinary job,


clear it away. Good logic. You met a year ago. You have been friends


for year. You are standing here on national TV looking at possibly


taking home �75,000. How are things at home do you think with your mum


watching this at the moment? She is probably holding her face in her


hands thinking, "Wow." she also told me not to spend it on her. She


is going to be disappointed because, yeah, it's pretty much going


straight on her.Ure Fiancee is she increasing the wedding list and


making notes on what she can and can't have? She is sat in front of


her laptop looking at expensive wedding dresses as we speak.


hope you do really, really well. Let's look at the next question.


Which of these political leaders is the youngest? Ed Miliband there was


a battle with his brother for Labour leadership, wasn't there, he


is the younger brother who got through. He has to be the youngest


of those three, hasn't he? He looks the youngest of the three. He


hasn't had the pressure of being in power. That is true. I think...


think so. Shall we go can Ed Miliband? That is your answer?


Ed Miliband. Which one don't you want him to be? We want to hold on


to 24. Computer, please tell us which envelope is attached to the


answer, Ed Miliband? Oh! 24, you are going to have to pass it to me.


All I have to do is tell you how much is in it and then put it in


the bin. Are you nervous about this one? Yeah. A little bit. It's the


�75,000 or the �50,000 to my mind. Let's hope it's the �50,000 and not


the �75,000. That is the way to think. Hope you can still win big


tonight. It's time to go over to Lottery HQ with the Lotto draw.


Oh, it's so tense! We're just moments away now from


the final National Lottery draw of 2012.


2013 is bringing with it some changes.


From January, the Wednesday and Friday National Lottery Draws will


no longer be shown on the BBC, but you will be able to watch them


online in full on the day of the draw from 9.30pm by heading online


and following the links. You can catch the results updates


on BBC One at 10.35pm after the news on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and


Fridays. Alternatively, you can press red on


your remote to find the latest results too.


Head to page 555. So lots of ways to find out if you


are a winner. The National Lottery draws will


still be here on the BBC every Saturday night in the new year with


all your live weekend draws. Back to tonight.


Will you end the year on a massive high?


There's only one way to find out. Get your tickets up where you can


see them, take a deep breath and get ready.


OK. Alan, please give us the details. The jackpot is estimated


at �4 million. That would top off 2012, wouldn't it? Yeah. Let's find


some winners. Let's release the Saturday night balls we are using


Guinevere and set of balls No 5. On Wednesday one ticket-holder scooped


�6.3 million all to themselves. Congratulations to each and every


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


one. Boxing Day's winners. Good This Saturday night's Lotto winning


line-up looks like this, in Congratulations, if you're ending


the year a winner. Alan will bring the results of this


week's Lotto Plus 5's straight after the final part of Secret


Fortune. Have a wonderful New Year's Eve and


I'll see you back here next Saturday, 5th January with all the


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Welcome back. Keith and Jim have


just handed me envelope 24. The boys are worried that there is a


large amount in here that is about to go in the bin. Your secret


�25,000. YES! Wow Let's look and see why you are right. Let's look


at the order. David Cameron is the oldest, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband. Ed


Miliband has just done the right thing by you. Let's wipe that away


and look at the position we are in now. Tonight, gentlemen, you are


going home with a minimum of �50,000.


Exciting as it is to know you are going home with �50,000 I want you


to really concentrate here, I want you to take away the �75,000.


Let's look at your final question. Which of these


ecclesiasticalsitcoms ran for the fewest episodes? The computer has


allocated the sitcom with the fewest episodes to the smallest


amount of money. Give me the correct answer, and that �5,000


will be thrown away. What do you think? The Vicar of Dibley was in


93/94. It went on for a long time. There are at least four sire series


of Father Ted. I think there is not going to be much in it, is there?


I'm about 70%/80% it's Father Ted for the fewest. Go on. I will go


with you. Yeah. Yes. Your answer is... Father Ted. Father Ted. OK,


computer, which is the last envelope that Jim and Keith will be


throwing away today? Would you like to pass me envelope 20. Which means


that envelope 21 is your secret fortune tonight. Would you like to


Envelope 20 is the one you are throwing away it is of no


particular importance at the moment. I will stick that under my arm.


What we really want to know is how much is your secret fortune. What


we know is that it's either �50,000 or �75,000. Your secret fortune


Thank you very much. Obviously, the fewest number of episodes was for


The Vicar of Dibley, two episodes difference. In here is a cheque


with your name on it. If I slide it out you will see �50,000. Who would


like to hold the cheque? You take it. Because we open every single


envelope during the course of the show, where all the money is. Here


it is, �75,000 in that envelope. That is gone. You now actually have


�25,000 each. How much of a change is that going to be in life?


Unbelievable! It will change everything for me. And, yeah, put a


few grins on my family's faces. have a wedding for definite to look


forward to now? I'm speechless. Yeah. It's incredible. We end this


series with Jim and Keith leaving with their secret fortune of


�50,000. We wish them all the best. We wish you all the best. We'll see


you soon, goodbye. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


High-tension quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles, in which two contestants could walk away with as little as £100 or as much as £100,000. Playing for a Secret Fortune in this episode are pub quizzers Jim and Keith; will their love of trivia make the difference in this final episode of the series? The programme also features the National Lottery Saturday draws including Lotto, Thunderball and Lotto Plus 5, presented by Scott Mills.

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